DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e15 Episode Script

Fellowship of the Spear

1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
I must be losing my mind.
The reason why Snart and I got on so well was we trusted one another.
We were friends.
Have either of you gentlemen heard of the Spear of Destiny? The spear could alter reality itself.
We broke it into four separate pieces.
Hunter took one And took the rest of you to three different time periods, which means the last piece unaccounted for must be with your grandfather.
Waverider crew, we are now the proud owners of the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny.
Back in 1942, you have a destiny waiting for you.
Ask Ray what happens to your village, ask him what happens to your daughter and your granddaughter, and tell me you'll choose history over your own family.
Watch out, lads! - - Incoming! [gunshots, screaming.]
[dramatic music.]
Coming through! Coming through! According to this map, Jesus' blood is somewhere over there.
The spear is sensing the blood.
We won't last five minutes out there.
It's not too late to use it.
[exciting music.]
- [engines roaring.]
- It's hard to imagine that, when joined with their siblings, they're as powerful as God.
But right now, that's just a useless piece of wood.
It's not useless.
I know ten different ways to kill somebody with this.
[clears throat.]
Not to mention, it's great for scratching in those hard-to-reach places.
Please don't tell me you used the Spear of Destiny as a back scratcher.
Who said anything about my back? Well, as Mr.
Rory has demonstrated, in the wrong hands, this divine artifact can be - put to truly horrific use.
- Yeah.
Which is why I called this meeting, to figure out how to keep it out the Legion's hands.
Where's Nate? Nathaniel said he wasn't feeling up to socializing.
He said he'll go along with whatever we decide.
What is there to decide? We find the Legion, and we steal back their pieces of the spear.
There's no need to find the Legion.
I know where they've been operating out of.
Why keep it a secret? Let's just go get them.
The reason why you've been unable to locate Mr.
Thawne and his partners all this time is because they've - been operating outside of it.
- You lost me.
- Yeah, me too.
- Three.
What's the one place that exists outside of time? - No way.
- Yes way.
We must return to the Vanishing Point.
[engines roaring.]
[rousing music.]
We're in position.
Ray? - Ready.
- Mick? - Yeah.
- Standby.
The pieces of the spear call to each other.
We will be able to use these to locate the pieces in the Legion's possession.
That's why we're separating into two teams.
Jackson, shall we? Are you sure bringing out pieces of the spear was a good idea? If this goes wrong Then the Legion has the entire spear.
So we have to be careful.
On my way for Legion-watching.
20 seconds.
Well, I thought I'd seen the last of this place.
Let's not make it a habit.
Well, I appear to be getting considerable vibrational energy from this.
My old friend, please, forgive me.
- [grunts.]
- Oof! Mick.
Mick! Are you okay? Am I okay? Why wouldn't I be okay? I miss him too.
He blew himself up.
For what? So the rest of us could live.
Mick, we gotta go.
Look, this is a heist.
We have to steal the other pieces of the spear and get out of here.
You think this is what Snart wants? You waiting around so that you can get caught? Probably not.
[tense music.]
Hold on a sec.
That looks like something you might hide something in.
Yes, it does.
Jax and I may have found the other pieces of the spear.
Copy that.
And I've got eyes on Thawne.
He doesn't know we're here.
[laser blast.]
Your try, Mr.
What's your favorite candy? Jelly beans.
Why? A little transmutation trick me and Grey have been working on.
Both delicious and impressive, Mr.
We have the rest of the spear.
Get back to the ship.
[whooshing, beeping.]
We better hurry.
He's on to us.
- On my way.
- Everyone, get the hell - out of here.
- This can't be happening.
They're not smart enough for this to be happening.
- You get it? - Indeed.
Gideon, get us out of here.
[suspenseful music.]
No! Piece of cake.
Whoa, you thought that was easy? No, I want a piece of cake and a beer.
Later, where's the spear? There we go.
[mystical surging.]
What is that? That's power.
The pieces of the spear are calling to each other.
They long to be whole.
Yep, that just happened.
Well, that's remarkable.
The spear must be composed of some kind of magnetized compound which acts as its own sealant.
No, no, no, don't, don't, don't.
Don't touch it.
Now that the spear is whole, it will try and lure each of us to use it.
It will draw on our weaknesses, our desires, our regrets.
It will promise each of us that we can remake the world just as we want it.
Well, what's wrong with that? What? Oh, come on.
You're all thinking it.
Absolute power corrupts, Mr.
Even when used with the best intentions, which is why I'd attempted to destroy it.
Well, maybe you didn't try hard enough.
No, no, no, no, no! Not on the ship, bro! You said destroy, so I destroyed.
It's not destroyed.
It's not even charred.
Any harm brought upon the spear is temporary.
It will always heal itself.
That's why you had to keep the pieces separated.
Yes, accomplished with much effort and numerous explosives.
Wait a sec.
There's something written on it.
That's odd.
That wasn't there before.
It must have been revealed by the flames.
Hmm, see, I did help.
"Natum de sanguine, perditus a sanguine.
" Anyone know Latin? [sighs.]
"Natum de sanguine, perditus a sanguine.
" Yes, but what does that mean? "Born of blood, undone by blood.
" And what does that mean? - It - Look, we finally have the spear.
We just need to figure out what to do with it.
We need to determine a way to protect it.
You don't.
You destroy it.
Yes, well, I've tried that, Dr.
It is impervious to destruction.
No, it's not.
"Born of blood, undone by blood.
" Pretend we're not historians.
"Born of blood" because the blood of Christ gave the spear power.
"Undone by blood" because the blood of Christ is the only thing that can destroy it.
Now you're talking.
Gideon, plot a course for the Crucifixion.
- Yes, Cap - Don't you dare, Gideon.
Look, throughout history, there are certain moments whose integrity are crucial.
The birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ are all such moments.
Any interference, no matter how miniscule, could have disastrous consequences for the time stream.
We cannot go there.
Look, I understand that, but if this is the only way to destroy the spear It's not.
It's not the only way.
Now, I'm not a historian, but I can't imagine it's possible to obtain the blood of Christ without Christ.
Actually, it is.
I did a year abroad at Oxford while working on my Masters, and in between dating this girl, Wendy, I remember reading this unpublished paper by this classics scholar from early 20th century.
Now, this scholar had this far-fetched theory about Sir Gawain, that the knight returned from the Crusades not with the Holy Grail, but with something far more valuable.
- The blood of Christ.
- Exactly.
Now, the paper went on to theorize that Gawain had a vial of this precious substance on him up to his death and was buried with it somewhere in the North of France.
Just somewhere in the North of France? That's a big area.
I know, but if anyone, and I mean anyone, knows where to start looking, it's this guy.
"The Burden of the Purest Heart: Sir Gawain's Secret Treasure," written by - John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.
- You're kidding.
The guy who wrote "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings.
" John Tolkien was in the North of France in 1916 during the Battle of the Somme as a Second Lieutenant in World War I.
Well, looks like we're going back to war.
Temper, temper.
Don't test me, Damien! Shouldn't it be the other way around? You sent me and Malcolm off to find the Kalabros Manuscript while the Legends managed to abscond with the Spear of Destiny.
I should have that zombie Speedster you're so afraid of eat your brain.
No, this is actually a positive development.
Or maybe he already has.
With the entire spear in the Legends' possession, we no longer have to keep going after it piecemeal.
Yeah, I'm a glass half-full kind of guy The legendary idiots won't be able to use it.
They'll either try to hide it or destroy it, and when they do, we'll be there, waiting.
- No.
- Excuse me? Not just us.
I'm not sure if you're keeping score, Eobard, but we're losing.
So it's time to change the game.
[men shouting.]
All right, we gotta be careful.
The Battle of the Somme was one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.
Sounds terrible.
I'm in.
We're all in.
It's not gonna be easy finding Tolkien in this mess.
According to military records, Second Lieutenant Tolkien contracted trench fever and was transferred to a first aid outpost to await transportation back to Britain.
Amaya, take the Backstreet Boys, intercept Tolkien, find out what he knows, send him on his way.
So what'd you want us to do? Guard the spear.
Somebody has to be with the spear at all times.
Indeed, now that the spear has been reconstituted, the stakes have never been greater.
Which is why I should stay on the ship too.
You okay? I'm fine.
All right, in that case, go with the guys.
They could use the adult supervision.
[tense music.]
[men shouting.]
We're at the outpost.
God, it's a madhouse.
Fan out to cover more ground.
Stay on the coms and be careful.
Yeah, Gideon said Tolkien was ill.
We should search amongst the injured.
Rory, Ms.
Jiwe, you go look in triage.
Let me guess.
We get the fun part? I've always wanted to visit the Somme.
Just without, you know, all the warfare going on.
Amaya, any sign of Tolkien? [men exclaiming.]
I I don't know.
There's so much suffering.
So many injured.
[distant explosions.]
Miss, please, help me.
Just try to stay still.
Let me see what we're dealing with.
Nurse, change these bandages, will you? I don't want to die alone.
You won't.
[distant explosions continue.]
Hey, those are for them.
[distant groaning, chatter.]
[dramatic music.]
My, my, my, how the mighty have fallen.
You said that the last time you appeared.
Huh, you pick a hell of a time to show up.
I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Yeah, in the middle of being a good little doggie to those insufferable wannabes.
Stay on mission, now.
Gotta find this hobbit guy.
Tolkien, why? Hoping for an autograph? I don't even know who that guy is.
All I know is I gotta find this hobbit guy who knows the guy who's buried with Jesus' blood.
Then we can destroy the Spear of Destiny.
Mick, Mick, Mick, when have we ever destroyed anything we've ever stolen, let alone the most valuable score in the universe? What have they done to you? [explosions, gunfire, shouting.]
How the hell are we supposed to find anyone in here? - What? - I said, how the hell - are we sup - [bang.]
On your feet, you lazy good-for-nothings, - or I'll have you shot! - [coughing.]
Did you hear me, Lieutenant? - Yes, sir.
- On your feet with your weapon, you fool of a Tolkien! On your feet! Tolkien, Lieutenant Tolkien? Yes, yes, that's me.
He's very ill.
He's gotta come with us.
Nonsense, I I'm perfectly fine.
- Whoa.
- Oh.
This man is burning with a fever.
We're taking him out of here now! Well, get him to the field hospital.
Come on, you trench rats! The boys have a date with your bitter steel! We have him, but he's in no condition to talk.
All right, get him to the extraction point.
- We'll meet you there.
- Mr.
Rory? Steal us an ambulance, will you? On it.
What happened to the man who never took orders from anyone? I respected the hell out of that guy.
Now you're just their trained pet.
Sit, Mick.
Fetch, Mick.
Good boy, Mick.
Woof! I'm no one's pet.
Sure you are.
They may act all friendly to you, but they'll never trust you, never.
When the chips are down, they'll look at you the same way they always have: as a thug.
But you and me? We're partners.
At least, we were, and could be again.
Take the Spear of Destiny, Mick.
Use it for yourself.
- Use it for us.
- There is no us.
- You're dead.
- I don't have to be, Mick.
With the spear, it'd be so easy to bring me back.
You're in my head.
You're a you're an illumination.
- A hallucination.
- That's it.
Now, did that feel like a hallucination? I must be hallucinating.
Actually, we took the liberty of curing your typhoid fever, Lieutenant Tolkien.
I knew you weren't volunteers.
Your accent alone was horrendous.
I'll have you know I played Bert in my middle school production of "Mary Poppins," thank you.
Who are you, then? German? Ottoman? And where on God's Earth have you brought me? Somewhere the less talked about, the better, - for your sake.
- But we're on your side, and we need your help.
In your paper, "The Burden of the Purest Heart," you described the final resting place of Sir Gawain.
I never actually published that paper how did you? It's hard to explain, but we need to know where the knight is buried.
You abducted me from the middle of a battlefield to ask about an old myth? There is a war on, you fools! And I imagine that the view from the trenches is pretty bleak.
It looks to me like the end of the world.
But it's not.
Believe me, this darkness will pass.
You speak as someone who's seen the future.
Haven't all students of history? Those who suffer heal.
Everything destroyed gets rebuilt.
And our towers grow a little taller every time.
I should like to believe you.
Tell me, why do you seek the grave of Gawain? Eh it's a long story.
I enjoy long stories.
Yeah, he does.
In short, my fellow travelers and I Fellowship, if you will.
We're on a journey to destroy an object.
One which would bring the bearer unimaginable power.
Have you heard of the Spear of Destiny? I came across numerous obscure references to it in my studies.
Of course, such a divine artifact could never actually exist.
But it does.
And we need your help to end its threat.
I left all my research at Oxford.
To help you, I would need a vast library.
Well, lucky for you, we brought one.
[ominous music.]
How'd it go out there? Amaya? It was worse than any nightmare.
You've seen this before.
In World War II, it's definitely a situation where the sequel was worse than the original.
What changed? I had Gideon show me the historical record.
My future.
How much did you see? My village burned to the ground.
My daughter turned into a refugee.
And her daughter turned into an orphan.
Seeing the battlefield today, it just made it so real.
I'm so sorry.
But, if it helps, from what my sister told me, despite all the pain and suffering your granddaughter will endure She turns out to be a pretty remarkable person.
A hero.
[faint whispering.]
Don't even think about it! That is not a scratcher of any variety.
What happened to your face? I saw Snart again.
More likely, you took a nasty blow on the battlefield.
Perhaps you're suffering some minor brain damage or, at least, more brain damage.
Snart did this! I believe you.
- You do? - Of course not.
I just don't want you to hurt me.
But, given our trip to the Vanishing Point, it would make sense that he'd be in your thoughts.
Mick, let him go.
You're going to church.
I'm not the religious type.
Tolkien's located Gawain's burial place.
It's in a cathedral in Amiens.
If it's still there.
The war's already passed through.
Are you sure you're up for this? Yes.
Snart, he he's in my head, right? The Church of Amiens.
Built in the 1600s, for centuries, it was a shelter, a refuge.
Now just a place for marauding armies to squat.
Look closely, but be careful.
Returning knights of the Crusades were known to hide their relics so only the worthy could find them.
They set traps for those who aren't so worthy.
Aw, they're so close, finishing each others' dire warnings.
- Ha.
- Think I found something.
[dark music.]
It's gotta be worth a fortune.
- Gold.
- Yeah, don't bite the relics.
- Give me that.
- And don't steal the relics.
Now, if I'm not mistaken, the inscription's written in Proto-Celtic.
It says, "Follow the outlier, then push further still.
" But what is the outlier? Three rubies, one emerald.
I think I found our outlier.
"Then push further still.
" This structure's been damaged from all the fighting.
Sir Gawain, I presume.
Hey, look, on his shield, it's an engraving.
Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.
[dramatic music.]
Snart? Wait, you can see him? You're supposed to be dead.
Yeah, they told me all about how I get soft and die for you losers.
I didn't believe them.
Believe who? Well, if that's not an entrance line, I don't know what is.
What is going on here? The Legion must have traveled back in time and picked up Mr.
Snart before he joined the Legends.
He told us all about your plan on how you're going to destroy the spear.
Thanks for the tip, Mick.
I didn't think he was real.
No, no, no, no.
No need to defend yourself.
Actually, there is.
Angriff! [men exclaiming.]
Get behind me! [bullets ricochet.]
What is this madness? [gunshots.]
Aah! What are you? [gunshots.]
Aah! What are you doing? We gotta go! Not without the engraving! [gun whirring.]
You actually care about these losers.
Mick, come on, let's go! Because I guarantee they don't care about you, Mick.
So Snart's alive.
And he's working with the Legion.
Well, it's not just the Legion, is it, Mick? You got something to say to me? You told him about our plan to destroy the spear.
Well, I thought I was seeing things.
Whether Mr.
Snart was a hallucination or not, the fact that you told him about our plan speaks volumes.
Volumes of what, Professor? I think what Martin is trying to say is that he's worried that, if it came down to a decision between Leonard and us You would choose Snart in a heartbeat.
Yeah, I would.
He's a friend, and you guys ain't exactly being friendly right now.
Can you blame us? We're concerned that your blunder with Mr.
Snart confirms that you haven't truly given up your roots as a thug.
That what you think, Captain? Mick, we just need you to be careful.
Why? [tense music.]
Oh, I see.
In your eyes, I'm always gonna be a criminal.
This is fascinating.
Apparently the spear will glow in the presence of divine blood.
Yeah, and it also revealed the message when Mick lit it on fire.
A secret only fire can tell.
How marvelous.
So, unless you wanna wander all over France waiting for this thing to light up, I suggest we figure out this map.
You okay? I'm afraid I suffer from what is known in the trenches as "shell shock," although some would prefer to call it "common cowardice.
" Said the guy who dodged bullets to get a grave rubbing.
Give me a break.
Proof I belong in a library, and not on a battlefield.
I know where we have to go to destroy the spear.
Where? The middle of hell on Earth.
[faint whispering.]
You hear them too, huh? I'm sorry? The voices.
What's the spear saying to you? It's not the spear.
It's my mother.
Her voice, at least.
She's begging me to help our people.
To keep our family and our legacy safe.
She wants me to change my destiny.
Maybe the spear can do that for her.
The chance to rewrite reality.
Who wouldn't be tempted? What do you hear? [solemn music.]
My parents.
What are they saying? "Don't play with fire, Mick.
" Mick, Amaya, I need you in here.
So, it looks like our historians have made a discovery.
According to this map, the blood of Christ is hidden right smack in the middle of no-man's land.
Great, right at the center of the bloodiest battle in human history.
Even if we were to make it through the terrain unscathed, there's still the issue of the blood's precise location.
That's the good news.
Just as the spear acted as a diving rod for its pieces, it glows when it's close to Jesus' blood.
But one cannot simply walk into the middle of a war zone.
What if we convinced both sides to stop fighting long enough for us to get in there? That'll never work.
But there is another way.
We can rewrite reality.
Eliminate the threat of the Legion once and for all time.
No, we can't.
This is just a tool.
In the right hands, in our hands, - we can use it for good.
- But the spear has more power than any of us could possibly wield.
I know a thing or two about wielding mystical artifacts.
- I can control it.
- [sighs.]
Look, a totem is one thing, but that that is more powerful than anything any of us have seen.
She said she can handle it.
Mick, not now.
Amaya, look, you don't know what the spear can do to you.
Having the ability to rewrite your own reality it's too much temptation for anyone.
That's why we have to do this the hard way.
All right, hard way it is.
I'm in.
Yeah, I'm down.
It's the right thing to do.
[rousing music.]
Obviously, I've been outvoted.
I will help you in whatever way I can.
But I think you're making a huge mistake.
[explosions, gunfire.]
Incoming! Aah! [dramatic music.]
Coming through! Coming through! According to this map, Jesus' blood is somewhere over there.
The spear is sensing the blood.
We won't last five minutes out there.
It's not too late to use it.
[men shouting.]
Commander, we may request a moment of your time.
We are in the midst of battle.
There are no moments Lieutenant Tolkien.
I was told you were suffering from trench fever, and you better be, or else I report you as a deserter.
Captain Hunter, Royal Army Medical Corps.
Now, I can assure you that this man is no deserter.
As such, we have an urgent entreaty.
We need you to contact German command and request a ceasefire.
How dare you waste my time? We're on the verge of taking Guillemont.
Guillemont can wait.
There is a greater battle at hand, one that concerns all of humanity.
Both sides must lay down their arms, or all shall be lost.
Sir, latest casualty report.
2,300 dead.
Nearly 8,000 wounded.
All has already been lost.
[solemn music.]
Perhaps our friends on the Germans' side are having more luck.
[distant explosion.]
You wish for me to order our artillery to stop shelling the enemy? Just long enough for us to rescue the wounded from the battlefield.
And so the British can rescue theirs.
I will order our batteries to stop firing when they stop firing on us.
It seems neither side wants to give up the fight.
We don't have time, not with the Legion on our tails.
We have to push forward.
Advance, soldiers! Up the ladders, over the top, let's go! [suspenseful music.]
The British are advancing.
Now's our best chance to move.
It's all on us now.
Watch each others' backs, and we'll make it to the ship alive.
Understood? [gunfire, explosions, shouting.]
Oh! [groans.]
We're getting closer! What is it with me and Nazis? Wrong World War, Mick! These are Huns, not Nazis! I don't care what you wanna call them, just take them out, now! I'm on it.
[speaking German.]
[gunfire, explosions, shouting.]
We must be almost on top of it.
That way.
Sir, you need to understand that this is one problem that cannot be solved with violence.
Okay, maybe a spot of violence.
Well, if he's not gonna give the order for the ceasefire, we'll have to.
What frequency are we on? Um, three megahertz.
Jax, set the Waverider to receive the signal and hijack all communication on the battlefield.
Copy that, pumping the volume.
[transmission clicks, hums.]
Attention all combatants.
May I have your attention, please? [solemn music.]
There are casualties on the battlefield.
Brave men on both sides who are in urgent need of medical attention.
I know that the divisions between us run deep, that they may very well be insurmountable.
But I implore both of our armies for this one moment to come together as allies and honor a ceasefire so that the injured may be removed from the field of battle.
There may come a day when our courage fails us, when we forsake our friendships and break the bonds of fellowship, but today is not that day.
And perhaps in showing our humanity We might just save it.
[receiver clicks.]
It worked.
I can't believe they fell for it.
Let's keep moving.
That's gotta be it.
Tolkien was right.
The legend's real.
It's the blood of Christ, you are so predictable.
Though, I have to admit, negotiating a ceasefire in the middle of a World War? Pretty impressive.
Maybe they'd like to hear our peace terms.
It's quite simple, really.
Hand over the spear, or we kill you.
[faint whispers.]
Sorry, Captain, but you've reached the end of your quest.
You're right.
I'm gonna end this now.
Mick, give me the spear.
What are you doing? Hey, man, we're your friends.
I don't have friends.
But he does have partners.
So what do you say, partner? Mick, you're better than this.
No, actually, you're not.
They may pretend to believe in you as long as they can use you, but they'll just as soon let you die, same as they did me.
He's messing with your head, man.
Ever since I've been on that ship, you people have been trying to change me.
That's not true, Mick.
But guess what? There are things about me I wanna change too.
[tense music.]
Steel up, Nate.
Stop him.
He does, you and animal chick die, but we still keep the spear.
And we're gonna make all kinds of fun changes.
You bastard.
Come with me.
The spear can help us fix your messed up future and my past.
If you think we're gonna let you walk out of here - with the spear - You're right.
You know, we could use a distraction.
I hereby declare that the armistice is over.
[men shouting.]
Get down! [gunfire, explosions.]
Oh, that's just great.
Now we're all gonna die.
Mick, have I ever pulled a heist without a getaway plan? [whooshing.]
[distant gunfire.]
I wish things could've been different, Sara.
Get down! Jax, we need an extraction.
Go! Copy that, I'm in bound.
[dramatic music.]
Aah! [grunts.]
[glass shatters.]
[men shouting.]
Okay, opening the cargo bay doors.
Let's go! Amaya! Mick's gone.
It's over.
[engines roar.]
We never should have set foot on that battlefield.
We didn't have a choice.
That's not true.
There was a choice, and you made the wrong one, and now the Spear of Destiny, the most powerful weapon in all of history, is in the hands of not one, but four psychopaths.
- Don't forget Mr.
- That's right.
We trusted him, and he screwed us over.
Did we trust him? I mean, admit it, we never really did, and he picked up on it.
Yeah, apparently Mr.
Rory's not entirely stupid.
We lied to him.
Not Mick, Tolkien.
We told him there was hope.
That humanity will light its way, but we just ended up dumping him back in the trenches.
We had to restore time.
Although I suppose it doesn't really much matter now that reality itself is threatened.
[tense music.]
Maybe not.
Last time I checked, there was not an on/off button on the spear.
What if what if they don't know how to use it? Oh.
I have to say, well done.
I've heard of your skills as a thief before, but this has taken it to a whole new level.
Truly masterful, getting one of them to steal it for us.
He was never really one of them.
Were you, Mick? I thought you said the spear belonged to us.
There's plenty of power to go around.
Thanks for waiting for me.
Seems like I missed a few things.
You found the Kalabros.
The word of God himself.
It's like the owner's manual for the Spear of Destiny.
It wasn't easy to find.
Now what? [ominous music.]
Grab hold.
"Kh-det Bay-all-ma-ah.
"Kh-det Bay-all-ma-ah.
"Kh-det Bay-all-ma-ah.
Kh-det Bay-all-ma-ah.
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