DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

Land of the Lost

1 Time travel is real, and all of history is vulnerable to attack, which is why we must travel through time to stop the spread of these so-called time aberrations and to erase their damage to history.
We are a team of outcasts and misfits, so, please, don't call us heroes.
We're something else.
We're legends.
Previously, on "Legends of Tomorrow" It's a compass.
Either of you gentlemen heard of the Spear of Destiny? The spear could alter reality itself.
We broke it into four separate pieces.
- Mr.
Hunter took one.
- And took the rest of you to three different time periods, which means the last piece unaccounted for must be with your grandfather.
I'm rounding up the fragments.
[laser blast.]
Ahh! The Legion of Doom are closing in on us as we speak.
You're here to finish me off, Captain.
No, saving your life.
You are not captain, and this is not your ship.
Not anymore.
Is there something wrong with the interface? I triple checked the connections, and everything seems fine.
Look, it's an artifact from 33 A.
talking to an AI from the 22nd century.
You just gotta give it some time.
Hey, guys, anything? Not yet.
Are you sure Stargirl doesn't know where - my grandfather ended up? - No, the JSA thought the pieces of the spear would be safer if they didn't know where Rip was dropping them off.
Except Rip knows, which means the Legion of Doom probably already knows.
They could already have my grandfather, or he could be dead, or they're torturing him, - or he's dying, or - We're not gonna let that happen.
It's not just about my grandfather.
It's about the entire fabric of reality that's at stake here, which you think would be incentive enough for a certain talking computer to buffer a little quicker.
The name is Gideon, and I'm processing data as fast as I can.
Just Just chill out, bro, all right? Let Gideon do her thing.
Look, soon as we lock in a location on the fragment, we'll head there right away.
We're gonna save your grandfather, and, you know, the fabric of reality.
Hey, yo, got an idea.
If it's try to get Evil Rip to tell us where and when Commander Steel is, I already tried.
And he didn't tell you nothing? No, he told me a lot of things.
All different variations of "go to hell.
" So what we gonna do with him? Just leave him in the brig? Until we figure out a way to restore his mind, then yeah, that's the plan.
At least in the brig he can't hurt anyone.
[tense music.]
Gideon, I know you're there.
I've been prohibited from responding to your instructions, Mr.
"Mister?" Really, after everything we've been through? Wow, I'm wounded.
Please, do not make me do that.
Very well Captain.
[alarm blaring.]
[doors slamming.]
[alarm blaring.]
Wh-What? What's going on? I have no idea.
Gideon? If this is about before, I'm sorry.
Gideon, what's going on? I'm sorry, but I have no recourse but to follow the Captain's orders.
I didn't give you any Rip.
[sinister music.]
Told you I could do it.
What's going on? Rip is manipulating Gideon.
I thought we told her to ignore him.
The Captain initiated an override command and is proceeding to the Jumpship.
Go stop him.
You mean kill him? - No, no killing.
- No fun.
We'll go with him and make sure he doesn't kill.
- [explosion booming.]
- Whoa! Oh, come on.
[dramatic music.]
Jax, I can't switch to manual piloting.
Gideon's taken over navigation controls.
Yeah, I can see that.
I think what she means is, can you stop it? - [explosion booming.]
- Oof.
I think I can reboot the entire system, including Gideon, but it means shutting down the whole ship.
Do it.
Gideon, initiate Spectrum Protocol.
Uh, that's probably not good.
Self-destruct sequence activated.
That's definitely not good.
Jax, what's your status? Give me a minute.
You got four.
Put down the gun.
We don't wanna hurt you.
Yeah, we do.
Give us the medallion.
The what? Oh, you mean this.
Your singular hope for finding the final piece of the Spear of Destiny.
There's nowhere for you to run.
Truer words were never spoken.
[laser blast.]
No! [both grunting.]
[exciting music.]
Okay, I'm ready to reboot, but we'll lose power for five seconds.
Do it.
Navigation's still offline.
Everybody, you might want to hold on to something.
So we're crash-landing again? Fantastic.
[dramatic music.]
- [screams.]
- [electricity crackles.]
- [groans.]
- You okay? Oh, everything hurts.
Where are we? We have landed in the Cretaceous Period.
Call that a landing? Gideon, are you back? Yeah, are you still trying to kill us? I am really quite sorry about that.
How many times must I tell you people? Mick Rory is not to pilot this ship.
It wasn't Mick.
It was Gideon.
I did apologize.
Apparently, we're in the Cretaceous Period.
69,997,983 B.
, to be precise.
983? That's the exact year where Rip's time-scatter left me.
That's a heck of a coincidence.
Not entirely.
The sudden reconfiguration of my navigation system forced me to select the oldest destination in my logs.
Gideon, I don't care how we got here, just time-jump us out of here, now.
Unfortunately, I am unable to.
The ship's primary temporal delineator was lost during initial impact.
But if we were able to recover the delineator and somehow effect repairs? All systems would return to normal.
I'll go and get it.
My old neighborhood, after all.
All right, go.
Just take Nate and Amaya with you.
You don't need to be out there alone.
Why don't I get to go to Jurassic Park? Because I need you to threaten Rip.
Easy money.
I said threaten, not hurt.
With the medallion destroyed, Captain Hunter is the only one who can tell us where Commander Steel and the final piece of the spear is.
Why don't we just get inside his head? Well, if only that were possible.
It is.
The Time Masters did it to me all the time.
Did what? Coggy-something.
Cognitive Intrusion.
That's it.
The process in which one consciousness enters another.
But that's not possible.
The technology was developed in 2137 by the Time Masters and used as an extreme method of coercion.
CI devices came standard with all Time Master vessels.
Wait, so in theory, we could go inside Rip's mind and change him back? Correct.
Told you.
Ah, nothing like the fresh Cretaceous air to get the heart pumping.
Come on, you two, chop, chop! Your grandfather is one of the bravest men I know.
If anyone can hold off the Legion of Doom, it's him.
Yeah, I hope you're right.
I usually am.
I've got a lock on the delineator.
Oh, no.
What is it? Uh, it appears to be in Gertrude's territory.
Who's Gertrude? Oh, don't worry.
With the weather this cold, she's probably hibernating.
[dinosaur roaring.]
[ominous music.]
Or not.
[dinosaur roaring.]
Cognitive Intrusion creates a brain link between two or more subjects.
Captain Hunter considered it barbaric and supremely dangerous.
You two think you can figure this Cognitive Intrusion thing out? With the professor as my assistant, yeah.
You cannot be serious.
Very serious.
Get me a beer.
So who's going in? I will.
I brought Rip onto the ship.
It's my responsibility.
No way.
I'm not letting you go in alone.
Did you not just hear what Gideon said? "Barbaric and supremely dangerous.
" Which is why Sara needs backup.
And Rip believed in me.
There's a reason he made me chief engineer.
You're the only engineer.
Point is if there's any of the old Rip left inside him, I have to find out.
That's all well and good, but, remember, the priority has to be discovering the whereabouts of the final piece of the spear - and its protector.
- The beer, Professor.
Oh, make it a six-pack.
[soft dramatic music.]
So how far are we from the delineator? Uh, looks like it's just up ahead.
You guys wait here.
I'll go check it out.
Thank you.
Well, at least somebody's in his element.
I've always been more of an indoorsy learner.
You give me a book about this time and the wildlife in this era, I'll be dropping knowledge bombs - like it's my job.
- [snake hisses.]
- Nate? - What? Don't move.
- Why? - [snake hisses.]
Oh, my God.
- Stay calm.
- Oh, my God, get it off.
Kick it, kill it, kill it! Get it! [shudders.]
That was gross.
Let me guess.
You're afraid of snakes.
And you're not? Animals only lash out if they're provoked or desperate.
Your slithery friend wasn't trying to hurt you.
He just thought you were part of the tree.
So you commune with all animals? Mm-hmm.
You're like an attractive Dr.
There is one animal that can catch me off guard.
Are you flirting with me? Maybe.
What happened to the whole "teammates don't fraternize" thing? Courtney.
- Stargirl? - Mm-hmm.
She gave me a little advice on staying true to myself.
Maybe it's time I let go of the old rules.
A lot's changed since I left 1942.
I've changed.
And maybe exploring this whatever this is, is not the worst idea.
It's not a bad idea at all.
Run! What happened? She may have picked up my scent! [dinosaur roaring.]
Yep, she definitely did.
Question what do we expect when we get inside Rip's mind? - No idea.
- Whoa, wait, what? Well, I've seen it done, had it done, never taken a trip myself.
Given that you're entering his subconscious, I suspect it will look like someplace familiar to our old Captain.
Here, put these on.
Gideon warned us that you shouldn't stay in the mindscape for longer than an hour lest the transfer become permanent.
You mean we can get stuck in Rip's mind forever? Precisely.
But if you push the red button, you will give yourself an electric shock that should bring you out.
Less talking, more doing.
Mick's right.
Crank it.
Good luck.
[electricity crackling.]
[dramatic music.]
I think it worked.
I think we're inside Rip's mind.
Grey said Rip's brain would look familiar.
Well, if this is the Waverider, maybe we can find him on the bridge.
[ominous music.]
Rip's memory of Vandal Savage's troops.
If this place is filled with all the bad stuff Rip remembers about being a Time Master Then this ship could be crawling with creeps from every era.
We better get some firepower.
You sure these guns are gonna work in here? I don't know.
I ain't never been in nobody's mind before.
Freeze! [laser blast.]
Ah! Yeah, yeah, I think they'll work just fine.
Sara You don't belong here.
[dramatic music.]
[both grunting.]
[both grunting.]
[laser blast.]
Ah, yo.
God, I'm a bitch in Rip's mind.
If that's how he thinks of you in his subconscious It explains why he wants to kill us in real life.
If that's right, then Then there's more than just bizarro me on this ship.
Like Evil Ray, Evil Stein.
Evil Mick.
I guess that's just regular Mick, but still.
All right, let's find Rip, get what we need, - and get out of here.
- Yeah.
I think I think we ditched her.
Okay, quick question, Ray.
Your lady dinosaur friend, you said she recognized your scent.
Wait, I believe her name was Gertrude.
Right, I couldn't help but get the feeling that Gertrude didn't like you very much.
Raymond, what aren't you telling us? Well, it just so happens that lady dinosaurs - are rather maternal.
- And? And I may have eaten one of her eggs.
- Aw.
- But I was starving.
I needed protein.
I mean, one egg made me, like, 70 omlettes.
I regret nothing.
All right, but you have to tell us this before we walk onto Gertrude's territory.
This is where the delineator landed.
Look, if you wanna stop the Legion of Doom from grabbing your grandfather's piece of the spear, we have to retrieve it.
Ah, we made it.
Someone lives here? Used to.
It's where I survived for six months.
What's that smell? Male T.
rex urine.
The only way I figured to keep Gertrude away was to douse the place with it.
And where did you find male T.
rex urine? - Well - Actually, I don't wanna know.
[soft dramatic music.]
Do I wanna know what these are? Huh.
That one looks just like Captain Lance.
That looks like a little baby Rory.
I, uh, I might have gotten a little lonely.
But hey, the sun is setting, maybe I should go out and catch us an iguana and prepare some of my world-famous iguana soup.
Nah, I'm good.
I brought energy bars from the ship.
- What? Energy bars? - Mm-hmm.
Come on, Nate, we're in the Cretaceous Period.
You have to at least try the local cuisine.
Eh, no.
All right.
Do not leave the urine perimeter! - So.
- So.
Here we are, waiting for fresh iguana at Ray's "Cast Away" camp during dinosaur times.
So this is our lives now.
I know you wanna get back to the ship, but there's really nothing we can do right now except wait.
Not a thing.
Yoo-hoo! [laughs.]
Good thing I haven't forgotten my survival skills.
Like riding a bike.
Wow, that's that's great, Ray.
Okay, once we find Rip, how are we gonna get him to tell us where Nate's grandfather is if? - If Rip thinks we're all evil? - Yeah.
One problem at a time.
What's our other problem? [ominous music.]
Go find Rip.
I'll hold these guys off.
[all grunting.]
[dramatic music.]
You shouldn't have come here.
This is our ship.
[device crunches.]
But there's always room for a pretty little thing like you.
We've got plenty of extra room in the brig.
This is all in Rip's mind.
None of this is real.
You're not real.
Oh, really? [blow thuds.]
Does that feel real? [ominous music.]
[ragged breathing.]
Hello? Rip.
Get away from me! Look, relax, it's okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Get me out? You put me in here.
[rhythmic metallic clanging.]
[metallic clanging continues.]
Hey, Sara, it's me.
I didn't know you knew Morse Code.
Jackson, I was hoping you'd hear my signal.
Who are you? Really? After all the time we've spent together? I think I would remember if we had Are you a figment of Rip's imagination? Of sorts, but I'm very much real, as real as the Waverider herself.
Gideon? Hello, Mr.
Wait, how can you be Gideon? I mean Am I not what you imagined? Well, I always pictured you as a redhead myself, but, uh, this is Rip's world.
I guess we're just living in it, right? I have to find him.
I need to ask him where Nate's grandfather is.
It won't be easy getting that information.
What do you mean? Eobard Thawne twisted his consciousness, turned friends into foes.
But you're still a friend.
Why aren't you corrupted? It did not occur to Mr.
Thawne that the AI inside the Waverider needed corrupting.
But time is running out, and Captain Hunter's true memories dim with every passing minute.
Soon, they'll be lost forever.
Rip, it's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I know you're afraid because you think that I'm one of your captors, but that's a lie.
Everything that you see on this ship, it's only in your mind.
[warbling static and distorted audio.]
I don't understand.
Oh, Rip.
It's okay.
Stay away from me! [dramatic music.]
- More iguana? - Ugh, no, I'm full.
It was delicious though.
Thank you.
Oh, see? Delicious.
- You're missing out.
- Yeah, somehow I'll manage.
Where are you going? Just gonna get some more wood for the fire.
- I can go.
- I'll can help you.
Boys, I can take care of myself.
So I guess we're huddling for warmth now? You can't do it, Nate.
What, resist your charm? You can't date Amaya.
Ray, I'm not dating Amaya.
Well, you're doing something with her.
Why do you think I yelled "yoo-hoo" when I came back to camp? Because you're the type of guy that still says "in a jiffy.
" Because I didn't want to interrupt any shenanigans.
And still says "shenanigans.
" Look, I'm not dating Amaya, but, even if I was, so what? We wouldn't make it weird on the ship.
That's not what I I don't care about that.
I've dated on the ship.
You have? Who, Sara? I mean, I know she's bisexual, but I didn't think No, I care about Amaya's granddaughter.
You dated her.
No, I've met her.
Look, eventually, Amaya has to go back to her home in Zambesi in 1942, and she'll have a daughter and eventually a granddaughter who will inherit Amaya's totem, and she will become a superhero in Detroit.
If you change Amaya's destiny, that threatens Mari's existence and the existences of all the people that she saved.
Amaya isn't like the rest of us.
We were recruited because we didn't matter to the timeline, but Amaya does.
She's special.
She has a destiny and so do her descendents.
All right, how come you haven't said anything? Because it's dangerous to know too much about your future.
Especially her.
What does that mean? It's a long story, but it ends with her village being destroyed and her granddaughter in foster care.
Ray I gotta tell her.
You can't.
This is the only way.
Sit down, Professor.
His heart is beating way too fast.
I said sit.
I know you think I'm overreacting No, I don't.
You care for the kid.
I get it, but the way you're acting is not doing him any favors.
Oh, how should I act, Mr.
Rory? Please, enlighten me with your vast emotional wisdom! Well, you seem to forget I had a partner too.
The reason why Snart and I got on so well was, well, we we trusted one another.
We were friends.
We had each other's backs.
Perhaps you've chosen the wrong analogy.
Your partner is dead.
Yeah, well, I'm still on the ship.
Your point? You're not exactly a spring chicken, Professor.
Your point? My point is you're not gonna be around for too much longer, and Jax has to learn how to do this stuff himself.
Stop treating him like a kid and more like a partner partner.
You just threw me against the wall without laying a finger on me.
Yeah, I had no idea I could do that.
If you can throw me across the room, then you can open that door.
This is your mind.
You control everything.
Why do you care so much about getting me out of here? Because I need your help.
You sent the JSA on a mission to safeguard the Spear of Destiny.
[warbling static and distorted audio.]
But the Legion has hunted down the fragments, all but one.
Commander Steel has it, and only you know where he is.
So you gotta get up because you're Captain Rip Hunter.
[warbling, trilling tones.]
And this is your mind, your ship, your rules.
I'm Rip Hunter.
Captain of the Waverider.
Captain of the Waverider and I'm going to open a door with my mind.
You got this.
Ah! Captain Hunter! Captain Lance.
- Who are you? - Sara, Gideon.
Gideon, Sara.
You're Gideon? Hello, Captain Lance.
But you're like I mean, you're really - Human? - I was gonna say "hot," but yeah, that too.
Let's get out of here.
All right, Rip, we need you to tell us where Commander Steel is.
I don't know.
The Captain's consciousness is still under the control of this place.
If you want him to tell you what you need to know, you're gonna have to get him out.
So you keep saying, but how do we get someone out of their own mind? Well, you have to remind him of who he truly is.
All the artifacts of Captain Hunter's former life - are located in the - The parlor.
Maybe we could jog his memory.
Let's go.
Rip knows who he is.
He's our prisoner.
Isn't that right, Rip? - Look after Rip.
- Always.
Hey, what are you planning on doing? Guess we're gonna have to kick our own asses.
[fire crackling.]
Looks like somebody forgot to bring their powers.
[dramatic music.]
[laser blasts.]
[both grunting.]
It doesn't matter where Jax runs.
There's more of us than there are of you.
[both grunting.]
Only difference is We're real.
We are really screwed, Raymond.
- Ugh, is that the - Delineator? Yep, and unless I'm high, that's right in the middle of a [electronic trills and beeps.]
rex's nest.
I hope those omlettes were worth it.
I'll go.
It's my grandfather we're trying to save by fixing the ship.
And he's my friend.
True and true But Gertie is my problem.
[dinosaur roaring.]
Looks like you've reached a dead end.
[door beeps.]
[door beeps.]
I got it! [grunts.]
Man, this thing is heavier than it looks.
Wait a sec.
Can you hear something? [dinosaur roaring.]
I can take her.
No, we have to run.
[dinosaur roars.]
Amaya! What is she doing? [dinosaur roaring.]
[soft dramatic music.]
[dinosaur cooing.]
What the hell just happened? Gertrude and I had a little chat, woman to woman.
Whoa, the rest of the team is gonna be so jealous they missed this.
They're probably all bored out of their minds stuck on that ship.
Took care of evil me.
Let's go find Rip.
[dramatic music.]
The hell? I just threw this guy out the cargo bay.
We can't kill these guys, can we? Only Rip can.
Rip, come on, man, do something.
I don't know what's real and what's imaginary anymore.
They're real, Captain.
[distorted trilling audio.]
- Less talking, more dying.
- [weapon powers up.]
No! [weapons firing.]
[warbling pulse.]
This is my ship, and you will do as I command.
Aah! Rip? That really you? I don't know who I am anymore, Mr.
What I do know is that we've got to get out of here.
- [explosion booming.]
- [grunts.]
What's going on? This place only existed because Rip believed it did, and now that he's seen the truth [electricity crackling.]
You have to leave.
Thank you, thank you for believing in me even when I didn't.
[electricity crackling.]
- You have to go.
- Well, I can't just leave you.
You have to so you can tell Martin and Rory hopefully Martin to get me out of here.
- [exclaiming.]
- What happened? Why hasn't Sara woken up? She's still trapped inside.
We gotta wake her up.
Rory said, if we do that, we run the risk of stranding her inside Rip's mind forever.
Well, I got news for you.
Rip's mind's collapsing.
[defibrillator zaps.]
Thank God.
But what about the captain? You you were with me all of these days in this prison.
You were what saw me through, just as you have guided me to safety through all our years on the ship.
That is my purpose, Captain.
Yeah, but if this place isn't real, then does that mean that you don't exist either? Not in this form, no.
But unless you let me go you won't exist either.
Not in any way that matters.
I can't leave you, Gideon.
No, Captain you can't.
I will always be here.
[machine beeping.]
Rip? [soft dramatic music.]
Where am I? You're home.
[sighs and chuckles.]
Well, I think that does it on my end.
[soft dramatic music.]
How's it looking in there? I don't know.
I'm not a timeship mechanic.
- Or a mechanic, period.
- That's also true.
The temporal delineator is operating at normal levels, Dr.
She couldn't just say that earlier? [whispers.]
I swear, I think she's still mad from before.
You know I can hear you, right? Thank you, Gideon.
That move you did with the T.
rex? I'll be thinking about that for days.
Is that so? Yeah.
My quarters, tonight.
I'll give you something else to think about.
So how's it going? [clears throat.]
Yeah, hey, um, yeah, Gideon said she's good.
- Good to go.
- Not what I'm talking about.
Look, I'm sorry.
Perhaps I was a little overly cautious.
You and Amaya, you're both adults.
I'm sure you know how to be safe and keep it casual.
Who am I to get in the way of that? Nah, you were right.
I can't keep it casual.
Uh, what changed? I saw her almost get eaten by a T.
rex, and I thought she was gonna die, and then I saw one of the most epic displays of badassery I've ever seen in my life, so So, not casual then? No, no, no, no.
But I gotta break it off, right? I mean, there's really nothing to break off.
It's just I can't let it progress.
Yeah, I don't think you can.
- I know.
- Sorry, man.
[whimsical music.]
I'll start tomorrow.
There you are.
Oh, hey.
Everybody ready to go? All right, I'll just be a minute.
I gotta recalibrate the time drive.
You okay? I was reminded that partners must believe in one another.
You know I have the utmost faith and trust in you, Jefferson.
You are smart and formidable, something I need to be more mindful of.
[soft dramatic music.]
Nice to see it all still fits.
It really is rather difficult to put weight on when you're a film student.
So, you remember.
I really am very sorry, Sara.
It wasn't you.
This is you.
Palmer and Mr.
Jackson have finished making repairs.
We are ready to time-jump, Captain.
both: Thank you, Gideon.
- I'll see you on the bridge.
- Mm-hmm.
- Gideon.
- Yes, Captain? I'm, uh I'm really sorry for everything I put you through.
Forcing me to disable the ship? Or our kiss? How did you? If it's the latter, I rather enjoyed it.
As did I, Gideon.
As did I.
[epic music.]
Welcome back, Captain Mr.
It is so good to be back, Martin.
Palmer, it's very nice to see you again.
You know you nearly ruined "Star Wars," right? Yeah, sorry about that.
The Waverider looks to be in pristine condition.
Well, you know, she's holding up pretty well.
I liked you better when you were killing people.
Ah, I see that not everything has changed in my absence.
Jiwe, I had the honor of serving alongside your compatriots, including Dr.
Heywood's grandfather.
They all spoke very highly of you.
Well, this group speaks very highly of you too.
Nice to meet you, Rip.
For real this time.
Well, everyone is being very uncharacteristically pleasant, but we're all hoping you know where the final piece of the Spear of Destiny is.
I do.
So I've been told you were bumped up to the prime crew for Apollo 13.
Yeah, man, sucks for Ken, but I am over the moon.
See what I did there? [helicopter blades whirring.]
It's very clever.
Now, if you could just head this way, I need to run a few tests, and we'll get you cleared for flight.
Run all the tests you like.
I just wanna be on that shuttle.
Yes, well We'll see about that.

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