DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

Camelot - 3000

1 Time travel is real, and all of history is vulnerable to attack, which is why we must travel through time to stop the spread of these so-called time aberrations, and to erase their damage to history.
We are a team of outcasts and misfits, so please don't call us heroes.
We're something else.
We're legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" We're The Justice Society of America.
Mid-Nite, Star Girl.
- [grunts.]
- Copy that.
Have either of you gentlemen heard of the Spear of Destiny? The Spear allegedly has the power to rewrite reality.
I know that you're one of the protectors of the Spear of Destiny, and I know that you know where the other pieces are hidden.
- [gun fires.]
- [groans.]
- [coughs.]
- Oh okay, okay.
The piece of the Spear's inside your telescope.
Will you put the gun down, Jax? He's with the Legion now.
Why are you protecting him? I'm protecting you.
[dramatic music.]
[tense music.]
Hello, Charles.
Oh, I see you found a way to cure your blindness.
The future is full of marvels, Captain Hunter.
Uh, no longer a captain, I'm afraid.
What do we have here? This is a bio-morphic implant, capable of modifying its host's neural processes.
One day, this could end violence as we know it.
Or, by the same means, amplify it.
I thought none of us were supposed to contact the other again.
A new threat, I'm afraid.
A cabal of sorts is after the Spear.
- I'm rounding up the fragments.
- Why? They're safer apart than they are together.
They'll be safe at the Vanishing Point.
Really? You said the Time Masters couldn't be trusted.
Did I? Bollocks, so I did.
I suppose we're gonna have to do this the hard way, then.
- [gun fires.]
- [screams, groans.]
Now, where is the fragment of the Spear that I had you protect? I don't know why you want it, but you'll never find it.
Mm, well, seeing as you've been posing as a researcher in cybernetic implants, my guess is that you have hidden the fragment Inside you.
[exciting music.]
- What's going on? - Lily's algorithm located a piece of the Spear of Destiny.
When? I mean, I know just now, but where are we headed? Detroit, the year 3000 AD.
Journey into the distant future.
How exciting.
Speak for yourself.
Come on, man, who doesn't like the future? I like history.
Yeah, I know, it's filled with terror and violence, - but the future just - It's uncertain.
Yeah, and it freaks me out a little.
Then just stay on the ship.
You think I should stay on the ship? I don't care.
It's up to you.
[engine rumbling.]
[dramatic music.]
I am a time travel professional.
If you need me to visit the future, I can visit the future.
And I'm just saying it's entirely up to you.
And I'm just saying shut up.
Nate, you'll stay on the ship.
The rest of us will go find the Spear.
Unfortunately, the medallion is no longer sensing the presence of the Spear fragment.
So we came here for nothing? Maybe not.
Gideon, do they have booze in the year 3000? Better yet, Gideon, do you have the last position of the fragment? [suspenseful music.]
Somebody find a light switch or something.
What the hell does a light switch look like in the year 3000? Huh Yeah, I guess there's not many places you can go with a light switch.
But everything else is leaps and bounds beyond our current science.
Amaya - Charles.
- How do you know the stiff? This is Dr.
Mid-Nite of the Justice Society.
What's a member of the JSA doing this far into the future? Rest in peace.
That's sweet, Mick.
No, it's what he wrote on the floor R.
That's not "Rest In Peace.
" It's the name of Dr.
Mid-Nite's killer.
- I just don't get it.
- Please be more specific.
That could be a very long list.
Okay, even assuming the Legion took the Spear fragment from here, how did they know it was here? Without the medallion, you mean.
Rip must've told them.
Somehow, he remembers where the pieces of the Spear are.
Well, then it's a good thing you let him escape.
Do you wanna say something to me? Jax told me about how he was gonna kill Rip in 1776, and about how you stopped him.
Because we're not killers, Amaya.
Except for yourself and Mr.
Rory and [whispers.]
I'll stop helping now.
I'm not condoning murder, but the JSA would've captured Rip without regard for sentiment.
You think I let Rip go, - because of sentiment? - Yes.
All right, let's just all take a breath.
I'm sorry that your friend got killed.
And it may be sentimental, but my team comes before tactics.
And as a result, you've put the whole of reality at risk.
Maybe this is why your team loses so often.
- Pardon the interruption - Excellent timing, Gideon.
Your daughter Lily's algorithm has identified a location for another piece of the Spear.
Well, when it rains, it pours.
Where is it, Gideon? A small island known as Britannia in the year 507 AD.
Medieval England.
See, this is what I'm talking about a nice, well-documented piece of history.
Knights in shining armor, damsels in distress, and best of all, jousts.
[playful grunt.]
Heh, well, jousting didn't appear in England till 1300 AD.
Don't take this away from me.
Just forget about history for once, all right? We're in the Age of Legend.
Well, remember as Santayana once said.
"Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it.
" Was he a knight? I don't remember his name.
And I was pretty obsessed with Arthurian lore as a kid.
Hmm, well, if you were, you would know that there were not jousts.
Oh well agree to disagree.
[soft string music.]
Are you skipping Medieval Times, as well, Professor? Yes, I was just catching up on some research.
Huh, what'd you do? Excuse me? Don't say excuse me.
It makes you sound guilty.
I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking [sniffing.]
- What are you doing? - Thieves.
They have a certain smell.
I thought that was just because you didn't bathe.
What'd you steal? How dare you even suggest What did you steal? [tense music.]
Mid-Nite wouldn't be needing it, so I figured I'd [stammers.]
I couldn't resist.
Though I prefer the term "borrowed.
" [chuckles.]
There's hope for you yet.
Look, all I'm saying is, the stories you grew up on are just that.
They're stories, all right? The Medieval world was a time of turmoil.
It was the collapse of Rome, which led to the collapse of civilization itself.
And don't even get me started on the health and sanitation.
- Yeah, please don't.
- Cholera, diphtheria, uh, typhoid fever, and I'm not even touching skin diseases.
Speaking of which, why did you choose to dress like a leper? I didn't.
This is historically accurate.
You all look like you're going to a Renaissance Fair.
- What is it? - We're being followed.
And by the way, even if I was a leper, it'd be way less obvious than a bunch of knights in shining armor.
[dramatic music.]
Wait I mean, ho I mean I mean, hark! Good knight, we intend you no harm.
We are but mere travelers in this land.
Your dialect is way off.
I, Raymond of the Palms, and my band of merry men and women, humbly request safe passage to Camelot, and an audience with King Arthur.
King Arthur? Yes, you can his crest on their shields.
[dramatic music.]
I am Guinevere.
We shall escort you to Camelot But your leper must remain outside the castle walls.
I'm not a leper! Still think this is just a story? This place shouldn't exist.
There's no need of that here.
We're all equal in the court of Camelot.
[sighs excitedly.]
That's why I love this guy.
Our paths crossed in the wood while tracking the Black Knight, Your Grace.
How then are we to know that they're not in league with that vile rogue? - Ray? - Your Grace, I swear we are not your enemies.
We are warriors on a quest, a race against evil.
A great evil haunts my land these many days, kidnapping my noble Knights of the Round Table.
Therefore, it'll fall on my wisest adviser to measure the truth of your words.
Oh, please don't say it.
Summon Merlin! [chuckles excitedly.]
Get ready to fight our way out of here if Merlin rules against us.
That's Star Girl.
What are you doing in Camelot? [soft string music.]
This ship it never ceases to amaze me.
Well, speaking of amazing Merlin? Just an identity I adopted to fit into this era.
But are you even doing in this era? Let me guess, it has something to do with the Spear of Destiny.
We found Dr.
Mid-Nite in year 3000.
He's dead, Courtney.
We think he was killed because he possessed a piece of the Spear.
What do you know about the JSA's final mission? Obsidian told me that the JSA disappeared after a trip to Leipzig in 1956.
The mission was to recover the Spear of Destiny, and keep it from falling into enemy hands.
[dramatic music.]
And how was it that you were all scattered throughout time? We were joined on our mission by someone who called himself a Time Master.
Rip Hunter.
He said the Spear could alter reality itself that it was too powerful for any man or woman to possess, so we broke it into four separate pieces.
Hunter took one And took the rest of you to three different time periods.
When I arrived in Camelot, it was a middling kingdom.
To help me protect my piece of the Spear, I fashioned it into the legendary court of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.
[lively medieval music.]
Courtney, I respect your devotion, but shouldn't you at least tell me where the fragment is hidden? Don't worry, Amaya, I promise, the piece is somewhere very safe.
Your tracking in the woods was excellent.
There's not many people that can get the jump on me like that.
I was a warrior long before I was a queen.
Why does it sound like you preferred that? Politics is not one of my passions.
But Arthur is a true friend and ally, and I believe in his vision for a more just and peaceful kingdom.
From what I see, Camelot lives up to its reputation.
Where is the good king? On the hunt no doubt chasing a boar through the brush as we speak.
[grunting and clanging.]
[dramatic music.]
Do your worst, knave.
I'd rather die than surrender.
Then you are an idiot.
You're not going to run me through.
We have something else in mind for you, Your Majesty.
both: Huzzah! [lively medieval music.]
- Ah! - [coughing.]
I can't believe Marty and Mick are missing this.
Like, right? I mean, when's the next time we're gonna get to feast in Camelot? - Mm.
- Hey, guys, check it out.
- That's Sir Galahad.
- How do you know that? Because he's sitting in the Siege Perilous.
- What? - Come on.
Some kind of historian you are.
Siege Perilous is a special seat reserved for only the purest of knights.
I don't how many times I have to tell you there's a difference between legend and history.
I'm gonna go introduce myself.
Sir Galahad.
Oh, is this seat taken? - It is now, my friend.
- [laughs.]
Apologies, you must get this all the time, but I must tell you, I am a really big fan.
A fan.
So you make wind? No, no, no, no, no, um Well [chuckles.]
I mean, maybe after all this food.
[clears throat.]
No, what I mean is I'm a I'm a big admirer of yours.
You've heard tale of my exploits? Yes! Yes! Since I was a wee lad.
It's hard to explain.
I am but a servant.
It is my honor to serve the true inspiration of Camelot's glory King Arthur, for was it not he who said that might must serve right, lest it bloom into the cruel flower of tyranny? Yet another reason I love him.
- [horns blare.]
- [door opens.]
They sound the return of the king.
Arthur's captured the Black Knight.
Arthur, I was beginning to [gasps.]
[suspenseful music.]
Oh, sorry about the ruse, but I figure it was the only way to get inside.
Oh! Hey, guys.
I see you've met my friend Arthur here.
Give us a smile, Arthur.
[device beeping.]
Arthur The king has left the building.
You don't get the reference? Ugh, pity.
Basically, your king now does anything I want him to do, so if you don't him to spill your blood all over this floor, I suggest that you hand over your fragment of the Spear.
My patience is running short.
The fragment where is it? As long as I live, you will never have it.
That might turn out to be shorter than you think.
[grunting and clanging.]
Stand fast, or your king dies.
All I have to do is think it, and he slits his own throat.
Ultimatum time.
Deliver the fragment to me by dawn, or I'll come back with an army just as obedient as Arthur here.
Choice is yours Camelot or the Spear.
[cup clatters.]
Galahad, may you rest in peace, where sorrow and pain are banished.
May the everlasting light of Camelot shine upon you.
How do you know this Black Knight? His name's Damien Darhk.
He works with the speedster who turned Rip Hunter against the JSA.
Well, Rip's not the only one under their control now.
That thing's dark magic has turned my king my own husband into my enemy.
- It's not his fault.
- And yet I watched him strike down Sir Galahad with my own eyes.
You have to believe that your husband can be saved, or else he will be truly lost.
Unless we stop the Black Knight's army, we may never find out.
My Queen, you must be strong.
With King Arthur missing, the Knights of the Round Table will look to you to lead them.
The mantle of king is Arthur's.
Not mine.
Guinevere, wait.
Look, sometimes the mantle it just falls into your lap.
Trust me.
I know that it's hard.
You're clever, you're brave, and you are a natural born commander.
I know you can do this.
[stirring music.]
You saw what they did to Arthur.
Imagine what they could do with an army of brainwashed knights.
- What are you suggesting? - The fragment of the Spear we need to get it out of the castle.
How can your team protect the Spear? You couldn't even protect Dr.
- That's not fair.
- I'm not going anywhere, and neither is the fragment.
It seems to contain some sort of sophisticated receiver.
Clearly it's the same technology I I-I found in Dr.
Mid-Nite's lab.
- Grey, you didn't.
- You bet he did.
Nicked it off the dead guy.
Even I was impressed.
- I was simply curious.
- [laughs.]
And it's a good thing I did.
These components appear to be a set, perhaps functioning together as transmitter and receiver.
- Or commander and soldier.
- Exactly.
The commander wears the transmitter, sending orders via an electro-telepathic signal to this receiver, worn by the soldier.
Well, anything with a signal can get hacked.
That is the hope, yes.
So all we need to is somehow boost the brain power of whoever's wearing this.
Or find someone with a preternaturally powerful brain.
You mean you? Fine, if you insist.
Now, all we need is a test subject.
Someone who's mind is, uh, pliable.
What? [ominous music.]
Hey, Sir Drools-A-Lot, prepare the rest of your tin men to get ready to march.
Perhaps I didn't make myself clear.
Prepare your men, King Arthur.
[device beeping.]
As you wish, my liege.
Prepare to march.
Who knew these things would come in handy? Now, Mr.
Rory, I want you to get up out of that chair.
No, I command you to get up out of that chair.
Do do you feel anything at all, a foreign impulse, just like twinge perhaps? Wait, I'm picking up on something.
Oh, my God, it's working.
I'm hungry.
This is a disaster.
- [beeps.]
- Wait.
It seems our adversaries are sending a signal of their own.
- What does that mean? - Oh, dear God.
It means the Legion is coming for Camelot.
[indistinct chatter.]
[tense music.]
Valiant Knights of Camelot, I know the fear you feel.
We stand now on the precipice of doom.
Our king has been taken from us.
Evil draws close, and hope, it seems, is lost.
But we must rise and face this challenge, as Arthur would have wanted.
We must remember who we are.
We're brothers and sisters.
We're fighters and friends.
We are not mere knights.
We are Camelot! all: We are Camelot! We are Camelot! We are Camelot! The dark army approaches.
It's reached the great wood.
It seems your wizard is too late.
Is she talking about Professor Stein? No matter.
We shall settle this at the point of our swords.
Camelot calls to you in its hour of need.
Will you answer? Who will follow me onto the field of battle? [all roar.]
Dude, what are they doing? These guys don't stand a chance out there.
Is this really worth the risk for some dream? Yes, because a long time ago that dream meant the world to a little boy, and he still remembers.
[stirring music.]
This isn't gonna end well.
[device beeping.]
What are you doing? If Star Girl won't give us the fragment for safe-keeping You're stealing it? She's not thinking straight.
[device beeping.]
[relieved chuckle.]
I should have known.
You sure this is the way you wanna do it? Star Girl was your teammate, not to mention your friend.
The Legion of Doom are closing in on us as we speak.
There's no time for sentiment.
Do you really wanna chance Damien Darhk having the power to rewrite reality? I guess not.
[dramatic music.]
It's set in stone.
Not for long.
[roaring, squawking.]
Damn, that was badass.
- [grunts.]
- [clank.]
Let's get out of here.
Put it down.
[tense music.]
[ominous music.]
We should attack now.
Let me tell you how an ultimatum works.
The so-called Legends have until dawn to deliver the Spear.
You don't actually believe that they'll hand it over, do you? Perhaps not, but meeting on a battle field is infinitely more wise than laying siege to the castle.
I-I just thought that you would want my expertise.
After all, I have already retrieved two fragments of the Spear, but Word to the wise, speak to me with respect.
That little thing on your head doesn't control me.
I don't want to fight with you, Amaya, - but I will if I have to.
- Then get ready, because I'm not leaving without the fragment.
Hey, we have enough enemies as it is - without fighting each other.
- You left us, Amaya.
I was there to protect the Spear, and I will continue to protect it until I take my last breath.
Because you know that doing the right thing is more important than doing what feels right.
You're still a member of the Justice Society.
No, I'm not.
My heart belongs in Camelot.
Your heart? You of all people should understand.
It wasn't duty that led you to join the Legends.
You've fallen in love with Arthur.
Your make-believe kingdom is a real soap opera.
How can you expect me to turn away from the truest thing I've ever known? All I know is that the Legion of Doom will not stop until they get this, and once they do, the world, as we know it, is over.
[soft string music.]
Which is why you're taking it, Amaya.
I can't go, so you have to fulfill my oath.
Protect the Spear.
[horn blares.]
All right, you heard the wizard.
Let's boogie.
[horn blares.]
[suspenseful music.]
Ray, this is wrong.
Please tell me that's not Galahad's sword.
I know, it's not historically accurate, but [sighs.]
I couldn't resist.
- [beeping.]
- [whirs.]
It's like a saber made of light.
Uh, just don't call it a light saber.
- Major trademark issues, right? - Yeah, trademark.
Have you lost your complete mind? No, I focused the ionic energy into Galahad's sword.
That's great, Ray, but Sara says it's time to go, so What? But the battle hasn't even begun.
Precisely why we're leaving now.
Listen, Amaya found the fragment, so there's need for this medieval warfare.
That's great news, right? Let's go.
In case you weren't listening, this is the part where we run.
- I can't.
- Sure, you can.
Left foot, right foot, repeat, let's go.
No, Nate, look around you.
All of these men are willing to die on the battlefield not for some Spear, but for an idea.
And I get it now.
Camelot isn't about history.
It's not even about some dusty old books that got a lonely kid through childhood.
It's about one noble idea that we can all stand up for what's right, no matter what.
And I can't walk away from that.
I believe you, Ray.
I do.
And Camelot's great.
But if you don't leave right now, - you're gonna die here.
- Would it kill you to be just a little bit more supportive? You don't get it, man.
I checked the manuscript.
I saw your funeral.
[stirring music.]
Well, sounds to me like the stuff Legends are made of.
All right, Gideon, let's get ready for take off.
- Yes, Captain.
- This doesn't feel right.
We don't just leave people in trouble.
They're knights, and they're fighting so we can get away.
- With the piece of the Spear.
- And without Rip.
Take comfort we live to fight another day.
The Legion already has two pieces of the Spear.
I don't like it, but we cannot risk them getting a Yahtzee.
What the hell's a Yahtzee? System's online, Captain Lance.
We are ready to time-jump.
Where's Raymond? With this sword, I dub thee Sir Raymond of the Palms, defender of Camelot.
Rise, good knight.
[rousing music.]
I tried talking to him, but he's hell-bent - on getting himself killed.
- Doesn't he know that we have the piece of the Spear? All he seems to care about is being remembered - in some BS bedtime story.
- We can't leave him behind.
We're not leaving him.
He chose to say.
Amaya, I know you're following JSA protocol at whatever cost, but this is seriously screwed up.
We can't risk losing a piece of the Spear, especially when the Legion is being backed by evil Knights of the Round Table.
I thought you were gonna un-evil-fy them.
We were if we just had a little more time.
- We still can.
- And what happens if you can't? Well, as much as Haircut's a pain in my ass, I'm not gonna let him fight alone.
Sit down.
That's an order.
[tense music.]
- What's an order? - Don't test me, Mick.
Don't threaten me, blondie.
I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Mr.
- Sara.
- I said sit down.
I've already lost one team.
I'll be damned if my decision rips the Legends apart too.
- What are you saying? - Listen to your gut, Captain.
Don't abandon Ray.
He may be sentimental, but the team should come before tactics.
All right, let's do this.
Guinevere's knights are not gonna able to last long against Damien Darhk's army unless you three Take out Mid-Nite's mind-control tech.
- We're on it.
- We are? Amaya, Nate you ready to go get medieval out there? [soft string music.]
Wait, you you've got it reversed.
I need the transmitting device, not the receiver.
I got an idea.
What if it's not about brain power, but about intensity? Like his.
We don't have time for this.
Put the dog collar on, Professor.
[device beeps.]
I have more patents than Mr.
Rory has felonies, and that's saying something.
To think that his mind is more powerful than mine Shut up.
[device beeping.]
Wait, did you shut up because you wanted to, or because he told you to? - Hm.
- Make him answer.
Answer the man, Professor.
It worked.
I knew it.
Now all we gotta do is amplify the signal.
What do you want me to do? Just rest your brain, Mr.
We'll let you know when it's time to take control of the evil army.
Ah, finally I get to fulfill my destiny.
God help us.
[tense music.]
[all growling.]
[all shouting.]
[all grunting.]
[horse neighs.]
[saber blasts.]
[stirring music.]
[all grunting.]
So, came to fight for an imaginary kingdom after all? I came to fight for a friend.
A really dumb friend.
[horse neighs.]
[horse neighs.]
Okay, I need you to unleash the darkness on those brainwashed knights.
Let 'em inside your head.
Fill their minds with every brutish impulse every traumatic memory.
That just might be enough to overload the system.
Spare nothing.
Poor babies.
[device beeping.]
- [sparks.]
- [groans.]
[distorted warbling.]
- [sparking.]
- [all groaning.]
[distorted warbling.]
Be gone, devilish sorcerer! [yells.]
[tense music.]
Damien Sorry, I don't do rescues.
Damn it, Ray! [groans.]
[laughs feebly.]
You're here to finish me off, Captain? [spaceship drones.]
What are you doing? [dramatic music.]
Saving your life.
[tense music.]
Give it up, Raymond.
You're a glorified nerd, not a knight.
I'm Sir Raymond of the Palms, and on behalf of my 12-year-old self, allow me to retort.
- [grunts.]
- [saber ignites.]
- [yells.]
- [grunts.]
[grunting and clanging.]
[dramatic music.]
- [wallops.]
- [groaning.]
Yield, Damien! [panting.]
Okay, okay, I submit.
Ray! Ray! [solemn music.]
Oh, come on, buddy, open your eyes, you stupid bastard.
Ray, come on! Ray! [groans.]
Stop yelling at me.
[stirring music.]
Ray, you brilliant bastard.
It's not Ray anymore.
It's Sir Raymond of the Palms.
I'm never gonna call you that, buddy.
Thank you, Amaya.
Tales of your deeds will honor these halls for longer than you can imagine.
The honor is mine, Your Grace.
So you're staying? Like you, I found a new home.
- Like me? - With the Legends.
The team suits you.
Take care of yourself, Courtney.
You too, Amaya.
[soft string music.]
What was that all about? - Just a little friendly advice.
- Yeah? We should get going.
Where's Ray? Um, he said something about paying his respects to the queen before we left.
Hm, funny, Sara said the exact same thing.
I just wanted to say good-bye.
I enjoyed meeting you.
And I you, Sara Lance a lot.
Sara Lance-A-Lot.
I should go.
Do you really have to leave? It is I, Raymond of the Palms, my lady come to bid my fair lady adieu.
Oh, well [clears throat.]
A thousand pardons, Your Majesty.
- Sara.
- It's okay, Ray, come in.
And a thousand thanks for your service to the realm.
If ever your travels bring you back, there will always be a seat at the Round Table for Sir Raymond of the Palms.
[chuckles softly.]
Thank you, My Lady.
You know, every good legend ends with a kiss.
[enchanting music.]
Good-bye, Guinevere.
[spaceship drones.]
Surely you must admit that it's not a superior intelligence, but rather the murky depths of your mind that proved vital.
Just admit it, my brain saved the day.
I will admit nothing of the sort.
All right, I'll admit it, walking around in a legend felt just as real as walking around any part of history.
And you know what? Maybe legend and history aren't so different after all.
Maybe they're just stories to remind us where we come from and who we can become.
So what do you say? You wanna find out how you're gonna be remembered in everyone's favorite bedtime story? Nah.
I think I'd rather make up my future as I go.
[rousing music.]
[door whirs.]
I got something I wanna say to you.
[tense music.]
Well, I'm a captive audience, aren't I? I was gonna kill you for what you did to Sara, but she stopped me, and I'm glad.
But make no mistake, you are not Captain, and this is not your ship.
Not any more.
So if you even think about hurting anyone on my team, I will not hesitate to end you.
[dramatic percussive music.]
Feel good to get that off your chest, did it? Gideon.
I'm here, Captain.
You always are.

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