DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s05e02 Episode Script

Meet the Legends

1 The Legends of Tomorrow are everywhere.
Since they defeated a demon with the help of a dragon on national TV, they've become a worldwide obsession.
Sure, we've all been mesmerized by the global phenomenon known as "Legends-mania.
" - Yum.
- Yum! And the Oscar for best picture goes to But who are the people beneath those supersized public personas? Roar.
What are they like when the spotlight is off? I'm Kevin Harris, and my documentary film crew is the first ever to be granted unfettered access to their lives and their ship, the Waverider.
So strap in because today, we meet the Legends.
So why don't we start with just a brief introduction, and let us know what we're doing today on the Waverider.
Uh, yeah.
Hi, I'm I'm Ava Sharpe.
After Congress shut down the Time Bureau, Sara went off to help Oliver Queen and, uh, I had to fight to keep the Waverider from being impounded.
Bad luck that the senator chairing the committee was the same person we almost killed last year.
Senator Wellington, I know the Time Bureau may have been compromised, but you must allow the Waverider to continue patrolling the timeline.
Sharpe, how do we know these so called "Legends" can be trusted with time travel? Well, there's simply no transparency.
Which is why you all are here.
Right? To show everyone what we do.
What could go wrong? The Waverider was surprisingly quiet because half the team was away on a mission.
Oh, the crossover, yeah, had to take a rain check.
See, when you are a superhero slash amusement park impresario, slash historian that rises from the dead, your dance card tends to get pretty full.
For two full minutes, I was not alive.
That changes you, man.
Don't get me wrong, I love fame.
No one says no to you about anything.
Hey, man, that's a cool hat.
Can I have it? But still, something doesn't feel right.
Oh, sorry.
Hang on.
There we go.
Hi, I'm Behrad Tarazi.
I guess you probably think I'm some kind of awesome future man, since I'm from 2044.
My literal birthday was yesterday, which is pretty wild, man.
That's me.
Hey baby Behrad, be easy and go with the flow, like Wu-Tang Clan and Bruce Lee.
I mean, now that we're no longer D-list superheroes, we can just go where we want, do as we please.
Why have I stuck around? Tell you the truth, I have no bloody clue.
I am bored as a post.
Ain't I? Gids, I'm nicking the jumpship, all right? I'll see you when I see you.
The jumpship is fully totemed.
She's a mad old bat, that one.
Hi, I'm Mona Wu.
I'm a Kaupe.
Uh, that's basically like a werewolf but Hawaiian.
I'm also a literary agent for romance novelist Rebecca Silver, who is secretly Mick Rory.
Jeez, Peter, take me out on a date first before you try to you know.
Basically, what I do is I sell movie rights, get book advances, that kind of stuff.
You're telling me that you don't have a single dollar for a Rebecca Silver book advance? Okay, now you're not just disrespecting me, you're disrespecting my client! Not now! Pay up or I will thrash you! Hi, I'm Gary Green.
Um, if I had to sum myself up in two words they would be, uh, fully forgiven.
A lot of things happened last year that you could misconstrue as potentially, maybe being my fault.
But thankfully everyone agrees that at worst I was just a hapless rube who got manipulated by the forces of Hell to betray humanity.
I had a fairy godmother named Nora, but we separated amicably after she granted me my heart's deepest wish.
Gary, what the hell are you doing? Come on, we've got bigger fish to fry.
Nora made me Constantine's apprentice.
Gary! Call me.
So how does your girlfriend feel about the documentary being made? Actually, I haven't, uh, told Sara about the the documentary yet.
I just think it was a little awkward over the phone.
It's better to, you know, spring it on her when she gets back from the big mission.
Okay, big smiles everyone.
And nobody mention Oliver Queen.
Why? Because he died.
Shouldn't have done the crossover.
Surprise! Yeah! Oh, bros.
Orange drink or limeade? Alcohol.
Hey, love.
Welcome back, baby.
What is going on? Before you object, let me explain.
The only way that I could stop Senator Wellington from cutting off our funding was to be clear and transparent about our process.
Get it? So you're shooting a documentary about the Legends? Not me, per se.
Hi, Captain Lance, huge fan.
Uh, I'm the director, Kevin Harris.
You can call me Kev.
Just carry on, do what you're doing; we're not even here.
That's Kev.
He's got it under control.
And what if I wanna talk about something in private? It's not a problem, that's what the confessional interviews are for.
Okay, so I can I can just say it to the camera.
My girlfriend, she's lost her mind.
She just she really probably needs a nap.
She gets a little sleepy after a long mission.
Um oh, Mick, why don't you tell us all what you do on the ship, huh? I steal stuff.
Get out of my way, you punks.
Okay, he's just joking.
Uh, Ray! Who else saved the multiverse? Oh, uh, well The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman.
- Cool - Yeah.
What, no Superman? Couldn't have been that big a deal.
Oh, no, no, Superman was there.
He's very handsome.
It's good to have you back, buddy.
Hey, we're missing someone.
Where's Charlie? Took the jumpship for a joyride.
A joyride to check the timeline.
Right? It's called a timescout.
Now, who wants to visit the temporal zone? Shall we? Guys, I'm still outside.
I'm still outside! Don't leave me! Hi, I'm Ray Palmer, The Atom.
This documentary is an exciting opportunity for me to improve my image.
A lot of people still confuse me for the demon who possessed me and opened up the gates of Hell.
His name was Neron and he is no longer with me or inside me or, um I really wish that you could meet my girlfriend, Nora.
But she works out of town a lot, internationally.
She's got a lot of global clients, kids mostly.
She is a fairy godmother.
There's something behind you.
Is this a timequake? See, I knew the timeline was still in jeopardy.
What do we got? Time pirates, time terrorism, time sex tourism? Jeez, Ava, you could be a supervillain if you applied yourself.
Gideon, what's the point of origin? It appears my Jonah Hex has beebo lala loves you.
Gideon may have a virus.
Doesn't she make everything work? We are perfectly safe.
Guys, that was a class five timequake.
That is so dangerous.
Okay, guys, let's just try to keep our composure, shall we? I've triangulated the timequake to 1917, St.
Petersburg, Russia.
Let's go and shrink the problem.
I'm developing a catchphrase? Executing time jump now.
No, Gideon, we're not taking a film crew to Imperial Russia.
This is great, Ray.
All right, Legends, put on your babushkas because we are rushing into Russia.
And now you're copying my thing.
Totally, I just got really excited.
Okay, listen, babe, this may seem like a problem, but let's turn it into a "probltunity," huh? Maybe a party snake is just what the doctor ordered.
Uh, what's a party snake? A sneak, party sneak.
The wonder of time travel is allowing our cameras to capture some of the first color images of imperial Russia as we ride along on the Legends' patented party sneak.
Turns out it's more of a fun funeral sneak.
Who died? Grigori Rasputin AKA The Mad Monk.
Equal parts mystic advisor and manipulative hornball.
Rasputin was notoriously hard to kill.
It took cyanide, a gun, and drowning before he stayed dead.
Um, guys, we sure he stayed dead? Rasputin came back from the dead, and it caused a timequake.
Ugh, this is the kind of problem that I can wrap my head around.
So I need you guys to forget about this documentary film crew and focus on the mission at hand, yes? Yes, we need to minimize the mishap.
Ooh, Ray, that's good.
Because saving the day is what the Legends do best.
Ava, you're in my shot.
Oh, sorry.
Gideon, what does the historical record say? Perhaps timeloop timeloop released him from Marion Ravenwood.
Of course.
B-Money, with me.
We're gonna fix Gideon, get our guests back to 2020.
Mona, Nate, Ray, I want you three researching Rasputin.
Figure out what his next move is gonna be.
Okay? Let's do it.
Hey, Ray.
Sorry, but just hey, is everything okay with Sara? Oh, um, I don't know.
But I do know that Oliver's death was pretty tough on her.
Maybe you should write Sara a condolence card.
It's actually not a bad idea.
I guess I could try to put my thoughts and feelings into words on a card.
What if more baddies start coming back, like, throughout history? If they do, we can call them evil do-overs.
I like encores.
It's a good idea.
We could take a vote, we could take like a Okay, let's vote, let's vote.
- Eh.
- Don't be a jerk about it.
Encores! Meanwhile, back in New York, Constantine and Gary were doing some soul searching.
We're here with the great mage John Constantine responding to an urgent call regarding the supernatural.
Oh bloody hell, Gary, you know I must have been off my rocker when I made you my assistant.
It's what the card says, love.
It's my son Edgar.
I came home late from my shift.
Usually he's up playing video games.
All right, love, there you go.
Now why don't you let me take a look, eh? What's wrong with him? His PJs, for starters.
Do people really wear matching pajama sets? Yes.
Exorcizamos te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanic potestas, John, wait.
Masher? Masher, is that you possessing the lad? Glad to see you escaped Hell.
Yeah, well, I could say the same about you, mate.
Demon's gotta have his fun.
Yeah, well, I could murder a pint right about now.
Fancy a drink? You're buying.
You've got it, let's go.
Uh, excuse me, greatest of warlocks, but what about Edgar's mother? Good thinking, G-man.
We'll take the fire escape.
What exe able do you wi x Captain cat what interval Easy on Gideon, Cap.
What are you wix table Captain cat, captain cat Is everybody just trying to get on my nerves today? Camera crew shows up and, what, nobody can act like themselves? Spotlight does weird things to people.
But, hey, you know I'll always be my true self.
Oh yeah? Your true self? Don't your parents think you're in business school? I am a tangled web.
Enough about me.
How you doing with Oliver and everything? I'm fine.
No worries, we don't have to talk about it.
But, I made you something.
Oh, please don't be a condolence card 'cause those are always super awkward.
Nah, hopefully something better.
It's you, Ollie, and Laurel.
B, this is actually it's really sweet.
Thank you.
My condolence card wasn't awkward.
"Dear Sara, I'm sorry the vigilante you slept with when he was already dating your sister died.
Some say it's better to have loved and lost, but I hope you never loved him at all.
" Sara and I aren't the type to give each other cards anyway.
I'd rather do something for her.
You know, like, fix this Rasputin situation and get the Legends the heck out of Russia before they screw something up.
Uh, you can cut the last part of that out, right? Apparently, when Rasputin cured the Czarina's only son, the two fell madly in love.
I think if Rasputin realized how much the Czarina loved him, he would wanna settle down with her, lead the kind of quiet life that doesn't disturb history.
Maybe Rebecca Silver's next series could be called "Russian Nights.
" So the St.
Petersburg elite hated Rasputin's influence over the Czarina.
So the Czar's own nephew, a prince by the name of Yusupov, he spearheaded the assassination.
Ray, what if old Grigori came back - to settle the score.
- To settle the score.
We need to stop Rasputin from killing Yusupov.
I'm going to deliver a love letter to Rasputin.
I'm gonna kill Rasputin.
You in? Yep.
Rasputin and I are two wandering souls who got a second chance at life.
He shouldn't waste his encore on revenge.
- Damn it.
- What? Mona was right.
Encore feels better.
It does.
Plus, with my new atom cam, everybody can watch us fixing history without any bloodshed.
And Yusupov's dead.
New plan.
Whoa, hey, whoa.
Don't don't shoot.
You either.
Show me your hands.
- Um - What do you want? I'm here to interview Rasputin.
Grigori! Razzmatazz.
Do, uh, people call you Griggy? There's just been a slight misunderstanding.
Your monk friends here think I'm here to kill you, uh, when really I just would like to chat.
Oh, this? This is my camera crew.
We're producing a news reel about your startling return.
After all, you're not a big deal until you're a big deal on camera.
Grigori Rasputin.
Monk, mystic it is hard coming back to life.
I think, what will make me happy? So I kill the man who killed me.
But am I happy? Eh.
I'll give you Yusupov.
He had it coming.
But let's talk big picture, Griggy.
- You rose from the dead.
- Mm-hmm.
That's wild.
Nate, what are you doing? Now you're in my shot.
To be honest with you, I'm here to find out what makes you tick.
Are we killing folks or chilling with folks? Sorry, Nate, this one's for Sara.
I got your back, Nate.
Size small, standing tall.
Ugh, Ray.
Get outta there.
Rory, you're up.
Mona's here.
Of course she is.
Hi, guys.
I forged a letter that's gonna save history.
That's for Rasputin.
Hmm, not bad.
Nice use of "musky embrace.
" I learned from Rebecca Silver.
Well, you learned from the best.
You know, your aura is quite strong.
I get that a lot.
I rotate hair products.
Like me, you, too, have experienced the miracle.
God brought you back to life.
But there's something missing.
I sense a hole in your heart.
There, right there.
You once loved someone, but you have forgotten.
Allow me to hypnotize you and I will help you recover everything you have lost.
Don't even think about it, Nate.
Thank you, Rasputin, but I'm gonna have to say yes, 100%, let's do this.
As Nate's party was about to get started, Constantine's was coming to an end.
It's not right bringing a kid in here! Oh, piss off you puritan twit.
I've got to ask, Masher.
Has she done it? I don't know what you're talking about, John.
Don't be coy with me.
Has Astra released the worst souls from Hell onto Earth? What can I say? The girl's all grown up and making money moves.
The question is what are you gonna do? Well, I don't need to do anything about it, all right? My life is settled right now.
I'm not gonna stir up a hornets' nest of trouble because Astra Logue wants to break the glass ceiling in Hell.
Is that so? You smug git.
Right then, sorry about this.
Ah, no, at least let me have a swig.
Exorcizamos te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanic potestas You're a bastard, John! In nomine et virtute exorcisazo te.
- Where's my mom? - Gary.
Yes, master of the dark arts.
Hail the Waverider, will you? I need to warn the Legends.
Uh, but what about Edgar? Ah, you know, give him the usual.
One taxi and a lollipop.
Coming up.
I see you, you creep.
What? What do you want? You want my confessional? All right, come here, I'll give one to you.
I confess that I hate this doc.
I confess that I don't want to be a celebrity.
And I confess that if you don't get that camera - out of my face - Captain.
I think Gideon is suffering from phantom data.
Do you want me to come back later? No, you should stay.
Stay with me, hang out.
Let's get lit.
Questionable timing, but should I get my stash box? Yes, you should.
Captain, I have an incoming Bollywood.
I think that's better.
Yeah, I can see myself.
Sara, what's with the connection? Gideon has a bug and we're trying to get buzzed.
What do you want? Listen up, all right? Some of the most evil souls in all of history have been raised from Hell.
Did you hear him? He said "Hell.
" Get get out.
Relax, Nathaniel.
Focus on my voice and this bauble.
Now drop into the deepest part of yourself.
Quivering flesh go here.
That's good.
And what if we've already run into one of these encores? How do we kill it? You can't, not with a chit of their souls still in Hell.
Where's Ava? Tell her I said hi.
I see a woman in the shadows.
Walk to her.
She's beautiful.
Silky raven hair.
Eyes you could just stare into forever.
And she's stuffing her face with donuts.
God has spared Rasputin again.
Kill her! Rory! Nate, I'm coming for you, buddy.
Nate, snap out of it.
I remember her, Ray.
Who? I don't know her name, but she was on the ship with us.
Mission's blown, we need to retreat.
I'm not done with you, you rat.
Good thing Sara's not watching this.
So you guys decided to go off on your own and face Rasputin.
I thought I could calm him down.
I thought I could make him fall in love? And I thought I could, you know, assassinate him.
None of that was ever going to happen.
He's fresh out of Hell.
Well, let's kill him then.
You you can't.
Look, John said that he can't be killed with a chit of his soul is in Hell, or whatever that means.
Look, Sara, we're really sorry.
We thought we could make things easier for you by taking this off of your plate.
And risking your own necks.
Look, I already have one dead friend on my plate.
I'm good there.
And you know, none of you self-absorbed mega stars even bothered to ask me how I was doing.
Look, Sara, I told them not to mention Oliver, okay? I thought you wouldn't want to be reminded.
Reminded? What, did you think that I could just forget that my friend died? No, I look, I know things have been crazy around here.
Crazy around here? You still have no idea what I saw out there.
What did happen? Countless Earths died.
I became a paragon and traveled back to the big bang.
We restarted the universe and now no one even remembers what we've changed.
- It's a lot to process.
- Yeah, I know.
So you could see why I wanna talk to my friends about it.
And instead I get cameras in my face.
Agent Sharpe lacks a delicate touch and is extremely deficient at relating to people.
That is straight from my Time Bureau personnel review.
Pretty harsh.
I wrote that review.
Yeah, of course I'm bummed that we let Sara down, but I am glad I got to meet Rasputin.
Little help? I mean, the guy got in my head and laid a bomb.
- He freaked your bean, huh? - Oh yeah.
He also told me about the mystery woman that I was in love with before I died.
I know it sounds crazy but it just it feels right.
Sounds like you got some soul searching to do.
Wanna watch "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" again? No, my groove feels fine.
You think I have either split memory or partial amnesia? That's like what's happening with Gideon.
Her memory is processing what I thought was phantom data, but maybe it's real data from a different timeline.
Either you're a computer who caught the same virus as Gideon Or when we fixed Heyworld, we changed the timeline.
Damn, we deducted the hell out of that.
I have to tell Sara.
Wait, five minutes, five minutes, Stay on the inversion table.
You're back's gonna thank me.
Okay, so clearly we shouldn't have avoided asking Sara about Oliver.
But in my defense I was desperately afraid I was gonna say the wrong thing, you know? I don't know what she needs and everything I try it seems to make it worse.
Hold on, Behrad, so you're saying Gideon's glitching because we fractured time? Look, at least we didn't break time.
We just, sorta, dinged it up.
Hello? What is on the feed? Is this thing on? Oh, yes we're rolling, Mr.
Rasputin, sir.
Get out.
Now what was it that man with the hair product said? Yes, you are not big deal until you're big deal on camera.
You are going to make me big deal, Mr.
Kevin Harris.
They left the director behind? I've invited my dearest Czarina and her family over for dinner.
Tonight will be a night that you can remember.
That that doesn't sound right.
What? The laugh, you need to nail the laugh before we kill the Romanovs and take the throne.
It's a work in progress.
How about this? He's gonna kill the Romanovs.
Making him an immortal Czar.
We can handle this.
We can? What about the team? Shh, they're not thinking straight.
And their cover's blown.
Look, this up to you and me, B.
We are going to stop this assassination alone.
What's this? Is this a smudge on this goblet? Every detail must be perfect.
Tonight I am dining with the imperial family.
Take it back.
They are going to love the teacakes.
I've laced them with cyanide.
Hello, Kevin, right here.
Your guests have arrived.
The Romanovs are here! Welcome.
It is such a shame that your daughters could not attend.
I know how much they must have missed their uncle Rasputin.
Word of your death sent them into mourning, but none were so heartbroken as I.
Music! How did you manage to survive being poisoned, shot, and thrown into the river, Grigori? Oh, I have a very hardy constitution.
Oh, damn it, the red wedding's about to start and I don't see the teacakes anywhere.
All I see is cookies.
- Teacakes.
- My favorite.
The cookies are the teacakes.
What is the meaning of this? Forgive me, sire, I saw a bug.
Grigori, what is going on? What have you done? Whoops, I think we forgot the cameraman.
That's Kevin, the director.
He's really more of an auteur.
We should get out there.
Sara clearly wants to handle this alone.
But are we gonna let her? Go.
Nicholas, Alexei, come.
Wait! You will stay exactly where you are.
For years I have flattered you both.
Our subjects adore you.
Our army needs you.
And look at the state of our beloved Russia.
Let me guess, you're the only one that can save it.
Not today, Grigori.
Who are you? No matter.
Perhaps I haven't given an adequate demonstration on my bauble.
Attack this serving wench.
Come on, Behrad.
Snap out of it.
The Grand Duchess Anastasia is here.
No, Anastasia, run! So glad you could join our soiree.
Me too.
You're going to have to do better than that.
Come on, come on, follow me, go.
Move it.
It didn't hurt.
All right, this way.
We're gonna hide, you'll be safe.
Look, Sara, I wish I was the person who could say the perfect thing.
Behind you.
But listen, I'm just I'm not that person, okay? Emotions are hard for me and I don't even know what restarting the universe means.
Behind you.
Listen to me, whatever happened to you, okay, whatever happens to you, I wanna be the person that's there for you.
I'm here for you, Sara.
Ava, that was perfect.
Oh, sorry to ruin the moment, ladies, but we have a problem.
Oh, come on.
Kill the imperial family.
Guys, come on, we don't need to use violence here.
Ray! Sara, think of something.
Hey, Grigori.
It's your big moment, don't you want to ham it up for the cameras? Oh, yes.
I'm Grigori Rasputin and I'm unkillable.
Guys? Where am I? What happened? Don't think Ray, just enlarge.
Why's it so dark in here? Am I in a lake? A lake that smells like pierogies? Ray, do it, get big now.
Your atomic number is up.
Now, Ray! Size matters! Oh no.
What did what did I do? You found your catchphrase, Ray! - What the hell.
- Raw meat.
- Question is - Did you get the shot, Kevin? Uh, yeah I I got it.
You know, I chalk it up to saving the timeline, and history has to be saved, and sometimes you have take some people out, I guess.
The public is gonna love this ending It's only missing one thing.
Hm? Saving history turned out to be a messier job than anyone had anticipated.
To keep Rasputin from reforming, The Legends stored his remains in a series of jars that had previously been used for condiments.
You might have thought traveling through time would be a way to find the answers to life's great mysteries.
But, it turns out, sometimes you just find more questions.
But one thing is true in any time period.
It's being there for the ones you love that makes the journey worthwhile.
Hear that applause? This movie is not even gonna begin to satiate the Legends craze.
You know what this is? This is a TV show.
I'm talking cameras on every mission.
Sara, you okay? You look nauseous.
Yeah, she's fine.
And now, when you go out there, just be yourselves.
But, you know, bigger.
Like, bigger how? You know, just act heroic.
You guys have a real "Bad News Bears" vibe going on.
It's not doing you any favors.
Now that you're big-time, people expect you to put on a show.
So you're asking us not to be ourselves.
This guy gets it.
Let's do this.
Hi, everybody.
We are the Legends, and we just wanted to say thank you for watching our film.
We hope that you enjoyed it.
We love you, Legends! Of course, none of it was real.
No, wait it's not real? Excuse me? She's joking.
No, I'm not.
Come on, time travel? I mean, it's the biggest hoax in history.
- Am I right? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, it's obvious that this is all fake.
How could Rasputin speak English? You told me it was temporal linguistic dysplasia.
I mean, if we had so much as coughed, our modern germs would have wiped out half the population.
Why wouldn't we just find baby Hitler, and make him wrestle baby Stalin? Think about it.
The special effects were kind of questionable.
We still believe in you! Shut up, it's not real.
All right, everybody.
I guess that just means don't believe everything you see on camera.
Yeah, it was all just a big, fake spectacle just like Heyworld last year.
We are all a bunch of frauds.
Big frauds, everybody.
You guys ruined my movie.
- Yeah, sorry.
- Legends of losers! This is for the best, right? Maybe, maybe not? I don't know.
I feel like I'm supposed to say that.
We're better off.
Fame messes with people.
Still have that money problem.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Mick? I steal things.
- Whoa, is that a Fabergé egg.
- Mm-hmm.
What's that worth? 50 million.
Whoa, careful with that, babes.
What are you doing here? Oh, I heard your movie premier was in town tonight, so I thought I'd pop in.
Well, just make yourself at home then Why can't he ever just be normal? What are you doing? Yeah, I need to borrow something.
Rasputin wasn't an isolated incident.
Not isolated, what do you mean? Okay, hey, whoa no, no, don't! Don't Ugh.
I'm putting an end to this.
Wait, are you trying to go back to Hell? Soul become my soul, flesh become my flesh.
Hades, firstborn of Cronos, I call upon you.
Hey, John, there's gotta be another way.
I'll return when the sigil is complete.
John, you take care, you lunatic.
I always do, love, I always do.
You know, sometimes what happens on this ship really would be hard for an audience to follow.
That love letter you wrote.
It's good.
Very good.
Gee, thank you, Mick.
This means so much coming from you.
Listen, um, I'm giving up the writing.
It's getting in the way of my thievery.
So I'm handing the Rebecca Silver novels over to you.
Someone deserving.
Me? This is this is so much.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
It's why I'm saying it.
There's a novelist inside you.
There's more inside of me than just Wolfie? Yes, that's right.
Well, it was great living with you on the Waverider.
- What? - Yeah.
I can't stay here to write.
I need to be free.
I need to fall in love and break hearts.
I can't do Rebecca Silver justice here.
- But but I - But you tried writing on the ship and ran out of ideas? I mean, frankly, Mick, your latest novel "Carjacked," it sucked.
But don't worry, Rebecca Silver is about to have her comeback.
You'll see.
You were my favorite.
How's it going, Gideon? The phantom memory scrub is proceeding without a hitch.
The flaws only go as far back as the last two years.
Oh, it feels good to get my thoughts straight.
Good work, Giddy.
I'm turning in.
Goodnight, B.
- Don't stay up too late, Nate.
- You got it.
- Doctor Heywood - Hmm? I have encountered a glitch during the Heyworld event.
Show me.
If you're seeing this, we altered my future at Heyworld.
I don't know where I'll be or who I'll be but I know that I love you.
Find me.
Gideon, who was that? Play it again.
Memory scrub complete.

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