DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s06e01 Episode Script

Ground Control to Sara Lance

1 [Mick.]
Previously on Legends of Tomorrow [Agent Sharpe.]
Come with us.
The choice is yours.
What's next for you, love? I guess I'll give life above ground a fair shot.
I think this is the end of the line for me.
Get in here.
[all exclaiming.]
[Big Ben tolling.]
[can crunching.]
[distant chatter.]
[whistling stops.]
Huh? [grunts.]
Can't handle their liquor.
[toilet flushes.]
- Is that the ocean? - No.
And you look like garbage.
I feel like garbage.
Why don't you, huh? Where the hell were you last night? Dropped Lita at her mom's.
Well, aren't you just a good dad, huh? Ow.
Hey, how come nobody tucked me into bed, huh? - You're asking me? - Yeah.
- Where's Sara? - I don't know.
What do you Gideon, where is Sara? [Gideon.]
Sara Lance is not on board the Waverider.
- Sara's missing? - Everyone's missing.
Gideon, who is on board? [Gideon.]
Ava Sharpe, Mick Rory, and several punks.
[Agent Sharpe groans.]
Where could they be? Skyemont.
- Why do you say that? - I saw your hand.
Mick, you're a genius.
Maybe it's from Sara.
Let's go.
Oh, God.
No, no! [theme music playing.]
London, 1977.
The tangled knot of grime, the stodgy monarchy.
This collision of punk rock and aristocracy slamming into each other like two doomed worlds.
This [Zari.]
This is a lot at 7:00 a.
, John.
- I'm glad you're in a good mood.
- Why shouldn't I be? You see, my soul finally belongs to me, Astra is redeemed, and [grunts.]
I get to wake up next to you, you lovely creature.
How are you feeling? A no-strings-attached hookup every now and then is good for the soul, even if it's with a guy whose only coat smells like booze and cigarettes.
[door opens.]
Oh, sorry, guys.
You missed the party.
Wait, are you two - Yeah.
- [Agent Sharpe.]
I'm not judging.
Just It's none of my business.
I'm fine.
- It's an involuntary reaction.
- Burn the room.
At least we know how to use protection, Pops.
- You know where Sara is? - We seem to have lost track of her.
- [sighs.]
- Oh! Someone did hand me this.
This anything? I call.
Full house, fellas.
That's three in a row.
She's a shady card sharp.
Oh, no, just lucky.
What about now? [weapon powering up.]
Still lucky.
And now, also richer.
I just love toying with these poor mortals.
You are one of these "poor mortals," now.
Remember that next time you come across one with a gun? Astra, have you seen Sara? Uh, not recently.
Maybe ask Behrad? Where is my brother? I can't believe how much we have in common.
It's like we're riding the same cosmic vibe.
We just click.
It's like we were destined to connect in this moment.
- Wrap it up, Behrad.
- We'll pick this up later.
[in British accent.]
- Hey, have you seen Sara? - No.
- Ugh.
- [Behrad.]
Maybe with Nate? He was headed to the club.
Back? Why? He met Starman at the after-after.
Said he had to prep for his show there.
- What the hell's a Starman? - "Major T?" "Ziggy Stardust?" Bowie.
He's talking about David Bowie.
See, my girlfriend's from another time.
- What, the future? - No.
Technically, yes, but from the future with a different timeline.
Now, she lives in a totem and I'm forced to be at peace with it.
What's her name? Zari.
Her name is Zari.
And I'm afraid I'm never gonna see her again.
Hey, Zari.
Guys, this is David Bowie.
Okay, we're looking for Sara.
Is she here? Last time I saw her was at the concert.
I figured she's with you.
She had an air of doom I ain't tripping on mushrooms The girl disappeared from this place Did he say "disappeared?" Sara disappeared.
- He's singing about Sara? - Deh-deh-deh.
Do not interrupt David's process.
He's trying to cheer me up by singing a song about Zari 1.
0, not you.
Still weird.
She was a blonde-haired punk In a blue light funk I'll always remember her face Blonde hair.
That doesn't remind you of Sara? Space girl Bowie, cut that crap out.
Listen, is that song you're singing about Nate's sad love life? - No.
- Are you singing about Sara Lance? Is that her name? Your friend who got sucked up into a spaceship? Sucked into a spaceship? Isn't it wild? So, you saw this with your own beautiful, asymmetrical eyes? I was filming that night on my Super 8.
See for yourself.
Okay, the film is developed.
Let's see what Bowie saw.
[punk music playing.]
You lads are out of this world.
David freaking Bowie? You're a Smell fan? - [Bowie.]
They're something else.
- [Sara.]
I gotta let you in on a secret, all right, David freaking Bowie? Tonight, I am going to propose to my girlfriend! [exclaims.]
Holy Wish me luck.
She's a space girl.
- Ava.
- Okay.
Um Sara's been abducted.
So Sara's has been abducted.
Uh I'll be right back.
So, she's a mess.
Let's just give her some space.
In the meantime, what do we know about aliens? - Literally nothing.
- They're green.
Listen, you fools.
Sara's missing 'cause you guys were partying last night.
We have to find her.
We're running out of time.
[gas hissing.]
[ice crackling.]
[breathing heavily.]
[Agent Sharpe.]
Time to get organized.
- [Nate.]
Ava, you're back.
- Mmm-hmm.
[Agent Sharpe.]
Here you go.
- Girl, are you okay? - What? I'm fine.
Why? We thought that With Sara being lost, you may wanna sit this one out.
Not lost, she is pre-found.
There's a solution to all problems, including this.
- Wow.
- You are all the best of the best.
If we handle this logically, rationally, - we'll get Sara back.
- [Constantine.]
This is a waste of time.
- I've got a better idea.
- Oh? Ever since I rescued her from Purgatory, Sara and I have a psychic connection.
It'll locate her, and everything I need is at the mansion.
Damn it! That's insubordinate.
But I won't try to stop you.
He's most effective not left to his own devices.
- I can just - Thank you, Z.
- We'll fix this.
- Mmm-hmm.
Astra, would you mind keeping them on mission? - I'm not really on the team, so - We're accepting outside help.
I need to calm down and do some research.
Right now? - Sara needs us.
- I'm freaking out.
[Agent Sharpe.]
Come on, B.
Ah, Mick, perfect timing.
Check on any leads you may have in the underworld? This whole thing's not gonna work.
Nothing works without Sara.
So, you're just gonna drink? Real mature, Rory.
You got this figured out.
What do we do? Call the experts, the DEO.
- Good idea-ish.
- What? Will it get weird with you and Alex Danvers 'cause she and Sara had a fling? Swing a dead cat.
Sara never liked to be alone.
[metal creaking.]
Are you okay? Whoa.
Who are you? I'm Spartacus, the undefeatable.
Oh, yeah, that "undefeatable" part didn't quite stick.
Uh Wait.
Hey, get back here! [Constantine chanting.]
[breathing heavily.]
Sorry, did you find Sara? No.
Care to wet your whistle? I'm confused.
What did you learn? That Sara Lance is far beyond my reach.
You told Ava you could reach her.
I over-promised.
You can't give up on Sara.
There's gotta be something you can do.
- Come on.
Anything? - Look, aliens took her, all right, to space.
This is really not my area of expertise.
If it was a ghost, a demon, or even a handle of whiskey, I could help you out with that, but I'm sorry.
I'm an astrologer and you need an astronomer.
What an ass.
Yeah, he does have that going for him.
Look, he's right.
This is out of his league.
Out of all our leagues.
I disagree.
Astra, let's talk about your network.
"My network?" I've been on Earth for five minutes.
[telephone ringing.]
[Agent Sharpe.]
Gideon, why isn't the DEO answering? [Gideon.]
The Department of Extra Normal Operations was destroyed in the infamous year 2020 by Rama Khan.
Nate, this is a huge setback.
We needed the DEO.
- Aliens is their jurisdiction.
- Yeah.
- [sighs.]
- [Gideon.]
Captain Sharpe, we are dealing with a temporal anomaly.
According to the original timeline, there was no alien spacecraft over London in 1977.
Meaning this is our jurisdiction.
- Huh? - We're the experts.
We're the experts? Damn right, we are.
You, me, the Legends, we're the only ones capable of handling time-traveling aliens.
If I trusted the team, I wouldn't have made an entire binder to get rid of them, okay? The DEO was plan A.
Ava, you are now in charge of the Legends, so, welcome to plan B.
Breathe it in with me.
- No.
- Come.
[both inhaling.]
Plan B smells like pot.
I got something.
You are a walking contact high.
You're welcome.
Gideon, put this up.
- [Nate.]
Cute kid.
- That's a tabloid.
Tabloids help me not think about how we live in a technological terror, hurtling through a green nightmare.
So, this girl, Esperanza Cruz, says that she was abducted by aliens, and from then on, she could communicate with them.
- They implanted something in her head.
- B! This is a tabloid.
From 20 years ago? - It's probably fabricated.
I need leads.
- She's real, man.
Gideon located her.
I mean little kid with alien tech in her head.
- Not a bad lead.
- Okay, sure.
It's all we've got.
Rory's probably getting boozed up.
Why don't you take Mickey and go investigate this Esperanza - What's her last name? - Cruz.
Are we sure bringing Mick to talk to a kid is best practices? No.
You're going to see her present day.
We are trying not to mess with the timeline.
The timeline.
Aye, aye.
You're excused.
Ugh! What is it? I was confined to one of these glass prisons.
You were as well.
Means there are also others inside.
You just figured that out now? I did.
I was the commander of an army of 120,000 slaves, gladiators and peasants against the Roman Republic.
- Yeah, I've heard.
- Mmm.
We'll liberate our fellow prisoners, rebel against our captors We don't know who's in there! Rise, compatriot.
I'm your savior.
I am Spartacus.
What pray tell are you, a Saxon? No.
That's definitely an alien.
- [grunts.]
- [shrieks.]
A little help here! - [Sara grunting.]
- [shrieks.]
The thrill of the battle reminds me of being back in the Colosseum.
You just stand there in the Colosseum, too? I was letting it tire itself out.
If it had slain you, I'd have been rested and avenged your death.
Being an avenger is stupid.
The goal is to prevent death.
I am a Preventer.
You want to join the Preventers, Sparty? Yes.
Good choice.
Now, stop opening pods.
We're gonna go find who's flying the ship, and we'll prevent them from breathing.
I'm telling you, Sara ain't here.
It's a waste of our time.
We're gonna find Sara.
The fact that we found this person is a sign.
When the universe shows you a sign, you should believe it.
Is that right? The universe exists for one reason to kill you.
Hello, Miss Cruz.
Ma'am? Must not be home.
Let's not tell Miss Cruz we broke in.
[both speaking alien language.]
When they split up, we'll take them out one by one.
We have the element of surprise.
Tackle the savages, slay them in one fell swoop.
We've no idea what they're capable of.
I was an Assassin.
Rule number one, isolate your targets.
We don't fight from the shadows.
I commanded an undefeated army of 120,000 warriors.
I assure you, they are all dead.
I must avenge them.
No avenging.
No more avenging, it's preventing! Prepare to die, savages! [groans.]
[alien shrieks.]
[both speaking alien language.]
I am very sorry, David, you're under pressure.
Look, maybe I can help you [mutters.]
Oh! Whoa! - Why would you do that? - [Zari.]
Astra has a lead.
All right, she has a lead.
Go ahead.
I heard about this guy who was once in Hell, raved about aliens.
- His name was Aleister Crowley.
- Aleister bloody Crowley.
Come off it.
He's a kook.
That's the conventional wisdom.
He'd this tome of secrets called the Book of the Law.
In it, Crowley detailed these alien encounters and spells that these aliens taught him, but he disappeared from Hell.
Maybe he used these alien spells to escape.
Crowley didn't escape, all right? I summoned him, and then I trapped him on Earth.
You trapped Sorry, isn't that a felony? No.
But like most things I do, it probably should be.
What did you do with the book, John? Okay.
Seeing as we don't have any other ideas, I kept it safe right over Gary! What did I tell you about nicking my things, eh? [speaking alien language.]
[chittering excitedly.]
[speaking alien language.]
- [weapon swishing.]
- [shrieks.]
Why did you kidnap me? [Constantine.]
Gary! Gary! Bloody hell, Gary'd be reading Crowley, I had no idea.
There it is.
Find it? - What the hell is that? - Ew.
[speaking alien language.]
Help me understand you, or this is gonna end quick.
Hey! Hands where I can see them! [speaking alien language.]
Gary? Please don't be mad.
If she can talk to aliens, why would she live in a redneck dump? You're right, but isn't it worth making sure? Besides, Ava really needs a win.
I don't need a win, we all need a win.
This isn't about me.
Don't give me that look.
- What look? - You know what look.
"Feel better not bottling up emotions?" I'm not bottling them up.
- I don't wanna talk about them.
- Okay.
- I'm just gonna say one thing.
- Nate.
You have not mentioned Sara's proposal once.
I am setting aside my feelings to focus on the goal of getting Sara back.
You should, too.
I wonder what's in there.
Let me guess, more dumb redneck stuff.
She's not such a dumb redneck after all.
[weapon fires.]
Guess not.
[Agent Sharpe on comms.]
Behrad and Mick, answer me.
Two more abductions.
Why we don't talk about emotions during the mission.
Gideon's scanning for heat signatures.
It'll be okay.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Three Legends are missing.
Far from okay.
They just got further, love.
We found something in Gary's room.
A human-sized chrysalis.
We don't understand.
Gary is an alien.
An alien? Oh, my God.
Okay, I don't buy it.
We also found these.
Gary's glasses.
Oh, allow me to demonstrate.
And brace yourselves.
Gary abducted Sara.
I was sent to Earth to kidnap the quintessential human.
Spartacus? Oh, no, no, no.
Spartacus was just my boss' lunch.
But don't worry, I don't eat humans anymore.
I couldn't go through with your abduction 'cause I fell in love with you, with Ava, with all humans.
That's funny, because I still feel very abducted, Gary.
My boss, Kayla, found us.
But I'm loyal.
That's why I saved you.
- You saved me? - Yeah.
I rigged the pod to open with your handprint.
Gary, where are we going? No clue.
Kayla doesn't trust me anymore.
- I don't blame her.
- You and I are also not okay.
You have any idea how wrecked Ava must feel right now? I'm sure she's pretending to keep it together for everyone else, but inside, she must be dying.
Stop! It's torture to even think about what Ava is going through.
Do me in.
I deserve it.
I've destroyed the very thing I most stanned.
Knock it off.
You'll help me get home.
Tell me everything that you know about this ship.
Well when you first met you butt heads Any fool can tell you were meant for each other This spaceship, Gary.
Oh! [yawns.]
What the Hey! Ava, Nate.
Are you guys okay? [Behrad.]
Yeah, it is very far from chill in here.
2100 hours.
Trespassers have regained consciousness.
They were armed with fancy weapons.
Not sure why.
Only one way to find out.
Told you the universe was trying to kill us.
- What was that, old timer? - I wasn't talking to you, Miss Crazy.
- I don't like being called that.
- He didn't mean that.
I go by "Spooner," now.
Okay, Spooner.
Ma'am, this is all just a misunderstanding.
The alien communicator in your head, use it to find our friend.
Y'all's plan was not only to break onto my property, but to kidnap me? - We were going to ask.
We still are.
- What? Shh.
- Will you come with us? - Come with you? But you ain't going.
She's getting real friendly with her knife.
Who were you talking to? He's a schizophrenic.
Talks to himself.
It's true.
It's a nervous tic, actually.
Hey, wait.
Hey, wait.
Hey, hey! [screaming.]
No! Behrad? What's happening? [continues screaming.]
The universe ripped his comms out.
Captain, I've pinpointed their location.
Thank God.
I'm not losing any more Legends today.
Gideon, take the ship to that location.
A ship? [echoing.]
Nate, you're with me.
Hang on.
Why is my voice echoing? She hacked my comms.
She can hear everything.
That thing against the Waverider? Touché, Spooner.
Please, stop shooting my ship! Don't come any closer! I won't let you all abduct me again! Whoa.
Hold on, hold on.
That's what you think? That we're aliens? - What the hell else could you be? - No, no.
We're time travelers.
- Time travelers? - Yes.
That's our time ship.
Also a spaceship, but that's beside the point.
I'm sorry that we trespassed, okay? It was wrong, but we're desperate.
Listen, the woman I love was abducted by aliens last night, and I just found out that she's gonna propose to me.
[voice breaking.]
I will do anything if you can find her.
Will you please help me? Exactly what an alien would say.
Now can I burn this place down? Can we go over the plan once more? Still feels slightly suicidal.
We don't have enough fuel to turn around and go home.
- We commandeer the ship.
- From Kayla, my vicious, violent and very vindictive boss.
Open a wormhole to Earth's temporal zone.
An unstable rip in spacetime.
Then, we fly the ship through it.
On whatever fumes remain after we burn everything opening the wormhole.
We better get moving.
First, you gotta go get rid of your boss.
Here goes nothing.
Gary your glasses.
Oops! [speaking alien language.]
[both speaking alien language.]
All right, guess we do it this way.
Okay, wormhole time.
- [grunts.]
- [shrieks.]
[gas hissing.]
Morning, sunshine.
Tables have turned, but I ain't going down without a fight.
- Whoa.
We're not gonna hurt you.
- Look.
Where the hell am I? Like Ava said before, we're time travelers.
- This is our time ship.
- [Spooner.]
Admit it.
- You're being nice to find your friend.
- A hundred percent, yes.
Even if I wanted to help you, I can't.
Why not? This thing in my head, it's an antenna.
If I send a signal, the aliens could find me.
Look, we have the technology to remove whatever's in your head if you help us find Sara.
- How's my signal gonna locate her? - It doesn't have to.
Our friend'll direct it to the aliens that she's with.
You think we're weird, wait till you meet John.
So, I send out my signal and connect to this alien guy.
His name is Gary.
- He's an alien named Gary? - Gary Green.
Green, yeah, now it makes sense.
You make the connection, I'll step into that Sigil then astral project myself to Gary's location.
Then I'll look for Sara.
How do I connect to this, Gary, alien who I've never met? You'll drink a potion of sorts.
One delicious smoothie.
Good luck.
Crowley's spell needs you to ingest something of Gary's.
- The chrysalis is all we've got.
- Seriously? She's not going The sooner this is over, sooner it's outta my head.
But I hope it works.
Salud! [all exclaiming.]
She did it.
Kinda tangy.
All right, ready? After my abduction, I wear tin foil hats.
It blocks any alien signals.
Right, on with the show.
I can feel him.
I found the alien.
Dweebier than I thought.
Bloody Crowley was right.
I can sense him.
He's worried and wants to come down to Earth.
He's trying to help Sara.
I just need to step into the Sigil and find her.
[Constantine groans.]
- Are you okay? - Spooner's connection is unstable.
Giving it everything to maintain it.
- I'll do it.
- Are you crazy? You'll kill yourself.
Look what's happened.
It's plan B, Nate.
Embrace it.
[wheezing weakly.]
[Agent Sharpe.]
Sara? [Sara.]
How are you Are you here? Hey, stay with me.
Look at me.
Yes, what? When you get home, I'll marry you.
So, you better get home, okay? I love you.
He's killing himself.
We have to stop him.
John? [groans.]
Round two.
Wormhole's open, Sara! [shrieks.]
No! [straining.]
[groans softly.]
Once again, I wake to Zari Tarazi.
Oh, you're up? I almost died but you saved me.
Yeah, I couldn't let you die right after getting your soul back, so Gidget said you'd dehydrated.
I made you a green smoothie to help you recover sans alien cocoon.
It's very tasty.
Hey, let me know when you have your strength back.
It's a fling.
You know, I can tell when someone's bluffing, right? Looks like Crowley wasn't.
Yeah, even if alien magic is real, Crowley is a slippery fish.
He's not to be trusted.
Whatever you say, roomie.
That was a short residence on the Waverider, eh? Yeah.
I can't keep getting roped into Legends missions.
I'm not as enamored of the timeline as everyone else.
It's like you said, I'm mortal now.
I want to see what it's like to be normal.
Maybe I can love this world like the rest of you.
You've come a long way, you little Hellspawn.
And come on, John, "just a fling?" She's got you on a juice cleanse.
Sure you won't stick around? You've got a pretty chill vibe beneath your gun-toting-outcast vibe.
Look, we contacted your friend, and I'm sorry she's not back yet.
But I want this removed, so I can live a normal life.
I get that.
You want to keep it zen in the brain stem.
Gideon will fix you up.
What do you see, Gideon? - [Gideon.]
Nothing out of the ordinary.
- Really? Look closer? [Gideon.]
If I removed and dissected her brain, we might find something the scan did not detect.
- May I proceed? - What's going on out there? No.
Don't kill her, Gideon.
I can hear it.
- I wasn't gonna let her.
- You can't hear it, can you? [chittering.]
They're all around us.
Never seen anything like this in the temporal zone.
Aliens, lots of them.
They're falling into the timeline.
[clicking and chittering.]
Why are you smiling? We gotta clean this mess up.
I know.
The only person who could create this much mayhem is Sara, which means she's alive.
If the universe shows you a sign, you should believe it.
[grunts triumphantly.]
Engaged? I'm so happy, I could cry.
If we don't get through the wormhole, we are stuck.
I'm going as fast as I can.
I'm sorry, I'm not as good a pilot as my fiancée.
Wait, you and that other alien are engaged? Her name's Kayla.
The wedding's off.
Did I mention that? Talk about this later.
Get us through that wormhole.
We're gonna make it! [Sara grunts.]
We didn't make it.
[Bowie singing.]
Space girl, floating away Space girl, gravity betrayed her Space girl, a punk rock treasure Space girl, goodbye forever
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