DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e15 Episode Script

Necromancing the Stone

1 Previously on "The Flash" and "Legends of Tomorrow" - I love you, Jesse.
- I love you too.
Jesse's breaking up with me.
She told me she needs to focus on herself.
You and Ms.
Lance? I think there's something real there, she's special.
I'm guessing that's bad.
Those are tears in the fabric of time itself.
The first totem bearers imprisoned a great evil and time is his cage.
The more the timeline's corrupted, the weaker the prison holding Mallus becomes.
Maybe these totems are the keys to stopping him.
The good news is, we already have the Air, - Earth, and Fire Totem.
- Death Totem? The most volatile of all of the totems.
Whoever wields it has dominion over the dead.
We need to make sure we keep that Death Totem on lock.
You thought I forgot about you.
It's okay.
Hey, I'm right here.
It's okay.
Here I thought you gave nightmares, not have them.
First time for everything.
Wanna talk about it? No, I'm I'm fine.
- So, who's John? - What? Soon as you called his name out in your sleep, and I was trying very hard not to be jealous.
No, it's probably John Constantine.
He's a Demonologist that helped me with Mallus.
And he kinda looks like Sting.
And he's just a Just a friend? Yeah, you could say that.
Though we did sleep together, but - [GROANS.]
- It was the 60s, and everybody was getting wild.
- The 60s, huh? - Mm-hmm.
I thought I waited a long time between partners.
The year was 1969, but it was, like, three weeks ago.
Three weeks? Yeah, well, three weeks before I had a girlfriend.
Did you just call me your girlfriend? - Maybe.
I mean, why not? John's fun.
Oh, please don't talk about John.
Well, he is no Ava Sharpe.
Pardon the interruption, Captain, but you're needed on the bridge.
Oh, come on.
Morning, Captain.
No Mrs.
Captain? - No, Ava had to work.
- Mmm.
With all the new anachronisms, the time tears are getting worse.
Yeah, I thought we were calling them time cracks.
Hey, what happens if we don't repair history? Working theory: time is frapped together like a smoothie, so instead of just dealing with Julius Caesar in Aruba, we have to fight off Genghis Khan, a herd of wooly mammoths, and a swarm of locusts from the Old Testament.
And Mallus is freed from time jail, so he could rule over this giant mess.
Mm, so, worse than Flashpoint? Is that what we're calling the thing that Barry did? I think it's something similar.
All right, enough hand wringing.
Mallus and his team are doubling down on anachronisms, so, so are we.
From now on, we're gonna do our repairs in teams.
Where's Rory? Wally, wait.
Nice robe.
Who dressed me? Um, me.
FYI, Heat Wave sleeps in the nude.
Yeah, tried to warn you, kid.
As riveting as this conversation is, - Gideon, please.
So, Z and Amaya, you take the Time Courier to Billings, Montana in 1997.
The Mona Lisa is about make a very special appearance on the Antiques Roadshow.
Nate and I will pick up Einstein in the Ice Age, and you two are on the Jumpship to find and return a dog named Laika to the Soviet space program.
Excuse me? I'm not chasing a Ruskie pooch.
Uh, I could actually use Mick's help reforming the Fire Totem.
Nate, you go with Wally, and I'll go get Einstein alone.
- Mmm.
You okay? Yeah, do I'm fine.
All right, that's it.
No snazzy send-off.
Mama's got a headache.
Even when you don't try, you still got it.
My hypothesis is that the Fire Totem can only be reignited if it reaches Big Bang conditions.
- [BURPS.]
- Which is where this handy-dandy cold fusion reactor comes in.
We will be two of the only people to have ever experienced cold fusion in action.
Can you even imagine? I'm bored.
Wait, where are you going? What if I need your help? I I just put a mystical totem into a nuclear reactor.
Don't you wanna see what happens? No.
Do me a favor, Gideon, get John Constantine on the line.
I'm afraid Mr.
Constantine does not own a phone.
Because God forbid he'd do anything normal.
It calls to you, doesn't it? The Death Totem chose you.
- You're - You.
After you died.
This is the Death Totem.
It yearns for a new bearer.
Imagine all you could do with dominion over the dead.
You could banish that little girl from your dreams, bring back your sister.
I'm no totem bearer.
You've conquered your demons.
You're strong enough to wield it.
Pick up the totem, Sara.
It's the only way to defeat Mallus.
The six totems need six totem bearers.
Who else on your team was born to wield death? [DRAMATIC LATIN CHOIR MUSIC.]
Wait, wait, wait, so the Mona Lisa was a self-portrait? Da Vinci in drag.
What? Well, at least he's wearing clothes.
- True.
- Hey, Ray, we're back.
You read me, Schmience guy? [SOFT, DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Gideon? Where's Ray? I'm sorry, Ms.
Tomaz, but all of my internal monitoring systems have been disabled.
I've been rendered blind, I'm afraid.
- Ray! I can't tell if he's breathing.
I have a pulse.
It's smoking.
This just happened.
Whoever did this is still on the ship.
Gideon, run a scan.
Palmer has suffered a collapsed lung, three broken ribs, a shattered femur and Okay, okay, okay, we get it.
Just fix him and find out who disabled your cams.
I take one lousy nap If I was capable of rage, I would feel it.
The saboteur must be punished.
You stay with Ray.
Mick and I will search the ship.
Wait, guys, you don't know what's out there.
Second thought, you got this.
Gideon, we need to reach Sara.
Is there any way to message her in the Ice Age? There's no need.
The Jumpship never left its hangar.
Holy mother of God.
Sara, what happened? [DEMONIC VOICE.]
Sara Lance is lost to you.
I am - Death! - [GUN WHIRRS.]
Sara, I know you're still in there.
Know you're still in there.
Amaya? She can't hear you.
You've always secretly feared you're a monster.
And now, a monster is what you've become.
Sara, please, no! [SCREAMS.]
Amaya! What happened? It's Sara.
She's wearing the Death thingy.
The Death Totem? Why would Elvis' totem make Sara evil? The totems work by amplifying the true nature of of whoever wears them.
But Constantine warned Ray that Mallus' power was inside Sara.
Maybe he's taken her over.
So, if Elvis could raise the dead with a totem, what could a former assassin connected to a demon be capable of? [DISTURBING MUSIC.]
Captain Lance, I strongly recommend you reconsider this command.
Hey, um, so I was thinking about the whole GF conversation we had earlier, and I [EERIE MUSIC.]
Whoa, you look Uh, good, great.
Just, sometimes these holo-feeds can really wash out your skin.
Did you do something different with your hair? [ELECTRICITY WARBLES.]
What the hell is going on here? [ELECTRICAL WARBLING.]
Rory, would you please move? Sara's bonded with the Death Totem.
What? We think Mallus tricked her into wearing it.
Look, the woman on that bridge was not Sara.
All I care about right now is getting her back.
We need to find John Constantine.
The demonologist? Yeah, I know, he wears his tie a little too loose for my liking, but he has saved Sara from Mallus before.
Gideon, can you up my pain medication? My leg is killing me.
Gideon? The Nostromo sequence has been activated and will commence in T minus three seconds.
T minus two seconds.
Gideon, un-commence.
- That option has expired.
Door's locked.
I'm gonna kill that witch! If you kill her, then Sara dies too.
- Better her than me.
- Dude, how can you say that? - By moving my lips.
- Uh, hey guys? And where were you when Ray was getting the crap beat out of him? Day-drinking again? Better than kidnapping a dog! - We rescued the dog, Mick! - I'm claustrophobic! - [HAND WHIRRING.]
- Everyone, just stop yelling.
Guys, everyone just relax.
I'm gonna knock her out, tie her up, and no one gets hurt.
Oh, we're screwed.
Never thought we'd see each other again.
You look good.
This isn't you.
You're not real.
You sure about that? Yeah.
I've seen apparitions before.
You know, I remember the first night I said, "I love you.
" We were in the back seat of your car.
You acted like you couldn't hear me.
Yeah, 'cause I couldn't understand why someone like you would love me.
Why not? [SIGHS.]
Oh, come on, Jesse.
Wally, you're a good-looking guy.
Great smile.
I know you've had girlfriends before me.
None of them were you.
You're everything.
You're, like, an actual genius, and the family you come from, and then I You're just a speed junkie with a drug addict for a mom? I wonder why it didn't work out between us.
Oh, um, so you're just here to hurt me? [SIGHS.]
Well, you can't.
I'm I'm actually glad that you broke my heart.
You know, I traveled because of you.
I found some kind of inner peace.
I made new friends.
One day I'm gonna fall in love with someone, and that person isn't gonna be you.
Well said.
Unfortunately [DEMONIC VOICE.]
I can hurt you.
John Constantine, age 36, one older sister, both parents deceased? Huh.
He's part of the Newcastle crew.
He accidentally summoned a demon that dragged a child, Astra Logue, into Hell.
Sounds like a real weirdo.
He's a Warlock.
You know, I happen to be a level nine Warlock.
Dungeons & Dragons doesn't count, Gary.
Stay back.
Don't move, Gary.
Gonna get you.
All right, all right.
- Go on, go, go! - Ohh! - [CRASH, CHICKEN SQUAWKING.]
- Okay.
Hey, do us a favor.
Give us a hand, will you? [CHICKEN SQUAWKS LOUDLY.]
Grab it, grab it, grab it! [CHICKEN SQUAWKING.]
Ah, oh, there you are.
All right, aww, nice one, lad.
You're a feisty little bastard, aren't you? Are you guys from Housing co-op? Because it's perfectly legal to win an apartment in a duel.
We're here about Sara Lance.
Right, well, Mrs.
Veras, we will have to continue the ritual tomorrow.
But not to worry, love.
We'll have your son married in no time, all right? Gracias, Señor Constantine.
It's a gig economy.
I have to take the work where I can find it, you know? Now, let me guess.
Sara has succumbed to the demon Mallus.
I sensed his power growing, but not to worry, I gave Ray very specific instructions to kill her if that ever happened.
- What? - Eggs and omelets, love.
- And extreme measures.
Well, I'm here to save Sara.
She's bonded with the Death Totem.
- Oh, bollocks.
- What does that mean? Oh, it's a British expletive used to I know what bollocks means, Gary.
What did you mean by it? Well, about this so-called Death Totem.
Recently, whilst heavily influenced by ayahuasca, I came to learn why the sixth lost tribe of Zambesi was stricken from the oral record.
This lost tribe, which had been entrusted to watch over the domain of the dead, sided with Mallus while the other five tribes rallied to imprison him, perhaps explaining why the Death Totem is inextricably linked with our demon friend.
Wally, can you hear me? Wally, talk to me, man.
Kid's dead.
I gotta go after him.
Just be careful out there.
If I'm not back in five minutes Just wait longer? No, come rescue me.
Okay, guys, this is ridiculous.
We can't just wait here.
Sara's gonna take us out one by one.
But I can decouple the Jumpship from Gideon's mainframe.
We are getting off of this ship.
Sara's soul is likely trapped in Mallus' realm.
Usually, I'd have to cast the demon into myself to rescue her, but luckily, I already have a link to Sara's soul.
So I'll enlist Aken, the Egyptian ferryman of the dead, What do you mean you already have a link to Sara's soul? Well, let's just say our souls have been one.
Leaves a metaphysical connection, love.
- Don't call me, "love.
" - Oh, pardon me, pet.
Sara and I also share a very, very strong metaphysical connection, so Wait.
I can't believe You both slept with Captain Lance? - Gary.
- Did we now? Well then, we both have excellent taste in damaged women.
- Sara's not damaged.
- Yeah.
And I'm the bloody Pope.
You know what? Let's get on with this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell do you think you're doing? You're going after Sara, I'm coming with you.
To the realm of Mallus? Start chanting.
Very well, give me your hand.
Are you serious? Deadly.
Mallus, Aken, Ka, Ren, Ba, Ib, Sheut, Mallus Aken Ma'at.
- [GASPS.]
John Constantine.
You dare enter my realm? - [FIRE WHOOSHING.]
So any sign of the Captain, Nate? No, but I found Wally.
Is he Alive.
Sara must have shot him with the anti-speedster gun.
We're gonna need a bigger Medbay.
Don't worry, guys, I'm almost there.
Just get ready to meet me at the Jumpship.
Sorry, Giddy, this is gonna hurt you more than me.
Zari? Behrad I can't sleep.
Will you read me a story, Zari? No, no, this is This is the Death Totem messing with my mind, you're not real.
Of course I am.
You know the one.
"The Prince of Timbuktu.
Please stop.
"The Prince of Timbuktu took a swim in the ocean blue.
" BOTH: "He met a tortoise who told him his purpose was to be the king of Timbuktu.
Sara, stop, please.
You have to fight Mallus.
Stop! [ECHOING.]
You're hurting me.
But no one can fight Mallus forever.
- [CRACK.]
- Ah! [SIGHS.]
What have you got on your socks there, squire? Oh, it's Beebo.
My Aunt Stacy bought them for me.
You like Beebo? Once, when I was on a massive bender, I put a spell on that toy to make him talk.
He told me things that'll make your toes curl.
Oh, like what? Okay, Sara's soul is trapped in the realm of a demon and her ship and entire crew are lost in time.
Who cares about Beebo? Well, his Aunt Stacy does.
You're wound tight as a bloody drum, aren't you, love Pardon me, pet.
You know, you need to loosen up.
And then the work just flows.
Oh, is that work you're doing? Sorry, I couldn't tell.
There isn't exactly a paint-by-number spell for locating a spaceship floating through a temporal stream.
My business card says, "Master of the Dark Arts," not "Doctor Ruddy What's-His-Face.
" - Who? - Who? Exactly.
What? Okay, you know what, Gary? Let's just get outta here because Mr.
Constantine has wasted enough of our time.
Oh, that's where you are.
You beauty.
Okay, so you have a foot, but you don't have a phone? I I just I really don't understand how Sara could've What, shagged me in a mental institute? Oh, my God! Ah, you have nothing to be jealous about.
I am not jealous! I'm just Ugh.
Okay, maybe I'm a little bit jealous.
Ah, we were just trying to find some calm in the storm.
I don't understand, who sleeps with a Warlock and then turns around and starts calling me her girlfriend? She called you her girlfriend? Yeah, and I really wanna believe her.
- But? - But I don't think that Sara's really a one-woman woman.
Well, if the price of admission is looking like a fool or getting your heart broken, then, well, I'd say Ms.
Lance is pretty well worth it.
Boys, there has to be a way to find the Waverider.
I have an idea.
We're all ears, mate.
The Legends remind me of my D&D group.
- Don't laugh.
- Too late.
And last year, we were on a campaign, "The Trials of Eagan.
" Our party was made up of a monk, a druid, a half-orc rogue, a bard, and like, a Like, a cheerful gnome who was also a very accomplished wizard.
With two men down, we were trapped in the Tomb of Ruination, and we were being hunted by Zanatar the Unburnt.
We were exhausted, running low on food.
Zari, come in.
Zari, do you copy? Our sorceress was missing, feared dead.
Gary, how does any of this help us find Sara and the Legends? Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Let the man finish his story, all right? As you were, mate.
Zanatar the Unburnt wielded the Death Sword, one of the Six Swords of Sorrow.
To defeat him, we needed Another of the Six Swords.
The best way to defeat a totem bearer is with another totem.
Yeah, that worked out well for Z.
Seeing as I am out of commission, one of you two needs to wield the Earth Totem.
Which turned Blackbeard's lady friend into a zombie.
It merely manifested the pirate queen's true nature.
A righteous warrior has nothing to fear from wielding a totem.
A righteous warrior.
Count me out.
All right, well, Earth Totem, meet Steel Man.
So how did your D&D crew thingy find one of the six Swords of Sorrow? We didn't, we died a grizzly death at the hands of Zanatar.
Gary! But, but, that's because we weren't working in concert.
The Legends will be fine as long as they just don't split up.
Mick and I will find Zari.
All right, and I'll go get the Earth Totem.
You're gonna die.
- Hey.
- Thanks, Mick.
You can do this.
The point of my story is, even though we were defeated by Zanatar, we were able to track the mystical object he was wielding.
The Sword of bloody Sorrow.
You are a bloody genius, Barry.
Gary, right.
I need the vile from my desk, Mother's tears, and my ruination stones, and from you, Ava, I'm gonna need - Oh, please don't say it.
- The foot.
Sorry, can we just pretend for a moment that I have no idea what you two are doing? Well, it's like our Gary said, the easiest way to locate the Legends' ship is to locate the Death Totem.
You know, it's a shame that you had to join the family business.
You were a sweet kid.
Last time we were here, I was a little girl, but I was never sweet.
Your friend, Oliver, made sure of that when he killed my father.
Oliver's not responsible for the path that you chose.
You're right.
You see, Sara, you and I, we're alike.
The darkness has always been within us.
Ra's Al Ghul Ra's Al Ghul will never know you let me live.
Papi! Once a killer, always a killer.
Why are you crying, Sara? You've done nothing wrong.
Imagine what you could do if you just released your guilt.
You can't erase your past, Sara, so just embrace it.
You want me to join your team.
It's your destiny.
Eons ago, the sixth tribe of Zambesi defended Mallus from their brethren.
Their tribe wielded the Death Totem.
Now the cycle's starting again.
You weren't just born to wield the Death Totem, Sara.
You were born to wield the Death Totem for Mallus.
I'm all right, barely.
Nathaniel, we have Z.
Did you find the Earth Totem? Actually I did, but, guys, Sara found me.
Nathaniel, where are you? Nathaniel? What's the matter, Nathaniel? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Nathaniel? Nathaniel, where are you? Right, the Fire Totem's our last chance to defeat her.
Oh, and here I thought escaping to the Jumpship was a good plan.
I don't care what she's done.
I'm not abandoning Sara or anyone else on this team.
Too bad, you're down a leg, and you look like a cat stuck in a dryer.
That's not funny.
I love cats.
I'll wield the totem.
Let's just get to the lab.
Here's hoping Ray knew what he was doing.
Get a grip, Nate.
That's not your grandfather.
Houston, 1970.
I wanted to be with my wife and son, but you convinced me that was impossible.
You were relieved when I blew the cargo bay door.
I didn't want you to die.
You were desperate to save your own hide.
And what have you made of yourself, boy? You're a damn disappointment to your father, and you're sure as hell a disappointment to me.
You think Amaya loves you? You're not worthy of her love.
Haircut nuked the stone.
This totem wasn't meant for me.
You have to use it.
Forget it.
You've spent your entire life obsessed with fire and heat.
What if this is the reason why? How many times do I have to tell you I'm not a hero? Sara's a hero, and look what the Death Totem did to her.
That was the work of Mallus.
Most people who've seen what you've seen would've succumbed to darkness, but you didn't.
You chose to become a Legend.
You may try and hide it, Mick, but you're a good man.
What if you're wrong? There's only one way to find out.
Exorcizamus te, - omnis immundus spiritius - [SCREAMS.]
Omnis satanic potestas, omnis infernalis adversarii, in nomine at virtute Domini! Hit her with the holy water! [HISSING.]
There's somebody who wants to talk to you, John.
John? You glamoured your voice.
That's the oldest bloody trick in the book.
You don't remember me? I know it's been a long time.
Mallus will free me from hell, but you have to give him Sara.
A life for a life.
You know better than anybody.
Magic always has a price.
I wanna speak to Sara.
All right, Astra.
I'll do it.
Give me your hand, Astra.
Come on.
It's all right, love.
It's just me.
It's Johnny.
No one escapes Hell.
The sacred cross commands you to free this woman from your prison! To free this woman from your prison! [GAGS.]
Wielding a totem's bad enough.
Now you want me to wear a necklace? There's no time, Mick.
See? Doesn't work.
Are you still with me, Mick? [WHIMPERS.]
Sara! Sara? Sara? Does Ava know who you really are, Sara? What you've done? What are you gonna tell her? That the totem was wrong? You aren't a killer? [TOTEM CLANGS.]
The totem's power is within you, Sara, all you have to do is decide.
A life free of pain and regret with us, or the tormented half-life you're living now? Sara? I know you are still in there.
You are the strongest, most fearless person I've ever met, and you never back down.
Don't you remember? When did a Legend ever go quietly? I'm here.
I'm here, Sara, and I need you to come back to me.
I need you to come home.
Sara, can't you feel me? [GENTLE MUSIC.]
You're making a mistake.
No, to a life without pain or regret.
No, to being a demon's lackey, and no, to bringing more death into this world.
I owe that little girl at least that.
You could have everything.
You saved me again.
I had a little help.
Well, while we're here [CLEARS THROAT.]
Chin chin.
I should definitely come to your aid more often.
Well, at this point, I might as well just make you a bed on the ship.
Hm, tempting.
If you thought Mallus really would've freed Astra, you would have traded me, wouldn't you? In a heartbeat.
Well, what can I say? I'm a nasty piece of work.
So am I.
You survived, love.
For now.
You know, there's a reason why I prefer to walk this path alone.
It's, uh, so I don't have to share with anyone how lost I really am.
But you're not alone, are you, Sara? Maybe I should be.
She's a good one.
Try not to hurt her.
That's what I'm afraid of.
- Pinch me ah.
Is it the real Sara? Yeah, it's me.
I'm sorry, Ray.
I'm I'm sorry, everyone.
I'm really sorry.
It's good to have you back, Captain.
Yeah, because evil you is a pain in the ass to fight.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around this mess.
Why would Mallus want to show me Jesse? - Or me my grandpa? - I don't know.
Mallus was trying to recruit me to his side, and using my darkest fears.
Mayby that's just what he does, he looks into our hearts, and broadcasts our deepest secrets.
Huh, that's terrifying.
You up.
I need your speed to re-couple the mainframe.
Ah, music to my ears.
Oh, although, I was really digging the silver hair.
We need to talk.
No good conversation ever started that way.
Ava, I'm sorry.
Listen, I can't pretend to understand what you went through or or what happened to you, but I know that wasn't you, Sara.
That's just it.
That was me.
Just like fire is to Rory, there is part of me that it's always been there.
And I really tried to pretend that that wasn't true.
But deep down, I am death.
No Sara, okay, so we can fight that part of you together, - just tell me what to do.
- Hey.
Ava, you read my file.
But I still showed up at that restaurant, in that horribly uncomfortable dress trying to impress you because I don't care about your past, Sara.
Well, maybe you should.
You are wonderful.
And I [SIGHS.]
and I've never been this happy in my life.
But this doesn't look happy.
Look, I don't deserve you.
- Yes, Sara, yes, you do.
- No, Ava, I don't.
You deserve better, you deserve so much better.
And I care about you, but I'm not gonna do this.
I won't.
I'm sorry.
Fresh from a successful crusade, our team knew the fight was far from over.
In fact, the true battle was only just beginning.
In order to defeat the demon and his cabal of evil, we need to be at full strength, which is going to be hard given the losses we sustained on our last quest.
Some wounds are so deep, they never truly heal.
So the question is, are you prepared to join us on this mission most deadly? [DRAMATIC CHAMBER MUSIC.]
Well, tonight, squire, I'm all yours.

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