DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

The Legion of Doom

1 My name is Damien Darhk.
In 2016, I was murdered by the Green Arrow.
But I was removed from the timeline 31 years before my death by a speedster from the future named Eobard Thawne.
Together, with Malcolm Merlyn, a former head of the League of Assassins, the three of us are going to locate the Spear of Destiny; a mystical object which can rewrite reality itself.
With the Spear in our possession, we will change our past and our future.
And the world as you know it.
Previously on “Legends of Tomorrow” A deep scan reveals that Captain Hunter's neural architecture has been reprogrammed with a new identity.
The Longinus Medallion.
Rip! I know that you're one of the protectors of the Spear of Destiny and I know that you know where the other pieces are hidden.
You're gonna torture me, aren't you? I'm not gonna torture you.
They are.
[sirens wailing.]
Damien Darhk, the man behind tonight's siege of Star City, was killed by the masked vigilante known as the Green Arrow.
Amateur cell phone video captured his final moments, putting an end to the chaos that has gripped the city.
[sighs deeply.]
This is the great Malcolm Merlyn? I am unimpressed.
Well, he's fallen on hard times.
But this man used to be Ra's al Ghul.
Uh, we haven't met.
I'm Eobard Thawne.
I'm from the future.
What the hell is going on here? Excellent question.
Here's another Do you believe in second chances? I just watched you die.
Yeah, I hear 2016's not my best year, but I plan on fixing that.
But the question for you, Malcolm, is: Do you wish to see your fortunes similarly reversed? By time travel? No.
Something much better.
[door opens.]
[door shuts.]
- Well? - No luck.
So far.
It's not that Captain Hunter's uncooperative.
It's that he's not fully in possession of his marbles.
So he won't tell us where the rest of the Spear of Destiny is? Uh, it's more like can't.
Which wouldn't be such a problem if you two idiots hadn't lost the Longinus Medallion.
I seem to remember you being there as well.
Until you weren't.
I hate when he does that.
If you have something to say to me, Malcolm, I suggest you keep it to yourself.
I'm sorry.
Am I supposed to be afraid of you? Oh, I would be.
Considering I can kill you before you even knew I was doing it.
Ah, yes.
But then you wouldn't get what you want.
You brought me and Damien into your little quest for a reason.
Without the Medallion, Hunter is our only way to get the rest of the Spear.
You need me to get it out of him.
We already tried torture.
I'm not talking about torture.
I'm talking about hypnosis.
Regression therapy.
Hunter's mind is locked away.
I've got the key.
[breathes deeply.]
Is this some technique you picked up with the League of Assassins? The League didn't call me “the Magician” for nothing.
- Well, be quick about it.
- [scoffs.]
Speedsters aren't known for their patience.
What's to keep Hunter's crew from finding the rest of the Spear before Merlyn finishes unscrambling Hunter's brain? The workings of the Medallion are lost to history.
Trying to get it to reveal its secrets will prove difficult.
Plus, we have an additional advantage over them.
Enlighten me.
They're idiots.
- You're all idiots.
- Excuse me? Pot, meet kettle Yeah, Mick.
Given your glass house, you shouldn't throw stones.
Mixing metaphors isn't going to solve anything.
How about instead of bickering, we figure out our next move against the speedster and his allies.
“Legion of Doom” has a sexier ring to it.
I'm not calling them that.
And we need to figure out a way to rescue Rip.
All you gotta do is trade the Amulet, or the Medallion, for the Englishman.
It's really simple.
The only thing is, I don't know how it works.
You're an idiot.
You want to put an artifact that can rewrite reality into the hands of the enemy and we're the idiots? - Mm-hmm.
- Our priority has to be identifying this speedster.
Of course you'd say that.
I mean, he is the one that killed your boyfriend, so He's at the center of this, and you can't defeat an enemy that you don't know.
Look, Amaya's right.
And I hate to say it, but so is Mick.
- Both: I'm not an idiot.
- Not about being idiots.
About using the Medallion as leverage.
But first, we need to figure out how it works.
Well, in my defense, it's a mystical object.
It doesn't come with a set of instructions.
Maybe's that been the problem, approaching it from a mystical vantage instead of leaning into our strengths, - which are - Technological.
And as it happens, I have a colleague in Central City whose knowledge might prove to be advantageous.
Gideon, set a course for Central City, 2017.
Jax, stick with Martin.
And let's work on putting a name to our speedster.
[door opens.]
Aww, here comes a man who looks like he just struck out.
Don't get smug with me, Damien.
I may not have all my prior resources, but at least I'm not dead.
Look, I couldn't get Hunter to remember because his memories aren't buried or locked away.
They're gone.
It's like his old self didn't exist.
Are you sure about that? Do you think you can do any better? You are welcome to try.
We already tried torture.
You know what I love about torture? I'm not sure if you have enough time for me to list all the reasons, but mainly it's because there's always another gear to find.
This is what I get for relying on a washout and a dead man.
I don't like that guy.
- [metal scraping.]
- Hmm, you know.
I'll be honest.
Which I have to admit, I don't have much practice in.
I don't like this situation.
Not one bit.
For one thing, Mr.
Thawne has this habit of treating me like a henchman.
And do you know what all henchmen have in common, Captain Hunter? No thoughts on this one? The thing that all henchmen have in common is that they all end up dead.
A fate that I am fastidiously trying to avoid.
Maybe it's that I just hate taking orders.
Or being threatened.
You don't like being threatened, do you? Hm? What's that? Oh, sorry.
Oh, God.
Yeah, neither do I.
Which is why I need your cooperation.
To end Mr.
Thawne's tedious threats.
Look, I I don't know anything.
- I swear.
- Shhh! I can't take your word for it.
But don't worry.
I will start you off with an easy question.
Right eye or left eye? No, please.
Please, don't.
I'll do anything, I'll I'll tell you anything you want to know.
Even if I don't know it! - Please, don't! - Shh.
Second question.
When was the last time you had any dental work done? What? No, no, God.
[groaning, screaming.]
It may not be in the best condition, but then again, Captain Hunter is British.
You pulled out his tooth? As torture goes, isn't that kind of bush league? Look closer.
Thank you, but no.
[suspenseful music.]
There're some markings on here, like a barcode.
Account information.
From a security deposit box in Switzerland.
Who puts that kind of information on a tooth? A Time Master.
That's no ordinary security box.
My thinking exactly.
Now, it's possible the box could contain his son's birth certificate and the like, but Given the exotic nature of the care that's been taken here, I would have to assume - It's the rest of the Spear.
When was it last accessed? January 2025.
Oh, you got somewhere to go? Funny, just like clockwork [slams.]
Take the Time Sphere back to 2025 and secure the rest of the Spear.
The next one of you who screws up will lose more than just a tooth.
Well, I'd hate to see you lose another hand, Malcolm.
[upbeat pop music.]
Seriously, Grey? I know you didn't bring me to 2017 just so we could get lattes and frappuccinos, man.
Of course not.
Just my colleague merely frequents this establishment at this hour.
Sorry, Jefferson.
You should go back to the Waverider.
I can handle things from here.
What the hell is going on with you, man? Dad? I didn't know you were coming to town? Dad? Well, I I wanted to surprise you.
Your colleague is your daughter? Lily, this is my friend Jefferson.
Jefferson, this is my daughter.
Nice to meet you.
- Should we, uh, sit down? - Yeah.
This is So weird.
Uh, because I didn't think I'd get the chance to meet you.
Like, ever.
But, uh, here we are.
I was explaining to Jefferson how you might be able to assist us with the, um Research project.
Uh, sort of like Indiana Jones.
Yeah, sort of.
You brought it to a coffee shop? - [beeps.]
- [feedback noise.]
Oh, well, for one thing.
It's throwing off low levels of ionic radiation Is that an ionic transmographer? I've never seen one smaller than a house! Yeah, I had an idea for hyperminiaturization when I was in Tahiti.
I don't vacation well.
You know, I'm thinking a shortwave ionic pulse might [whoosh.]
Whoa! Hey.
Perhaps we should, uh, take our little research project somewhere a bit more private [gasps.]
A temporal navigation vessel.
I I absolutely cannot believe it.
Um, hello, who are you? Oh, hi.
Hi, I'm Lily.
I'm I'm Martin's daughter.
We didn't know Martin had a daughter.
Yeah, you told me you didn't have kids.
Well, I like to keep my private life private.
There's private, and there's lying.
Sara, do you know about this? Oh, I know all about this.
What are you doing? Trying to make up my mind.
I mean, Eobard has such a delicious selection of killing devices.
We can't just storm into the bank and demand to see the deposit box.
We absolutely can.
We're former members of the League of Assassins.
This operation requires subtlety.
Not a bloodbath.
Well, I I'm sorry.
I'm not up on current events, But might this squeamishness that I'm witnessing be the cause of your downfall? Hunter is an asset.
One that we can use to gain access to our objective.
To not use him is foolish.
Well, in that case, I would have to defer to your superior expertise in foolishness.
But if your plan goes south, it's not our speedster friend you need to worry about.
One thing I hate more than taking orders from him is being threatened by you.
[dramatic music.]
Luckily, Damien I don't find you threatening.
What's the big deal? The professor didn't have a kid, now he does.
Mazel tov.
Thank you.
The big deal is Lily is a Time Aberration, which was all well and good, until you plucked her out of 2016 and showed her a timeship, which could cause more aberrations.
Hey, what you looking at me for? Because you were with him.
I quite simply missed my daughter.
If Lily's presence on the Waverider posed any temporal issues, I'm sure Gideon would have detected them.
Plus, Grey said Lily could hook the Medallion up with Gideon, so Wait, she wants to try networking an ancient amulet with an advanced AI system? [laughing.]
I'm totally helping.
Then I would appreciate it if you If none of you would reveal to her that she's an Aberration.
Why you looking at me? So where are we on identifying the speedster? I think the technical term is nowhere.
All the speedsters the Flash faced are either dead or his friends.
Or people he thought were his friends and are now dead.
Okay, we will figure this out.
And in the meantime, you and Lily keep working with the amulet to figure out to figure out where the rest of the Spear is.
Who's to say he won't kill us anyway? Even after we've gotten his precious spear? Oh, forget it.
Why am I asking you? I don't know, man.
I don't know anything.
I don't even know why you're getting me to wear this This this this This monkey suit.
And my mouth is so sore.
Quit whining.
The fact of the matter is, we have something in common, Rip.
My name is Phil.
We are both dealing with unstable individuals.
And that is not something I enjoy.
Hey, this is not exactly a walk in the park for me, either.
Which is why you will do exactly as I say.
And maybe, just maybe, you will make it through this alive.
Um, what what is it you want me to do? Tell me, Phil.
Have you ever been to Switzerland? Put this in your ear.
What is it? Communication device.
Really? It's so small Do it, or I'll shove it down your throat.
It will allow us to monitor you.
This is very simple.
You go to the bank associate and you tell them you want to access security box 4587.
4587, right.
Um, what What do I do then? Bring the contents of said box back to us.
If you don't, you'll be killed.
Really? What? I'm motivating him.
In and out.
Take no longer than five minutes.
You will be fine.
I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
This would be easier if we just killed everybody.
Hi, how are you? I'd like box 4587, please.
Well, sure, have a seat.
What do you think's going on with him? It's simple.
His mind is pudding.
Not Hunter.
It's strange how he never stays in one place for very long Perhaps that's why they refer to them as speedsters.
What, you think he left us behind in 1967, Los Angeles, because he had a more pressing engagement? What about what he said to us earlier? That he wanted to kill one of us? No.
That he didn't know why he was relying on us.
I mean, fair question.
Why does a time traveling speedster need to rely on anyone? Thawne's hiding something.
Wouldn't you like to know what it is? [chuckling.]
Thawne said we knew each other back in 2016.
Do I really become so stupid that you think these mind tricks will work on me? I am not trying to In a trio such as ours, turning one against each other for your own benefit is not only obvious, but cliché.
Thawne does not treat us as equals to him.
And until he does, neither of us is getting what he wants.
All right.
Let's go over this again.
I already been over it, Sara.
Mm-hmm, again and again.
And again.
We're obviously dealing with a new player.
Whoever this speedster is, it's someone you and your friends haven't encountered before.
Which means the speedster's from the future, which makes sense, because speedsters can time travel.
Then would the speedster need the Spear of Destiny for? He could just go back and change history himself.
But not reality.
That's why he needs the Spear.
Question is, what is the speedster trying to change? [claps.]
Or fix? That's the question.
He knows what we want to do with the Spear of Destiny, but he's being very coy about his plans.
[suspenseful music.]
Very well, Mr.
Please lean towards the panel, if you would.
Excuse me? A retinal scan.
- Rectal scanner? - What? It's an eye scan.
Part of the bank's security.
You know, this whole situation sucks, but man, I love being in the future.
- What? - What? Retinal scan.
- [whirring.]
- [beeps.]
[clears throat.]
Why, uh Why is it not working? Voice ID is next.
You need to speak your access code.
Access code.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
Yes, so, the one you set when you opened your account.
Uh Get out of there now.
No, don't.
- [chuckles.]
- Go.
This was your plan.
Which I am trying to execute.
And failing spectacularly, per usual.
Look, we can't just let them call security.
I am calling security.
Great idea.
Security, no, that's Security is awesome.
[dramatic music.]
You aren't planning on going rogue on us, now, were you, Rip? I have told you.
My name is Phil.
All right, Phil.
It was lovely knowing you.
Don't! We still need him.
He's useless to us.
Hey, I can be more useful.
- [alarm ringing.]
- Ah, damn it.
Security is gonna be on top of us at any moment.
Might I suggest you kill them instead? Try and run, and I will find you and feed you your testicles.
Oh, my God.
Ahh! - Ahh! - Ahh! [groaning.]
[dramatic music.]
Reinforcements are on their way.
Let's get the hell out of here.
[sirens wailing.]
[brakes squeal.]
Okay, that should just about do it.
And now we just have to activate the Medallion and see if Gideon can access its data.
- Okay.
- [sighs.]
So what are we waiting for? Nothing, it It's just if If we've underestimated the size of the artifact's data stream We'll fry the ship's CPU and we'll all spend the rest of our lives stranded in the Temporal Zone.
The ship's CPU has a name.
Sorry, Gideon.
Can we at least talk about this before you connect [whooshing.]
Gideon? You still there? Oh, my God, we killed her.
Artificial intelligences cannot, by definition, be killed, Dr.
Yes, I know.
It's pretty remarkable considering we just mainlined 1.
2 zettabytes directly into her brain.
I'm processing the Medallion's temporal output as we speak.
- [gasps.]
- [laughs.]
- Nice work, doctor.
- Doctor! You don't happen to have any champagne on this ship, do you? [beeps.]
- [whooshing.]
- Hey.
Ah, 1998 Blanc de Noir.
I like beer.
Gets me drunk.
To Lily.
To Gideon.
[quirky music.]
- [smacks lips.]
- Wow.
That tastes real.
It's completely synthetic.
The food fabricator can make anything.
Except American Cheese, which is pretty much synthetic to being with.
Beluga caviar? Fake food never tasted so good.
Fake food for a fake person.
[suspenseful music.]
What did you say? Uh, no.
He didn't say anything.
Everyone has been looking at me weird ever since I came on board this ship.
What are you not telling me? [clears throat.]
Cat's out of the bag, Haircut.
You may as well tell her.
Tell me what? Tell me what? Sweetheart, I don't wanna rain on your parade, but you're a, uh How would the Professor put it? An abrasion No, that's not it, um An asphyxiation, hmm Aber Aberration! You're a Time Aberration.
You're a Time Aberration.
Ray? What is a Time Aberration? Um, I think maybe you should talk to your dad.
[suspenseful music.]
Perhaps we could all just talk about what went wrong.
- Shh! - Oh, I know what went wrong.
I listened to him.
If you'd have listened to me, we would have walked out of that bank instead of being chased out.
Either way, we came out empty-handed.
I seem to remember Eobard mentioning how he was going to punish your failure.
If anyone's a failure, it's you.
You were the one who learned about Hunter's secret account, yet seem not to know about a passcode.
Sloppy, Damien.
No wonder they passed you over for Ra's You see, this is where he reminds me that he was Ra's al Ghul.
Poor Malcolm.
Always living in the past.
This is when I remind you about your future.
Aww, that's right.
I've been there.
I've seen how pathetic you are.
In this future that you're from, do I at least have two hands? Either way, I intend to change my future, but look at you now.
You're pathetic.
I don't even know why Thawne recruited you in the first place.
We could argue all night, Damien, but I don't want to bore our guest here with your impotent insults and recriminations.
What are you suggesting? Do you recall how we resolved disputes within the League? Mm-hmm.
Now [metal swishes.]
I suggest you choose a blade that matches that sharp tongue of yours.
Excuse me for a second.
You did it, my darling! You created an interface between a mystical relic from the first century and a 22nd century supercomputer.
Only a Stein could be so brilliant! What is a Time Aberration? I'm sorry, what? You heard me, Dad.
An Aberration Is an unnatural alteration of history as a result of time travel.
Dad? Am I Am I an Aberration? That word could never describe who you are or how much you mean to me.
- So it's true? - Please let me explain.
That's why you were acting so weird when you visited Central City the first time.
The reason you were treating me like a stranger Was because you didn't even exist the last time I boarded this ship and And left 2016.
But now you do exist and that's all that matters.
How could this be happening? But it's it's It's really quite simple.
You see, I interacted with my younger self back in 1987.
And who then interacted with your mother's former self.
And, and When two former selves love each other Okay, Dad.
We've already had the birds and bees talk.
I was ten.
Or did we? That's a very interesting point.
I I mean, who is to say which of our realities is real and which one is aberrant? It's really a matter of perspective.
Actually, it's quite fascinating.
This is not fascinating, Dad! This is a nightmare.
Oh, Lily, I'm so sorry.
This is not how I wanted you to find out.
No, I get it.
You didn't want kids when you first came on board this timeship.
And now you have me.
[blades swishing.]
[exciting music.]
You just reminded me of something.
Which is? How much I've missed this.
[blades clanging.]
[blades whooshing.]
- [gasps.]
- [swishing.]
Okay, stop, stop! Time out, time out! Can't you see that this is what your boss wants? For his underlings to be at one another's throats.
Like, literally.
He is not our boss.
Did he call us underlings? Oh, I'm sorry.
Uh Henchmen.
Try again.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What if he's right? You actually care what this pudding-brained hippie has to say? It's just like the movie “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” Three bad guys.
No one knows who to trust.
So they all end up screwing each other over.
It's an interesting theory.
Which one are we? The point is that neither of you are Clint Eastwood and so neither of you end up going home with the gold.
We're not after the gold.
Yeah, I know, I know.
I know what you're after.
You You wanna change your past.
And you You wanna change your future.
And, uh, the fast guy is the only one who could make those two things, uh, happen.
I told you.
Thawne doesn't treat us as equals.
Even the hippie knows it.
And he also knows that the only way to stop Thawne from screwing us over is for us to work together.
Two former members of the League of Assassins versus a speedster.
[exciting music.]
I am liking those odds.
Dude, what is going on with you? What do you mean? And don't call me dude.
I've gotten used to sharing a brain with you.
But, this, whatever this is.
This is something new.
Just enjoying a cup of Earl Grey.
Is that whiskey? Of course it's not whiskey.
It's brandy.
What do you take me for, a sailor? Okay.
Let's start this over, hmm? [sighs.]
Come on.
I made a terrible mistake.
I should never have brought Lily on board this ship.
She found out.
She knows she's an Aberration.
Rory spilled the beans, as predicted.
So what you gonna do? What can I do? Just tell her how you feel.
She knows how I feel.
It goes without saying.
Yeah, for us, it does.
We have a psychic connection, but for her? She just hears whatever comes out of that big brain of yours.
Just tell her you love her.
That's what dads do.
Clearly, you never met my father.
You know, the The reason Clarissa and I chose not to have children the first time around was because I feared that history would repeat itself, that I would be the kind of father that he was.
We're legends, Grey.
Changing history is what we do.
Why would a speedster need to change reality? [sighs.]
How many times are you gonna ask that question? Until we have an answer.
She's right.
Speedsters can time travel.
So what's stopping him from changing history even without the Spear? Unless he doesn't exist.
Okay, so what, he's a ghost? What if he's a Temporal Aberration? - Just like - Excuse me.
Have any of you seen my daughter? - One second, Professor.
- I'm sorry! This is quite urgent.
Look, what if instead of creating a person like you did with Lily, our mystery speedster erased himself from history? Why would he want to do that? I don't know, but it would explain why we don't have any evidence of his existence.
Okay, so, we just need to ID someone who doesn't exist? Eobard Thawne.
Um, is Is he okay? I'm fine.
Eobard Thawne is a name.
The name of a speedster who Who what? [intense music.]
Thawne was erased from existence when his progenitor, Eddie Thawne, committed suicide in order to stop him.
Which would explain why the Time Masters didn't have a file on him.
But if Thawne doesn't exist, then how? He was protected from his ancestor's death because he was a member of the Speed Force.
It's a little complicated.
A little? - [whooshing.]
- [thuds.]
Oh, and for the record, this is how I wanted to approach things in the first place.
Only because you enjoy killing a lot of people.
As if you don't.
All right, that's pretty impressive, Malcolm.
But how did you get Hunter's passcode? It's not Hunter's.
It's the bank manager's security override code.
It only cost him three fingers.
Uh, yes! Ow! [suspenseful music.]
Oh, God.
Going somewhere? No.
What do you expect me to do? Your partners just left me here all tied up.
Where are they? They told me Not to tell you.
The bank.
They're They're at the bank.
Look, you could help yourself to to whatever is in that safe deposit box, but please Please, just Just let me go, man.
Let me go.
[suspenseful music.]
Does this look like a spear to you? [whooshes.]
It most certainly does not.
It's a mnemonic archive.
I'm sorry, are we supposed to know what that means? Since it won't be invented for a century, no.
This device is designed to store memories.
Rip Hunter's, I'd assume.
Guys, I think I just figured it out.
Why a seemingly invincible speedster would need to take on partners.
By all means, Dr.
Heywood, please enlighten us.
What if Thawne isn't just chasing us? What if he's running from something? But running from what? Time.
Time takes time to harden.
And if Thawne ceased to exist the moment his great-great-whatever killed himself, then, maybe, he has to keep moving in order for his own nonexistence not to catch up with him.
Poo! That doesn't even begin to make any kind of sense.
I don't know, it could work.
Professor, what do you think? Per the scientific method, there's only one way to prove it.
You'd have to trap Thawne in one place and then see what happens.
What do you think you're doing? Renegotiating the terms of our partnership.
And it is going to be a partnership.
We need a bit more of a guarantee that you're going to uphold your end of our bargain.
- [laughing.]
- [chuckles.]
I'll guarantee you one thing.
If you don't open that door, I'll kill you.
Yes, but I'm the only one who knows the code to open it.
[suspenseful music.]
Perhaps you can persuade our friend to cooperate? Me? No.
I'd rather see how this plays out.
It seems you two have formed an alliance.
There's just one problem.
That you're the only one who could give us what we want Yes, we know.
You're always so quick to remind us how much we need you, Eobard.
But, clearly, you need us.
You could have gotten in this vault all by yourself.
Why didn't you? [beeping.]
And for that matter why would a man who can travel through time always be in such a hurry? We don't have time for this.
Oh, I've got all the time in the world.
[intense music.]
Okay! Okay, you two have made your point.
I need you as much as you need me, all right.
But if you do not open that door, he is going to kill us.
He is coming for me! Who's coming for you? It's not a who.
It's a it's a A what? A thing.
What thing? Can you be a little more specific? My ancestor killed himself in an effort to erase my very existence.
Well, you look pretty spry despite it.
The Flash pulled me from the timeline.
He held me captive for months and when I finally got loose, I found myself pursued by something.
I-I thought it was a time wraith, the monsters that hunt speedsters who mess with time.
But, whatever is hunting me is far worse than a time wraith.
It can sense the Speed Force.
And it's trying to kill me.
Interestin so that's why you keep running out on us.
So you're kinda like a shark who'll die if you stay in one place.
We are all going to die if you don't [sinister whooshing.]
It's too late.
It's here.
Ah, well, the good news is you two finally got what you wanted, you managed to balance our partnership.
We're now all equally dead.
Oh, I wouldn't worry about that.
This isn't the first scary speedster that we had to put in his place.
We're gonna get you out of this bank vault, Eobard.
But on one condition.
You stop treating us like lackeys.
You think you can stop that? Good luck! Was that a yes? [sighs.]
- Yes.
- Great! Let's go to work.
Right, so, you say this thing is attracted to the Speed Force? What if you don't use it? What are you suggesting? That you stop running.
[suspenseful music.]
It knows I'm here.
Because we've only got one shot at this.
- [growling.]
Remember, as long as you stay still, he can't sense you.
Easy, Eobard.
- [sniffs.]
- [growls.]
[blade clangs.]
It won't stay trapped for long.
- We have to go.
- [banging.]
- We? - [snarling.]
We Partners.
Gideon, can you please take the ship back to Central City? If your goal is to return to 2017, I'm afraid your father has instructed me not to permit you to leave the ship.
Well, considering he never wanted to be my father, that should draw his parental dictates into question, wouldn't it? You share my fondness for erudition.
You truly are my daughter.
Well, I am sorry about that.
No, I'm I'm the one who's sorry.
For what? It's not your fault I'm a mistake.
Uh, I've made many mistakes in my life, Lily, but you most certainly are not one of them.
The apology that I owe you is for not telling you about the unique circumstances of your conception.
You didn't want me to know that you didn't want me.
[somber music.]
No, you're right, I I didn't want children.
But if there's one thing my travels aboard the Waverider have taught me, it's that time often doesn't provide us with what we want.
But it it's quite adept at giving us what we need.
And I I nel ed you in my life In ways that I I could never even dare to imagine.
I just don't want there to be any more secrets between us.
Well, in that spirit, I suppose I should tell you that I am one half of a nuclear powered superhero called Firestorm.
So not funny, Dad.
Anyway, as fun as this was, I probably should be getting home.
You're sure you can't stay? I I would.
I just, um I'm working on a series of synthetic proteins that are not gonna fold themselves, so So then, I guess this is good-bye.
[sharp exhale.]
Good luck folding those proteins.
Good luck rescuing your friend, Rip.
Bye, Dad.
[suspenseful music.]
Feel no pressure to tell us what all this techno-crap is about.
We're sure we can figure it out ourselves.
This, uh, techno-crap, as you so eloquently put it, is Captain Hunter's memories.
Including the locations of the other pieces of the Spear, I hope.
That is my working assumption, yes.
All we have to do now is upload his memories to his cerebral cortex.
And that's not happening now because? Well, we would hardly be doing Captain Hunter any favors if we just restored the memories without taking the liberty to address some of his shortcomings.
What, like, stopping him biting his nails? [chuckles.]
Not exactly.
[”Yankee Doodle” playing.]
Can I help you with something, soldier? No, General Washington, I'm fine.
[music intensifies.]
You, on the other hand [gunshot.]

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