DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s05e12 Episode Script

Freaks and Greeks

1 Nothing.
There's gotta be some spell, some potion, something to give us the power so we can touch the Loom without turning extra crispy.
There's also the question of who's gonna use it with me.
The Loom requires three weavers who are as powerful as gods.
Well, I'm not leaving my mom's life in the hands of you idiots.
Wow, okay, well, that's one person.
What do you think, Sara? I mean, I'm already a blind, time-traveling paragon who can see the future, so might as well just add wannabe god to the list.
Speaking of which, can you use your Sara-vision to tell me if what I need is in this book? Nothing there.
You know, you could just read the book.
You know, I would do anything to save Behrad, but this is faster.
These are all the spell books in the manor you asked for.
Yes, you're a good man, Gary.
And these are for you.
Mm can you just give them to me? Thank you.
Shouldn't you be resting? Shouldn't you get out of my face? - Yep.
- You know, he's right, love.
Getting some rest wouldn't be a bad thing.
Not gonna happen.
Look, the sooner we find this magical cure-all, then the sooner we can use the Loom and get my sight back.
Uh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
This book says that Merlin used the Philosopher's Stone.
Pshh, that thing's as real as Santa.
Shh, Gary's in the room.
- What? - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
The Chalice of Dionysus.
It says here that the chalice was gifted to an Olympian, Dionysus, by his father, Zeus.
Whoever drinks from it becomes a god.
But only for a day.
Well, don't get your hopes up, all right? The Olympians fed off devotions.
Once they lost their followers, they just died off.
And their enchanted objects lost to time.
I've seen that.
I've seen that.
I've seen that in college.
Okay, your degree is finally paying off.
What class did you see it in? Oh, that was not in a class.
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug! Chug, chug, chug, chug! It's called the Chug Cup, all right? Campus legend said that whoever drank from it became invincible for a day.
And I went to a rival school, so the only way I could get a taste of it is if we, you know Hey! Who's that? Hudson sucks! Brixton rules! Whoa! Yeah! Stole it.
Do we really think that Dionysus's Chalice is with a bunch of frat boys? - Yes.
- A scan of social media confirms that a chalice matching that of Dionysus is currently in possession of the Sigma Psi Phi fraternity at Hudson University.
So we get that, I become immortal, use the Loom, and I can forget I ever knew you people.
Well then, Legends, you better get your togas dry-cleaned because we are going Greek.
- So, babe, all right, every year, - the Chug Cup is presented at the student fair, and then, apparently, fraternities and sororities compete for the right to drink in it in something called the Chug Challenge.
Definitely our best place to try to steal the chalice.
Okay, I can get around the ship, but I'm not so sure about navigating my way through a bunch of drunk college kids - Mm-hmm.
- So you got this.
- Yeah.
- Team loves you.
- Don't worry.
- Okay, I know I'm not really worried about them accepting me.
The college kids on the other hand Hi, Aunt Ava, Sara.
Lita, honey, I am so, so glad that you're still here.
I need you to help me with something.
Um, what are the, like, kids into these days? Like, I need 'em to think I'm cool.
- Mission's at Hudson U.
- Yeah.
Oh, my guidance counselor told me to apply there.
- Oh.
- Sweetie, that's amazing.
Oh, I can't afford it.
You should do it.
If you wanna do it, I can make it happen.
Yeah, I mean, it could be cool to take a tour.
We're here, right? Yeah, yeah, the mission's all good, Rory.
- You should definitely do that.
- Okay, thanks.
Um, if you want kids to think you're cool, I wouldn't wear that.
They're gonna think you look like a narc.
I'm what I Welcome to Hudson University.
You smell that? Mmm, that smells like the good, old days.
I've had it.
I can't breathe in here.
Ooh, maybe it was for the better.
What is that smell? Okay, so the Sigmas hosted the games.
We find them, we find the cup.
Great, let's fan out.
Zari, thank you.
- Nate, take up the north end.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Astra, Charlie, you guys are Let's just find this chalice so we can get this over with.
I wasn't finished, but - I'll go after her.
- Thank you.
You only wish you could be me - Pledge Theta.
Find your girl gang.
- Maybe you can tell me where I can find the Chalice of Dionysus.
Sorry, we're just really excited about the Chug Challenge.
Why are we even doing this? - We should just take it by force.
- Listen to me.
In order to use the Loom, the weavers have to be in sync.
Now, I'm not gonna let you use it unless you can prove that you can work as a team.
Let me? I left Hell 'cause I was done working for a Fate.
And that was Quincy Hall, our economics building.
Hudson has the top program in the country.
- Oh, did you hear that, Henry? - Yeah.
He's majoring in finance.
I told him you have to go to Hudson.
Well, you know that's not the only reason, Gene.
I want him to follow in Dad's footsteps.
I'm an alumnus.
You probably noticed the scarf.
I'd like to wring your neck with it.
- What was that? - I said I said it's a great building, good brick structure, fire resistant.
Oh, you really know your architecture.
- Where did you study? - Iron Heights.
Haven't heard of it.
It's a super prestigious art school.
Just go with it.
I can't believe I'm back here.
They used to call me Shotgun Nate.
I think I know why, but why? Is that true, Pops? Show us what you got.
Pops? Pop Pops.
- And I also turn to steel.
- Whoa! Okay, come on, Grandpa.
We gotta keep looking.
Sigma Psi Phi.
Sigma Psi Phi! Sigma Psi Phi! Ava, I think we found the Sigmas.
Ava, hello? Ugh.
I'm on my way.
Sigma Psi Phi! Sigma Psi Phi! Sigma Psi Phi! Sigma Psi Phi! Sigma Psi Phi! Sigma Psi Phi! - Sigma Psi Phi! - Huh! Oh, wow.
That was just like my entrance to the 2044 VMAs.
What's up, Hudson Hedonists? Welcome to the Chug Challenges pregame! - That's the chalice - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- That's Dion.
- Hm? He was the head of the Sigmas when I was in school.
The guy hasn't aged a day.
We have so much in common, like Dude, that's because your Dion is Dionysus.
This is the Greek god of wine and revelry.
God, the guy's a riot, honestly.
Now, as Chug Keeper, I get the honor of announcing our 2020 challenges! I will reveal the first round tonight at the Sigma rager! Now let the challenge begin! Look, just leave this to me, all right? Oy, Dion.
Should I say, Dionysus? It's me, Clotho.
- Clotho? - Yes.
Damn, it's really you! My God.
The Loombreaker is in the house! Dude, back before people had free will, the gods were always reigning in the party.
But look at me now! You're in college.
Yeah, I know.
I'm a lifer.
Found a place where the party doesn't stop, and I haven't left since.
Honestly, they worship me here, and they don't even know that I'm the party god.
- Hey, listen, man.
- Yeah.
I kind of wanted to ask a little favor of you.
Yeah, anything for the Loombreaker, and - sick, is this your squad? - Yeah.
Yeah, they call me Shotgun Nate.
- I went to Brixton, but - All right, enough of this.
Whoa, whoa, what Hey, whoa.
So that's why you're really here.
Wanted to give your gang a little taste of immortality? Hmm? Is that what it is? But here's the thing.
To pick this up, you gotta be Greek, and I gotta deem you worthy.
Okay, how are we supposed to do that? Ah, good question you gotta either join a sorority, a fraternity, or a frorority, and you gotta win the Chug Challenge.
This is ridiculous.
Ah, and that's what makes it fun.
See you, Clotho.
- He's still so ow.
- Just stop.
I need to focus.
I need to think of something.
- I have an idea - No.
Something that does not involve maiming.
Since the chalice belongs to Dion, we gotta follow his rules.
You guys, we're gonna win that cup.
So what you're saying is in order to use the Loom of Fate, we have to join a sorority? Finally, a mission I can get behind.
Luckily for us, the Thetas are hosting a pledge social today.
This cannot be your plan.
Look, as long as Dion's got the cup, we gotta play by his rules.
Counterpoint, you don't get anywhere playing by the rules.
Oh, really? Because I think I was about to win him over before you tried to nab the cup.
Hey, okay, so, who wants to rush Theta Lambda Ro? No, no, no, no, no.
Just stop.
Charlie, Astra, you'll pledge Theta.
Just try to remember you're on the same side, yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, sure we are.
She's exhausting.
So I'm doing track and debate, plus my dad got me this internship.
What are your extracurriculars? I was in band for a while, but I quit 'cause no one else wanted to play the Replacements.
And I have a part-time job.
I heard that helps.
Actually, to get into a place like this, you'll really wanna build out your application.
And here we are at Neuman hall.
The name might sound familiar to some families on this tour.
Oh, Henry Neuman.
This is actually my grandfather's building, which should help my chances of getting in here.
Hey, hope I didn't miss too much of the tour.
Just to be super clear, I'm not a prospective student, okay? My name's Dr.
Nate Heywood.
I got my PhD from Brixton.
Go big red! Oh, a doctor.
- Yeah.
- And Lita's dad.
- What? - What? Just go with it.
Thank you for your inquiry.
I think it's really Hi, how's it going? Hi.
I can't believe we are this close to becoming Thetas.
I don't even know you, but we could be sisters.
I'm only here as a performance.
Notice my empty teacup a commentary on the emptiness of this charade.
Oh, my God, we should start a group text.
What are your numbers? Welcome to the Theta luncheon.
Everybody, look around you.
This could be your new family.
The ones you turn to for support, sisterhood, guidance that is, as long as you make the cut.
So Bid Theta, all right? What are you doing? Come on, we've got to try and convince these people no matter what.
Now just try and fit in please.
Want me to fit in? Waiter, replace this drink.
If I wanted weak tea, I'd rush Omega.
Oh, this girl's fire.
I like that.
We're gonna start with your table.
This here is the house paddle, our most sacred object.
I'm going to ask a question, and when you're holding the paddle, it's your turn to answer, okay? Mm.
What did you do before college? So I grew up in Hell, had minions do my bidding, and rose to power till I practically ran the place.
Oh, and she's ambitious.
Now you go.
Oh, okay, well, I traveled around the world - with a bunch of friends - Oh, more like rejects.
But before that, I was actually in this really cool punk band.
Yeah, Thetas don't really do punk.
Yeah, I know her type.
You pretend like you're all about bucking the system, and then you get pissed when people don't fall in line behind you.
You think you're better than the sisters you ran away from, but the truth is, you're all the same.
That's a little bit rich, isn't it? Coming from my sister's lapdog.
No, just No! Oh, Theta no.
You know what? This whole table is exiled.
None of you are Theta material.
How'd the mission go? You immortal sorority girls yet? I need a drink.
Mm, the refreshing sound of failure.
We would be well on our way to using the Loom right now if someone hadn't blown it.
Our cover was blown because you decided to go Hell mode on us.
Oh, you think that was Hell mode? - Honey.
- Call me "honey" again.
Go on, I dare you.
Try me and you'll wish you were immortal.
- Oh, okay.
- Oh, okay, whoa, whoa, stop.
No one's killing anyone.
Ooh, Astra was definitely gonna go for it.
Zari, hide that fork.
Charlie, just chill.
Please sit down.
Just take a breath, yeah? All right, you good? Okay.
All right, we need to find another way to get the chalice.
You can't defy a god.
We have to win as a sorority, and with no sorority - We're screwed.
- Yeah.
Ladies, we're gonna start our own.
I can't tell.
Is she serious? I think so.
Becoming an official sorority by tonight? I mean, the paperwork alone would - Let's do it.
- Yes.
Why not? I really should have killed you all when I had the chance.
Go sisters! Whoo.
We'll get there.
Oh! Do you think my dad's okay? Oh, yeah, he comes and goes as he pleases.
It's really part of his charm.
Bright side is I get to show you what college is all about.
This is Greek row.
This is where the fraternities and the sororities live.
They're the most influential people on campus Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! These are the guys that have the chalice? - Mm-hmm.
- I wish I could be more impressed.
Call the bro patrol.
Looks like somebody wants to party! Is he talking to us? - Act cool, be cool.
- I know Shut up.
This is Agent Heywood to bro patrol.
Desire to party confirmed.
Whoo! How cool was that? - Do you have a man crush? - No, it's unrequited.
- You should tell him.
- Shut up.
Super stoked that you're here.
Anyone who's a friend of the Loombreaker is chill with me, so snag some bags and some brews.
Oh, and fear not.
We have energy drinks for the little ones.
It's all peers no pressures at Casa de Sigma.
Uh, I wanna say that's tight, but I got responsibilities.
Well, hey, come by anytime, and we'll party like it's 1999.
Wait, hold on, you said these are the guys - that have the chalice, right? - Uh-huh.
So why don't you go inside and get requited, and I can do some scouting and find out where they keep it? Only if your dad doesn't try to set me on fire while I'm asleep.
- Deal? - Yeah, deal.
All right, so what are we doing? League rules or two points for those overhangs? Okay, I call to order the charter meeting of Delta Chi Sigma, Sisterhood of Legends.
Let's make a sorority.
First step, we need a house.
I say we steal the Theta's place.
You disable the carbon monoxide detector, I'll go in, cut the power Or, I have a more non-fatal idea.
There's a place that's been empty since Pi Epsilon's last rager.
It was something about de-Jello-ing.
Oh, that is really foul.
Yeah, but with a little trickery I'll just open up a portal.
Instant remodel.
They'll never know the difference.
You know, I can't believe I let you talk me into this.
It's not my fault you can't resist my effortless charms.
Obviously we're gonna have to redecorate.
Well, you lot have fun.
I can't bear to watch you desecrate this place.
Oh, and watch out for these bad boys.
- They bite.
- Mm.
So do I.
Okay, so in order to be a official sororité, we need three more sisters, and if we wanna win that chalice, they gotta be good, so, Gideon, what do you got? Inez Martin was voted out of pep squad for being too enthusiastic.
Hey, how's it going? What's up? Hi.
Hey there! - Oh, uh, Inez, right? - Yes.
This is weird, but I was just wondering - if you wanted to join - Definitely.
But you didn't even know what I was Oh, it doesn't matter.
Where can I meet you? Lisa Lindhome, aspiring influencer, shunned after becoming the subject of a viral video entitled, "Girl Snarts at Party".
Wait, what is a snart? Oh, it's when you sneeze and Eh, let's not.
Let's just ease Astra back onto Earth, all right? Fair.
I hope you work well under pressure - A is for apple, B for bae - - See all these people going cray - - Don't be ashamed, the teacher's pet - Knows all of the secrets, don't forget A is for apple, B for bae - See all these people going cray - Don't be ashamed, the teacher's pet Knows all of the secrets, don't forget You better work Silvia Hines.
Created her own major in performance art.
You're the ones who tried to kill each other at the tea party.
Yeah, about that we've actually started our own sorority What is the point of partying with a bunch of brain-dead wastoids? I get it.
Seems impossible to feel any kind of power in a cruel, dying world, right? But have you considered that winning the masses over with the illusion of fun might be the perfect way to ply them to do your bidding? 'Cause I hope you work well under pressure - I'm in.
- Unfortunately, Captain, the pool of Theta rejects is slim.
Beggars can't be choosers.
I like 'em.
We chose you because we know what it's like looking for a place to belong because we, too, were there at your age.
That's why we've created that place.
And as of today, you are Deltas.
Welcome to the sisterhood.
Wait, are you blind? - Yes.
- I love it.
Deltas are so inclusive.
But don't we need a motto? We can't do anything without a motto.
Yeah, the sisters Are the glue Glue that greases the wheels of time.
But that doesn't make any sense.
It's called avant-garde.
What about, "We might not have it all together, but together, we have it all"? Okay, I need that on a T-shirt, like, now.
Okay, go Sisters! Sisters! I'm telling you, I can take it.
Dude, it's 2020.
We don't do that any Da, da, da, da, just do it.
Whoa! It's like his ass is made of steel! 'Cause it is.
Keg's here, D.
- Whoa, hey, man.
- Hey.
So glad that you found us.
I knew that you had brotential the second I saw you.
That's nice of you.
I wanted to mark the occasion.
It's my special stash.
I brew it out back.
I hope you like IPAs.
Bro, I am all about the IPAs.
- Yeah? - You mind? Heyo, hit it! - My man.
- Mmm, so good.
It's good, yeah, that brew right there, honestly, will just take you back to the glory days and make you forget all about that stupid and stressful world out there.
Honestly, it's magic, bro.
Yeah, I, um I just need to check up I feel awesome! - Ah, I knew you would.
- Thank you! Hey, I wanted to ask you something.
What? Why did you and your friends really end up here of all places? Aww, man, they're cool.
We just wanted to take your chalice so we can use the Loom of Fate.
Are you saying that the Loombreaker is a Loom faker? Bro, you're a looker and a cooker.
Right, but she puts that Loom together mm.
I mean, there goes free will.
There goes the party And that is very not tight.
Our name is Delta Chi Sigma.
We've assembled an elite team of women To save this campus from the cliques and cruelty - of the common Greek house.
- Craving bad attention And together, we will display true sisterhood.
And win the Chug Challenge.
Ready and throw.
Got nothing to prove Be my friends, we go savage And then party! No telling what could happen Me and my friends Everybody wants to know our names Everybody trying to DM But please, don't call us heroes.
Call us Deltas! And post.
All right, we are officially a part of the Chug Challenge.
Yeah, this should scare the competition, Yeah, and put us well on track to using the Loom.
Okay, I think this calls for a snack party.
Who wants nachos? It's my brother's special recipe.
Hey, I just wanted to say thank you.
I've just always been so focused on changing the world at all costs that I just push people away.
So thanks.
Oh, I mean, they're really the ones who Thank you.
Loom or no Loom, at least some things are changing.
I can still put a stiletto through your head, but your plan does seem to be working.
I still think it's the stupidest way to get what we want, but 'Sup, ladies.
Heard there was a new sorority on the block, had to come and hit y'all with that Big-D welcome.
What? You guys tricked out this place.
Ho! Gargoyles in sunglasses? Sick! So sick! - Nate, what the hell are you - No.
It's Shotgun Nate! You guys have got to come to Dion's.
I mean, it makes me wonder why I ever left college.
Dionysus has the power to put people in a constant state of ecstasy.
Nate's under his spell.
You mean Shotgun Nate.
Yeah, we're gonna go train for your dumb challenge, so go bother some other house.
Oh, right, ugh.
I'm not here just to meet the new neighbors.
I also wanted to tell you that you're disqualified from the Chug Challenges.
There's no way you're getting that chalice.
The hell are you on about? Well, Shotgun told me why you're really here.
And the thing is, I just can't have you using that Loom.
Thing's a total buzzkill.
We did everything you said, played by every stupid rule.
You can't just change them on us now.
Well, yeah, I can.
I mean, who says that you have to play fair? I'm a god! I just gotta keep it whimsical, bro! Let's roll! Whimsy, whimsy! - Who was at the door? - Ugh! Oh, what's wrong? We're not getting the chalice, that's what.
Dion's refusing to let us participate in the challenges.
He somehow got to Nate, figured out what we're doing.
Of course he did.
It's okay.
We will figure this out.
I am done trying to figure this out with you people.
I should've done this my way from the start, so I'm taking that chalice by force.
Look, even if you tried, that won't work.
You can't defy a god.
And there is no way you're using the Loom on your own.
Being a grown up sounds weird.
If I can't get Dion's cup, I can at least make him suffer him and all his bros, including your hyp-bro-tized friend, Nate.
Hold on a minute.
You can't do that.
We're a sisterhood, remember? You can stop feeding me that line right now.
You pretend we're sisters, but all you do is expect me to change.
I'm only your sister if I become more like you.
Astra, calm down.
It's not You never listen to my ideas, and I see how you all look at me.
I might be new to this, but that is not sisterhood, and I am done trying to fit in.
Hey, got your text.
Where were you? Trying to get you into this place.
- What do you think? - What? Dad, how'd you do this? Went back in time, donated.
You're as good as in.
Thank you, but I didn't really need a building.
Just needed you here.
Well, I thought you were embarrassed to be with me.
I don't belong with these people.
I didn't wanna ruin your chances.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't about you.
I was just ashamed of me.
What are you talking about? Don't be stupid.
You're great.
Yeah, but I don't belong with them either.
I mean, the only reason that I survived high school was because I was imagining that one day I would get out and find my people.
They're never gonna take me as one of them.
I don't really wanna be.
You don't have to impress these idiots, these leeches.
You're twice the person they'll ever be.
Yeah, but so are you.
I mean, you fought a demon dog.
And these people think that they're better than us because they have whales on their shorts? What do you say we find a way to piss off some rich kids? I like the sound of that.
Ready, set, go, move Ready, set, go, move - Ready, set - Yeah Go, move - Ready, set - Hey - Give me that.
- Pull up with the drip But let's see y'all can fit Captain of the ship, lil mama Wait, Astra, no, no, no, you don't have to do this.
I am done listening to you.
Fine, then don't listen to me.
Listen to yourself.
Come on, you know this isn't right.
Yeah, that's the thing.
I don't know that.
Where I'm from, I had to fight to survive.
This is all I know.
This is what life has made me.
I am not gonna change.
Hey, no, we don't want you to give up who you are.
Look, when I joined the Legends, I was a punk, all right? And there wasn't a rule that I couldn't break.
And guess what? I still am.
I just don't need to hurt people to survive anymore because I have them.
Fine, so I don't burn down a house, but what if I never wanna dress as a moose or sit through one of your interminable team meetings? Then we still got a place for you.
Did you come to party down? No, we've come to get the chalice and you.
Come on, Nate, you can't stay here.
Sure I can.
Dion says as long as he has followers, he has the power to run this place and grant people that cup.
Thought that'd be useful information for you.
Can't really remember why.
Either way, I'm very important here, so excuse me.
Shotgun Nate! Shotgun Nate! Wait The Olympians feed off devotion, right? So that means that Dion only has his followers for as long as they worship him as the party god, so if we take away all these followers from him, that's it.
The chalice is released from his grasp.
Okay, but the party isn't slowing down.
No, but there is one way to get college kids to leave a party.
Oh, wait, no, no, no, please don't say And that is to throw an even bigger party, which means What is wrong with you people? Come on.
The Deltas have got to out-party Dionysus.
I am still in Hell, aren't I? Come on.
I can't believe it! Delta's very first house party.
You know, I'm actually excited.
I get it now.
Parties aren't just about getting drunk.
They're about building community.
This is so much better than just some frat party.
Yeah, it would be if anyone were here to see it.
So where is everybody? You know what? I think I know.
I don't know why we thought we could out-party Dion.
You know what? Let's not give up yet.
- Why not? - We have drinks, games, music.
We did everything we were supposed to, and no one came.
That's right.
We did everything that we were supposed to.
But maybe we should ask ourselves what would Astra do? If you really wanna win, it is not enough to be good at your own game.
You also have to take out the competition, so I am talking sabotage.
All right, what's the plan? First, we take Dion out of play.
Now, I scoped out his place when I was gonna burn it down, and I have an idea.
Hustle a lot I'm all I got, I'm all I got Busted the ops, busted the ops Ooh, 'sup, Charlie.
Snitches get stitches Money get I'm getting millions - Big-D! - Yeah.
Now that I got my team out of your hair, how 'bout we get a fresh keg and celebrate? I like how you think, Shotgun.
Once he's out, we mess with his party.
Anything we can do to kill the vibe.
Hacking into Dion's accounts, and Bye-bye, party playlist.
Hey, who cut the music? What the hell is this? Then we take out his booze.
And this is where all the magic happens.
So, uh, are these all lagers? - Whoa.
- I'm sorry, bro.
No hard feelings, yeah? Dad, now! Now the keg is tapped.
So final phase hijack the party.
Hey, guys, I heard there's a rager at Delta Chi Sigma.
So what we waiting for? Let's go party.
Hands in the air Move it all around, shake your derriere Gotta say it, you Legends do know how to party.
Rory, are you able to lift the chalice yet? It's still not giving.
That doesn't make sense.
All of his followers are here.
Cool little trick you pulled back there.
Gotta appreciate a good stunt.
Still, I heard there was a party that I wasn't invited to, and that hurts.
We're getting that chalice, Dion.
Well, as long as I have my followers, my Chug Cup isn't going anywhere, and bros are bros for life.
Bros are bros for life! Bros are bros for life! Bros are bros for life! - Bros are bros for life! - Hey! Your reign on this campus is over.
I challenge you to beer pong.
You do know I'm undefeated in all my years on campus, right? Yeah, but it might be pretty hard to hold on to all your followers once they watch me demolish you.
So come on, D-Bag.
What do you say? Winner takes all, Dartmouth rules.
Well, you know I can't say no to a challenge.
Hmm, stupid whimsy.
You're on.
But if I win, Delta house gets shut down.
No sorority and no Chug Cup.
You sure about this, babe? 'Cause, you know, you can't see.
Oh, I've played some beer pong in my life, and plus superpowers, remember? The game is beer pong.
Now, sink a ball into a cup and the other player drinks it, and to make it even more fun, body saves are fair game.
So remember, everybody, the first player to clear the other's cups takes it all.
Now, opponents, please shake hands.
May the best player win.
And pong! Chug! Kay.
Chug, chug, chug! Oh! - Yes! - Whoo! This point wins it.
All right, let's do this.
Whoo! - Whoa.
- Oh! I'm sorry, dude.
Our winner! We gotta give it to her.
Wait, wait, wait, what happened to bros for life? I Come on, I know you wanna say it.
- Aw.
- I will not.
- Aw.
- Then I will.
Go Sisters! Whoo! Huh? Got your cup.
- Yay! - Yeah! Best father-daughter weekend ever.
I can't believe that actually worked.
Yeah, you'll get used to it.
We couldn't have done it without the three of you.
Yeah, thanks for sticking with us even when we were right gits.
It's been real, ladies.
I'm sorry this chapter of Delta Chi Sigma has to come to an end.
Oh, it's not over.
We're gonna keep Delta house going.
What? After the party, I applied for a house on Greek row.
Fitting in is hard enough so many people telling you what to do and what to wear.
Now there's a space for people to figure it out for themselves thanks to you guys.
I get it.
You're welcome.
All right, ladies - Oy.
- What? One for the road? Deltas! - Bye, sisters.
- Aww.
- Bye! - Gonna miss you! - Just say no to drugs, kids.
- Don't do it.
- Youth.
- It's not worth it.
I need a nap.
You guys earned the good stuff.
You won the chalice, and with it, immortality for a day.
All right, guess it's time to chug.
To Behrad, and to your mum.
Well, it's actually quite a lot of responsibility, really.
And that is a lot of wine.
Why don't we all just drink from it? I mean, who said there only has to be three fates, right? Yeah, we could all use the Loom together.
Yeah, you're not alone in this, love.
Yeah, immortality sounds pretty epic.
Let's drink.
- Let's all do it then.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm not gonna drink super haram but I trust all of you to bring my baby brother back.
Here goes nothing.
That's it.
Well, not exactly, bro.
Oh, wow, you are all glowing.
Oh, must be the moisturizer you recommended.
Like, my skin feels tighter.
Mm-mm, literally you're literally glowing.
Guys, we did it.
Whoo, whoo! Come on, let's go and use that Loom! And remember, no looming anything that'll ruin my party.
Not that you would, Clotho.
I can tell you're still chill.
That's right.
Later days, Shotgun.
Later days, Dion! You guys got some trippy art here.
This cane was yelling at me.
Yeah, I'll take that nice one, love.
Sounds like someone's had too much to drink.
Let's get you outta here.
Hello, traitor.
Just the woman I wanted to see.
Don't bother trying to win me back.
I don't need you anymore.
When you asked for my help killing John Constantine, I warned you you would be in my debt.
Well, honey, I'm calling in the favor.

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