DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e03 Episode Script


1 How will we be remembered? Will it be for saving the world twice? Nope, we're the team who broke time.
That's right, history has been torn to shreds, which means it's up to us to put it back together again piece by piece, fixing these so-called anachronisms before we get torn to shreds.
So please don't call us heroes.
We're legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" I told you, I was leaving to create an organization to replace the Time Masters.
- 15 minutes ago.
- For you.
Forming the Time Bureau has been the work of the last five years of my life.
They are undependable, unpredictable, dangerous.
My decision to leave had nothing to do with you.
I could feel myself losing control.
The animal was in charge, not me.
Tell me what we're facing here.
That information is need-to-know.
Welcome back, Kuasa.
This is A.
Anti-meta-human curfew is in effect.
Citizens, please stay in your homes.
HQ, this is Transport X-17.
En route to facility.
Copy, X-17.
Standing by to receive prisoner.
What the hell? Hey! Code 99.
We have a code 99! So there's this theory that the phrase "bring home the bacon" started in a town in Old England.
Bacon was awarded to any man who can truthfully say he and his wife had not argued that past year.
The same cannot be said of you and Ms.
Jiwe, however.
No, because I'm eating bacon.
- But since you asked - I didn't.
Hey, it is a little awkward.
I mean, I am a little resentful Please, if you need to discuss this with someone, - I would suggest Amaya.
- Yeah, I know.
We should talk things out, but Amaya.
Acute arachnoid somnambulism.
Now, this really is fascinating.
Oh, my God.
She's having a dream she's a spider.
We gotta wake her up before she crawls into the engine.
Amaya! You're not supposed to wake a sleepwalker, especially when they're stuck to the ceiling.
Why not? Amaya! That's why.
Are you okay? I I was I was having a nightmare.
And in the process, summoned the ashe of a spider.
Astonishing! No, Martin.
It isn't.
What if I summoned a rhino and I crashed through the hull of the ship? Or a lion and I mauled someone? Well, if the victim was Mr.
Rory, I can imagine It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna figure out what's going on with you and your totem.
What do you think I've been trying to do for the past six months? In my experience, there is no problem that cannot be solved by the rigorous application of science.
It's a mystical totem, Martin.
I believe we should start in the med bay.
Please, please.
Come with me.
Come with me.
Code 99.
This is Agent Gary Green.
Seattle, Washington, 2042.
I just witnessed a female meta of unknown origin.
She killed everyone.
What's going on? We intercepted a distress call from one of Rip's Time Bureau agents.
Why? Actually, forget it.
I don't care.
It's the dweeby one, Gary.
Still don't care.
Yeah, I gotta go with Mick on this one.
Why would we help those ass clowns? I mean, that's not our job.
Hopefully that little time dweeb learns his lesson.
Agreed, but last time I checked, we help people who are in trouble.
I don't.
Something feels off about this place.
Like, where is everybody? Martial law.
It's a police state.
How do you know? I can smell pigs.
He's right.
All the cars on the street are military.
More pigs! Get down! Get down! That's A.
covert paramilitary organization.
Yeah, but it seems they've forgotten how to be covert.
The signal we intercepted came from over there.
Should be here somewhere.
Gary! Gary! Gary! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
She's gonna kill me.
The chick from your distress call? Agent Sharpe.
- She hates you guys.
- Well, feeling's mutual.
Look, you said there was a female meta killing everyone.
What's going on? No, this is classified Time Bureau business.
Open your mouth and say some words.
Guess you're gonna have to decide who you're more afraid of, Agent Sharpe or Mick here.
Uh the Bureau got a ping on some unregulated time travel.
But when I got here, the person I was supposed to arrest Was a meta-human who had no problem murdering people? Her powers let her control water.
A human squirt gun.
Big deal.
No, you guys really have no idea how dangerous this woman is.
Dweeb's right.
That chick's dangerous.
She just blew through those pigs like it was nothing.
Actually, I fought someone with water powers like this a few years ago.
It was not very pleasant.
Well, why would a time-traveling meta-human come to 2042 to kill a bunch of A.
agents? She didn't.
She came here to kill their prisoner.
Well, it looks like she struck out.
Something tells me our assassin doesn't give up so easily.
- You got a plan, Captain? - Why? We saved Four-eyes.
Mission accomplished.
And Four-Eyes' mission was to prevent the anachronism.
You mean stop the water witch before she kills whoever was in the back of that truck? Gideon, scan A.
' logs.
See if you can ID the prisoner.
I can do better than that, Captain.
I can project the prisoner's most likely destination.
Even better.
Zari Tomaz? Come with us if you want to live.
Yeah, I used that one once.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Yeah, I don't know who you are or what you're doing, but you're gonna lead A.
right here.
No, don't worry.
We can protect you.
Who's gonna protect you? This is A.
Sara Lance, Nathaniel Heywood, Raymond Palmer, and Mick Rory, you are listed in the Meta-human Registry as missing.
You are hereby under arrest for violating the Anti-Meta-human Act.
Anti-Meta-human? Yeah, meta-humans have been illegal since 2021.
Didn't you guys get the memo? No.
Well, nice to meet you.
I'm out.
Wait, your life is still in danger! - Remain where you are.
- Ditto.
Detainment units have been notified.
Hate to destroy futuristic technology, but - Stand down! - Go! Go! You are surrounded.
Under the Meta-human Act of 2021, you are under arrest.
On the ground! Hands behind your head! Final warning! Do as they say.
You gotta be kidding me.
That's an order.
Don't suppose I get to call my lawyer.
- What? - I wanted to shoot someone.
All right, let's get back to the Waverider, see if we can get a line on Tomaz.
Why? Pretty sure she just told us to screw off.
Doesn't change the fact that there's a rogue time traveler trying to kill her.
I can see why.
Let's go.
There's nothing to worry about.
Gideon can't find anything medically wrong with you.
I told you, Martin, my problem is mystical.
It's not scientific.
Believe me, mysticism is merely science that hasn't been understood yet.
Hey! Did you figure out what's wrong with her? I'm sitting right here, Nathaniel.
I suggest we consider a new battery of tests I don't think there's To check on an overactive hippocampus, latent chromosomal imbalance, not to mention temporal dysplasia.
I'll ask Jax to adjust Gideon's diagnostic algorithm.
There's no algorithm for what's wrong with me.
It's my totem.
It's the legacy of my ancestors.
Great, so let's go talk to your ancestors.
We're on a time ship.
This totem means I protect my village, not mess with its history.
What is her problem? Side effect of temporal dysplasia, I suspect.
Hey, how you feeling? Like I just understood what you meant by the term "mansplaining.
" I take it from Nathaniel's premature return, you didn't have much luck with Ms.
Well, that was interesting.
Turns out Zari's a bit of a not very nice person.
Apparently it's illegal to be a meta-human in 2042.
You know what I don't get? A.
- In 2016, they weren't - Idiots.
Well, I was gonna say they weren't trying to control the city with killer drones, but Any authoritarian organization always goes bad always.
Which means it's only a matter of time before Rip and his Time Bureau turn into the Time Gestapo.
In case you've forgotten, the Time Bureau only exists to clean up your time mess.
Which now includes an at-large time assassin and a fugitive hacker! Is that your way of thanking us for rescuing you? Gideon, do we have a location on Zari yet? Negative, Captain.
I'm afraid Ms.
Tomaz has stepped up her efforts to remain undetected.
Damn, I can see why.
Look at this rap sheet.
Burglary, larceny, grand larceny, identity theft, trespassing, digital trespassing, meta-human smuggling, conspiracy Impressive.
Multiple religious infractions.
- What do you mean? - Zari's Muslim.
And apparently religion is illegal in 2042.
Rory, if you had this much heat on you, where would you go? My bar.
What have they done to my bar? Too much, Ray, too much.
What? I look like I just robbed a bank.
Or a costume store.
There she is.
You run, scream, or sic one of those drones on us, I'll light you up.
You got that, missy? Are you guys stalking me? Not me, but for some reason, my boss has a bee in her bonnet about protecting you from that, uh, water bitch.
Not you, sweetheart.
Yeah, I can take care of myself.
Is that right? That why you're in this bar? Looking to hire muscle? Look, you can trust us, okay? We're the good guys.
Oh, don't be fooled by our disguises.
Good guy! It's her.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Oh, a pool party.
Cute tricks.
Get her to the ship! You guys have a ship? Is it a big ship? How about a diversion, Rory? Who wants to fight? Go! Okay, this is almost amazing.
What do you mean, "almost"? Don't worry.
You'll be safe here.
Who's the woman that's after you? No idea.
Any idea of why someone would want to kill you? Yeah, I can think of quite a few, actually.
Look, if we're gonna help you, you need to start being more straightforward.
What is she doing here? Uh, water woman was trying to kill her, so we're, um, protecting her.
No, this is technology you are not allowed to see.
Civilians are not allowed to know about time travel.
Wait, you guys are time travelers? Nice one, Gary.
Okay, that's on me.
Uh, b-but still, our job is to prevent the anachronism, which means capturing the assassin, not the target.
I can't believe You guys are time-traveling superheroes? Yeah, we've actually saved the world twice.
Not that we're counting.
Really? You saved the world.
- Twice! - Then why does it still suck? Uh, just for the record, dealing with that messed-up police state of yours, that's on our to-do list, so But after we capture the person trying to kill you.
And we need your help to do it.
Oh, I get it.
Since you have no way of tracking this water psycho, you plan to use me as bait, right? Right.
Okay, I'll help you, on one condition.
You help me break my brother out of the A.
facility where they're holding him.
Prison break.
I'm in.
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, they're not helping you, because they're still helping me.
Guys, this mission has gone way off the rails as it is.
Zari's brother is not the priority.
If you really want my help, then that's my price.
Guess we're breaking into an A.
Okay, so I've been doing some research.
Turns out there's a root from your region of Zambesi that's known for its spiritual healing properties.
- The Lyoga root? - That's the one.
It's a powerful hallucinogen.
Yes, and people use it to go vision quests.
Oh, so you admit that my problem might be mystical in nature? Well, if you say it's mystical, then it's mystical.
Anyways, I was having a chat with Gideon, and it turns out our favorite talking supercomputer is really great at synthesizing pretty much anything.
Please tell me you didn't.
We re-created the Lyoga root extract right here on the ship.
I mean, Gideon did most of the work.
I pushed, like, seven buttons.
Nate, this is a really bad idea.
A single miscalculation could be lethal.
Which is why I did a quality control test on myself first.
What? You already took it? Yeah.
I just had to make sure it was safe.
So far, pretty good.
Um, the tongue, getting a little numb.
But, um, you should drink it now so we peak at the same time, please.
Ah! Right, we should be sitting down for this.
The room should be dark.
Gideon? Okay.
So what do we do now? Believe it or not, this is my first vision quest.
Do we chant? - No.
- No.
We stop talking.
Close your eyes and just breathe.
Breathing in.
Breathing out.
Breathing in again Nate.
Rory, don't.
Just a little.
Maybe later.
Which way? My brother's in the east wing annex.
The blueprints Gideon downloaded said the control panel's this way.
You guys open the cell.
Let's go talk to your brother.
Hey! How's it going? There's no maintenance scheduled here till tomorrow.
Really? We got a call that, uh, something was broken.
Yeah? What? Your nose.
Says here my brother's being held in cell 4587.
You guys got a location on the other security console? Yep, all clear.
All right, which cell do we need to open? It's room 4587.
Okay, I'm on it.
Wait a minute.
You mean everybody locked up in here is a meta? Yeah.
Looks like A.
is conducting experiments on them.
Guys, open the cell now.
I can do a lot better than that.
What are you doing? What does it look like? Hurry! This way.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go! I thought you were just gonna open her brother's cell.
You didn't see what we saw on the monitors.
is experimenting on these prisoners.
Hey, where's Zari? What the hell is going on? I thought this was just about grabbing your brother.
Yeah, about that sorry.
- Sorry for what? - There is no brother.
There is no prison break.
It's a heist.
You used us.
We bent over backwards to help you.
As lies go, this was a pretty white one.
This used to be my brother's.
Now it's mine.
Wha Oh, my God.
- Nate? - Not supposed to talk.
Nate, look.
Not supposed to open your eyes either.
Oh! I think I'm starting to peak.
Amaya, you okay? Nananom ba ho ban me.
Oh, boy.
Where's Zari? - Go! Go! - Oh, man! Knock yourself out.
'Bout time.
Uh, Nate, buddy? We need you to bring the Waverider to us now.
Um Stay.
Uh Okay, um Yeah, I can, um I can do that.
My face! My face! This room is huge! Pulling up the anchor! Raising the sails! Full speed ahead! That's enough, Zari! You're not going anywhere without us.
Is that right? That's a cool getaway.
Don't worry.
I'll follow her.
Where's Pretty? Nate, how are we doing with that rescue? I'm givin' her all she's got, Cap'n! The ship can't take much more of this! Actually, Dr.
Heywood, the engines are still idling.
Then why does it feel like my face is peeling off? Yo, are you high or something, man? You have no idea.
Gideon, take command of the ship.
I'll arrange a rendezvous point.
Let's get out of here.
Where's Stein anyway? I believe he's checking on Ms.
She seems to be experiencing a, well, unusual side effect.
And as for Mr.
Heywood, he's in We got bigger fish to fry.
Ray, you have eyes on Zari? Yep, I'm on her tail Not literally.
I'm following her posterior from a respectable distance.
I can't believe she played us like that.
The whole sob story about her brother, just an excuse to get her hands on some magical necklace.
When we find that chick, I am gonna kill her.
I like her.
Uh, when you say kill her, what you really mean is Kill her.
And slowly.
No, no, no, no, no, no, we have to restore the timeline, which means getting Ms.
Tomaz back to the A.
black site where she belongs and tracking down your time assassin.
Oh, and cleaning up the prison debacle! Don't worry, Gary.
We got this.
Jeez Louise, this disaster keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
What are you doing? Well, I hate to say it, but Gary's right.
We gotta put Zari back in the bottle.
Look, she's not exactly my favorite person either right now.
But you didn't see how it was back there.
The way A.
was treating those people? She played us, Jax.
We're lucky that it's not us in that prison instead.
She had a water witch travel through time to hunt her down.
I mean, did Zari really act any differently than you would've in that situation? I'm just saying, do we really want to be the people who put her back in a meta prison? Is that who we are? I can see through my hand.
Are you on drugs? Your face.
Okay, buddy.
Not a good idea.
Gideon! As I was trying to tell you, Mr.
Heywood is under the influence of a hallucinogenic compound.
To help Amaya with her totem problem.
Okay? It's totally safe.
People in her village do it all the ti It's safe, I think.
As for Ms.
Giwe, Professor Stein helped her to the medical bay.
Get him to his quarters now! Give him some water and maybe his fidget spinner.
Told you, bro.
Let's go.
Come on now.
Cobra! All right, all right.
Just Amaya.
What is this place? You are in the world between worlds.
Who are you? I am your blood.
I am all who have come before you.
I can feel the fear inside you.
It is a burden that weighs heavy on your heart.
My totem, I can feel it growing stronger.
I fear that I'm losing control over it.
You can't stop the forces of nature, no more than you can stop a charging stallion.
You must learn to run beside it.
But why is it getting stronger? The totem's strength grows when the threats that you must face become more powerful.
But you cannot face this new threat alone.
You must find the girl.
She needs your protection.
Do not fail this new totem-bearer.
Do not resist your power.
Trust in it.
Look, I don't want to fight, but we gotta go.
We can't stay here.
It's not safe.
I don't understand.
They're not here.
Nobody's here.
They were supposed to meet me here.
This was supposed to be our Jannah.
Jannah? It means "sanctuary" in Arabic.
My brother had powers because he wielded this.
He fought against A.
' injustices, so he was hunted.
We all were.
The night we were leaving, A.
raided our house.
Killed my brother and took the only part that's left of him.
And that's how you got caught Trying to steal it the first time? Yeah, I couldn't let A.
keep it.
With my brother gone, I needed its power to help me protect my parents, but - Maybe they got away.
- Where? Can't you see there's nowhere left to go? This was our last hope.
Zari, I'm sorry about everything that's happened to your family, but we really have to Sara, the water woman just showed up, and she looks pretty grumpy.
Like "kill anyone that gets in her way" grumpy.
Send us your coordinates.
We're on our way.
What's going on now? Unidentified ship approaching, Captain.
- A.
? - No, Captain.
It's the Time Bureau.
I don't understand.
How does the Time Bureau know where we were? Gary! I'm sorry.
I know you said you could handle it, but you guys can't handle anything! I should go.
Sara Lance.
I see that you and your team have managed to get yourselves in over your heads again.
- Chill, lady.
- We were just trying to help.
By starting a prison riot at the A.
facility? When are you going to learn that the Legends should not be interfering with Bureau affairs? Maybe when you stop screwing things up.
Uh, perhaps it's best not to antagonize someone on such a large time ship.
I don't care what Gary says.
We don't need backup.
Sara! I need backup! Sara! Where are you guys? Interesting sounds like one of your team members has stumbled sideways into finding our assassin.
Yes, that's rather our style.
Just give us his coordinates.
We would be happy to save him for you.
You know these guys are just gonna hand Zari back to those A.
bastards, who are gonna do God knows what to her.
And if you don't comply, we would also be happy to scatter you all into space.
Did you just shoot at us? I am not screwing around.
Give us those coordinates.
The next one will not be a warning, Ms.
I knew we shouldn't have trusted that time dweeb.
Just give her what she wants.
I'll uplink their coordinates to you now.
You gotta be kidding me.
Ready? Ready to receive.
Whoa, they're gone.
I can see that, Gary.
Track their signature and follow them.
That was easier than I thought it'd be.
Is this what you're looking for? So you do have it.
But are you capable of using it? What are you offering for the totem? I can give you what you really want, Zari.
What you want more than that little trinket.
I can give you revenge.
Revenge on A.
They targeted you and your family.
Turned you all into fugitives and criminals.
They should die.
In exchange for your help, I give you this? You can't control this power.
It wasn't meant for you.
I can free you from this burden and help you get justice for your family.
Maybe picking a fight with the Time Bureau wasn't the best strategy.
Yep, well, they fired on us first.
And if they continue to do so, we will sustain critical damage in less than five minutes.
Four minutes.
Well? I-I guess I have to say Sorry.
Come on, Ray.
She's too much for us.
We gotta move.
And she tastes terrible! What's happening? Time pukes are shooting at us.
At least you seem to be feeling better, Ms.
Yeah, Nathaniel's plan, while ill-advised, was beneficial.
Quiet! The marshmallows are talking.
Get to the jump ship! Get a fix on Ray's position while Stein and I keep our Time Bureau friends busy.
Not you, space ranger.
Sit! Whoa.
I really love this show.
Gideon, status.
The jump ship has been deployed.
I don't believe our pursuers noticed.
Oh, dear! I'm afraid our rear deflectors have been completely lost, Captain.
Sara, please.
We still have enough time to arrange a détente with the Time Bureau.
A compromise, if you will.
Sorry, Martin.
I don't compromise.
Would you please help me talk some sense into her? I like broccoli! Gideon, divert everything to our forward shields.
You guys might want to hold on.
Gideon, hail the Time Bureau.
What are you doing? Being true to who we are.
My team doesn't roll over on their own.
Zari Tomaz is not one of your own.
Either way, we're not gonna let you, A.
, or anyone else put her behind bars for who she is.
So you'd rather kill your team and mine? Collision in ten seconds, Captain.
Last chance, Ms.
Lance! Sara, this is madness! Change your course! I'm good.
Impact in three, two, one.
Are we dead? Did did we die? The Time Bureau vessel jumped away.
Gideon, make sure they're not following us.
Professor, you all right? Nothing that a cup of tea won't fix.
One cup of Lyoga root tea for the professor coming up, 'cause you're my best friend! What made you change your mind? Thought about what my brother would want me to do.
Weren't your friends supposed to be coming to rescue us? Good point.
You had your chance.
I was willing to offer you a compromise.
But now I have to kill you.
I'm afraid we can't let you do that! If anyone's gonna kill Haircut, it's me, lady.
- Aw, thanks, Mick.
- Pleasure.
You think you could stop me? Trust in it.
Whoa, what are you doing? Trusting it.
How? Stay down.
I can do this all day.
I would kill you.
But I'd just be killing myself.
All right, Gideon.
How are we doing? Our time jump from Jannah remained undetected, Captain.
I think we can safely say our Time Bureau problem is Oh, bollocks.
- Perhaps I spoke too soon.
- What is it? Incoming transmission from Agent Sharpe.
Put her on.
Oh, hey, Ava.
How was your day? You do realize that that little stunt of yours could've destroyed us both.
You tried to kill us first.
No, I tried to warn you first.
But you don't take warnings, do you? Now you're starting to get it.
Well, this isn't a warning.
It's a promise.
If I ever track you down again, you and your band of idiots will be exiled to the dawn of time.
Whatever leniency Hunter gave you is over.
What a bitch.
You took the words right out of my mouth, Gideon.
Plot a course to 2042.
Hey, how do you feel? Yeah, much better.
And you? Ugh, I thought the hangover I got drinking with P.
Barnum was bad, oof.
Hey, I wanted to thank you.
I've gotten a handle on my totem again.
That's great.
You can at least try not to sound so disappointed.
It's cool.
I just thought you were staying on the ship because your totem was out of whack, and now that it's back in whack I can't go.
This whole experience has made me realize that my fate is entwined with someone else's.
Well, um Sara said we're dropping her back off in 2042.
We could've dropped you off anywhere.
Why this dump? With Jannah gone, this is home.
Well, you got a lot of heat on you.
I can handle heat.
Wait! It's not safe for you here.
There's no reason to suggest that sorceress won't return for you.
Well, it's not like I have any other options.
That amulet, it's not an amulet.
It's a totem, like mine.
We're bound together somehow, in a way that I have yet to understand.
Come with us.
That's all nice and weird, but Totems, they guide us in strange ways.
What if yours guided you to us? What would you rather do? Hide from A.
your whole life or do something really stupid, like time travel? - I'm not a superhero.
- Neither am I.
You can't pedal forever, you little nerd! Come on! Come on! Where are you, nerd? I think he went down this way! Come out, come out wherever you are! He went down here! Down here! Hello? Hi, what's your name? Mine's Ray Palmer.

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