DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e12 Episode Script

The Curse of the Earth Totem

1 Previously on "The Flash" and "Legends of Tomorrow" Thanks, man.
We're good.
I'm leaving Central City.
Every hero has their own journey.
If yours is taking you on a new path, you owe it to yourself to go.
I watched the men murder you.
Mother ran with Mari.
She abandoned me.
I'm sorry, Kuasa.
When Nora was possessed by Mallus, he seemed scared of my totem.
You're one of the six.
Maybe these totems are the keys to stopping him.
I only know about five totems.
Could there be more? That woman clearly has a crush on you.
I thought that maybe if you'd like to come to the ship There's no time.
Director Hunter has escaped.
Wally West, I need your help.
This way, lads.
15 men on a dead man's chest Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum This be the spot! Get to digging.
Surely you don't need for these men to be known where we buried our treasure.
Our treasure, my love? Ay, ours and no one else's.
Oh, no, no, don't concern yourself over a few doubloons.
I didn't show these sorry sea dogs the most valuable trinket in me possession.
- An emerald fit - [CHUCKLES.]
For a pirate queen.
- [GASPS.]
- Anne? - [VINES HISSING.]
- Edward! Take it off! [VINES WHIPPING, HISSING.]
I don't know what I'm looking at.
Looks like a hemorrhoid.
What? No, it it's Mallus.
Demon horns? Anyway, the hunt for the six totems has begun.
There are only five tribes in Zambesi.
Each was gifted with a totem.
And I checked; there's no record of a sixth.
Well, the good news is that we have the Air and the Spirit Totems.
Kuasa has the Water Totem.
And since the final totem is a complete mystery, that leaves us looking for Earth and Fire.
Now, the Fire Totem, which is currently smashed, BTW, was last seen in a Detroit museum in 2018.
Wait, how do you know that? Because it is with your granddaughter Mari's Or AKA the other Vixen's Boyfriend, Dr.
Adam Macalester.
He's dedicated his life to the study of the Zambesi totems.
Well, if Constantine is right and the only thing that Mallus fears is the sixth, then we need to get our hands on the Fire Totem.
Collect the set, win a prize.
We need to tell Sara we gotta get to Detroit.
Nope, she's off to Star City.
She's been texting some guy.
They're going on a date.
How do you know? What, are you looking at her phone? I look at everyone's phone.
Helps pass the time.
Well who's she going on a date with? Obviously it's Ava.
- Oh, that's hot.
- What's hot? Uh the Fire Totem.
Hot, hot.
Very hot and currently in Detroit, so what do you say we motor off to the Motor City? Right now? Um I might sit this one out, because I have to do business back home.
I bet you do.
You look Weird.
I look weird, right? I was gonna say beautiful, but Thank you.
So do you.
It's wow.
Do you wanna [LAUGHS.]
- Right.
Oh, you know what, I'll just have whatever she's having, please.
Vodka Martini, extra dirty, stirred.
Stirred, not shaken? Shaken's for lightweights who like their booze watered down.
And James Bond.
James Bond never had to fight off a horde of Vikings or help me escape a demon realm.
Um how was work? Work is - Ugh, this is awful.
You know what, I have an idea.
Let's just try to be normal for one night.
No Legends, no bureau.
What do you think? - There you are.
- Thank you.
I feel like relationships are complicated enough without time-travel and supervillains, don't you? Okay Then here's to being two regular women on a completely normal first date.
Completely normal.
Hey you okay? My granddaughter, the good one, she's out there.
I wanna see her more than anything.
But you can't without screwing up history.
Some days, I wish I had never heard of time-travel.
Oh, I like what you've done with your hair.
- Oh, really? I hate it.
- Good news! - Bad news.
What's going on? - I know where their totem is.
- The Fire Totem's gone.
Ray-Ray, you go first.
We tried to steal the Fire Totem from your granddaughter's boyfriend, but someone beat us to it.
Damien Darhk.
"Dear, Legends, now I have two.
" You know, for a megalomaniac, he has very lovely penmanship.
I know, right? Oh, and by the way, don't worry, Macalester's fine.
Can I talk now, please? Yeah.
You said you had good news.
I know where the Earth Totem is, or, more precisely, when: 1717, Saint Lisette.
Lisette? Sister ship of La Concorde? Get to the point, pretty.
La Concorde was boarded by pirates, and later named Queen Anne's Revenge.
It's Blackbeard the Pirate's ship.
So, Blackbeard has the Earth Totem.
Well, let's steal it.
No, guys, hold on, Sara's on a date.
We should probably avoid messing with history while she's still on appetizers? But think how happy she'd be if we had the Earth Totem by dessert.
At this juncture, the responsible thing to do would be to consult Captain Lance.
Who would tell us we can't risk the Darhks getting another totem.
All those in favor of setting a course to 1717 Aye.
- Aye! - Aye.
How are we supposed to find Blackbeard in this rabble? Well, we could ask a pirate nicely.
Nicely? Wait, pirates are terrified of Blackbeard.
They're not gonna just offer up some So, you're looking for Blackbeard? How do I know you's not spies for the Royal Navy? - Ahh! - [ARM SNAPS.]
Because we wanna join Blackbeard's crew, you germ.
It's, uh It's rather a lovely place you've traveled to, Mr.
How'd you find me? By tracking the geolocation of your MP3 player.
Your playlist consists of a rather amazing number of repetitions of George Michael's "Careless Whisper.
" Jesse loved that song.
I assume that your recent heartbreak is the reason for your spiritual quest.
However, with the fate of the world at stake, I I'm afraid that you can no longer sit idly by.
Well, I I'm sorry, my friend, but my days of "fwathooming" are over.
Right now, I'm living my life one quarter-mile at a time.
Was that a Buddhist koan? Dom Toretto, "The Fast and the Furious.
" Aren't you BFFs with the Legends? I'm sure my boy, Nate, can help you out.
Uh, it seems that my days of Legending are over.
Alas, you're quite secure in your decision to slow things down? I am.
Well, the last time I was this far east was in the Opium Wars.
It'd be a shame to waste a trip.
Fancy a drink? Another flagon of ale! [ALL CHEER.]
So, this is where Blackbeard hangs out.
- Classy.
- Yep.
Line 'em up.
What's up? Nothing.
I said what's up.
Fine, you're an unbiased listener.
I want to change my granddaughter Kuasa's past, and, well, improve her future.
- So, do it.
- It's not that simple.
What if I inadvertently change my other granddaughter's destiny? So, don't do it.
And then there's Nate.
I still have to go back to 1942 and marry someone else, so that Kuasa and Mari are even born.
We can never end up together.
I feel paralyzed.
Every step I take, it feels like it could just have disastrous consequences.
Take a look around.
Do you think these people give a damn about consequences? Take the night off.
A true pirate doesn'est live for tomorrow.
They only live for the moment.
Thanks, Mick but I don't know the first thing about acting like a pirate.
Well I do.
It was just Laurel and I.
I was always the rebel, and she was always the good one.
Why do you look like you already know this? - Hm? - What'd, you Google me? No.
I may have read your file back when you were a fugitive from the bureau.
And, look, I know that sounds stalkery, but in my defense, I did not see this coming.
Well, what do you wanna know? Okay.
You always seem so composed and cool, but you can't be all cool all the time.
What's the most embarrassed you've ever been? That's an easy one: first time I ever had a weapon in my hand.
- Lian Yu? - Nope Starling City Elementary.
I was Peter Pan in the school play.
I got up on stage in the first scene, and I just totally froze.
I couldn't remember any of my lines.
It was like my mind just went blank.
- What'd you do? - [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
Well, I broke out into a tap dance, of course, and then I ran off stage crying.
- You can dance? - [BUZZING CONTINUES.]
Go ahead.
You can check it.
I I'm sure it's nothing, but just It's a voicemail.
I'm just gonna listen.
- It's okay.
It wasn't my idea, but the team has taken the Waverider on a joyride to the Bahamas 1717, in a futile attempt to locate the missing Earth Totem.
Just thought you should know.
Is everything okay? Yeah, totally fine.
Normal, in fact.
Captain wants to see you.
- Ah, man, Sara's here? - Not that one, you dumbass.
I'm talking about the most fearsome pirate queen to sail the Seven Seas: The Dread Pirate Jiwe.
- She needs to loosen up.
- Yeah.
I heard she once cut out a man's tongue for not obeying her orders.
Yeah and she still carries it to this day.
I never heard of no lady pirate.
That's because dead men tell no tales.
They say she lost her ship to a Kraken, and in retribution, she hunted down the monster's wee bairn and ate the gupper raw.
I heard she was spat back in hell by the devil himself.
I hear she be more bold and fearless than Captain Blackbeard.
Begging your pardon, Captain.
What was that you said? I have it under good authority we be in the company of the Dread Pirate Jiwe.
Why is everyone staring at me? If there's one thing pirates love more than treasure, it's a good story.
He's heading this way.
- Hit me.
- What? The mission is yours.
Have fun getting Earth Totem back.
Hit me.
Now get out of my sight before I really lose my temper! So, you're the Dread Pirate Jiwe, eh? Welcome to Nassau.
- Rory, Amaya, come in, over? - [STATIC SCRATCHES.]
Some sort of interference with the communications system.
Guys, answer me! Over? Hey, calm down.
I'm sure they're okay.
- My apologies, but I'm experiencing a Level 4 systems failure.
Wasn't me.
Nothing to do with it.
I believe the fault lies in our present coordinates.
You did park us in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.
Sailors call it the Devil's Triangle.
No, the stories of ships disappearing are grossly exaggerated.
You sure about that, Ray? The scuttlebutt is you're wanting to join me crew.
The Dread Pirate Jiwe works for no man.
What we seek is treasure.
As does every pirate worth his - or her salt.
You know, I believe that you have this particular treasure in your possession.
It's a necklace with a very large emerald.
That description doesn't strike a chord.
Let me jog your memory! [TENSE MUSIC.]
A couple of pirates after me own cold black heart.
I'll tell you where the trinket is but at a price.
I'm here for the pirate known as Blackbeard.
I expect you'll be wanting to see me letter of mark.
A forgery, no doubt.
Your letter will win no favor with me.
I wouldn't so much as breathe if I were you.
Good evening, Ms.
They say the third time is a charm, but this charm is the third.
You know, I must commend you, Lieutenant Maynard, for leading us straight to Blackbeard and his associates.
- You're most welcome, Admiral.
- Admiral? I know, right? I look so handsome.
And I'll be made Commodore, once Blackbeard's severed head swings from my ship's bowspirit.
You know, the last Kingsman o threatened me ended up begging for his own life.
Gentlemen, please.
You may continue all threats and counter-threats as soon as I get what I need: The Emerald Necklace.
- Oh.
- Where is it? That's Blackbeard you're talking to, - and he ain't gonna say - I buried it on Grace Island.
Would you like me to draw you a map? I can't promise to make it to scale, but, um, I can do my damndest.
You heard the man.
Let's have another drink.
I appear to be empty.
Give me some of that.
No, this This is not for you.
Please, I drank Hemingway and van Gogh under the table.
Um, Cisco gave this to me before I left Central City.
The only way a speedster could get drunk is off of this rocket fuel.
- Rocket fuel? - Yeah.
Ah oh.
Uh, Cisco's a bloody genius.
Yeah, he is.
So is Barry and Caitlin and Wells.
Wait, maybe that's why I never fit on Team Flash.
And here I was, thinking you were roaming the Chinese countryside, because your girlfriend needed more space.
Yeah, I can do one better than that, mate.
Both of my favorite prodigies conspired to have me put in prison.
What happened? Well, I lied to Sara, in addition to accidentally aiding in the resurrection of the man who killed her sisteis And Ava is angry at me for sending good agents to their deaths.
Whoa sounds like you're a bit of a douche.
- No no offense.
- No, none taken, no.
I intend to make it up to both of them, but first, I need the teenciest, teenciest of favors.
Hey, Agent McNeil, just calling to say congrats on being named agent of the month.
Ah, the bureau's lucky to have you.
I'm coming for you, McNeil.
Hello? Who's there? [PLAYFUL MUSIC.]
Not again.
This is way more fun than meditating.
I know! Wait, there is one item we must procure from the bureau's storage closet, and one [INHALES, EXHALES.]
That is very near and dear to my heart.
- Oh muah! - We're screwed.
The ship's electrical systems are experiencing multiple unexplained malfunctions.
- It's the Devil's Triangle.
- Look, that's just a myth.
Whatever it is, we need to time-jump out of here.
What? And leave Mick and Amaya stranded in pirate times? It's a miracle we're still in the air.
Well, I'm sure they're having a whale of a time with Blackbeard.
What's so funny about getting your head chopped off? Mm, there are worse ends, like the one I brought on that fool admiral.
That necklace is cursed.
I saw its dastardly work with me own eyes.
Get your hands off me, you blaggards! I'm so sorry, Mick.
If I really was the Dread Pirate Jiwe, I never would've let Darhk steal my totem.
What the hell are you apologizing for? You're better than a story, and a hell of a lot more fearsome than some pirate queen, with or without your totem.
This man, Edward Teach, has been convicted of unlawful piracy and plunder Therefore, it is my duty as an instrument of the crown to - [GRUNTS.]
- Watch out! - Oy! [GROANS.]
You're in sore need of a sword, pirate.
Gideon, maybe you could help us settle an argument.
What are the chances of survival if we stay in the Bermuda Triangle? Zero.
There are multiple cannonballs headed towards our starboard bow as we speak.
Um, sorry, cannonballs? I thought we were cloaked.
Ahh! - [GAS HISSES.]
I told you coming here was a bad idea.
Who the heck is firing at us? I want that ship brought down! - Fire another volley! - Aye, sir! [FIRE WHOOSHING.]
You wouldn't kill an unarmed man.
You're showing him mercy! Shut up! We just saved your hairy neck.
Try to keep up, boys.
Gideon, jump us out of here! [ENGINE WHOOSHING.]
My heart is pounding, my palms are sweating, and I know that I only have a few rounds left in my pocket.
So, what'd you do? I grabbed a guy and used him as a human shield.
And from that point on, no one would ever play paintball with me ever again.
Well, it sounds like a hell of a 15th birthday party.
- You okay? Gonna run to the restroom really quickly.
Excuse me.
We're gonna need the check.
Please tell me that the Waverider did not just crash into Star City.
Star City? Is that where we are? - Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
- Well, the good news is the cannonball didn't hit the time-core.
- [SIGHS.]
And Nate made a beautiful landing.
- Yeah - Thanks, big guy.
So, Sara, how's the date going? [SIGHS.]
It's over.
- Here come here.
- [GASPS.]
What the hell are you doing here? Please don't be mad.
You weren't answering your phone.
This better be a life or death emergency, Gary.
A speedster stole my time courier, - and then pantsed me.
- And then Did you check if HQ is secure? - Snug as a bug - [EXHALES.]
Except one item, uh, was reported missing from storage: a long brown coat - that used to belong to, uh - Rip Hunter.
- Yeah.
- Okay [SIGHS.]
You look great [CHUCKLES.]
by the way.
- Shut up, Gary.
- Oh yeah.
Remember when we talked about personal space? - Yeah, okay.
- Come on.
- Ouch.
- [SIGHS.]
- Uh, you - Double ouch.
You want you you want me to box it up for you? No, Gary.
Okay, we need to find Rip.
He's got a time courier, which means he could be anywhere any time, causing a whole mess of problems.
Time can never mend The careless whisper Of a good friend To the heart and mind Mind Ignorance is blind There's no comfort in the truth Pain is all you'll find I'm never gonna dance again Guilty feet ain't got no rhythm Though it's easy to pretend I know you're not a fool When I left, you were headed to Detroit.
Yeah, it's a It's it's a really It's a really long story.
Mick and Amaya are marooned in 1717, the Darhks have the Fire Totem, and Blackbeard has the Earth Totem.
I just thought it was gonna be a longer story.
Thank God you're back.
You look great.
The engine room's a disaster.
We're not going anywhere.
I don't know who looks more ridiculous, you guys in your pirate britches or me in this - stupid dress.
- Definitely them.
Hey, I know it looks like a mess, but we really wanted you to have a nice night out.
Yeah, if you really like that mean Time Bureau lady, you shouldn't give up on her.
Look, I'm not giving up on anything, other than maybe the idea that I'll ever have a normal life.
Zari, get the ship back in fighting shape, 'cause until then Rory and Amaya are on their own.
All right, listen up.
We can't let the Darhks beat us to Grace Island and to the Earth Totem, so we're in need of a ship.
You want to sail the Queen Anne's Revenge? I told you, that necklace is cursed.
What? You're gonna let a curse stop you from taking the gold? Aye.
Why did you become a pirate in the first place, ey? To let an admiral get the best of you? Or to claim your destiny on the wide open sea? I don't know what's waiting for us on the other side of this journey, but whatever it is, it beats cowering in some alleyway, waiting for your black beard to turn grey.
I swore I'd never go back to that island and I'm a man of me word.
Fair winds, me hearties.
Blackbeard's a coward.
We don't need Blackbeard.
We just need his ship.
Ahh another drink? [BLADE WHOOSHES, STRIKES.]
Listen up the Dread Pirate Jiwe is looking for a crew.
Your old Captain Blackbeard buried his treasure on Grace Island.
- Ah So, you've heard the rumors then, that the treasure is cursed? But while old Blackbeard is afraid of his own shadow, you men you vile and despicable men, are willing to face Davy Jones himself for a crack at gold and glory! - [ALL CHEER.]
- Who's willing to join me as we take over Blackbeard's ship? [ALL CHEER.]
Mutiny! Is that what this is, ey? You'd rather follow the Dread Pirate Jiwe than your own captain? [SWORD WHOOSHING.]
Then I'm bloody joining you.
I'll dig up me chest and share the spoils with ye men.
Hats off to the Pirate Queen! [ALL CHEER.]
All hands on deck! Secure the backstays and hoist the Jolly Roger high! There's land ahead.
Sara! Yeah, what now? We have another anachronism in 1717.
The HMS Fortitude got into a naval battle with Blackbeard's ship off the coast of Grace Island.
So? So that is a portrait of their admiral.
Damien Darhk.
I don't care if Zari has to duct-tape the Waverider back together, we have to get it in the air.
Well, I wouldn't advise returning to the Bermuda Triangle.
It's the Devil's Triangle, and Mick and Amaya are in danger.
Ava! Hey! Don't "hi, Ava" me.
You stood me up, jerk.
Blackbeard draws one hell of a map.
Oh, blast! I've I've I've left me compass on the ship.
It's a family heirloom, so I should Turn back and I'll kill you.
What aren't you telling us, ey? Well, in in me haste, I may have left out some miniscule details about the cursed necklace.
I gifted it to me love and queen, the most devious, and dastardly woman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting apart from you, I mean.
But as soon as Anne put it on, something dark and unholy overtook her.
Totems draw on the life force of their bearer.
So, if Anne was as wicked as you suggest, the totem would've only amplified her worst impulses.
It turned her into a monster.
How did you live to tell the tale? Well, I I did the only decent thing any man would do.
I put a musket ball in her head and buried her along with the treasure.
That cursed necklace won't let her rest in peace.
Me Anne will rise again.
Stiffen your backbones, men! I gotta hand it to you, Ms.
Lance, you take the phrase "dine and dash" to a whole new level.
Look, the Waverider fell out of the sky.
My team needed help.
Why does not surprise me? [WHISPERING.]
Should we interrupt? No but Ava gave me an idea.
Her time courier.
I'm coming with you.
First I have to get the Nanite pistol.
Steady - Oh, hello, Annie! - [HISSES.]
Good to see you're, uh You're looking so beautiful.
- Ahh! - Ahh! [GRUNTING.]
You know, this was never gonna work out.
Really? What, because I'm a mature person who actually can communicate? Oh, really? Such a communicator! Like when you said you were going to the bathroom? - What are you talking about? - You think I didn't see Gary? Oh, my Rip broke into the Time Bureau.
I was coming back to the table to tell you.
- You know, this is pointless.
- Yeah, it is.
We should have never tried to be normal.
I'm not normal, all right? I'm never gonna be normal, and I'm not gonna be normal for anyone! I don't want you to be normal! You don't? Hell no.
What? Oh, no, the kissing was great.
It's just We claim this ship and ye two women as ours! [MUTTERS.]
Come on.
Let's do this.
Come on, you namby-pamby.
They're mere lassies! Listen to me that totem can burden even one born to wear it.
I know it must feel like a noose around your neck.
Let me help you break free of this curse.
Thank you for distracting her.
Ahh! [GRUNTS.]
Unfortunately, now I have to kill you.
Surprisingly powerful.
Well, that was fun, but playtime is over.
Hey, you guys! - [GRUNTS.]
I want my totem back.
Ah, you fool.
We don't need swords to kill you.
- [GASPS.]
- Good shot, haircut.
- No - [GROANS.]
No, no! - Stay with me.
Stay with me, sweetheart.
Come on.
You're gonna be okay.
Stay with me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Don't let her come on.
That was too easy.
You two bonnie lasses be the best fighters I've ever seen.
How would you like to join me crew? Ah [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
The Waverider, ey? She's, uh uh an usual ship.
But I can think of no more appropriate vessel for the Dread Pirate Jiwe.
Thanks for saving me life and for stopping your bonnie mates from keelhauling me.
Well, thank you for leading me to the accursed treasure.
And make sure you tell them that Captain Jiwe spared you.
Of course, I [CLEARS THROAT.]
Fair winds, Captain Jiwe.
Amaya, I am, uh I am so sorry.
If I didn't push everybody to go after the Earth Totem, you wouldn't have lost yours.
It's all right, Nathaniel.
We'll fix this.
We'll get your totem back.
My birthright, it's always dictated the path I choose.
It's like a compass that just points the way.
It must be so difficult not to have it.
It's also freeing.
For the first time in my life, I get to decide.
Amaya? You know, I learned something from hanging out with pirates.
They always focus on the problem in front of them.
And what is that problem? [BUTTON RIPS, SKIPS.]
Do you yield, sir? [ELEGANT STRING MUSIC.]
Aye, Captain.
Rum floats were a very good idea.
Only seemed fair since we missed dessert.
- Huh - What? Sometimes, we screw things up for the better.
I will drink to that.
It's good.
Hey, look, I'm sorry about bailing on you earlier.
I should have been honest with you about what was going on with my team No, no-no-no-no.
I never should've put the kibosh on talking shop.
You're right, it's your fault.
You oh, man [CHUCKLES.]
Besides, I'd rather fight pirates with you any day than sit in some stupid restaurant.
Well, in that case, I was thinking Genghis Khan for our second date? Done but only if I can call you Peter Pan.
- Don't - Ms.
So, you got a room on this ship or [JAUNTY STRING MUSIC.]
Let's go find out.
Why do you look so chipper? Oh, no, I had a terrible hangover.
It lasted three minutes.
The benefits of a speedster's metabolism.
- Here, take these.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
You know, last night was pretty fun.
I had gotten a bit lonely here, I think.
Yeah, I've been a bit lonely too.
Hey, your girlfriend dumped you, your team treated you like an outcast.
It's no wonder you went walk-about.
But the world needs Wallace West to step in from the cold.
And I know a place where outcasts fit right in.
In fact, some might say that they become Legends.
- Care to join me? - Wha [WARM STRING MUSIC.]
Is "Careless Whisper" not the best karaoke song of all time? [CHUCKLES.]
It is the way we sing it, mate [CHUCKLES.]
Haircut, you want a beer? Everyone's off doing their own thing.
Just you and me.
Sure, could use a beer, even if I am your last choice of companion.
Oh, that? I was just doing a bit of light theorizing, and then I had a breakthrough.
I am gonna develop a liquid for the perfect dry erase marker.
Strong viscosity, clean lines.
You're a terrible liar.
It's Nora.
The Nanite pistol is gonna kill her, and [CHUCKLES.]
that's what it was supposed to do, but now I feel - Like a badass? - No.
- Guilty.
- What? - You saved Amaya.
- I know.
Doesn't really make sense, except that I met her as a kid.
Well, now she's all grown up and joined the demon's side.
But you you have changed since I first met you, and I hate to break it to you, Mick, but you are a much better person.
And maybe Nora could have become one too.
There was hope for her, anyway, before I took it away.
Come on, sweetheart, you gotta fight.
Stay with me.
Come on! Look, I I know, uh, I'm the last person you wanna see.
What did you do to my daughter? Nothing that can't be undone.
I have a cure.
You and your great big heart.
You just couldn't handle the guilt, could you? I've come for a trade: Amaya's totem, and I will save Nora.
I honestly thought that would be harder.
My daughter is all that matters.
- Come on! Stay.
That's it.
Ray? You remember me? Yes.
Uh Darling, wait [GRUNTS.]
He may be of value.
Welcome back.

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