DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s06e14 Episode Script

There Will Be Brood

1 Oh, my God.
John, what happened in there? There's glass and blood and are you okay? Oh, I'm never better, love.
I'm finally feeling like my old self again, you know? What is up with you? Oh, were you looking forward to playing the nursing maid? I'm really sorry to disappoint you.
- Where the hell is Bishop? - Sorry, what now? Bishop stole Rory's comms.
'Cause he knew John was ripe for the picking.
So he smooth-talked your boyfriend into springing him.
- Isn't that right, weasel? - Oh, don't you worry your pretty little heads about Bishop.
Everything's in hand.
Uh, John, things feel decidedly not in hand right now.
Do you know where Bishop is? Just tell us what happened.
We can help you.
How many times do I have to tell you I don't want your help? I'm sorry, I'm I'm confused.
You said you wanted to start a new life sans evil magical potion.
Do do you remember that conversation we had? Oh, yeah I remember.
You see, but I had a really good chin wag with Bishop, and then I finally saw the way forward.
John, you have no idea how manipulative Bishop is, all right? Please just tell us where he is before it's too late.
He's promised to help me unlock the Fountain, and that is a promise that I intend to make him keep.
So you're just gonna turn your back on all of us? Oh, let's be honest.
I was never one of you, now, really, was I? A Legend.
Nah, I'm a nasty piece of work, and I walk my path alone.
John, this isn't like you.
Deep down, I know you truly care about this team.
Oh, come on, grow a pair, will you, Gary? I'm not that pathetic, little bastard that you used to know.
Yeah, you keep saying that over and over again in different ways.
He's stalling.
Ah! A ghost! Astral projection.
He's not here.
If he's not here, then The Legends are onto our ruse.
- We need to leave now.
- Almost there.
If you reroute my directory protocols, you'll short circuit all communications and navig Okay, that's weird.
What the hell is going on? All right, well, that ain't England out there.
Gideon, who's flying the ship? Sara? Ava? Anyone? The comms are down.
All right, let's talk about that ruddy plan.
Well, I'm more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of guy.
That's John and Bishop.
No, no, no, no, if it's us against John's dark magic, we're gonna lose.
- Yeah, but John - Permuto.
All right, lay it on me.
What's next, J-Co? Oh, you're gonna help me find another place and time where the Fountain of Imperium exists in history.
Ooh, I've always been intrigued by the legend of the Fountain.
Supposedly, an enormous source of power gifted by a benevolent alien being.
I encountered the Fountain once before.
It deemed me unworthy.
But then, if anyone can unlock an ancient alien artifact, - that's you, isn't it? - Well I mean, it is the only reason I set you free.
Oh, and here I thought you just wanted some company.
I want my magic back without having to rely on pesky drugs.
Now, are you up to the task or not? Easy with the fire hands, Johnny.
I've spent a lifetime hacking and editing alien genetics.
Believe me, I am just the super genius you need.
Good, let's get on with it, then, shall we? Apokalypste ti dynami.
Abracadabra, J.
You've unveiled sub-layers of alien texts hidden within the map itself.
Lucky you, I'm versed in dozens of alien languages.
Just read the bloody thing, will you? - Now, that's interesting.
- What? This symbol here might just give us a location to the Fountain.
You see? You are up to the task, sunshine.
- Let's chart a course.
- Eh.
Okay, those two working together to find the Fountain is bad news.
We have to go and get the others.
Hell, I can't drive this ship without Gideon.
Can you? I don't even have a driver's license.
Then I guess it's up to us to stop them.
Where the hell are we? 1925? And we're in Texas.
No wonder it seemed familiar.
Definitely explains the yippee-ki-yay vibe.
Someone help, please! Henry will lose his leg.
- Anyone? - Oh, I can help.
What? Aliens? No, something else.
Let me through.
I can help, I can help.
There's something familiar about her.
What is it? Okay, okay.
I can't explain it.
I think that's my mom.
The drilling line snapped.
I tried to move fast, but Just try to hold your leg still, okay? I'm gonna take care of you.
I have something that will help.
You're gonna be okay.
It's gonna get worse if you keep moving.
Oh, my Lord.
It feels better already.
Get out of my way.
Get! You look good to go, Henry.
Back on the rig, now.
He needs to rest, Doc.
After his shift.
Need that derrick up and running by end of month.
Let's go! Let me pay you for your services.
No, I don't need compensation.
Sure you do, sweetheart.
Would me buying your land cover it? You know my answer.
If I don't buy your land, someone else will.
And they may not offer as much as me or be as polite.
I have already told you my land is not for sale.
Maybe you ought reconsider.
She said no.
So why don't you get going, sweetheart? I'll see you ladies around.
Thank you for your help.
- That man is a menace.
- Happy to.
Dealt with plenty of men like him in my lifetime.
I'm Gloria.
Have we met? We're just passing through.
Well, let me thank you with a hot meal.
Wouldn't be a proper Odessa welcome otherwise.
Hmm? Come.
Where are you going? - We have to find John and Bishop.
- No, I can't.
That woman, she's she's my mom.
We're in Odessa, Astra, my hometown.
I thought your mom was abducted by aliens when you were a kid; how could that possibly be her? I don't know, maybe maybe they wiped our memories and they sent her back in time.
That would explain why I could never find her.
Hey, hey, hey.
I know you feel like you gave up on finding her too easily, but I don't want you to get your hopes up.
If there was a chance that this was your mom, wouldn't you wanna talk to her too? Fine.
But maybe she knows something about the Fountain that can help us find John and Bishop.
Are you coming? The Fountain's near.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no! Bollocks! Looks like it's already dried up, and that's because you got us here too late, didn't you? Or we've arrived in the nick of time.
Look at these beautiful mushrooms.
What about the bloody mushrooms? Right, right, right.
Okay, you don't know this yet.
Earthlings eventually discover that mushrooms are actually an ancient alien species.
So you're telling me I've had aliens in my mushroom masala this whole time? Think about how weird mushrooms are.
There's nothing else like them on Earth.
And the caps on the ground, just the tip of the iceberg.
Most of the organism is underground.
What if go with me on this.
What if these mushrooms are connected to the Fountain? That could mean the Fountain is, in fact, itself an actual alien being.
Ah All of the Fountain's mythology is connected to caves and grottos.
I thought I was looking for a body of water, but perhaps, just like their alien cousins, the Fountain can arise from the ground.
Finally, someone who can keep up.
If you can summon the Fountain, I can make sure it chooses you.
I just need to take some samples back to the ship, and voilà! We'll be synthesizing with the Fountain in no time.
All right, let's get on with it then, shall we? Please sit down.
I will get us some tea.
Have you been here awhile? Since I was about your age.
I built this house myself.
And this Doc guy, why is he so interested in your land? He says there's a fountain of oil underneath it.
My house is the last parcel of land he hasn't scooped up yet.
Speaking of fountains, do you know if there's one nearby? No.
Sorry, dear.
Where were you from originally? Los Arenales, El Salvador.
That's my mother.
She was a healer too.
Taught me everything I know.
I never thought I would leave, but my husband, Celso, he died suddenly, and it was too painful for me to stay.
So I came here to make a fresh start with my daughter.
Your your daughter? Hello, there.
I'm warning you.
Mama taught me how to fight.
Ah, did she now? Your mama's somewhere nearby, is she? We live just over that way.
I was just looking at those mushrooms you're gathering there.
Why? Are you a healer? You could say that, yeah.
My mom is a healer.
That's why I'm gathering these for her, but she's expecting me.
I better go.
Can I show you a trick? Wow! You're magic! Yeah, I am.
Now, tell me, have you noticed anything else growing in this forest even more magical than those mushrooms? You're sure about that? Damn it.
This is for you.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
What's your name? Esperanza Cruz.
Look, your mom doesn't know anything about the Fountain.
Spooner, we have to go.
I can't leave yet.
If Gloria has a daughter, that's gonna mean that aliens abducted me from here, wiped my memory, and sent to me to the future.
Look, if I'm right, then any second now, kid-me is gonna walk through that door.
Okay, well, maybe it's best if kid-you doesn't see you-you for, I don't know, timeline reasons.
Mama! Mama, I met this man who says he can heal people just like you can! Good afternoon, ma'am.
Another healer.
What a coincidence.
What a coincidence indeed.
Don't worry, we'll get John back.
It'd be a lot easier if we had a time courier.
Why do we even bother - taking those things off? - Don't even My eggs are gonna hatch without me.
We need a plan.
Actually, we do know somebody with a time ship that could help us.
Gary! - Me? - No, not you, dummy.
We need you to contact her.
No, no, no, no.
That's a terrible idea.
Are we taking a vote on this? I vote nay.
Hey, Gary, listen to me.
We need to stop John from doing something more colossally stupid than he already has.
If we really wanna get Kayla's attention, this is how we do it.
What the hell is that? - It's called an IGCOM.
- What? It's an intergalactic communication device.
So, sorry, you're just gonna call Kayla? Are you kidding? She would never answer my call.
No, but there's something else we can do with it.
Okay, Mick.
Let's try to make this a little more dynamic.
Move your body a little to the right.
Other right.
Yup, okay.
Just chin down.
- Too much.
- Fake eggs coming in hot.
Oh, yeah.
This is worse than giving birth.
Just sit still, okay? Are you sure this is gonna work? - 'Cause, uh - Oh, 100%.
Kayla likes to pretend she's never on Galixiposts, but she totally is, and once we tag her, she's gonna lose it.
- Okay, thank you, Gary.
- Okay, Mick.
I think the only thing left to do is smile.
Be happy.
Okay, center him in the photo.
- There we go.
- Right.
And picture.
Tag Kayla.
And post.
And now we wait.
Wait? For how long? Eh, you know, sometimes reception on Earth can be a little spotty.
Oh, God.
Oh, my goodness, how rude of me.
I never got your names.
I'm Astra.
Esperanza, but I go by Spooner.
Esperanza? That's my name too.
Yes, and a beautiful one at that.
Tell me, what were you looking for in the forest? John.
Oh, I was just foraging for some medicinal herbs.
Are you sure you weren't looking for something more poisonous? "War of the Worlds"? Mama and I read it together every night.
That's a pretty scary book.
Space creatures aren't scary.
I want her to stay curious and keep her adventurous spirit alive.
And I wanna travel to other worlds.
I have a feeling you will.
Okay, come help me in the kitchen and tell me all about the plants you found.
- This is honey locust.
- Hmm.
You seem different.
What, you mean not overburdened by guilt and remorse? Why'd you show up here with kid-me? I found her while I was looking for the Fountain.
And do you know what? It's a good thing that I did, because our chance encounter gave me a wee glimpse into your past and her future.
Don't trust a word out of his mouth.
I don't.
Is everything all right? - Everything's fine.
- You know, this can't wait.
- Like hell it can't.
- Nunc somnum! What did you do? Never mind them.
Come with me.
Boys! Esperanza, run.
Run, mi amor.
Mama! Those men, they they They kill your mom tonight.
But you get saved by the Fountain of Imperium.
You see, it's not just a source of raw power.
It's an alien being that whisked you off to keep you safe.
It protected you, Spooner.
My whole life I thought those aliens took my mom away, but really, it was those oil men.
You have a choice.
You can let history play out as it did before.
Or you can save your mother and your younger self from those men.
Esperanza never has to leave here.
She can have a normal life.
So what do you want from me? My goodness, I don't know I don't know what came over me.
Where did our guest go? He sends his apologies.
He has some business to attend to.
What the hell did John do in there? He showed me the truth about my past.
The oil men come back and kill Gloria for her land while kid-me escapes and is saved by the Fountain of Imperium.
So I'm staying here and protecting them both to make sure that never happens.
Look, whenever John is involved, things tend to go south.
This is my only chance to make sure my younger self has a life with my mom.
I can finally get her back.
That's all I've ever wanted.
I thought you, of all people, would understand that.
Of course I understand that, Spooner, but But you just gave your blood to John to open the Fountain, which is the one thing we are trying to stop.
You can go after him if you want, but I'm staying here.
Are you sure it actually posted? Well, maybe we need to check the Wi-Fi.
She's here.
What do you mean they're fake? We will explain.
Look We're sorry about the way we had to contact you, but Bishop stole our ship, and you are the only person that can help us get it back.
And why would I help you guys? 'Cause the eggs on that ship are real.
And how did you survive? Miracle of childbirth.
Bishop acted as midwife and saved Rory's life.
Those eggs are gonna hatch soon.
I have to go and protect them.
Ever since that night on the planet, I've never stopped thinking about you.
The eggs might be fake, but my feelings for you are real.
The only thing I care about right now is getting back my babies.
Well, if you wanna get your eggs back from Bishop, you're gonna need our help.
What were you little fellas doing in the Med Bay all by your lonesome? Good thing you have me to keep you company.
I do hope that that's a victory dance, Squire.
The groove is all part of the process.
Don't you worry, I got the science covered, emo boy.
You just make sure your hocus is pocused.
Oh, don't you worry about that.
I have a sure-fire way to summon the Fountain.
What's all this malarkey then? This this serum will temporarily make every cell in your body mimic those of the most angelic selfless child.
Which will make the Fountain think that I am worthy.
The serum will go into this, which I will hold onto for safekeeping.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You just let me know when it's all good and ready all right, squire? Good.
John, do you really think Bishop is just gonna let you use the Fountain? Oh, don't be daft.
I know he wants to use the powers for himself, but old John Constantine always has a plan.
So do me a favor.
- Stay out of my way.
- No.
Let me bring you back to the team before it's too late.
"Oh, let me bring you back to the team before it's too late, John".
Don't bloody kid yourself.
Come on.
You, of all people, understand what I'm doing, don't you? You know what it feels like to be powerless.
To desperately need magic.
You've always had this selfish streak in you, and my mom knew it was dangerous.
Now, what would your mum think about you now, eh? Her very own daughter dabbling in the very dark arts that she ran away from.
I think she'd be turning in her grave.
Vá embora.
Damn it, John.
So what's your plan? Just gonna shoot them all? How do you know they're coming tonight? Trust me, I know.
Oh, Gloria! I've been playing nice, Gloria.
Now I've come to the edge.
So I'm gonna give you five whole minutes to come on out here and sign your place over to me.
Just let me go talk to him.
It's a trap.
They don't wanna talk.
Is this the only gun you have? I've never used it.
It belonged to Celso.
I don't believe in fighting with violence.
I'm sure Doc and I can come to a civil agreement and nobody needs to get hurt.
Mamí, what's going on? Here, Esperanza.
Why don't you read this in the bedroom, okay? You'll be safer in there.
No! There will be no bloodshed tonight.
There will be if you don't fight them.
Why is this even your business? Because I'm your daughter! I lost you once, Mom.
I'm not gonna lose you again.
- My daughter? - I know it sounds crazy, but it's me, Esperanza, just all grown up.
And because of some insane circumstances, I've traveled from the future to this moment in time.
And I know that tonight you and my younger self get separated for the rest of our lives.
- Separated? How? - When those men attack, I lose you for good.
And I escape into the woods only to end up in a different time.
Please believe me.
I can fix history.
I can save you and little Esperanza.
It's me, it's me.
And now that now that I'm here, you two can stay together.
I'm going to protect you.
I'm going to protect you.
Remember if Esperanza doesn't go to the Fountain, then you never come back to save Gloria.
I'd rather protect her now so I can become the person my mom always hoped I'd be.
If she does that, then my little girl and I, - we can stay together, yes? - Yeah, you'll stay together, but history will be completely changed.
And you'll never meet the Legends or help us save Sarah.
You'll never become you, Spooner.
Which means that which means we never become friends.
And I really don't wanna lose my friend.
I can't let that innocent girl go through what I went through.
If Esperanza does go, she will grow up without me, but she becomes you, and history will be preserved, yeah? Then Astra is right, and we have no choice.
Esperanzita has to go.
Losing you was the worst moment of my life, Mom.
I spent every day trying not to think about what happened to you, and it only made me angry and bitter.
I didn't become the kind of person you wanted me to be.
- Not even close.
- Yes, you did.
You did.
You became that person.
You are brave.
You have a big heart.
You are a time traveler.
Whether it's aliens or the universe at play, you being here now is not a coincidence.
We were meant to find each other again.
Whatever powers took you away also brought you back to me.
We're saved by faith alone.
Stay with Gloria.
I'll get Esperanza to the Fountain.
Well, what do we do now, magic man? Dance naked around a bonfire? Ooh, make a blood sacrifice, perhaps? Eh, we don't need a sacrifice, but we do need blood.
Sit hoc sanguine, clavis est.
Ancient light show.
You must have started a chemical reaction which induced a bioluminescent response in the cellular structure of these mushrooms.
Would you stop your incessant bloody commentary for one minute? Finally.
There she is.
Oh, Gloria! Everything is going to be all right, mi amor.
We've got to do what's right.
Listen to me, mamíta.
Astra, she's going to take you somewhere.
Where? Somewhere where you'll be protected.
I need you to be brave, okay? And to remember everything I ever taught you.
Why do I have to go without you, mamí? - I don't want to go by myself.
- I know, honey.
I don't want to either, but it's what we've got to do.
And before you know it, we're going to see each other again.
And I know you can do it, my strong and fearless girl.
We're going to see each other again.
I love you the most, Esperanza.
Time is up! You better come on out.
We have to go.
Come on.
Take care of me.
We've been doing this dance far too long, Gloria.
Just sign these papers, and we'll be on our way.
I'll say this once.
This land belongs to me and to my daughter, and it is not for sale.
Why you ladies have to be such a pain in my ass? Boys! What are you doing? Showing you what real pain feels like.
Because of your greed, you forced a young girl to leave her mother and her home.
I want you to feel the anger, the isolation, the anguish of losing everything you've ever loved.
What the hell are you waiting for? Who are you? I am my mother's daughter, and this will never be your land.
Ah! John must have opened the Fountain.
Is that where I'm going? Yeah, sweetie, that's where you have to go.
Will it be scary? At first, yeah.
But eventually, you are gonna find friends and a family.
And guess what.
You're even gonna see me again.
Kay? Esperanza, I need you to stay here for a second, okay? Esperanza? I told you to stay out of my way.
Suntok ni demonyo.
Hey, John-Boy? Is she part of the show? What is it? I can feel it.
She's gone now.
No, she's right here, with me.
All right, losers, we've located your ship.
Odessa, Texas, 1925.
And the Fountain of Imperium is in Texas.
I only care about my eggs.
The tracker says your ship should be right in front of us, but I don't see it.
Oh, hold on.
Uh And bingo.
- There she is.
- Oh, I missed her.
- Yeah.
- Oh, there she is.
Let's go.
Nate, wait.
John's not gonna be on that ship.
All he cares about is the Fountain.
Okay, so how do we find a evil genius and a crazed wizard in 1920s Texas? Well, we, uh, follow the weirdness.
We need to act quickly before the Fountain disappears.
John, you snake.
You swiped the serum from me? Yeah, well, I wasn't gonna bloody well let you take it and have all those powers to yourself, now was I? Oh, yeah.
I can feel it.
I can feel the Fountain.
That's not exactly the Fountain you're feeling, my friend.
You see, the serum I cooked up did indeed make you worthy, but I also added just a touch of deadly poison.
There are the eggs.
It's locked! Well, there's gotta be another way in.
Gideon, are you there? Guys, what is that thing attached to the incubator? Congratulations, Legends! You found your ship and triggered this message.
Now, I knew the first thing you'd do is try to save these wonderful interspecies eggs.
But if you want them, you'll have to play a game I call "48 Pick Up".
Now, when I open the door, you'll have scant few moments to gather as many of the eggs as possible before the incubator goes boom-boom.
Starting now.
Grab anything you can to put the eggs into.
Guys, hurry up! Egg! Ugh, you bastard.
Oh, look, I'm sorry, John.
It's nothing personal.
You're just collateral damage.
Now that you're linked, killing you means I destroy the Fountain.
Why? To destroy the planet, of course.
You see, once upon a time, benevolent aliens gifted the Fountain to Earth so it would act as an invisible shield to protect the planet from invasive alien species.
I forgot to mention that, didn't I? Once it dies, it's open season on Earth, baby.
I've tried saving the planet twice, and humans just keep getting in the way.
Now I'm fast-forwarding to the inevitable end so I can finally start anew.
So long, Johnny.
Something something's wrong.
Esperanza, que pasa? John? - John? - Astra.
Oh, I'm so I'm so bloody sorry.
Just tell me what to do.
There's gotta be a spell that can help you.
Not this time.
No, you are John Constantine.
You always have a plan.
You have a trick up your sleeve.
As luck would have it, I'm all out of tricks this time.
You were my greatest failure And my biggest accomplishment.
God, you look like your mum.
She would be so proud of you, so proud.
No, no, John.
John, I need you to try.
I need you to stay alive.
You hear that? The screaming.
It's the Fountain.
I killed it.
I killed it, Astra.
John! I killed Greg, move your head.

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