DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s05e11 Episode Script

Ship Broken

[rock music playing on headphones.]
- [Mick.]
- I have Mace, jackass.
Oh, it's you.
Listen, uh, sorry I didn't make your thing last week.
I was stuck in Hell.
Don't sweat it, I didn't miss you.
Your mom said I could have the weekend.
Maybe we could bond, do stuff.
Come on, I'm trying.
All right, what is our father-daughter weekend gonna look like? I got tickets to the roller derby.
Should be lots of blood and cleavage.
I I just remembered I actually have a big history test on Monday, so I can't.
I gotta study.
Very important, study.
[automatic lock chirps.]
What's that? - That's a time machine.
- Is this [whirring.]
Can I see it? I thought you had to study.
Uh, well, it could be useful for a history test.
Basically, this bucket of bolts can travel anywhere in history.
We can catch a show with The Ramones or Sabbath.
- Some Lita Ford of The Runaways? - That, too.
You know, I have been fighting so hard to get you out of Hell and you are finally here.
I bet you're the only one on this ship who's happy to see me.
Oh, nonsense.
As far as this sorry lot are concerned, as soon as anyone stops trying to murder them on a weekly basis, they're best friends.
Either way, I am gone the second Charlie uses that Loom - to bring my mom back.
- Yeah.
[Charlie chanting.]
What's she doing? She said she wanted to get into the right headspace, so - [Agent Sharpe.]
- [Zari.]
I totally get that.
There's nothing like a 20-second meditation micro-sesh to zen out.
Did we miss the weaving? I hope we didn't miss the weaving.
[dog yaps.]
- Whoa! Gary, what You have a dog? - What? We don't have dogs.
This is not a dog place.
I have a letter from my therapist.
We don't have therapists either.
Well, we should.
Going to Hell generated a lot of anxiety.
Well, this says this is his emotional support animal.
- It's signed and everything.
- I don't have time for this.
I've named him Gary Junior.
- Oh! He's made a tiny tinkle.
- Ew.
He isn't ship-broken.
Junior! He's usually a very good boy.
Everyone, watch your step.
Oh! Chasing tail now, are we, Gary? That's a first.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, don't - Ah, bollocks.
Gary! [sighs.]
All right, almost ready.
I think.
It's been a few millennia.
Okay, so, who's gonna get the first weave? - [Constantine.]
Her mother.
- [Zari.]
Behrad first, John.
Yeah, look, uh Well, I, uh I made a promise to Astra, love.
I'm with Zari.
Who's Behrad? I did not come back from Hell to take a number and wait my turn.
He is my brother and he's part of the team that found the rings.
We're getting him back first.
Okay, stop, stop.
Everybody, stop arguing.
You're all gonna get a chance.
But Sara's in a coma.
Charlie's gonna weave her out first.
[all arguing.]
All right, enough! Come on, guys.
This is exactly why I should have left the damn thing broken.
Okay, I'm gonna choose.
It's Behrad.
Now, goggles on, and let's get going.
The ring of Clotho, the maker of threads.
And extremely rad dresser.
The ring of Lachesis, the weaver of destinies, and a manipulative control freak.
And the ring of Atropos, the cutter of threads, and a heartless psychopath.
[Charlie chanting.]
[rings chime.]
[voices whispering.]
I see Behrad's thread.
But it's a bit of a tangled mess.
It's probably because of all the time travel, but I think it'll be all right.
[electricity crackling.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
[Agent Sharpe.]
All right.
Gideon, status.
Gideon? [Gideon.]
Still assessing the damage, Ms.
Running on backup power.
I'm sorry, Z.
- What happened? - It didn't work.
- Okay, so we try again.
- I said it didn't work.
I've never tried to use the Loom without my sisters.
I guess I need them.
Then let me try it.
Lachesis said she was preparing me to be a Fate.
Maybe I can Yeah, go ahead if you wanna burn up from the inside.
Okay, what are we supposed to do? Right now, we're just gonna sit tight and try to fix the ship.
[electricity crackling.]
Well, that's great.
I could do some research back at the house, see if there isn't another way to harness the rings.
I could use another set of eyes.
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere until Behrad's back.
So, I left an empire in Hell for "sit tight," for "do some research"? Not good enough.
Apologies, but no one's going anywhere.
The energy burst created an anti-chronotomic field.
Time travel functions are offline.
So, no Jumpships, no Time Couriers? - [Gideon.]
All out of commission.
- Great.
We're stuck.
Why are the lights out? The ship better not be broken.
Unfortunately, I am.
I was damaged in an explosion caused by the Loom of Fate.
You're kidding me.
I promised the kid we'd time travel.
Now she's gonna fail her exam.
Nope, it's fine.
I'll be okay.
We have to find you a room to study in.
Um, did the computer just say "Loom of Fate"? [exhales deeply.]
Things are really bad, baby.
Ship's broken.
The Loom backfired and almost killed Charlie.
Everybody's bickering.
The chances of getting Behrad back have never felt more slim.
We could really use your vision.
I could really use you.
[breathes deeply.]
- Oh, my God, Sara, you're awake.
- [groans.]
Ava? I can't see anything.
Gideon, what's wrong with her eyes? [Gideon.]
Unfortunately, Ms.
Sharpe, at my current power levels, I am unable to offer a prognosis.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? What are you talking about? She's blind.
Reroute some power, Gideon.
Do something.
Ava, shh.
It's okay, all right? It's probably just temporary.
What if it's not? Lay back.
Who knows what else is wrong with you.
[Sara gasps.]
Sara? [exhales.]
You were startled when we touched.
What happened? Nothing.
Are you hiding something from me? Always.
Come on, Sara.
Babe, it was just a weird reaction to waking up from a coma.
Whoa, no, no, no, no, no.
Where do you think you're going? You can't see.
I trained in a blindfold for weeks in the League of Assassins.
And nobody knows how to fix the ship like I do.
Except for maybe Ray and Jax.
And Rip and Stein.
I guess Behrad's not bad either.
But you know what? None of them are walking through that door, so let's go.
So, what did I miss? Oh, nothing much, actually.
Just, uh Hey, Mick.
Oh, uh, Lita, this is Sara Lance, the captain.
Sara, this is Lita, my kid.
Oh! Uh Nice to meet you.
It's really cool that there's a woman in charge here.
Uh, what, sorry? I just said that it's really cool that there's a woman in charge here.
- Uh-huh.
Uh, yes.
- Good Good to see you.
- Yes, it is.
- Come on.
What are you not telling me? What are you not telling me? There's a kid on the ship? I [Gary Junior barks.]
And a dog? Ava? [hesitates.]
Gary has an emotional support animal.
He had a signed letter.
- That's not a thing.
- I don't know, baby.
Come here.
Is that Behrad? He sounds like a pretty nice guy.
Were you two close? No.
But we were starting to be.
I only just learned about this big life he was living and then I lost him.
But I'm getting him back, so Yeah, about that.
I think I might have a way to do it.
I'm listening.
You know, I think I'm probably good for my test tomorrow.
I'd kind of just like to look around the ship.
Uh, you got to hit the books.
Punched him.
Elbowed him.
Made out with her.
Okay, smart guy.
We're studying the French Revolution.
I've heard of it.
So, I have to compare and contrast the American Declaration of Independence and the French Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen.
So, does anybody on the ship know history? I know a guy.
Did I hear someone say the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen? Hi.
Nathaniel Heywood.
I specialize in deductive historical reconstruction.
Now, while technically I am a doctor, you can call me Professor.
Or Steel because [clang.]
I turn into it.
You're the coolest professor I've ever met.
Most likely, yeah.
All right.
Let's study.
Well, we can't study without snacks, right? [whispers.]
Gideon makes the best snacks.
Really? Can we have Ants on a Log? Okay, Ants on Mick, can you be an absolute peach and run to the Fabricator for us? Now, what's happening with your sight is a mystery, love.
Are you experiencing any more effects? [exhales.]
No, nothing.
Oh, well, we'll just have to wait and see then.
And there is one other matter to discuss.
Astra Logue is on the ship.
What? Ava? Uh, sorry, babe, but there was just never a good time to tell you.
She was only supposed to be here temporarily and then the Loom didn't work.
She cannot be on the ship.
I mean, what if What if she goes on a stabbing spree? A stabbing spree? Well, that seems a little excessive, honey.
Look, she's made her choice.
She decided to throw in with us.
- Now, why would you doubt her word? - Look, I don't know, okay? It's just It's a feeling.
John, I need you by her side 24/7.
What if Charlie just wasn't warmed up? She tried to reweave the most complicated thread right out the gate.
What if she tries with an easier thread? One that hasn't been complicated by, well, time travel.
Like your mother's? Exactly.
If she succeeds on an easy thread like hers, she might be ready to try Behrad's again.
The thing is, if it comes from me, they might not buy it.
But if it comes from me they just might.
Again, I do apologize that the Fabricator is not functioning, Mr.
Oh, man.
Must have been damaged in the explosion.
Oh! Ants on a Log? [Gary Junior yaps.]
Are those for sharesies? My kid.
I see what's happening here.
You're new to this whole parenting thing.
You know what? I think you need some advice from the Papa Gare.
Parenting is about doing the crap work.
No matter how degrading, and never, ever once hearing a word of thanks.
But you'll know in your heart that they appreciate it.
Even if the thought never crosses their mind.
Isn't that right, Gary Junior? Oh.
Duty calls, as they say.
Crap work.
What is that? Okay.
I've removed panel 16-QW45G.
No, I'm pretty sure I said 16-QW45T.
No, you said "G.
" - No, 16 - Okay.
Finding T.
Sara? Caught a case of blindness, I hear.
Yeah, and while Gideon's down, I'm stuck like this, but it's no big deal.
No big deal? Right, you're the first mortal to ever see a god's true form and live to tell the tale, and that is no big deal.
It's no big deal.
So nothing else has been happening, right? - [sighs.]
- There's no other side effects? Look, I know you're not being honest with me, Sara.
I just wanna help.
What is she talking about, babe? [sighs.]
Look, it's nothing, okay? I just I didn't wanna upset anyone.
What's so upsetting? When I touch somebody, I see people stabbed to death.
But it's probably just some subconscious fear that's being kicked up by the coma.
It's like a It's a nightmare.
You've lost one kind of vision, and you've gained another.
Sara, you're seeing the future.
Look, they're just nightmares, Charlie.
This can't be the future, all right? - It's not possible.
- Why? You're a Paragon of Destiny who got radiated by godly light.
Why is it so impossible that you've gained the gift of foresight? Because we don't all die.
"We"? What do you mean, like, we die in, like, 50 years, or we die with me wearing this exact outfit? Option two.
- It's got to be Astra.
- [Agent Sharpe.]
Would you stop with the Astra thing? She saved our lives in Hell, okay? I'm not gonna just assume the worst.
What, that she's some manipulative psychopath? Well, she just tried to manipulate me into coming in here and begging Charlie to use the Loom again, so Okay, well, that's not a crime.
Guys, the rings.
They're gone.
I found this in the trash chute.
Okay, that is a crime.
Gidget, play back internal monitoring of the parlor, please.
My internal monitoring subsystems have been disabled.
I'm afraid we have a saboteur on board.
Now I'm starting to assume the worst.
Well, this was inevitable, wasn't it? First thing that goes wrong, and you all point the finger at me.
You know what, Astra? Slow your roll.
You wanted the rings and now they're missing, so You're the only person who doesn't belong on this ship.
Look, I was with her the whole time, all right? She never took the rings.
And besides, how is she supposed to have sabotaged Gideon, eh? We have no idea, John.
That's why she's here and not out the airlock, okay? - Come on, babe.
- Sorry, Astra.
You just spent too much time with my sisters to be trusted.
I was shown more hospitality in the deepest pits of Hell than on this ship of fools.
Yeah, just sit tight, all right? I got just the spell to track this saboteur.
I never should have trusted you.
[Constantine scoffs.]
Did you really, though? Or did you just run out of other options? [sighs.]
Then there's Zari.
She's from the future.
She's supes cute, and she can control air.
- What? - Yep.
[smacks lips.]
Ants on a Log.
Everybody here has a superpower.
Do you have a superpower? I have this.
Your gun? Uh, yes.
Your superpower is that you shoot a gun? It shoots fire.
No, I know.
I don't like any guns.
Why not? I marched in protest of them.
Do you know how dangerous that thing is? Well, that's the point.
[clears throat.]
Lita You know, if it wasn't for your pops here, we wouldn't be able to travel through time.
Mick keeps the lights on.
Lights are off.
Oh, it's an unfortunate coincidence.
However, Mick funds this whole operation through the simple act of stealing.
Oh, didn't you go to prison for stealing? Isn't that why you missed my childhood? [softly.]
Damn it, Mick.
[clears throat.]
Sometimes they're just souvenirs.
Like, Mick, did you happen to steal any French Revolution souvenirs from Marie Antoinette? [softly.]
Say yes.
Yes, I did.
Really? Can I see them? Really? Come with me.
Not bad, Nate.
Not bad at all.
Not bad, Mick.
Not bad at all.
Well? Yeah, definitely sabotage.
Yeah, thought so.
What happened here? Hmm, we have a saboteur.
I think I know who it is.
- [crackling.]
- Oh, come on! Oh, hello, Zari.
Hello, Astra.
Look, I'm sorry you are locked up.
Well, at least we have that in common.
We also both lost a relative who we want back, and got screwed when the Loom failed.
One of us more than the other.
[Zari chuckles.]
Okay, I know John is out there trying to prove your innocence, but we both know how much you wanted those rings, so why not just give them back? [chuckles.]
Oh, wait.
I see now.
You think you're here to interrogate me, but that's not why you're really here.
No, that's literally why I'm here.
You're here because you've got Nate wrapped around your finger, and you thought you had John wrapped around your finger, too but you don't.
What are you talking about? When we were choosing who to weave first, he picked my mother.
- Not Behrad.
- [chuckles.]
You think you clocked something between John and I, and now you're using it to manipulate me.
You are devious.
So are you.
So why don't you use that devious little brain of yours and figure out who really took the rings? [Sara.]
You think you can repair the security cameras to find our thief? [Agent Sharpe sighs.]
Maybe, but whoever did this left a lot of damage and not a lot of clues.
Ah, it seems we've all arrived at the scene of the crime.
Well, this crime, anyway.
You know, we could, um We could just work together to find our ring thief.
And how can I hope to defend Astra by teaming up with her accusers? We're all looking for the truth, John.
Yeah, well, some of us can just see the situation a little more clearly than others.
You okay? - What's wrong? - I It was me.
I kill everyone.
[Agent Sharpe.]
Baby, you are an amazing assassin, okay? But you're blind and now you've warned us.
The idea of you killing everyone is Arrogant? Delusional? Just plain rude.
Yeah, and you're not that kind of person.
Something is going on with me, all right? I went from seeing you all dead to being the one responsible for it, and I don't know why.
Look, you have to figure out what is going on.
And until then, I cannot be trusted, all right? So promise me, no matter what I say, you will not let me out of here.
Okay, I promise, honey.
I love you, all right? We're gonna get to the bottom of this.
Just please take a breath.
And what exactly are we getting to the bottom of? I have no idea.
She has lost her damn mind.
- Don't touch anything.
- Copy that.
You really like to steal.
Don't tell your mom.
This belonged to the headless lady.
So, I really dig the whole Scrooge McDuck aesthetic, but why not put your money in a bank? Bank? Too easy to rob.
Hold on, all of your money is here? What if somebody robs this? Let them try.
What about compound interest? Okay, how much money is in here? Uh, million? Billion.
And in ten years, how much is that gonna be worth? The same.
It's gonna be worth the same.
If you invest it, it'll be worth way more.
Sounds complicated.
What if you take the time machine back to the start of the New York Stock Exchange and invest it all then? We could go and buy Manhattan in the 1600s.
We can invent Bitcoin.
We can become partners in getting freaking rich.
What the hell? Room's off-limits.
So we're finally connecting, and you're shutting me out? You're a terrible father.
What are you doing? Looking for footage of you stealing the rings.
It doesn't exist.
Besides, I thought the cameras were sabotaged.
I'm hacking the backup feed.
You hack? Mmm, not so much me, but a version of me that used to exist.
Do you think I could talk to this other version of you? Maybe she'd trust me.
She wouldn't.
You know, you could gain trust the normal way by being trustworthy.
Well, things are getting crazy out there.
Sara just locked herself up.
Is locking someone up her solution to everything? She had a vision that she killed us all.
So I'm exonerated? I can go? Mmm, no, you're staying in time-out until we find out where these rings are.
- [computer chimes.]
- Huh.
Speaking of which, backup feed is up.
Oh, my God! Charlie, why'd you take the rings? Mate, that wasn't me.
I mean, it was.
But it wasn't.
That does not look good for me.
You disabled the cameras? Are you two in cahoots? - No.
- No, obviously not.
Why would I hack into footage that incriminates myself? I don't know.
I just destroyed the Food Fabricator.
Which makes no sense 'cause I love food.
And let me guess, you don't remember that either, eh? No.
- [gasps.]
- Oh! I am guessing you also don't remember that.
I can't believe that I flushed the Loom of Fate.
Well, it's all right there in the surveillance footage Gideon apparently records of our bathroom.
Well, clearly you're all the culprits, which, obviously, exonerates me.
Still no.
Yeah, this could all be mind control.
You think I'm behind it? [all.]
[door opens.]
Who's there? [growling.]
It's Papa Gare to the rescue.
Damn it, Gary, what are you doing in here? Oh, don't worry, I'm not gonna let you out.
I'm not a crazy person.
No, I'm serious.
You cannot be in here, it is not safe.
Well, neither is solitary confinement.
- [Gary Junior whines.]
- Gary, what are - What? - Which is why, after careful consideration, I decided [chuckles.]
you need my emotional support dog more than I do.
I mean I guess I guess it is kind of comforting.
Just promise me you'll treat him like the little angel he is.
- [voice.]
Kill him.
- [barks.]
Who Who said that? - Said what? Gary Junior, stop barking.
- [barking.]
Gary can't hear me.
Now, kill him.
[neck snaps.]
Good girl.
Now, kill them all.
[evil laughter.]
- [Gary.]
Which is why - [breathes heavily.]
after careful consideration, I've decided you need my emotional support dog more Wait, wait.
Oh, my God, it's the dog! [Sara gasps.]
Your dog Your dog is a demon, and it's gonna tell me to kill everyone.
But you know what? I am not gonna listen.
I'm not gonna listen, dog.
I'd appreciate it if you didn't raise your voice.
Gary Junior's a very nervous pee-er.
Hey! - Hey, where is everyone? - Sara, Sara, Sara, hey, hey.
Oh, bollocks.
How did you escape? Hey, look, I figured it out.
It's Gary's dog.
He's gonna make me kill everyone.
Okay, babe, just calm down.
You told us not to listen to anything you say.
The dog? Look, I know, but just listen.
I can prove to you that I am telling the truth, all right? I had a vision that I killed Gary, and then, in real-time, I saved him.
And the fact that he is alive right now proves that I am not lying.
You were right to lock yourself up, love.
Listen, I know that I sound crazy, but you just take me to that dog and you will see that I am not.
[footsteps approaching.]
Gary, where is Gary Junior? No idea.
He ran off shortly after she screamed at him.
What? I was saving your life.
- From who? - From me! Okay, enough.
John, stay with Sara.
Gary, let's go find the dog.
Teaming up like old times.
Can you wash your hands first, please? [knuckles cracking.]
Hmm, that's weird.
What the hell is Gary Junior doing there? Wait, go back to the other footage.
Zoom out.
Look, he's there every bloody time.
Junior, here, boy.
[in sing-song voice.]
Where are you? [Agent Sharpe.]
He's not ship-broken, he doesn't come when called.
Where the hell did you get him? I don't wanna say.
Gary, my girlfriend's gone crazy, and I'm looking for a dog to prove it.
I am beyond mad.
- Fine.
- Hmm.
I rescued him.
From Hell.
You adopted a Hell Hound? Well, when you say it like that I saw him when we got Astra.
He was all alone, I felt bad for him.
Oh, my God.
Sara was right.
This dog is making us go crazy.
This is absurd.
This is more absurd than that StabCast I did on the Son of Sam.
Uh, wait, uh What does "Son of Sam" mean? 'Cause I I feel like Gary Junior kept saying that to me in his barks.
What? No.
It was a guy in the '70s in New York.
He killed a bunch of people and later said that a dog made him do it.
Oh, my God! You adopted Son of Sam's demon dog.
- Oh, my God.
- [shudders.]
At least I didn't buy from a breeder.
Whatever he says, don't listen to him.
All I hear is annoying barking.
All I hear is why I should murder you all.
And he's making some very good points.
- Nate.
- Nate.
- Nate No.
- [barking continues.]
Hey, hey, hey! [imperceptible.]
[barking stops.]
Was I trying to murder you with the stool? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
I am so sorry, guys.
What the hell are you doing? It's a whistle only dogs can hear.
Why are you doing this to us? [Gary Junior.]
Because I hate hats.
I hate stupid ties.
And I hate Gary.
But I rescued you from Hell.
From Hell? Wait, are you working for my sisters? Uh, no, sweetheart.
I'm the Canine of Chaos.
I was gonna have you murder each other, but now I'm gonna kill you myself.
[Agent Sharpe.]
Get to the dais.
- [Astra.]
Don't let me out now! - [roars.]
[all gasp.]
Where'd he go? [roar.]
What's that? [growling.]
Yeah, it looks like we owe you an apology, love.
Wait, that was Junior? Let's just say Gary has some explaining to do.
Come on, let's go stop this bloody thing before it kills someone.
Gary, your hand's on my Just move it.
- Ow, Gary, that hurts.
- Sorry.
Gary, your hand is still on my No, I think that's me.
You can leave it if you're comfortable.
- It's It really doesn't bother me.
- Can I put my hand back? - Man, shut up, Gary! - No.
Why are you all acting like I brought the Son of Sam's dog here on purpose? - That's who that demon is? - Yeah.
- Let me out.
I will get rid of him.
- How? - You still don't trust me, do you? - No.
Ava, just let her out.
If we'd listened to her in the first place, we wouldn't be in this hot, uncomfortable mess.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Astra, I Uh, yeah.
Hey, I think you accidentally put the force field back up.
I think she knows.
[Agent Sharpe.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! [Nate.]
Oh, come on! You gotta be kidding! You really shouldn't mess with someone so comfortable with torture.
Open the door.
Go away, Becky.
I know what it's like to be mad at your parents.
I lit mine on fire.
But Let's talk about it.
We have nothing to talk about.
[rock song playing on headphones.]
[Gary Junior snarls.]
This is taking too damn long.
- We have to find that dog.
- Yeah, don't I know it? And I could really use another set of eyes.
No offense.
Wait, wait, wait.
What if we can use my vision to search the ship? - Yeah? - Give me your hand.
[breathing heavily.]
Is it working? - We have to get to the library.
- Come on.
[knock on door.]
Come on, open the door.
[knocking continues.]
[Gary Junior snarling.]
Lita! [growling.]
Get away from her, you mangy mutt! [Gary Junior screeching.]
[Gary Junior laughs.]
You idiot.
I was born from fire.
- What did you do? - [panting.]
I told it to attack me.
But at least I've got you to protect me.
John, I'm blind.
But you're not deaf.
Now what? [sighs.]
To send the demon to Hell, I need to know its true name.
Well, I'm pretty sure it's not Gary Junior.
His name is Marchosias.
Astra, you dick! [chanting.]
No! [grunts.]
All right, that should do it, Gideon.
We back online? [Gideon.]
I'm happy to report all functions are restored.
- [Agent Sharpe groans.]
Oh, my God! - Ooh.
You smell that? - What - Ugh.
- [coughs.]
- Gideon, what is that smell? Gideon, did something die in your ventilation system? No.
It's me.
I had to scour every inch of the waste disposal unit, but I found the rings.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just Just hold on.
Thanks, Gary.
Yeah, getting the rings was tough, but fair punishment for letting a Hell Hound onto the ship.
It's all right.
All is forgiven.
You were obviously mind-controlled.
- I wasn't.
- Huh? I just thought he was really cute.
- Of course you did.
- Yeah.
Well, this has been very traumatic for me, so, um, once the Time Couriers came back online, I, uh, got myself another emotional support animal.
- You what? What? - Oh, come on.
- [Sara.]
What is it? - It's a wittle wabbit.
- Oh! Babe, it's actually really cute.
- What? I've named him Gary Junior Il.
Please tell me he's not from Hell, though, because I'm gonna have to No, no, I wouldn't make that mistake again.
- Okay.
- No, I got this wittle guy from a mysterious carnie who warned me never to feed him past midnight.
Is one of those for me? No.
You're too young.
Oh, so, now you obey the law? Never.
[clears throat.]
You're my kid, my responsibility, and I only want what's best for you.
I was a little harsh before.
It's okay.
You saved my life.
It's It's no excuse.
Let me explain.
"The life of a criminal is a life of misery.
I've spent years in jail thanks to some red leather freak - so fast that I couldn't" - It's okay, it's okay.
I get it.
You just don't want me to suffer in the ways that you have.
Should I, um, stop reading? We have a common interest, and I thought we could bond over it.
But I understand why we shouldn't.
I'll, uh, take you home.
Why? I thought we were spending the weekend together.
You wanna stay? Yeah.
Today wasn't so bad Dad.
- Roller derby tomorrow? - No, absolutely not.
- The mall? - Definitely no.
I see you're making yourself comfortable.
You looking for John? No.
I am looking for you.
Why? We're not friends.
I only saved your entire team because it helped me.
And I only told Ava to let you out because it helped us.
So we're even.
We're the same.
No, girl, you released Encores onto the world just to get your own way.
So we're not even.
We'll keep using each other till it stops suiting us.
I am comfortable with that.
Well, I'm not.
I don't know, let's see if we can be more than that.
Come on, let me show you around this weirdo ship.
I'm good.
Not planning on staying long.
But you get points for trying.
So, I was thinking maybe later we could try Try blindfolding you? Stop reading my mind or it's gonna get - Awesome? - Oh.
Okay, let's just fix you up.
Come on, baby.
[Sara grunts.]
- Okay, Gideon, do your thing.
- [sighs.]
Scan complete.
I do not detect any abnormalities in Captain Lance's ocular region.
What do you mean, no abnormalities? - Gideon, she's still blind.
- [Gideon.]
I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.
[theme music playing.]

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