DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s03e16 Episode Script

I, Ava

1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" The more the timeline's corrupted, the weaker the prison holding Mallus becomes.
Maybe these totems are the keys to stopping him.
The Fire Totem wasn't meant for me.
Damien Darhk, what has he promised you? A chance to protect our village.
- No.
- We'll fix this.
We'll get your totem back.
Gideon, delete file 354-Z.
Yes, Director Hunter.
Sara can never find out the truth about Ava.
- Look, I don't deserve you.
- Sara, yes you do.
No, Ava, I don't.
I'm not gonna do this.
I'm sorry.
I am not just walking out on the team, Ray.
She says, as she's literally walking away.
Sara, we appreciate that you may need a break after what happened with the Death Totem.
But this is the absolute worst time for you to leave.
At least let us lock you up in the brig.
We need you here now mor.
Yeah, we've almost won the totem race.
Which is exactly why I need to go.
Look, we are so close to gaining control over "the six.
" and getting the upper hand on Mallus.
I just I need a day to clear my head.
Yeah, but who's gonna stop Mick from burning down the ship with the Fire Totem? Someone's gonna have to fill in the role of captain while I'm gone.
Oh, well, uh, I hadn't exactly thought I'd I'd pick up the mantle this soon, but I'm putting Amaya in charge.
Good luck.
Sorry about that, big guy.
Hey, hi, um, do you think that maybe you could do that somewhere else? We do have a galley.
You want a dog? It's pork.
So what? No, thank you.
Wow, I'm sure that's what those ancient folks had in mind when they created the Fire Totem.
- Every man's gotta eat.
- There you are, Mick.
You ready? - For what? - Training.
Do you remember? We spoke about learning to harness the powers - of the totem.
- Hmm.
I got a new trick.
Pull my finger.
- What? - Pull my finger.
Do not pull his finger.
Let's just say hot dogs aren't the only thing he's learned how to light on fire.
Sorry to interrupt, Ms.
Jiwe, but Dr.
Heywood requests your presence in the library.
Captain's duties are never over.
But, seeing as you're not busy No, no, no, please don't Please don't ask me.
I can't think of anyone better to learn to train a new totem bearer.
Yeah, sure.
I'll get right on it.
Good luck.
So, what's going on? It's your granddaughter, Mari.
She's been hurt.
A minor wrinkle in the 2018 timeline.
How badly? The article says she was burned trying to save people from a warehouse fire in Detroit.
Doesn't she have superpowers, though? This is all my fault.
Ever since I lost my totem, the timeline must be starting to solidify.
Which means, in this new reality, the totem was never passed down to her.
So Mari is a vigilante without her totem.
- I have to go and talk to her.
- What? No, you cannot talk to your own granddaughter.
- That will cause - Unforeseen consequences.
I know, but how much worse can things truly get? Sara put me in charge while she steps away.
All the more reason why you should stay on the ship.
Okay? I'll go to Detroit, and I'll talk to her.
- And I'll, uh I'll help him.
- Yeah.
There's nothing this dynamic duo cannot do.
Okay, fine.
Just be careful.
Look, Sara, for what it's worth, I know it wasn't the real you who tried to kill us.
That's just it, Ray.
That was the real me.
- Which is why I need to - [WHOOSHING.]
Lance? It's Gary.
Sorry to drop in on you like this.
What're you doing? Open your eyes, Gary.
Oh, hi.
Sorry, I didn't wanna accidentally portal into your quarters and catch you and Director Sharpe, you know together.
Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore because we broke up.
Wait, what? Why didn't you tell us? No, no, you guys can't break up.
I was shipping you so hard.
That's why you're leaving.
That is not why I'm leaving.
And if you're looking for Ava, I suggest you check her office.
Uh, well, that's the thing.
She hasn't been to work in a few days, which is very unlike her.
I've already been covering for her, I forged her signature twice.
What am I supposed to do next? Put on a wig and pantsuit and pretend I'm her? - No, don't do that.
- What if she's in trouble? I mean, we already lost Director Bennett.
What if Grodd got to her too? Oh, my God, oh, my God Gary, Gary, deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
Don't worry, Gary.
Because we're gonna find her.
"We" will find her? [BEEPING.]
Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Mr.
Mari's resting.
I'll have someone come grab you when she wakes up.
We're from "The Detroit Chronicle" and we'd like to do a story about your foster daughter's heroism.
To tell you the truth, I wish she was less interested in saving everyone else's lives and more compelled to protect her own.
Mari's a brave woman.
But maybe you should remind her that there are police and firefighters too.
And that the safety of Detroit isn't, you know, her responsibility.
You don't have to tell me that.
Sometimes I feel like my daughter, she's walking around with a target on her back.
Excuse me for a second.
If Ava comes back and finds us snooping through her office We're only snooping to find out where she went.
What're you doing? I am hacking into the Bureau's network to access Ava's personnel file.
- Huh.
- What is it? Director Sharpe's personnel file has been erased.
Someone deleted it remotely from the Waverider.
Wow, she must've really wanted to go off the radar.
Wait, you think Director Sharpe erased her own file? That's crazy.
Yeah, so is putting on a wig and impersonating your boss, Gary.
I didn't actually do it.
- Mm-hmm.
- What are you doing? Looking for clues as to where she might've gone.
Birthday card from her parents in Fresno.
Think she might've gone to Fresno? Does that mean we have to go to Fresno? - You're sure you saw Kuasa? - Yeah.
Just be on the lookout for a badass in a leather outfit.
Or a suspicious puddle of water.
There she is! - [WHOOSHES.]
- I got her.
Dude, don't just stand there.
Not so fast.
- Wally, wait, she's - Dangerous, I know.
Ah, as soon as I catch my breath, we're gonna stop you from hurting your sister.
Hurt Mari? I'm here to protect her.
You idiots.
Well, this isn't exactly how I imagined meeting Ava's parents.
Not that I imagined meeting Ava's parents.
I just, I Hello.
How can we help you? Pam and Randy Sharpe? Says so on our marriage license.
Looks like they stepped right out of an L.
Bean catalogue.
Now we know where Director Sharpe gets her perfect bone structure.
And you are? We're friends of your daughter.
Well, unfortunately, Ava Hasn't shown up for work in a few days, and we're getting a little worried.
We haven't seen her in months.
I hope she's okay.
We were hoping that we could come inside.
Maybe together we could figure out where she's gone.
Uh, Pammy here just baked up a storm of her famous cookies.
Come on in.
If you folks work with Ava, you must work for the government.
Yep, we're, uh We're government suits.
Our daughter won't tell us what she does.
- It's all so "top secret.
You have so many photos of her.
Where was that one taken? Oh, that's at the, uh The Grand Canyon.
Such a beautiful family.
Almost too good to be true.
Sara, why don't you try one of Mrs.
Sharpe's snickerdoodles? I don't want a snickerdoodle, Ray.
What about this photo? - Where was this one? - Oh, yes.
That's Ava's 15th birthday party.
She had friends in for a sleepover.
They stayed up all night long watching horror movies.
- Sleepover, really? - Uh-huh.
I remember it well.
Well, I know for a fact Ava went paintballing for her 15th birthday.
Uh, Pam meant her 16th birthday.
She always gets that part mixed up.
- Oh.
- Ah.
Who the hell are you guys? Oh, God, I hate the sight of blood.
- Sara.
- Okay, fine! We'll tell you everything, just don't kill us.
- Why the hell shouldn't I? - Because we're just actors.
- What? - Yeah, yeah, uh, okay.
Four years ago, we responded to this online ad for a gig.
They gave us backstories for our characters.
They told us if Ava ever comes around to visit, we just act like her parents.
- And who hired you? - No idea.
The money is automatically deposited.
Look, it it's not such a bad gig, considering Ava rarely ever comes home to visit.
Why in the world would you agree to be a part of such a charade? Do you know how hard it is to get an acting job in Fresno? Right, well, I apologize about the knife thing.
It is a gut reaction.
Nothing personal.
Sorry to bother you.
We'll be on our way now.
You have a lovely home, Mr.
and Mrs.
Whatever your real names are.
Okay, you said to wait until after your second lunch.
This is your fourth.
Amaya wants me to teach you how to use your totem, so let's get cracking.
If I wanted to learn, I would've gone to school.
You know, you are ri Okay.
Be patient, be kind, abstain from negative thoughts.
Sorry, blood-sugar thing.
- Fasting? - Yeah, I'm not eating.
Trying to lose some fat, huh? No, I love my body.
I'm trying to observe Ramadan.
So observe it on a full stomach.
Is this bacon? You Jewish? I don't even know what I can't.
What kind of person invents a fake family and backstory? Well, when I was a kid, I told my friends my dad was an orthodontist.
It sounded much cooler than dentist.
If she was lying about where she's from, there's no telling what else she Sara.
What're you doing here? Uh, Gary was worried that you were missing, so naturally, we were concerned and thought we'd investigate it further.
Well, clearly I'm no longer missing, so You sure you're okay? I'm fine.
Don't I look fine? Where have you been? If you must know, I Gary, straighten your tie.
I was visiting my parents in Fresno.
Home-cooked meals and all.
- Hmm, Fresno? - Mm-hmm.
Nothing like a tray of snickerdoodles.
Well, I mean, any other kind of cookie to, um, mend a broken heart.
You know what? I have a lot of work to do.
I'm sure you two can see yourselves out.
You're okay? No one likes running into their ex.
I'm fine.
And like I said, let's find out what else she's hiding from us.
So this is Mari's Vixen Cave.
Ever since my grandmother lost her totem, I figured I'd better start keeping tabs on her.
It's a good thing I did.
I thought you hated Mari.
She's still my sister.
And even though I resented her for inheriting the Anansi Totem, I'd rather see it around her neck than on Nora Darhk's.
So let's get it back to where it belongs.
You wanna help me? We wanna help Amaya.
You wanna help your sister.
Either way, we have to get that totem back.
The Darhks will kill me if I turn on them.
Don't worry, this isn't the first totem that we've lifted from under their noses.
Soon we'll have five totems.
Do you really wanna be one against five? If we work together, we can defeat the Darhks and Mallus.
And you get to protect your family.
Isn't that what you really want? Fine.
But we do this my way.
Maybe Ava wasn't lying about where she was, but when she was.
I thought the worst thing about her is she's from Fresno.
Well, I'm not I'm not seeing anything in her Time Courier records that wasn't Bureau-sanctioned and by-the-book.
What's that? Uh, her first mission.
Vancouver, 2213.
I can't access it.
The Bureau has sanctioned 2213 a no-fly zone.
Meaning? Meaning, the Courier you stole from Ava doesn't do you any good, and the Waverider can't fly there either.
The only person who can override the restriction Is a Time Bureau Director.
But why wouldn't Director Sharpe Want us to know who she really is? I'll give you one guess, Gary.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
You think my boss is an Anachronism? The only way to know for sure is to go to 2213.
- So how do we get there? - I I guess the only way would be to hijack the mother ship, but unfortunately I failed flight training.
Damn astigmatism.
Like I'd let you fly.
Let's go.
Wha what? [SHIP WHIRS.]
What do you mean, the mother ship is on the move? I mean, someone's stealing it, ma'am.
Track it.
I'm going after it personally.
Should we really be doing this? I mean, I'm I'm sure there's a good reason why no one is supposed to come to this time period.
Maybe Gary's right.
Maybe we should just ask Ava what her connection is to this place.
Why? She's just gonna lie to us again.
Well, if you wanna ask her, now's your chance.
Director Sharpe.
Director Sh Sharpe? Just down across, and make a left.
Director Sharpes? What kind of world is this? Paradise? I'm surrounded by my exes, Gary.
This is hell.
Pleasant day, citizens.
I had a dream like this once.
Yeah, me too, but mine involved less clothing.
Mine too.
Well, I guess this is why they declared 2213 a no-fly zone.
Director Sharpe didn't want us to find out that she's secretly a robot.
I did not have sex with a robot.
No, you didn't, Sara, you had sex with a clone.
Here at Advanced Variant Automation, we are working to bring a brighter future.
Our cloning program has produced the AVA.
AVA is the perfect woman designed to keep us safe and restore order to the chaos.
It makes sense they'd clone Ava.
She is the perfect woman.
Oh, calm down, Gary.
She's okay.
Before I have an Ava overload, should we return to the comfort and safety of the Time Bureau? No.
we're not done here yet.
I think an ambush would work best in this situation.
If you wanna die a quick death.
Quite frankly, you two [OBJECTS SHATTERING.]
- Whoa.
- [SIGHS.]
Are no match for the Darhks.
So what's your plan? We lure them to us.
- With bait.
- No, no.
You are not using a totem.
We have the next best thing.
- A legend.
- Wait, that's crazy.
Why don't we just go to where they're at, I'll swipe it like I did the Fire Totem.
You overplayed your hand.
Now they know you have a Whatever you are on the team.
What I am is the fastest man alive.
- Thanks.
- Second fastest.
Shh, she didn't need to know that.
- Nathaniel? Amaya, hey.
How's Mari? The doctor says she's gonna be fine.
She's strong, just like you.
Thank you for checking in on her.
So when are you coming back? Um, we're gonna stick around for a while.
You know, talk her out of this whole superhero business.
Or at least until you get your totem back, and the timelines back in order.
In that case, just take care of yourself, okay? I love you, Nathaniel.
Yeah, me too.
Um, shouldn't we be bringing Amaya into this? BOTH: No.
We already have one Vixen in the hospital as it is.
My grandmother will want to play the hero and get herself killed.
If that happens, Mari and I will be wiped from existence.
Right, so we're gonna need you to keep her out of our hair.
- But I - I know, I know.
I'll be fine.
I just need you to keep an eye on Amaya.
- [SIGHS.]
- Damn it, Wally.
This place is creepy.
How about I wait outside? How about you calm down? Is it too late to mention my fear of things covered in sheets? Hey, guys.
Over here.
How is this even possible? Looks like they created Ava from what they believe are the best genes from around the world to make the perfect woman.
Though, she's a little pale, if you ask me.
I should've known she was too good to be true.
That doesn't mean that what you guys had wasn't real.
That is exactly what it means.
Uh, guys.
Everything that she's told me about herself - has been a lie.
- Guys.
What, Gary? Oh, crumbs, I think I woke one up.
You are in violation of bylaw 575.
You do not have clearance to be in this room.
We were just leaving.
Just let us go, it'll be fine.
If I let you go, I have to let everyone go.
You must be terminated.
Uh, I think she wants to kill us.
You don't say.
Should we help? Uh, not unless you want both of them to kill you.
All right, tie her up, before she comes to.
This is weird.
These chains won't be nearly as convincing if you can turn to steel.
You know, I'm a good actor.
I could've sold it.
And what's with these vigilantes and their dark spaces? It's like they're afraid of that healthy bronze look.
Hmm? Oh, I [STAMMERS.]
I didn't mean you.
I you look great, honey.
I underestimated you, Kuasa.
You brought us a valuable bargaining chip.
I want something in exchange.
My grandmother's totem.
It belongs to me.
You didn't actually think she was gonna hand that over to you, did you? - She's right.
- You what? The power of Mallus flows through me.
I don't need some trinket.
Besides, Kuasa has proven herself a loyal acolyte.
The plan worked.
Free me.
I once thought that losing this totem was the greatest threat to me and my family.
But you are in love with my Nana Baa.
And should she choose to love you in return, me and my sister will never even exist.
- This is not the plan.
- Plans change.
This is better than "The Brave and the Bold.
" For a PhD, you're remarkably gullible.
Oh, Kuasa, you're better than this.
Be the woman your grandmother believes you to be.
I'm being the woman she knows me to be.
When you kill him, do it slowly.
Is that too tight? I can never tell.
That I have experience tying people up, 'cause I-I-I don't Stop talking to it, Gary.
Sara, she isn't an it.
She's a real person.
They all are.
Our Ava is just an anachronism somehow displaced 200 years in the past, AKA our present.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- I know.
I I mean, I get it.
Why would she tell me she comes from a place where's she's just one of a million copies? [WHOOSHES.]
There you are.
Oh, God, another one? Gary, that's our Ava.
What does he mean "another one"? Don't mind Gary.
You know, it's interesting, I would've found you sooner, except I seem to have misplaced my Time Courier.
What are you three doing in 2213? We are investigating an anachronism.
An anachronism, really? - What is this place, anyway? - Oh, come on, Ava.
The jig's up.
We know.
What are you talking about? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Oh, my God.
Well, maybe she's not a card-carrying member of the clone club after all.
I must prepare for the Master's arrival.
I trust you'll be able to make him talk? No problem, Nora doll.
Talk? You don't have to torture me to talk.
The trick is you gotta get me to shut up.
It's not much of a trick.
- [GASPS.]
You will have the legends bring the missing totems to me.
Or you will die.
Your, um, daughter, she looks she looks She looks different.
No offense.
None taken.
- [B ZING.]
- Ah! Ahh! Ah, ha, ow.
Her face How long has that been a situation? You know what? Since you're gonna die, I might as well tell you.
The-the closer that Mallus gets to escaping his prison, the worse the situation gets.
Don't stop looking Don't look at me.
I'm just gonna I'm just gonna I'm sorry, it it's not you.
It it's me.
Torture just doesn't bring me the same joy anymore.
It's okay, you're distracted, I get it.
You made a deal with the devil, now he's come back to claim your little girl.
Am I right? Yes! I mean, I-I-I I wanted to burn the world down and rebuild it in my image, not lose the person I was doing it for.
Damien, this is deep stuff, man.
Let's just keep digging.
Let's keep digging.
- Just do me one favor.
- Yes, what? Can you lose the cattle prod? I mean, I'm gonna die anyways.
Let's just make this a safe space.
- Safe space.
Director Sharpe? - Mm.
- Director Sharpe.
Are you okay? Oh, Gary.
God, get out of my face.
- I'll take that as a yes.
- Ugh.
What do you remember before you, uh, hit your head? Uh [STAMMERING.]
I came to 2213 to To find the mother ship, and I, uh I stepped out of the portal, and then you were breathing in my face.
Is there something I'm forgetting? Uh, well, uh Uh, before your little mishap, you were commending us on our great work and you even mentioned something about a promotion.
This is terrible.
Okay, can we just tell her the truth? That, what, she was hatched in a government lab? God, this whole time I thought that she was hiding who she was, but clearly she had no idea she was a clone.
I mean, did you see the way she reacted? [CLANKING.]
What was that? - Uh - No, d-don't.
- What is - Don't.
Don't what? - Thank God, she's gone.
- Who's gone? We gotta get out of here before that fembot sounds the alarm.
"Fembot"? Come on.
Okay, now concentrate on the target.
It's about focus and precision.
Like I need help lighting things on fire.
One Two Rory, could you focus on something other than your stomach for a second? Whatever.
Ha-ha! Yeah.
I said just the target, you idiot.
- I'm the idiot? - Yeah.
You're the one who doesn't eat when you're hungry.
Maybe if you did, you wouldn't be such a bitch.
What did you just say? You heard me.
Whoa, what is going on? - Zari's training Rory.
Or killing him.
But now that you're back on the ship, we need to get out of Detroit and back to work.
Uh, Nate is actually still trying to convince Mari not to be a vigilante, and she is stubborn.
I wonder where she gets that from.
What're you doing here? [TOTEM JANGLES.]
- I come with a peace offering.
- How did you get that? Wait, wh Where is Nate? I gave him to the Darhks in exchange for the totem.
- That wasn't the plan.
- What plan? Nate thought it'd be better not to tell you.
Because you're in love with him, Nana Baa.
And that love is a threat to both Mari and me.
- So you betrayed him? - He's not my grandfather.
Every moment that you spend with him is a threat to our entire family's future.
How can you be so selfish? You're the selfish one.
Our family's destruction looms in 1992.
You promised you'd save us.
And yet you continuously search for ways to abandon your family and Zambesi.
I have done everything in my power to try and redeem you.
And in doing so, Mari got hurt.
She understands that being a totem bearer means protecting all people, not just our own.
It's no wonder this totem ended up with Mari and not you.
You're beyond redemption.
Mother ship is this way.
Sara, listen, I really need to confess something to you.
- Can we do this later? - No, I listen.
I wasn't really visiting my parents in Fresno.
I don't even know why I said that.
I never visit my parents.
They're like strangers to me.
You don't say.
But when we broke up, I actually called my ex in Vegas.
I'm so ashamed, but it's worse than that, all right? I created an UpSwipz profile.
And I actually went really overboard on the swiping.
It it really is more intuitive to go up and down, but that's not even the point.
The point is I realize that it's not for me.
Okay? And Look, I know that we aren't together anymore, Sara, but I really just felt like I needed to be honest with you.
Okay? Great, now you all hate me.
Not that I can blame you.
I just Can you please stop looking at me like that? I can't take it.
Look, it's not you, it [SIGHS.]
It's them.
What the hell are those things, and why do they all look like me? - Okay.
- Uh Well, short version, you're a clone.
I'm a I'm a clone? From the future? What're you I'm a future clone thing? - Ava, shh.
- It's okay, Director Sharpe.
Gary will take care of everything.
She deserves to know.
I don't understand.
This can't be happening.
You're saying I'm one of them? Hey, look, this might be where you're from, but it is not who you are.
Then who the hell am I? You are the same person that you have always been.
You are the woman who has worked her way to the top to becoming the head of the Time Bureau.
- You are extraordinary.
- No.
My my life, my memories, they're all manufactured.
They're they're not real.
I'm not even real.
Ava, you are real.
You are as real as I feel about you.
How can you even say that when I'm I'm just like one of those things? Because I know you.
And I know that you are a badass.
And you are different.
And now that we both know that, I need you to act exactly like one of those clones if we wanna get out of here.
Go ahead, Darhk.
Make my day.
You asked for it, steel boy.
Ah, ha, ha, huh.
- Was that good? - Really good, really good.
Just a little bit bigger this time.
- Okay.
- Okay, you ready? Oh, no! Why, God? There's blood everywhere.
There's so much blood.
You know better than to play Mallus for a fool.
No, no, no, no, no, honey, I can explain.
Such a waste of a good head of hair.
Hey, get your hands off that hard body.
I'm sorry, that sounded way better in my head.
What the hell? [GRUNTS.]
Seems that you and Kuasa have resolved your family squabble.
So much drama over a silly trinket.
I wouldn't expect you to understand anything about honor or legacy.
Amaya! [PANTING.]
I've apprehended the intruders.
I'll escort them from the premises and terminate them.
Don't move.
This one's a fake.
She's not one of us.
Step forward.
You are to be reprocessed immediately.
That feel fake to you? [GUNSHOT BLASTS.]
Stay close, I don't wanna lose you in this crowd.
Is this as weird for you as it is for me? [GRUNTS.]
I've had messier breakups.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, I This is the second worst attack of the clones I've seen.
Please, please, I don't wanna do this.
- Ah.
Thank God.
It's the real you.
Let's get back to the ship before more show up.
You were right, Sara.
I'm never gonna be a mindless clone.
I'm keeping the suit.
Your totem is still governed by my powers.
What're you doing here? I'm not here for you.
Now get your ass up.
Love you too.
Hardly seems like a fair fight.
Then I'd give up now.
I was talking about all of you.
If you cannot defeat me in this vessel, how will you stop me once I've assumed my true form? [CHUCKLES.]
- She's too strong.
We have to leave.
I gave you life, Kuasa.
Offered you real power.
Family is true power.
I know you're in there somewhere, Nora.
You have your father, I have my grandmother.
We don't have to become our demons.
I like my demons.
Nana Baa.
She should've known.
There's no running from Mallus.
Amaya, we gotta get out of here.
- No.
- Amaya, we gotta go.
I'll do what you want.
Just just put me down.
No, it wasn't me, it was our totems.
Something's wrong.
It's Kuasa.
She's dead.
I need a drink.
Gary, you cannot tell anyone about what you saw in 2213.
If you do, I will straight up kill you.
But I'm terrible at keeping secrets.
And every time I close my eyes, all I see is you.
I'll never get it out of my head.
I wouldn't worry about it, Gary.
Gary, right this way.
I got a flasher with your name on it.
If I had known that was gonna happen It's not your fault.
Still, I shouldn't have gone behind your back.
And I shouldn't have tried to outsmart the Darhks on my own.
You wanted me to have my totem back.
And now I do.
Come on, Amaya, just say it.
I got Kuasa killed.
I got my granddaughter killed.
You? How? By goading her to be more like her sister.
Kuasa wanted to prove that she was worthy of this.
She died proving that I was wrong about her, by saving the life of a man who threatened her existence.
Exactly, and if I didn't get captured, - then Kuasa - Was doomed either way.
I mean, that's how time works.
Well, clearly, time wants my family to suffer.
Amaya, you have to believe you're in charge of your own destiny.
You know, there are times that I wish I'd never set foot on this ship.
If I'd never left 1942, I would've returned to Zambesi like I was supposed to, with no idea of the tragedy that awaited me.
I would've died an old woman.
Murdered by warlords.
And you and I never would've met.
And Is that what you want, Amaya? I don't know, Nathaniel.
Thought you couldn't eat.
Yeah, I told Gideon to tell me when sundown would've been if I'd been at home.
But I mean, Ramadan is just a stupid 1,400-year-old tradition to you, right? So why am I even talking about it? Well, uh, how about if I help you - heat it up? - [FIRE CRACKLES.]
Try it, it's good for you.
You know, I can't stop thinking about Kuasa.
I felt her die.
Uh, me too.
Mind you, she did try to kill us a couple of times.
But she was a totem bearer, and Amaya's granddaughter.
And the totems supposedly connect us to something larger.
Yeah, for better or worse.
You know, I think that's kind of why I still fast.
When I was little, my mom tried to get me to do it.
And I wouldn't, but she did make me learn how to cook iftar.
It's the meal we eat to break the fast.
And while she cooked, she would say that Ramadan's not just a time for honoring God, but a time to honor tradition and family.
So whenever I fast or cook iftar it It makes me feel connected to my mom.
I'm hungry.
Still pork.
Still good.
You all right? You know, maybe you should wipe my memory too.
How am I supposed to face the Time Bureau now, knowing what I know about myself? The same way that I face my team.
We don't have the luxury of running away and hiding.
Not with the fight we have ahead of us.
Our team's gonna need us to lead them through this.
You know, there just There must be some reason that I don't remember anything about 2213.
Anything about being a clone.
I'm sure there is.
Who recruited you for the Bureau? Rip.
Well, I bet you that entire bottle he's the one who wiped your file from the Bureau and put 2213 off limits.
- Why would he do that to me? - I don't know.
But we're gonna find out.
Gideon, initialize the time drive and set a course.
Traveling to this time period is inadvisable.
I'm sure Captain Lance would not allow it.
Please, Gideon.
I have to save my granddaughter.
I have to save my family.
And no one is going to stop me.
Now, lock in the coordinates.
Course set for the M'Changa province of Zambesi, 1992.

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