DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s06e12 Episode Script

Bored on Board Onboard

1 Come on, Cap, can't we just roll one more? - No! - No! Sorry.
We'll have a rematch at our next date night.
I don't know about all of y'all, but I'm done with space.
Get these shoes on solid ground.
Agreed, but not in those shoes.
We need to talk about your footwear.
Try to put a heel on me and I'll show you where to stick it.
Oh, I'm with Miss Cruz on this one.
I think it's about time that we all return to where we belong.
- Don't you think? - Right.
Okay, message received.
You are correct.
It is time for us to swap back.
- It's not forever.
- I know.
- We got this.
- Yeah.
Okay, fancy Z, time to come out.
Oh, B, I [sighs.]
- John, I missed your face so much.
- I missed you so much.
- Wait, are we in actual space? - [Nate.]
- Uh Do I wanna know why? - Desperate times.
The world was at stake.
All that malarkey.
Let me explain it to you over a nice cuppa cha, maybe a foot massage, yeah? Talk later, Z.
Boos before bros.
- Unless your other bro is a time bro.
- Time bro.
Hey, babe, something's wrong.
I can't set jump coordinates.
Can you [Gideon.]
I'm afraid my jump drive was damaged when Mr.
Constantine magicked us across the universe.
Well, I guess we're going to have to take the long way.
Calculating the most efficient route.
Taking into consideration the Waverider's fuel and energy reserves, we should arrive safely in three weeks, two days and 21 hours.
Stuck on the ship for three weeks? [Mick.]
I'll be in my room.
When we land on Earth, wake me up.
These damn eggs are making my head itchy.
I'll bring you some cocoa butter for that.
And I have a great way to pass the time.
It's this super fun role-playing game.
It's called Beast/Slayers.
A Gothic mystery adventure awaits.
Well, we have a wedding we have to plan.
Yeah, we've so much to plan.
We just We're very busy.
I'll just set it up in case you guys change your mind.
[theme music playing.]
[Agent Sharpe.]
I have everything organized by category.
This is This is thorough.
We've got group A, those who need to come, obviously.
Group B, those who we would love to come, but if they can't, it's okay.
And Come on.
Group C are the people that we should definitely send an invitation to and pray that they RSVP "no.
" What about Group D? Yeah, well, those are the people who it might be better that they don't know we're getting married until it's too late.
Why is Barry Allen on this list? I love Barry.
I know you do, babe, but you know that if Barry and Iris show up, there is a 100% chance that our special day will be blown up by a super-villain, so, - Group D.
- Okay.
- [monitor trilling.]
- Hold on a second.
Gideon, why is our trip getting longer? [Gideon.]
I've recalculated the duration based on our current level of power consumption.
Power consumption? [grunting on video game.]
No, you will not survive this.
Oh, I'll survive.
- Deadly combo coming at you.
- No.
Ha! [Nate.]
Wait, wait.
No, no, I'm not out.
I'm not out.
I'm not Hey! Sorry, kiddos.
We gotta conserve power or we're never gonna get home.
So no screen time? Afraid so.
I got you, Captain.
No power, no problem.
Right, who's next? Gideon, I would like a prime rib, medium rare, with shoestring fries and béarnaise and Ah, ah, ah.
Gideon, scrap that order.
Sorry, you can't use the food fabricator anymore.
How are we supposed to feed ourselves? I don't know.
Oh, look.
Cook it the old-fashioned way.
How does that robe fit you, love? - [Zari.]
Actually, it's a little bit big.
- Oh, right.
- [chanting.]
- [Zari.]
Wow, it's perfect now.
You all right, man? Aces all round, squire.
Aces all round.
I feel magnificent.
How do you feel, good? Oh [shudders.]
- [Zari.]
- Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
- Oh, hello, Brother.
John is taking me on a spa date.
Ah, on the ship? Oh, ye of little faith.
You see, I've finally got my magic back and no occasion to use it save for doting on that delightful deity.
Relaxation awaits.
Deep breaths as you fire up that back leg.
Steel is not flexible.
Inhale, extend.
Exhale, goddess pose.
Oh, I missed this.
I'll take the positivity into my energy sphere with gratitude.
Room for an English one? - We're kind of in the middle of a - Of course.
Prepare yourself for total relaxation.
[inhales sharply.]
The atmosphere could do with a bit of upgrade, though, couldn't it? [chanting.]
Now that is how you set the mood.
Whew! What, did you raise it 20 degrees in here? I'm beginning to schvitz.
- [exhales.]
- Guess we're doing hot yoga.
But in the interest of preserving the sanctity of this practice, I ask that you keep your pants on.
Well, in the interest of achieving a higher state of consciousness, I must bare myself to the elements.
Come on, B, you know how he is.
Sure, but I'd rather not know all of him right now, okay? I thought that you, of all people, would, you know, go with the flow.
The flow was my flow till you came and hijacked it.
Hijacked it? Improved it, you mean.
Do you know what? This is bollocks.
Well, I'm gonna go practice somewhere more welcoming.
- Cheers.
- [Zari.]
[speaking in Arabic.]
- Don't Mom voice me, Zari.
- Guys, guys, just take a breath.
[inhales slowly.]
You're right.
This is a safe space.
- John, you can stay.
- No, no.
No, the mood's all wrong now, mate.
John? Well, if that is the issue then why did you put your fake actor parents in Group A? Whoa, whoa, I have very fond memories of them that feel real and I Well, Black Siren is my sister Laurel from another [Constantine.]
a prick in a dartboard, all right? I know when I'm not wanted, and I'm not going to outstay my welcome.
John, don't be so dramatic.
Go back there and make amends.
- He didn't mean what he said.
- [Sara.]
Whoa, hold on.
What is the drama? [sighs.]
Tensions are very high.
People are feeling very prickly.
How is this already happening? It's day three.
It is very stressful being cooped up on a Timeship.
It's bloody boring.
Without technology to distract us it's only gonna get worse before it gets better.
We need an activity.
Something to bring us together, like a mission, but not a mission.
Like a game.
Welcome to the world of Beast/Slayers.
In this Gothic adventure, you will enter a mansion for a dinner party, only to be hunted by a horrendous beast.
Oh, I see what's happening here.
It's like Mafia.
One of us is secretly the Beast, and it's up to the rest of us to figure it out before it's too late.
Go ahead.
After each kill, you will deliberate on who to accuse of being the horrendous monster.
[both mouthing.]
Accuse correctly, the Beast dies and the humans win.
And if we accuse incorrectly? Well, then the game continues and it's the Beast's turn to strike! [laughs.]
I'll be the all-knowing narrator who will usher the game along.
Meanwhile, you will each need to select a character and a card.
Ooh, can I go first? Mmm Eccentric Detective.
Black Widow.
[all chuckling.]
Starving Artist.
Wealthy Foreigner.
[clears throat.]
"Reluctant Soothsayer.
" Typecast much? Big Game Hunter.
I'll take it.
Prima Donna.
A Consumptive Doctor.
All right.
Now, keep each of these cards secret.
They either say "Human" or they say "Beast.
" Know who and what you are as we begin.
[imitates wind howling.]
[in Dracula voice.]
It's a dark and stormy night, as a group of strangers are summoned to the home of a rich and powerful Lord.
All right, enough of this.
All right, so everybody wants to go on an adventure, right? Well, let's go on a real adventure, shall we? [chanting.]
Now that's more like it.
Game on.
Let's hunt this Beast.
[thunder cracks.]
What? You have got to teach me the spell, John.
Yeah, well, it takes the bored out of board game, doesn't it? This is so incredibly realistic and I cannot wait to win [in British accent.]
this entire game.
Well, I, for one, did not consent to be magicked into a game.
Oh, come on.
Would you really rather play with Gary making sound effects? [Gary imitating wind howling.]
Okay, I got to admit, John, this is pretty impressive.
But why does it look like your house? Well, the spell is linked to the rules of the game, but the rest of the gaps are filled in by my imagination.
It's easy to make a place I know so well.
Now, once we win and the game ends Poof! we'll all be back in the ship, right as rain.
[thunder cracks.]
Hello? Guys? You all right in there? All right, Gary, they're counting on you to narrate.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[in Dracula voice.]
Okay, everyone, [echoing.]
dinner is served.
- [tense classical music playing.]
- Whew! So, Detective, could we figure out who this Beast is? It's all about the first kill.
Once the Beast strikes, there will be a clear line from who's chosen to who's guilty.
I've already mapped out who it could be based on who dies first.
Hey, John.
This chicken smells delicious.
But seriously, babe, do you think he'd cater at the wedding? - There's no wedding talk.
- What? [in French accent.]
I do not know what you're talking about, Detective, because I am just a heartbroken, sad widow.
You know I don't drink.
Yeah, but this isn't real, mate.
This may be your one and only opportunity to try a truly exquisite Bordeaux.
[in sing-song voice.]
I'll have some.
- No, she won't.
- Yes, she will.
It's not real.
Don't be jealous, Gare.
You're a vital part of this adventure.
[alarm blaring.]
Gideon, what's that? [Gideon.]
I'm receiving a distress beacon from an approaching vessel.
[alarm continues.]
Who the hell's making that racket? I'm trying to concentrate on my puzzles.
We're being hailed by someone who's lost out in space.
Oh, my God, your hair.
It grew overnight.
Well, don't tuck it in.
It's beautiful.
It's a sign you're in your fourth quadmester.
It means the babies are healthy.
I recognize that ship.
Bishop the psycho might be on board and those damn lizard people.
Gideon, blast.
I'm under Captains' orders not to use any systems not vital for our transport to Earth.
- Where are the captains? - They're in my game.
Well, if the captains aren't here, it makes me captain.
Well, I don't think that's how that works.
The ship is maneuvering into docking position on our starboard side.
Damn it.
We missed our shot.
Docking complete.
I urge you to reserve judgment until we know exactly who's behind that door.
- Shut up! - [door rattles.]
Whatever comes through that door, I'm killing.
[dramatic music playing.]
Kayla! Hey, dummies.
You miss me? - [thunder cracks.]
- [all exclaiming.]
What is happening? [Nate.]
Ooh, it's time.
The Beast will choose its first victim.
Ooh! - [all exclaiming.]
- [gasps.]
- No.
- Dead.
- What? - [inaudible.]
The dead have no voice.
How poetic.
Well, that was pretty tame.
Oh, well, Behrad, see? It's all pretend.
I'm sorry, babe, but you're out.
You got to go.
I know.
[in French accent.]
I will miss you and mourn you.
So we lost the detective.
She was the only one who could figure this whole thing out.
And now, well, she's gone.
[thunder cracks.]
All right, y'all, the Beast had their fun, and now it's our turn.
All right, take it easy, Spooner.
Games like these, it's up to the group to deliberate on who we think the Beast is.
And then it's up to all of us to vote on someone to accuse.
- Well, I accuse you! - [Nate.]
I think that you were so impressed with Ava's methodology that you wanted to eliminate the competition right from the start.
[gasps and spits.]
Or it's you and you're quick to accuse others to deflect any suspicion.
Just pick me.
I'll gladly go hang with Ava and be exempt from decisions like these.
No, no, no.
I agree with Sara.
I think it's [in sing-song voice.]
- Thank you.
- What? Guys, besides Gary, who has been very quiet, by the way, I'm the only one who has any idea how to play this game.
Yeah, not exactly, mate.
We'll be fine without you, don't you worry.
All right, so do we vote on Nate? - All in favor? - [Sara.]
I abstain.
Doesn't matter.
We don't need him.
You have been accused! [wolf howling.]
[knife whooshing.]
- [screams.]
- [gasps.]
[thunder cracks.]
He's dead.
No, no, trust me, he is fine.
All right? Nate is fine.
Dude, he literally just got stabbed in the back.
He's not fine.
- [Astra grunts.]
- [Zari gasps.]
Oh, that is awful.
Is that supposed to happen? It's really graphic.
John, what has changed? Why is Nate's death so different from Ava's? Why are you asking me? If you got a problem with the game, you go talk to that geek, Gary.
He's the one who picked it.
I just made it into a proper experience.
[stifling a cough.]
- [coughs.]
- [Zari.]
- [gasps.]
Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
No, he's becoming his character.
Consumptive doctor.
What if the longer the game goes on, the more realistic it becomes? And is anyone else starting to feel more like their character? I feel like shooting something, but that's normal.
Yeah, I wouldn't be able to tell either.
Prima Donna [gasps.]
I do feel extra dramatic and quite squeamish.
What about you? Are you hungry, Starving Artist? Turns out seeing my best friend's dead body is an appetite killer, so I'm gonna be sick.
All right, well, I am definitely feeling the loss of my beloved Ava If we all are becoming more like our characters and Ava was the first one to die, then [Behrad screams.]
Ava! No, no, no.
Ava! Ava? No, no, no.
This is wrong.
This is Damn it, John! This has gone too far.
I'm putting an end to this.
Look, I'm the [thunder cracks.]
[blood squelching.]
- [gasps and screams.]
- [coughing.]
Was Sara about to confess? - No.
She was gonna take out her card.
- [Behrad.]
That's it.
Everyone, show your card.
- Blank.
- Blank.
- Blank.
- [sobbing.]
Is hers blank as well? No.
It's worse.
I don't think that putting a Band-Aid on my wound makes us even.
I'm just trying to help.
Oh, now you care about my well-being.
- I'll be fine.
- You don't look fine.
I mean, you always look fine.
We have a machine that can fix that.
I'm just here for my ship.
Well, your ship's not here.
Then where is it? I reverse-tracked my pod detector and it led me here.
That tech should have been on my ship.
But I guess you guys are thieves as well as deserters.
So what did you do with the rest of my ship, huh? It's on Earth.
And funny enough, we're traveling there now.
We can give you a lift.
But in the meantime, let us patch that up, hmm? What happened to her tentacle? [Kayla clicking.]
Zaguron stung her.
She had to amputate to prevent the poison from spreading.
Poor Lefty.
Lefty? The tentacle has a name? Sure it does.
Our tentacles are regenerative, so they're part of us but they're also their own creatures.
Kind of like starfish arms or earthworms.
[speaking alien language.]
Uh, she wants to know what you're doing.
Starting up the meat printer.
She'll have a new Lefty in no time.
[speaking alien language.]
- Oh, that's the time to destination.
- [speaking alien language.]
Because we printed you a new tentacle.
- [speaking alien language.]
- The jump drive is broken.
Why do you think we're traveling the old-fashioned way? [beeping.]
All fixed.
Time to go back to your ship.
Or you could show me where your mainframe is and I'll fix your jump drive.
And then we can all get what we want a hell of a lot quicker.
Deal? [Mick.]
How did you get off the planet? I thought you were dead.
- If I - [Kayla.]
If what? You thought I was alive? You didn't stick around long enough to find out.
In fact, you bolted the second you got onto my ship.
Yes, you're right.
I'm sorry.
Oh, wow.
An apology.
That sounded like that took some effort.
You know what else took some effort? Battling my way through a Zaguron-infested planet.
You know Zagurons are carrion creatures? They will swarm a dying planet and pick it to pieces like that.
[snaps fingers.]
They were relentless, but I was stronger.
With some time, I finally got Bishop's habitat airborne again.
Never imagined I'd run into you bozos.
As soon as I get my ship back, I'll be a dozen galaxies away from here and forget that any of you ever existed.
- Kayla, there's something I have to - [Gary.]
Hey, Mick.
Uh Can I please get your hand over here with something? [Mick.]
What? [whispering.]
Don't tell Kayla you're pregnant.
If she finds out, she may perform the Necrian love grip.
What? [Gary.]
Males in my species are subservient.
Of course they are.
If she finds that you're an unfit parent, or she doesn't like you, she could knock you out and eat your eggy brains.
Please keep an eye on her and remember, do not trust her.
- [thunder cracking.]
- [gun cocks.]
All right.
Hunt's on.
One of you did this.
What are you gonna do, shoot us all till one of us is the Beast? How do you even know one of us is the Beast? [whimpers.]
What if it was Sara? Then what killed her? And if Sara was the Beast, this game should be over.
What step are we even on anymore? [coughing.]
That's a Gary question, love.
The rules are all bloody rubbish to me.
Maybe you should have learned them before trapping us in this nightmare.
You think I'm enjoying this, squire? You know, if the Beast doesn't off me, the bloody TB will.
But you know what? I'm the one that's gonna get us all out of here, all right? So, sit back.
Deadly nitrate.
In you go.
Pulverized whale bone.
And just a little booze to make it all sing.
[inhales sharply.]
Bottoms up.
- [Zari.]
John, are you okay? - [Constantine.]
There you go.
I'm fine.
I guess the game won't allow us to take a shortcut, so we just have to play.
- And win.
- And if we lose? What do you mean "if we lose"? There are two outcomes to this game.
And one, the humans win by killing the Beast.
And the other, the Beast kills all the humans and the game keeps going.
Characters get redealt and the game goes on and on and on.
You mean we could be trapped in here forever.
Time to play offense.
If we're all becoming our characters, then maybe I can use my powers as a soothsayer to figure out who the Beast is.
Everyone, circle up.
With my power as the oracle, I demand to know.
Beast, where are you? Speak through me.
[wind howling.]
[as The Beast.]
I am here.
I am one of you.
I will win.
Your blood will smear the walls.
Your screams will fill the air.
Forever here, forever mine.
Forever! [Astra gasps.]
Oh, to hell with this! I'm finding another way out of this dumpster fire.
And if any of you all come after me, I'll blow your head off.
Except you.
I trust you.
[in normal voice.]
Let's go.
Where are you going? Splitting up is a cardinal sin to survival.
And creativity! Let's try this door.
[door opens.]
Okay, so we're passing the conservatory now.
- Into the dining room? - This is exhausting.
All these doors circle back into the house.
[thunder cracks.]
[clears throat.]
Ahem! - [whispering.]
What? - I'm worried about Astra and Spooner.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna bring them back here.
- Okay.
- Keep an eye on John.
Yeah, that's what I'm doing.
I mean, keep an eye on him in a defensive way.
- Here.
- You can't be serious.
I'm a starving artist.
I'm nothing but serious.
He can barely walk.
I'm more of a danger to him than he is to me.
Just take it! [coughing.]
- It's all right.
It's gonna be okay.
- [groans.]
I'm sorry I got you into this, love.
Hey, you didn't know this was gonna happen.
I'm gonna get you some water, okay? [groans.]
[ice clinks.]
[wind whooshes.]
Behrad? Is that you? [floorboard creaks softly.]
[tense music playing.]
A kitchen.
That's new.
Yes, we could try the back door.
Come on, come on! You've got to be kidding me.
No, no, no.
This cannot be happening! [Spooner.]
Screw this.
- [yells.]
- [The Beast growls.]
[Astra and Spooner screaming.]
[thunder cracks.]
- What happened? - Don't go in there.
Spooner and Astra [door creaks.]
Oh! [thunder cracks.]
Where's John? Spooner and Astra are dead.
I know it was you.
Nice tactic, sunshine.
But I lost track of you just before the attack.
So did Zari.
Didn't you, love? I actually saw Behrad find them.
You saw him find them? Or you saw him after he found them, maybe after he killed them? All of this is your fault.
There you go again, blaming the bloody magic.
I'm not blaming the bloody magic, John.
I'm blaming you for abusing it.
You just had to go and show off your fancy new Fountain powers Jealous, are we? Well, add that to your petulant brattiness [vocalizing operatically.]
Stop acting like children.
I think he's the Beast.
I've been coughing my bloody lungs up for the last two hours.
How can you still think that I'm the one that killed our friends? I'm not saying how you did it.
I'm saying I know you did it.
Okay, so let's vote.
- I vote that it's you.
- And I vote it's you.
Don't make me choose between you.
All right.
Do you know what? I will do you both a favor.
I'm gonna go and lock myself in the attic because clearly I am some unhinged, egotistical bloody maniac! - John, just [groans in frustration.]
- [coughing.]
Gideon, what's with all the energy usage? [Gideon.]
The device that Mr.
Rory refers to as the "meat printer" is drawing a considerable amount of power.
Lefty, no! [beeps.]
What are you printing? [gasps.]
Calm down, Lefty.
Don't [grunts.]
Gideon, is the ship ready to jump? [Gideon.]
The jump drive is fully operational, Mr.
But there is trouble.
Green is under attack in the Med Bay.
Attack? By who? [straining.]
Gotcha! [exclaims.]
What are you doing? Why are you doing this? Because you left me.
And he got me out.
I owe him.
Him? [groans.]
I'm pregnant.
Not the love grip! I don't want to die in here.
Maman and Baba will never know the truth about me.
About us.
If we get out of here, - I'm coming clean with them.
- Oh, please.
Like you'd ever risk damaging Maman's view of her [speaking in Arabic.]
Maybe I should tell her how your magician boyfriend got you to drink wine.
You would not.
You're right.
I wouldn't.
But how can you not see what John's doing here? He told us himself, he filled in the gaps of this illusion with his own imagination.
I mean, this is some new level of a bad trip.
What is your problem with him? My problem is that he's being a jerk and you're not seeing it.
Ever since he came back from the Fountain, he's been acting like an asshat jock on steroids.
Oh, working out your issues from high school much? If by that you mean worrying about your choice in men, then yeah, I am.
We need to call him out.
He's the Beast.
If we vote to accuse him, we can end this.
- I can't.
- Why not? I love him.
I've never heard you say that about anybody before.
Well, I've never felt it.
I can be myself with him, you know, no games, no pretense.
He makes me happy.
Have you told him how you feel? No.
No, that feels very scary to be vulnerable to to another person like that.
I mean, can it even last, you know? You know how John is.
Yeah, but You gotta take that leap.
Okay, now you like him again? I never disliked him.
I love the guy, but something is definitely off about him.
[thunder cracks.]
[The Beast.]
You can end the game.
You know how.
You just can't do it.
You won't do it.
I've tried it.
[The Beast.]
By shooting back some magic potion No.
9? Tsk, tsk, tsk.
With every sip, you make this prison and me stronger.
You're not in control of the magic, John.
It's in control of you.
Just do me a favor, eh, and You kill me or piss off, because I am done playing games.
[The Beast.]
No, you're not.
You love this world.
You love the power.
You love me.
Like hell I do.
- [grunts.]
- [groans.]
Oh, don't look so surprised, John.
I've always been here.
You just never looked me in the eye before.
You never wanted to confront the part of you that sabotaged all your relationships.
Doomed your lovers.
The game made that possible.
It made me possible.
Gave me a playground to sow destruction before your very eyes.
[The Beast growls.]
Here I am.
Fueled by your new addiction and loving every moment of it.
It's all tricks, lies.
I'll kill you, you bastard! [Constantine screaming.]
- [growls.]
- [grunts.]
Look at me, John.
Or more like look at yourself.
[thunder cracks.]
This is who you really are.
[all exclaiming.]
- Sara's the Beast.
- No, there was an actual Beast who was none of us, somehow Bloody Gary.
You know you can't give him a lick of responsibility without him buggering it all up.
Okay, well, let's play again.
- [all.]
No! - Why? Do you really want to die again? I'm not gonna die this time because this time I'm gonna win.
You guys, are we home? [Constantine.]
Oh, good, because I am bloody knackered.
How long were we in that game? What is that? Ew.
I got it.
[Agent Sharpe.]
So someone shut down the entire ship? Yeah, and we have to do a complete reboot in order to get Gideon back online so we can figure out what the hell happened.
Where are Mick and Gary? John, have you seen them? No.
No, I haven't.
No, that spell's left me with the mother of all hangovers.
I'll see you guys later.
Hey, you want some company? Oh, I'm just gonna chill back at the house.
I'll be all right.
Well, then I will come over later and bring you your favorite tea.
What's a busted up old codger like me done to deserve a woman like you? I don't know.
Must be magic.
- I'll see you later.
- Bye.
Are you gonna tell him? - Yeah.
- Good.
Look, Z, I'm sorry.
For everything I said before, for pinning everything on John.
I went into overprotective brother mode.
Hey, I protect you.
Not the other way around, okay? You don't worry about me.
Besides, have you ever met someone I can't handle? - Mom? - Mmm.
I'd argue she can't handle me, but Speaking of Mom, I'm gonna head back to 2044 - and visit her and Baba.
- Oh.
I think it's about time I let them know what happened to this family heirloom.
You're gonna tell them the truth? On second thought, maybe I'll just take it easy and enjoy Maman's cooking.
Yeah, that's a way better idea.
[tense music playing.]
[The Beast growls.]
Come on.
Get rid of it.
Get rid of him.
Gary, what are you doing? [speaking alien language.]
Where are your glasses, bud? - It's Mick.
- Dios mio! He's alive.
And he has hair.
[Zari sighs.]
John, there's something I want to tell you.
[Constantine groans softly.]
[scream echoing.]
[speaking alien language.]
Hey, there you are.
Mick needs help.
[music playing softly in distance.]
[music volume increases.]
Space girl, a punk rock treasure Space girl, goodbye forever [theme music playing.]

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