DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s07e05 Episode Script

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist

1 Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached our destination.
Welcome to New York City.
- Taxi! - [HORN HONKS.]
Legends, we made it! Legends, we made it! Thanks, we heard you the first time.
And every other time.
I appreciated all your updates.
Uh, Nate and Zari aren't coming? What are they doing? Did they say something? Hoover-Bot's still stonewalling us, so they're tinkering, trying to figure out who sent him.
- Why are you so concerned? - I'm not concerned.
I'm just, you know, emotionally invested in their love story.
I can't believe we're finally in New York.
We're so close to getting a time machine and going home.
Okay, first, we got to find Dr.
Gwyn Davies.
So let's get a city map, yeah? Can we also please find some pizza or something that's not John's whiskey? Ooh! I saw an ice-cream stand near the park.
Oh, I miss classic New York pizza.
It's all squash blossoms and cauliflower crust - in 2044.
- Yeah.
Why couldn't John's manor dimension have had unlimited Pizza Shack? Manor dimension? 2044? Pizza Shack? Where where are you kids from? Oh, um, we're just tourists from Uh, Canada, eh? Sorry, how much do we owe you? You're not Canadians.
Canadians are good people.
You're outlaws.
And I'm gonna stop you.
- Come here, come here.
- Careful, careful.
Okay, I'm fine.
I got the map.
Let's just get to the manor.
Whatever you're doing back there, you can't hurt me.
- I'm impervious to pain.
- Oh, I believe it.
Wow, You mastered that Hoover tech real quick.
Yeah, well, the code is the same as the Waverider's.
In fact, you see this blue chip? We have chips like this all over the Waverider.
So, we can confirm that the Waverider who shot our Waverider is making the Hoover-Bots.
But the question is still who and why.
Well, if this computer I stole from John's attic wasn't so retro, I would have the answer to that.
I was sent by the United States Government - to uphold the law.
- Hmm.
He still thinks he's the real Hoover? Yeah, I even put up a mirror to show him his tech.
He accused me of subversion.
- You deserve a break.
- Doughnuts? Where'd you get doughnuts? John's attic.
Gary stole them off the train.
Ah, genius! - Oh, my God, Sara! - I'm fine.
We got too casual, forgot the Bullet Blondes are still front-page news.
Not gonna happen again.
Yes, you might be fine, but I'm finding it very hard to erase the image of my wife being shot by a trigger-happy local.
Sounds more like a patriot to me.
Can we mute him? I can't deal with his negative energy right now.
Yeah, gladly.
Sounds like an American hero.
Sounds like some Okay, so [WHISPERING.]
Have you and Zari talked next steps? [WHISPERING.]
I don't know what to say.
And I don't want to ruin the vibe.
You're ruining the vibe by not saying anything.
This is last time I sneak you train doughnuts.
The hell you will.
You're my doughnut dealer.
What are you two whispering about? [NORMAL VOICE.]
The mission.
The Bullet Blondes are still front-page news, and we got to find this Dr.
Davies as fast as we can.
He's right.
And we located Edison Labs, which is where Davies worked when he came up with the foundation for time travel.
Just get us his research, and we'll use our future knowledge to build what he's come up with.
Then we can time travel out of 1925.
While you regain your strength, I'll go get Davies' research.
Actually, I'm going.
You're staying.
What? No way.
You just got shot.
Babe, our faces are literally on the front of every single newspaper.
If someone recognizes us again and decides to take a shot, I'm the only one who's gonna be able to survive that.
But no footprints.
Davies is the father of time travel.
If you mess up his timeline, no amount of IOUs in the world can fix it.
- You got it.
- [SIGHS.]
- Which one's Davies? No clue.
Time Bureau Manual didn't have a picture of him.
But if I had to guess, I'd say that guy.
Looks familiar.
Kind of like Mick but with hair? I was thinking more of a young Stein.
But regardless, he's clutching his briefcase to his chest like it has something important in it.
- Basis of time travel? - Mm-hmm.
Wait here.
Um, excuse me, Dr.
Gwyn Davies? That's Dr.
Gwyn Davis.
What is it you want? I am a huge fan of your work, and I would just love to pick your brain over a cup of Yes, yes, yes, I'm not here to socialize, young lady.
I'm here to make some very important discoveries for Mr.
- Now excuse me.
Thank you.
- Of course.
Ooh! Oh, I am so sorry.
Oh, by the way, was that an accent that I detected? - Good day to you.
- Oh, um keep up the good work.
Did you get it? Couldn't have been easier.
We've been trying to hitchhike for days, and literally nobody has stopped.
We must get to Dr.
Gwyn Davies by 7:00 p.
tomorrow, or the Legends will die.
At our current pace, we'll get to him in two weeks.
- - Sí.
Why can't you just bring us some good luck, man? Who are you conversing with? Is there someone up there? Hello! I'm Gideon.
I didn't want to do this.
But you leave me no choice.
I just performed a luck spell.
Now this rock will bring us good luck.
No way! You can do that? Obviously.
I'm a witch.
Isn't luck just an interpretation of random occurrences? How can a spell generate that? How can a spell generate anything? All I know is it works.
It works! These blueprints are incredible.
It's like Da Vinci's helicopter sketch.
Okay, how long to build the time ship? Davies' instructions are really thorough.
I'd say four no, five.
Weeks? Months? - Uh, years.
- Five years? You're asking us to build a time machine from scratch in 1925.
We're never gonna get back to 2021.
Look, it's not impossible.
It's just gonna take a little while.
Well, you're right.
And at least we have an unlimited supply of booze 'cause I need to get liquored up.
I totally support that after you ninja Davies' files back into his apartment.
You want me to do this now? Yes.
Small footprints, babe.
We can't risk altering time travel history.
It could jeopardize our entire existence.
And then I'm getting liquored up.
Now go about your life, and we'll build your time machine for you.
Or you'll build it for us.
You guys, his time machine is literally sitting there just begging to be used.
Hold on.
We can't use it yet.
According to Davies' notes, we're still missing one part.
Who's game for a scavenger hunt? Oh, I love scavenger hunts, because I love giving myself to all things games, people.
Did you and Gary hook up? I won't be mad.
I will be confused.
Just checking.
Davies' notes also say he got all his parts from Edison Labs.
I bet that's where we find the missing one.
Scavenger hunt just got way easier.
Wait, wait.
I am also dying to get to 2021, but no footprints, remember? Babe, I respect your "no footprints" plan.
And, yes, we could wait five years for the Tarazis to build a time machine that may or may not work no offense.
- None taken.
- Slightly offended.
Or we could leave a tiny footprint and get out of here way earlier.
It's not gonna be tiny.
Can you slow down? We're just trying to get all the information.
For instance, this is very interesting.
The Manual says that Davies laid the foundation for time travel.
If he built a time machine, why doesn't it say that he invented time travel? All right, maybe he time-traveled somewhere, couldn't recharge, and got stuck there.
Oh, that makes sense.
That's why he never got credit, because no one ever knew he succeeded.
But if we time-travel to the future, we can recharge it.
Plus, we'll pick up some time couriers, and we'll get back, and we'll return the machine, and he'll be none the wiser.
Babe, we would have time travel again.
And I know it's a footprint, but it's a tiny footprint.
It's like a baby footprint.
And everyone loves baby footprints.
The clutch is slipping.
I have no idea what that means.
But I assume it's bad.
Can you fix it? No, there's no time, and we won't be able to get out of first gear.
So, like, the max we can go is, like, 20 miles per hour.
How fast do we need to drive to get to New York? Well, to prevent the Legends from blowing up in Davies' time machine due to electrical overload, we should maintain a conservative pace of no less than 55 miles per hour.
Maybe we can, I don't know, find a mechanic.
There's no need.
We got our lucky rock.
Remember? I'm still not convinced there's any such thing as luck, only the ability to cope with the statistical universe.
Ah, you'll see.
Come on, rock, bring us some more luck.
Good afternoon, ladies.
Name's Erwin George Baker, but you can call me Cannon Ball.
Cannon Ball? As in the cross-country race-car driver? You've heard of me? I'm a big NASCAR I mean racing fan.
Well, y'all wouldn't happen to know the fastest route through Cleveland, now, would you? I'm actually in the middle of trying to break my own record driving from L.
to New York.
And, well, I think I made a wrong turn.
New York, did you say? We're actually on our way there, too.
Well, the fastest route to New York is south on Highway 15 till it merges with Highway 40, then cut through Columbus, not Cleveland, on the 90.
You sure know your directions, miss.
I'll tell you what if y'all help me get to the highway, I'll let you race with me all the way to New York.
- Shotgun.
- All right! Let's go.
Oh, I love scavenger hunts.
Are we playing teams or head-to-head? Neither.
You're on your own finding that part.
Well, what are you gonna do? Make sure that the doc stays here all night.
We can't have him walking in on us building his time machine, right? How you gonna keep him here? Uh Hmm.
I told you, I am not here to socialize, young lady.
Thank you.
I beg your pardon.
What do you think you are doing? You see, this is my desk.
It is not a rubbish tip.
Oh, you didn't hear? They want your opinion on which of these projects is best by tomorrow? Yes.
Who wants it? Not Edison.
Oh, this came straight from Edison himself.
Oh, and these.
What do we have here? I truly am the world's greatest scavenger hunter.
- I should be out there.
- Sara's gonna be fine.
She's a half-alien ninja in a building full of scientists.
An illegal alien? You degenerates are worse than I thought.
Would you just shut up? You're not even the real Hoover.
You are a robot.
If you would just tell us who sent you and who blew up our Waverider, we could be rid of you.
You can't get rid of me.
I'll hunt you until my dying breath.
Shh! I still don't know who sent him or who blew up the Waverider.
But I did find a to-do list in his programming.
- Tax convention at 3:00 p.
? - I'm missing that? You'll pay for this.
Uh, there's an item that supersedes everything else.
Wait, so, if he's here to kill us but he's also here to replace the old Hoover and do everything that the old Hoover did, does that mean that the person that wants us dead is trying to protect the timeline? Why would someone who's trying to protect the timeline want us dead? Protecting the timeline is literally our job.
I don't know, but any noticeable footprints, and they'll know that it's us and they'll come back to finish the job.
- Have you seen Dr.
Parker? - Um, no? You must be new.
I'm Mr.
Edison? T-Thomas Edison? - What's your name? - Gary Green.
Gary Green.
Well, Dr.
Green, at Edison Labs, we log out parts from the Parts Department.
Let me show you.
- Who's your supervisor? - Uh, Dr.
Gwyn Davies.
- Davies? - Mm-hmm.
What project is this for? Oh, his time-travel project, of course.
Have security meet me at Davies' office.
Yes, sir.
Right away.
Uh What Edison's asking me to do, it will keep me here all night.
I suggest you get started, then.
Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole - You okay? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Are you all right? Yeah, please.
Just don't touch me.
Confiscate everything.
No, no, no.
No, not my work.
No, you I've told you, this time travel is a fool's errand.
But you've been drafting blueprints at work and stealing company parts.
Just let me complete it, Mr.
Edison, please.
- I beg of you.
- You're terminated, Davies.
These men will escort you off the premises.
And I am personally burning this.
You couldn't possibly understand! Time travel is my divine mission.
You can't take that away from me! Take him to Bellevue.
It's apparent he's lost his damn mind.
I'm perfectly sane.
You get your hands off me, you brutes! Get your hands off me! Put your hand down.
We received calls from the last ten towns over about a speed demon headed this way.
License and registration.
Now, Officer, allow me to introduce myself.
Name is Erwin George I don't care if you're the pope of Pennsylvania.
License and registration.
We need to get back on the road.
We'll be fine.
We got our lucky rock.
You all need to step out of the vehicle.
I'm taking you in and impounding your car.
Uh, wait, wait.
You are making a huge mistake.
Erwin's cross-country races are all over the newspapers.
In fact, he is in the process of breaking the current record.
Article after article is being written about it.
Now, you could arrest him and be forever known as the cop who arrested a legend, or you could let us go and be hailed as the cop who gave Cannon Ball a police escort to the county line.
You'll mention my name in the paper? Oh.
Then let's get youse to that county line.
- Oh, yes! - That lucky rock sure is something.
It is gonna help me beat my record.
- Whoo! - Whoo! [UPBEAT TWANGY MUSIC.]
You thinking about Gary again? - Oddly enough, I am.
- Please say more.
Actually, Gary and I had a surprisingly enlightening conversation prior to your arrival.
That is surprising.
What did you talk about? He made me realize that I've been using your totem as an excuse not to take the next step.
I see.
We are having that talk.
All right, listen, no, we don't have to have it.
We've had a really good few days, and I don't want to ruin it.
No, we we're always great together.
It's being apart that makes it hard.
I know.
I know a way for us to be together.
And it's it's this place.
Like, here? Like, John's John's pocket manor dimension? Uh-huh.
Our problem is that you and other Zari can't coexist without Behrad's head exploding, okay? But in this dimension, time and space doesn't exist.
We don't have to worry about that.
What do you think? - I think it's a great idea.
- You seem stunned.
I am.
Uh - We can finally live together.
- Right? - It's a win.
- It's a win.
Really, a fist bump? It's bigger than a - Nah, I got jokes.
- You got jokes.
But on a serious note, I got a surprise for you.
- Another one? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- I saved you a bear claw.
Who loves you? You.
I'm trained to read people.
And that was a fine acting performance.
Shut up, Hoover.
I wasn't acting.
There you go again.
You might get your lies past him but not me.
Uh, what day is today? It's November 7th.
Why? He was planning to use it tonight.
No wonder he was so upset.
Okay, but this is fine, because if we use the time machine tonight instead, then history will stay on track.
Co-captains Necrian, I present the world's very first time machine.
Wait, Sara, that means No! Where did she No, no, no, no! Wait, they disappeared when I put this in.
So, if I take it out - Why aren't they back? - [SIGHS.]
Because we caused too many footprints.
God, this is all my fault.
- Okay, why are we still here? - I don't know.
But look, if Ava and if they're gone, then that means that the Time Bureau never existed.
That means that Which means that I never meet Ava.
We need to fix this.
We need to cover all of our footsteps and make sure that history happens exactly how it's supposed to.
Stay here and uninstall that last part.
We're not gonna use the time machine? No, we will, but we need Davies to install it and take his maiden voyage like history intended.
Wait, you're gonna break him out of a mental institution? Yeah, I guess so.
Oh, wait.
Edison took all of his files.
It's all good.
We made a copy.
No, no, no.
It's not all good.
It was the originals that were passed down from history, and it's the originals that inspired the invention of time travel.
We have to get those back from Edison.
Okay, it's a lot to do, but it's not impossible.
We have until 7:00 p.
That's a little more impossible.
Then it's time for all hands on deck human and robot.
Hey, you guys muted him.
Can you get him to do or say things? I mean, he has a to-do list.
In theory, I could replace what's on it.
Replace it.
We need him to get Davies' plans from Edison.
And Edison's gonna be more likely to give the plans - to Hoover than he would to us.
- Okay.
Bye-bye, eliminate legends.
Bye-bye, tax Convention.
Don't you dare.
I will ruin your You know, I don't know why I keep unmuting you.
All right, I'm gonna grab some clothes so we can accompany Hoover.
It's shocking how much stuff John has in that attic.
You think he has a lab coat? [PERSON SCREAMS, LAUGHING WILDLY.]
- Oh, I'm fine - [DOOR CLOSES.]
No, no, no, no, no, no.
What the devil are you doing in here? Getting you out of here.
The fangirl stuff was just an act.
- I'm actually a time traveler.
"Time traveler"? Is this some kind of sick joke? Edison put you up to it, didn't he? - The blasphemer! - This isn't a joke, all right? I'm from 2021.
And I know that you invented time travel and your maiden voyage is tonight at 7:00.
So I'm gonna get you back to your apartment so you can use your time machine let's go.
Do you honestly expect me to believe a word that's coming out of your mouth? You lied to me! This is all just more lies! Shh! Come on.
You'll see when you get there.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Listen, you don't understand.
I don't think you understand.
I built my time machine for a sacred purpose.
And I'll be damned if I'm letting a two-bit liar use it.
We do not have time for this, all right? If you don't come with me, then history is What are you not getting? You see, I am not going anywhere with you.
As a matter of fact Guard! Help! Intruder! - Help! - Hey.
Shh! Be quiet.
Now, I will let you go if you stop screaming.
Do you understand? I promise.
All right, hey, hey.
It's all right.
Hey, look Calm down, you're having a panic attack, okay? You just need to focus on your breathing.
Okay, okay.
Okay, look.
Hey, hey.
I'm sorry, okay? I've been treating you like a pawn instead of a person, and it's not fair.
You you are a really big deal, all right? Hey, you invented freakin' time travel, and it's because of you that so many things become possible, including me meeting my wife.
You married a woman? Yeah.
Still getting used to saying that.
We just got married.
Look, I messed up, and and she disappeared from the timeline.
And so now I have a sacred purpose, too to bring her back.
And the only way that that could happen is if you come with me, or otherwise she could be gone forever.
So, please, believe me when I say that I am done lying to you.
I can understand doing anything to save the person you love.
It's actually why I was trying to invent time travel.
So let's do it.
What do you say? Help me save my person? If I help you save your person, you'll help me save mine? Uh, you're only gonna come with me if I say yes, right? Uh-huh.
We have a deal, then.
Let's get the hell out of here.
- Yes, indeed.
- I'm gonna wash my hands.
I don't know, Zari.
He's still giving me "Terminator" vibes.
Listen, I hear that, but he's on our side now.
I reprogrammed him to get Edison's plans, among other tweaks.
Is there any way to make that less toothy? Watch this.
- After you.
- Aw! I don't understand why you would be interested in Dr.
Davies' plans, Mr.
Believe me, they're just the ravings of a madman.
I was just about to destroy them.
Thank you very much, Mr.
I'm sure you're probably right.
I'm just a little confused, Mr.
Why would someone of your stature bother to come here? Unless you have something more important on your agenda nearby? I came here for a - [CLEARS THROAT.]
- Sir, sir.
T-t-t-t-tax convention at 3:00 p.
Hoover, are you okay? Yeah.
Sir, he's he's fine.
You know, he suffers from low blood sugar.
I'm here for a tax convention.
I'm here to retrieve the plans.
I'm here to r-r-r-retrieve the plans.
I'm here for a tax convention.
I'm here for a tax convention.
I'm here to retrieve the plans.
I can explain everything, Mr.
Great Scott! - Oh! - Oh! Mr.
Edison! Oh, my God.
He's dead.
Oh, my God.
It's imperative that we find him.
Come on.
I am a scientist, not an athlete.
We need to take as much Hoover-Bot tech as we can.
We can still use it to try to figure out who sent him here.
Why do you think the Hoover-Bot short-circuited? I don't know-he was being pulled in two different directions that he couldn't reconcile Like our relationship.
Nate, I-I know I'm I'm not super great at expressing my feelings, but I I have to tell you something.
You're getting cold feet about living together? No, what? No, no, no.
No, dude, that's that's literally all I want.
But in the totem, not the manor.
No one is more surprised about this than me.
I found a real community there.
I feel like I'm part of a family.
Somehow over the last two years, it feels like home.
Can I get a little bit of time to digest what it would be like living out of a totem? Yeah.
This this reality we're navigating, it's insane.
- It's insane.
- Yeah.
Just take take as much time as you need.
And while there's no rush on your decision, we should probably get out of here.
- Yeah.
- Right.
- Okay.
Too late.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
We're trapped.
We're trapped.
Okay, you're supposed to be a genius, right? You can think of a way out of here.
A genius, genius? They think I'm a lunatic.
They think I'm a lunatic.
He went this way! Aah! Oh, my God.
Get back! I'm as mad as a hatter.
I will cut her.
Back, get back.
- Listen to him, he's crazy.
- I swear with all my might.
Get back.
Get back.
- He's going to - Get back.
- I'll do it.
I will.
I will.
- He's gonna do it.
Stay, stay, stay.
- He's gonna do it! - Stay! [TENSE MUSIC.]
We must clean up my body.
First, we must remove my human body.
I've got to answer the call of nature.
- Hey, nice car, mister.
You know, we might make it in time to get to the city with time for a bite to eat.
Ah, thanks to our lucky rock.
Oh, I must have left it inside the car.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! - Gideon! - No! No! No! Godspeed, ladies! Still got time to beat my record.
Great, we lost our ride, our lucky rock, and now Gideon.
Unless you can swim faster than a blue marlin, we're gonna lose the rest of our friends, too.
- Ooh, there are a lot more of you than I thought there would be.
This is only half the crew.
Wait till you meet the rest.
Hey, everybody.
I'd like to introduce you to Dr.
Gwyn Davis.
Nice to meet your acquaintance.
- Ah, there she is.
- Ah, yes.
My divine mission is finally coming to "fruititions".
Hey, man.
I'm Behrad.
Oh, sorry.
I just feel like I know you.
I mean, I've been studying your life's work and chilling in your apartment and using your glassware.
I borrowed a glass, by the way.
Hope that's cool.
Uh, hey, is that Oh, yeah.
Also, uh, Edison's dead.
What? So there's another Hoover-Bot and now an Edison-Bot deployed.
But headline there's a rogue Waverider after us.
But we did get the plans.
Oh, my files.
Thank you so much.
You know, you really do look familiar.
Oh, maybe I just have one of those faces.
He looks like Ray.
- My Ray? - I said a young Stein.
But whatever, we got the plans, we got the doc.
B! You got to assemble the last part to get the timeline back on track.
Ah, yes.
The final piece of the puzzle.
You ready? Oh, come on, come on.
- Ava.
Oh! - Wha what happened? Did I disappear? - It worked! - I am so sorry.
I never should have rushed.
I should have listened to you.
Oh, no, no.
It's okay.
What matters is that we're back together again.
Oh, oh.
No, no.
Is this not a group-hug situation? Right, well, uh, it'll be a bit of a squeeze, but I'm sure we all can fit.
Oh, all right.
What do you say, guys? Ready to go home? Here, do another luck spell.
Maybe we can still make it.
I can't.
The spell was fake.
Come again.
There is no luck spell.
I made it up.
I pretended to do it to make you feel better and give you back some hope.
You were at a pretty low point.
Okay, well, then how do you explain - where all the luck came from? - It came from us.
Hey, no.
Think about it.
You felt better after I did the spell, right? Gideon convinced Erwin to give us a ride.
I sweet-talked the cop into letting us go.
We made our own luck, and we can keep making it.
But we have to do it fast because we only have five minutes to stop them.
Or do we stop everything? Let's go.
- Oh, hello.
- Who the heck are you? - I'm Gideon.
Well, Gideon, you got till the count of three to get out of my new car, or I'm gonna make you.
One, two [GROANS.]
By my calculations, there's still enough time to save my friends with luck.
Right, then, where to? We need to go somewhere we can get back to our time machine and find the rest of our crew.
Tahiti, 2021.
There's a Time Bureau safehouse there.
We can go pick up some time couriers.
And sounds like a great honeymoon.
Hmm? Tahiti would be an amazing honeymoon.
I'm sorry to interrupt you, ladies, but [CLEARS THROAT.]
After you have got the rest of your friends, you will hold up your end of the deal.
- I always keep my word.
- Deal? What are you What you know what? Nope, I don't even care.
It's been a crazy day.
I disappeared.
I don't want to know anything.
Don't tell me anything.
Um, you should know one thing.
- Um, we also killed Edison.
Come on, lucky rock.
If you do a lightning spell to zap this tower with as much juice as you can, it should overwhelm the grid and cause a citywide blackout, - therefore - Preventing the Legends from ever turning on that time machine.
I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.
Let's do this.
No! [thunder booms.]
Oh, Astra! I got you.
You're okay.
Hurry up! Move it! We're almost there! Go, go, go, go! Did we make it? And that's how I arrived here.
Oh, hello, Astra.
Hello, Spooner.
ALL: Hey! ALL: Aw! Guys.
How many bloody time travelers are there? And then Astra did a lightning spell.
Mm, here we are.
How did you know the blackout was gonna work? I guess we got lucky.
Thought you could use a drink.
Heard you had quite the journey.
Oh, thank you! Mm.
Mm, save some for me.
Just kidding.
I don't drink.
We also have an infinite amount.
Oh, I had my foot on the gas that whole time, and we almost blew up.
And now because we didn't, the timeline might be off.
Oh, my God, hey, what if you fritz out again? Babe, it's okay.
I'm here now.
Man, seeing you vanish like that, it was it's like I saw my entire future just disappear our whole lives together, and it's just gone.
And it wasn't it wasn't the time travel or the high jinks.
It was like I lost my safe place.
And I lost the cuddles on the couch and bourbon sunsets on our porch.
I know we don't have a porch, but It's okay.
I love bourbon sunsets on our nonexistent porch.
And I love you.
- Hey.
Power's back on.
- [SIGHS.]
So, Gideon, what was gonna cause the machine to explode? The machine requires a class CR-055 superconductor that doesn't need recharging.
It can power the machine safely, unlike alternating current.
Unfortunately, it won't be invented for another 300 years.
300 years? Well, guys, looks like we're stuck in 1925 forever.
I was supposed to die today, but by God's will, I didn't.
There has to be another way.
Did did you say CR-055? A little blue chip the size of an eyeball? Precisely.
How did you know? That chip was in Hoover-Bot's head.
Come on Ha.
- Ba-hoom.
- Do you have enough room? - Oh, plenty.
I'm used to really tight spaces.
Me too.
The other Waverider it's here.
- All right, punch it.
- Okay.
Tahiti, 2021, here we come.
Uh, guys [SIGHS.]
I don't think this is Tahiti.

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