DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e11 Episode Script

Here I Go Again

1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Sara may not know it, but the demon's power that lives inside of her, when she succumbs to it, you're gonna need that gun.
Come with us.
What would you rather do? Hide from A.
your whole life or time travel? What do you think the captain would think about you re-engineering time? Well, I'm no hero, and I'm not a member of any team.
Are you sure about this, Ms.
Tomaz? Captain Lance did not give you authorization to initialize this program.
That's because I didn't ask for authorization.
Now fire up the auxiliary generator.
Even with the reserve power, I don't believe my system can run your simulation software.
Gideon, trust me.
Trust is something that grows over time between friends.
As far as I'm concerned, we are still acquaintances.
Question, Gideon.
Who's ready to have 1.
12 terawatts of power diverted straight into her CPU? I'm not sure if your calculations accurately stabilize the surge.
We should talk about this before proceeding.
No time.
We have to run this program before the team gets back.
In that case, I suggest you hurry.
The team has just returned on the jumpship from their mission.
Screw it.
Gideon, what's happening? I was gonna ask the same question.
I thought you were fixing the ship.
Uh, yeah, that The maintenance check took longer than expected.
The ship's a mess.
I had to re-initialize Gideon's alpha drives.
So how'd it go out there? Good mish? [GROANS.]
I pried this cassette from Shorty's fingers.
- He means Napoleon Bonaparte.
- "Waterloo.
" Who writes a song about losing a war? Huh? - [GRUNTS.]
- Anyway.
It was really great.
Even though half our band missed the cue for our big encore.
Yeah, where were you guys? - Um.
- Uh It was my fault.
I was just not used to walking in these go-go boots.
It won't happen again, Captain.
Gideon, let's check the historical records, see if everything is back to normal.
According to the historical record, the battle of Waterloo is back on track.
Napoleon did surrender [POWERS DOWN.]
And the French forces withdrew Gideon? Where did she go? The ship's functions are still operational, but it looks as though Gideon's neural core has been fried.
I asked you to perform a routine maintenance check.
I did run a maintenance check.
And maybe something else? Something you want to tell us about? - Maybe show us? - [CLEARS THROAT.]
Oh, do not make me move you.
Uh, you should just tell her what it is.
Last thing we want to do is get Sara mad.
Why is that? [STAMMERING.]
Because High blood pressure.
It takes years off your life.
Okay, fine.
You win.
I uploaded a synchronous, multi-model simulation program to Gideon's neural core.
A simulation program for what? To see if there are any other loopholes in history that we could exploit.
We? You mean you can exploit.
You're trying to hack history? What exactly are you trying to change in 2042? Oh, I don't know, Ray.
Maybe I'm trying to figure out how to stop my home from becoming a dystopian nightmare? Look, Zari, I let the Helen of Troy thing pass.
I even let it slide when you tried to prevent Martin's death, but you need to understand we are in the "fixing anachronisms" business, not the "hacking history" business.
Now please go fix Gideon.
Hey, maybe if you would stop bossing me around for a second, you would see this is a good idea.
I said "please.
" And even if I didn't, bossing you around is part of my job as captain.
Yeah, and it's really easy to take you seriously in that outfit.
You know this whole apathetic cool girl thing, it's not as cute as you think.
If you want to be a member of this team Member-ish.
This was always a temporary arrangement.
I was never planning on sticking around for long.
Then so long as you are on this ship, I am your captain, and if you don't like it, you can stop sticking around.
Aye, aye.
- I'm gonna kill her.
- Wait! Sara no! Just fix the ship.
"Just fix the ship.
" Yes, Captain.
Of course, Captain.
Could I kiss your ass, Captain? [SPITS, GROANS.]
Damn it.
Of course.
Of course! All right, Gideon.
You back online? Gideon? [RUMBLING.]
Well, as long as you are on this ship, I'm your captain, and if you don't like it, you can stop sticking around.
Are you gonna say something? Yeah.
What the What is wrong with you? Uh.
Nothing, I think.
Didn't we just have this conversation? Yeah, 'cause you keep making me repeat myself.
That's not what I meant.
Sara, don't get mad.
I'm sure Zari could fix [SIGHS.]
Just fix the ship.
Yeah, okay.
Deep breaths.
No one's going crazy.
It's probably just something I ate.
- I'm busy.
- Right.
You've done a lot of time travelling.
Have you ever had déjà vu? What's that? Oh, it's uh, French for already seen.
I hate the French! I'm mortified, Nathaniel.
I mean, we could've permanently derailed the history of France.
- For what? - For what? Have you not seen your outfit? It totally would have been worth it, and I'm a historian! We never should've given into the temptation.
But we did.
And now, I can't stop thinking about you.
We can't put the team at risk.
All right? Until we can figure out a way to behave professionally, we'll have to forget it ever happened.
I can't.
Just try.
Yeah, uh, Amaya and I were just comparing notes - on the last mission.
- Uh-huh.
Did you notice anything weird happen a few minutes ago? No, not really.
- Nothing with the ship? - Mm-mm.
Well, let me think about it.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Hey, aren't you supposed to be in the engine room? Sara told you to fix Gideon.
The last thing we want to do is Make Sara mad.
You know what they say.
"Happy captain, happy ship.
" No one says that, but whatever.
"Happy captain, happy ship!" Stupid.
All right, Gideon.
You there? [RUMBLING.]
Mamma mia.
Here I go again.
So long as you are on this ship, I'm your captain.
And if you don't like it, you can stop sticking around.
Okay, something really bizarre is happening.
You're not even listening to me.
No, Sara, wait! - There's no need for violence! - Ow! Ow! I'm sorry, old habits.
Ray, take Zari to the MedBay.
This way.
What has gotten into you? I don't know how to explain this, but I've died twice.
Have you gotten into Nate's psychedelic root stash? No, I'm serious, Ray, please, I need your help.
Fine, whatever.
I guess I have to figure this out on my own.
- What's that? - It's a mild sedative.
While you heal up, I don't want you hurting yourself, or anybody else.
So long as you are on this ship - Sara, I need you to shut up.
- What? Emergency! Everyone back on the bridge, right now.
What are you doing? Okay, let's all just calm down.
No, I will not calm down, and watch your step, Ray.
What do you mean? Ah! I thought the mission was over.
- Why are we still here? - Yeah, what's going on? Okay, I know I know this is gonna sound crazy, but we are all in imminent danger.
In an hour, this ship is going to explode.
How do you know? Let's let's let's say I had a dream.
Uh, but we need to check the ship, and go over every inch, because if we don't stop this explosion, we're going to die! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Guys! Guys, I'm telling the truth! What's up with her? Working theory: сabin fever.
Working theory: space madness.
Acute entropic dementia.
Too many donuts.
I mean, it could be anything.
Must've developed a sedative tolerance.
What's the plan, Z? First, you piss off Sara, now you're sneaking out of the MedBay.
Yeah, I don't have a plan, because nothing I do matters anyway.
Sara always yells at me, nobody believes what I say, and Ray always trips on his platforms.
I have no idea why I'm stuck in this time loop.
Time loop, you mean like "Groundhog Day?" You don't know "Groundhog" All right, it's a movie about this guy who lives the same day over and over and over again until he learns to be a better person.
I know it sounds totally hacky.
However, it's very well executed.
What's that noise? Oh, that noise just means that we're all about to die.
All right, if what you're saying is true, and you find yourself in the loop again, find me, and say the words "Groundhog Day.
" Just do it! [EXPLOSIONS.]
Well, as long as you are on this ship, I'm your captain, and if you don't like it, - you can stop sticking - Stop sticking around.
- Yeah.
- Around.
Oh, and watch out, Ray.
Watch out for What? [GRUNTS.]
How did she know that? Nate Nate Library.
We can't put the rest of the team at risk, all right? Until we can figure out a way to behave professionally, we just have to forget that this ever happened.
- I can't.
- Just try.
Amaya and I were just, you know, working on our harmonies, in case we have to impersonate Yeah, yeah, whatever.
I have something to tell you.
Hedgehog Day! Damn it, you told me if I said "Hedgehog Day" you would know what I was talking about.
Do you mean "Groundhog Day"? Why would I tell you to tell me about a Bill Murray movie? I don't know, all I know is I'm stuck in this time loop.
Like "Groundhog Day"! Okay, got it, okay.
- You do? - Mm-hmm.
And you'll help me figure out what's going on? Yeah, that's what friends are for.
- We're friends? - Of course! So lay it on me.
What's happening? All right.
How about instead of trying to stop the ship from exploding, we all get on the jumpship and escape? Yeah, while you guys were out, I was running my own little side mission, which crashed Gideon, and with her down, the jumpship's locked into the docking bay.
So we need to talk to Sara.
No, I already tried.
She never listens to me.
Probably too pissed off.
You know, thinking about the vibration pattern of the blast, I don't think we were attacked from the outside.
The explosion was caused by someone on the ship.
I seriously doubt anybody would blow up the ship on purpose.
So where do we start? I mean, you've all been acting a little suspicious since you got back from your mission.
Whoa, whoa.
Mick doing laundry.
Now, that's suspicious.
I can't get this damn song out of my head.
Which one? "Waterloo"? Ah! Don't mention it! - Did it work? - Did what work? Why am I holding the thingy in my hand? I'll look after it, Mick.
Good! I gotta get my undies in the dryer before Haircut does! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Why would Amaya want the memory flasher? It could have something to do with Kuasa.
She does want to help her.
What if Kuasa somehow convinced her to blow up the ship? Take it easy on the conspiracy juice.
- I'll find out what's going on.
- All right.
Hey! I I thought Sara told you to fix the ship.
Yeah, like she always does.
Yeah, look, I know Sara can be tough, especially when you make her mad.
Hey, why are you so worried about Sara's temper? No, I just You know the saying.
Happy Captain - Happy ship.
- Happy ship.
Well, I guess I guess my catchphrase is catching on in the future.
Yeah, yeah, um, everyone is saying it where I'm from.
That's cool.
Come on, Nate, we're running out of time.
What are you doing in there? The truth is, when it comes to you, I'm not as strong as I'd like to be.
With this, we can both forget it happened.
Yeah, you're right.
With everything going on with Mallus, Kuasa, and Zari mentioned something about the ship, we should be clear-headed.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But, since we're gonna flash ourselves anyway I mean, it's not like we'd remember.
Ugh, Nate.
Thank God.
Come here, Tiger.
- Mmm.
- Uh-huh.
Kill me now.
Nate! Oh, hey, um, Amaya and I were just "Groundhog Day!" One hour, ship explodes! You're stuck in a time loop, and we have to stop the ship from exploding? Exactly, and I think that someone - Is triggering the explosion.
- It's probably an accident, but we have to investigate everyone to figure out who's causing it.
There's a lot of secrets on this ship.
- Let's start with Amaya.
- Why? So you can sex with her? - That's crazy.
- No.
You two flashing each other afterwards in order to forget, that's crazy! Why would we flash each other after having sex? - Focus, Nate! - Right, ship exploding.
- Got it.
- Let's go find Rory.
Right, she probably wants to forget how awesome it was.
Or how short.
So I've timed out a schedule.
He always leaves right about now.
Come on.
Oh! Suspicious looking box! Careful, for all we know, it could be the cause of the explosion.
We just gotta take it nice and [METALLIC CLANG.]
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! BOTH: Oh, my God! [METALLIC CLANG.]
Oh, nice save.
Can you imagine if I tripped that? Yeah, I don't have to imagine it.
Oh, God.
Here we go.
So you got all the traps? I don't know.
I've never gotten this far before.
Why would Mick rig all these traps for a damn typewriter? Maybe it's his criminal manifesto.
Let me see this.
This says "bosom" far too many times to be a manifesto.
"As the twin suns of Dartayus set on the horizon, her heaving bosom undulated like the soothing waves of the bay.
Buck swept her into his musky embrace.
" Mick's writing a sci-fi romance novel.
Well, that's the last thing I thought I'd see before I die.
Oh, funny you should say that.
So you're saying Rory and Amaya are in the clear.
Which is why we're gonna go visit Ray.
He's been acting twitchy.
Well, let's go spy on my best friend! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Oh, wow, that's boring.
I think we can cross him off our suspect list.
Ray? Have you seen Zari? I just checked the engine room, she's not there.
Um, no, I haven't.
I'm sick and tired of playing mom.
She's really starting to piss me off.
Uh, well, in the meantime, how about some tea? It's my signature blend of chamomile, lavender, and rose.
Very relaxing! If you see Zari, tell her I'm looking for her.
- Ray.
- Holy Toledo! Where'd you guys come from? Were you spying on me? Of course you were, I shouldn't say anything.
Okay, I'll tell you everything! Constantine told me to kill Sara if Mallus ever takes control of her again.
Wow, dude, that's That's heavy.
Wait, maybe Sara Malluses out and blows up the ship! What do you mean she blows up the ship? Zari's caught in a time loop and the ship explodes every hour.
- Oh, like "Cause and Effect.
" - What? "Star Trek: Next generation.
" - It's "Groundhog Day.
" - Fair enough.
But "Star Trek" Wait, the ship explodes in an hour? Yeah, actually, 24 minutes.
And I think someone onboard is causing it.
- Mick.
- He's clean.
Unlike his literary erotica.
Excuse me, what? Long story, like literally a long story.
- So weird.
- 1,000 pages long.
- There was blue.
- Ugh.
Anyway, the captain's the only one we haven't checked out.
For that, we need your help, Ray.
What is she doing going into the jumpship? With Gideon down, it's not like she can go anywhere.
Wait, is there a way she could cause the explosion from the jumpship? Could be any number of ways.
And with Mallus, who knows what he's capable of? I'm worried about what we're gonna find in there.
I hope I don't have to use this.
You ready? Yeah, let's shrink, Ray.
You sure she can't see us? No, not when we're in stealth mode, which really just means library voices and no sudden movements.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you up to? Oh, you know, crossword puzzles.
You look tired.
Thanks, jerk.
No, no, I didn't I mean, you always look good, I just Did you have a long day, or You have no idea.
There's this person on my team, and she is reckless! She doesn't take orders.
And it's like I want to tell her how important she is to this team.
Because she is, but Sometimes, I tell you.
She does not make it easy.
What'd she do? Well, she hijacked Gideon, crashed our entire system testing out some simulation software that finds loopholes in history.
That is definitely against regulations.
Not that I haven't been tempted to change the past.
It's just I don't even want to start looking for loopholes, because then I'm gonna start looking for ways to save my sister, and then I'm gonna drive myself crazy.
Yes, you will.
So don't.
I'm just tired of always being the bad cop, you know? [CHUCKLING.]
Believe me, I understand.
I've lost count of how many times I've had to yell at cadets for screwing up or bust them for breaking protocol.
Yeah, I don't know, I feel like you might like that.
You seem to get a kick out of ordering people around.
Maybe, just a little bit.
Where are you calling me from? I don't recognize that part of the Waverider.
Welcome to the jumpship.
Are you hiding, Ms.
Lance? No.
I am simply looking for some privacy.
Well, maybe I should come over.
Yeah, yeah, but like, I mean, I'm sure that you are super, super busy.
It's the perks of being the boss.
I can just tell Gary I have a meeting.
Yeah, boss, speaking of, I should probably go check on the rest of the team, make sure nobody's gonna blow up the ship.
Okay, um Well, yeah, if you, uh If you change your mind, or Whatever.
Does Sara not realize how hard that woman's crushing on her? Maybe she's got no finish.
No, the Captain knows how to close.
This is something different.
Shh, she's gonna hear us.
Okay, do you hear that? Cause I've been hearing this high-pitched buzzing sound.
It sounds like there's a fly in the jumpship.
Did you say a fly? You have to kill it.
You have no idea what year it's from.
You could reintroduce the plague and have a whole other crisis on your hands.
Look out! "Groundhog Day," exploding ship, personal hell.
We're stuck in a time loop! Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
It was only a matter of time before we did one of these.
Damn, girl, you look wrecked.
How many times have we done this? How many times have you asked me how many times have we done this, or how many times have we all been blown up? So you've been stuck in this loop for a while? Yeah, like forever.
It's okay.
Maybe you could use a break.
Have some fun? Fun? I blow up every hour.
No consequences.
Talisa Soto on the modo - Talisa, Talisa - Cheers.
- Pop goes those bulbs - Yeah! Gianni says sashay And Gianni gets his way Uh, uh Someone tell Lisa Get on your knees-a You're one sensation away Talisa Soto on the modo Talisa, Talisa Pop goes those bulbs Lines after lines Da da da da Strip down to bare ya ya Someone tell Lisa Oh, turn to me-sa Well, I can breathe your air Talisa Not bad, Mr.
Rory, not at all.
You're such an idiot.
If you wash your clothes inside out, it keeps them looking newer longer.
Try it.
Oh, I never see you wear this.
Stop touching my clothes.
I'm just saying it's a nice color.
Hey, uh, Amaya and I were just Feeling bad that you two had sex and almost screwed up a mission, don't care.
"Groundhog Day," ship explodes.
Wait, you're caught in a time loop? - That's awesome! - I can't do this anymore.
- I'm losing my mind.
- Wait, did you do the uh - Fun montage? - Yeah.
Yeah, thanks for that.
You're a good friend.
Nothing's fun anymore.
That's not good.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, take it easy! This is the only option I haven't tried.
Maybe it'll stop the loop.
Hey! What the hell's going on? Don't come closer.
Typical! Hey.
It's okay, let's talk this one through.
It doesn't matter, you won't believe me.
Try me.
I keep reliving the same hour over and over again, and no matter what I do, the ship explodes and kills us all.
And I'm totally alone in it, because for some reason, I'm the only one that's even aware that it's happening.
And I try so hard, but I can never save any of you.
Okay, I want to help.
Wait, you believe me? Yeah, how much time do we have left? All right, people, for reasons that are too complicated to explain right now, we have to search the ship.
Zari says that there's a bomb, and it's gonna explode in 30 minutes.
We have to find out why.
Okay, well, the galley is clear.
Right, and I checked the sleeping quarters.
Whoa, you went in our rooms? Yeah.
The library What did you see in the library? Something I can never un-see.
Guys, I think I looked everywhere, there's nothing.
You didn't check the trash compacter.
I didn't even know there was a trash compacter.
Well, it's not really part of the tour.
Ah, the time dweeb! What the hell are you doing here? Thank God you found me! What are you doing down there? I, uh, I tried to portal onto the bridge, but didn't account for drift in the temporal zone.
My landing was hot and my time courier broke on impact.
That's how I got stuck in here.
Not the plan, but I adapted! Yeah, but why are you on the ship? [GRUMBLING.]
What the hell you got in here? - Huh? A bomb? - No! No! That was our only chance - of surviving.
- What do you mean? He just destroyed the chrono-repeater I used to initiate a time loop in order to save you guys.
- What? - I always wanted to die young.
Okay, nobody is going to die.
Well, uh, actually, I got an alert that the Waverider exploded at precisely 4:20 temporal standard time.
- What? - 4:20! [CHUCKLES.]
Get to the point, Gary.
I took matters into my own hands, but because of my little portal mishap, I couldn't warn you about the bomb! But I could operate the chrono-repeater, which is programmed to start a one hour loop prior to the explosion, and I had hoped that would give you enough time to diffuse the bomb yourselves.
So now that this is destroyed There are no more time loops.
So once there's an explosion, that's it.
Kablooey! All right, so what you're saying is we have five minutes to find this bomb before we all die.
All right, people, we've got five minutes to find this bomb before it explodes.
- We gotta think fast.
- Uh, before I portaled onto the ship, I traced the temporal signature of the bomb.
It originated in 1975.
So the bomb must be something from your last mission.
It could be hidden in the heel of one of the platform shoes.
What about that stupid song? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
The one place I didn't look.
Why the hell would someone put a bomb inside of an anachronism? Damien Darhk must've planted it there, knowing you'd bring it onboard.
Well, then let's get it offboard.
No, we have to diffuse it! We can't open the doors without Gideon.
- Burn it! - That'll make it explode.
You know, for a guy who loves fire, you really have no idea how it works.
What about you, Zari? Come on.
This whole time that you've been on the ship, did you learn anything that could help? Right.
Let me think.
Zari? Sorry, Captain.
My beer is in there! What the hell are you doing? [ELECTRONIC CRACKLING.]
Look, the force field's not strong enough to contain the explosion! No, but it'll keep you guys out long enough for me to say what I need to say.
Zari Mick You don't have to hide what you love.
Follow your heart, and keep writing.
Zari, we don't have time for this! Nate and Amaya, I'm so lucky to call you guys my friends.
Zari, the bomb! What you guys have is so special.
I mean, the way you look at each other honestly makes me want to puke, but don't fight it.
You're crazy about each other.
Just don't have sex on missions.
Z, what are you doing? What you would do, Ray.
You know, when I first came on board, you were so nice and polite to me that I wanted to punch you.
But I realize now the world would be a better place if we were all a little more like you.
But being nice and polite's only gonna get you so far, so do me a favor, and tell Sara why you're so afraid of her.
Okay, sure.
But first, I'm gonna figure out how to shut down the force field so we can deal with the bomb.
I am dealing with the bomb.
Zari, look, you need to listen to me.
Sara, you are an infuriating, stubborn pain in my ass.
Because you have to be.
You're not just the captain of this ship, you are its soul.
You are so fierce and unflinching.
But why not apply some of that fearlessness to your own life and just ask poor Eva out already.
Did you have a meaningful message for me? Not now, Gary! Zari, let us in! We can do this together! No.
I have spent so much time with you guys.
You're my family now.
You deserve to be happy, and if If I can be a small part of making that happen, then this will be worth it.
- Zari.
- Look.
That won't work! You won't be able to contain the explosion.
Zari, you don't have to do this! [WIND RUSHING.]
Zari, as your captain, I am ordering you to stand down! You should know by now I'm not good at following orders.
You just told me what a good captain I am, and now you're not gonna listen to me? Yeah, but this time, I'm not doing it for myself, I'm doing it for you.
I love you guys.
Who the hell are you? You know who I am, Zari.
Even though you may have never seen my face.
Gideon? - You're real? - Of course I'm real.
Just because I'm an artificial intelligence doesn't mean I don't exist.
What's happening? If you tell me I've been dreaming this whole time, I'm gonna kill you, real or not.
You're not dreaming, but you're not awake.
In real life, you're actually in the MedBay.
Unconscious and healing.
What happened to me? After your fight with Sara, you went into the engine room to make repairs, and there was an accident.
Right, I was hit with that time sludge.
This sludge, as you call it, is a highly volatile substance, which helps power the ship through time.
You're lucky to be alive.
So if my body's in the MedBay, then where is my mind? Your mind is in here, with me in my matrix.
I was able to upload your subconscious via the neuro-monitor.
Well, so none of this is real? Not in the way you're used to.
Why did you bring me here? When you posed the question about changing 2042, your simulator went into overdrive searching for an answer.
And a sampling of those trillions of possible answers showed me that there was one constant: You.
In order to save 2042, to find your so-called loophole, you must work with the Legends.
Hold up.
You're saying my simulator works? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Did my program predict that I'd bail on the team? In almost every variation of the timeline, your fight with Captain Lance precipitated your leaving the ship.
So your goal was to get me to choose to stay with the Legends.
I put you into your own program, and devised a scenario where the only way to successfully complete the simulation was to grow closer to the team and develop a bond.
What about the bomb? It was just a plot device I incorporated.
A problem to solve.
But the real problem was you.
If you stayed angry after your fight with Sara, you would've left the team.
And without you and your totem, there would've been no chance in the coming days to defeat Mallus or save 2042.
So, the interactions, the things I learned about the team, they they were all fake? Everything you experienced was extrapolated from my current knowledge of the Legends.
While not real, what you saw was true.
It doesn't take a supercomputer to predict that those two would wind up dinky-tickling once Amaya returned to the team.
Uh, this one seemed less plausible.
We'll have to ask Mr.
I am terrified and in awe of you, Gideon.
Who knew you were such an evil genius? And a bit of a perv.
You never bothered to ask.
It's an impressive piece of software you designed, Ms.
Is that compliment, Gideon? Don't let it go to your head.
Are you ready to wake up now? One last question.
Gary why even have him in the time loop, if he was just gonna be stuck in the trash compacter the whole time? Thought it'd be funny.
Hey, rise and shine.
How are you feeling? Oh, like my head is made of cement.
You were exposed to the ship's Bosonic hyper-fluid in the engine room.
Knocked you out for hours.
Oh, man, I have such a Gideon hangover.
What do you mean? While I was out, Gideon transported my consciousness into a matrix.
I think you dreamt that.
No, it wasn't a dream, it was real.
Right, Gideon? Unfortunately, I don't know what you're talking about, Ms.
Oh, that is cold, Gideon.
After all that, we're still not friends? Zari, are you sure you're okay? Gideon trapped me in my own simulator, so I was stuck on the Waverider reliving the same hour over and over again.
Needless to say, I got to know you all really, - really well.
- Right.
Could be caused by the sedative dosage.
- I could look into it later.
- Yeah.
I'm telling the truth.
You know what, I'll prove it.
Sara, ask Ray what Constantine told him about you.
Ray, what did Constantine tell you about me? [UPBEAT MUSIC.]
How did you know that? Okay, he warned me that if you were possessed by Mallus again and lost control, that I I should kill you.
Oh, such a relief to get that off my chest.
Well, he's right.
You should kill me if Mallus takes over again, and you are going to need a lot of help.
Well, let's just hope it doesn't come down to that.
Hey, you wanna get a coffee? Yeah.
Aren't you wondering what I learned about you? Do I want to know? You're afraid of historical loopholes because you'd be tempted to save your sister.
Well, not a day goes by that I don't think about her.
I'm sorry I fried Gideon, but I had to know if there was a way to save my brother.
And what did the simulation say? It said I can't do it alone.
Sounds like you're gonna need a team.
You mean it? I've been thinking about it, saving your brother, and technically, it isn't a loophole.
It would be changing your past, but your past is my future, and as far as I'm concerned, well, the future's an open road.
And besides, I'll probably need your help fighting Mallus.
Hey, listen, it's none of my business, but You should ask Eva out.
Mm, my relationships have a way of ending badly.
You know, it turns out at the end of the day, love is worth the risk.
None of us can do this alone.
So you're saying it's like "Groundhog Day.
" That's what I was told by you.
It's good to know matrix-me is still a Bill Murray fan.
So, you said you wanted to tell us something.
Yeah, you guys used the flasher to forget you almost blew the mission by sneaking off to have sex.
What? I think we'd remember doing that.
Nathaniel, that is the whole point of a memory eraser, is that we don't remember.
Guys, bashing yourselves is a temporary solution.
You need to work your stuff out.
Ray must have used a strong sedative on her, because there is no way we would ever use the flash gun, that's crazy.
It's not so crazy.
Amaya! I saw Rory using it to get that song out of his head, and I thought that is a brilliant idea.
But Zari's probably right.
- Totally, no flash guns.
- Yeah.
We should talk about our feelings.
Yes, yes.
We'll just We'll leave it here.
Just in case.
Not that we would ever use it.
- Who uses those things? - Who does? [KNOCKING.]
I'm busy! You should be, you have a lot of writing to do.
I know you're writing a novel, and it's really good.
But that ending needs a rewrite.
I mean, Buck is such a misfit, that at the end, we just want to see him embrace his new family.
Just a thought.
I wonder.
"Buck wrapped his glistening biceps around his busty alien queen.
He'd lost his planet, but found his home.
" Not bad.
I am calm, I am present.
I am centered.
Wally West.
You're not an easy man to find.
No, that's the point of meditation.
Who are you? My name is Rip Hunter.
I am trying to save the universe And I need your help.

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