DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s06e13 Episode Script

Silence of the Sonograms

1 [Bishop.]
Missing my girl has me feeling so low I think I could've loved her In this world or another But now I'm stuck Looking up from below Space girl floating away Space girl What are you doing here? How are you even alive? What a fantastically boring question.
Kayla downloaded me from the cloud onto your printer.
A better question would be why? Why shouldn't I just slit your throat and watch you bleed out on my carpet? Oh.
Because then you wouldn't have any more of your questions answered.
Until you print yourself out again.
Alas, you're looking at the last gen me.
My data was corrupted when a certain someone blew up my lab before my upload was complete.
But that's cool.
I forgive you.
You kidnapped me.
You manipulated me in every possible way.
But I also saved you No, no.
Not going to make this about me.
You see, I've changed.
You've changed? And why should I believe you? Let me prove it to you.
Come on, what do you say, Sara Lance? Is there room for one more mixed-up outcast on this zany little ship of yours? Actually, I think we have a room that would suit you perfectly.
That's Bishop? Not at all what I was expecting.
For a psychotic supervillain, the guy's got a great look.
Yeah, they always do.
So, shall we start with the introductions? You are, of course, Ava.
Not just any Ava.
The Ava.
Congratulations, by the way.
Your engagement ring.
So, do you two kids have a date yet? Or All right, that is enough.
Don't listen to him.
Don't even talk to him.
He's just trying to get into our heads so that he can do whatever it is he came here to do.
Where the hell is she? You My colleague Kayla had very strong thoughts about you ceasing to exist.
What happened, I wonder.
She changed her mind.
Is that so? Well, speaking of changes, love the new do.
Everybody out.
Let's go.
Everybody out.
Except for Spooner.
Keep an eye on him.
If he tries to escape, shoot him in the face.
You got it, capitán.
Why would I want to escape when I feel like I am finally home? [theme music playing.]
Something's missing.
What do mean, something's missing? Like his moral compass? No, like, 6% of who Bishop is, we destroyed his compound before he could finish uploading himself.
You know what, guys? A true psychopath wouldn't want to just murder the woman who destroyed his life work, he'd really want to take some time torturing her, you know? Thanks, babe, that's very reassuring.
But if Bishop wants to play chess, he has chosen the wrong opponent.
Uh, no.
No, no, no.
Absolutely not.
Please, come on, babe.
I've always wanted to get inside the mind of an evil genius.
Who, technically speaking, created you.
- [gasps.]
Both of you, actually.
- Not helping, Nate.
Look, babe, I'll just go in there and try to find a way to connect with him.
That way we can figure out why the hell he's here.
- You sure? - Yes.
All right.
Just don't let him get into your head, okay? [Constantine winces.]
Bloody hell.
Ah Yeah, it's all coming back to me now.
Really made a dog's dinner of that parlor game, didn't I? - I take it the Beast got me.
- No, John, that was me.
I stabbed the Beast in the back, and somehow you woke up with a scar.
- Look, I can explain - Oh, can you? Can you explain how you nearly killed all of us? How you lied to me yet again? Lying was part of Gary's game.
I didn't make up the rules, love.
Don't call me "love" and don't pretend like this was all a game.
You know, my brother was right about you.
- You're different, John.
- Yeah, I'm different.
How many people do you know have drunk from the Fountain of bloody Imperium? But don't worry, all right? I just need a bit of time to get a handle on my newfound power.
Maybe I should woodshed my magic by myself.
Eh? Yeah, I think that's best.
Oh, come on, don't be like that.
Come on, love my love.
Damn it, Johnny.
- John's lying to me.
- [scoffs.]
Glad he's feeling like his old self.
No, he's he's trying to blame his behavior on the Fountain, but I don't buy it.
Can't you whip up some kind of truth serum or whatever? Yeah, it's called Scotch.
Hey, I'm serious.
You would still be stuck in that game if it weren't for me.
Look, if you want to find out what happened with John at the Fountain, it is not my help you need.
That is a great idea.
She can help us.
Come on.
I guess my life could use a little more drama.
I was hoping we'd have a chance to kibitz.
Get to know each other, just you and me.
But you already know me.
You had a planet full of me's, didn't you? Don't sell yourself so short.
Sara could have had her pick of my Avas, yet she turned over the heavens to get back to you.
So what makes you so special? [chuckles.]
Sara said you'd do this, try to get in my head.
Like she isn't interested in getting into mine.
I knew this was a mistake.
No, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Please, don't go.
We've hardly broken the ice.
You see that? Making Bishop think - that she's the vulnerable one.
- Mmm.
You know what? You can play nice all you want, but it still doesn't excuse the fact that you kidnapped the woman that I love.
But the fact that I did so in order to save all of humanity changes nothing.
You're right.
I was an arrogant, egomaniacal meanie.
And so what now? Hmm? You come here to turn over a new leaf? Is that what we're all supposed to believe? [sighs.]
Where else would I go? What else would I do? Look, I know this is going to sound perverse, but [sighs.]
But what? You and Sara are the closest thing I have left to family.
I know, it sounds insane.
No, I get it, actually.
You're a clone, I'm a clone and it's not like I have any real family.
So, sure.
I guess in some perverse way, we are like family.
Playing him like a fiddle.
Bishop's not gonna let himself be manipulated that easily.
Can I tell you a secret? You were always my favorite Ava.
Not you personally, of course.
Your model.
You mean "bossy Ava?" Ugh.
A moniker our marketing department came up with.
I wanted to call you "Boss Ava.
" People were afraid of a clone that would tell them what to do, except that is precisely what you were designed for.
But you have exceeded my wildest dreams.
You're getting married.
Didn't see that one coming.
Why not? I lowered the oxytocin levels on all the clones, the so-called "love hormone.
" I didn't want you falling in love.
It hurts productivity.
Maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time planning this damn wedding.
Productivity is usually my strong suit, and I can't even put together a seating arrangement.
Maybe I can help.
Not like I have anything else to do.
It'll be fun.
If Sara even knew I was talking to you Oh, come on.
It'll be our little secret.
How do I know you're not doing this to get me to let my guard down? I am doing this so that you'll let your guard down.
I want to get to know you, Ava.
I have to go.
I can also help your friend Rory.
What? What's wrong with Rory? Nothing yet, but those babies in his head are getting hungry.
- How the hell did you know - Kayla letting him live.
The fact that he's experiencing headaches, that luxurious hair.
Doesn't take a genius to realize he mated with a Necrian.
I spent eons trying to meld humans and aliens and never thought to do it the old-fashioned way.
I can help you save Rory by giving his spawn the proper nutrients.
It's either that or his brain.
[Mick groans in relief.]
I guess it worked.
Of course it did.
I made Bishop think that I needed something from him and he proved himself to be trustworthy for now.
But believe me, this is just the opening move of our little chess match.
What does that make me? The pawn? Hmm.
It's not that bad.
Oh! What? I have alien taste buds, what can I say? Are you sure it's okay we leave Spooner in there alone with Bishop? [scoffs.]
There's no way he's getting in her head.
[upbeat dance music playing on headphones.]
Spoon, we need to talk about Spain.
What about Spain? Did someone say Spain? I spent a week in Ibiza once, didn't sleep a wink.
Last thing I remember, I was - That's Bishop, huh? - disco sunrise.
- That turtleneck is doing him no favors.
- [continues indistinctly.]
Anyways Hey, what happened when John drank from the Fountain of Imperium? Uh, I was with him and the kid Fernando in the cave.
The fascists were coming and Spoons, you okay? The the fascists were coming and [continues indistinctly.]
Whoa, okay, that was weird.
It's like something's missing, like a blank spot in my memory.
Like something's been erased.
You think John put a spell on me? I'm going to kill him.
Just not until we find out what he wanted you to forget.
Which means I'm going to have to put another spell on you.
Look, I'd love to help you out, but - [Zari.]
Ah, Aves, perfect timing.
- Hey.
What do you guys Anyway, I need a moment with Bishop.
- He is all yours.
- Just in case somebody gets out of line.
- Thanks.
- Right this way.
So? How's our pregnant friend feeling? Better.
Thank you for the advice.
Perhaps there's some way I could assist your friend John.
What's wrong with John? Oh, I don't know.
Just Your friends seemed concerned about him, that maybe he drank something he shouldn't have? I am a doctor.
No, John's fine.
[Constantine hacking, coughing.]
[The Beast.]
Why do you do it to yourself? Oh, nice.
You're wearing my clothes now, are you? Well, someone's got to pick up the mantle, and you're in no shape for it.
But you don't have to suffer, Johnny.
[Constantine laughs.]
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Another snort of the Scarlett Lady and I'll be right as rain, is that it? You know it's not the first time I've gotten clean.
Then why haven't you dumped it? You'll never be clean, Johnny.
You know, you're not even real.
You're just a figment of my imagination.
Some damn junkie hallucination.
And without magic, you're just a pathetic ex-smoker in a trench coat who lies to the people he loves.
At least I'll be rid of you.
Have it your way, then.
No, no, no, no.
Stop! Can't you see, John, you'll never be rid of me.
I am you.
You think that that's his real name? - Bishop? - Mmm-hmm.
Does feel a little on the nose.
Gideon, how we doing with the scan? [Gideon.]
I'm still analyzing his genetic code.
[computer trilling.]
What are you hiding? Ten bucks Ava gets it out of him first.
I don't bet against my girl.
I spy with my little eye a wedding binder! Oh! It's thorough.
Yes, I've heard that.
Sara put me in charge because usually I'm the decisive one, and I can't seem to choose a single thing.
Let's start simple.
What's the coolest wedding you've ever been to? What kind of vibe are we talking? Um - I've never actually been to a wedding.
- Hmm? Yeah, I was sort of known as the party pooper at the Time Bureau, so Hey, look, it's tough being the boss.
- I know.
Thank you.
- Hmm? Now, look, you're just putting too much pressure on yourself.
Just go with your gut.
I can't.
I don't What if I choose something weird? Who cares? Speed round.
- What's your favorite flower? - Is cactus a flower? - Color? - Grey.
- Appetizer? - See, this thing about appetizers.
I don't understand why people have to eat before they eat.
Okay, so the ceremony will be unconventional, but it's all you.
[sighs in exasperation.]
Admit it.
I'm weird.
Why the hell did you have to make me so weird? Look.
First off, I didn't make you.
Yes, I designed you.
But everything you've done in your life, that's your accomplishment, not mine.
And you not knowing whether you want a vegan cake or not doesn't matter.
I'm going to take that back.
Vegan cakes are disgusting.
[sighs, groans.]
Thank you for trying to help.
I really appreciate it.
Hey, don't forget, I'm a clone too.
A clone of a clone of a clone of a clone.
So how many times? I lost track somewhere around my 200th reiteration.
Two hundredth? And every one of them was different? You know me.
I like to tinker.
So, how exactly is this you different from the you Sara knew? Hmm! Good question.
Oh, come on, you psycho son of a bitch.
Tell her what you're hiding.
There was something missing from the me that Sara met on Pliny X19.
Took me a long time to find it.
You want to know what it was? Humility.
[both groan.]
What a lying piece of crap.
- Humility? - Hmm.
All right, you ready? Mmm-mmm.
I don't want to bite my tongue off.
You're such a baby.
Tortured mind with secrets hidden, show me that which is forbidden.
You give me back my bloody magic.
The fountain.
The fountain didn't want John.
It decided he wasn't worthy.
Then how did he get his magic back? He took a sip of something.
Look, I don't know what it was, but when he drank it, that's when he killed the soldiers who were attacking us.
Where the hell are you going? I'm just going to break up with my lying, dumpster fire of a boyfriend.
A juiced-up warlock who likes to kill people? I don't think so.
First, we need to figure out exactly what John's been dosing himself with.
Your betrothed has good taste in music and in love.
Found it.
Lou Reed, 1972.
- Looks punky.
- Mmm-hmm.
Well, I guess Sara and I got engaged at a punk show, so Same night that you kidnapped her, actually.
You want to know the even crazier thing? If you hadn't kidnapped her, she may never have proposed.
Wasn't until we all went back that same night a second time that she, uh, popped the big question.
- A real mind-bender, huh? - Yeah.
["Perfect Day" by Lou Reed playing.]
What do you think? It's, um, unconventional.
I like it.
So I'm not sure how you How do you dance to it? Let me show you.
It'll be our father-daughter dance.
I'm not sure that's a good idea.
You mean with Sara watching? You knew? Just a perfect day That can't be good.
Ava's just making Bishop think that she is playing into his hand.
Like I am doing to you.
Oh, it's such a perfect day - [Ava exclaims.]
- [both laugh.]
I'm sorry I pried before about John.
No, it's it's okay.
It's nice of you to try and help.
It's just he's a little more complicated than Rory.
Tormented by demons of his own making? - Yes, literally.
- Hmm.
Just a perfect day - This song - Mmm.
Sara is going to love it.
It makes me want to smile and cry all at the same time.
Yes, I know exactly how you feel.
Why? Did you design me to feel that way? What difference does it make? All of us are just a jumble of neurons and synapses.
A tiny electrical storm in our head.
Why should your feelings be any less real than anyone else's? I'm proud of you, Ava.
I only wish we could have a dance of our own on your special day.
[voice breaking.]
I can't Oh, such a perfect day [door hisses open.]
[breathing heavily.]
You just keep me hanging on You just keep me hanging on [cries.]
A-ha! Bravo.
Babe, that was masterful.
The way you played Bishop off of me to make him think that you trust him.
- Hmm.
- I mean, what a performance.
- That was a performance, right? - Yeah, yeah.
Gideon's scan came back.
He's 100% human.
So we know what he is.
You have any theories on why he's here? Honestly, I think he wants to get to know us.
I think he sees us as family.
- Really? - Yeah.
I I know it's part of his act or whatever, but doesn't mean it isn't true, right? Yeah.
Actually, I think you found his angle.
He is going to use you guys to get to me, which is smart.
Or maybe this isn't about you.
Maybe the guy's just lonely, you know.
Not everybody has a family that they can call their own.
Oh, hey.
Are you checking up on me? Checking in.
You see, that's what girlfriends do.
I'm sorry.
This magic, it's got a bit of an edge, you know? Yeah.
Yeah, I see that.
Are we okay? I don't know, John.
You tell me.
Yeah, we're good.
I love you.
I just I hate to piss you off, you know.
You look tired.
Why don't you go upstairs, take a bath? We'll just have a quiet night at home together.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Thanks, love.
Old habits die hard.
Yeah, I know.
- And I'll take a bath.
- Mmm.
- [Mick groans in pain.]
- Three, four, five.
What the hell was that? A contraction.
A six-second contraction, to be exact.
You are officially in labor.
Sooner than expected, but, you know, we are in uncharted waters here.
When does my head explode? Your head's not going to explode.
Not with Uncle Gare here.
Although, once you hit the second week of labor, you might wish it had.
Is it going to hurt? Well, my father describes it like eating a handful of hot peppers and then passing 50 large pointy rocks through his Necrian head hole.
Which, for you, will be your ears.
Ears? [grunts.]
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
It's totally normal to feel this way, Mick.
You know, this is just you facing the reality of these babies.
Soon, you're going to be a daddy.
Single dad, 48 babies.
I didn't sign up for this.
I mean, you're not gonna be alone.
You got me.
You got all the Legends.
Right, yeah.
You can be the Godfather.
Yeah, sure.
[The Beast.]
Who are you trying to impress? Her? Or is there another voice, something more primal? Will you just shut up, all right? I don't need you.
I got this under control.
You believe that, do you? She certainly doesn't.
What the bloody hell are you on about? Check your pocket, John.
- What is it? - Astra? It's blood.
In Hell, we call this a Scarlett Lady.
What does that mean? It means John has tapped into some very volatile, very dark magic.
If he doesn't stop using it, it will kill him.
What if we confront him? [Constantine shouting.]
Zari! Sounds like he'll kill us.
- Where is it? - John, don't do this.
Now, you stay out of this.
You give it here now.
It's this or me, John.
You can't have both.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
I thought I had control of this thing.
But I don't.
I don't.
Is it done? That was the last of it, yeah.
Now, look.
I'm going to lock myself in that manor.
I am not coming out till this is out of my system, all right? I promise you that.
I'm coming with you.
Look, I'm sorry.
This whole thing is my fault.
I never should have sent you in there alone.
You didn't send me in, Sara.
It was my idea to interrogate him.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry, okay? And I'm sorry if I was putting too much pressure on you to plan the wedding.
I I didn't I thought that it was what you wanted, and I No, I did.
I think focusing on dresses and seating arrangements was reassuring that things can be managed.
But what can't be managed is that I have no idea how I'm supposed to be feeling.
You know, I never saw my parents kiss or laugh or fight even.
I never had a mom to hug me after a heartbreak or just a dad to tell me that he was proud of me.
I've just never had a family to love me.
And I really don't know that I'm gonna know how to love ours, that's all.
You do not need to learn how to love.
Everything about you is love.
And it doesn't matter where you came from.
You made yourself into who you are.
And I'll tell you what, that chick? She is the most intelligent and funny and loving person that I have ever met.
I love you.
[sighs in relief.]
Thank you.
Will you come and show me what you've been planning? - No.
- Come on.
I wanna see.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Start with something good.
Here we go.
Is that a lemon butter cream cake topped with maraschino cherries? Perfect.
Well, the cherries were Bishop's idea, but Ooh, I love whatever these are.
Actually, that was all Bishop.
Yes, that's perfect.
I love that idea.
Well, I was actually thinking a more traditional, you know, meal service.
But then he suggested tapas 'cause they're more fun, - they encourage - conversation, and help out people - stuck - [both.]
at the boring table.
Bishop is, uh He's pretty good at wedding planning, I guess.
It's like he's reading my mind or something.
This? Yes.
Uh, babe, it's not like that.
It is that.
The 6% that's missing.
It's It's you.
He's 6% me? What the hell does that mean? Spaniel, Broad, Tricycle.
System override.
Your orders, Captain? Shut down electromagnetic barrier.
Twelve, 13, 14 Your contractions are getting longer.
Your water could break any time now.
Wait, Mick, you're in labor? I'm going to be a Godfather, Nate.
Wait, do you need anything, like a Q-tip or something? Because there's disgusting ooze coming out of your ear.
- Whoa! - Your hair is already falling out.
- No! - This is all happening so fast.
Go, go, go, go, go! I'll get Sara and Ava.
It's happening.
Mick's water broke.
I know, it sounds weird to say it.
Come on.
Wow, okay.
It's go time.
Wait, wait, wait.
How did he get out? [Gideon.]
I let him out.
He knew the override code.
Damn it, he got the 6% with all the useful stuff.
Gideon, be a peach, and lock down the hallway.
You're not getting to Rory without getting through me.
And let's be real, that's not gonna happen.
Sara, you've got this all wrong.
I don't want to hurt him.
I want to help him.
And why would I trust you? Because I am you.
You wish.
You want to fight? What can I say? I do too.
Gideon, set the mood.
[upbeat funk music playing.]
This music isn't helping.
[all groaning.]
[Sara grunting.]
Baby, let's dance And show me your moves You know, they say when you fight yourself, you're destined to lose.
Destiny is so last season.
- [both grunt.]
- [shoes skid.]
Hear the good news? I'm going to be a Godfather.
Why is the door locked? Rory needs me.
I knew you were twisted, but merging my DNA with yours, that is next level.
You blew up my lab before I could finish my upload.
I needed a few more A, C, G and T's to complete my genome.
Yours were in the system, so I took them.
Now, I know everything you know.
Unfortunately for you, that's all you know too.
[speaking Spanish.]
- Lock her up, Gigi.
- [door hisses, closes.]
Get out of my delivery room.
And miss all the fun? [groans in pain.]
Just in time.
Looks like that first little guy is about to crown.
- [flesh squelching.]
- [pants.]
[door hisses open.]
He's after the eggs.
- He's hijacked Gideon.
- It's jammed.
- We gotta do a system reboot.
- On it.
[Mick groaning in pain.]
Oh, boy! Yeah.
That does not look good.
What doesn't look good? They're breech.
Gideon, lubricate his sinus cavity.
What? We're going to have to deliver these babies nasally.
The reboot's gonna take 30 minutes.
Apparently, Gideon's calendar needs to be updated.
- Damn it! - [comm beeps.]
Spooner, do you have anything that can shoot through metal? [Mick grunts in pain.]
Now, breathe.
[Mick groaning, grunting.]
[Mick yells, groans.]
They're coming fast now.
How many more? Just 45 to go, and then I'll have them all.
- What happened? - Bishop locked himself in there.
With Mick.
- [weapon powering up.]
- We've got you.
All right.
Stand back.
Meet the newest Legends! Look at them.
So peaceful.
Lita is going to be so happy.
[Mick groaning softly.]
As much as it pains me to say this, thank you.
Rory would have been dead without you.
Friends? Don't push your luck.
You should be happy that I thanked you.
Well, you can thank me by taking me back to my cell.
You're volunteering to go back into your cell? Please.
We would've just let you out if you had explained what you were doing.
I see now how bad it looked from your end.
Hindsight is 20/20.
Look, I get it.
I messed up.
I've been alone so long, I forgot what it means to be a friend, what it's like to be part of a family.
I know I've got a lot of work to do.
I just hope you'll give me a chance to earn your trust.
- [taps keys.]
- [computer trills.]
We'll see.
Ciao-ciao for now.
So, I guess this is it, then, end of the bloody road.
Exorcist, demonologist, master of bloody bull squat.
- John? - Yeah.
Listen to me.
Hey, I know it doesn't feel like it at this moment, but this could be a new beginning.
You know I meant what I told you, when I said I loved you? Because I do.
I've got to end this.
I've got to end John, that That doesn't fix anything.
Look, you deserve someone who is bloody fantastic, all right.
Not some pathetic has-been, honestly.
I have spent my whole life trying to be somebody for everyone else.
When I'm with you, I can just be myself.
That is the greatest gift.
I love you.
Not your magic, you.
I'm not an idiot.
You've told me so many lies.
I need the truth.
The truth.
The truth is, I don't know.
I don't know who I am without magic.
I don't know how the hell I'm going to get through this.
I mean, I want to.
But If you'll still have me after everything that I've put you through, then I want to do it with you.
I am going to get you a cup of tea.
All right.
Oh, yeah.
The kettle, it's in the back of the cupboard somewhere.
I mean, Gidget is going to make the tea, but I'm going to walk all the way there and back with the tea.
I'm a right lucky bastard.
I know.
[man on comms.]
Greetings, Mr.
Who's this? An old friend you just met.
You and I have a lot in common, it seems, and, perhaps, if you'll trust me Yeah, that's not likely, mate.
Ever notice how people romanticize humility? Ironic, since it's power that changes the world.
I can help you get yours back.
If you do me one [grunts.]
I told Sara these things were a bad idea.
[lighter clicking.]
What? You thought I just vanished? Poof! [chuckles.]
Think I'll stick around, mate.
Yeah, like hell you will.
You see, you're just my own personal demon.
I should have faced you a long time ago.
Oh! - The gallant hero.
- [chuckles.]
Now, this Bishop bloke, what was he on about, eh? I don't care.
You heard me, I'm done.
Done with magic.
And I'm done with you.
Is that funny to you, is it? Hilarious.
[grunts, groans.]
- Ooh! - [breathes shakily.]
What? Did you think I'd just stand idly by and watch you throw away all of our power for a woman? - [glass shatters.]
- [groans, coughs.]
[grunts, pants.]
Oh, Johnny boy.
- [blows landing.]
- [grunts.]
You need the sense knocked into you, don't you? Johnny boy, what a disappointment.
I told you, John.
I'm not just some bloody side-effect you can get rid of by tossing your flask.
I am you.
How's the proud papa? [sniffs.]
Is that mushroom and [sniffs.]
- Okay.
- ginger? Yeah, it's Bishop's pregnancy smoothie.
We poured it down Rory's ears, but I like to drink it.
That explains why Mick delivered so quickly.
Necrians use ginger to induce labor.
What? Why would Bishop want to induce Rory's labor? It's not like he wanted the babies.
Maybe he wanted something else.
Not the ears.
He induced Rory's labor so that he could get access to his comms.
With comms, he can talk to anyone.
God! He's been studying us this time, trying to see who is vulnerable, who he can crack.
Figuring out who would help him.
[grunts, pants.]
- [comms device beeps.]
- [Bishop on comms.]
Hello, John.
Now, what was it you were saying about getting my powers back? [theme music playing.]

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