DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4

Grey's hit.
We got to get him out of there! Where's Barry when you need him? Just tying up some loose ends.
He's almost at the breach hangar.
If we don't stop him, he's gonna blow up our only ticket home.
Not to mention us.
A little help with that, please.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Grey! Stay down! Grey! No! [GROANS.]
Grey! Fall back! Fall back! He did it.
- He opened the breach.
- Let's go.
Barry, the breach is open.
Where are you? We got to take him out now.
I have an idea.
Throw another lightning bolt.
- We already tried that.
- Just do it.
Now! Barry, we need to you to hurry up.
Stein's hurt.
All right, we're on the move.
He's alive, but his condition is critical.
All right, Gideon will fix him.
No, it's too dangerous to move him.
Not if he's Firestorm.
Grey! Grey.
Grey, come on.
- Thanks for your help.
- We're not done helping yet.
Our enemies are still on your earth, Ollie.
Don't call me that.
Give it time, I'll get through that crusty exterior.
No, you really won't.
I was talking to you.
- Oh, my God.
- Kara.
What are they doing? This next sound metal through a bone, that's my favorite.
You should probably close your eyes.
This will all be over in a minute.
What are you waiting for? - Do it.
- I'm trying.
I'm trying but Mitts off, Mengele.
- Ray? - Hi, how are you? Oh, I got your S.
How was the wedding? All right, don't worry.
The rest of the Legends are here and we're busting - everybody out.
- Wait, we need someone - to lock the time vault.
- I got it.
- You guys get Kara out of here.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
- Look, I know I'm late to the party, but why have Nazi doppelgangers - taken over S.
Labs? - They're from Earth-X.
They hate everybody.
They want to steal Kara's heart, and they have this giant robot.
Oh, I've actually fought one of those before.
Little known fact the suit doesn't just shrink Ray! It embiggens.
Attention all prisoners: Great news.
The cavalry has arrived.
About time.
I knew I could count on you, Pretty.
Did you bring beers? Better yet, an army.
Who needs an army when you got Legends? We have a problem.
I need you to wake up, Kara.
The General is no longer safe here.
I'm well aware.
Retreat to the troop carrier and prepare for the invasion.
Without you? I'm staying.
Supergirl is not leaving here alive.
Do not make it personal.
That is not a good idea.
Are you questioning your Fuhrer's orders? Of course not.
Stay here.
Stay safe.
And I'll be back for you with her heart.
So this is Earth-1? Cute.
- We need to find Kara.
- Then we need to split up.
- I got Supergirl.
- I got Group B.
- You're late.
- Ah, don't mind him.
He's just pissy 'cause he came out of a steel box.
Actually he's always like this.
What the hell? - How much further, Ray? - Waverider's on the roof.
How do you two know each other again? - BOTH: We used to date.
- That's awkward.
Oliver got the girl, I got a life of adventure on a time-traveling spaceship.
Step away from her.
There's no way.
My grandparents didn't survive the Holocaust so the world could be ruled by Nazis so if you want Kara, you got to go through me.
And even if you do, you're not gonna win.
'Cause we will not back down.
We will keep fighting.
So get the hell off our earth while you still can.
As final words go, those weren't bad.
Lower your weapon.
Or I'll kill her.
This guy's like the Terminator.
- Why are you laughing? I just love a good pop culture reference in a moment of crisis.
Also, that! Let's kick some ass! Her neck doesn't seem invulnerable so I will say again.
Lower your weapon.
Don't listen to him.
Just shoot her.
No! No.
I can save your wife's life.
There's only one way to save me.
We have friends at S.
There are ways to do this - without hurting Kara.
- He's lying.
Do it for the Fatherland, just kill her! I thought that jerk was supposed to be dead.
- Hey, hey.
- Hi.
- I am so sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay You're safe.
You're safe.
Oh, I shouldn't have said what I said.
What if it was the last thing - we ever said to each other? - It doesn't matter.
Nothing matters except that I love you.
Okay? I don't need anything else.
I don't need to get married.
I just I just want to be with you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Gideon, fix him! His pressure's dropping.
We have to stanch the bleeding.
Right away, Dr.
Jax, relax.
Professor's going to be fine.
He's a tough bastard.
Jackson's hit.
- I can't find an entry wound.
- Look at their vitals.
It must be because of their connection.
What the hell does that mean? Even though Jax isn't injured, their life functions must still be linked somehow.
Well, how do we unlink them? We can't.
Their connection's the only thing keeping the professor alive.
Are you okay? I can't even begin to answer that right now.
We should be on our honeymoon.
We should be on a beach, drinking mai tais out of coconut.
Instead we're on this space ship, looking for our friends' evil doppelgangers.
We should have just eloped.
- Kara? - Alex? - Are you okay? - Yeah.
- I can't believe they almost - I know, I know.
- I thought I lost you.
- Me too.
So much for getting away from it all, huh? I should have known better than to think that a wedding on another Earth is gonna solve all of our problems.
Yeah, but you know, fighting the evil versions of ourselves does kind of put those problems in perspective, doesn't it? Way to see the silver lining.
Hey there, friend.
No need to numb your feelings with alcohol.
The ghost is back.
No, not a ghost.
I'm Leo.
Leo Snart from Earth-X.
It's okay, buddy.
I know you're hurting over Firestorm.
Get your hand off me.
What is wrong, partner? Talk to me.
You're not my partner.
You're a gangbanger.
I think you mean "doppelganger.
" And there was one of you on my earth, too.
Rest his soul.
I'm dead on Planet Nazi? Let me guess.
In a fire? You just kept going back into that burning police station until the last officer had been rescued.
I died trying to save pigs? I'm gonna be sick.
How you feeling, Jax? Oh, don't worry about me.
How's Grey? I have him sedated.
Don't worry.
Gideon and I are doing everything we can to fix him.
Still no improvement? He's getting worse.
Marty or Jax? Both.
I just can't believe there's nothing Gideon can do.
Medically speaking, Professor Stein shouldn't even be alive right now The only thing that kept him from dying is - Jax.
Bonding with him.
- Yeah.
Jax is basically functioning as a human life-support machine, able to keep the professor alive but only for so long.
Does Jax know? That he's gonna die too? I didn't know how to tell him.
It'll be okay.
We got a whole mess of smart people on this ship.
Somebody's gonna figure out something.
Oh, man, I have just died and went to geek heaven.
Told you we picked the right guy.
Uh, picked the right guy to do what? Hunt Nazis.
Meet out resident Earth-X expert, The Ray.
Well, uh, you can use my real name Ray Terrill.
Your secret identity is your first name with the word "the" - in front of it? - Yeah.
Why? What's your secret identity? Mr.
Really? That's a little boast-y, don't you think? Nah, it's just one of my favorite wrestlers.
Still that's you should change your name.
- Can we talk about these Nazis? - They vanished.
Owing to the fact that they have their own Waverider.
A Nazi Waverider? Yeah, we had been tracking them using the radiation signature given off by Overgirl - because of her - Extreme exposure to the solar radiation.
Are these readings right? Yeah, of course they're right.
Why? Well because the trace radiation readings on here are slowly approaching the Chandrasekhar Limit.
- Which means? - Overgirl isn't just dying Yeah, if she doesn't get Supergirl's heart, she'll create a supernova that will destroy the entire Midwest.
Jef Jefferson? Jefferson.
I need I need to tell you something.
Well, talk fast.
Because unless you're sedated, Gideon can't do her thing, patch you back up.
Can't you see that I'm dying? What what are you talking about, man? I'm old, Jefferson.
And even if I hadn't been shot, no one lives forever.
Grey, I don't even want to hear you talking like that, man.
As long as we're connected, I'm nothing more than an anchor around your neck.
Which is why you must help me.
I don't understand.
I Not Cisco's drug.
Gideon resynthesized the liquid.
She assures me it will free you from my body's biology.
And it will free you of mine.
I'm the only thing that's keeping you alive, man.
You're asking me to kill you, Grey.
I'm asking you to let me die so that you may live.
Please hand me the vial.
I know I know you think you're strong enough for both of us.
But unless I do this, we'll both die.
Then we'll both die.
I don't No.
You have your whole life ahead of you.
But now it's time for you to let me go.
No, I'm not ready for you to go.
I'm not either.
But when you think about it, compared to the Cosmos, one's life is but a blink of an eye.
Really? You're gonna lecture me about astrophysics right now? Grey, please don't do this to me.
I can't do this.
You once told me that I was like your father and I said you were my son.
How could a father do anything less? [CRYING.]
- Grey.
- Please.
Thank you, Jefferson.
Grey, no, don't.
Stay with me, please.
I'd prefer not to be alone.
Please tell Clarissa and Lily that I love them.
I promise.
Thank you, Jefferson for the adventure of a lifetime.
I hope your life is long and full of love.
Just as mine - has been.
No, no.
He did it for me.
Where's Jax? I'll get it, honey.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
No, no.
How are you holding up? I'll cry at the funeral.
I'm fine.
We need to gather everyone.
Overgirl's gonna go nuclear, and the Earth-Xers are gonna use their Waverider to threaten Central City and leverage us into surrendering Kara.
How do you know that? It's exactly what I would do.
- I'm sorry.
- For what? For being so weak.
I've managed to stabilize her deterioration, but without a transplant she'll be dead within an hour.
Quiet! Now don't you listen to her.
There is more strength in you than in this entire planet of lesser humans combined.
Nice outfit.
Yeah, I didn't want to feel left out.
Where are we with locating the other Waverider? We got a pretty good idea.
I mean, we've all heard of the Chandrasekhar Limit, I assume? The data indicates it's still in the vicinity of Central City.
Which also indicates that Overgirl isn't long for this world.
Which means that this world isn't long for this world.
Failure's not an option.
Losing is not an option.
We are gonna win.
And we are gonna show these people that this earth - belongs to us.
- Great speech.
Sorry to interrupt, Mr.
Queen, but we're being hailed by a fellow Timeship.
Put it on.
What do you want? To offer a truce.
In exchange for what? We will return to our earth peacefully if you meet my one demand.
Supergirl comes with us.
Here's another difference between you and me.
I don't abandon my friends.
All right.
- Everybody ready to go? - Never been more.
We can't bring Marty back, but we can protect the city he loved, and the family he left behind.
For the Professor.
Now let's go kick some ass.
Let them run.
We'll turn this city into a mausoleum.
Kill them all.
Yes, sir! [GRUNTING.]
Excuse me.
You can't just go around - roasting people.
- Why not? You ever heard of due process? Rule of law? No.
Could use a little help here.
I got you covered.
This is just like Star Raiders on Atari except it's real.
Cut the chatter, Red 2.
- Fly the ship.
- Launching torpedo one.
You don't have to say it out loud.
Okay, guys, is it just me or is this not working? BOTH: It's not working.
You need to take down their shields.
Open fire! [GRUNTING.]
Guys, this isn't working.
I think we need a bigger gun.
Way ahead of you.
We've got inbound.
Then fire counter-measures.
We can't.
It's hovering directly off our bow.
General, would you care to step outside? [GLASS SHATTERS.]
Waiting for some good news here.
I don't have any for you, man.
The only way to take out their shields is to get someone onboard that ship.
We're on our way.
We're on the bridge, Felicity.
And we don't know what we're looking for.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm working on it.
Felicity's got it.
I'm sending you the source code for their deflector shields.
Yeah, got it.
Manual override protocol.
If I am reading this correctly, all you need to do now is Hit the big, blinking red button.
Got it.
Shields are down.
Harry, you think you can handle this bad boy? - Walk in the park, Kazansky.
- Where are you going? Getting our friends off that ship.
Count of ten, hit them with everything we got.
You got it.
Come on, Ramon.
Nailed it! Go on! End it.
End it! What's stopping you? Oh, I forgot.
Barry Allen is above killing.
Isn't that right? Get out of here.
I wonder what face I'll be wearing next time we meet.
Can't wait.
I'm detecting dangerously high radiation levels.
Disembodied computer voice lady's right.
Supergirl-X is about to go super-nova.
Supergirl, your doppelganger's about to have a meltdown.
What do I do? You need to fly her up.
And away.
I'm gonna kill you.
Wha what? How did you? I figured it'd take the man of steel to catch the girl of steel.
That and, you know, a tremendous amount of help.
Thank you both.
This world owes you a lot.
Well, it's my world, too so Punching out Nazis is kind of our thing.
Well, if you ever need us to do any punching over on Earth-X - just let us know.
- Will do.
- Take care, Barry.
- Take care, Ray.
- Barry, I need a hug.
- Okay.
Be good, Leo.
- Always.
- I'm gonna get ready.
- You got this? - Yeah.
All right, fellas.
You ready to go home? Sure.
So, uh, how does this thing work? Ah, it's a very complex two-part process.
One, I open a breach.
Two You walk through it.
Leo? I think I'm gonna stick around here for a little while.
I, um I won't stay here forever.
I will come home to you.
I love you.
I love you.
Uh, Clarissa asked me to say a few words.
But, as you all know, it was Grey Martin who was the wordy one.
But I got used to hearing his voice inside my head.
And, uh, even now I can still hear him.
'Cause even though he's gone, he's still a part of me.
He's still a part of all of us.
He was the best man right until the end.
The best teacher.
Clarissa I'm so, so sorry.
I-I couldn't save him.
I All he wanted was to come home.
To you, and you and Ronnie.
To his family.
Oh, Jefferson.
- You were his family, too.
- I just I don't know how to do any of this without him.
Then, don't.
You said it yourself.
He's still part of you.
That's it, big guy.
Let it out.
Good-bye, my love.
Thank you for believing in me.
Tell Ronnie I miss him.
Thank you for bringing me home to her.
So, you're going to another earth, and I'm going to another time.
Yeah, that's kind of how we roll, huh? - Totally normal.
Um BOTH: Should we It's uh it's a hug thing, okay.
- Okay.
Um, thank you for putting things in perspective for me.
Does that mean you're gonna take my advice on Maggie? Yes, I'm gonna trust my instincts.
I mean, there's got to be somebody else out there for me.
- Right? - For sure.
Just like there's'mebody else out there for you.
And for more than just a night.
That's funny.
- That was my takeaway too.
- Boss.
Ship's ready.
Catch you on the other side.
You hit that? Shut up.
You ready? Oh, so, so ready, yeah.
Thank you guys for everything.
And thanks for inviting us to your wedding.
Sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to.
Well, at least it was memorable.
Well, we'll be back out for the do-over.
Uh, Iris and I talked about it and And yeah, we're just gonna get ourselves a justice of the peace and get it done, quick and simple.
Fewer Nazis that way.
Well, take care, guys.
- Oh.
- Oh, that's good.
All right.
BOTH: Let's go.
You guys really not going to have a wedding now - after all that? - Now she's prowedding.
- Hey.
- Well I mean we've already had the ceremony.
So all we need to do now is exchange vows and rings.
Hey, can't a mayor marry people? Very flattered, but I think that we would have to be within the limits of Star City for it to be official.
And we definitely want it to be official.
Well, if you want it to be personal, I think we know a guy who's ordained.
It's a good thing I didn't vomit, right? - BOTH: Yeah.
Are you okay? A little warning next time? Sorry.
What's up? You got ordained to marry your brother and Carly, right? Yeah.
We were hoping that you could give us the same treatment.
Wow, really? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
I'm honored.
- Yeah? - I am.
All right, well, let's do it.
Okay, that's great.
Um I guess that makes you the best man and you the maid-of-honor.
- "Honored" is correct.
- All right.
- Let's get into position.
- Oh my goodness.
- You're here.
- Okay.
- You're there, you're there.
- Oh I see.
Did you guys write vows or you just want the boilerplate? Oh, uh Yes, I um wrote mine.
Um, I tried to write mine.
Um, but then I realized that I didn't need to.
Um My entire life has been marked by two things.
The first one is change.
From when I was a kid to when I was an adult, things were always changing.
But no matter how different things became or what new challenges I had to face, I always had the other thing that my life was marked by.
And that's you.
You've always been there.
As a friend, as a partner, as the love of my life.
You're my home, Iris.
And that's one thing that will never change.
That was really nice.
Um, when I was nine years old I wanted to be a ballerina.
Remember? Even though I was not a very good dancer.
And the day of the recital I froze.
I couldn't move, and I wanted to die.
And then I looked in the audience and I saw you.
And you got up and you climbed onto stage and you did that whole routine with me.
And we killed it.
I mean [CHUCKLES.]
We brought the house down.
And from that moment, I knew that With you by my side, anything was possible.
The Flash may be the city's hero, but you, Barry Allen, you're my hero.
And I am happy [SOFTLY CRYING.]
excited and honored to be your wife.
Well then I pronounce you both Wait! Wait.
Wait, just one second.
Um, if you guys don't mind I mean if you don't mind, really if you don't mind, but would you marry us too? Will you marry me? I thought I mean, I thought you didn't believe in marriage.
No, but I believe in you, and I believe that no matter what life throws at us our love can conquer it, married, unmarried.
I love you.
My greatest fear My greatest fear in life is losing you.
- I - Yes.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? I do.
I do.
Uh, John, what do you say? You kidding me, Oliver? I'm the guy for the past six years that's been trying to keep you two together.
It's only fitting that I marry you.
Vows? - BOTH: No.
- I mean, we can't do - better than them.
- Defintely not.
We kind of did those fake vows when we had that fake wedding with that psychopath serial-killer archer lady.
I remember saying something along the lines of You're the very best part of me.
Felicity, I'm a better human being Just because I've loved you.
Well, since we don't have any rings just yet.
I'll skip right to the part where I say this, Oliver Jonas Queen, Felicity Megan Smoak, - Bartholomew Henry Allen, - Mm-hmm.
and Iris Ann West I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Please, kiss your brides.