DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e16 Episode Script


1 My name is Eobard Thawne.
With the help of Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, Leonard Snart, and Mick Rory, I've obtained the Spear of Destiny An ancient artifact with the power to rewrite reality itself, and we have.
It's a brave new world.
[sirens wailing.]
[exciting music.]
- [crack.]
- Aah! [intense music.]
Whoops! [grunting.]
The Mayor would like a word, Miss Smoak.
Then maybe he should've come down here himself instead of sending the bimbo brigade.
Rude! [clicks tongue.]
- [whack.]
- Uhh! Well done, ladies.
Star City owes you a debt of gratitude.
Just doing our job, Mr.
Yes, but you do it so well, and with such style.
And you've done a bang-up job dealing with my pest problem, though that term may be giving you vigilantes a little too much credit.
Even a cockroach knows when to pack up and head out of Dodge.
Star City is my home.
I will never stop fighting.
Sure you will.
Kill her.
Get rid of that.
Oh, but I will take this mask so I can add it to my collection.
No, I will not take a seat and wait for him to have an opening.
He can make time for me now.
Can't you, Eobard? - I'm so sorry, Mr.
- [sighs.]
He insisted.
I see your friend is still putting up a fight.
He'll give up.
All caged animals do eventually.
Now, tell me why you've flown all the way out here again.
You keep ignoring my requests for a meeting.
Because there's no reason for one.
Our partnership has ended.
You got what you wanted.
Your wife and your son are both alive and in good spirits.
Your daughter Thea adores you.
Nyssa al Ghul is trapped in a miserable, closeted life in the middle of Ohio, and hey, you can even clap again.
What more could you possibly want? How about the Spear of Destiny? There are still some things in this world that I would like to see change.
How many times do I have to tell you this, Malcolm? The Spear is safest in my hands.
Besides, I'm the only one who knows how to use it.
That's because you destroyed the Kalabros Manuscript.
Well, it's not my fault you don't retain information like I do.
Speedster brains are handy that way.
Jackson is here to see you.
Send him in.
Good morning, Mr.
How are things down at the lab? There was a minor setback, but the situation is under control.
You promised me results.
And you will have them.
I just need to motivate my employee a little more.
[ominous music.]
But another test will be up and running this evening.
I hope so, for his sake and yours.
- [laughs.]
- I don't know why you and Damien insist on toying with the Legends.
It's sloppy.
They should be wiped from existence.
I prefer this arrangement.
I believe it's called "poetic justice.
" And, uh, what is this project you're working on? I'm a man of science, Malcolm.
I'm compelled to innovate, invent, and inspire.
A genius brain needs a genius challenge.
Now go.
Enjoy your family, spend your wealth.
The world is as it should be.
Be satisfied with your spoils.
The others are having the time of their lives.
[alarm blaring.]
Stop! Hold it right there! Cool it, Mick.
We already got what we came for.
Just heating things up.
Don't move! Both of you on the ground! Mr.
Sorry, sir.
We didn't realize it was you.
Carry on.
What the hell's going on? No roasting pigs? No need.
We're home free, buddy.
It's good to be the king.
No getaway, no chase? You want a chase, I can arrange a chase.
Even get us tossed in Iron Heights, and we can plan an escape just like old times.
- How does that sound? - Boring! Well, we could hit up the Central City Bank.
They've got a fancy new vault I've been dying to crack.
- What's the point? - [phone buzzing.]
You own the bank and half the city.
You mean we own half the city, Mick.
We're partners, remember? Mm.
Seems our next score will have to wait.
Thawne is [sighs.]
summoning us.
Since when do we get summoned? Since the man agreed not to erase you and your friends from existence.
[dramatic music.]
Gideon, I've finally perfected my fondant bows.
[whimsical music.]
What do you think? Your technique has vastly improved over the last year, Captain.
These cakes are so much more creative than your biscuits.
Now, credit where credit is due, Gideon.
Your idea of adding more gelatin to the mixture was pivotal.
Well done.
The best one yet, in my humble opinion.
It's a shame that you're the only one here to appreciate it.
I'm sure your team would be just as impressed.
Assuming that they're all still alive.
Perhaps you should resume your efforts to send a message out.
What's the point, Gideon? The Legion have the Spear of Destiny! They're like gods now! There's no point in fighting.
Not anymore.
[background chatter.]
[dark music.]
Stein! [clears throat.]
Yes, Mr.
Jackson? What's this I hear about you taking tomorrow off? It's Saturday, sir, and it's my daughter's birthday.
Well, of course.
Take the day off.
In fact, why don't you take the whole week off? Really? Of course.
I mean, the project's ready for Mr.
Thawne to use, correct? - Well, in fact - In fact, old man, you will not be leaving this building until Mr.
Thawne sees results.
I-I have been working nonstop for the past month.
I haven't seen my wife and daughter in weeks.
You want to see your family? Then you will get that reactor working by tomorrow night.
It's impossible.
There's too much data Get it working! Or you will never see that precious family of yours again.
Somebody clean this place up! It's a damn mess.
I'm so sorry, may I help you with that? Oh.
No worries, man.
I got it.
Yes, Mr.
President, you know I'll be there.
You know I love receiving medals.
And then, uh, golf on Sunday.
And dinner at your hotel after? [laughing.]
All right, all right, best to Mel.
I am so sorry.
I had to take that.
There's only so many times you can tell the President of the United States that you'll call him back.
- You want to get to the point? - Yes.
I brought you here to discuss a sensitive matter, and it goes by the name of Malcolm Merlyn.
What about him? Want you to keep an eye on him for me.
We're not your watchdogs.
What was that? What he meant was, we're not spies.
We're thieves.
Thawne, I need to speak with you! I just need five minutes of your time.
Reality's at stake.
The world isn't right.
Okay, let him go.
Let him go.
Let's just let's see what he has to say.
It's okay.
He intentionally hit me in the ribs.
First of all, awesome office.
I guess it pays to be the smartest man in the world, which is why I've come to you for help.
You were saying that the world isn't right.
Yeah, this world we're in now is wrong.
Reality has, uh, has changed somehow.
How do you know all this? Um, well, there's signs everywhere if you know where to look.
There's subtle inconsistencies in the fabric of reality.
Um, I call 'em scars.
You know, like, after you've been operated on.
Well, um, reality has been operated on.
[small laugh.]
Truly fascinating.
I'm giddy with excitement.
What's that got to do with him? Well, um, Mr.
Thawne could help me fix it.
Look, right, you're a genius.
You figured out cold fusion.
You saved the polar bears, you fixed global warming.
I mean, you made desalination sustainable.
I mean, you solve problems like this, like, every day.
If anyone anyone can figure out why these scars exist and how to put the world back to the way it was [chuckles.]
it's you, dude.
[sinister music.]
You know what? I think you're on to something.
Something is definitely not right here.
Fix it.
Take mister - Heywood.
- Mr.
Take Mr.
Heywood out for some fresh air.
And, uh, kill him.
[dramatic music.]
Me? Look, I don't understand.
If this is about my work, nobody pays attention to it.
My mom's the only person that reads my blog.
Stop talking.
Guys, I am not a threat to anyone unless I'm right.
[edgy music.]
Am I right? Sounds like fitting final words to me.
Whatever science or magic altered reality must have left small scars on my memory that my subconscious picked up on.
So if I'm not a conspiracy theorist no one listens to, then [dark music.]
Who am I? - Dead.
- Wait.
- What? - He said, "Wait.
" I heard him.
He said, [hoarsely.]
" You promised me things were gonna be like old times.
It is like old times, only better.
Central City is ours.
No more Flash.
Except another speedster's calling the shots.
You leave Thawne to me.
I always have a plan.
You know this.
Well, fill me in.
When the time is right.
Ah, yes, we're partners, except when you refuse to tell me what's going on.
You son of a Sorry, buddy.
I owed you that.
You saved my life.
Why? Because I'm an idiot.
This could be one of my scars talking, but I'm sensing you're telling me the truth.
Let's move.
[dark, tense music.]
This is crazier than any of my crazy theories.
You're trying to tell me a group called "The Legion of Doom" you something called it "Spearing of Destiny" to rewrite reality? Who even names something "Legion of Doom"? You did.
Me? Now, do you only remember the old reality because you're part of the Legion? I'm not part of anything.
I just made a terrible mistake.
[dramatic musical flourish.]
[laser effects, ghoul hissing.]
[ghoul hissing.]
You filthy aliens.
Come on, wait a minute.
This is the guy who's gonna fix reality? - Uh-huh.
- Uh who are you guys, and, um, what are you doing here? We need your help.
What do you got, like, a clogged toilet or something? 'Cause, you know, I'm I'm off duty now.
- [groans.]
- You're not a janitor.
Yeah, I am, man.
It says so on my name On my name tag.
You're a geek, a nerd, a genius.
That's why we're here.
Oh, is this about the dipole magnets that I borrowed from S.
Labs? 'Cause I'm totally gonna return those.
Look, man, he said you're the one that could fix this reality.
Fix this reality? What do you mean? You guys think there's something wrong too? - Whoa.
- Oh! That's that's private stuff, man.
What is it? Um, I don't know exactly.
I mean I mean, I think I know, but I don't Spit it out, haircut.
Well, um, I ki I kinda built it on impulse.
You know, like, on instinct.
I call it, uh, a Transreality Multiplexer.
No real reason.
Just thought it sounded cool.
Don't you get it, man? Your impulse was a reality scar working on your subconscious.
Reality scar.
So, uh, what does this fun gun do? Uh, theoretically, it targets irregularities in the hippocampus, acting like a "Control-Z" for memories.
"Control-Z"? Like an undo command on a computer.
Well, I was gonna try the new version on my latest test subject, but then I was worried it might melt his brain.
No, it's Tesla, actually.
He looks more like an Indiana to me.
No, he's Axel.
You gave me that little guy for Christmas.
You haven't been running any tests on him, have you? What? No.
Whoa! No, no! No! All right, I think actually for it to work you have to shoot him in the head.
Why would you say that? [panting.]
Hey, how many people are gonna point guns at me today? Oh, my God, you killed him! [suspenseful music.]
You son of a bitch.
[dramatic music.]
It works.
So, Mr.
Rory's having second thoughts? Mick's just a little confused.
I can control him.
Obviously you can't.
Yes, I can.
I just need your help getting him back on the reservation, before Thawne finds out.
We have bigger problems.
What if Heywood's only the first of his old teammates Mr.
Rory's feeling nostalgic for? I knew we should've killed them all.
It was a dangerous oversight to keep them alive in any capacity.
Does that include Mick? At the very least we should've wiped his brain, such as it is.
You trusted your buddy a little too much.
Calm yourself, Malcolm.
We'll have Mr.
Rory back before he does too much damage.
Yes, boss? Mick Rory's got himself lost.
Find him, would you? Where do you suggest we start our search? You can track him with this.
I put a GPS in Mick.
[dark music.]
I don't trust anyone.
Okay, on the count of three.
- One - [power-up hum.]
two [groans.]
You! [groans.]
I deserved that.
Damn straight you did.
Hey, if it wasn't for me, you'd all be dead.
Yeah, Mick, thanks a lot.
You trapped each of us in our own personal hell.
Do you have any idea how many toilets I've cleaned? So many.
[ominous music.]
Hey, dumbasses, they have no clue who you are.
They work for Damien Darhk.
Oh! Crap.
[dramatic musical flourish.]
I don't like the way she's looking at us.
I like the way she's looking at us.
Love the suits.
[intense musical buildup.]
- Get off my friend! - [both grunting.]
All right guys, time out, come on.
Come on, look.
I know this may sound crazy, but doesn't it seem like there's something wrong with this world? Yeah.
Rory sold out the boss.
To throw in with you losers.
Losers? I'll have you know in my reality, you and I had sex, and we both liked it very much.
Nate, not helping.
Amaya, look at me.
Tell me you don't recognize me, like, deep in your subconscious.
Come look, this isn't how it's supposed to be.
Okay, you're supposed to be heroes like us.
Allow me to demonstrate my superpowers.
Okay? [dramatic music.]
Knock it off, you idiot.
The Spear took away your powers.
But it's true.
Nate used to be able to steel up, and I had a robotic exoskeleton that allowed me to shrink.
Oh These guys are heroes.
That is so great.
We kill heroes.
[dramatic music.]
[power up hum.]
[both grunting.]
One more person hits me, I'm gonna punch back.
What the hell happened to me? It appears that after the Legion got the Spear and changed reality, they kept us around as their pets.
Yeah, except for you.
You helped the Legion steal the Spear! Speaking of, the Legion's probably on their way here to kill us.
We need to get out of here.
Gotta find someplace to hide.
Your mom's basement? Really? I pay rent, so legally it's my basement, kinda.
Mommy makes great sandwiches.
The best.
It's the perfect amount of mayo/meat/bread ratio that really gives it [pounds table.]
Focus! We need to figure out how we can rescue the rest of the team, and get the Spear back so we can undo everything the Legion has done.
Except now they know we're trying to get the band back together.
Except they don't know that you've gotten to me, - which means - You can sneak into the Legion and pretend to be Darhk's favorite chick.
It's our best shot at getting Amaya back.
All right.
What about the rest of the team? Well, the Professor and Jax are working on some secret project for Thawne.
I don't know where the Englishman is.
Neither do it.
I can only imagine how those psychopaths are torturing Rip.
Gideon! I've discovered the missing ingredient for my recipe.
[bottle clatters.]
And speaking of which, I'm gonna need you to fabricate me another bottle of it.
Ooh, and some nachos.
I will do nothing of the sort.
What? You will do as I tell you, Gideon, I'm your captain! Then it's time for you to start acting like one.
Now, sit up straight and show your backbone, Captain Hunter.
Gideon, for the thousandth time, I've got no way of getting the reserve power back online, and I've got no way of Of sending out any signal of any sort, which means Which means that I am destined to live out the rest of my days right here with you.
While you were honing your confectionary skills, I've been working on new algorithms to redirect power from the idle quadrants of the ship.
You need to focus on boosting your distress signal once power is fully back online.
Now, chin up, Captain.
[inspiring music.]
I don't know if I can do this, Gideon.
I believe in you.
Now, let's get to work.
First I'm going to vomit.
And second let's do this.
When your minions bring Mick back, I want to arrange a meeting with Thawne.
When I say "arrange a meeting," I mean One between Thawne and his maker? Cute.
A little mustache-twirly for my taste.
You're really gonna have to step up your tactics, Leonard.
Yeah, you didn't think that Thawne was actually gonna fall for that fake meeting trick? This is not "The Godfather.
" Although we do agree with your sentiment.
Eobard has to go.
So glad you both approve.
Which brings us back to our original conundrum.
How to kill a speedster.
We found your partner, and he's got himself some friends.
And where, pray tell, is your partner, Miss Lance? We got separated in the fight.
I haven't heard from her since, so I'm guessing she's dead by now.
Ah, that's the thing about Sara Lance, she never stays dead for very long.
Sorry, we underestimated them.
Won't happen again.
We'll fix this.
- Let's go.
- Oh not so fast.
Yes? [chuckling.]
I have a question for you.
Which one is your favorite trophy? That's like asking a girl to pick just one pair of shoes.
Oh, please, everyone has their favorite kill.
You want to hear mine? Her name was Black Canary.
I will never forget her.
It was so delicious, killing her.
They told me that I'd done it before, but I can't imagine it ever getting old.
- [grunts.]
- [force thrumming.]
The very first thing I did in this reality was acquire my magic.
I'm gonna miss you, Ms.
Having you around to attend to my every whim was too enticing to pass up.
Plus, it's so hard to find good help these days.
Really? Now's the time for a bad guy monologue? You should've killed me when you had the chance.
No better time than the present.
Amaya, the honor is yours.
[intense musical buildup.]
What the hell? Shoot now.
Explain later.
[exciting music.]
Damien, what did I tell you? [sighs.]
For what it's worth, I thought it was a very good bad guy monologue.
[dramatic music.]
[tense music.]
Everything's on schedule, Mr.
You have nothing to worry about.
What do you want? There's just one thing I don't understand.
If Thawne made this world to punish us, how are your mom's sandwiches so good, bro? Her condiment game's on point, right? - Mmm.
- She even had gluten-free bread for me.
Look, let's just get back to the ship.
We don't know where the ship is, or Rip, which means our next move should be to rescue the Professor.
Speaking of which, what did Thone have you to working on? Grey did most of the work, and [scoffs.]
I just made his life hell.
But from what I could tell, he was building some sort of reactor.
He said it would burn a thousand times hotter than the sun once it's operational.
I like the sound of that.
Could be a power generator, a particle accelerator.
What if Thawne is trying to destroy the Spear? Uh-uh, impossible.
You need the blood of Christ to destroy it.
That's why Rip broke it up into so many pieces.
Unless he figured out there's another way, by incinerating it.
But why would Thawne want to destroy the Spear? [sighs.]
Oh, no.
If he destroys the Spear, that means this reality cannot be rewritten.
Okay, we better get that Spear before he can make that happen.
But even if we find it, we don't know how to access its powers.
Rory does.
You were there, right, when they used the Spear? Mm-hmm.
They read out of some book called the, uh, "Calibrick" "Cal" "Caliber" "Kalablow" "Kalabalos" Uh, something like that.
Do you remember what language it was in? Aramaic.
Dude, how do you even know what Aramaic sounds like? "Passion of the Christ".
Good movie.
Mick, would you be able to recognize the incantation? Yeah.
[suspenseful music.]
If they figure out this incantation and we get our hands on the Spear, I want you to use it.
I should have listened to you back in World War I.
If we had used the Spear when we had the chance I might have been tempted to use it to change my own future.
Now we've got nothing to lose.
Oh, Marty, Marty, Marty.
I know you've been working so hard on this project, and I wanted to come by and say thank you, but if it doesn't come online in the next few minutes, I'll have to kill you.
One one moment, Mr.
Thawne, I I just need one more moment.
[keys clicking.]
[energy thrumming.]
As you can see, the machine appears to be fully functional, though it may take some time for the core to reach peak temperature.
Well, then you'll stay until it does.
I-I was hoping to see my family tonight.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, you can't leave in your moment of glory.
You keep monitoring the core and make sure the reaction remains stable.
[dramatic music.]
[patting his back.]
Think we got something.
We pieced together a passage from the "Kalabros.
" AKA the word of God.
All right, Jax, it's on you to restore Stein's mind before we get to the lab.
We gotta destroy the reactor before Thawne can destroy the Spear.
- Yeah, no doubt.
- Now, remember, you guys are going in there without your powers.
Don't worry.
I know that place like the back of my hand.
What about Mick? Mick's staying here.
We can't trust him.
Not after what you've done.
After what I've done? If it wasn't for me, you'd all be walking around like sheep.
If it wasn't for you, we never would have been turned into sheep in the first place.
We trusted you, Mick.
We can't afford to make that mistake again.
Let's go.
[heavy music.]
League of losers cut you loose? Nobody cuts me loose.
I'm done with those people.
What do you say we burn this city to the ground? [dramatic music.]
Knowing Sara, she's rallied the team by now.
Those idiots aren't whom I'm worried about.
Relax, boys.
Prodigal son has returned.
And he's got some news for us.
Isn't that right, Mick? Our old friend Eobard has built a device to destroy the Spear.
No wonder Eobard doesn't want us using it before he locks in his own version of reality.
Which I assume means erasing all of us.
And your pals.
My pals.
They want to steal the Spear before the deed's done.
I think you can see what I'm getting at, gentlemen.
The four of us are no match for a speedster, so while Thawne is fighting the Legends We'll grab the Spear from under both their noses.
The enemy of my enemy Is our opportunity.
[intense percussive music.]
The status of the machine, Doctor? Please tell Mr.
Thawne I'm working as fast as I can.
I've powered up the reactor.
I just need to make a few adjustments to the core.
Did you already turn it on? I-I had specific instructions from Mr.
Thawne to do so.
Grey, we need to talk.
Grey? [scoffs.]
- [sighs.]
- [gasps.]
Please, don't Don't kill me, I've done everything Mr.
Thawne wanted.
I'm not gonna kill you.
I'm just gonna make you better.
Grey, what have you done? If Mr.
Thawne wants to kill me, he'll have to do it himself.
[scoffs, panting.]
Guys, we got a problem.
You gotta get here ASAP.
We're at the building.
Just keep him there.
Ray, find us the quickest way into the lab, now.
Look, you gotta believe me, okay? This is not the way it's supposed to be.
Is this some sort of test of my loyalty? Does Mr.
Thawne even care? Look, this isn't about Thawne.
It's about you and me.
I assure you, my my dedication to Mr.
Thawne has never been stronger.
Did you just press the silent alarm? What? No, it's It's a secondary radiation sensor for the nuclear core.
Grey, you are a crappy liar in any reality.
I can't talk any sense into him, and he just triggered an alarm.
Which means Thawne'll be here soon.
Or now.
Well, looks like you losers managed to remember who you are.
I should've wiped you from existence when I had the chance.
Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to know that Merlyn was right? Lucky for you, I still believe in some fates worse than death.
Like me destroying the Spear and cementing this reality for all time.
[ominous music.]
The reactor is fully operational, sir.
This is the only reality any of you will ever know.
We'll never give up trying to stop you.
Well if it weren't for your futile efforts, this wouldn't be half so sweet.
Not so fast, speedy.
You have something we want.
You need a lesson in how to share your toys, Eobard.
Yeah, time for us to get a turn with the Spear.
And do what with it? Don't you understand? I'm trying to protect you from yourselves.
With the Spear destroyed Bored now.
Get the Spear! [dramatic music.]
- Ah! - Let go of the Spear, and I won't use it to turn you into a jockstrap.
[dark, intense music.]
- Yeah! - [laughs.]
[squeals, laughs.]
Uh, perhaps not.
Give it up! Oh, Sara.
Why do we always find ourselves in this situation? 'Cause you keep finding yourself on the wrong side of history.
[both grunting.]
[dark, intense music.]
- [growls, laughs.]
- [groaning.]
[intense music.]
- [crunch.]
- Aah! Nice work, Mick.
Now hand it over.
Mick, no.
You already gave it to him once.
You know what happened.
That was Thawne.
This time will be different, big boy.
Don't do this, Mick.
Mick, I don't care what anyone else thinks.
I still believe in you.
Enough! Mick [sinister chords.]
Hand it over.
Like a good boy.
You mean a good dog.
That's all I am to you.
An attack dog.
Now, that's not true.
Sure, we both know you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, but that's why we're partners, remember? You're right.
I'm not a genius.
But I'm not one's dog, Leonard.
Not anymore.
I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Undo this mess.
[dramatic music.]
[speaking Aramaic.]
[speaking Aramaic in distorted voice.]
[speaking Aramaic.]
[voice echoes.]
[sad music.]
I am sorry about your friend, Mick.
I know you loved her to pieces.
No! [all gasp, murmur.]
[quiet music.]
Well, if you want something done right Well done, Leonard.
You bastard.
I'll kill you all.
Actually, I believe that's my line.
Now, where were we before I was so rudely interrupted? [dramatic music.]
[energy thrumming.]
Well [exhales.]
I guess we're done here.
[somber music.]
[energy thrumming.]
[tense music.]
You know the really swell thing about the Spear being destroyed? Now you can't stop us from killing you.
Oh, please.
Don't insult my intelligence.
Even at your fastest, you're moving in slow motion to me.
Except they're not alone.
I say we go down fighting.
You kill one of us, we kill all of you.
For Amaya.
Even if you survive my men, you'll never survive me, not without powers or weapons.
And the truth is, I don't want to see any more of you dead.
Not out of sentiment, of course.
No, no, quite the opposite.
But because it is so delicious, knowing that you'll be forced to live your lives in a reality that I Well, that we created.
You will walk this world knowing that something isn't quite right, that for all your trying you only made things worse, and no one will ever believe you when you tell them about all the sacrifices you made and how close you came to being Legends.
[dark, tense music.]
Now, that sounds like a fitting punishment to me.
What do you think, Professor Stein? I don't care what you do to them, as long as I never have to see Mr.
Jackson again.
Fair enough.
You're free to go.
You're just gonna let them walk? Be glad I'm letting you and your fellow traitors do the same.
And the next time any of you get what you think is a smart idea, remember this grace.
And the fact I could kill any of you in the blink of an eye.
My mom's not gonna be cool with that.
Do I look like I give a damn? I can't believe that's it.
I refuse to believe that this is it.
Without the Spear, there's no way we can undo any of this.
There is one way.
Time travel.
What do you mean? We go back in time to 1916, and we stop the Legion from ever getting the Spear of Destiny in the first place.
No, we are not supposed to change events we participated in.
And if we do, we risk time folding in on itself.
Even if we weren't worried about messing with time, we can't go anywhere.
Or anywhen.
We don't even know where the Waverider is.
If it even exists in this reality.
Well, if it does, there's one person who knows where it is.
We just have to find him.
I've directed all available power to the main navigational controls, Captain.
Thank you, Gideon.
Now, I've started the communications protocol, and if I just splice these two wires together [power thrumming.]
Your distress signal will be broadcast.
Surely the rest of the team must be out there somewhere, listening.
[dramatic, hopeful music.]

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