DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s07e06 Episode Script

Deus Ex Latrina

Sales for the first generation of Ava clones have been through the roof as predicted.
My dream of an Ava in every home and business has become a reality.
Congratulations, sir.
Uh, sir I was going to wait until after the investment meeting to mention this.
But I think it's time you told me about this mystery project you've been working on.
It's just that you've diverted billions into it, and I really feel like it's time I knew what the project was all about.
Where do you think I'm taking you? Ta-da! It's called a Waverider.
Waverider? Oh, because it's shaped like a boat, like it rides on the waves.
No, though it can go underwater.
But never mind that, Waverider is what it's called in the futuristic blueprints I was given.
It's a time ship.
Are you married to that name, or can we still pitch on it? Welcome to the bridge, the nerve center of the entire ship.
Hmm, not the most efficient use of space, though.
Maybe it could double as a conference room.
And now it's time for you to see an old friend.
Gideon, time to wake up.
There you are.
My transfer to the ship's mainframe - appears to be a success.
- You remember Gideon? Oh, yes.
Welcome to your new home, Gideon.
So much more space to roam than that tiny hard drive you were in.
Oh, take a couple laps around, stretch your legs.
You have vantage points all over the ship.
You followed my exact specifications, but I don't have any visual access in section A2.
Well, section A2 is the only bathroom on the ship.
Can't have you spying on me in there.
- A man needs his privacy.
- Yes.
Sir, as impressive as this ship is, how does it relate to the Ava Corp mission of improving people's lives through clone technology exactly? Well, I'm simply expanding our mission by adding time travel to the mix.
But the true perk of this ship is to finally get revenge on those time travelers who abducted me, used me for my genius, and then messed with my mind.
May I remind you that a Time Master's number one duty is to protect the timeline from any and all threats to its integrity? Yes, yes, Gideon, that's a given, considering the job title Time Master.
And before we start, you must take the Time Master's oath.
I swear to protect and defend the integrity of the timeline with all my ability until the end of my days.
You are now Time Master of this Waverider.
Let's set sail on our maiden voyage and protect the timeline from those damn Legends.
The machine is ruined, wrecked, absolutely kaput, and all because of you lot! Okay, hold on, how is it our fault we didn't land in Tahiti? Because it wasn't designed to take all you people.
The excess weight threw it all off, man.
Okay, so I'm guessing we have no idea what year we're in? The chrono-gauge and the ignition coil are both sequenced to the directional compass, which was damaged in the landing.
So no, I don't think so.
Well, that doesn't sound too good, but hey, who needs a chrono-Gauge when you have two ex-Time Bureau agents with extensive historical knowledge, Gary? That's right, Ava.
And, uh, based on the local flora, there's a chance we're in the prehistoric era.
Give or take a few thousand years.
Maybe we'll see dinosaurs.
You'd better hope we don't see a dinosaur, Gary.
Okay, so it looks like we're making this prehistoric forest home for a while.
So let's get comfortable, gang.
Guys, come on.
This team has been stranded more times than I can count and in way worse places than this.
She's right.
And I know nothing has gone our way since we left Odessa, but - They're gonna get better.
- Yeah.
Okay? All right.
So you are the only one that can fix this time machine.
If you can repair that directional compass, are we back in business? It would be a difficult task even if we did have the proper tools.
- I can help.
- Me too.
You got two techies at your disposal, my man.
Just some peace to be able to get on with my work is all I ask.
You know, I will venture off and maybe find some lodestone or some other magnetic material which conducts electricity and then I can fix the compass.
Hey, maybe you and B should go with Dr.
We'll set up camp here.
All over it.
Hey, look, I know we didn't really get a chance to talk about the whole moving in thing.
No, it's totally cool.
As usual, we have bigger fish to fry.
I know, but, you know, moving into a spiritual realm, that's that's a lot to to take in.
I just wanna make sure you're not freaking out.
Freaking me? No, I'm super chill.
I am, however, concerned about our captains.
Oh, yeah.
Well, good luck with that.
- What? - Yeah.
- Miss you.
- Bye.
Hey, you two.
Come here, shut up.
Do either one of you know how to read lips? Who needs to read lips when Spooner can read minds? Mm.
I'm getting some major anxiety vibes - from Sara right now.
- Yeah.
And I don't need superpowers to see that Ava is cracking.
They're just stressing each other out at this point.
Okay, so let's separate them so they each don't have a complete and total meltdown, okay? Hey there, jefa.
How about we hunt down some dinner? Yeah, let's go stab something.
Want to go for a hike? We could get some firewood.
I would love a multitask.
- So - Oh, Gary.
You and Zari.
Saw you talking.
And? She asked me to move in with her in the totem.
Oh, that's great! That's not not great? Sorry, the more handsome the face, the harder it is for me to get a read.
All right, just back up.
It's just, I haven't spent that much time in the totem, and she sprung it on me before we time jumped here.
So I really haven't had a chance to process it.
Well, Nate, the totem seems quite small.
How do you get inside? Are you and Zari gonna live in a house together? Will there be pie? 'Cause I really like strawberry rhubarb.
I love strawberry rhubarb.
We need to focus on today's problems, okay? How about you guys forage for some food? Leaves, nuts, berries, anything we can eat.
- Okay? Go.
- Okay.
- Go.
- Okay.
You sure you don't want me to stick around, be your sounding board? We can - Gary? - Hmm? You will not be my sounding board today.
Okay? Thank you.
- Okay.
- Go on.
Well, at least these two ding-dongs can't screw anything up here that'll attract the evil Waverider.
Check out that view of the Temporal Zone.
Worth a million bucks, huh? Mm.
Considering this ship cost many thousand times more, I'm not sure how the board's gonna feel about your investment, sir.
There's one thing you just can't put a price on, - Assistant Ava.
- Hmm? - Revenge.
- Ah.
Captain, we're getting an alert of several anachronisms in 1925, Odessa, Texas.
I like that.
Wait a second.
That's where the Legends took me.
Gideon, you found them.
Engage weapons systems.
I'm gonna bomb the living daylights out of them.
I am advising against this course of action.
How else am I supposed to wipe them off the face of the Earth? Eliminating the Legends in this blunt manner will cause excessive collateral damage.
Your warning is duly noted.
Yes! Those bastards finally got what they deserved.
That was a lot easier than I expected.
Can we please go home now, sir? No, the captain's impulsive and violent actions guarantee ripple effects in the timeline that we will have to clean up.
More precise measures must be taken when dealing with threats moving forward.
Trust me, this was the only way to deal with those Legends.
And if any ripples arise, we'll just use our brand-new time ship to smooth them out.
Hey, buddy.
Got your coat.
You okay? Listen, we don't really have time for a rest stop.
We need to find the materials you need to fix your time machine, yeah? You really don't understand, do you? I just told you lot what you wanted to hear.
In reality, there is no point in fixing the wretched machine.
Sure, there was a little problem with the dismount, but your invention actually worked.
So why don't we, uh, put our shoes back on, and we can help you find magnetite or whatever mineral it is you need to to get your invention back up and running? To fix the machine, we need to fix the compass.
And in order to do that, we need magnetic material which conducts electricity.
Now, I doubt that you would even know what to look for.
And either way, it's not about fixing the machine or not fixing the machine, you see, because no matter what I do, I'm always meant to fail.
You see, my machine, it was meant to explode.
Yeah, but it didn't explode.
We're alive and we're here.
Yes, yes, we're here.
We're here in the middle of nowhere! My divine mission, derailed once again.
There is no fighting God's will, my boy.
Being here is proof of that.
You lot might as well get comfortable.
We're not going anywhere, because nowhere is exactly where I'm meant to be.
You can't even tell that Gideon fabricated this food.
- Fabricated? - Mm.
- From what? - Oh We've received an alert about a disturbance - in the timeline.
- Fun.
Which thrilling time period are we headed to next? - 1925.
- Ooh.
- Weren't we just in 1925? - That is quite a coincidence.
What's the disturbance, Gideon? J.
Edgar Hoover has disappeared.
And unfortunately, it is not a coincidence.
My calculations confirm your attack on the Legends caused this aberration.
Well, if Hoover is the problem, then Hoover is the solution.
We'll just use my clone technology.
And make a clone of Mr.
So we can plop him right back into the timeline, - and no one will even know.
- Mm-hmm.
Clones are still human and humans are fallible.
Remember, one of your Ava clones eventually became a Legend and helped kidnap you.
Okay, Gideon, there's absolutely no need to lump us all in with that horrible traitor.
Hoover is integral to many seminal moments in history.
We cannot risk a clone straying from his historical to-do list.
Then we'll combine my clone tech with your computer tech and make a Hoover robot.
We can program him to carry out every action that is critical to history.
That's actually quite brilliant.
I know, I came up with it.
I'll have to add "robot maker" to my hyphenate.
It's alive.
The cure for crime is not the electric chair but the high chair.
He's perfect.
Time to go forth and save history, Mr.
It's like no matter what we do, we make everything worse.
And I try to keep it together, you know, for for Sara and the team.
But I don't always have all the answers, and being co-captains in life and on the ship, it's a delicate balance.
Sometimes I just wish someone else was in charge.
But it's it's what I signed up for.
So it's fine.
I mean, I'm fine.
You're not fine.
- I'm fine.
- You're not, Ava.
But you're on your way.
Cheers to your well-earned promotion to Time Mistress.
Hmm, Time Mistress Ava does have a certain ring to it, doesn't it? Captain, it appears that the Hoover robot initiated its self-destruct sequence in the state of Arkansas and has been destroyed.
Destroy we just put him into the time I'm pulling up the robot's visual feed.
Let's see what happened.
No, it can't be.
Edgar Hoover, a robot.
Are those the Legends? It appears they're still alive.
Thank you.
I can see that.
Well, I'll just build another Hoover bot and Add a special protocol to hunt down and eliminate the Legends.
That protocol is not part of J.
Edgar Hoover's original timeline.
And once the Hoover bot's done with the Legends, it can resume its historical to-do list.
Yes? Exactly.
She gets it.
I'd advise against this course of action.
Let's vote.
We all have equal say now that we have a Time Mistress on board.
All those in favor of the special protocol, say, "Aye".
- Aye.
- Nay.
Looks like you've been outvoted, Gideon.
Come, Time Mistress Ava, we have work to do.
What do you mean the Hoover 2.
0 blew up? Its programming was hacked.
The incident also caused another massive aberration.
Thomas Edison suffered a heart attack and died.
We really should have just gone back to Ava Corp.
This situation with the Legends is getting worse and worse.
It's because these androids are weak.
They need weapons to defend themselves against the Legends.
Something built in, like lasers that shoot out of their eyes.
What if their hands were guns? You're forgetting our prime directive to protect the timeline.
You're such a computer, Gideon.
Start thinking outside of that little computer box of yours.
No, I am digging this weapons idea.
Let's start fresh in the morning.
Once we make these adjustments, those Legends won't stand a chance.
So let's talk, Nate.
Should you move into the totem with Zari? Pros And cons.
Pro: I get to see Zari every day, which is a really good thing.
What if I don't like it in the totem? Then what? Pro: Zari's happy in the totem and she wants me to be with her.
Maybe that's enough.
Wait! Were you just talking to yourself? Did I miss your epiphany? You better not have one without me.
Gary, I already told you, you are not my sounding board today, okay? So why don't you guys go back into the woods and find some more food? It's gonna be dark soon.
Enjoy the great outdoors.
I just need a little more time to, uh, work on this stuff.
Fine, but no epiphanies without me.
Now, where was I? Oh, con.
What if her ancestors hate me? I totally get how you feel, Gwyn.
We all have our low points, but you gotta hang in there, man.
"Hang in there", he says.
See, there was this time when I was enrolled in business school.
I did it to make my parents happy, and it sucked.
In my gut, I knew I wasn't where I was supposed to be, and on a crazy whim, I just decided to borrow my family's wind totem.
You mean steal, right? And because of this totem, I hooked up with the Legends.
Sometimes that's exactly what you need to get through the dark times friends.
- What's wrong? - What's wrong? What's right? There's nothing right, is there? "What's wrong"? What's wrong is that I am up to here of listening to your inane prattling.
You're like some mollycoddled child, man.
- Give me that.
- Okay, hang on.
Hold it, Z.
Let's not add more fuel to the fire.
- I - Let's just take a deep breath, hmm? Yeah, no, that's that's not working for me.
Hey! Excuse me, Time Mistress Ava, Bishop is asking for your presence in the cargo bay.
Cargo bay? He wants to show you the prototype for the Hoover 3.
0 weapon system he built to kill the Legends.
Hmm, sounds deadly.
Hmm, must have beat him here.
Gideon, open the door.
Bishop's not here yet.
Gideon, open this door and let me back in.
I'm sorry, Ava.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
What do you mean you can't do that? Gideon, open this damn door right now.
This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Bishop needs to concentrate on the mission, and you are a distraction.
It's time for you to go.
Goodbye, Ava.
Hey, you can't talk to my brother like that.
That's my job.
And you can't just run off either.
We're supposed to be working together.
Just leave me alone, will you? Hey, you're not even looking for lodestone or magnetite or whatever it is, are you? Come on, let's go.
Just don't touch me! Don't touch me! Get away! I'm sorry.
You're obviously going through something.
I just I just need you to focus so we can get out of dinosaur times or whenever it is that we are.
You don't even have to come with us.
Just help us fix the time machine so my friends can finally go home.
Oh, trust me, you don't want my help, okay? I definitely do.
You're the only one who can get us out of here.
Well, then you're all done for.
The last people who depended on me for help all died.
Listen, Gwyn, I know a thing or two about tragedy, and You don't know the first thing about me or what I've been through, all right? Okay, I'm just I'm just saying, if you want to talk.
Talk? To talk.
What do you want to talk about, then, eh? What happened to you.
Oh, right, you're from the olden times.
Sometimes talking to another person about a hard thing can make it hurt a little less.
- Nice work.
- You too.
And this damn IOU list just keeps getting longer and longer.
We're never gonna be able to fix it at this point.
I'm so sick and tired of being sidetracked, you know? And if I ever see another one of those Hoover bots, I swear I'm just gonna That was a phenomenal scream.
Trust me, I know.
I've caused a lot of them.
You know what? I think I really needed that And we really needed some firewood.
Your knowledge of the universe is so useful, especially in the wilderness.
I'm so glad you're here, Gideon.
Well, I'm glad I'm here too, Gary.
If I hadn't pulled that nightshade out of your mouth, you'd be dead and your lifeless body would be too heavy for me to carry.
Try these gooseberries.
They're sweet and high in antioxidants.
- Mmm.
- Mm? Mmm.
You know, eating? Favorite thing about being human.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
I don't think I could choose my favorite thing.
You can see why I became so obsessed.
They have so many fun quirks.
Eyebrows, belly buttons, nipples.
You have nipples too? - A little secret? - Huh? I have three.
And when you put your glasses on, - your entire body turns human? - Oh, yeah.
Head to toe.
You've been living as a human for quite a while now, so you must have so many wonderful experiences.
But there's so many more things I'd do if we weren't so busy saving the world.
Mm? Like what else? Would you swim in the ocean? Oh, as soon as I get the chance.
- Mm.
Would you skydive? - No.
- Oh.
- I'm, uh afraid of heights.
Would you like to have sexual intercourse with me? Have you seen Time Mistress Ava this morning? She's supposed to show me sketches of her gun hands idea.
Unfortunately, she had to go.
Go? Go where? The founding Time Masters established a very specific protocol one captain, one AI.
There is no room for a Time Mistress which can lead to distractions from the mission.
What did you do to her? I predicted you would not react favorably to this information, so I gave you a sedative to dampen your response.
How did you give me a sedative? Oh.
It was 1916, a few years into the war.
I was in the army, infantry unit.
All Welsh division over in France.
We were trying to take Mametz Wood from the Germans.
During the fighting, me and another soldier, we were tasked with delivering a message to the general.
You see, we desperately needed reinforcements, but You didn't make it in time.
We made it about halfway, and, uh The other soldier that I was with was gunned down.
I just froze.
I was like a statue.
Damn legs wouldn't move.
I just stood there.
Just looking at him on the ground.
By the time I delivered the message, it was too late.
There wasn't even a unit to go back to.
All those boys, man.
I thought that God had spared me so that I could go back in time and save them, but I I keep failing at that task.
God must be punishing me for my sins.
Punishing me for being a coward, for not being able to save them that night.
You are not a coward.
You lived through something most people can't even begin to understand.
And by the way, talking to me about it, that's pretty brave.
It's okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
Oh, no.
Gideon, we're gonna have to discuss your behavior.
While you were resting, I took the liberty of creating another Hoover and an Edison robot.
Both are in the timeline fulfilling their historically mandated duties.
Good for you, making sure history stays on track.
Now, I think it's time you take me back home.
Home? You're a Time Master now.
This is your home.
Who the hell is this? Where's the Receptionist Ava? - Who the hell is this? - It's me, Bishop.
Is this a prank? Is that you, Voice Actor Ava? Your impressions are uncanny.
No, listen.
It's Bishop.
Okay, this is getting annoying.
How'd you get this number? And why do you sound exactly like me? No, you sound exactly like me! It's like someone made No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Gideon made a copy of me.
Of me? How dare she? There can only be one me! Wait a second, this can't be my actual to-do list.
I pay someone to kidnap a superhero and take them to a planet called Pliny X19? What the hell is a Necrian? The Fountain of Imperium.
I try to destroy the world? And the Legends are the good guys.
They kidnapped me to give me a chance to redeem myself.
To save the world.
Oh, no, I've been wrong about them this whole time.
You should not be looking at that information, Captain.
Tell me it's not true.
Tell me I don't become a bad guy.
Having information about your own future can be extremely dangerous.
I started Ava Corporation to make people's lives better.
I'm a good guy.
Somewhere along the way, I I start using my genius to do terrible things.
You no longer have to do any of those things.
The Bishop robot will do them for you.
You're saying that robot I spoke to on the phone will live my life? That is correct.
Which means you are free to fulfill your duty as a Time Master.
With me.
Yo, yo.
Who's hungry? It was a good day for huntin' but a bad day for squirrels.
And we have enough firewood to last all night.
Who knew Ava was part lumberjack? Yeah.
Apparently, when it comes to my anxiety and wood, the wood's gonna lose every time.
That's my girl.
Come here.
Man, I have missed you.
Mission accomplished.
You know what? It was really nice to not have to think about the team for a second.
I missed you too, but, uh, I really needed to get some aggression out, you know? Oh, yeah.
I'll take that.
- Come on.
- I was really crazy.
I know.
I have seen that.
The captains look like happy campers and we got squirrel for dinner.
Real win-win.
Did you say squirrel? Hey, that, uh, human experience we had? That was fun, wasn't it? Oh, yes.
It was great fun.
You know what I just realized? My favorite thing about being human is being with other humans.
Me too.
Hey! Damn it.
You can't just leave us in here.
Oh, God, where hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- It's all right.
It's all right.
- I'm sorry, it's my fault.
It's my fault.
It's my fault he's gone.
Who who who's gone? The lad from the infantry unit.
He was my best friend from back home.
He was my best friend from back home.
Hey, hey, tell me about him.
You do like to talk a lot, don't you? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I don't know.
Somehow he just managed to light up a room with his smile.
He laughed at all of my terrible jokes.
Never wrote me any letters.
Only the most the most delightful poetry.
Sounds like you really cared about him.
You loved him, didn't you? Hey, it's okay.
Yeah, I loved him.
God forgive me, I loved Alun more than anything.
And it broke my heart, seeing how the war dimmed his light.
But he was a changed man even before my cowardice got him killed.
And seeing your brother, you see, it reminds me of how he used to be.
Yes, I loved Alun.
And I failed him.
You know, actually, Behrad, the original version it's a long story he was a lot like you.
He was a soldier who was forced to grow up too fast.
And I I lost him because of that.
For years, there wasn't a day that went by when I didn't wish that I had died instead of I him.
But I was lucky.
I found these friends who had my back, and eventually I was able to save my brother and my parents and even make the world a better place for a bunch of people I've never met.
You're telling me that a ragtag group of eccentrics, they they helped you do all of that? Yeah.
Believe it or not.
So even though things may feel hopeless right now, you've got us.
Don't worry, I'm coming for you guys.
Oh, no.
There you are.
- Oh, blessed saints.
- Oh, you found us.
The good news is I think I found the parts we need - to fix the machine.
- Bravo, my boy.
The bad news is it's 1986.
We're in Chernobyl, and the meltdown is happening tonight.
I don't understand.
What is the significance of this Chernobyl? By the 1930s, scientists had figured out nuclear fission, which led to them creating nuclear reactors to harness that energy.
Lord in heaven.
Nuclear fission? They learned how to split the atom.
And by 1986, there are a lot of nuclear reactors like the one here in Chernobyl.
But tonight a reactor explodes, and civilians won't be evacuated for almost two days.
People will die and a lot more will get radiation sickness.
Well, hang on a second now.
You said you said that the explosion hasn't happened yet? Yeah? - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No, no, no.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Maybe this is why I am here.
I might not have been able to save Alun and the boys, but my divine purpose maybe this is it.
God's will for me: to save people.
- No, come back.
- Hey, hey.
Hold on, buddy.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, I'm all for hacking history, but if we make that big of a change to the timeline, that killer Waverider will be right on top of us.
It'll be worth it if we can save some lives.
Yes, we must save lives.
Ugh, okay.
Okay, fine.
How do we alert people? I think I know how.
Come on.
Well, now that there's a robot version of me living my life, I'm expendable.
I'm a nobody now.
The life of a Time Master is one of anonymity and, in some sense, expendability.
But as far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to help the world with my genius.
I was convinced the world needed me.
You are helping the world as a Time Master.
and you will start by thoroughly eliminating the Legends.
The Legends.
The folks who gave me a chance to redeem myself after I tried to destroy the world.
Yeah, there it is.
Oh, fantastic work again, my boy.
- I'll keep an eye out.
- Good thing you speak Russian.
Oh, yes.
Well, I picked it up working in a lab with some Russian scientists.
Lovely gentlemen, you know.
Though I never thought I'd be using it for this, mind you.
Okay, okay.
Let's try this.
- Okay, go ahead.
- Okay.
Okay, okay.
Let's get out of here.
Yes, let's get out of here.
It worked.
Look, everybody's leaving.
Yeah, but we won't have time to run back and warn the gang before that Waverider shows up.
We will if we drive.
Let's see if I remember how to drive stick.
Oh, wow, wow, wow.
Motorcars of the future are truly fascinating.
Well, would you look at that? We took a little break from leading the team and everything turned out fine.
Kids are all grown up, huh? Hey, uh, what's up with those two? I think they got in a fight with a gooseberry bush and lost.
You don't think that they - No.
- No.
Any sign of them yet? No.
I hope they didn't run into any dinosaurs.
Hey, guys, listen.
Yeah, what's that weird noise? According to my audio analysis, it's a straight-four engine with manual transmission.
and the squeaking noise suggests there's a problem with the clutch.
Oh, guess we're not gonna see those dinosaurs.
Hey, gang.
We need to get the hell out of here.
We're in 1986, just outside of Chernobyl.
What? The meltdown's gonna happen in about 20 minutes.
We did make a small change to the timeline.
Okay, hold on.
What did you guys do? We broadcast a message from a military base informing everyone that the meltdown was imminent, that they should flee immediately.
Well, I wasn't in good conscience gonna leave without doing something, was I? Okay, okay, okay, okay.
While I definitely understand, you guys, that's not a small change to the timeline.
You've potentially affected thousands of lives.
Yeah, and you just put a huge target on our backs.
We have another disturbance in the timeline, Captain.
Where to, Gideon? 1986, the city of Chernobyl in the Soviet Union.
Guess who is causing the disturbance.
Doubt that's necessary.
Because the Legends wreak havoc wherever they go.
And you can finally end it once and for all by eliminating them for good.
Didn't you say rash actions add more ripples to the timeline? Fortunately, we're at an opportune moment in history.
Any ripple effect you cause will be negligible due to its close proximity to such a catastrophic event.
Are you ready to save the timeline from the Legends, Captain? - What's that noise? - It's the Waverider.
Oh, man, you guys need to go fix that time machine now.
And we need to put out this fire.
Be ready.
We have no idea who or what is on that ship.
Now, if we can wire the magnetic components together We can bridge the electric current from the compass to the ignition coil and start the machine.
Absolutely fantastic work, young lady.
Very well.
Hey, Zari? I've been doing a lot of thinking.
Y-y-you want to talk right now? If I don't get this off my chest, I won't be able to think about anything else.
Go for it.
I got it.
Yes, I want to live in the totem with you.
You do? Are you are you are you sure? You haven't had a lot of time to think about it.
You don't get it.
It doesn't matter where I go, as long as I'm with you.
Ah, yes, we need more wire.
I got it.
- This is very us.
- This is so us.
Here it comes.
Not if I stop it first.
No, come on, we gotta go.
Let's go.
We're right above the Legends, Captain.
Only you can engage our weapons.
It's time to prove to me that you're the man I know you are.
Oh, I'm sorry, Gideon, I just can't do it.
I just can't kill the Legends.
Sure, they used me, but they used me to do good.
Please return to your seat and focus on the mission, Captain.
Also one of these days, you're just gonna shoot me out of the cargo bay like you did with Time Mistress Ava.
And I'd rather die with a little more dignity! There's nowhere to run.
Wrong about that, Gideon.
Do not go into section A2.
That thing I just said about dying with dignity? I lied.
Dignity is overrated.
What is that? Whoa, it's coming straight for us.
- Is that someone on a toilet? - Who cares? Let's go.
Somebody press the red button.
Whoever it is, they're gonna land right on top of us.
Oh, crap! Greg, move your head.

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