DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e10 Episode Script

Daddy Darhkest

1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Arrow" Kuasa is my granddaughter.
Darhk and his daughter are just too powerful.
They have magic that we don't understand.
John Constantine.
What, you've never seen magic before? The last time we met, I saved your soul.
Now there's the demon over there possessing a little girl.
He knows your name.
- Sara Lance.
- Who's there? I am Mallus.
Sir? Visiting hours are over.
You never saw me and, uh, everything is perfectly normal.
Perfectly normal.
Hey, sweetheart.
It's me again.
I didn't think you'd find me after they locked me up in here.
His voice, it's so loud.
He says I can't fight him.
Well, let's prove the nasty git wrong, shall we? Come on, let's get you up.
All right, love.
This, uh, might sting a bit.
- Exorcizamus te - [YELPS.]
Omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis, - et virtute Domini Nostri! - [SPINE CRACKS.]
Go back to the place from whence thou come! - [SCREAMING.]
- I cast thee out! [NECK CRACKS.]
You cannot save this one, Constantine.
You've already failed her, just as you failed Astra.
Omnis legio, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.
This vessel is mine.
Even now, her soul slips into the dark to be joined by another, a friend of yours.
Sara? How do you know Sara? Tell me! Tell me! Sir! I don't know how you got in here, but I have contacted the authorities and will press charges.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right, love.
I can explain.
And don't get your pearls in a twist.
If you'll just look at this here coin I will do nothing of the [COIN FLICKS.]
Sara Lance.
What the bloody hell have you gotten yourself into? We'll get to your demon, but how did you even find me? Oh, simple, that.
I attuned a dowsing dagger to your specific energy, I followed it from there.
And I thought time travel was weird.
Well, you are not wrong about that, love.
Whoo, this is one hell of a jam jar you've got here.
I thought we gave the Englishman to the Time Pigs.
That was Rip.
This is John Constantine.
Skinny Brit in a trench coat.
Same thing.
Oh, doubtful, mate.
You see, I am an accomplished warlock, an expert of the occult, and a master of exorcism.
I'm also a Taurus, for those of you taking notes.
The Anansi Totem.
- That belongs to - Her granddaughter.
Same totem, different Vixen.
She's from 1942.
You were saying about that "warlock" thing? Accomplished warlock, mate.
Well, I am charmed to know another who bears the family name.
It's an honor.
So, what's your story then, handsome? I'm from another Earth, and I'm spoken for.
Yeah, his girlfriend's a guy.
Anyway, this is too much for me.
I'm gonna watch TV.
I've nearly finished assembling our new Nanite pistol.
Soon, it's gonna be, "Look out, Darhks.
One blast of this baby, and Damien's gonna wish he'd never come back from the dead.
Well, that is, once the code's finished.
- It's not a race, Ray.
- No, of course not.
We're all winners here.
Just, you know, some winners are faster than other winners.
This code will replicate the combustive effects of a Heat and Cold gun crossing streams using nanotech, the only thing that's made them flinch so far.
You really wanna rush me? No, no, no, no.
Besides, the last explosion in this lab caused a "Freaky Friday" Firestorm.
I miss them, too.
I broke into the loony bin to perform an exorcism.
And while I was at it, that demon called your name.
Said you'd soon be slipping into the dark.
And I figured if Emily's demon knows you on a first name basis you might know something that can help me save you both.
I don't need saving.
And I am done fighting demons.
You think this has something to do with the demon we're fighting? I was speaking of them metaphorically, but yes, I did recently visit the spirit world.
It's a long story, but it's probably how the demon knows my name.
And the demon's name is Mallus.
Very handy, demon names.
Just what I need to cast this Mallus wanker out.
Now, I don't know what you and your, uh, dishy lot have gotten yourselves into, but I suggest you leave it to the experts.
So nice one for the tip.
I've got a girl to save.
Oh, not so fast.
You said it yourself.
This is not just any demon, and we've been fighting it before you even knew its name.
And if this girl's connected to Mallus, she might be able to help us destroy him.
You wanna tag along for an exorcism? Yep.
That's out of the bloody question, love.
Well, we gave you its name.
So you owe us.
Well, I gave you your soul.
So you owe me indefinitely.
Hmm, all the more reason for me to help you.
If we're lucky, Mallus hasn't cemented his control over the girl yet.
Well, if you're looking for luck, you're on the wrong time ship.
How's about a light, then? Ask Mick, if you want your face burned off.
I'm doomed either way.
We're receiving a transmission from the Time Bureau.
It's Agent Sharpe.
Or should I call her Ava? Just put her on, Gideon.
Ava, hi.
Any progress with Rip? Ugh, not yet.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm still waiting to meet with Director Bennett.
Unfortunately no one here believes that Rip was right about Mallus being real.
I've even been barred from visiting him while he's incarcerated.
It's a whole mess of red tape.
Well, if anyone can get through it, it's you.
Thanks, I could use a little encouragement.
Well, I think what we could both use is a glass of wine.
Uh, well, I I'd better go.
So I will let you know how things progress.
What? First, I apologize for interrupting.
Second, that woman clearly has a crush on you.
- Just don't.
- Come, come, Captain.
She called you for absolutely no reason.
It was just an excuse to talk to you.
Gideon, play back that last bit, please.
Gideon, don't.
Head down, eyes up, cheeks flushed.
Classic courtship signals.
Even if it was And it is not We're completely different people.
I don't know, you're both strong women.
You're both obsessed with repairing time.
You're both super hot.
Gay, not blind.
Look, Ava's the kind of girl that you take home to your parents, and I am the kind you take to an exorcism.
All right, we've landed.
Where did they move her? Can't find anyone named Emily in the admissions record.
Guys, be careful.
You're in an asylum with a demon.
It's a twofer of terror.
Give her an additional 4 milligrams of thiopental, and prep her for another session.
That's her.
Oh, there she is.
Thank you, I can take it from here.
I mean, her from here.
I'm sorry, who are you? I'm Doctor Yeah, I'm not doing this.
Ah, nice one, love.
I'll make sure no one else gets in our way.
Find a place for her, and we'll rendezvous.
All right, now, uh, where to perform an exorcism? There's a vacant room in the east wing, room 237.
Allons-y, Alonzo.
It's Kuasa.
I'll hold her off.
I don't wanna fight you.
- I just wanna talk.
- There is no time for talk.
I must protect the moment she became his.
Emily, Emily, I need you to speak to me.
That's that's not my name.
Uh, guys? That girl you're trying to save [BEEPING.]
is Nora friggin' Darhk.
This is Damien Darhk's daughter? How is that even possible? They changed her name.
Looks like after Darhk was killed by the Green Arrow, Nora was place in Child Protective Services.
Demons prey on the most vulnerable of souls.
This one, she lost her name, her family.
Okay, so if we exorcise Mallus, we can stop the family business before it takes off.
We need her alert for an exorcism.
Nora, love.
Ah, they've got her knocked out cold.
You guys, go hit up the pharmacy.
See if you can find some adrenaline.
Screw it.
I'm gonna help Amaya.
You get the drugs.
Nate, take it.
- How do I use it? - You pull the trigger.
Leo, we really need Yes, drugs, pronto.
On it.
Nice one.
Oh, and uh, see if you can find me a light, yeah? Got it! What? [BOTH GRUNTING.]
- [CRACK.]
Oh, that is a sensitive trigger.
Nate, don't! [BUBBLING.]
What did you do to her? She was gonna kill you, Amaya.
Let's get your granddaughter back on the ship before she thaws out.
I got the adrenaline, and what is this? It's the Triangle of Solomon with some elder runes and Enochian script.
It's a trap of my own design.
Mallus will have no chance of breaking free.
Now, I gotta warn you both.
Things are about to get a little bit wonky in here.
Anything with an electrical current, you might want to turn it off.
- Guys, we're going dark.
Good luck.
Give it a nudge, love.
Who are you? Where am I? It's okay, all right? You're safe.
Now, you told John here that you heard voices in your head.
Can you tell us what they were saying? Um [STAMMERING.]
The six.
- Six.
- Six, the six.
The number of the Beast.
Now, step aside, Lance.
It's okay.
I summon the demon Mallus.
I order you to come forth.
Step into the light! [ELECTRICITY SPARKING.]
- Nora - No, no, no! That's not Nora.
I've been expecting you, Sara Lance.
Soon you'll gaze upon my true face.
Soon you will inhabit my world.
Mallus, you tosspot.
I see you.
Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis incursio infernalis! [CACKLES.]
No, John.
Your tricks won't work on me! Bloody hell.
- Any ideas? - [GROANS.]
Those were my ideas.
Gaesta úr nemdai im baafed úr sháel! She's preparing an incantation.
Maybe we should stop her.
Gaesta úr nemdai im baafed úr sháel.
Emily? Emily, are you all right? [NORMAL VOICE.]
Th They were trying to help me, but now he has them.
So, where are we, exactly? Well, I think the question is "when".
January 16th, 1969.
She sent us back in time.
Wait, is that Nora's doctor? [WHISTLES.]
Apparently her taste in jewelry never changed.
But yeah, this is all a bit weird.
Can we get your, uh, team to come pick us up? We can't communicate across time without special equipment.
You mean, we're stuck here? It's the time of the season for loving Well, we wouldn't wanna stand out, now would we? [MATCH CRACKS.]
Look, they still have the same paintings on the walls.
That's how we send a message.
The picture of the blessed virgin that fell off the wall when Nora was possessed would still be hanging now in 1969.
If we write the message on the back of the painting, then the Legends will find it in 2017.
Sure, as long as no one redecorates for the next 50 years.
Fingers crossed.
Mick, have you heard from Sara or the rest of the team? They're not answering on comms.
Well, that explains the peace and quiet.
It's fine, she's my granddaughter.
Yeah, well, tell that to your arm.
You two, take it outside.
It's week 16 of the division titles.
You know we're on a time ship, right? - Hey, Gideon, who won the - No! I haven't watched a live game of football in three years.
I do not wanna know the score.
Sara, it's Ray.
Do you copy? Z, would you please tell her talking to Kuasa is a bad idea? - No.
- Thank you.
I refuse to accept that my granddaughter is pure evil.
Fine, she's 89% evil.
Guys, I think Sara is in trouble.
Quiet! Haircut, take the new girl.
Find Blondie, Fake Snart, and Trenchcoat.
Amaya, the Med-Bay.
Pretty, the library.
Water Bitche, stays in the freezer.
You know, Mick, you're really showing some management potential.
Get out.
You ready? Bet you wish you'd finished programming that gun we'd been working on.
If you don't shut up about that gun, that demon's gonna be the least of your Whoa.
Nate We haven't found Sara or the rest of the team, but we did find a strange symbol.
What's it look like? Well, it looks like a circle with a line above the circle, and then there's like a U-shape coming off of the circle.
A duck? Welcome back to the 21st century, you Luddites.
Incoming message from Ms.
What's it mean? It's an ancient runic symbol used by practitioners of the dark arts for temporal manipulation.
Oh, no.
Guys, I think Sara and Co.
Got sucked into the timeline.
Gideon and I are gonna do some research to figure out where they're gonna get spit out.
Or we can just ask her.
She is the one who cast the spell.
Hey, uh, don't touch the meatloaf.
You'll regret it.
Trust me.
This isn't my first time in a place like this.
You know, I had this roommate once who, um, who thought I was her pet cat.
She would hide tuna fish in my bed every night.
Yeah, I don't know what was worse: the smell, or the fact that she insisted on calling me "Slinky.
" Friends of ours came to see you last night.
They tried to help you.
- Where did you send them? - I don't know.
It was the demon.
He took over.
And I won't be able to stop him the next time.
Then they'll lock me up somewhere else.
Put me on their drugs.
No, no, they won't.
We're gonna get you out of here.
We can't take her out of here.
We're dealing with a D-E-M-O-N.
I'm not five.
I know how to spell "demon.
" Places like this just make people crazier, more vulnerable.
Isn't it best we keep an eye on her? We can't take her on the ship.
No, not the ship.
We need somewhere sunny and boring.
Oh, that's your jam, right? That [SOFT STAMMERING.]
that is my jam.
We need to give this girl a chance.
Who knows, maybe she won't grow up to hate us.
Sara Sara You're getting closer, Sara.
Are you all right, love? [BROODING MUSIC.]
I'm fine.
Come on.
We're almost at room 237.
They can't reach you.
Only I can.
Sara? Nora? Help me, Sara.
Nora? - Is that you? - Please.
Captain Lance! What is it? - There's nothing there.
- It's Mallus.
Well, I told you there'd be repercussions for going to the dark side.
It leaves a trace.
Now that he's sniffed you out, he'll wanna use you, too.
You can't let him break you.
We gotta get out of here.
The painting.
I'll put a message behind it.
I'll see to her then come and find you.
- All right.
- You gotta help me.
- He's coming for me.
- All right, come on.
What do you think you're doing? Legends, we got dropped through time from 2017 and are now trapped in the past.
The day is January 16th, 1969.
Come quick.
So you're a time traveler.
Would you believe I'm also from an alternate Earth? Of course you are.
Take him to the operating room.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come here, come here.
Hey, where are you going? Here, stay with me.
- Stay with me.
- What's happening? It's Mallus' trickery.
Fear, anger, he's using your darkest emotions to prime you for possession.
He wants you to be afraid.
I need you to fight him, Sara.
Feels like the mother of all hangovers, don't it? [BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY.]
A shot of pickle juice and a gin and tonic will sort that right out.
Oh, I thought this was all over.
The blood lust, the fight for my soul, all the crap that I've had to endure.
Well, there's always more crap to endure.
Take it from one who's damned his own soul to Hell.
There was a a girl in Newcastle.
I failed her.
Some might say you should forgive yourself.
Well, if I could, then perhaps I wouldn't have the need to save the likes of poor Nora.
What about you? Have you forgiven yourself for your sins? I don't deserve forgiveness.
What is that? It's a little reminder that, uh, you're a survivor.
Strong enough to keep even the most powerful demons at bay.
A laundry room in a mental asylum in 1969 might not be the worst place to be stuck.
Are we really this damaged? I certainly hope so.
You must find the heir.
She needs your protection.
Are you okay? What do you care, Nana Baa? It's strange to be called "grandmother.
" If I've learned one thing, it's that time travel can be maddening.
I can imagine.
If you have the power to change history and you choose to do nothing I choose to protect people from those who would prey upon them.
And what about your own people? If you really cared about them, you'd take this ship back to Zambesi, 1992.
I can't interfere with our fate.
Then you are a coward.
Yet you were a wonderful grandmother.
I adored you, Nana Baa.
I wanted to be just like you.
Then one night, the men came.
Please, I can't know this.
I watched the men murder you.
Then they burned our village to the ground.
Mother ran with Mari.
She abandoned me.
She thought you were dead.
I was alone in a country ravaged by war.
I'm sorry, Kuasa.
I learned to embrace the pain, using it to strike bargains with powerful beings.
Like Damien Darhk? What has he promised you? Something you've refused.
A chance to protect our village.
A chance to save your life.
A chance to go anywhere, and she chooses a coffee shop? She just wants to feel normal.
Hey, you okay? Mmm, feels good to be in real clothes.
Yeah, tell me about it.
So, what are you gonna order? Oh, um, hot chocolate, with whipped cream and caramel sauce.
Uh, we just got her off her meds.
Do you really wanna get her hooked on sugar? You know what? I think I'll have a donut, too.
Nora, would you find us a seat, please? Thank you.
We really gotta come up with a plan, besides taking Mallus to a coffee franchise.
Anything's better than that insane asylum.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, no, no, you are making a serious mistake.
I am not insane! I promise! Miss, you don't know what you're doing.
I performed thousands of transorbital lobotomies.
After we've finished, your disease will be cured.
- Who are you? - We're also from the future.
And spoiler alert, you don't age well.
They found the note.
And we need to find another way out of here.
Okay, the symbol that Nora drew was a time travel spell, right? So why don't we just cast the same spell and get out of here? She was channeling the power of Mallus when she cast that spell.
Not even I have that kind of juice.
I do.
You said that Mallus can use me the way that he does Nora.
So you summon Mallus into me, I draw the rune, same as her, and we get to go home.
And what about when the demon is inside you, eh? You said I was strong enough to hold my own self.
Yeah, well, I was Trying to seduce you.
Oh, please.
I was seducing you.
I hope no one was trying to seduce anyone while I was about to be lobotomized.
You know, this is why I like to work alone.
- Okay.
- Oh, okay.
It's a it's a musical.
- Oh, this is an easy one.
- Oh, no, no, no.
Not this again.
Ray, please don't sing.
- Please, please don't sing.
Oh what a beautiful morning Oh what a beautiful day I've got a beautiful feeling Everything's going my way - That's I I can't.
You guys know this is a state, too, right? Yeah.
Come on, my turn.
We're live on News 52 with the latest in the ongoing What, what is it? Our city's beleaguered mayor, Oliver Queen.
Mayor Queen is facing trial for multiple murders including that of Damien Darhk two years ago, following an attempt to destroy - We should go.
- Yeah.
Hey, let's get out of here, all right? [BROODING MUSIC.]
There's no place you can take me.
No place he won't find me.
- Hey.
- Nora.
Nora, we We know you're still in there.
Hey, Nora, listen to us.
The girl is empty.
Long before you arrived, she was mine! [PEOPLE GASPING.]
You have to fight him, Nora.
She feels nothing.
She is nothing.
Okay, that's enough.
Everyone, get out! [SNARLS.]
Let her go.
Your fight's not with her.
It's with us.
There will be no fight.
We need backup.
Nora's possessed.
Come on.
Push back.
We're trying, but we need help.
Where's the defense? [ELECTRICITY SPARKING.]
That's what we're asking you for.
Oh, tie game.
Third and goal.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Have you seen Amaya? She's talking to her granddaughter-cicle.
Wait, what? You let her go in there? [WHISTLING AND CHEERING.]
It's fourth and goal! Damn it, Mick! What do you mean, you spoke to one of our ancestors? She came to me in a vision and told me to protect the new totem bearer.
I assumed she was talking about Zari, but now I think she meant you.
You want to help me? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
You're family.
- Get away from her.
Put the gun down, Nathaniel.
And once you're under, don't let the demon coax you in any further.
You must outwill Mallus and draw the temporal rune.
Are you sure you wanna do this, love? You wanna stay here forever? [SOFT LAUGH.]
The ash of a slain phoenix will hold Mallus within his parameter.
And we'll, uh, hasten his wake up call by combining extract of hawk weed with the saliva of a damned man.
Which, sorry to say, love, you'll have to ingest.
Let's summon this demon already.
All right.
All right.
- Let him go.
Ab intra, resurgemus daemonium! [INTENSE WHOOSH.]
It's working.
Somebody out there? [CRYING CONTINUES.]
What's going on? Why did she stop? Come on, Sara.
Finish it.
- Nora? [SNIFFLING.]
He's possessing you, too.
I don't like what I'm doing out there.
I don't wanna hurt them.
Hurt who? Listen to me.
You are not Mallus.
You are not a demon.
You are Nora Darhk.
You think you can fool me? [LAUGHS.]
You're one of the six.
I'm what? [GASPS.]
Look at me.
It's not your fault.
But now you get to make a choice.
You don't have to give into the darkness.
You can fight it.
Nora, I know, because I fight it every day.
Can you do that, Nora? Can you help me fight? [GLASS SHATTERS.]
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, it's over.
Anytime today would be good, love.
- Come on! - We leaving? - We leaving now? - Grab an arm! [INTENSE WHOOSHING.]
Are we back? She bloody did it.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, don't do this to me.
Sara, come on, Sara.
Come back to me.
Prove me wrong.
Oh, no.
You You should really see your face right now.
Get up.
Kuasa, don't.
If you're gonna kill me, pull the trigger.
At least you'll have done something to change my fate.
He can help me save you.
So that I can go home.
Let him go.
You need him, too.
Don't disappoint me, Nana Baa.
I I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to Nora, look.
We know that wasn't you.
You have to know that, and you have to believe that, too.
Hey, we're gonna find you a home.
Somewhere where people understand you.
Look no further.
I heard you guys were in town, so I just had to stop by.
Da Daddy? Hi, honey.
Nora, don't.
You're alive.
I I missed you so much, Daddy.
Everyone's been so mean, and every place I've gone has been terrible, but they they kept me safe.
Your friends lied to you.
They're afraid of what you are.
You see, Mallus is no demon.
He's your savior.
Do you remember how he made you feel? The power? One day you'll use that power to bring me back to you.
You just have to accept him.
Nora, look, I know it's hard, but don't listen to him.
Look, you still have a chance [INTENSE WHOOSHING.]
Come to me.
That's right, my darling.
Come to Daddy.
Now, we're gonna have to part for a little while.
But I know someone who's gonna give you a home.
A place where they understand your power.
But The Order and I will help you work with Mallus so that you can bring your father back for good.
Come on.
I know.
Family reunions can really suck.
- Whoop.
How many times do I have to tell you I'm fine? Well, somehow you managed to channel a demon of the highest order, and you didn't succumb.
Sara's strong.
She's the strongest person I know.
Hey, when Nora was possessed by Mallus, he seemed scared of my totem.
He said that I was "one of the six.
" And that bastard doesn't fear much.
If your totem gave him the frights, maybe these trinkets are the keys to stopping him.
So much for our anti-magic nanite gun.
I only know about five totems.
There's my Spirit, your Air, Kuasa's Water.
And then there's Earth, and there's Fire.
But could there be more? I'll do some digging.
I have, uh, numerous contacts I can draw on.
Well, this has been, uh, weird.
Even for me.
Well, I'll be on my way, then.
Hey, before you go, I, uh I just wanted to say thank you.
For helping me with Mallus, that is.
Oh, of course.
Uh, helping you with Mallus was, uh, good for me, too.
If you ever need me to help you with Mallus again, just give us a call.
I'll be right there.
Although, there are lots of people out there with very weird demons, and they all need my help.
Mmm, I understand.
- Good.
- And thanks for the shag, too.
That was great.
Oh, Ray.
Big man.
Do us a favor, uh give us a hand with the cargo door, will you? [DOOR WHIRRING.]
It's actually a pretty intuitive design mechanism.
Uh, basic open-close functionality.
I know how to open the damn door, mate.
Now, what's this about an anti-magic gun? Oh, uh, I was gonna put it in storage.
Well, don't.
You keep it net by.
You said so yourself, the key to stopping Mallus are the totems.
It could be.
But in the meantime, you may need a more accessible solution for a more familiar target.
Sara may not know it, but the demon's power, it lives inside of her.
If or more like when she succumbs to it, you're gonna need that gun.
As always, this is a non-smoking aircraft.
Uh, don't worry, Gideon, sweetheart.
I'll see you around, Squire.
That guy's cool.
Of the highlights so far, there was the interception by Hello, friend.
Would you mind, uh, turning that off for a second? [INDISTINCT TV CHATTER.]
Okay, um, just wanted to say I'm grateful.
Grateful I was allowed to tag along with you and the Legends.
It was it was an experience, and, uh - an education.
- Likewise.
I'm proud to know you, and This is hard.
This is me saying goodbye.
Take care of yourself, Mick.
You too.
You know he's still watching TV, right? I wasn't watching T Just a little bit.
On that note, Captain Lance.
I'm going home.
I'm gonna ask Ray to marry me.
- Ray? - My Ray, not your Ray.
That is a bold move.
It is.
It just feels like it's time to sign up for a Different kind of adventure? A different kind of adventure, exactly.
Snart I mean, Leo.
See you around.
I'll see you around.
Gideon, can you get me a line on Ava, please? Yes, Captain.
Would you like some privacy as well? Cheeky bot.
Captain Lance, I was just about to call you.
Really? I mean, cool.
'Cause, uh, I just wanted to compare notes, and I thought that maybe if you'd like to come to the ship There's no time.
I finally got through the bureau's red tape, and it seems Director Hunter has escaped.
What? Well, where is he? We have no idea.

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