DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s05e07 Episode Script

Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac

Not even the six can stop me, now! Beebo want cuddles.
Guys? Guys! - Dad.
- [Ray.]
I'm sorry, Nora.
He died a good man.
He died a demon, Ray.
[Gary sings.]
Oh, I've been cleaning up some Beebo Just to scrub the time anomalies away Hey, can't you see the blue fluff blowing Hello? Who's there? I'm just gonna use my hand to block out the sun's glare, so I can see you You.
No! No! It can't be you! [Constantine.]
The Loom of Fate.
An ancient artifact that has the power to change any person's life story without wrecking the timeline.
Anyone's, like Astra's.
And we give her a life where her mum never died, and where she never goes to Hell.
If you think I'm helping you, you're daft as a brush.
I destroyed that thing for a bloody good reason, John-o.
Come on, Sara.
You know this can solve all of our problems.
It can erase all of the Encores.
Yeah, and make all of our dreams come true.
John, I'm sorry, but I'm with Charlie on this one.
That kind of cosmic power doesn't belong in the hands of anyone.
Astra has made her choices, John.
It's not up to you to undo them.
Now, this will be the solution to our Encore problem.
Captain Lance, there is a new Encore detected in Salvation, 1874.
I love my Prognosticator.
All right, Legends, grab your cowboy hats and leather straps because we are going to Where is everyone? I, uh, might have got a bit sentimental on my deathbed and encouraged Raymond to carpe his diem.
Nice rock.
She'll love that.
And when she finds it - I'll pop the question.
- [doorbell rings.]
She's here.
She's really here.
Oh, man.
It's really happening.
Our work here is done.
Our boy is all growns up.
Nora Darhk, welcome.
I will have the pleasure of serving you this evening.
Thanks, Gare.
Wow, Ray.
You really went all out for date night.
I thought we were just having pizza.
I got a little inspired, I guess.
Yeah, well I see Pippa is still your charge.
Yes, until we figure out her heart's deepest need.
[Pippa grunts.]
Big talker, I see.
Defiling the library, I see.
Yeah, well, you know, I've quit smoking, so, uh, I need a new habit.
- Doing some research? - Yeah.
I need to find the Loom of Fate to save Astra, but since Charlie isn't making it easy for me, I am doing it the hard way.
- Why not ask an historian? - [chuckles.]
All right then, Mr.
Professor, tell me, what do you know? Well, when I was in grad school, my professor showed me a diary of an explorer named Ernest Shackleton.
Now, Shackleton was obsessed with the Loom, and he believed a piece of it was buried under the South Pole.
So, if I'm to find the Loom, I've got to search the South Pole.
Shackleton thought so.
Bloody hell.
Nice one, mate.
Don't worry, John.
We'll figure out another way to help you and Astra.
That ought to cool his jets.
Hey, Mick.
Saddle up.
We're going to the Wild West.
- [object thuds.]
- [Mick grunts.]
Is everything okay in there? - [object thuds.]
- [Mick grunts.]
He's been in there for days.
What are you still doing here? Exfoliating.
[object clatters.]
Mick, get out here right now! What? What is going on? Someone's trashing Rebecca Silver online.
Oh, cute.
You have a troll.
What's wrong with your face? Zari, your mission is to help Mick.
I have so many makeover ideas.
With his troll problem.
[clears throat.]
Did I just fritz out of existence? [train horn blares.]
Help! A train coming! Help me! [gasps.]
Please! Help me.
Untie me.
I'm too beautiful to die so young.
- Train's coming! - [Gary screaming.]
Oh, my God! Oh, God! The train! Oh, God! Director Sharpe, you saved me.
- Okay.
- [gasping.]
Wait Wait a second.
Did you just say "Director Sharpe"? Yeah.
Gary, what year are you from? The present.
Okay, listen.
I need you to tell us who did this, and then immediately courier back to the Bureau.
I can't.
He stole my Time Courier.
Who? [doorbell rings.]
Hi, Nora-doll.
Daddy's home.
Oh, Nora-doll, I missed you so much.
This is amazing.
How are you [voice wavers.]
You are an Encore.
Look, all I know is, I'm up here right now, as part of some soul-harvesting pyramid scheme.
Honestly, I can't keep up with these millennials and all their newfangled world-domination plans.
So, you're doing the whole villain thing again.
Well, you No, I mean Part of my parole agreement.
But after spending two years in Hell worrying about my little girl, I had to come and see you first.
But look at this place! You must be a master sorceress by now.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
This is just a place where I hang my hat and do my dark rituals.
"Dark rituals.
" How did you find me? Blood magic? Your Palmer Tech watch.
It still has location-sharing on.
Palmer Tech, right.
Ray! Sorry for the delay.
Gary seems to have run off.
My dad's here.
- What? - My dad's here! - Your dad's here? - Shh! Oh, man.
Is he an Encore? Oh, man.
And Sara just found herself a Hell Sword.
- Which means - She'll kill him.
- What do we do? What do we do? - You have to leave.
- What about Pippa? - Pippa.
- Pippa! - Pippa.
You have to take her.
You have to keep her comfortable, so that she doesn't summon me.
That's it.
That's gonna work.
- [gasps.]
Thanks, Ray.
- Okay.
"Rebecca Silver knows as much about love as a teenage boy's sock drawer.
" [chuckles.]
Bad reviews, they just come with celebrity.
You should have heard what they said about my perfume when it made people bleed out their noses.
He's gonna get more than a bloody nose.
Don't stoop to his level.
Inside every troll is the heart of a fan just dying for some attention.
And some swag.
One signed book, and he'll be a Rebecca Silver stan forever.
[Ray chuckles.]
Ta-da! What's that? Oh, this is a TV show I used to watch when I was a kid.
It really helped me dig deep and communicate my feelings better.
It's called Mister Parker's Cul De Sac, and I think you're really gonna like it.
- Hi.
- [show theme music playing.]
Welcome to my cul-de-sac, friend That's a street that ends in a circle The thing about circles is they never end So our friendship will be universal This is very dumb.
Hi, boys and girls.
Well, just give it a chance, okay? Today, we're going to have ourselves a wonderful And [clears throat.]
how about 20 bucks? I'll be right back.
Could you ever imagine what it'd be like to live underwater? [sighs.]
[Nate exclaims excitedly.]
So? Bachelor party? No.
Nora's dad literally came back from the dead and ruined the evening.
Damien Darhk? [sighs.]
Anyway, Nora said she can handle it, and so, she's handling it.
But we can't let anyone interfere.
- Especially not Sara.
- [Behrad.]
I mean, he is your future father-in-law.
You don't think we could talk Sara down? When I see Damien Darhk, I'm gonna kill him for good this time.
What about Nora? Well, ideally, she never finds out.
Gideon, any hits? [Gideon.]
Yes, Captain.
In fact, I'm detecting new Encore activity at Constantine's home in 2020.
All right, let's do this discreetly.
Just us, no boys.
You know how sentimental they can get.
[Agent Sharpe.]
You also received a call from a Wild Dog while you were away.
Yep, got it.
Thanks, Gideon.
What was that all about? Oh, I'm sure it's nothing.
This is extremely pornographic.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[laptop chimes.]
Ooh, troll made a post.
Must have gotten his swag back.
Oh, look, he's showing off your signature.
This is perfect.
What the [sighs.]
That little punk.
Change of tactic.
What are you doing? Scouring the metadata from his posts to composite his location.
- You hack? - No.
- It's a girl.
- It's okay.
Just go.
Do you know who I am? Yeah, what are you doing here, Becky? "I am Rebecca Silver, and you will listen to me, you pimple-faced" - But she doesn't have pimples.
- Just go.
Keep going.
"I'm a celebrated author.
My latest novel was a triumph and you know it.
Uh, what what the hell have you done with your life, and who are you to judge others?" [Ali.]
Mick? Ali? Mick, why Why are you here? Why are you here? I live here.
Why is she filming us? This your kid? Well, I guess, since you're here, I might as well tell you.
She's your kid, too.
This is Lita, your daughter.
Twist! Oh, he's fine.
That was my wizard's tower.
I love it.
You can just smell the dark forces at work in here.
- Ooh.
Safe neighborhood? - Super safe.
People just mostly keep to themselves.
You know what the worst kind of neighbors are? [Nora grunts.]
- Kids.
- Ooh.
Hate kids.
You know, all I've ever asked for are neighbors I don't have to kill.
- [Nora.]
- But for people like us sometimes, it's kill or be killed.
- [Nora.]
You know what? - Mmm? - [Nora.]
Better safe than sorry.
- [door bolt clanks.]
Right, Dad? [Damien.]
Atta girl.
- Did she see us? - I don't know.
[object clatters.]
What was that? You know what? I have a surprise for you in the study.
Well, I love surprises.
Yes, I saw you! Listen, I know you're here to kill my dad.
And I know you have good reason.
But I'm asking you, as my friends, just to give me this one night to handle it my way.
And what exactly is your way? [chuckles.]
This Dad, may I present my henchmen.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying the head of the Time Bureau and the Captain of the Waverider work for you now? Well, I can be very convincing.
That is a heck of a find.
Eleventh century Mongolia, if I'm not mistaken.
Oh, yeah! That's just a little something they picked up for me.
It's not for indoor use, though.
So, I'm just gonna Safety first, Nora-doll.
[cell phone vibrates.]
Thanks, you guys, for playing along.
Tick-tock, ladies.
I could really use that cocktail about now.
Remind me again why I shouldn't go in there right now, and stab him with Khan's sword.
He's my dad.
He's also one of the most powerful dark warlocks on the planet, so Wait.
What if he was just a man? - Hmm? - What? There's a potion that can strip him of his powers.
It's complicated to make, but there are ingredients here in this house.
I know we can make it work.
We can put it in his dinner.
- I volunteer as tribute.
- [Agent Sharpe.]
What the hell are you doing in there? I was cowering, from the man who almost killed me with the train.
[Agent Sharpe sighs.]
Give me the recipe to your potion, I will not fail you.
- Bad idea.
- Uh-huh.
- Do it for book club.
- What? Are you seriously invoking book club right now? Yeah.
You get one of those.
You get one.
Are you sure? Ava, I am invoking book club to ask you to give me one night with my dad.
And if he is a harmless, normal man by the end of it you let him live.
- Where are you going, Captain Cold? - [sighs.]
Antarctica, of course.
That place is the worst.
But I'm following up on the lead that you Bloody shapeshifters.
What? Charlie.
She used your face to send me on some dead-end trail.
Send me to Antarctica.
Freeze my bloody arse off! No! I'm getting off this gormless jam jar.
Since there's no one here that can help me, I'll do it my way.
All right.
I think I got these stupid crostinis right.
How's the salad? Uh, it just needs to be dressed, and then there's the soup.
How many courses did Ray have planned? By my count, five.
Six if you include cocktails.
Come on, Ray.
Nobody gets laid after six courses.
Gary, how's the potion coming along? Don't rush me.
Everything has to be done precisely or it will not work.
Are you talking entree It'll be done by dessert.
Then let's get this dinner started.
[cell phone vibrating.]
Hello, you've reached the office of Sara Lance.
How can I help you? Hello, Mr.
What is this in reference to? - Mmm, cheers.
- Mmm.
- [Damien.]
- [Nora.]
Oh, more crostinis! - [tray clatters.]
- [Damien laughs.]
These are delicious.
- [Constantine.]
Bloody hell.
Gary! - [Nora coughs.]
Damien Darhk.
John Constantine.
You know, I don't think we've actually ever met before, seeing as you're still breathing.
But you have died before, though, right? So, what's about to happen should feel a little, uh familiar.
Remitte istud.
That was an heirloom, you Stop it! Both of you.
This vagrant is trespassing.
This is my house, you plonker.
Your house? Nora, I thought Well technically, it is his house.
His name is on the title.
But, in practice it's our house.
Right, babe? [mouths.]
Just go with it.
- Right, love.
My love, that is - [Nora sighs.]
because we are indeed, uh, together.
Oh, Nora-doll.
Here, I thought you were all alone.
But now, I know that you have a powerful warlock in your life.
- Johnny C, you bring it in here.
- [both chuckle.]
You rascal! [laughs.]
The thing about circles is They never end So our friendship will be universal Why does he keep changing his shoes? Changing his shoes is a soothing ritual which takes him from one space to another.
Where's my fairy godmother? She's busy with her father.
So, why are you here and not there? She asked me to give them space, and I am respecting her boundaries.
She's hiding you from her dad.
Parker says you can love whoever you want to love and to not be ashamed.
You don't have to quote Season 8, Episode 15 to me.
Okay? But look, she's not trying to hide [in sing-song voice.]
Fairy godmother! Fairy godmother! - Come here, right now! - Shh! [splutters.]
Damn it, Ray! I said no summoning.
Do you have any idea how many plates I'm spinning right now, trying to keep my dad happy? Many.
But quick question.
Um, are you hiding me? Of course I am.
I am telling him a thousand lies right now, to make sure nobody gets killed.
Oh, well why not just tell him the truth? Ooh! Oh! "Why not just tell him the truth?" Okay.
Why don't I just tell my megalomaniac dad that his little girl is a slave to the whims of children and is schtupping an Eagle Scout? That sounds amazing.
The longer you lie about who you really are - [sighs.]
- the harder it's gonna be when the truth finally comes out.
Listen, can you just give me this one night? Okay? Just help me out.
And save the guilt trip? Please.
- Okay? - Of course.
- Okay? Good? Everything good? - Of course.
Good night, boys and girls.
Do you need to change your shoes? I think I do.
I named her Lita, after, uh Yeah.
Lita Ford of The Runaways.
Sorry I never told you.
Actually, I looked you up after I found out I was pregnant, but you were in jail.
So, it, um It must have been challenging, uh, raising a kid by yourself.
I made it work.
Sure, Lita would ask about her dad, but whenever she did She would just say, you know, "My standards were low and his sperm count was high.
" [sniffs.]
- Oh, God.
- But, uh when I learned that Rebecca Silver was actually him, I guess I let it slip that we had hooked up at our reunion.
Lita's a smart kid.
I guess she figured it out.
My dad writes crappy novels.
- They're brilliant.
- Debatable.
Either way, I still hate you.
Lita, he he didn't know.
But I guess now that the pussycat's out of the pouch, guess you two can get to know one another.
Sounds like fun.
No! What the hell are you doing? We were never here.
True story, that.
I never knew that [both chuckling.]
Wine! Ooh.
Good to see you two getting along.
Oh, we're just telling stories, aren't we? You know, I shouldn't be shocked that you'd be drawn to a fellow after your pop's old line of work.
Oh, well, you know me, Dad.
I can't help but keep the family business going.
That's my girl.
Not that I could ever live up to a great collector - of artifacts such as yourself.
- Mmm.
But sadly, some things could never be found.
Take for instance, the Loom of Fate.
[clears throat.]
I never did find that one.
That's because it was scattered across the multi-verse.
Ah, well, it's all on one Earth now.
Still, you'd need a Fate to put it all together and operate it.
Sounds like there's no point in even looking for it, right, John? Yeah, especially with so many exciting opportunities to think about, right, babe? Yep.
Maybe not the time.
I'm sensing something juicy bubbling with the help.
- Mmm, no, I don't - [bottle slams.]
Is there trouble in paradise? You know what? It's none of your damn business.
Oh, sit and spill.
Uncle Damien wants to hear everything.
No, they don't have to You know what? Someone forgot to tell their girlfriend about a job offer they received to work in Star City.
- Babe.
- Permanently.
I was going to talk to you about it before it became permanent.
- So, you're actually considering it? - Yes.
I don't Okay, how is that supposed to work with you there and me, one of Nora's hench-people? Sara, she's right.
You know, long-distance relationships can be tough.
Thank you.
It wasn't going to be a long-distance relationship.
I thought that we could go together.
This This is why I always have a no-fraternizing policy with my staff.
- Mmm.
Next course, please.
- [Damien.]
The potion is now purple, and therefore ready to de-power the supervillain.
So, let me get this straight.
You stood up for yourself, and she shut you down? She just doesn't think that Damien would accept me.
But aren't you setting yourself up for a lifetime of lies? Will you have to lie when Damien comes to visit? Or when you guys have kids? Because you know those babies are going to have that beautiful Palmer jawline.
The Palmer jawline is a dominant gene.
Damn right.
- Am I rushing into this? - [yells.]
Yes! We couldn't say something unless you said something.
Ray It feels rushed.
She's embarrassed of you.
After you made the perfect dinner, took a massage class, and hid an engagement ring in the mousse? The ring is in the mousse! [Nora.]
Well, I hope you saved room for dessert.
Chocolate mousse.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
[Agent Sharpe.]
Yeah, you should try it.
Don't eat the mousse.
- [Sara.]
Perfection! - [Damien.]
There's no chocolate in Hell.
[Damien groans.]
Mousse! - [Nora whispers.]
- Hmm? - What's that? - Mmm.
Chocolate mousse.
This has always been your favorite, right, Dad? This just looks sinful.
- [Agent Sharpe.]
- [Damien.]
Everybody, isn't this delicious? - Mmm.
- Mmm.
Perfection! [coughing.]
A ring? Well, that's unexpected.
I'm surmising that perhaps, that cup was put in front of the wrong person.
John, was there a question that you wanted to ask? "Question"? Oh, right, yeah! Um [clears throat.]
Question, of course.
[clears throat.]
Nora Darhk, uh - will you marry me? - [Damien squeals.]
[Damien exclaims.]
Just when I thought this night couldn't get any better, my daughter has found the love of her life.
Forget the mousse.
More champagne! No.
What? What? I'm sorry, what was that? - I thought you said no.
- No.
Okay, she said Did she say "no"? No, I won't marry John, because I can't lie to you anymore, Dad.
Oh, thank God.
Johnny C, Johnny C, Johnny C, don't What are you doing? Dad, Sara and Ava aren't my henchwomen.
They're just my friends.
I'm not a powerful sorceress.
I'm a fairy godmother.
Dad, this isn't my house.
John isn't my boyfriend.
He is.
And I love him madly.
Hi, Damien Mr.
Since you're here, I was wondering if I could get your blessing to have your daughter's hand in marriage? You deceived me, Nora-doll.
Your own father.
You tried to poison me.
That's That's not as bad as it looks.
I've been gone for less than two years, and you You're a completely different person.
And I know who's to blame.
No, no, no, no.
Dad! Stop! Stop! Inferni.
Brexit! No! Let him go.
No! Dad! [groans.]
Dad, I am not a child.
You can't just kill my friends anymore! [Damien laughs.]
Did you think you were gonna kill me with that little toy, Lance? Why don't you give me a chance and find out? [gasps.]
- [gasps.]
- [bones creak.]
That's no Mongolian relic.
That's a Hell Sword.
My, oh, my.
I am so going to enjoy obliterating all of you.
It's after 5:00 And I could use a cold one - Is Mr.
Parker getting tipsy? - [alarm beeping.]
Uh, the guy has done 4,000 hours of children's television.
He's earned it.
Oi! How have you guys not noticed the Encore alarm? Oh! - It's at Constantine's house.
- Ray.
- Let's go.
- I wanna go.
No! I wish it.
[all gasping.]
[Constantine incants.]
Now, that guy is marriage material.
Quit insulting Ray! He made you poison your own father.
No, he didn't.
That was my idea.
That's because he twisted you.
Look at you.
You're You're a powerless fairy.
Oh! That's it! Pippa, make a wish.
You can stop this.
This is the only way you'll learn.
I wish you were all on Mister Parker's Cul De Sac.
[show theme music plays.]
Welcome to my cul-de-sac, friend That's a street that ends in a circle The thing about circles is they never end So a friendship would be universal - Hello, boys and girls.
- Hi, Mr.
Hope you're having a wonderful day.
I sure am.
Come with me.
What the [Damien growls.]
Ah, boys and girls, please welcome my friends Nora and Damien.
Now, why don't we discuss our problems? Damien, what seems to be on your mind? Well, you simpleton, my child means everything to me, and you've completely corrupted her into this! See, this is why I had to lie.
I knew you couldn't handle it because emotionally, you're the child! Well, I think this is gonna be tougher than we thought, kids.
Why don't we travel to the Land of Make 'Em Ups with Gary, the Unspeakable Train Abomination? [chugging.]
Hi, Gary.
Toot, toot, everybody, toot, toot! Toot, toot, to you! [chugging.]
Whee! [grunts.]
- Hello, John.
- Hello, Charlie.
- Hey, Ava.
- Yeah, Sara? Are you bloody kidding me? Puppets? Again? I wanted to say that I feel bad that I made you feel bad.
Oh, well, maybe we should communicate.
I'm sorry I kept the job offer in Puppet Star City a secret.
I was only considering it because I thought you wanted to settle down.
Well, I used to want that, but I've been having a lot of fun on the ship.
Oh! Then I'll tell Puppet Wild Dog to shove it! - Yay! - Yay! Maybe you can work out your problem with communication.
Yeah! You were gonna send me to the South Pole, Charlie.
You don't understand how dangerous that Loom is, John-o.
It gave my sisters and me control over everyone's lives.
I smashed that thing, so we could be free.
People could be free to rebel, free to be weird.
Come on, Charlie.
If you sensed that the Loom was in one universe again, what's to say your sisters didn't feel it, too? What's to stop them going after it, and for the wrong reasons? Listen, I will use the Loom to help Astra, and then I will help you destroy it, forever this time.
Forever? Deal? Deal.
Yay for communication and cooperation! Yay.
[doorbell rings.]
I wonder who that is? [bike bell rings.]
It's Bike Messenger Behrad.
I hope you're having a wonderful day.
Let's see what was delivered.
Open it! Open it! It's the Safe Space Sombrero.
Please make it stop.
Make it just stop.
I am going to just [speaks incoherently.]
Only the person wearing the Safe Space Sombrero may speak.
You've ruined her life.
Her life is absolutely in shambles because of you and the idiot brigade she hangs out with.
I mean, look at her.
She is trapped in this horrible fairy godmother job.
- Horrible job? - Mmm-hmm.
You know what, Dad? My life now that's not Ray's choice, it's mine.
I know you think all magic should be self-serving, but I like helping kids because being raised by a demon cult instead of my own father that wasn't my choice.
That was yours.
So, maybe working with kids helps me cope with that.
And you're right.
I am not the Nora-doll you remember.
I like who I am and I'm never going back.
I've been an ass.
I've had this vision of this life that would make you happy.
Obviously, I was wrong.
I just want you to be proud of me.
Proud? Nora-doll I am.
Really? I really am.
[birds tweeting.]
Oh, kids, look, the sun is smiling.
I thought my family was messed up, but these guys are truly deranged.
I want to be with my own family now.
Fairy Godmother, I release you.
It worked! [exhales.]
I've been cured.
I'm not afraid of trains anymore! No hard feelings, Ray.
- Yes? - Yes.
Yes, yes, yes, yes! I love you so much.
I'm so sorry I tried to hide you.
- Mmm.
- I can't wait to marry you.
I can't wait to marry you.
So, let's let's do it.
- Let's do it Let's do it right now.
- Right now? Right now.
I'm off-duty.
My dad's here.
His schedule's unpredictable.
So, let's let's do it.
Right now.
- Okay? Okay! - Okay.
[Damien clears throat.]
You're not married yet.
[dance song playing.]
Champagne? I wanna tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done for my daughter.
Thank you, but, uh, I haven't really done that much.
She's pretty incredible all on her own.
Yeah, but you make her happy.
That's something that I ultimately failed at when I was the main man in her life.
Well, you know, I I think you're being too hard on yourself.
I don't need a pep talk.
But I do need you to do something for me.
I need you to support her.
Of course.
No, I don't think you understand what I'm trying to say.
Nora's job is very important to her and she can't do it on that silly little ship of yours.
Nora belongs in the real world and you belong together.
I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.
Do the right thing, son, or I'll come back and get you.
- Ah, I'm only kidding.
- Okay.
That's what I thought.
But not really.
Eating your feelings, I see? She's better off without me.
She reached out to you for a reason.
She's an idiot.
I'm an idiot.
She's a pain in the ass.
I'm a pain in the ass.
The fact that she's not already in juvie is a miracle, - and it proves one thing.
- What? - I'm no good for her.
- Are you sure about that? - You know what? - Mmm? You've inspired me to forego this evil thing.
Maybe this old dog can learn some new tricks.
So, you'll stick around for a bit? Oh, I think it's time both of us move on to the next chapter.
Promise you'll check in on me once in a while? Of course.
I'll never be far.
I love you, Nora-doll.
I love you, Dad.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Taking off already? Oh, I hate prolonged goodbyes.
I'd rather slip out while everyone's in there still having a good time.
So, where are you going? [sighs.]
I was given this Encore under certain conditions.
I was ordered to cause pain and misery, and damn more souls to Hell.
But instead, you decided to check in on your Nora-doll.
I just wanted to make sure that my little girl's okay.
And she is.
Thanks to the help of you idiots.
Plus, Astra's going to recall me soon to an eternity of torture.
I didn't want to bum my daughter out with all of that on her wedding night.
I know you'll never forgive me.
To tell you the truth I won't, either.
[theme music playing.]

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