DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s05e01 Episode Script

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five

1 - Where are we? - At the Dawn of Time.
Ah! Well, look who's finally Ah! - Awake.
- Alex.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, it's okay.
It's okay.
Are you okay? Did you have a bad dream? I don't know.
I'm How did I get here? Well, you fell asleep in front of the TV, and you just looked so peaceful, so I didn't have the heart to move you to the bed.
The the Dawn of Time.
Dawn of Time.
Is that what you were watching before you nodded off? Wait.
What is This isn't right.
Well, I mean, it's right, but it's not right - because it's right.
- Uh-huh.
I see the White Martian did a number on you last night.
White Martian? [WHISPERS.]
White Martian.
Listen, I gotta run.
Kelly and I are trying out a new indoor rowing class in downtown, so are you you sure you're okay? [QUIETLY.]
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- Alex.
- Yeah? I love you.
I love you too.
- Nia.
- Kara.
It's good to hear your voice.
Well, it would be better to see my face.
Where are you? The ceremony's about to start.
Ceremony? They're awarding the Nobel Peace Prize any minute.
Don't worry, I saved you a seat, but that lady from the gazette is giving me angry eyes.
If you miss this, Andrea's gonna blow a gasket.
Please take your seats.
- Good timing.
Hey, uh, I had a really weird dream last night.
Could you maybe help me interpret it? What happened? Oh, uh, the world ended, but, like, all the worlds.
All of them.
That's dramatic even for us.
And now I'm proud to introduce the winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize, Lex Luthor.
Nia, Nia, am I still dreaming? I know, right.
It is so great when this award goes to someone who actually deserves it.
We live in dangerous times.
Earth is a dangerous place.
I suppose that's why people love superheroes so much.
The power, the chutzpah of someone who can fly faster than a speeding bullet.
But that's what makes this so special.
I don't have any powers.
I can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, but I have dedicated my life to fighting on the side of humanity, and to be recognized for that is more than I can put into words, so I will just say I stand with mankind.
I'm gonna throw up.
Are you still feeling weird? We should get you to the med bay.
You did not seem okay this morning.
Oh, no, no, I'm fine.
I'm just disoriented.
The world is what was Lex doing up there? Well, they keep throwing all these awards at him.
He doesn't usually accept them in person, but this one meant a lot to him.
People think he's a good guy? Kara, we're talking about Lex Luther.
He's the best guy.
No, he's not.
He's a psychopathic lunatic.
What? No, he's the boss.
And he's your number one supporter.
I mean, besides Lena.
And all the times that they defended you to the president what has gotten into you.
Hang on, what-wha wait, did you just say "boss"? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I don't Oh, no, no, no, no.
Alex, are we Supergirl.
I know you must be confused.
I was too, but it happened.
It all happened.
Why are we the only two that remember? What are we that they are not? Paragons.
We helped Oliver restart the universe.
And this is the result.
I suspect there will be more such changes that are yet to reveal themselves.
Well, there's something happening downtown.
- I'll send a team.
- No, no, no, it's fine.
I need to punch something.
Look who came to join the fun.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? Weather Witch.
And you are no match for my wrath.
Oh, look, I'm having not so great a day, which is actually your bad luck.
Ah! Sorry, she's one of mine.
Well, what's she doing on my Earth? What? Wait, wait, what are you doing on my Earth? Your Earth? This is my Earth.
- I thought - I thought Supergirl, Flash, I just love it when you guys team up.
Would you sign this for me please? - Oh, sure, um - Wait, you know both of us? And it's normal to see us together? Well, normally you'd also have Green Arrow and a Legend or two.
Last year, even Batwoman joined in.
Make that out to Marv.
- Thank you.
- Marv, M-A-R-V.
You're welcome.
Marv, as far as you know, how long have Supergirl and I and all the rest of us been working together on this Earth? Uh, since forever? - - [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
The hell? Call for help.
How did I get back here? [CAR HORN BLARES.]
Ray, where are you? - Hey, Cap, over here.
- Ray.
Hey, hey.
Hey, you okay? Not that I'm ever one to question a hug.
What was the last thing that you remember? Uh, portaling to this location on your orders.
You don't remember coming here for trivia night and being teleported to an alternate Waverider to stop the multiverse from being destroyed? Wait, was there a crossover? Were we invited? Did we win? That's certainly how it looks.
Did you just hear It's good to see you're both safe.
J'onn, that's a neat trick.
Wait, you know J'onn Jonnz from Supergirl's Earth? Of course I know J'onn.
Wait, go back.
Supergirl has her own Earth? Not anymore.
When we restarted the universe, our worlds combined, and only we Paragons know it was ever any different.
Okay, sorry, guy, I'm a little lost here.
Here, this'll be faster.
Whoa, there was a multiverse.
It all got destroyed.
There's an evil Batman, and there's a me that's a super me? It'll take him some time to assimilate to this new paradigm.
I have been going from city to city restoring the memories of our compatriots as best I can.
And what about Oliver? There's been no sign of him.
Hey, where are you going? To find my friend.
Oliver! Oliver! Sara.
I need to talk to you guys We already know.
We already know.
Martian J'onn came by and gave us a splitting headache.
It all happened, didn't it? He died twice, Sara.
I wasn't there both times.
Both times I failed him.
- Dig, you - I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I wasn't there.
He was my brother.
I know.
Listen to me.
Look, we all we all died, the entire universe, the multiverse.
Now we're back that means, Oliver, he might be back too.
After the brain dump We had Felicity run a global search.
I mean, nobody's better at finding people, but they've got to be here to be found.
You don't know.
Look, when Oliver died, he became something else.
He he called it the Spectre.
Then maybe, Felicity, she just can't find him in that form.
Dig, she just can't find him in this form Sara Sara, gone is gone.
He's gone.
J'onn, what are you doing here? Is something wrong? Not anymore, no thanks to him.
Do you know why he's like this? And now so do you.
Oliver! [SCREAMS.]
This is all his fault.
He's the one who released the Anti-Monitor.
He paid dearly for his misjudgment, but not as much as some others.
Ah! Ah.
What happened? Where am I? How did I get here? You nearly damned us all to hell, Nash Wells! Well, that's an introduction.
Who the hell are you and what are you talking about? You need to stay calm.
Your system's still recovering.
You you need to calm down.
I'm not gonna stay here, get lectured by some government suit who [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
And so you should be.
This is all your fault! It is my fault.
But you you solved it.
You and the others, you saved the universe.
You fixed my mistake.
Right? Not entirely.
It's true.
We all live on the same Earth now.
Our Earths must have merged when we helped Oliver reboot the universe.
I can't believe it.
What are you guys doing here? I had to see if it was true.
The DEO, CatCo, all of National City is on this Earth now.
Even Argo's up there.
We did it.
We saved everyone.
Not everyone.
He didn't make it.
Guess we just have to face facts.
No, that's not that's Why did he give everyone else a fresh start but not himself? Maybe this was the only way, Kara.
Maybe his sacrifice made all of this possible.
Him for us.
- What is that? - We're being attacked.
By who? You wouldn't believe it if I told you.
It's a giant Beebo.
Beebo hungry.
How the hell did Beebo get here? Isn't the more pressing question why is there a giant Beebo walking down the street? Well, this wouldn't be the first time.
- It's a long story.
- That's right.
Wally told us about the time you guys used those totems to turn yourselves into a giant Beebo to fight a time demon.
I guess it's not a long story.
Could that be what's happening here? Ava, Nate, you there? I need a twenty on Behrad and his totem.
Sara, are you okay? Ray called us to tell us you were on some special mission.
But he's a little flimsy with the deets, so what's the haps, Cap? Yeah, we've been busy saving the multiverse.
You got shanghaied into another crossover, didn't you? Hmm, yeah, kind of.
Whoa, whoa.
Did they kidnap you? This is a classic crossover move.
We tell 'em we're too busy, they commit a felony.
Guys, Beebo is rampaging through Star City.
Does Behrad have his totem? Beebo? That doesn't make any sense.
You would need all six totems to make that happen, and Behrad's definitely still on the ship.
All right, I gotta go.
Wait, do you need help? No, stay in DC.
I don't want any more of my people getting roped into this mess.
Well, here's the thing.
One of us is kind of already there.
Who? And who should I make this out to? Doris.
I'm such a huge fan, Rebecca.
I mean, what should I call you? Rebecca's fine.
To Doris.
Thanks for the passion, love [BUILDING RUMBLES.]
Fur ball.
Oh my.
Oh, man, I can't believe Nate's gonna miss seeing Beebo.
He's gonna be so jealous.
Here he comes.
What's the plan? [LAUGHS.]
Smile, Beebo.
What? Are you Oh, sorry, you guys don't wanna be in it? Oh, bad timing.
Is this seriously happening right now? Well, maybe it's a good thing.
Guess we could all use the distraction.
Right, compartmentalize, focus on the work, good idea.
Guys, Beebo's still on the warpath.
Any suggestions on how we take him down? Hey, what is that? That's a utility truck.
Why? Are you guys ready to do a tag team trip up? Yeah.
What do you have in mind? All right, Supergirl, Atom, keep him contained.
Flash, use those cables to your left.
- Got it.
- All right.
Can do.
Beebo want cuddles! Is this actually happening? Is this what all the crossovers are like? Yes and not exactly.
I'm never letting my child watch that show again.
All right, now get him moving.
Die, fur ball! Mick? That blue bastard ruined my book signing! Okay, everybody get ready to pull.
Here, take it.
Take it.
- The bigger they are - The harder they Fall! Ah! - Ugh.
- Whoa, whoa.
Oh, thanks Supergirl.
What the hell? [GIGGLES.]
Guys, something's off.
I'm not reading any known elements, nothing off the periodic table.
I don't think the rules apply to 50-foot talking plush toy.
Hey, hey, Kate's here too.
That's uh, sorry.
What were you saying? [GIGGLES.]
It's unnatural.
Alien? - Hey.
- Or magic? Sara, don't you and the Legends deal with that kind of stuff all the time? Or maybe it's just here to keep us talking.
A diversion.
But for what? I know what I'd do.
It is finally time for Sargon the Sorcerer to claim his reward! Oh, and buy that beautiful timeshare in Bogota.
Come on, man, Beebo? Is nothing sacred? You know, it's a smart move.
Distracting all the fuzz with giant fuzz, but someone should have told you.
Beebo, he's off limits.
Beebo! Oh! [LAUGHS.]
Got him again.
So how normal was that for everyone? And don't say very.
Oh, well, with this new Earth, just may be.
Well, dear God, I hope not.
What is that? Alcohol.
Rory, huh? We had a Rory once on our team.
We did.
What's this? Was there a memo that went out on how to infiltrate our secret bunker? Why are you here? I'm here to warn you.
You see this? This gauntlet is primed to detect antimatter of which there has been a massive surge in the Star City area.
Okay, well, you're about two hours too late.
Yeah, already took care of it.
Did you really? My readings say different.
This thing ain't over.
As a matter of fact, it's just beginning.
Something's not right.
- That thing still working? - Yeah, it's working.
I built it myself.
It's infallible.
Yeah, but you're still detecting traces of antimatter.
Then our fight isn't done, is it? [SIGHS.]
Or worse, it's starting up all over again.
How'd you find me? You feel that gust of wind a few seconds ago? That was me.
I did a quick search of the whole city for you.
When you didn't come back for the post-Beebo celebration, I got a little worried.
See that tree over there? My sister and I, we used to race to the top when we were little.
I'd win every time.
I used to think it was because I was a better climber, but now I think Laurel let me win 'cause she knew I was a sore loser.
A lot has changed since then.
I was an assassin.
I was dead, now I'm the captain of a friggin' time ship.
One thing remains the same.
I'm still a sore loser.
I know it's it's hard not having Oliver here with us.
But look at what his sacrifice made possible.
Our world is it's different But at least it's safe.
He was just the last tether to my old life, you know? And he was the only person left who knew me when I was just me.
With him gone, my connection to this world, this place, to that tree It's gone.
I know what it's like to lose family.
My mom, my dad, each death felt like there was no moving forward, like life - would never be the same.
- Yeah.
And I was right it's not the same, but somehow it's okay.
Family isn't just the people that you grew up with.
It's the people you find, the ones you love, ones that make you crazy.
Make you smile.
When did you get so wise? The Legends, they are my family.
They have been for a while.
I guess I just I always thought there would be at least someone who remembered what I was like before I got on that boat.
I thought we got rid of all those things.
Barry, Sara, the shadow demons are back.
I believe we are being hunted.
If they're hunting the Paragons, that means Ryan.
Sara? What the hell's going on? You have to come with me now.
All right, Barry, J'onn, Supergirl, and Batlady are gathering the troops.
Those attacks were probably just the first wave.
Assassins sent to pick us off in pairs.
How are the shadow demons even still here? Didn't Oliver destroy the guy who controls them? Well, not according to the surge in antimatter energy I'm reading.
The Anti-Monitor is alive? But you said Oliver sacrificed himself to create this new world.
Apparently, his sacrifice didn't kill the Anti-Monitor.
Well, then how do we do that? Well, let's just throw him into the sun and let the bastard burn.
Oh yeah, let's throw him in the sun and cause an antimatter explosion that obliterates the solar system.
You know what, let's not do that.
At least he's trying to offer up a solution instead of being the cause of the problem.
That's the solution? Blow up the solar system? Guys, guys, we're all on the same team, okay? No, Scrappy's right.
It's my fault we're in this mess.
We gotta fix it.
Gotta fix it.
It's just a little tricky.
The Anti-Monitor is made of antimatter, and, like its opposite, it can neither be created nor destroyed.
It can only Change form and move from place to place.
So what if we do just that? What if we could set off a chain reaction that will destabilize his form? Compressing his molecules so he's essentially shrinking for eternity.
Is that kind of reaction even possible? Sure it is.
I did it a bunch of times by accident when I was developing my ATOM exosuit.
So you think you can keep him shrinking indefinitely? Essentially, we'd be sending him to the "atomverse.
" I like to call it the Microverse.
Ah, that's better.
Possible trademark issues, but that's better.
He could get stuck there for, like, ever.
In theory it could totally work.
But developing a device in time Leave that to me, D-League.
I just gotta get to STAR Labs.
Look, if this goes down anything like it did on Earth-38, then things are gonna get messy.
Geek team, get on it.
Mick, go with 'em, keep 'em safe.
The rest of us, we'll need to hold back this incoming army.
Hey, this can work, Sara.
I know it can.
That's what we thought back at the Dawn of Time.
Here we are back at square one.
This new Earth isn't square one.
It's what Oliver gave up his life to create.
We have to protect it.
If we're gonna go down We go down fighting.
All right, listen up.
I got a ton of those shadow things descending - on Gardner Pier.
- Copy, we're en route.
This is new.
New world, new look.
Cut the chatter, they're here.
What the hell? Was that it? [ETHEREAL WHOOSHING.]
It's not over yet.
Paragons, the universal safeguard meant to thwart me.
It is time to meet your end! We'll need a reinforced core to contain the reaction.
- Titanium? - No, that's too heavy.
What we need what we need is Depleted promethium.
STAR Labs, I've got shadows advancing on your position.
On it.
It's been a while, Frosty.
You look good.
I read your book, Rebecca.
Which one? I'm very prolific.
Do you wanna take this guy, or should I? Ladies first.
Age before beauty.
Who the hell are you? Guy who just saved your ass.
We had that covered.
Sure you did.
Company's coming.
You ready? I stay ready.
I am destiny incarnate, inexorable and inescapable.
You are nothing.
Insects fated to be crushed beneath my heel without a moment's thought.
Fighting is useless.
Not today.
Not ever.
Oliver died so that we could continue to fight.
He sacrificed everything for this new world, and we will not fail him.
We will not fail this world.
For Oliver.
- For Oliver.
- For Oliver.
For Oliver! [TOGETHER.]
The age of heroes ends now! Guys, we're gonna need a bigger bomb.
Sky team, with me.
Ray, how's that shrink bomb coming? Well, we could really use some fast hands.
Could we ever.
Supergirl, look out! J'onn! [ETHEREAL MOANING.]
Where are you from, Sparkles? Don't call me Sparkles.
I'm from Freeland.
Martian came, got in my head, told me y'all were caught up.
It's been a weird day.
That's an understatement.
All right, what are we making? - All right, so plans, right? - Yep.
Now, this is what we have to build.
Now, these pieces are all very volatile.
- How's this look? - Okay, that's good.
- Whoa.
- Love when he does that.
That's perfect, actually.
Okay, so now all we have to do is get it into direct contact with the Anti-Monitor once we've activated it.
Okay, and to activate it I just press this button? - No don't touch that! - Are you crazy? All right, okay, relax, relax.
All right, Ray, you're coming with me.
Oh, cool.
No! Shadows are on the move again.
Pérez Landing.
Yeah, we know.
We're here.
Bomb's ready.
Ray's running it to the sky team.
We're running out of time here, Ray.
- Hurry! - Hurrying.
Hope I'm not too late.
- Ray? - Hang on, Superman.
Throw it like a girl.
How did you no! We did it.
We did it! Wait, but where's Kal? I'm right here.
Sorry about that, Superman.
Here you go.
Thank you, Ollie.
My fellow Americans, today our way of life, our world, almost came to an end.
An entity known as the Anti-Monitor attacked Earth intent on its destruction.
Thankfully, we were saved by Earth's greatest heroes - Hey, Sara.
- Hey, sweetie.
Baby, come over here.
Your brother wants to play with you.
Their unity and strength should be an example for us all.
I'm told this assembly was led by Star City's Oliver Queen otherwise known as the Green Arrow.
We give thanks to these brave women and men who, with great tenacity, tireless work, and the utmost courage, put their lives on the line for our country, our planet.
Hey, Lois.
Clark, I need you to get to Metropolis now.
It's the boys.
The boys? Yeah, honey, your sons.
While in a hard-fought battle, loss is expected.
It never gets any easier, so it is with great sadness that I must inform you that Oliver Queen sacrificed his life for our world's survival.
He is known to us as the first of our heroes, and while this is a devastating loss, we can take solace in knowing that he lived as he died, with honor.
I ask all of you to join me in a moment of silence to honor him now.
A grateful nation thanks you, Mr.
May you finally find rest in the hereafter.
God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.
Good night.
In the end, there was only one, a single black infinitude.
Then the infinitude found release.
And finally, the darkness broke, filling it with life.
With the multiverse.
Every existence multiplied by possibility.
And spread out before space and time in infinite measure.
Civilizations rose and fell.
And rose again across reality's grasping expanse.
Life, a precious gift, persevering in the face of every obstacle Until, finally, - - the age of heroes was born.
Thanks for saving us, Oliver.
The world has hope again.
I have hope again.
We'll never forget you.
Thanks for believing in me even when I didn't.
You had this way of bringing out the very best in all of us.
I'm gonna miss you, man.
I've lost a lot of people that I love.
But I never imagined my life without you in it.
You were always there for me.
And now Ollie, you changed my fate for the better.
Thank you.
I never met Oliver, but he must have been a good dude.
But why'd you choose a condemned building? What? No, this is not a condemned building.
No, listen, this is an old STAR Labs Research Facility that nobody uses, and what's even better, no one knows it exists.
- Good for you.
- No, good for us.
I figure we could all use this to gather if anything ever happens again.
It's a great idea, Barry.
Thanks, Superman.
It's a better option than you all dropping by the DEO.
Why do we even need it? I mean, how often does the world almost come to an end? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, it's like that.
Don't worry, I was the new kid last year.
All right, listen, I haven't even shown you guys the best part yet.
You ready? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- Oh, nice.
You should have led with that, bro.
- Not bad.
- I love it.
It's perfect.
Sounds like we need to call pest control.

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