DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e14 Episode Script

Amazing Grace

1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Good job out there.
Are you sticking around? Wally, ready to leave? I'm actually gonna stay.
The hunt for the six totems has begun.
We'll fix this.
We'll get your totem back.
Nora was possessed by Mallus.
He seemed scared of my totem.
You're one of the six.
The good news is we already have the air, earth, and fire.
And Kuasa has the water totem.
Which leaves us with the final totem, which is still a complete mystery.
Good point.
Way to go, Ray.
Now my old heart is ticking Just like a clock up on the wall [BELL JINGLES.]
Now my old heart is ticking Hello, sir.
Um, I've been saving up for a while now, and I think it's time.
I'm here to buy a guitar.
Now, I know it ain't much.
But what do you think I can get for what I got? Well, I'm sure we could find you something.
You know, a boy picking his first guitar is a sacred moment.
In fact, some say the instrument chooses you.
I'll take that one.
You don't want that guitar.
What happened to the instrument choosing me, sir? I was just, uh, building a moment.
Besides, you can't afford it.
Well, I'll get the money.
I'll come back.
Look, I gotta tell you the truth.
Before that guitar found its way here, it belonged to a one Robert Johnson.
- The Robert Johnson? - Uh-huh.
Legend said he sold his soul to the devil to play as good as he did.
Legend also says that guitar is cursed - because of it.
- I ain't afraid of no guitar, sir.
You gotta let me try it, at least.
They must be messing with the power lines outside.
Sound like that, how could it be cursed? You know what? The guitar's yours.
You just take it away from here.
Thank you, sir.
Much much obliged.
An instrument as good as this, I promise, one day you'll hear my name on that radio.
Hey, what is your name, son? Presley, sir.
Elvis Presley.
When I go away to leave you I will stop by to see you sometime Which brings us to the kitchen.
We divvy up cleaning duties by Ray's chore wheel, which uses a complex system I pretend to not understand until he eventually does my chores for me.
"Wipe down food fabricator.
" Bet you thought time travel would be seeing Woodstock, saving Shakespeare, and having ethical debates while standing over baby Hitler.
Trust me, it takes time to get used to life Cool, so what's next? It's gonna get time for me to get used to life with a speedster.
This is my room.
Guess you and me are bunkmates while we help move you into Stein's quarters.
You just moved yourself in, didn't you? I figured, why bother anyone else? You know, I was gonna invite you to be my player two, but you're officially not my problem anymore.
Wait, who beat all my high scores? Well, you see, the thing with "Ms.
Pac-Man" is you gotta just ignore the fruit.
All the points come from taking down the ghosts.
Yeah, I know that, but nobody could beat these scores without Without lightning-fast fingers.
You better not have messed with "Guitar Hero.
" What's "Trombone Hero?" [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Hold on, Axl.
Sammy's coming.
Just gotta find the damn mayo.
Come on, Mick.
What did I say about having him in the kitchen? - Not to.
- Yes.
Would you toss me the walnuts, please? Thank you.
I'm gonna need some brain food if I'm gonna fix the fire totem.
You know, Nora thought using cold fusion to reboot it was a crazy idea, but Don't care.
Where's the mayo? The new kid.
The new kid! I saw him speed-moving in to Marty's old quarters.
Too much change on this damn ship.
That's what I love about old Axl.
Doesn't change.
Josh Groban? Who the hell's Josh Groban? And who the hell changed the name of my rat? All right, kids, it's anachronism o'clock.
What you got? How about this one? It's a category two during the Belle Epoque in Paris.
- Sounds romantic.
- Hmm.
Or, um, this category three, which is the launch of the Spirit of St.
I always wanted to join the mile-high club.
It's when two people on a plane Hey, really cute that you guys are crazy in love, but date night is going to have to wait.
If these anachronisms are loosening Mallus' cage, - we need to double down.
- Mmm-hmm.
What happened to your hair? What are you talking about? What? What is it? What happened to my trademark volume and sheen? Who changed my rat's name? Yo, who switched my game? ALL: Gideon? A scan of the timeline reveals a change in Memphis, Tennessee, 1954.
Oh, says here Memphis became a ghost town after a mysterious bout of mass hysteria in July, 1954.
That's what caused the changes.
Memphis is the birthplace of rock and roll.
If rock never makes it out of Memphis, then none of these things exist.
Your pet rat's namesake, electric guitar.
- Your hair gel.
- It's not hair gel, Wally.
It's Royal Crown pomade.
- It's the same product used by - Elvis Presley.
See, she knows what I'm talking about.
No, dodo.
"While the population fled in hysterics, one person was left standing in the aftermath, a local teen named Elvis Presley.
" Don't tell me they messed with the King.
Whatever he saw drove him crazy.
He was taken to the Bolivar State Hospital.
Treated for insanity.
If Memphis is abandoned in '54, then rock doesn't hit the mainstream, which means there's no Howlin' Ray, no Little Richard The Elvis sandwich Peanut butter and banana fried in greasy bacon fat.
The man was a visionary.
But if it didn't show up on the anachronism map, then Darhks.
The only people evil enough to wanna kill rock and roll.
Oh, and I bet you that sick bastard likes ska.
All right, let's go check this out.
We need to find Elvis before panic sets in.
Elvis Presley's uncle preached at the Church of Zion every Sunday.
The boy never missed a service.
You heard the lady.
What? Why are you staring at me? I dunno, waiting for you to do - the thing you do.
- What thing? You know, you usually send us into the field with a little more pizzazz.
All right, Legends, put on your Sunday best, because we are going to church.
That was pretty good.
Amen! Jesus loves me He will stay Close beside me all the way Thou hast bled and died for me Well, this is uncomfortable, and I'm not just talking about my dress.
Yeah, I guess these people didn't get the whole "love thy neighbor" talk.
- Shh! - Shush yourself, lady.
Have you heard your singing voice? Just keep Mick away from the collection tray.
And the communion wafers.
That's not bread.
There's a sickness coming over this town.
I see it in the school yard as I pass in the morning.
And to my horror, I see it in this very church on Sundays.
It infects the mind.
It drives people crazy.
Maybe the righteous reverend is on to something.
They call it rock and roll.
I call it the devil's music.
Nevermind, he has no idea what he's talking about.
Now, I would like to invite my nephew, Elvis, to play for us and encourage you all to attend our first annual Heavenly Night of Hymns.
Elvis? Remember what we talked about, son.
Keep it godly.
Yes, ma'am.
Can you believe this? The first show we see together is Elvis live.
You're not the only one who's excited.
This one's called "Onward, Christian Soldiers.
" Okay.
Onward Christian soldiers Marching as to war So this is rock and roll? I mean, it's no Benny Goodman, but No, we did not come all this way to listen to Elvis play grandma songs.
Christ the royal master That's it, Elvis.
Put a little sauce on it.
Yeah, swivel.
Leads against the foe He's so cute! Forward into battle [WHOOSHING.]
Satan's got ahold of her! What the hell's going on? Ugh, my totem.
It's reacting to something.
Be gone, Satan! Well, I think she's talking to us.
Come on.
Behold what you have seen with your very eyes! Witnessed in this house of God! That is the act of Satan! Yes, it is.
- Sure is.
Sure is.
- Yes, it is.
The Elvis sandwich.
I guess Elvis is the King of rock and roll.
One hip shake, and Z loses it.
Yeah, tell me about it, sister.
I didn't lose control because of Elvis' hips.
Yeah, me, either.
My totem was glowing, and so was Elvis' guitar.
But that means that Elvis is Yep.
Elvis is a totem bearer.
So Elvis is the bearer of the long lost sixth totem.
Consider me all shook up.
So he has to join the team, right? - No.
- I mean, we can't defeat Mallus unless we have a full set.
I mean, we could get Gideon to fabricate him a spangly jumpsuit, and he'll fit right in.
What totem would choose a guitar-toting choir boy - as its bearer? - Isn't it obvious? It's Elvis we're talking about.
- It's gotta be - A sandwich totem.
I was gonna say music.
Just imagine what the music totem would do for my upper register.
I could finally give local theater a shot.
That is, after we use it to destroy Mallus.
So we're gonna vanquish a time demon with our killer harmonies.
It's gonna go great.
Every totem is growing stronger in response to Mallus' threat.
What if the preacher was right and Elvis' music literally drives Memphis insane? Then we have to get it before that happens.
I got it.
Elvis' guitar totem.
So, I'm not the only one who finds that annoying, right? - So annoying.
- Yeah.
Okay, come on.
We're good to go, right? Are we? 'Cause Elvis hasn't recorded his first single yet.
And without that guitar, he may never record it.
Which means rock and roll history is Josh Groban.
What if we have Gideon fabricate a ringer guitar and drop it off to the future King? Great idea.
I call A-mission.
Amaya, come with me.
I will teach you what rock and roll is all about.
Till then, everyone shake, rattle, and roll! Beale Street was the heart of the music scene in Memphis in the 1950s.
Brothels, churches, juke joints, all next to each other, all black owned.
This this was the spirit of rock and roll.
You can remember too There he is.
It was right here.
Hey, kid.
I don't think you wanna keep this lying around.
Something tells me it's special.
You have no idea.
There's no way I'd ever be able to thank you for this.
Well, if you wanna write a song about me, there are several words that rhyme with Nate.
Just knock them dead.
I can't wait for you to see Elvis live.
It's going to change your life.
You really believe that my life can be changed - by one song? - Of course.
Music is so much more than just songs.
Music is about identity.
It's hearing a track for the first time and you think to yourself, "Wow, this is who I am.
" I don't care how long it takes.
We're gonna find your music, whether it be rock and roll or, God forbid, ska.
Debuting tonight, y'all, give it up for Elvis Presley.
I guess it's time to have my life changed.
How you folks doing tonight? Ow! If it's all right with y'all, I'm gonna play a little song for my mama.
Sometime tonight! Now you [MICROPHONE FEEDBACK.]
Wait, don't go.
Why, y'all wanna make fun of my playing like everybody else? No, actually.
We're, uh We're music managers.
And we think you're very talented.
So, uh, what happened up there? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYS.]
It's this doggone guitar.
It ain't working how it's supposed to.
Y'all gonna think I'm crazy, but my guitar, it's more than just a guitar.
Now it ain't working right, I just You don't feel like yourself anymore.
Yes, ma'am.
And I'll tell you why.
Usually, when I play I got my twin brother, Jesse, up there to back me up.
You have a twin brother? Well, he ain't with us no more.
Passed when he was a baby.
But this guitar of mine used to connect me to him.
I told you y'all would think I'm crazy.
No, not at all.
I've always believed that objects can connect us to our ancestors.
Yeah, I guess we call it a spirit, like.
On stage On stage just now for the first time, Jesse wasn't with me.
I mean, he's gone.
All of a sudden, I just don't know where he is.
Whoa, that was weird.
You feel that? Yeah, it's freezing.
I am detecting an EMF reading of six milligaus that is disturbing the ship's electrical servers.
E-M-what? Electromagnetic field.
It's a scientific term that's been wrapped up in a bunch of paranormal nonsense.
Paranormal, as in Ghosts.
Whoever you are, just put the guitar down.
Doesn't look like he's taking requests.
Maybe the preacher was right about rock and roll.
You know what never hurt anyone? A nice show tune.
I got it! [WHOOSHING.]
Okay, Axl.
Time to break the seal.
Axl, come back! What the hell is going on? [GRUNTS.]
Guitar hit me in the head.
Oh, that explains nothing.
I got ya! The guitar! It's haunted! We know.
But by who? [GRUNTING.]
That's what's so strange about my brother.
I ain't never met Jesse, but somehow I missed him all my life.
Until you bought your first guitar.
Yeah, the store said it was cursed.
He was only half right.
It was also a blessing, too.
Well, my brother's out there somewhere without me.
I can't imagine he's too happy.
Excuse me.
Guys, Elvis' guitar's haunted.
BOTH: We know! Yeah, and I'm guessing it's gonna do whatever it takes to get back to Elvis.
Good guess! [WHOOSHING.]
Where's Axl? About that ghost.
It's Elvis' dead twin, Jesse.
Jesse, stop! We know your brother.
Now, I know this all sounds like hogwash.
Magical guitars, the ghosts of gone family members.
But I can't play without him.
I got a session to record at Sun Studios tomorrow.
I saved up to buy it.
It's your first recording session.
You're gonna keep that appointment.
And we're gonna get you Jesse back.
- You will? - We will? All right, so, I talked to Constantine about our totem.
He compared it with his notes, and this is what he found.
Death Totem? Pass.
Yeah, whoever wields it has domain over the dead.
Which is why we need to keep this totem with us and safe at all times.
Elvis needs his totem back.
You have no idea what we are dealing with.
The Death Totem? The most volatile of all of the totems lost for eons along with the sixth tribe of Zambezi.
Maybe they suffered the same fate that's about to befall Memphis.
- You don't understand.
- No, you don't understand.
We are talking about a Death Totem, and it could turn this whole place into a ghost town.
Elvis has a session at Sun Studios.
That's where he cuts his first demo.
That's how he gets discovered, okay? We do not have the time for Elvis to get his groove back.
Jesse has to be there.
Nathaniel, I understand how important this is to you.
But we can't give Elvis a totem just to save his music.
It's not about the music, okay? Rock has inspired many historic milestones.
Protests, revolutions, me losing my virginity.
Elvis doesn't need a totem forever.
Just one song that changes the world.
You take it to him, you let him record with it, and you stay with it at all times.
At all times! At all times.
All right, son.
Are you ready to lay this down on wax, or what? Oh, I've been waiting all my life, sir.
You said that you loved me It was a long long time ago And now the way that you've been acting babe I know that it's not so So I'm gone Now that's rock and roll.
What do you think? I'm gone gone mama It's okay.
I just don't see how it's worth risking the most volatile of totems for.
I thought that was gonna be our music moment.
Our music moment? One of those times where the right song comes on and ties everything together so perfectly that it becomes It becomes a story.
We already have plenty of stories.
We saved the world together.
- Yeah.
- We saw dinosaurs.
There was that time that I discovered Netflix and we watched every episode of "Friends" in one week.
All stunning accomplishments, yes.
But a music moment's different.
You'll see.
Oh babe So long baby Baby bye bye How was that? Whoo, boy, now that's a record! We gotta get this straight down to WHBQ.
You're gonna be on the radio! - Whoo, boy! - Yeah.
Uncle Lucious, what are you doing here? Well, well, well.
You missed choir practice.
Then I hear 'cause you're down at Sun Studios.
Well, no kin of mine is gonna record the devil's music.
Not after what we saw in church.
Look, I got talent.
My manager says so.
You got my nephew into this? Yeah.
Hey, that ain't yours to take, now! Give me that back! I knew you'd put up a fight! Sheriff! Get him out of here! Let's see if a night in the jailhouse rocks some sense into you.
That record's gotta make it on the radio tonight.
Get him outta here, too! You're making a huge mistake.
Get behind me, Satan.
White Stripes.
Great album.
At least, it was.
Your mama's been too easy on you, boy.
Look at the sort you got mixed up with.
These are the types that go on down to Beale Street and dance the hoochie-koo like heathens! You keep on preaching hate.
I'm only trying to bring folks together.
As the Lord destroyed the wicked, I must do the same with this record.
I'll make an example of you at the Heavenly Nights of Hymns.
That ought to teach them young folks a lesson.
Reverend, you don't know what you're messing with.
The music your nephew makes Has turned Memphis into Sodom and Gomorrah.
I will not allow it to be the ruination of that boy's soul, too.
Don't worry.
We'll get you out of here.
All I ever wanted to do was make my mama proud.
Now she ain't never gonna hear my song on the radio.
At least I still got you, Jesse.
Guys, we have a bit of a setback.
We're listening.
What's up? Um, long story, funny ending.
Amaya, Elvis, and I were thrown in the slammer.
So just steel up and break out.
Yeah, I know, I can, but I'm afraid - my work here isn't done.
- What do you need? I need you to go back to the church, get the record from the reverend, and bring it to WHBQ and make sure it debuts tonight.
On it.
Despite everything you've seen, I really think my powers could come in handy right now because I could just go grab that record, - and then I - Okay, if this were a Central City bank robbery, sure.
You could just speed in, save the day, the mayor would give you a key to the city.
That actually happened, you know.
See, Barry and I, we saw this History is different.
You can't be a chainsaw.
You need to be a scalpel.
You you need to get in there, talk to people, find out what they really need.
Now let's go talk to the preacher like human beings.
Okay, Axl.
I know how to draw you out.
With a nice little snack.
Mick? Mick, don't panic.
You just forgot to chew again.
Is this one of your stupid science experiments? - Looks like Josh Grobin - Axl! Found something even more lethal than your Elvis sandwich.
I'm sorry, buddy.
Look, the life expectancy of a rat is 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years.
So, you know, the little guy really beat the odds.
And you know what? We can pick you up another one in the next time period we stop in.
Because what's one more change on this ship? Jailhouse blues Jailhouse party You're getting warmer.
There's gotta be a song in here somewhere, Jesse.
Okay, song-writing time out.
Listen, um, there's no easy way to say this, but when we get out of here, you're gonna have to give us that guitar.
It has power, and it can be dangerous.
I mean, I can't play without Jesse.
I mean, before he came along, sure, there was songs, but there wasn't ever any music.
Look, even after he's gone, you're gonna have the music.
I mean, that's why you play, right? The real reason music matters is because it keeps things alive long after they're gone.
Any idea why Ray needs us? No clue.
Whatever this is, I don't like it.
Wait, what is that? We're gathered here in remembrance of our dear friend Axl.
I'm outta here.
- I'm with him.
- Wait, you need this.
We we all need this.
Fine, but when I mourn, I drink.
Fair enough.
Charles Dickens once wrote, "Life is made of ever so many partings, welded together.
" Axl is one such parting.
And while we may lose some, they are never really gone.
And they certainly can't be replaced.
They'll live on in the memories we shared with them and the lessons they taught us.
And it is because of that that we can embrace the change.
I still remember the first time I met Axl.
It was in the vents.
I was tiny Atom.
He was a big rat.
And he tried to eat me.
I knew we'd laugh about it one day together.
Sara, I believe it's customary for the Captain to share a few words.
Oh, no, you You're doing a great job.
Thank you.
Well then, please join me in a chorus of "Sweet Child of Mine.
- [HUMS.]
All right, I'll say something.
Axl was a friend.
Our friend.
Some might say he was the best of us.
Can we have a word? And not the good word.
We just wanna talk.
What could you possibly wanna talk about? We need to talk to you about your nephew and his record.
You can't destroy it.
People need to hear it.
That includes you.
How would y'all know what I need to hear? I might actually know what you're going through.
You see, my dad, he came into my life pretty late.
We couldn't always figure each other out.
We didn't always know how to fit into each other's lives until I knew that I just had to go and set out on my own.
Truly sorry to hear that, son.
I think that you might be afraid that you're losing your nephew.
But if you both could just try to understand each other, you might actually find something new between you two, You might You might even find something really special.
Now, I know someone that would love to play that record, if you're ready to give it a chance.
And a lot of young souls would be moved by your nephew's voice.
Mysterious ways, indeed.
Okay, so, we walked real far and it took a long time, and then, uh, we got thrown around History's at stake.
You'd better run fast.
Hoo-wee, Daddy-O-Dewey here with a new record.
Literally burning my fingers.
By a young local boy, name of Elvis Presley.
Remember where you heard it first.
How on Earth [LAUGHS.]
My nephew is on the radio.
My nephew is on the radio! Well, I'll be.
Kid kept his promise.
So I'm gone Yeah I'm gone I'm gone gone mama It would seem that Ms.
Tomaz and Mr.
West have succeeded.
To Axl.
To Axl.
I'm gonna get me a big pink Cadillac Been ages since I've seen so much life in this place.
Maybe you ain't so ungoldly as I thought.
You know, you and I might have different names for God, but I'm guessing we have a lot in common, too.
- What took you so long? - Seriously? Hey, um, what does dancing look like in the future? Oh, um, pretty much the same.
- Oh, no - [CHUCKLES.]
Great, well, we'd love to stick around for Hymn Night, but we should head back to the On second thought, how about those hymns? That music, it summoned the dead! This time he actually might be right.
Don't tell me you're converting.
No, Elvis recorded that song with the Death Totem.
It must have given his music the power to literally raise spirits.
You're kidding.
This must have been what drives everyone out of Memphis.
Right, ghosts can go through anything.
It's kind of their thing.
Okay, Mick.
Time to send him off.
What? Axl lives! You just had to throw a rodent funeral, didn't you? [SCREECHING.]
Wh where's he going? Remember, the real points come from taking out the ghosts.
Let's make Ms.
Pac-Man proud! [WHOOSHING.]
How's that for a high score? Impressive.
But I think it's gonna be game over soon.
I'm gonna get me a big straw hat Well, at least you got to hear yourself on the radio.
Don't go quoting this to my uncle now, but I sound pretty damn good, don't I? [SCREECHING.]
Hey, what's going on out there? The whole town's been overrun by ghosts! - Well, let us out! - Let me in! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
BOTH: Death Totem.
Well, I'll be.
It worked.
You can command spirits.
Well, if you can raise them, maybe you can also lead them away.
Lead them where? How about back where they came from? The cemetery outside your uncle's church.
You were right.
His music really does have power.
Could have stood to be wrong on this one.
Well, we need to get past them somehow.
Don't be scared.
Dead don't want nothing but to be acknowledged.
I mean, is there anything this guy can't do? I knew I should have smashed that record when I had a chance.
Now your song has gone and let the devil into my church.
This ain't the devil's doing.
You were right.
Music has a power.
Brings life to the lifeless, soothes the souls of the restless.
But it ain't just rock and roll, either.
I would like to prove it.
Put an end to all this, while I'm at it.
All right.
Get on up there, boy.
Now, I know y'all can hear me.
Come on in.
All are welcome here.
Amazing grace How sweet the sound That saved a wretch Like me Should we take them out? No, it's okay.
I think I understand what they need.
I once was lost But now I'm found Was blind but now I see T'was grace that taught My heart to feel And grace I actually know this one.
My fears relieved Care to dance? How precious did That grace appear The hour I first Believed [SQUEAKING.]
Axl! I'm sorry, your corpse It started to stink.
I I didn't think you'd mind.
I, uh, saved you a sammy.
Axl, what's wrong? [SQUEAKS.]
Yea when this flesh And heart shall fail And mortal life Shall cease I think it's time, brother.
I've got a feeling this goodbye ain't gonna be forever.
Thank you, Jesse.
Thank you very much.
Within the veil A life of joy And peace When we've been there Ten thousand years Bright shining as The sun I think we just found our moment.
We've no less days To sing God's praise Than when we'd first Begun Well, better make yourself comfortable.
Something tells me you'll be spending a lot more time in here, especially after that show you just put on.
Ah, something came over me, I guess.
I was up there looking at those ghosts, I realized one day this is all gonna be over for all of us.
Might as well get the most out of life that we can.
You know what? I think you just discovered the spirit of rock and roll.
I think that this Is probably gonna be safer with you.
That was fun and all, but I don't soon wanna be raising the dead again.
Promise me you'll keep playing, even without your brother.
Aw, Jesse ain't really gone.
The things he taught me, the love that we had It's gonna live on in my music.
Now, can I ask you a question? You ain't really a music manager, are you? Busted.
But something tells me you're gonna be just fine.
Even without this.
Thanks to you.
Think I'm just about ready.
Go get 'em.
All right, gentlemen.
How y'all doing? I say we start it off with something a little bit, uh, fast tempo.
Okay, fellas, get your fingers going.
You rang, Captain? - Hello, gorgeous.
- Mm-hmm.
- Look at that volume.
- Don't touch it.
- How do you - I'm serious, don't touch it.
Well, well, well.
Look who got his swagger back.
Ah, me? Just because I saved rock and roll and reinstated the King to his proper throne Doesn't give you an excuse to hog our one bathroom.
- Some of us need to - Celebrate the fact that we beat the Darhks to the Death Totem.
Although I don't imagine our acquisition will stay off the radar for long.
Well, think of it like this.
We're four totems up in the fourth quarter.
Time's running out for those idiots.
Yep, even though they still have mine.
Well, they'll be Time Stoning back two whatever hell they came from once we get your totem back.
Yeah, and in the meantime, we need to make sure we keep that Death Totem on lock.
Lock boxes.
I I got it covered.
I made encrypted lock boxes for each one of the totems.
Well, good.
The Death Totem's powers are not to be taken lightly.
Perhaps you need some assistance, Miss Jiwe.
Just give me a moment, Gideon, please.
I've sabotaged access tanks.
I am sure I can figure out a stupid playlist.
Hey, Gideon said you wanted to see me.
I wanted to say thank you.
Oh, you don't Check you out.
You got a playlist going? As soon as I'm done uploading all the Smiths music, we'll do a deep dive into the Morrissey solo stuff that Actually, I thought it was time for me to teach you about my music.
Like some big band stuff? I think I'm at a point where I can appreciate a trumpet solo.
No, this is the music of Zambesi.
Gideon helped me locate some supposedly lost tracks.
You like it? Yeah oh, it's I like I love it! So good.
Now you know how I feel about rock and roll.
What's that? I said you're almost at the good part.
You mean this isn't the good part? [BOTH LAUGH.]
I love you, Nathaniel.
What? I said there's a lot more where that came from.
It's a good thing we got time.

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