Dead End: Paranormal Park (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Trust Me

[theme music playing]
-[both scream]
Ah! [screams]
[Norma laughing]
-Ah! No!
-[Barney yells]
-[Norma laughs]
-[all scream]
[sighs] Breakfast, Pugsley.
[Pugsley whining]
Whoa! [exclaims]
No! [chuckles]
[sighs] Not a bad way
to start the day, Pugs--
Wait, we have a bath?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Courtney] No, no, no, no, no. Ooh.
Hmm. [spits]
[groans] I'm gonna regret that tomorrow.
Ooh. A-ha!
[strains] The book!
I think that might be
a bit long for me, Courtney.
I've only just finished
that book Barney gave me
about the overly insatiable caterpillar.
I did not see that twist ending coming.
Spell book, Pugsley.
Uh, B-O-O--
[Courtney] No, no no, no,
as in a book of spells.
[Pugsley] But why?
You're a wizard, Pugsley.
Or at least Temeluchus was.
A great powerful demon warlock.
I think you've inherited
more than his ability to walk and talk.
Although, those are pretty cool too.
And we can use your powers to get me home.
Uh, that… It sounds a little dangerous.
But okay. Um, abracadab--
Not that! Anything but that.
You'd never get
the stains out of the carpet.
Hello, who's ready
for some team-building exercises?
-On the beach?
-[Pugsley gasps]
Beach day! Beach day!
Oh, I am so excited for organized fun.
-I'll be working on my tan.
-[line ringing]
That's weird. Norma should be here by now,
but she's not answering her phone.
Guess we'll just meet her at the beach.
[Swati] Oh, Norma,
sweetie, it's beautiful.
See, you're gonna have a fun day.
[Norma] What if they hate me?
You've already been working
with them a week.
And I still don't have any friends,
except maybe Barney.
Well, that's someone.
That's better than summer camp. Remember?
We promised we'd never speak of that.
[sighs] Norma, Blossom,
I love you,
but I need you to get out of my car.
Let me finish.
I need you to get out of this car
because everyone
in here is already your friend.
You need to get out there and charm them.
What's so funny?
[indistinct chatter]
[all laughing]
Ugh. How has he already made
so many friends?
[Logs] Hey look, it's Norma.
-[chuckles] Oh, Norma.
I was waiting for you
back at the house. What happened?
[chuckles] Right. Oh. What, really?
New people are scary.
Actually just people. Period.
That's just 'cause
you haven't tried to get to know anyone.
I mean, do you even know their names?
Sure. Ferris Wheel. Burgers.
Health and Safety. Smoothie.
And Deathslide.
Uh, that's just
where they work at the park.
-And that's all I need to know.
-You called me Deathslide? I love that!
Badyah, she needs to learn your real name.
Yeah, my name
just means enlightened genius.
I prefer Deathslide.
[mimics explosion]
I have heard people call me slide master--
[laughs] Hey, Barney. Come hear this.
Maybe I'll get it put on a T-shirt.
[footsteps shuffling]
-Don't leave.
-Oh, sure! We can stick together…
-[tires screeching]
[psychedelic music playing over stereo]
[Logs] Oh, my gosh, is that him?
The teambuilding guy?
Welcome, you beautiful,
unique souls. Namast.
In my current life cycle,
as a team-building guru,
I am called Harmony.
And I've been asked, and paid,
to bring you all together into a family
of love, trust, and improved work ethic,
because teamwork makes the dream work.
Now, everybody,
give yourselves a round of applause.
Our souls. We applaud with our souls.
[whispers] Am I doing it right?
Oh, what rapturous applause!
It makes me want
to shout, "Hello, Wembley!"
You did shout it.
So who can tell me the single thing
that makes a team bond together?
-Uh, tape?
Is it chains and tape?
Sweet children,
material things cannot bind us.
-They can.
It's trust. Trust is what binds us.
And what is the opposite of trust?
It's fear!
No, it's definitely mistrust.
Fear is the wall
that's stopping all of you connecting.
Fear is that little monkey
who sits on your shoulder
telling you not to embrace each other.
[imitates monkey]
[whispering] Fear.
[imitates monkey screeching]
And today, we've got to grab
that little fear monkey
and toss them into the ocean.
Poor little guy.
And defeating these invisible fear monkeys
will make me a better
theme park security guard, how?
That is up to you, friend.
Pfft. [chuckles]
So our first exercise,
a personal favorite of mine,
the Maze of Trust.
Yeah, okay. That's it.
That's it, Josh. Keep it coming.
-Uh-huh. Okay, now left leg up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, no.
Oh! Okay. There you go. You did it!
Okay, Norma, now,
slowly raise your left leg.
I mean a little bit faster, maybe?
Come on, back it up. Back it up.
[Pugsley grunts] I'm okay.
Next up, the Stare of Trust,
because as we all know,
the eyes are the windows to the soul.
[sighs and groans]
Norma, I feel like
you're not taking this seriously.
What makes you say that?
[Harmony] Next up, the Fall of Trust.
[Pugsley grunts]
Why did you do that?
[muffled] I couldn't be sure
you'd catch me.
And finally, the Human Knot of Trust.
Only by working together
can you untangle yourselves.
[Barney chuckles] Okay.
How we gonna do this?
[chuckles] No, if you guys hold still,
I'll go under here like this.
Okay, whose hand have I got here?
-Mine, I think.
-Oh, hi.
Uh, okay, uh, Norma,
maybe you need to go--
-[Barney] If you go in the middle…
Untwist as you go.
Nope, that's not quite right.
[Norma groaning]
-[Barney] Try to go down.
Excuse me! Coming through. [chuckles]
[all laughing]
-[Barney] Whatcha doing, Norma?
-[breathing heavily]
-[Badyah exclaiming]
-[all laughing]
-Why are you so full of fear, Norma?
-[groaning and panting]
-[all laughing]
[heart beating rapidly]
What's the matter with her?
Norma? Norma, are you okay? [echoes]
Come on, take my hand.
Stop looking at me!
Please, just… [panting]
[inhales] Ah, the smell of fear.
I'm so stupid.
No, you're not.
Maybe I am full of fear.
Life coach spotted it.
He shouldn't have said that.
I just don't understand
how this is easy for everyone.
Well, I'm just really good at everything.
I mean making friends, socializing.
Barney is so good at it.
But not me.
You're different people, though.
Why are you putting
so much pressure on yourself?
You sound like Harmony.
[imitating Harmony] Come on,
then, you brave, unique soul.
Don't let that
inner saboteur pin you down.
It's almost time
for another pointless game.
[in normal voice] Come on, then.
So hope you all enjoyed the warm ups.
"Warm ups"?
Now we begin the real work
to defeat your fears.
You're gonna need to dig into the deepest,
darkest place inside you.
Find your greatest fear.
And now feed it to the skull.
[hesitates] Skull?
That can't be normal.
I always bring a skull to a party.
Okay, not normal.
Please, feed your fear to the skull.
[groans] Do I… Do I…
Can… can I… Hmm.
[Badyah] Give it here, I'll go first.
So what do I do now?
Three, two, one.
[birds chirping]
Oh, huh.
Oh. Uh…
[Badyah panting]
Uh, Badyah?
Think fast, puppy dog.
Huh? [gasps]
Buddy, it's okay.
Hey, excuse me.
As Health and Safety officer,
I think it's my duty
to check this skull is… Ooh!
-[computer beeping]
[inhales sharply]
You think I'm scared of that thing? Huh.
[gasps] My… my face.
[crying] My beautiful symmetrical face!
Josh? Josh, what are you seeing? Uh, guys?
[screams] Ketchup!
No! Anything but ketchup!
-[laughing maniacally]
-Come on, buddy.
Barney. Barney, look.
Something is up with this Harmony guy.
Ah, Norma. No talking in class.
-Yoo-hoo, Mr. Blue.
-No, don't touch it!
-[pleasant music playing over speakers]
-[cutlery tapping]
I don't get it.
What are you afraid of here?
Is it the beef brisket?
Okay, not the brisket.
Grammy Gram, stop.
-Dad? Dad, make it stop.
-[Grammy Gram growling]
Mom, aren't you gonna say something?
[Barney] Grammy Gram, stop!
Barney, this isn't real. Trust me.
Why do they let her do this?
Why can't they hear
what she's saying to me?
-Barney, come on. This isn't real, Barney.
Hey, you! Beat it! Leave him alone!
[pleasant music playing over speakers]
Norma, when did you get here?
I've been here the whole time. Come on.
Hey, Norma, you did it. You got me out!
Pugsley. Pugsley, come back. Come here.
I saw your fear when we both touched
the skull at the same time.
-[laughing maniacally]
If the three of us touch it,
then I think we can get
to Pugsley's world, too.
Okay. Hang in there, buddy.
We'll be right back.
[laughing maniacally] Hey!
[both grunting]
Pugsley! Pugsley!
Pugs, it's not real! It's just your fears.
Pugs. Okay?
[as Temeluchus] Real, not real.
Only mortals deal in absolutes.
You two have been holding me back! Enough!
Pugsley, do something!
Don't call me that. My name is Temeluchus!
[laughing maniacally]
She can't help you now.
-See! It's not real.
This isn't you, Pugsley!
You would never
put your friends in danger like this.
[screams and groans]
Come on, buddy.
We need to go help the others.
-Come on. I know you're in there.
You can do it, Pugsley. Break free.
I know you've got it. Come on.
Pugsley! Come on, boy.
-Barney! Over here, quick!
We have to help Courtney.
We need to go, come on!
Hey! Don't mess with the skull, guys.
Guh, come back.
[dramatic music playing]
[Barney] This one is very literal.
I guess Courtney's scared of going home.
[Norma] But getting home
was her biggest wish.
Why would she be scared?
-[muffled] Wait! No!
Let me out! Let me out!
No, no!
Let me out! Let me out! [exclaims]
Come on, she's trapped in there!
Hi-yah! [groans]
[yells and grunts]
[grunts] Ow.
[pants] Oh, wait! This is a fear world.
If fear gives it power,
what if we just don't let it get to us?
Easier said than done.
[breathes deeply]
[both breathe deeply]
Yeah, yeah, let's all laugh at Courtney,
afraid she'll never get home.
You're okay. You got us now.
We'll never leave you.
[scoffs] That's what I'm scared of. Aww.
[laughing maniacally] Yes,
feed me your fears!
Who are you?
I'm Harmony.
[all] Ugh!
Okay, what are you?
You're a demon, aren't you?
Perhaps. And I'm on a strictly
all-fear diet at the moment.
Humans are riddled with it,
so I thought this would be
the best spot for brunch.
It is my cheat day after all.
What kind of name is Harmony for a demon?
No, no, no, no.
it's Harm Many. Harm. Many.
Because of how many people I harm.
[clears throat] Oh, it doesn't matter.
The main thing is this.
-[in demonic voice] Demon enough for you?
This form used to be enough
to bring my victims' fears to the surface.
But you kids and your horror films!
I've had to up my game.
Your turn, Norma.
You managed to help your friends
out of their fear worlds,
but can you deal with your own?
Yes, I can.
They were just an appetizer.
You will be a banquet!
Oh, yeah? Then…
Then if I go in,
you let everyone else out.
[laughing maniacally]
No, no, Norma! Don't do that!
[Harm Many] Bon appétit!
[muffled] You need to get out there
and charm them.
[muffled] What's so funny, huh?
That's it. Show me your fears.
Where've you been?
I was waiting at the house.
-[Norma] Anxiety. [echoing]
Yes, that's it. Feed me. Feed me!
[Barney] Do you even know anybody's name?
[whispers] Have you seen Norma?
[distorted laughter]
[Harm Many laughing maniacally]
Oh, there's nothing you can do.
Her fears are too strong.
Remember, Norma, it's only the fear world.
You can fight it.
[grunting] You don't understand!
My fear world is the real world.
-[Harm Many] Huh?
That's impossible.
[grunts and sniffles]
[imitating monkey]
Ah! No, no. Stop it. Huh?
What's happening?
-[distorted laughter]
[Harm Many exclaiming]
No, please, no. No, stop!
You had so much fear that he exploded?
That's one way of doin' it.
[gasps] Huh?
I had no idea
that's what you were going through.
Your fears are so intense.
I'm scared of the real world, Barney.
And that's already everywhere.
Whoa. [chuckles]
My fear seems so silly now.
What? Your grandmother
was terrifying. I totally get it.
Uh, I'm not scared of my grandma.
I'm scared that my parents
don't have my back.
-Well, I've got your back.
-Hmm, same.
[yelps] Baby steps. [chuckles nervously]
Do you normally play?
Yeah, I'm not very good at it. [chuckles]
If you could teach me the ropes?
You want to play? It's a really great game
where your forearms get red and sore
and you get lots of sand in your eyes,
but for a split second,
you feel like you're in an '80s movie.
[laughs] I don't know.
My hand-eye coordination
is pretty bad. [chuckles]
Remind me not to let you
operate the big rides.
-You sure?
-Maybe next time?
[Barney] Hey, Norma!
I know what this is gonna sound like,
but working at Phoenix Parks
is my dream come true.
I can deal with the job.
I can even deal with the demons.
Oh, I'm glad to hear it.
[chuckles] In fact,
I think I'm pretty good at it.
But it's all this stuff that I find hard.
People are funny. Not "ha-ha funny."
Just… They don't make sense.
And half the time, I don't either.
What I'm trying to say is,
I'm glad I've got you guys.
Yours! [grunts] Oh, oh, watch out!
-[Logs] Watch out, Norma!
[laughs] Awesome.
[closing theme music playing]
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