DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Welcome to the Jungle

1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" I want to break up Firestorm.
If you guys are getting cold feet, we can call the whole thing off.
It's time for Jefferson to claim the power of Firestorm for himself.
This totem is my family's.
Only my blood may bare it.
- And they do.
- That's impossible.
That I am your granddaughter? Why does Darhk care if we fix Anachronisms or not? That's the thing about daughters.
When they see you die at the hands of one self-righteous hero, they really don't want to see it happen again.
We're stronger together.
We know thatth Darhk knows that.
Still nothing.
What are you doing, Grey? Oh, since Gideon took Sara off sedatives, I've been looking for a salient stimulus to pull her out of the coma.
What the hell is that? Salient stimulus: a noise or sound she might have an emotional connection to that would wake her up.
Here, would you like to give it a try? No, actually, uh, I was wondering if you needed help with our other project.
Uncoupling Firestorm? Oh, oh, yes, yes, that project.
I've been looking into those equations, and it's very promising, indeed.
All of Firestorm's power will safely reside in you.
Well, you're the smartest man I know, so if anybody can figure it out, it's you.
That's why the smartest man you know is heading right back to the lab to double check his calculations.
Everything okay? You're hitting the bag like it's insulting your mother, and you haven't said anything for like 30 minutes.
What is there to say? I don't know.
Talk about your granddaughter? And not the superhero either.
The psycho water witch.
- The who? - Your granddaughter.
I mean, I'm sure she's really not that bad.
You just called her a "psycho water witch.
" Yeah, and I instantly regret it.
I'm sure she's just, you know confused.
Well, I'm not.
Kuasa and I will confront each other again.
It's inevitable.
When we do I won't hesitate to stop her, even if she is my granddaughter.
Good talk.
Way to get the emotions out.
I really wish I had better news about Sara, but she's still in a coma thanks to Damien Darhk's daughter laying her out.
Well, in the meantime, we could do what we do best and fix a few Anachronisms.
How about you drop me off on an island full of beautiful women like Zari did with that Helen chick.
Rory, you weren't supposed to say anything.
Wait, you didn't take Helen back to Troy where she belongs? That's what the Time Bureau does, but we we do something different.
No, we do it different ly.
Yeah, more messy.
Okay, if you look at the historical record, the Trojan War happens with or without Helen.
See? No Anachronism.
How do you think the Captain would feel about you re-engineering time? Well, we can argue about that later because I know exactly what she'd say if she wakes up and finds us doing nothing.
We owe it to Sara to keep doing our job.
So where do we start? Well, I was thinking we'd just leave it up to chance and my index finger.
Also known as the height of the Vietnam War.
Gideon, what kind of Anachronism are we dealing with? A level eight.
Scans of the historical record reveal redacted Pentagon reports about a creature of unknown origin attacking American and Vietcong soldiers in the jungle.
Dozens have disappeared without a trace.
No way I'm going to 'Nam.
All I know is that if American soldiers are being targeted, I am ready to do my duty.
This war's a little different.
Unlike World War II, the military objectives in Vietnam weren't so cut and dry.
Yeah, it was controversial, and the reasons for getting involved were murky.
You know, come to think about it, this team should be right at home.
Sole survivor of the last patrol attacked was named Ryan Sanders.
He's supposed to be on R and R here.
This doesn't look like a good place for American Gis to rest and recuperate.
Looks more like they're just trying to escape.
Hey, I found our guy.
We're with the Associated Press.
We wanted to ask you a few questions about what happened with your squad.
I don't want to talk about it.
We won't take up much of your time.
Yeah, people need to hear your story.
You could save lives telling us what you saw.
It must have stalked us for several klicks.
Took us by surprise.
Whatever was out there was pure evil, and it had a message for us.
Stay out of the jungle.
I hate the jungle.
You sure this is the right way? Well, according to the field reports, the last known location of Alpha Team was right here.
I should have stayed in Aruba.
What could have taken out a whole patrol of US soldiers? Nothing good.
But this missing squad's gonna stay missing.
Let's get out of here.
Hope Mick and Nate are watching their backs.
If what Sanders said is true, they're in real danger.
Who knows if what he said was true? - He was clearly intoxicated.
- Forget about him.
I think I found someone who can tell us what's going on.
Hey, you've been staring at us since we got here.
I heard you asking about the jungle.
It can be a dangerous place even if you are carrying a machine gun.
Well, we're journalists here Eh.
Who the hell are you? My name is Anh Ly.
And I know what's out in that jungle.
You've seen what's been attacking these soldiers? Attacking them? Come with me.
I won't just tell you what's happening.
I'll show you.
Too many trees.
Too many plants.
We'll be back on concrete in no time.
Bugs! Flies.
What's going on with you? You're grumpier than usual.
What? I'm in a good mood.
Is it because I made your boots too big? Look, I forget you've got small feet, and why would you not want to come to Vietnam? This place was like made for you.
- My dad.
- What about him? He's here.
'Nam, the war.
Oh, buddy, you don't really think you're gonna see him, do you? There's almost no chance we're gonna run into your father in a jungle this big.
You said, "almost," meaning there is a chance.
I'll buy you a six-pack if we bump into him.
Hands up, pretty boy.
You owe me a six-pack.
Hands up.
Dude, what are you doing? I'm Operations Officer Nathaniel Heywood of the CIA.
This is my partner Officer Schwarzenegger.
We're here to investigate the disappearance of Alpha Team.
Can't be too careful.
Sergeant Dick Rory, Echo Team.
I think it's in our mutual best interest if we conduct this investigation together, find out what happened to our men.
Actually, we were just leaving.
Sounds like a plan, but I got to say, your partner here doesn't look so gung ho.
Give us a minute.
Look, I'm sorry you have to see your father, but you need to suck it up.
If it wasn't for this time-travelling stuff I would've never run into that bastard.
Okay, you know what? We're changing this operation.
This has become Operation Tough Love.
Yeah, I'm gonna go all Dr.
Phil on your ass.
It's time for you to man up, - and sort out - Daddy issues.
I was going to say unresolved grief, but let's go with what you're saying.
You want to know why I've never seen a shrink? Why? I don't regret killing my old man.
What? That's right, Pretty.
You heard me.
I let my old man burn to death.
How's that for tough love? [SINGSONG.]
Pecan, mm.
Oh, hell nah.
What kind of monster eats my mom's pecan pie and puts the container back in the fridge? Gideon, who is the thief? There must be a theorem that supports the deceleration of the subject's rate of fission to individually power the thermacore.
Any insights, Sir Isaac Newton? Or do I have to throw an apple at your head? Perhaps if you afforded us a brief reprieve.
We've been working for hours.
And when, dare I ask, do I get to return home? You'll go home when I say you can, Galileo.
What about you, Madame Curie? You've been awfully quiet.
How many time do I have to explain it to you, Martin? There's only one way to safely split the thermacore.
Yes, but doing so would result in both Jefferson and I losing our powers.
I personally have no compunctions about that, but Jefferson There you are.
- My colleagues and I were - You didn't have to lie to me if you couldn't find a solution, man.
Look, I'm sure it's not easy learning that your granddaughter's in league with Damien Darhk.
If you ever want to talk about it What happened to men? When did you all start talking about your feelings? Uh, early '90s? You are unusual journalists.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Most people run away when they hear about a monster grabbing soldiers in the jungle.
Us, we run towards it.
Monster? What kind of monster stops the fighting between the Americans and the Vietcong? He's no monster.
He's Ong Troi Moi.
The New God.
Hey, what's going on? [FEEDBACK SCREECHES.]
Must be some sort of dead zone.
We are here.
Ray, can you hear me? Can't go a whole day without talking to your boyfriend, huh? I think the comms are down.
Don't drink the ground water.
It's probably contaminated.
Those are some pretty rough burns you got there, son.
You get hit by Napalm? I ain't your son.
Do you know what's on your father's head? - A little French-ie hat.
- That is a Green Beret.
President Kennedy called them "a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage.
" - Courage? - Yeah.
The only thing my old man was good at was sitting in a chair.
Cigarette in one hand, beer in the other.
And the only time he ever got up was to [SOLEMN MUSIC.]
No, Mick, come on.
Come on, come on.
This is good, this is good.
Thanks to time travel, I got to talk to my grandfather, and I got to work out a lot of my father issues.
Stand down.
Stand down.
Is that you, Petey Adams? What are you doing out here on your own? You get lost or something? Lost? No, I've become enlightened.
You can be enlightened too if you join us.
Who's us? This country does not belong to you.
It belongs to Ong Troi Moi.
I don't like where this is heading.
Handle me that rifle, Petey.
We'll work on getting you a hot meal.
You will surrender to him.
Or die.
Get off me.
Bunch of damn traitors.
American and North Vietnamese soldiers working arm-in-arm? This Anachronism is even crazier than we thought.
And I think I know how they're blocking our communications.
Hey, what is this place? I thought we were looking for a monster.
You wish to speak to Ong Troi Moi? I've got a really bad feeling about this.
We'd be honored.
We have guests.
They're reporters, as you wanted.
I am Grodd.
Welcome to my kingdom.
You saw what I saw, right? There's a gorilla sitting on a throne? He spoke better English than Mick.
Well, he's clearly intelligent enough to trick these Gis to abandon their posts.
He's a monster.
He needs to be stopped.
Look, he's turned these men into his slaves.
Ong Troi Moi freed these soldiers.
He is the reason they are no longer killing one another.
Yeah, it's a real utopia he's created for himself.
I brought you here to help spread Ong Troi Moi's message to the world.
You are only here to document what you see.
Of course.
I need your shrink-ray.
I dislike that the name is catching on.
Look, even if you can miniaturize Grodd, there's still ten miles of jungle warfare between us and the Waverider.
Yeah, which is why you guys are going to take down the communications jammer - and call for backup.
- While you take down a hyper-intelligent telepathic primate by yourself? All I need is one clean shot.
You saved my life today.
Didn't want to have to put you on my list.
These are the names of all the men that died under my watch.
Keep them with me to remind myself it's my job to protect my men, get 'em back home.
That's my girl.
Gonna marry her when I get back.
Quit looking at her.
Maybe even start a family someday.
You want kids? Why not? As long as they never end up in some godforsaken jungle.
I've seen things out here no, I hope I never bring home with me.
I've never told anybody this before but I'm scared.
I don't know who I am if I'm not a part of Firestorm.
But you've never had any superpowers and that's never stopped you from being the most kick-ass person I've ever met.
Well, good talk, Captain.
Wow, I knew Grodd was a power-hungry tyrant but He's one hell of an electrical engineer.
The key is to jam the jammer without anyone realizing it's jammed.
Did that make sense? Perfect.
Where are we taking Grodd when we return him to where he belongs? Well, last I heard he was in an ARGUS prison.
Wait, he's just another persecuted meta? Look, I know you're not a fan of ARGUS, but Grodd is a psychopath, and, well, a giant gorilla.
Ray? Jax? Can you hear me? I think there is something up with Mick.
He's got that look, you know, when he's eyes get all crazed.
I think the jungle's finally getting to Hey, man, you good? Mick? What were you doing? What does it look like? Uh Looks like you were burning your own skin, but that would be completely insane, right? Huh.
My whole life I saw him as a monster.
Blamed him for all the sick things that I've done.
But now I see I'm worse than him.
Should have been me that burned in that house.
- You're a genius.
- Thanks.
Sorry, I was talking to myself.
- Huh? - Hello? - Can anybody hear me? - Nate, is that you? [CHEERING QUIETLY.]
Yes, our comms are down.
No, no, no, no, they were jammed, and I just fixed - I mean, Zari un-jammed it.
- Where are you guys? We need to get out of this jungle ASAP.
Oh, no, what's wrong, buddy? Well, when Mick and I started, we were doing "Predator.
" Then we ran into Mick's dad, and now we're doing "Apocalypse Now.
" That's why Mick didn't want to come to Vietnam, on the off chance he'd run - into his father.
- Which is about as unlikely as Marty meeting his great-great-grandfather Sir Stein.
Right, or young-you befriending a time-displaced alien.
Do you people not hear me? Listen, the monster-slash-Anachronism is Gorilla Grodd.
We're stuck in his compound.
Did you just say "Gorilla Grodd?" Grodd's displacement in 1967 probably explains that.
Uh, guys? Our Anachronism just jumped from an eight to a level ten.
Gideon, what you got? The timeline is currently in flux.
However, the following headline recently appeared in my archives.
It appears that Grodd is using the powder keg that is the Vietnam War to somehow ignite World War III.
- What? - Where's Amaya? We have to figure out Grodd's plan and get out of here.
- [GASPS.]
- This is how you repay Grodd for his hospitality? By trying to kill me? Let me help you with that weapon of yours.
You think I am the enemy.
Look at what you humans have done to one another.
Look at what humans did to me.
So you're raising an army of humans to get your revenge? Revenge? No.
My only wish is to help your kind find peace.
And how do you plan to do that? [HELICOPTER WHIRRING.]
Welcome to Vietnam, Mr.
Good lord, it's hotter than a preacher's knee out here.
You hit the nail on the head, Mr.
Follow me, we'll get you into some air conditioning.
You're planning to kill the President? We're defending our home against those who have attacked us.
Which I'm all for, believe me, but you need to draw a line somewhere.
Grodd is only doing what is necessary.
Necessary for who? He only cares about himself.
That's how dictators work.
I have lost both my parents.
My brother, my village.
Ong Troi Moi is the only one left to protect us.
Hey, I know what it's like to lose the people you love in a senseless war.
It makes you desperate, but if you really want peace, it starts with you.
Did you guys hear that? They're targeting the President's convoy.
Anh is weak.
Where are you going? You heard Zari.
To save L.
It's sounds like the team's got their hands full.
It's too dangerous.
We'll go together as Firestorm.
No, we won't.
I got to do this on my own.
Please, don't.
I'm still working on a way to split the thermacore.
Okay, I don't know if this is your way of making yourself feel better about us splitting up by making sure I've got powers, but I can do this without any.
And soon enough, I'm gonna have to stand on my own without you.
We just intercepted radio communications and triangulated the enemy's position to a base just east of here.
That's where they're holed up.
Don't know about you boys, but I'm ready to go to work.
We can't let them get near that camp, okay? These yahoos are gonna shoot anything that moves.
Our friends are in there.
Amaya's in there.
Do you hear me? - You fellas ready? - [CLEARS THROAT.]
Actually, Sarge, you're gonna have to tell your men to stand down.
I just received intel that the encampment is a no-fire zone.
Nobody told me about any intel.
Well, the intel was on a need-to-know basis, and you didn't need to know till now.
Can you explain the situation to my men? Yeah, no problem.
Listen up.
I don't take orders from the CIA.
You in or you out, son? I'm in, pops.
Figure of speech.
What's going on? Well, Grodd wants to start World War III.
The sooner your great nations destroy one another, the sooner there will be peace.
One nation under Grodd.
The U.
President will pay for his atrocities.
Hey, you don't have to do this to get what you want.
She's right.
We're here to bring you home.
You have every right to be angry.
- This world is cruel.
What was done to you by humans it's unforgivable.
But you must understand that we are not here to hurt you.
And how will you bring me back home? Unless ah, you're time-travelers.
I will not go with you.
There is nothing for me where I am from.
- Only pain.
- You're right.
- Maybe we don't take you home.
- We don't? We can take you to a time before humans.
A time where you can live out your days in peace.
And why would Grodd trust you? [GROWLING.]
Because I'm different.
There's been a breach! All squads defend the perimeter! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You betrayed me.
No, I promise we had nothing to do with this.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
You have to believe me.
Humans will always fear Grodd, hunt Grodd, but with your time machine at Grodd's command, there will be no humans.
Grodd will alter the course of evolution.
He will no longer need a gorilla country because Grodd will have a gorilla planet.
You better tell the Professor he's gonna have company.
Who's in charge around here? [LOUD THUMPING.]
What in the world? [GROWLING.]
Get off me.
Call in an air strike.
We'll let a Napalm take care of whatever the hell that was.
We got deserters to deal with.
Raymond, I must have misheard you.
Did you say Grodd was on his way here? Sure did, man he's planning on stealing the Waverider.
I swear to you, if I die today because of a telepathic gorilla, I'm going to be very upset.
Yeah, well, then get the Waverider moving.
- Hands on your head, traitor.
Let's go, move it.
- Amaya.
- Nathaniel.
- Shut up.
- Are you okay? Mick? Mick.
What's wrong with him? [SIGHS.]
I'm afraid he's gone full Kurtz.
What does that mean? It's a movie reference.
Great movie, terrible situation.
They say life is the sum total of all the choices you make.
As your misfortune sinks in, maybe you want to ask yourself, what choices did I make to find myself here? Today I want payback for what that monster did to my men, my brothers.
- Uh, excuse excuse me.
- Shut up.
- We're journalist.
- Shut up.
And we've uncovered a plot to kill President Johnson.
We need to alert the proper authorities.
- Shut up.
- See? Hey, he's telling the truth.
The President landed in Vietnam.
But we can still save him.
You're reporters.
What are you gonna do? Question him to safety? It's a little more complicated than that, but just trust me, okay? We're the good guys.
Haven't you hear? There are no good guys here.
Stop! Stop, stop, stop! Hey, wait.
Wait, wait.
Whoa, don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
I'm an American.
You've got to back the hell up.
Son, we're gonna be on you like a duck on a june bug if we don't start moving again.
President, your life is in danger.
Okay? That road block is a trap.
You've got to get back to base.
- Step back, sir.
- Wai no, no, no.
Whoa, whoa.
President, stop! - [TRIGGER CLICKS.]
- Whoa, Mr.
Don't move! Don't.
Enough talk.
Time to pay the entrance fee to this circus.
- Don't.
- What are you doing? - Saving your life.
What are you talking about? I know what's going on in that head of yours.
But killing these people is not gonna bring back your men.
What do you know about anything? Mick, you do realize what will happen if you kill him? Don't care.
This is insubordination, son.
I wouldn't have expected that from you.
Well, you don't know me.
Lower your weapon.
Lower yours.
I got nothing to lose.
But you do.
You get to go home.
But if you kill these people, you'll hear their screams forever.
And one day when you have a family, you won't be able to look them in the eye.
Because this day, this act you're about to commit, will be burned in your memory forever.
Why'd you do that? I always wanted to.
Route is clear.
Weapons hot.
You guys walked through a mine field, and I'm pretty sure you're caught in a Soviet trip line.
But by freezing it, you should be able to step away.
Should? Okay, on the count of three, I want you to step away slowly.
One two three.
- I'll be a damn humdinger.
Sounds like our Viet Cong friends are circling in.
Okay, well, we better hustle through this minefield.
Follow my lead, and, uh, if I don't blow up, path's clear.
And if you blow up? Then you're on your own, sir.
- Well, that wasn't so hard.
- That's because I'm helping.
That your idea of helping? I'm afraid we have an unexpected passenger.
You're afraid? Follow my steps exactly.
I wasn't planning on improvising.
Okay, come on, Mr.
One more step.
You got this.
Come on.
Where is Captain Lance when I need her? Sara were you just waiting for the right moment to make a dramatic entrance? Are you all right? There is no Sara.
What? Only Grodd.
It appears that the Captain is under some sort of telepathic control.
Really, Gideon? You think so? I claim this ship for the New God.
Kneel before Gro [THUD.]
Oh, how I do love proving my laws of motion.
Please, save that lecture for another day.
Professor Stein, a U.
military air strike is approaching.
And Grodd is still clinging to the Waverider.
I have an idea.
Hey, are you sure you won't reconsider? I can get you out of here.
You can start over somewhere where there's no war.
No, my struggle is here.
I realize now my people, they do not need a god.
They need a leader.
Like you said, peace starts with me.
Got some R and R scheduled in a few days down in Eagle Beach.
You CIA boys ever get time off, maybe I'll see you down there.
Anything's possible.
You saved innocent lives.
You saved me.
Pulled me back from crossing that line.
Well, I've been pulled back from that line a couple of times myself.
Listen, uh if that kid of yours happens to be a boy Yeah? Never mind.
Looks like Operation Tough Love was a success.
Yeah, figured you'd want this back.
I don't need it anymore.
- Raymond, are you in there? - Yeah, I'm in here.
Just trying to rebuild the Molecular Hyper Compressor.
You mean the shrink-ray that I didn't get to use Grodd? Yes, it took quite a beating.
Uh, what are What are you doing here? I came by to say that you were right.
Well, you and Nathaniel, but I'd rather you didn't say anything.
No, of course not.
Uh, I won't say a word.
About what exactly? Kuasa.
This experience with Grodd he wasn't born a monster.
He was made into one.
And for all I know, the same is true of my granddaughter.
So, thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Well, I'm relieved you're all right.
Got a little close back there.
By the way, you were right.
I was putting myself under a lot of pressure to resolve our separation problem.
I just wanted to make sure I had done everything I could to keep you safe before I left.
But you're gonna be just fine.
You already carry the most important part of Firestorm within you.
His spirit.
You getting all soft on me, Grey? But for real, I'm gonna miss you when you're gone, man.
Anyway, you said you had something to show me.
Oh, uh, yeah, so after I saved L.
's life, I thought I'd get, like, a medal or something, but he just tells me he's got some top secret information.
And hands me this.
Oh, dear God.
This is incredible.
So, instead of a medal for bravery, President Johnson gave you a pie recipe.
Well, not just any recipe.
Ladybird Johnson's pecan pie was legendary.
The ingredients were very closely kept secret for a long time.
Eh, it's almost as good as my mom's pie.
I don't know.
First Lady pie is pretty good.
This is a great gift.
Way better than a medal 'cause you can eat it.
- Whoa.
What? You guys weren't going to save me any pie? - [LAUGHS.]
- Aye-oh-what! Welcome back to the land of the living, Captain.
Gideon gave me a clean bill of health.
- Hello, love.
- Hi.
But I don't know about this bump on my head.
Who's the new guy? Oh, don't ask.
Well, this was quite an adventure.
Where to next? Shut up, you bop.
Ah, Vietnam.
Crappy war.
Bitchin' music.
Where is Grodd? Who are you? Is that any way to treat your number one fan? A nuclear crisis in Central City? Masterful.
Why else do you think I'd pull you out of Vietnam before you fell into that Napalm inferno? Send me back.
I know you wanted a time ship, but who needs a lumbering tin can when you can time travel with a single thought?
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