DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow": Well, you really have buggered everything up this time.
Guys I think we broke time.
As you can see, my agents are hard at work, dealing with these anachronisms - that you created.
- Anachronisms? People, places, and things displaced from their native time periods.
I am Gaius Julius Caesar of Rome.
I told you, I was leaving to create an organization to replace the Time Masters.
Rip doesn't think he needs us now that - he's got the Time Bureau.
- 'Cause the Time Bureau is capable of getting the job done without the mess.
We're the ones who broke history.
We should be the ones that fix it.
- Problem solved.
- I gotta say, Ms.
Lance, now that I've seen your team - in action with my own eyes - Howdy.
You are even worse than I imagined.
[mellow big band music.]
Don't look! What are you doing here? I live here.
What's all this? What part of "I'm making your birthday surprise, stay out of the apartment" did you not understand? I thought you meant lingerie and, you know, sex, not whatever this is.
I'm making donuts Chocolate-covered donuts 'cause you said they were your favorite when you were little.
You're making them from scratch? How else would I make them? You do what my mom did: you go to the corner store and you get 'em for 2 bucks a box.
Nobody makes anything from scratch anymore.
So all this was for nothing? No.
Donuts are never for nothing, and I'm being creative.
I'm sure I can figure out a way to use that chocolate sauce.
[both chuckling.]
[both laugh.]
I got it.
Don't worry.
No, got it.
All right.
Five-second rule.
We're good.
We're good.
I'll make some more.
No, no, no.
You are done.
You can't do anything else.
We are doing the rest of this - 2017-style.
- Where are you going? I'm going to the corner store to get us chocolate-covered donuts the way my mom used to buy them.
- [laughs.]
- Tonight's breaking news: Vixen caught on camera.
[news fanfare.]
This video is rare footage of Vixen, Detroit's own super-heroine, who has waged a one-person war against drug dealers and corrupt cops alike since she first appeared in the city three years ago.
[somber music.]
All right.
I got all my mom's favorites.
I got chocolate donuts, crème cake Hello? Amaya.
Hello? Hello? Anybody home? McFly? Sorry, guys, I was just, um [ahem.]
I was just thinking about donuts.
Okay, so, uh, where are we? I was saying I reverse-engineered the Time Bureau tech that Mick stole from Rip.
Now, we can locate anachronisms too.
- Nice work, man.
- Also, check this out.
Our run-in with Caesar got me thinking.
What if there was a way to contain the anachronisms that we pick up, and not have them causing trouble on the ship or taking things they shouldn't? Yeah, that's what we got the brig for.
Well, what if we have another LA situation? Try putting a dinosaur in the brig.
Huh? - Not going to happen.
- No.
- Unless it's an Aquilops.
- Or a Compsognathus.
Or a cute little Oviraptor.
Okay, so just, how do we contain them? We make it smaller.
You built a shrink ray.
I'm not particularly fond of that name.
I'm calling it the hyper-molecular compressor.
It's a more powerful and portable version of the tech from my suit.
So a shrink ray? Essentially.
I perfected the work I was moonlighting on at Upswips.
[power-up whine.]
- [laughs.]
- Nice.
It'll return to normal size in 24 hours, or, if you don't want to wait [loud zapping.]
Oh, ho, ho, you are on fire, dude.
All right.
Let's gather the rest of the team and check out the new anachronism map.
We really messed up time.
Looks like we gave time acne.
Each of these dots represents an anachronism we created by breaking time.
Rip's Bureau rates them on a scale of one to ten according to their magnitude of impact and potential difficulty.
Gideon, can you analyze this data? Certainly, Dr.
Look at all these.
It's going to take a lifetime to clean up this mess.
Maybe several.
Where should we start? What about Great Wall of China, - level six? - I had Chinese last night.
Where can I get a steak? How about the North Atlantic Ocean? April 1912? I hear the Titanic had amazing food.
Absolutely not.
I refuse to set foot on the Titanic.
Whoever built that ship ought to be shot.
Anyways I'm sure Little Miss Time Bureau would love to see us mess this up, so let's find something easy.
A nice slam dunk.
Wisconsin, 1870.
It's a level one.
Oh, I do hope you choose that one.
The anachronism is located at the grounds of a P.
Barnum's Roving Museum of Freaks and Hypnotic Hippodrome.
Although he is erroneously credited with the phrase "There's a sucker born every minute," in truth, Mr.
Barnum would have never belittled paying customers.
We're bringing the circus to the circus.
This is a classic slice of Americana.
The air is thick with the smell of popcorn, candy, and wonder.
If I see a clown, I'm outta here.
What? You afraid of clowns? No.
I just don't like their stupid faces and funny shoes and razor-sharp teeth.
Their what? All right, guys.
If you were an anachronism hiding in the circus, where would you be? How 'bout in there? [19th-century march.]
King Tut's tomb? No way.
No way indeed.
They covered it in flour to make it look old.
Bearded lady: hormone imbalance.
Rory would make a far more convincing Cro-Magnon.
Marty, you can't look behind the curtain.
- Spoils the fun.
- Fun? Tricks and humbug are all I see, and these uneducated rubes come here in droves, begging to be fooled.
People want to live in a world where anything's possible.
They wanna be amazed.
Yes, and amazing as this is, we're wasting time.
Let's split up.
Ladies and gentlemen! - [musical fanfare.]
- Welcome, one and all, to the Best Show On Earth! [cheers and applause.]
That is a working title.
My roving show of wonders has the most remarkable of oddities in store for you today.
Is it beautiful? The very definition.
Is it deadly? It can take your head from your shoulders in a single bite.
What makes this creature such a marvel is that it has been extinct - for the last 10,000 years.
- [audience reaction.]
- Are you guys hearing this? - Huh.
Could be our anachronism.
- Or another humbug.
- Check it out, just to be safe.
This exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could be yours, for only a nickel.
Yo, what's that smell? - [flies buzzing.]
- Oh.
Where there's poop There's a prize.
Check it out.
Well, do we have to? This is definitely feline feces, but unlike any I've ever seen.
You've studied a lot of poop, big guy? As an Eagle Scout, I can interpret 175 different droppings.
The color and viscosity indicate a carnivorous diet, but this movement took a long time to pass.
The meat looks like it was tough, like a rhinoceros or elephant hide.
I speak of a creature that comes to you from the distant past! [cheers and applause.]
I know what our anachronism is.
Contain it, quick.
We can't let these people see the anachronism.
We don't want this to get any worse.
Oh! Bingo.
Gentlemen, may I present to you the saber-toothed tiger! [sneezes.]
- Oh - [coughs.]
Did I mention that I'm allergic to cats? Please tell me you brought your shrink ray.
"Molecular hyper-compressor.
" And yes.
[dramatic music.]
[grunts, snarls.]
- Ray - Shrinking a vase is very different from shrinking an extinct tiger.
Okay? I have to account for speed, lifespan, gender you think it's a male or female? [growls.]
I think it's awake.
- Ray, shoot it! - [power-up whine.]
- Shoot it! - A few more adjustments [sneezes.]
[deep growl.]
Oh, no.
[saber-tiger roars.]
Are you guys okay? I heard a roar.
Looks like our problem got a whole lot bigger.
Let me get this straight.
You three released a giant saber-toothed tiger.
"Release" isn't the word I'd use.
Yeah, more like, uh, - "didn't contain.
" - Gideon, what's the status of the anachronism? The anachronism has elevated - from level one to level four.
- What? How is that even a thing? We made it worse, that's how.
Okay, so we just get Ray some allergy medicine and go back out there.
None of us even have experience with animals.
[dramatic music.]
Stay on the ship.
Stay out of trouble.
Where the hell's she going? [thrusters winding down.]
[hydraulics hissing.]
Hey, girl.
How 'bout one final mission for old times' sake? [intense percussive music.]
I can't go with you, Sara.
Look, I'm not asking you to join back up.
Just one easy mission.
Trapping a giant saber-toothed tiger is easy? For you.
Your powers are the quickest way to handle this.
Look, Amaya, I can't give the Time Bureau an excuse to take the Waverider again.
I want to help you, but my life's a little complicated right now.
Amaya, Amaya! - Amaya! - Foyinsola, this is Sara.
What you got there? I found it in an acacia tree.
- [growling.]
- No, please! No! [screams.]
[voice echoes.]
You should be asleep, little one.
Now run along to bed, before I have to summon the ashe of a cobra to scare you! [both giggling.]
[tranquil music.]
Normal life.
It suits you.
You seem at peace here.
Good-bye, Amaya.
It was good to see you.
Does Nathaniel know that I'd be returning? Yeah.
He's thrilled.
[soft music.]
I raise the pot one - dishes duty.
- All right, Professor, you sly fox, I will raise you one - Amaya.
- Can't bet what you've already lost, pretty.
[emotional music.]
Hello, Nathaniel.
Amaya! Hey, what's good, girl? Come on.
How you been? Ah.
I missed you.
- Hello.
- Professor Stein.
Ship's not the same without you.
But we're fine without you.
Everything is running smoothly.
Is that right? Haircut here "embiggened" an extinct tiger.
Which Amaya and I are going to catch.
And then I have to return to Zambesi.
We're going to need your shrink ray, Ray.
Well, I-I thought we talked about not calling it that.
And don't you need the rest of us? - We can handle it.
- Really? You don't want us to come along and mess things up? Enjoy your night.
You didn't tell Nathaniel, did you? It's cool.
[ragtime piano playing.]
This is so not cool.
First, Amaya ghosts on me on my birthday.
No heads-up.
Then she shows back up on the ship, again, no heads-up.
Bro she's from 1942.
Did you really think that was going to work? Nah, but we were happy.
- What happened? - I don't know, but instead of drinking, maybe you should go find out.
She didn't want to talk then.
Why would she want to talk now? And look, I don't want to sound like a jerk, but she kinda let lerself go.
Yeah, you keep tellin' yourself that, buddy.
The tiger's heading east.
It looks like he stopped here to sharpen his claws.
Don't tell me the infamous Sara Lance is scared of a big cat.
Giant tiger.
Don't worry.
To animals, humans are the predators.
Even to other humans.
[saber-tiger growling.]
[low roar.]
Whatever you do, don't run.
[intense music.]
[jaunty piano continues.]
I spent my last greenback on that feline oddity.
Circus is shuttin' down.
You know I'd rather die before going back to Salem, Phineas.
There's some small-minded folk back there.
Small-minded folk everywhere.
Even the most retrograde ingrate wants to be entertained.
- [laughter.]
- The human spirit, it longs for edification and delight.
We just need a show-stopper to edify and delight 'em.
- Are you on Upswips? - Yeah.
Connected through the Waverider.
This is Cindy.
Profession: - weather reporter.
- Okay.
- Loves kale.
- Uh-huh.
Says she wants to meet up.
That's nice.
"Do you Have a time machine?" [laughs.]
Just talk to Amaya.
That's what Jax said.
Are you two conspi Are you conspiring against me? Hey, hey, hey! Hey! You owe the lady an apology.
That's not a lady.
That's a freak.
[piano stops.]
Are you trying to pick a fight with me? [whispering.]
Because I would love to get into a fight right now.
- [man groans.]
- [crowd exclaims.]
[metallic clang.]
Augh! [whimpering, stumbling.]
If she's a freak, what am I? [laughing.]
That was marvelous! A round of drinks, on me! [applause, commotion.]
[piano resumes.]
It's, uh, actually, it's time for us to be going.
No, no, come on, hey, we just met.
Oh, you got to tell me, where did you learn a humbug like that? Well, that's no humbug, P to the T.
You see, people like us, we gotta stick together.
And by the way, your beard it's beautiful.
- You're so sweet.
- She said I'm sweet.
I'm sorry, "people like us"? Yeah.
My friend Jax here turns to fire and flies.
No, no, that's, uh, that's just the whiskey talking.
Right, buddy? No, it's true.
And my friend Ray here - turns teeny-weeny.
- [nervous laugh.]
- Teeny-weeny.
- [laughs.]
- That's very funny, Nate.
- Also, they're both - capable of flight.
- Mmmm.
But if you want to know a real freak, P.
, [whispering.]
it's my ex-girlfriend.
She can summon the power of any animal.
Is that right? I have an idea, fellas.
How 'bout we meet, retire back to the circus, for a little private show where I guarantee I've got the most beautiful And flexible Acrobats you've ever seen? P.
Barnum, you're on.
[Barnum laughs.]
You had me at "circus.
" [growls.]
Shouldn't you ashe up? No, no, that'll just provoke him.
Move downwind.
I'll distract and you shrink.
[tiger roars.]
I'm not here to hurt you.
- [beeping.]
- [power-up whine.]
- [soft meow.]
- [laughs.]
[high-pitched meowing.]
It's kinda cute.
Well, I'm glad Nate finally took our advice and went to talk to Amaya.
Yeah, true, but man, he is about to miss out.
[dark synth music.]
I thought we needed the tin man.
In due time.
We have his friends.
Oh, smile, Hildy, we just might save the circus yet.
Hey, sunshine! [mischievous music.]
What are you doing in my room? Oh, this is not my room.
Where are Jax and Ray? Shh.
I'm going to die.
I don't remember.
What's the lasthing that you do remember? [groans.]
So [gags.]
So what's [retches.]
It's all it's all coming back to me.
We were headed to a circus for a private show.
And then what? You decided to peel off and sleep in the cargo bay? How could you abandon your own team? Oh, you you're one to talk.
All right, let's stop wasting time.
Let's go.
[exhales, inhales.]
The loss of my saber-toothed tiger was indeed a blow.
But the fates have smiled on me again, because the "God of Fire" and "The Incredible Shrinking Man" have joined my troupe.
I think we've had a slight misunderstanding.
And I am truly grateful that you have not used your special abilities to try to escape.
"Special abilities"? Man, like I told you before, that was just the liquor talking.
- Uh-huh.
- He's right.
Okay? My friend and I are just regular, plain old folk from 1870.
Dishonesty is not your strong suit, my good man.
I saw what your friend did.
That was no trick.
And he says you two are capable of wonders just as marvelous.
So chop-chop.
Don't be shy.
We can't.
- Oh, poppycock.
- But he's right.
He can't fire up without his partner, who's not here.
And I can't shrink without my exo-suit.
Also not here.
So you might as well just let us go, 'cause we are obviously useless.
Totally useless.
Don't worry.
I'll make marvels out of you yet.
You said Ray and Jax would be here.
They're probably eating breakfast sandwiches and eating a handful of aspirin.
Or, maybe they're in trouble.
Here? This place is harmless.
Then why are we being watched? Guy in the hat, six o'clock? That guy? [huffs.]
[mysterious music.]
[man cries out.]
[music builds.]
Gary? [small laugh.]
Nice work, Nathaniel.
What, you think I spooked him? The smell of your breath alone would be enough.
You know what? You don't get to criticize me.
And you know why? Because you're no longer a member of this team.
You're right.
I am? I don't blame you for going out and getting pie-eyed last night.
That's cool.
I don't blame you for saying "pie-eyed.
" My point is Sara should have told you that she was bringing me back from Zambesi.
It must have been upsetting when I just Whoa, whoa, hang on.
You think last night was because of you? Oh, my God, Amaya, you are so conceited.
Last night wasn't even remotely about you.
- At all.
- What was it about? It was about me and the boys doing what we do.
Hanging out.
Sharing a few laughs.
Having a few drinks.
Ending up in a freak show.
[carnival music.]
- [squeaky mewling, growling.]
- Oh.
You like meat, huh? Yeah, all right.
There we go.
- [saber-kitten snarls.]
- Come back here, you little rat bastard! [snarling.]
I don't understand.
Who is this man and why have we taken him prisoner? Professor Stein, meet Gary.
Please don't kill me.
I won't, if you tell us why you were tailing us.
- You two know each other? - Gary here works for Rip's Time Bureau, and I'm guessing Agent Sharpe had her little stooge spying on us.
Isn't that right, Gary? Well, I'm not at liberty to discuss the nature of my All right, yes! Uh, she sent me to spy on you.
Good thing, too.
Since you arrived here, the anachronism has jumped from a level one to a level six.
We found the saber-tooth, and it is safe and sound in its cage, so I don't know how we could have made the anachronism worse.
My guess is we can thank our two missing teammates for that.
Nate, Amaya.
Please tell me you found the Hardy Boys.
Let's just hope they had the good sense to stick together.
Oh, they're stuck together, all right.
Barnum has them dressed as conjoined twins.
Guys, get us outta here.
Man, I thought I had a rough night.
- Not funny, Nate.
- Yeah, come on.
This harness is really uncomfortable.
I got this.
[metal creaks.]
[creaks again.]
[creaking continues.]
I must be dehydrated, man.
This never happened to me before, I swear.
Where have I heard that one before? Not from me.
She never heard that from me.
Amaya, an elephant actually would come in really handy right now.
[light music.]
[whoosh, thwack.]
Look who joined the circus.
We're gonna need a bigger tent.
I take it you're still too dehydrated to get us out of here.
Oh, God Just stop judging me and just summon your animal powers.
Believe me, you do not want me using this totem right now.
What does that mean? - I'm sorry, Nathaniel.
- For what? For not using your powers or ditching me on my birthday to hitch a ride back to Zambesi? I didn't go to Zambesi.
Not right away.
First, I went to Detroit.
I had to see her in person.
My granddaughter.
I had to see if she was as incredible as people said she was.
[soft music.]
I watched her save five people in one night.
She never knew I was there, but I knew that she was perfect.
I know it doesn't help, but my decision to leave had nothing to do with you.
You're right.
It doesn't.
'Cause if your badass granddaughter was in 2017, why'd you have to go back to 1942? I asked Rip the same question.
He said that time hadn't yet solidified, but if I stayed too long in 2017, then Mari would disappear.
Why didn't you say anything? I hated you for what you did.
I needed you to hate me so that you would move on.
If you knew how much it hurt me I would've found you.
I wanted to protect my granddaughter.
And I wanted to protect you.
Well, no offense, Amaya, but considering we're both stuck in a rhino cage, I say your plan backfired.
[phone chimes.]
[phone beeps.]
This is agent 1-0-6-6.
You failed to turn in your status report, Gary, and then you ignored my attempts to contact you.
And somehow, during all of that, the level one has escalated.
To a level eight.
And where the hell are you? Is that the Waverider? I told you to keep an eye on the Legends, not to join them.
Um Turns out [laughs.]
the Legends had things under control.
Uh, it was my interference with their, to be honest, expert handling of the situation which caused things to, well, - escalate.
- Uhhuh.
Gary, if you are in over your head, I can send backup immediately.
[gun cocks.]
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, uh, no backup.
Uh, like I said, the Legends have things under control.
[stamps foot.]
Uh, nice chatting.
- Gotta go.
- Gar How'd I do? You were great.
Uhh! [thud.]
I sense that Jefferson is extremely nervous.
Don't worry.
We just have to rescue the team and get back on the ship before that saber-tooth "embiggens.
" At least we know why the scale of the anachronism keeps climbing P.
Barnum with real superheroes.
He'll expose Nate and Amaya to the entire world.
I'm detecting increased chronometric interference, Captain.
[portal hisses.]
Agent Sharpe has boarded the Waverider.
Get Rory.
You two have to save the others.
Wait, wait.
The two of us? Are you mad? You can do this.
- I have faith in you.
- Why? Ah, just go! I'll hold her off as long as I can.
[exciting music.]
Sara Lance, on behalf of the Time Bureau, I am placing you and your team under arrest.
Took you long enough.
I've been expecting you for hours.
Pursuant to title 16, section 3053, of the Global Treaty on Time Travel, I have the authority to bring you and your team in.
Which arm? The Global Treaty was negotiated between Director Hunter and the United Nations.
No, I mean, if you try to bring me in to the Bureau, I'll break your arm.
It's up to you.
Right or left? Your threats may work on Confederate zombies, Quentin Turnbull's cronies, and speedsters, but you don't scare me.
I've spent the last five years watching your screw-ups.
I know everything about you.
Now, where is the member of my team - that you've taken hostage? - You mean Gary? This ship is probably like vacation after having to answer to you.
[baton clicks.]
Last chance.
Come quietly, and I'll make sure you get your job back at Sink, Shower, & Stuff.
[metal rings.]
When did a Legend ever go quietly? [baton whooshes.]
[dramatic music.]
Ahhhhh! [thud.]
Uhh! [quiet, tense music.]
What are you looking at? Clowns Get a grip, man! We're already down four members of our team.
[cheers and applause.]
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Greatest Show On The Planet! [cheers and applause.]
[light music.]
My roving museum of freaks and hypnotic hippodrome has traveled this great nation, and, I must say, I have never seen quite a good-looking and, dare I say, astute audience as the one gathered before me here today.
But a word of warning before we begin, for the jaw-dropping spectacle that you are about to see is not for the faint of heart.
May I now present you Yin and Yang, the wondrous and world-renowned Siamese twins.
[cheers and applause.]
Oh, my God.
A miracle of Biblical proportions.
One mother, two fathers.
I'm not judging.
Both sons capable of amazing strength, intelligence, and coordination.
So juggle.
[cheers and applause.]
[circus music plays.]
[crowd boos.]
You need to create a diversion so we can get past those thugs and merge with Jefferson.
You're on your own, Professor.
Don't leave [huffs.]
Now what? [booing continues.]
[dark orchestral music.]
So, you ready for your debut? Kiss my ass.
Don't have time to convince you of the creative joys and lucrative appeal of being my show-stopper.
Those hayseeds out there are going to burn my circus down if we don't give them their money's worth.
Let me make it very simple for you.
Become the "Man of Steel" That is very catchy, make a note of that Or get shot.
I don't respond well to threats.
- Nathaniel - No.
I'm not one of your freaks.
Would you steel up for her? [tense music.]
I'll do it.
Uhh! Ha.
Rip should have recruited you - to the Time Bureau.
- Rip knows - I'd never leave the team.
- Your mistake.
You want to take a break? - I could use some water.
- Yeah.
[saber-kitten mewls, growls softly.]
Hope that thing's potty-trained.
Probably not.
Cats are jerks.
Let me guess.
You're a dog person.
- I like 'em dumb and loyal.
- [scoffs.]
Speaking of, we should probably check on Gary.
[saber-kitten screeches.]
Whatever you do don't [tiger snarling.]
[dramatic music.]
[saber-tiger roars.]
[portals hiss.]
Where did you get a Time Courier? Uh, would someone mind untying me? That is stolen government property.
It's just that I have really bad circulation.
You're just mad 'cause I saved your life, again.
Captain Lance.
I hate to interrupt, but I thought you'd like to know that the anachronism has reached a level nine.
My team's on it.
And if they fail, maybe Rip will finally give up on the ridiculous belief that your team could actually defeat You know what? He's going to take your ship away, Ms.
[crowd booing.]
[light music.]
Oh, no.
[audience cheers and laughs.]
[dark music.]
[gun fires, bullet ricochets.]
[bullet ricochets.]
Son of a gun, it worked.
- [gunshot.]
- Whoa! You really are quite marvelous.
No more.
Ha ha ha! [gunshot.]
- No more.
- Oh, come on.
One more.
[bear roaring.]
[chains clink.]
Ahhhhhh! [dramatic music.]
Take care of that.
[cheers and applause.]
Gordy! Hey! [intense music.]
Die, clown! Ahhhhhh! Mr.
Rory, a little help here.
Ahhhhhh! [crowd exclaims.]
Balloon animals, Grey? Really? The applause might have gone to my head.
[cheers and applause.]
This is amazing! Ah! Guys, Amaya looks like she's going to kill him.
[Firestorm whooshes.]
Stop her, Jefferson! [growls.]
Amaya, no! Amaya, no, no, no.
- [growling.]
- No, no, hey, hey, hey, you can fight whatever this is.
You're Amaya Jiwe.
You're a member of the Justice Society of America.
You're the most courageous person I know.
That totem makes you a protector, not a killer.
- [growling.]
- Amaya.
Come back to me.
[quiet music.]
[inhales raggedly.]
- Nate.
- I'm right here.
I'm right here.
I got you.
[dramatic musical sting.]
And that's a grand finale, folks.
I told you it wasn't for the faint of heart.
We had it all.
We had action, we we have romance.
We had flaming things in the sky.
You wait until next week's show.
[cheers and applause.]
[whimsical music.]
[thrusters whirring.]
[heroic music.]
Well, Mr.
Sneezums is now a more manageable size.
- Mr.
Sneezums? - Yeah.
You like it? The most important thing is we put on one hell of a show, and Greyow loves the circus.
- I don't believe you.
- Oh, it's true.
He now thinks that without the circus, the world has lost one of its last true places of wonder.
I mean, I don't believe that the anachronism has been dealt with.
Believe it, Agent Sharpe.
As I've already communicated to Director Bennett, 1870 Wisconsin is anachronism-free.
Ah, even our AI doesn't like you.
My foot is definitely asleep.
- Gary - And my leg.
Could be permanent.
Who is this guy? That's Gary.
Can you give him a hand? I need to speak with you.
In private.
Your sister, I presume? And our friend Oliver.
I suppose congratulations are in order.
You get to keep your ship, for now, but You will be watching us.
Yes, yes.
I've heard this before, so why don't you cut the crap and tell me what we're facing here? I don't know what you're talking about.
You said, "that Rip will finally give up "his ridiculous belief that your team could actually" and then you stopped yourself.
So let's have it.
Who are we facing? That information is need-to-know, and all you need to know is that you and your "ridiculous" team could never handle it.
[edgy music.]
Aren't you forgetting something? Gary.
Do you want to talk about what happeapd back there? Not especially.
Look, it might help.
I'm glad you and I talked about why you left me and it made me feel better.
It did? A little.
In that case, I think the whole team deserves to hear this.
It, um it started a month ago.
Whenever I would tap into my powers, I could feel myself losing control.
As if the animal was in charge, not me.
One day, Belgian soldiers came to my village.
I told them that Zambesi was under my protection, and when they attacked, I killed them all.
Well, sounds like you didn't have a choice.
No, you don't understand.
These soldiers were just boys.
When they tried to run, I hunted them down one by one by one and I ripped them to shreds.
That's the real reason you came back.
I needed a place to think.
This this totem is my birthright and my sacred duty.
Something's terribly wrong.
What if I lose control around my village? I'm sorry.
I I wanted to tell you All of you But I was too ashamed.
Well, we've all done things we're not proud of.
Except Haircut.
Well, no, actually, I'm actually really bad at returning library books.
I can't go home, not yet, but I'm not sure that I can stay here either.
You saw me earlier.
You could all be in danger.
You are one of us.
Maybe now more than ever.
We'd be crazy to let you go.
Besides, we're really going to need your help now.
We got a new problem.
Rip has been hiding something from us.
There's a greater evil coming.
Something even the Time Bureau is afraid of.
[dramatic music.]
What can be worse than an immortal Egyptian demigod? Or an evil speedster? Well, I'm afraid of the time boogeyman.
I'm literally crying.
[intense musical build-up.]
[percussive rhythm.]
[eerie music.]
[chanting in foreign language.]
[continues to chant.]
[continues chanting.]
[distorted voice.]
Welcome back, Kuasa.
[normal voice.]
Who are you? A follower of Mallus.
And we have work to do.
[foreboding music.]

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