DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e14 Episode Script


1 Seriously, you idiots haven't figured this out by now? It all started when we blew up the time pigs, the Time Masters.
Now, history is all screwed up.
But it's up to us to unscrew it up.
But half the time, we screw things up even worse.
So don't call us heroes.
We're something else.
We're Legends.
Previously, on "Legends of Tomorrow" You're my grandfather.
You are more than that.
- You're a hero to me.
- My quarters.
I'll give you something else to think about.
- You can't date Amaya.
- She has a destiny.
And so do her descendents.
Have either of you gentlemen heard of the Spear of Destiny? The Spear can alter reality itself.
- Who's coming for you? - It's not a who, it's a what.
- And it's trying to kill me.
- He has to keep moving in order for his own non-existence not to catch up to him.
Captain Hunter is the only one who can tell us where Commander Steel and the final piece of the Spear is.
- Where am I? - You're home.
So, I've been told you were bumped up to the prime crew for "Apollo 13.
" Yeah, man.
We'll see about that.
Welcome to Manhattan, 1965.
I have been dropped off behind enemy lines and cities all over the world.
Never been dropped off in the future.
Now you have to disappear, start a whole new life.
The Spear of Destiny must be protected at all costs.
Roger that, sir.
I know this mission won't be easy, Commander Heywood.
For me or for Bettie? She'll think I died in Leipzig.
Little Hank is barely a month old.
Your family's sacrifice might just save the world.
[dramatic music.]
Give those to my wife and son.
Godspeed, Henry.
[suspenseful music.]
- I don't see him.
- That is odd.
I dropped him off right here a moment ago.
Where could he have gone? Henry! Oh, I'm sorry.
My mistake.
Where is he? We used to call Henry "the Chameleon.
" He speaks seven languages like a local and he's a master in the art of camouflage and concealment.
If you told him to disappear, that's exactly what he did.
Don't worry, if it's hard for us to find your grandfather, it's hard for the Legion.
1965 was a bust.
Oh, sorry, buddy.
It's all right, Rip said he dropped my Grandfather off in 1965 New York and told him to assume a new identity.
Well, he'd need to find work.
Why? Henry was a military man.
He wouldn't have become an accountant.
He would have wanted a job that still offered adventure, and yet was still somehow patriotic.
FBI? CIA? He was a fighter pilot before he was recruited by the JSA.
In the sixties, the fledgling National Aeronautics and Space Administration used to call upon test pilots to apply to be astronauts.
Exactly, what could be more patriotic, more adventurous than exploring space? Nice, Gideon, pull up anything you can.
Press clippings, newspaper articles, re: NASA circa 1965.
Certainly, Captain.
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on, come on.
Wait, wait, stop, stop.
Right there.
I'd recognize that Heywood jawline anywhere.
April 13th, 1970.
"Mission Control works to save 'Apollo 13.
'" Come on, could your grandfather get any cooler? I think I may have found a way to track Commander Heywood.
Don't worry, Mr.
We've already found him.
- You did? - We're headed to Houston, 1970.
Elvis at the Astrodome.
And then we're going to rescue my grandfather.
Then Elvis.
We still need to figure out a way of contacting Commander Heywood without arousing suspicion.
To that end, I suggest that we It's simple.
We infiltrate NASA.
[exciting music.]
Today, NASA Flight Controllers are monitoring "Apollo 13," NASA'S seventh manned mission to the Moon.
We need to figure out a way to get into Mission Control.
I don't think that's included in the tour.
Commander Heywood is not at Mission Control.
How do you know that? Because I'm looking right at him.
That's the Flight Director of NASA.
They're probably debating on how to talk to the press about the oxygen tank explosion on "Apollo 13.
" [indistinct chatter.]
Great to see you.
all: Oh! [cameras clicking and flashing.]
You son of a bitch.
Sorry, folks.
He doesn't have the right credentials.
We take press access very seriously around here.
[playful music.]
Surprise! We're back.
Why are you doing this, Henry? I was never supposed to see him again.
So you punched him? That's between him and me.
What brings you to 1970? Oh, well, I supposed Nate should probably tell you.
Nathaniel's here too? - [door opens.]
- Sir? They say they know you.
You could say that.
As I live and breathe.
[stirring music.]
It's good to see you again, son.
Come here, man.
I thought I'd never see you again.
Look at you, you still got it.
Is that Rip? Get him out of there! As soon as one of you explains what in tarnation is going on.
We're here for your fragment of the Spear of Destiny.
See, there's a Legion of villains who are hunting anyone who is trying to protect it.
We have Stargirl's fragment.
But Mid-Nite died trying to protect his.
[melancholy music.]
I appreciate your concern, but I hid my piece of the Spear somewhere safe.
Believe me, there's no place on Earth safe from these guys.
You old fox you.
You want to clue us in? He hid the Spear in the flag Neil Armstrong planted on the moon.
Well, that is pretty ingenious.
The whole reason I worked my way up through NASA was to make sure my piece of the Spear remains safe.
Speaking of, I really should be getting back to Mission Control.
Yeah, I guess you gotta figure out how to save the "Apollo 13" astronauts.
What are you talking about? The mission is textbook.
Didn't an oxygen tank explode and the moon landing get aborted? No, everything is going great up there.
Unless Unless history's changed.
[suspenseful music.]
[electronic beeping.]
Houston, we are about to enter the dark side of the moon.
Loss of signal in 30 seconds.
Roger that, "Odyssey.
" See you in 28 minutes.
Happy sailing.
Over and out.
Time to sit back and enjoy the view, fellas.
Sorry, fellas.
Change of plans.
[electric crackling.]
We have to intercept "Apollo 13" before it lands on the Moon.
Where's Commander Heywood? He and I need to have a little chat.
He's introducing the rest of the team to the Flight Director.
Why? Because we need somebody monitoring on the ground.
These are flight controllers? Yes.
They're with the, uh, British Space Program.
They're here to study our procedures.
What's your area of expertise? [in English accent.]
I'm a Booster Systems Engineer.
They call me "the Rocket Man.
" And him? [in English accent.]
Uh, he's a man of few words, but makes up for it with personality.
All right.
But if any of you Brits get in the way of my controllers or jeopardize the safe return of our astronauts, you'll answer to me.
Of course.
All right.
- Good luck, fellas.
- You're not sticking around? We might need you to run a little more interference for us.
No can do.
I gave up my life for that Spear and I'll be damned if I let anyone steal it now.
I'm going with my grandson to space.
[dramatic music.]
Would you look at that? Outer space.
Never gets old.
Martin, how much longer before "Apollo 13" should reestablish radio contact? 17 minutes.
All right, we got 17 minutes to figure out what's going on before the whole world is watching.
Yeah, you're not wrong there.
Gideon, pull up "Apollo 13's" original flight pattern.
We need to find it first.
Mm, uh, Henry.
Perhaps now would be a good time to have a chat? Actually, Captain Hunter, I don't feel much like talking.
[tense music.]
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
You know, in 2017, men share their feelings.
I'm just saying.
My wife has spent the past 14 years raising our son by herself.
And it is Captain Hunter's fault.
The man has a wife and son, and still he asked me to abandon mine.
He doesn't have a family.
I mean, he did.
It's just they were killed.
I-I didn't know.
You know, I often wonder what Hank would have been like, if you hadn't left.
Yeah, I call my dad Hank.
We don't have the best relationship.
But I don't need to tell you all that.
I'm sorry, Nathaniel.
This is all my fault.
But once this is over, I'm getting Captain Hunter to take me back to 1956, to the day I abandoned Bettie and Hank.
Wait, I was I was just talking hypothetically.
Why? I mean, this is a timeship, isn't it? It'll be like I never left my wife and son.
Think of all the heartbreak I could save them.
Huh, I never thought of it that way.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
But we found "Apollo 13.
" Oh, this isn't right.
The spacecraft shouldn't be in this position.
Can the astronauts see us? No, no, no.
We're cloaked.
- What's our plan? - Well, I thought that we All right.
I've got Ray suiting up.
He's gonna fly over there, shrink down, and let us know what's going on inside.
[adventurous music.]
I'm entering the Command Module.
I see Lovell and Haise, but they're unconscious.
What about Jack? Dr.
Palmer? Thawne's here.
[dramatic music.]
I'm gonna follow him into the Lunar Module.
He's going to land on the moon.
Well, I'll stop him.
Who's Thawne? Where is Swigert? Ray, whatever you do, just don't let Thawne see you.
Yeah, about that Well, what do we have here? Looks like a stowaway.
[both grunting.]
[dramatic music.]
[electronic beeping.]
What's happening? NASA expects radio contact in three minutes! We ran into a problem.
If we come back online, you're gonna have to cut the feed.
Yeah, I'm on it.
He doesn't have superspeed without gravity.
Newsflash, Raymond: I don't need superspeed to kick your ass.
[both grunting.]
[electricity sparking.]
[both grunting.]
[alarms beeping.]
What's the red button? It separates the LEM from the Command Module.
That's not good.
Palmer, you're gonna have to fly the LEM.
[beeping continues.]
Houston, we have a problem.
Yeah, tell me something I don't know.
Jefferson, the entire world is about to listen to Raymond crash on the moon.
Haircut's on the moon ? Guys, I'm gonna need more time.
I need you to create a distraction.
Day-o! Day-ay-ay-o! Daylight come and me wan' go home Day, me say day, me say day Me say day, me say day, me say Day-ay-ay-o Everybody.
both: Daylight come and me wan' go home Work all night for a drink a'rum both: Daylight come and me wan' go home Stack the banana till the morning come both: Daylight come an me wan' go home Come, Mr.
Tally Mon, tally me banana Daylight come [screaming.]
Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch! What the hell are you two playing at? Okay.
I got it.
I cut the feed.
Oh, it's a It's a British tradition, sir.
Flight, I had radio contact for a second, then I lost it again.
- Nice voice, Professor.
- Thank you very much.
- Guidance? - It was the darnedest thing.
The LEM appeared for a second, but it looked like it was about to crash on the lunar surface.
Where the hell is the Command Module? [tense music.]
It's spinning off course.
Are you all right? [electricity sparking.]
I'm alive at least.
I was able to salvage the descent.
But it burned up too much fuel.
There is no way the LEM will launch into space.
What about your suit? My thrusters were damaged in the fight.
You guys are gonna have to pick me up.
NASA must be going berserk right now.
Fred and Jim Don't worry, we're gonna get "Apollo 13" home in one piece.
Gideon, plot a course for the Command Module.
Right away, Captain.
Ray, we'll pick you up later.
Roger that.
We landed near the Sea of Tranquility.
So I'm gonna head out and retrieve Commander Heywood's piece of the Spear.
Which is, needless to say, very exciting.
Good luck, big guy.
What about Mr.
Thawne? He's a little tied up at the moment.
Puns, the lowest form of humor.
Can I talk to you? About what? I overheard you and Henry talking about returning him to 1956.
Okay, look, I know what you're gonna say That you're a historian as well as a Legend.
You know the consequences of returning Henry to the timeline.
Yeah, my dad grows up with a father.
Look, my childhood was miserable.
My dad was a cold, disconnected jackass.
But maybe, just maybe, returning Henry to that time could change everything.
This is my chance to fix three generations of Heywood men.
You don't need fixing.
Your childhood made you into the man that you are, the person that you are today.
And without that man, then, well, this ship would probably still be stuck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
That's conjecture.
My grandfather's happiness, my father's happiness, that's real.
Excuse the interruption.
But you might want to brace for impact.
[dramatic music.]
Good news, we found the Command Module.
Bad news, it's heading straight for a bunch of space rocks.
- The meteoroid belt.
- Don't we have a tractor beam? Can we pull the Command Module away from the meteorites? No, no, the velocity of the Command Module would merely bring us closer to the meteorites.
Which is why I'm swinging the ship around.
I'm gonna try and stop the trajectory of the Command Module.
[engine whirring.]
[electronic buzzing.]
[tense music.]
Sara, you need to abort.
We're going to hit the meteoroids.
Better us than the Command Module.
Can't you at least to try to destroy the meteoroids rather than using my ship as a human shield? It worked before back in 1942.
You put the Waverider in front of a nuke and it absorbed the blast.
At least I had the decency to time-scatter you all first.
Decency? Did you ask any of us - if we wanted to be time-scattered? - - Sara.
- I was trying to save your lives! You put me in a time period where they wanted to hang me for being a witch! Sara! [crashing.]
Shield integrity at 63%.
Rerouting the reserve power to the shields.
I'm afraid the Jumpship has been critically impaired.
Oh, dear.
[voice warping.]
Our landing gear has We're clear.
[Richard Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathustra".]
Waverider crew, we are now the proud owners of the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny.
That's all I get is a "copy"? Guys, I'm standing on the freakin' moon! Yeah, about that.
The, uh, the Waverider has sustained major damage, Dr.
Same for the Jumpship.
Wait, the Jumpship That means Unless you can figure out a way to launch the LEM [sparks continue.]
You're stranded on the moon.
And now I know how Matt Damon felt.
I'm Dr.
Raymond Palmer.
Time traveler, superhero, and most recently, astronaut.
It's April 13th, 1970, at 2200 hours, and I am stranded on the moon.
Fuel on the LEM is close to zero.
The food and water provisions were designed to last days, not months.
So, yeah, I'm gonna have to science the crap out of this.
What are you doing? I'm filming us for posterity.
In case we don't make it back.
I'm not dying on the moon.
Sign signing off.
Certainly not doing it in a tin can with the likes of you.
And to that end, I propose an alliance.
You untie me and we'll figure out a way to get ourselves off this rock.
And I'll play nice until we get back to Earth.
I promise.
Not a chance.
And for your information, I already have a plan.
All I have to do is transfer the fuel source from my exo-suit and power the fuel cells.
Use the dwarf star to power the LEM.
Yeah, that should work.
Of course you've taken the gas spectrometer into account.
Well, unless you adjust for the relative volatility of dwarf star, then the LEM could explode mid-launch.
I'm a scientist from the future and I'm here to tell you, this is a two-person patch job.
Look at it this way: If I'm lying, we're both dead.
[tense music.]
We'll be over Ray's launch position in 18 minutes.
We only get one chance at this intercept before the moon's gravity slingshots us back to Earth.
You need to understand how time travel works.
My grandfather understands it just fine.
You can't return to 1956.
- Amaya.
- Why? Every time we change history, we create what we call an Aberration.
Now, if your son grows up with you around, he could become an entirely different person, choose a different life.
That, in turn, could change Nathaniel and the person he becomes.
If he's even born at all.
She doesn't know that.
But it's a possibility? Yes.
Why didn't you tell me? Because my dad needs you.
And as much as I want to protect history, I want to protect our family more.
We both should have learned by now, the mission comes first.
Thank you for telling me.
[solemn music.]
I was just trying to protect you.
Nathaniel, changing your family's history would have changed you.
And in case I haven't made it clear, I like who you are.
You and I don't have a future together.
What do you mean? When you stowed aboard the Waverider, we pulled you from the timeline.
Back in 1942, you have a destiny waiting for you.
How do you know all this? Ray told me.
He knows your granddaughter.
I don't think I should be hearing this.
Ask Ray what happens to your village.
Ask him what happens to your daughter and your granddaughter, then tell me, tell me you'll choose history over your own family.
That offer to clear the air still good? So long as it doesn't involve punching me in the jaw again.
I'm sorry about that.
After five years, I found myself blaming you for the choice I made.
Turns out that abandoning my wife and son, even to save the world, was a mistake.
Oh, it's the great irony of time travel, that, despite it, we still find ourselves living with regret.
One of mine is that I couldn't find a better way to protect the Spear.
One that would've spared you such a personal sacrifice.
When you showed up, I thought maybe I could go back, change history.
But what's done is done.
All we can do now is look forward.
Oh, I gotta say, you really turned this team around.
When I met the Legends in 1942, they were constantly bickering.
Unable to work together in any cohesive way.
Actually, I'm not the one who deserves your praise.
Menial labor without superspeed is really quite tedious.
Then again, I've missed working with a fellow scientist.
Cisco and Caitlin and I, as you know, worked together for some time and I miss the camaraderie.
Legion of Doom doesn't have Karaoke Fridays? I know it's easier for you to think of me as a monster.
But, um, I've met some of history's monsters, Raymond, and believe me, I'm not one of them.
You killed Barry's mother.
Rex Tyler.
Brainwashed Rip into killing Dr.
Time travel has a way of revealing the truth to you.
And you and I have more in common than you think.
Pass me the pliers.
We're both scientists.
We're both obsessed with achieving the impossible.
You dedicated your life to learning how to shrink yourself down to the size of an atom, and I spent mine learning the secrets of the Speed Force.
I became the Atom to help people.
You could use the dwarf star in your expo-suit to power an entire city.
But instead, you chose to become the Atom because you weren't satisfied with your small, pathetic life.
There is no shame in wanting to be great or to reach higher.
To walk on the moon.
Is that why you want the Spear? Reach higher, become greater, run faster? No.
I'm after something much more elemental.
I want to live.
[tense music.]
Surely, you can sympathize.
One minute to the intercept, Raymond.
Are you ready up there? Yeah, we're ready.
"We"? Long story.
Let's do this.
Rip, how's our trajectory looking? - Keep her steady.
- [electricity sparks.]
Martin, are you sure about these calculations? I'm piloting manually here.
Did I or did I not win six Carlins? No.
Yes, I did.
20 seconds to intercept.
Jax, be prepared to restore the feed on my signal.
Ten seconds.
[suspenseful music.]
You're just gonna have to trust me.
In three, two, one [beeps.]
Distance to target, 100 meters.
And closing fast.
[both sigh.]
Intercept successful.
You, ma'am, are a steely-eyed missile man! I take that as a compliment.
Ray, I'm gonna dock with the LEM.
Be prepared to get your ass back on the ship.
Head up, son.
We got work to do.
I'm sorry, sir, but they're just gone.
Tractor beam disengaged.
"Apollo 13" is headed home.
Jax, restore the feed.
Let's get history back on track.
[white noise.]
"Odyssey," this is Houston.
Do you read us? Come in, "Odyssey.
" "Odyssey," this is Houston.
Houston, this is "Odyssey," do you read me? I repeat, do you read me? We read you, "Odyssey.
" Loud and clear.
[all cheering.]
[rousing music.]
You don't seem happy, Professor.
The intercept might have been a success, but the Waverider is on reserve power.
Not to mention the difficulty of re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.
What are you saying? I'm saying that our crew has an infinitesimal chance of ever returning home.
By "infinitesimal," I mean A snowball's chance in hell? That would look rosy in comparison.
[tense music.]
Welcome aboard.
I'm not gonna kill my ride home.
Yeah, we still don't trust you.
Rip Hunter.
It's good to see you.
I guess these morons figured out a way to restore your original personality.
Enjoy the brig, Eobard.
I've been waiting for this for a long time.
Sara, you have to power down every non-essential piece of hardware on the ship.
Gideon is already shut down.
Waverider is using gravitational inertia to float back to Earth.
What? I know science.
[loud sparks.]
It isn't enough.
If you want to activate the heat shields, and survive re-entry, you have to conserve more power now.
Stein is right.
We need to shut down the water filtration and the heating systems.
Right, because clean water and heat, we don't need those to survive.
You got a better idea? - At the moment, no.
- [loud sparks.]
Well, bundle up, 'cause it's about to get chilly.
Actually, if the shields don't work, atmospheric re-entry'll burn us all to a crisp.
- You lost, son? - No, sir.
I won a contest to see "Apollo 13" land.
I-I'm Hank.
Hank Heywood.
This place is turning into a damn circus.
Stein, we're ready for re-entry.
What's the status of your secondary thrusters? It's sporadic.
She's still got a couple pushes left in her.
Just need to point her in the right direction.
There's been a rather interesting development down here on the ground.
Nate, are you there? Yeah, Mick, what's up? There's some kid in Mission Control calling himself Hank Heywood.
That's your son.
I fixed an essay writing contest so Hank would win.
I should've told you earlier.
I had to meet him.
Well, our ouidance system failed to power back up.
Can we enter the atmosphere without it? We need to figure out a re-entry angle.
If it's too steep, the ship will burn up.
If it's too shallow, we'll bounce off the atmosphere and go into orbit around the sun.
Stein, little help here.
I'm working as fast as I can.
But I need a supercomputer, which is not readily available in 1970.
We have a supercomputer.
Gideon is off-line.
I'm not talking about Gideon.
[suspenseful music.]
38 degrees.
You don't even know my question.
At what angle do we need to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere? 38 degrees.
I'm from the 22nd century; I've learned astro-navigation in grade school.
38 degrees.
Or don't you trust me? The re-entry angle needs to be 38 degrees.
How do you know? Thawne.
He wants to get back to Earth.
Same as the rest of us.
So that he can kill us when we land.
I'm with Amaya, grudgingly.
I don't trust him.
- Agreed.
- [loud spark.]
Professor Stein, does 38 degrees sound right to you? It it could be, but without more time I I can't be certain.
We haven't gotten any time.
Someone needs to make a decision.
[tense music.]
You're the Captain.
Do you trust Thawne about this, after everything that he's done? I do.
Then I trust Ray.
Let's go.
Stein, we're a go for re-entry.
[dramatic music.]
[engine sputtering.]
If we don't adjust the angle, we'll burn up.
The thrusters are toast.
In a few seconds we're all gonna be toast.
[loud sparks.]
We need to blow the cargo bay door.
- What? - He's right.
The depressurization will correct your angle of descent.
The air pressure is too great.
If anyone opens up the door at mid-descent they'll die.
I'll go.
I'm Captain.
- I'll go.
- Where is Henry? I'm in the cargo bay.
It's the only way to right the ship.
Talk me through this.
You have to secure the inner door first.
Right, there should be a lever to your, uh, to your left.
I see it.
Hey! Hey, don't! Don't do this.
I am so sorry, Nathaniel.
No, no, you open that door, the explosive decompression will suck you out.
If I don't, you will all die.
I can do it.
Let me do it.
I have powers now.
No, no.
I won't let you risk your life.
I have fulfilled my duty, protecting my piece of the Spear.
But I'm just a grunt.
Now it's your turn.
You can figure out a way to destroy the Spear.
Don't let it ruin another person's life.
Your son is at Mission Control.
He's there, he's waiting for you.
Come on.
Give him a message for me.
Tell him I'm sorry for leaving.
Please don't.
Please don't.
It's working.
30 degrees.
Commander Heywood's done it.
We're gonna make it.
Yes, we are.
[power surging.]
[solemn music.]
[tense music.]
It's a funny thing about Rip Hunter's anti-speedster weapons: I invented them.
I knew you'd escape.
You're on the run.
Because you're a time remnant.
You should have died when Eddie Thawne killed himself.
And now something's chasing you, trying to correct the Aberration.
One of history's worst monsters.
[alarm beeping.]
Speak of the devil.
Well, I guess you won't have time to search the ship for the Spear now, will you? [inhale deeply.]
Till we meet again, Raymond.
Re-entry successful.
[all cheering.]
[solemn music.]
It's pretty cool, huh? Got to witness history.
You an astronaut? No, no, I'm I wish I was that brave.
They made it home.
Not all of them.
They're my dad's.
Or they were.
He was gone before I knew him.
I'm sure he was sorry he left.
My dad wasn't really there for me either.
But I knew he loved me.
He just, um just couldn't show me.
It's not fair.
No, it's not.
But if you can accept that, you'll be a better man for it.
You and your son.
Drinking alone? Only as metaphor.
You're in here feeling sorry for yourself? Oh, no, I've got more than one way of feeling sorry for myself, surely.
Thanks for backing my play earlier.
I wasn't entirely supportive on this mission.
Still must be hard coming back to your ship and finding someone else in charge.
That was the easy part.
The harder adjustment was seeing that you are a much better captain than I ever was.
So that's why you're in here feeling sorry for yourself? I'm in here trying to figure out what my place is if I'm not this team's captain.
So, you're saying you don't fit in.
You're an outcast.
A misfit.
Let's assume.
Sounds to me like you're a Legend.
I'm sorry, Nathaniel.
This was my fault.
If I hadn't of told Henry that he shouldn't return home He would've still thrown himself off of the ship to save us.
That's just who he was.
Maybe destiny has plans for all of us.
Not just me.
Yeah, um, about that.
I am, uh, so sorry I said those things.
No one should know too much about their future.
I'm not afraid of the future.
Whatever is supposed to happen, it's bigger than just me.
I know this is cheesy, but, um once you see Earth from outer space, you realize how small we all are.
In a good way? Yeah.
In a good way.
I need you to help me with something.
Of course, Ms.
I need you to show me the historical record on Zambesi, starting with my return home.
You're asking for me to show you your future.
I must counsel you against doing this.
Please, Gideon.
[dramatic music.]
Hey, Mr.
Tally Mon, tally me banana both: Daylight come and me wan' go home Come, Mr.
Tally Mon, tally me banana both: Daylight come and me wan' go home Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch! Nice voice, Professor.
Greg, move your head.

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