DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s04e05 Episode Script

Tagumo Attacks!!!

1 Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Your shapeshifting days are over, sweetheart.
He decided to exploit her for information and to help us track down other Fugitives.
I know you're writing a novel and it's really good.
- Taco delivery.
- My name's Mona.
So what's a Time Bureau? That was supposed to be top secret.
I'm not losing another kid.
The magic he used was pretty powerful.
If magic has him on death's door, then maybe magic can save him.
I think I know someone who can help.
There's got to be another way to fix him.
Something Gideon missed.
John used magic to save those kids at the camp.
Magic's the only thing that can fix him.
And you really think Nora Darhk is the answer.
She's the only witch I know.
Can we even find her? - That is the problem.
- She has a time stone.
She could literally be anywhere or any-when.
The Bureau can't seem to find her.
You know, when I was a kid, there was this one escaped con that my dad was after.
And everyone assumed that he had fled the country.
You know where he found him? Not a block from the police precinct.
Do you really think she's hiding in the Bureau's backyard? Gideon, do a Nora Darhk facial recognition scan of 2018.
I have located a potential match.
That's her.
Right in the Bureau's backyard.
Great work, Detective Lance.
Captain, our systems have identified the presence of a new Fugitive.
This one is in 1951 Tokyo.
All right, let's divide and conquer.
I'll go take care of Tokyo; you go find our witch.
Make her fix our warlock.
Everybody to the bridge.
We got a Fugitive alert.
Hello? Can anyone hear me? - Crap! - Hey.
Closed door means stay out.
Sorry, Sara called a team meeting.
Were you Yes.
I was watching porn.
On a typewriter? Hey, no judgment here.
All right, Andiamo los case.
Chop Chop! Oy, enough shouting.
That my whiskey? It was.
Oh, well, look who finally pried themselves away from their important business.
Look, hobbies are very important.
Right, Rory? I take my porn very seriously.
Okay, back to work.
In the summer of 1951, a film screw shot footage of a monster in Tokyo Bay.
Two days later, the city was destroyed.
We need to get that footage before any panic sets in and to capture that monster before it can do any real damage.
And because we're shorthanded, you're up.
Time to earn your keep.
Oh, I didn't ask to be here, Mum.
But you are a Fugitive.
So your choices are help us out, go back in your cage.
Bloody humans.
All right, fine.
But it's only to stop you blinkered lot from giving a harmless monster a one-way ticket to hell.
At least with me there, the poor chap gets a fair shake.
I like her.
I like her.
As you can see, Mr.
Heywood, the Time Bureau is putting your money to great use.
We now have multiple teams deployed throughout history tracking down and securing Fugitives.
All trained by your son.
We only have the most highly qualified Time Bureau personnel dealing with oh, boy.
And Here's Gary with a live one.
Ah, say hello to Baba Yaga.
We caught her trying to eat Chinese gymnasts at the 2008 Olympics.
- Sorry about that, sir.
- What did she say? Just a typical Russian greeting.
Are you sure this room is secure enough to hold these creatures? It's a temporary arrangement until our containment facility is up and running, sir.
And they're heavily sedated, right, Gary? Yup.
Double doses of elephant tranquilizer all around.
This way.
Well, Director Sharpe, looks like you have things under control here.
Yes, sir.
We sure do.
I'll be seeing you tomorrow for Thanksgiving.
Your mother's really looking forward to it and so am I.
Oh, I wouldn't miss it for the world.
What are you doing for the holiday, Director Sharpe? Me? Oh, well I was planning on spending it with my girlfriend, but she's working overtime.
So I'll probably just be sticking around here, I guess.
You should join us.
It'll be fun, right, Nathaniel? - Absolutely.
Absol - Bye, sir.
Yeah, that is if you don't mind starving all day while your family slowly gets loaded and starts fighting and then your dad gets called for a "work emergency.
" Well, at least your family are real people.
Mine are actors.
According to historical record, the director we're looking for, Ishiro Honda, should be in this stage.
Oh, I'm feeling a little conspicuous.
Just ask like you belong.
No one will question it.
Coffee, now.
- Hai.
- Yeah, see? It's all about confidence.
All right, you guys know your cover? Yup.
I beg your pardon, but this is a closed set.
Are you Ishiro Honda, the film director? Honda-san, pleasure to meet you.
We're Producers from K&G Pictures.
We got word of an unusual animal sighting out in the bay.
We were told that you might have some footage suitable for our news reel.
How do you know about that? We're from Hollywood.
We know everything.
Ah, gracias.
You must have misheard.
We were out on location by the sea, yes, and we saw a whale, and that was it.
You're sure it wasn't something else? Something strange? Perhaps we can take a look and see for ourselves.
I'm afraid the footage was ruined during transport.
I'm sorry.
It truly is impossible.
Nah, bloke's lying.
Oh, finally.
Something we agree on.
- Stay here.
- What? Where are you going? To find that film.
Oh, not if I find it first.
I have to go now.
Honda? Mr.
Honda? Could could we trouble you for a tour? Of course, please.
When we are on a mission, I give the orders.
Whose rubbish idea was that? You are lucky I am a reformed assassin.
It's quite a remarkable effect.
If we shoot at low angles with a wide lens, it feels as though we are ants in this enormous city.
That is fascinating.
It's got to be in his office somewhere.
If I was hiding something, I would put it where no one else would look.
Like under a bloody bomb.
It'd look amazing on fire.
Thank you so much for the tour.
If you are ever in Burbank, be sure to look us up.
I've successfully digitized the film and it's ready for viewing.
Roll it, Miss G.
What is that under the water? Whoa.
Guys, I think we're going to need a bigger time ship.
Okay, what is it? You're supposed to be the Fugitive expert.
Oh, well that's no Fugitive.
So what, it's just some other magical monster that's not supposed to be here? Maybe you just haven't met this one.
Or maybe if you weren't so quick to blame us Fugitives for everything, you'd see the more likely scenario.
That creature is man-made.
It's probably a mutant or something.
Created by one of the countless nukes you humans dropped on the Pacific in this era.
Or didn't you think of that? Nice try, genius, but if that were true we wouldn't have got a magic alert.
So why are we here? Ooh, you're the time traveler.
Why don't you figure it out? Okay.
Gideon, scan Tokyo Bay for any unusual marine activity.
Right away, Captain.
Hopefully Ray's having better luck.
I had a dream like this once.
Maybe more than once.
More mead, wench.
As you wish.
Oh, a thousand pardons.
A Palmer Tech phone? Great software.
Terrible hardware.
My phone! Get ye out of my sight, scoundrel.
- What? - Oh.
- I'm just - What are you doing here? I need your help.
What? Chris and Tyson, you two get back here right now! - Hi, Nate.
- Hey, Patty.
- This is - Hey, uh Ava Sharpe.
Um, hi, Grandma! That's my grandma, Violet.
Do not let her rope you into playing cards.
It's a lose-lose situation.
And there's my Uncle Rich.
Don't mention Obama.
- There he is.
- Hey! Good to see you, son.
Glad you could make it, Director Sharpe.
- Thanks, sir.
- You must be Ava.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
Thank you so much for letting me join you.
Oh, of course.
We wouldn't want you all alone on such a special day.
He's into the good stuff.
Nate, show her around.
Make her feel at home.
- Wow.
- Wow.
Oh, your family seems nice.
Oh, it's still very early.
Okay, everyone, the turkey is almost done Wait for it.
Yeah, it just has to sit for another hour and a half and then I'm going to pop it into the oven.
So that means dinner is when? Give or take six hours.
What? Oh, my God.
- Tyson! - Buckle up, Ava Sharpe.
It's going to be a bumpy ride.
Happy Thanksgiving, Mr.
Hi, Mona.
Thanks for bringing me food on a holiday.
It's literally my job.
Why are you working on Thanksgiving? What's the Time Bureau do anyway? It's like Groundhog Day.
Uh, we regulate time zones.
So you got any plans for the big meal? Heck yeah, I do.
My family's in LA, so it's just me, instant ramen, and Bestflix binging.
Oh, well, uh, if you want you could, uh, have Thanksgiving with me.
That's really sweet, Mr.
But I don't want to eat all of your food.
Oh, I happened to have ordered enough for two.
You're vegetarian, right? Nora Darhk, what the blooming hell are you doing here, eh? I owed this guy a favor.
She shouldn't be here, mate.
I thought I warned you.
Can you help him? Gideon is showing strange marine activity in this area.
Fish disappearing en masse, seismic tremors Do you need all that just to end up back where the film was shot? Just being thorough.
Hmm, using fancy toys instead of your noggins, more like.
You know, I think I liked you better when you were in a cage.
All right.
All we got to do is draw this thing out, we shrink it down, and we're good to go.
And how do you expect us to do that? We'll just summon it with a friendly call? "Oy, monster, come up here.
Promise it's not a trap.
" Or feed it like that guy.
Isn't that our friend the film director? Feeding the whales, Mr.
Honda? What? You.
What are you doing here? You first.
Start talking.
What the hell is that? It's evil.
Truly evil.
I think we found our Fugitive, but it's not a monster.
This is something much, much worse.
This, chaps, is no ordinary diary.
It's an agent of Brigid.
The Celtic goddess of art, creation, and healing.
This book has the power to make the imagination a reality.
You are not film producers, are you? No, we are not.
But we saw what was on that film, Ishiro, and we're here to stop it.
Tell us how you found the journal.
I was out scouting for my film.
And I found this book.
You didn't find the book; it found you.
It's drawn to creative types.
Once I opened it, I was flooded with inspiration.
An image that has honed in my nightmares.
Suddenly came to life on those pages.
And then to my horror in real life.
I told you this book is evil.
Whoa, hold on a tic.
Brigid created this book as a gift to you humans.
To bring your dreams to life.
You turned it into a weapon.
She's right.
I did create something horrible.
- What is this thing? - I call it Tagumo.
A giant land octopus.
Capable of destroying entire cities.
When I realized Tagumo had come to life, I tried to destroy the journal.
But it always comes back.
Of course it does.
The power links you in this book.
It won't be released until the story of your creation is played out in full.
How did you end it? You pushed the octopus in a volcano? Nope.
Tagumo wins.
Tokyo is destroyed.
Oh, brother.
Oh, Rich! You break it, you bought it, Rich, Well, this is a disaster.
Hey, no one's killed each other yet Chris? Tyson? Dad, have you seen the boys? Oh, last I saw them, they were down in the basement.
Playing with Nate's old air rifle.
Mom! Guess they know how to load it.
Okay, if we can't stop Tagumo, then draw a new ending.
Preferably one where no one dies.
It's not working.
Like I said, Brigid created that book to help artists express themselves.
You can't expect him to write a happy ending if he ain't had a happy life.
Ain't that right, Ishiro? You're right.
Every night, before this journal came to me, I'd close my eyes and be back in the ruins of Hiroshima.
Choking on ash, wondering where all the people went.
Not realizing they were all around me in my hair, on my clothes, in my lungs.
They turned to dust.
Drawing Tagumo helped me turn the nightmares into something I could understand.
A monster.
But now I am the monster.
Ishiro, you went through something truly unimaginable.
We all deal with our pain in different ways, and you chose art.
And that's beautiful.
Don't blame yourself.
This is not your fault.
So, can you save him? Life force is the most potent form of energy in the universe, and you're like a battery about to run out of charge.
But you already knew that, didn't you? Aye.
Then why didn't you say anything? What? And help push you off the wagon? You're clean, Nora.
It's best we keep you that way.
You can recharge him, right? You don't want me to do that, Ray.
Yes, I do.
Otherwise he's going to die.
My power comes from my father.
It's in my blood.
It's always going to be calling me, wanting me to give in and be consumed, but I can't give in.
I won't.
Now this is where we monitor time zone infractions.
Isn't that a little overkill? No, here at the Time Bureau, there's no such thing as over kill.
You need to come with me.
Come, come, come.
There's something else amazing to see right in here.
Um, why are you What? Yup.
Oh, uh, Gary? Hello? I I think you forgot to unlock the door.
I am so f fired.
Sorry to bother you, but we have a bit of a situation in here.
The prisoners are loose.
What? How the hell did that happen? The tranqs must've worn off.
- Okay, we need to go.
- No, no, no.
We leave, Hank will know something's wrong.
Something is wrong, Nate.
So you want our liaison to the DoD knowing that we messed up? - No, I don't.
- What do I do? Shut up, Gary.
All right, I got a plan.
- I'll be back.
- No, no, no.
Your family's going to notice that you're gone.
Not if I courier back ASAP.
- Uh no.
- Just stall.
- No, no.
- Stall! No, I don't even know I Hey, buddy, you okay? This is the worst Thanksgiving ever.
Yeah, scary stuff.
But, like I said, I have a plan.
So let's go get our hands on some tranq guns.
- Okay.
- Oh, my God.
Is that a Kaupe? No.
What the hell is she doing here? She was supposed to stay locked in the closet.
I was going to flash her later.
- What? - That didn't sound right.
Oh, for the love of Excellent hiding spot.
Yeah, well, I'm not hiding.
My father sacrificed himself to give me a second chance.
I don't want to ruin it by backsliding into dark magic.
Who says it has to be dark? John needs a magical transfusion.
Normally, I'd have to drain someone's life to save his.
Well, life force is essentially energy.
- Right? - Yeah.
Well, then I have an idea.
Oh, look at this.
Look at this.
Dot, you have outdone yourself.
I hope you all built up an appetite.
Uh, care to do the honors this year, Nathaniel? Um, Nathaniel? Oh, he he's probably just in the restroom.
- We should wait for him.
- Mom, I'm hungry.
Me too.
Just a little bit longer, boys.
Uh, I'll go check on him.
Oh, wait Uh, sorry, sir.
Do you know what we would do in my family? We'd actually go around and list all the things that we're thankful for.
What a lovely idea.
I'm thankful I'm still breathing.
Well, I'll go first then.
Um, I am thankful for so many things.
So many, many things.
I can't believe you guys have magical creatures here.
This is, like, the coolest place ever.
I've seen this before, They're hangry.
These poor creatures are starving to death.
What does a Kaupe, Chupacabra, and a Baba Yaga eat? That'd be Hawaiian BBQ, Birria, and Veal.
Babies, more precisely, but veal will do in a pinch.
- Really? - I read a lot.
Where are we going to get all those things on Thanksgiving? - I'm on it.
- No, get back here.
Ishiro can't change the story.
Plan C it is.
What if we got the book to bond with another artist? We could change the story altogether.
Do you see another artist around? It's not like you can just find some rando with a paintbrush.
Who knows what they could unleash.
And we're sure there's not a single artist amongst us? Why don't we just burn the damn thing? Hey, why don't you tell Sara you're a writer? Because I'm not.
Rory, I read your novel.
As much as it pains me to say it, you are very, very talented.
Well, it doesn't matter.
I can't write anymore.
Nothing comes out.
You have writer's block.
No, I dropped a deuce this morning.
Um, guys? What is happening? The Tagumo It's headed straight for us.
It's moving fast.
It's getting closer.
- By land? - It's in the sewers.
Like an octopus, Tagumo can squeeze through the tiniest opening.
It's coming for me.
We're not going to let that happen.
Rory, Z? Keep him safe.
Charlie, with me.
What's the plan? You distract it; I'll shake it down.
What? You want me as bait? Not bloody likely! Charlie! Damn it.
Get your slimy mitts off of her, you wanker! Yeah! Some more over here, you muppet! Come and get me! Whoo! Yeah! Bloody brilliant! Aren't you glad that I came back? Hoo-hoo! Where did it go? Sara, how's it going out there? Good news, we shrank Tagumo.
Bad news, we have no idea where it went.
Nora, don't.
Don't talk.
Save your strength.
Nora, listen to me.
Listen to me.
As smart as Ray is, he doesn't understand what you're about to do.
Choosing a life of magic, you're either all in or you're not.
There's no half-measures.
And you and I both know it never leads to a happy ending.
So if you're going to do this, you don't do it for Ray.
You don't do it for me.
You do it for yourself, all right? It's your choice.
It's your choice.
It's your choice.
And I am thankful for the new Whole Paycheck grocer by my work, you know? Did you know they have a full bar? And And I think you mentioned everything the rest of us are thankful for.
So everyone, please, grab a plate.
Oh! We should say Grace, right? Grace! I'll check on Nathaniel.
That just Why couldn't I just tell sober, grounded stories instead of indulging in silly monsters? Sober and grounded is boring.
You had a story to tell and you told it.
You brought that monster to life.
Don't pretend for a second you're not a little bit proud.
I was so afraid of what people would think of my creation.
And now that it's here in the flesh Story complete.
And I no longer have to fear what was locked inside my head.
No, you don't.
The ink it's not disappearing.
Are you ready? Yes.
I want to do this.
Oh, what a rush.
Whoa, whoa.
Mona's here with the food.
Listen Oh, crap.
Um Come on out, son.
Time to eat.
You know, maybe we should just start without him.
I'm sure he'll be out soon enough.
Ah, look at that.
Maybe, uh, maybe he went to the store to grab some Pepto for, uh You know.
I'm going to ask you this once, Director Sharpe.
What are you hiding from me? The prisoners have escaped, sir.
My son is alone with those creatures on the loose? - You take me there now.
- Sir, it's not safe.
My son is not safe, Director Sharpe.
We're going.
End of discussion.
What the hell is this? Uh, dinner.
The key to any hangry creature's heart.
We let them fill up and then it's Night-night again.
This time, without the life-threatening shenanigans.
Señor, I couldn't find the Tapatio, but here's some Sriracha.
- What are you doing? - Quiet, I'm concentrating.
Mick is a writer.
The journal has bonded with him.
Bloody hell.
That's it, we're doomed.
We cannot stay here.
Tagumo will find us.
Ishiro! Meet Garima.
Queen of Thanzanon.
Should we help her? No, no, no.
I think she's got it.
Get it, girl! - Whoo! - Wow.
Yeah! It's beautiful.
I'm Mick.
"With the monster vanquished, "Garima and her beloved Buck made passionate love in the ruins of the city.
" Okay.
Let's go.
Where is everyone? Your compatriots grew tired of waiting.
Oh, sorry about that.
Got a bit messy in there.
I'm going to take this with me.
Oh, please.
It clearly likes you.
Your creation was magnificent.
I was thinking about a fourth boob.
Three was plenty.
Listen, Honda-san, forget about the octopus.
Lizards are king.
This girl can drink.
Care for a nip? I know it won't quite make up for the bottle Bottles that I pillaged.
It's a start.
Look, I wasn't too keen on what you were doing out there.
Hunting Fugitives.
But if someone's got to play copper, it is a small comfort knowing that she has a heart.
Don't tell the others.
They'll never listen to me again.
I should've known you'd had an eye for talent.
Just like your old man.
Your creature handler, she's great.
Oh yeah, she's gonna She's gonna fit right in.
Hey, look, Nate.
I just wished you told me what was going on.
Honestly, I thought I could put out the fire before anyone noticed.
Oh, now I know how you must've felt all those times you had to duck out of the family gatherings.
You're the guy they called if there was a disaster.
And I may have also been looking for a way to get out of the house.
- You old so-and-so.
- Sir.
I know what you're thinking, but I can assure you this will never happen again.
You're damn right it won't.
I'm going to green light additional funding to fast track the completion of your containment facility.
Well, thank you so much, sir.
That will help a lot.
And your mother is gonna kill us.
Not necessarily.
Perks of time travel.
We can portal back into the second after we left.
That's fantastic.
Let's make like a tree and leave.
Not sure that's how it goes, but - How are you feeling? - Hunky-dory, love.
You know, in fact, I feel like I have a new lease on life.
How are you feeling? - Better.
- Hmm.
You know, my whole life, I always believed my power was evil, and then my dad died, and I feared using it.
But I saved you, and for the first time in my life, my magic doesn't scare me.
That man I saw.
Who was he? The past.
Hey, cheers, big man.
And now I am gonna go and satiate my most wonderful habit.
Gonna have a smoke.
What? No, no, no.
Don't ruin it.
We just cured you.
I can't believe that worked.
Well, I for one always Always want to see the best in people.
Even me.
I should be one my way.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Um Run.
As far as you can.
Don't tell me when and where.
Just go and stay hidden.
But your team will know you let me go.
- Again.
- And I don't care about that.
I care about you.
And I want you to be free.
This is the Time Bureau.
Nora, what are you doing? You got to get out of here.
I can't keep running.
You want me to be free? Repentance is my path to freedom.
It's time for me to pay for my past.
Nora Darhk, hands up.
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground! "Garima was as strong as she was stunning, and with her by his side, Buck had at last vanquished his true enemy.
" Hmm.
All right.
It's okay, Dad.
Take it.
Take it.
Ooh, look at this.
Thanks for getting back to me.
I know it's hard to get away during the holiday.
The creatures are controllable.
I've seen it.
I don't care how much it costs.
We're going to make this happen.
Project Hades is go.

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