Dead Lucky (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 (POLICE SIREN) Hurry up! Jump in! Not scared, are you? - Did you make it? - Just.
You? Going in now.
Good luck.
You're not supposed to say that.
It's bad luck.
- I hope it's a disaster.
- Much better.
Say goodbye.
Let's get started.
Did you bring your special object? Yes.
Yes, I did.
A biro? Yes.
You said you'd bring in something that you treasured.
- Perhaps from childhood.
- Mm-hmm.
The idea is that you hold the object when you're feeling angry or overwhelmed and it takes you to a safe place.
It's a very special biro.
It is very safe.
It's blue.
Very calming.
Like the sea, you know.
It feels like you're not taking this seriously.
I didn't choose to be here, if that's what you mean.
Why do you think you are here, in anger management? Because some people think I'm angry and they happen to be in management.
- You don't think you're angry? - Not particularly, no.
Many of your senior officers say that in most respects, you're a very good detective.
Thank you.
You've always been strong-minded.
That's a good thing, right? Your outbursts have become more frequent more inappropriate, since the incident.
Would you agree? You're supposed to have that off.
I have to go.
Keep that, seriously.
I'm cured.
Have you seen Constable Jamison? She just left.
Her shift finished.
Constable Fung, isn't it? - Detective Senior Sergeant Grace - Yeah, I know who you are.
- You're a friend of Anna's, yeah? - Yeah.
He's back.
Find her and tell her before she hears it any other way.
He put a gun to your head? He moved me to the till then he told me to empty it into his bag.
The money in the bag.
- He asked for a pack of cigarettes.
- Do you remember what brand? - Island Gold.
- Island Gold.
- So then he, what, lit up? - No.
He told me to light one for him.
And he blew it in my face.
This tattoo that you mentioned to my colleague.
- On his wrist.
- Does it look like any of these? That one.
I'll just be a minute.
Anna, you shouldn't be here.
- Are you sure it's him? - He had the same tattoo, right? It is his MO.
Officer, can I have a word? Stay here.
What do you think you're doing, bringing her here? You told me to tell her.
So she could get used to the idea, not to have it shoved in her face.
She wants to help.
We both do.
- You owe us that.
- I owe you nothing.
Keep her out of here.
Thank you, Bo-Lin.
- Did I pronounce that correctly? - Yes.
And you're from China? Hubei Province.
And who is your violin teacher? I'm still looking.
- You have no teacher? - Not yet.
Teachers here are very expensive.
Everything is, but I will get one.
- And you're studying commerce? - Mm.
I'm trying to save money to change my degree to music.
It's not something that my parents will pay for.
Why not? They'd like me to be an accountant.
To gain a place in this orchestra, we need to know that you're 100 percent committed to music.
I am.
I am.
Nobody grows up dreaming of being an accountant.
Well, maybe really boring people do.
But I dreamt of being a violinist.
I can play another piece if you like.
I can play anything.
Oh I'm sorry.
It's protocol.
If you are not studying music, there is no place for you in this orchestra.
You're right.
- It's him.
- Anna, what are you doing? How much did we lose? Detective Sergeant Gibbs.
And you are? We own the store.
His great idea, not mine.
Well we've IDed a suspect.
A witness took a photograph of the getaway car.
- And we have an alert out.
- Thanks.
- You gave him everything, did you? - He had a gun.
I though you people were used to guns.
What people? Did you think about fighting him off? How? I don't know.
Use your imagination! - Listen, Ms - It's Hodge.
Hodge, Mani has had quite a traumatic day.
And we haven't? It's not the first time we've been robbed.
The insurance goes up each time.
Sorry, I'm gonna - Are you okay? - What's she doing? - Senior Constable? - Is she a cop? You go and wait outside by my car.
Help her out.
Come on.
There's sick on my floor! Listen to me.
The man who robbed your store is a killer.
He's murdered four people we know of and Mani might have been the fifth, and you're worried about your insurance premiums and a bit of mess on the floor.
- You can't talk to me like that.
- Erica, please.
What? Then perhaps you'd prefer to deal with Senior Constable Fung.
He'll take your statement.
Can I have your full names, please? Yep.
Erica Hodge.
- It's Tony Hodge.
- With a D.
With a D.
Anna I'm sorry about before.
It must have been something I ate.
You need to stay away from this case.
You're too close.
And you're not? - Everything all right? - Hey, Dad.
Ian, isn't it? Ah, Dad, you remember Detective Gibbs.
Of course.
This must be George.
Oh he's so sweet.
Looks like his Dad.
What do you think of George? George who? No, do you like it? The name? - Why? - We found out.
We're having a boy.
Oh, come on.
You can do better than that.
I can tell, deep down, that you are ecstatic for me right now.
There's gonna be a mini me.
Your favourite uniform times two.
You're not my favourite uniform.
Then why do you always choose me to help you out? Because you're the most incompetent and need the most training.
- Seriously? - Oh, seriously.
And since you got pregnant with this bloody baby, you're even less focussed than usual.
Oh, you're right.
Watch me today.
I'm gonna smash it.
(HORN BEEPING) ( ALBINONI'S ADAGIO IN G MINOR ) Oi! Boring! Play something else.
Stop it, Eduardo.
Today has been bad enough.
Oh! Chiquita! Why don't you just call your parents and explain? It's not that simple.
Yes, it is.
If they let you study music, then you get into an orchestra.
An orchestra based out of the Sydney Opera House.
How did it feel playing in there? Better than anything.
Anything? Almost.
- Remind me to take up the violin.
- Shh! I need to study.
You need to live! Hey, like this.
Like this, hmm? Oh that's better, yeah yeah.
Come on, dance with me.
Come on, come on This is more like it.
You can do it, huh? Oh, you're a natural, huh? Am I? Not really.
MANI: This is Constable Fung.
Nice to meet you, man.
- Are you sure you're okay? - I'm fine.
What if the robber comes back? Hopefully we'll catch this man before he reoffends.
He's known to the police.
What else has he done? Other offences.
I won't hold you up.
Just wanted to check there are people for Mani.
There are.
You can have my bed tonight, brother.
I'll take the blanket room.
Blanket room? - That's your bedroom? - MANI: Mm-hmm.
He shouldn't go back to work, right? Not until you catch this man.
Bo-Lin, I'll be fine.
No, you should quit.
They don't even pay you properly.
Yes, they do.
Mani, if your employer is underpaying you, there are people in our department that can No, he's not.
It's fine.
Everything here is fine.
Thank you for the lift.
Good night.
That shop is a financial disaster.
Yeah, it's not my fault.
We pay head office for the brand, they take most of the profits.
- You'll have to cut wages.
- I have.
They're still getting twelve an hour.
Make it ten.
- That is way below minimum wage.
- So? They complain, we'll have them deported for breaching their student visas.
It's the law.
They're only supposed to work 20 hours a week.
- Some of them have worked 30.
- They needed cash for the rent.
We offered them more hours.
We said we wouldn't say anything.
They're lucky to be in this country in the first place.
- Like your parents? - What? You're always saying your Dad got treated like crap when he arrived from Hungary.
Had to drive a taxi cos no one cared about his qualifications.
That is different.
We're not renewing this insurance.
What are we going to do when we get robbed again? We won't.
Because for the first time in your little life, you're going to step up and protect this family's future.
I told Ivan you're coming to see him.
I don't want anything to do with your cousin.
Tomorrow morning, Jaxon's going to basketball.
I've got a Zumba class.
And you're going to buy a gun.
- What are you doing? - Securing the crime scene.
Grab your belt.
Sorry, Dan, this is going to hurt.
Three, two Look at me.
You're all right.
He blew it on my face.
The smoke.
It's him.
Should I call for back up? No time.
- There.
- All right, get the car.
- What? - Get the car! Police! Freeze! Put your hands up.
What? Gotcha! - So are we gonna do this? - Yeah.
Ready? BOTH: Set go! Race! - Hi, Dad.
- Hello, darling.
How are ya? - I'm good, yeah.
- You ready? - Sorry.
- It's all right.
- Right, Chicken.
- Thank you.
How are you? I heard Baxter's back.
He was supposed to be hiding in Queensland.
- He's meant to be their problem.
- Not any more.
He's mine.
Hello, gorgeous! Having sleepovers now? Not when Edie's here.
Edie likes Penny.
- Hi, Grace.
- Penny.
Thanks for doing soccer yesterday.
That's all right.
We didn't make it anyway.
What? You didn't tell me that.
Yeah, Edie didn't really feel like soccer.
We might swap to gymnastics.
I did gym as a kid, growing up.
What? Edie, why don't you go get the car keys, sweetheart, for Dad? She's not keen.
Something happened at football.
Yeah, she let a goal in and the kids gave her a really hard time.
That's no reason to give up.
What kind of message would that send? What happened to "try, try, try again"? Yeah, alright, alright.
Let's talk about this later, can we? Good idea.
When Grace has calmed down.
I am calm, thank you, Penny.
I am very, very calm.
What? I brought you some vitamins.
I don't like vitamins.
The baby might.
Seen your brother? - Are we seriously doing this again? - He's back from Queensland.
He robbed a store last night.
Sure he hasn't looked up his only sister? Like I said the last 50 times you've been here, we don't get on.
- Can I use your loo? - No! Get out of my house! - Someone stay here last night? - Yeah, me.
Mattress is too soft.
These yours? Yep.
You're not supposed to smoke when you're pregnant.
Yeah, well, I don't inhale.
You can't take them.
Dust these for prints.
I get a match on your brother, you get done for hindering an investigation and concealing a major crime.
Hey, I just painted that! Judges don't look too fondly on people who hide cop killers.
I'm late for work.
Doesn't he look smart? People might think he has a proper job.
- This isn't my suit.
- Who cares? I care.
I don't like wearing stolen goods.
This belongs to one of your customers.
If you do not claim your clothes from dry cleaner in three weeks, - donate to the poor.
- It's company policy.
I'm not the poor.
You know Vincent Cheng? You went to school with his brother.
Yes, you told me.
He's a dentist.
His mother is very proud.
A dentist and a doctor.
- When do they make the big decision? - This morning.
I don't think I'll get chosen.
There's a much better candidate.
The widow.
Don't call her that.
Poor thing.
But she's not right for you.
Lincoln was your friend.
Anna and I are just friends too.
There's a famous Chinese saying.
Lying to your mother is like stabbing her in the heart with a dagger.
You made that up.
Marco, can you get that up to Forensics asap.
- Grace, can I have a word? - I'm kind of in a hurry, Penny.
I know it's awkward with me seeing Mattie.
But from Edie's perspective, it's a real positive.
Now she's got two female role models.
You and me.
Richard, I need surveillance on Leah Baxter.
Her brother's already made contact, and he'll be back.
You'll need to do the paperwork.
There's a process with surveillance.
See, being an actual cop, I'm just not as excited about process as you are, Penny.
I've got work to do.
Was that necessary? Oh yeah.
I've bought you seven days.
- What? - I know the case is personal.
But the boys upstairs want to hand it to Major Crime.
I know Corey Baxter and this case better than anyone.
- But you haven't caught him.
- I will, given the chance.
I'm on your side, okay? Remember that.
Then get me that surveillance.
Well, do the paperwork and I'll sign off.
I'll need it fast-tracked.
You always do, Grace.
Constables, let's go.
Anna, I heard you you had a bit of trouble last night at the crime scene.
It was no big deal.
I want you to know that we're here for you.
We're mindful of your terrible loss and that George will never know his father.
We're also mindful that now might not be the best time for you to take on the detective traineeship.
It is the right time.
It's everything I've been working towards.
I was fine.
Really, I am fine.
She is.
It was only for a moment, wasn't it, when you saw the CCTV and Baxter and freaked out a bit.
It's not like she freaks out all the time.
Anna's a great police officer.
That's all I'm saying.
We all agree with that, which is why you're welcome to apply in twelve months' time, once you've had some time to process all this.
But for now, why don't you take the rest of the day off? Mm? Charlie.
Welcome to the detective team, mate.
Anna? Anna, I'm so sorry.
I'm fine.
Congratulations, Charlie.
How does it feel, trainee detective? She's the better cop.
If you hadn't taken her to that crime scene, she'd have the job.
Well, maybe.
But then we all make mistakes, don't we, Sergeant? I'm sorry? You know there was an investigation into Anna's husband's death.
You might want to read the report one day.
I have.
Lincoln wanted to secure the crime scene.
You told him not to.
He wanted to call for back up and you told him not to.
Somehow you were cleared.
We've never really had the chance to get to know each other.
Have we, Constable? No.
If we're going to get through this next year together, you might want to keep your little opinions to yourself.
Every newbie gets a Senior Detective to pass or fail them.
Lucky you.
You got me.
You got a suit? In my locker.
Go get it.
You're driving.
Hey, Ivan.
Er I think Erica might have explained that I'm - I'm here for - Pet supplies? No, I'm here for I want a gun.
Yeah? There's nothing here but pet supplies, mate.
So unless you want something catty or doggy Yeah, I don't have a cat or a Oh, right.
Um Yeah, I'm I'm thinking about getting a dog? You should have said so.
How big a bite are you after? Corey Baxter He's killed a policeman, a girl, two shop attendants - That could have been you.
- But it wasn't.
I hate that shop.
You should have told the police about them not paying you properly.
It's not worth risking our visas.
We stick to the plan, okay? Work hard, finish our degrees, get our permanent residency.
I become world famous musician.
Then we stay here together, forever.
You, me and our six children.
Hey? - Only six? - I'm happy to have more.
- Only if you do the housework.
- Of course! You won't be too busy with all your patients, queuing up to see the handsome Doctor Dalir? Oh, wait till I pass my second year exams before you call me that.
It suits you.
(EDUARDO SINGS) - Sorry, did I interrupt? - BOTH: Yes! Who wants breakfast? Who was that girl you were with last night? Which one? Guys, can you maybe Go away! So cruel.
Don't go back to that store.
You worry too much.
That robber's gone.
I'm safe now.
(POLICE SIREN) So local cops called it in about forty minutes ago.
Bonnet's still warm.
No sign of Baxter, though.
Any witnesses see him dump it? I've got GDs doorknocking the area now.
- Cameras? - No, not one.
Don't suppose he left us anything inside? There was nothing we could see.
Forensics might find something.
Any indication as to where he went from here? What, like a note? Hey I thought Constable Jamison was supposed to be the new baby detective? Yeah, so did I.
Why Lakemba? Maybe he's got mates nearby.
Or a girlfriend.
How far's Campsie from here? Next suburb.
Charlie! Detective Sergeant Gibbs.
- Leah Baxter working today? - What has she done? She hasn't done anything.
I'd like to talk to her.
It is urgent.
Well she pissed off after lunch and never came back.
She'll probably blame it on her pregnancy, like she does everything else.
I tried calling.
When was she due back? Her customer's been waiting nearly twenty minutes.
Any idea where she might have gone.
Toilets? Since she's been up the duff, she's practically lived there.
Hey, you stay behind me at all times.
Call an ambulance.
Leah! Leah! - We need an ambulance.
- Leah? Did you talk to your mum? She didn't say no to me studying music.
Great! She didn't say yes either.
Do you want me to talk to her? We'll have to meet some day.
Skype's not the place.
Her English isn't great, so she gets embarrassed.
Are you sure she's okay with me? Why wouldn't she be? I'm from Iran.
Or hadn't you noticed? So? Maybe she'd like it better if I was from China.
- She's fine.
- Sorry, mate.
Mani, what's wrong? The black sweater.
It's what he was wearing.
The robber? - It's so stupid, huh? - No, it's not.
You're quitting that job.
It was a bad night.
But let's not let it ruin everything.
There's so many good things about being here.
The sun, sky kissing the girl you love in the middle of the beach and nobody minds.
Hmm? What about kissing in the middle of the quadrangle? That's risky.
How are you feeling? - They said the baby's okay? - What are you doing here? We found you.
Constable Fung.
- Where's your brother, Leah? - Dunno.
He's endangered your baby.
His own nephew.
Why are you still covering for him? It was a random guy who attacked me.
Just wanted my wallet.
What? That one? Admit your brother did this and I can get you and your baby protection.
I don't want protection.
I think youse have done enough.
Did Corey see me at your house? Is that why he did this? Oh Leah, I am so sorry.
Let me help you.
You have to give me something.
I told ya.
It wasn't him.
This wouldn't have happened if she'd had the surveillance I asked for.
Grace, there's a process, remember? Leah Baxter and her unborn baby almost died because of your bloody process.
Calm down.
We're all on the same team.
Really? Then what were you doing when you reported me to HR for inappropriate behaviour? My job.
Your behaviour over the past six months has been unusual.
Starting with throwing a hot cup of tea over a suspect - It was lukewarm.
- You think that makes it acceptable? He bashed his wife for leaving the house in a short skirt.
I don't think that's acceptable.
Look There was nothing I could do, okay? There were complaints.
The Commissioner's office need to know that something's being done.
I told them there were just a few hiccups since the incident.
Look, if you could just do a few more months anger management.
I think it'd do you a lot of good.
It might help clear your head.
Oh I'm clear.
I'm always telling the big wigs what an asset you are.
We really want you to nail Baxter.
So that's why I've got seven days and zero resources.
You do your counselling.
Tick the boxes.
I will get you all the resources you need.
I've got your back.
Oh hey.
Oh, Mani.
I didn't think you'd make your shift after last night.
Told you he'd be okay.
Why are you taking the security cameras down? Ah lock the doors.
Staff meeting time.
- Is everything all right? - Yeah, um, look We just want to show you something.
It's part of our new our new um, security policy.
It's up to you lot to step up and protect this business.
- Sorry? - Well Ever used one of these in Iraq? He's from Iran.
Anyone tries to rob us, all you have to do is point it at their head.
See? Just like that bloke did yesterday.
- You understand, Mari? - His name's not Mari.
It's Mani, all right? It's Mani.
- Hey Mani, are you all right? - What's wrong with him? I I can't.
We don't want you to kill anyone, just point it at their head.
I'm sorry.
I won't do it.
Well, I'm sorry, Mari, but you're not the right fit for this store.
- Are are you sacking him? - Yes.
No! No, he's a good worker.
Mani! Forget it.
I don't want to work here anyway.
- Mani Mani! - What a wimp.
How do I look? Suits me, yeah? - I'm leaving you.
- Don't be an idiot.
I'm serious.
Get out.
Get out.
Get out! Get out! God! You've gone sick in the head! - Go! - Oh, goodness.
You'll regret this.
More than you know.
Someone sent my parents a video of us kissing.
- Who? - I have no idea.
We were at uni.
Is it that big a deal? We were kissing.
- So? - They are so angry.
They want me to go back to China.
You never told them about us, did you? About our plans to stay here together? The whole future? I wanted to.
Yeah, but you're having second thoughts? No.
Mani, nothing's changed about how I feel about you.
It's just I'm an only child.
You don't understand.
Really? My parents didn't take it well when I told them about you.
They disowned me.
Why didn't you say anything? I didn't want to upset you and I thought it was worth it because my future was here with you.
It is here with me.
Mani, I'm sorry.
I should have told them.
You're shaking.
Are you that angry with me? They wanted me to use a gun.
- What? - At work.
They bought a gun for me to keep behind the counter for security.
When I refused to use it, they fired me.
After what you went through last night, they fired you? We'll figure something else out.
As long as I know we're okay.
Are we okay? More than okay.
I'm going to make this up to you.
I'm going to tell my parents I'm not going back to China.
And then I will get your wages back.
They owe you and they can't treat people like this.
- It's not worth it.
- It's not fair.
We can't just put up with this.
We have to do something.
Let me prove how much I love you.
- Detective Fung.
- Sir.
I'm sure you've got mixed emotions about getting the traineeship over Constable Jamison.
But - It wasn't her time.
- Yes, you said.
We're going to put all our manpower into getting Corey Baxter.
It wouldn't be fair on her to be there for that every day, would it? I guess not.
So how are you getting on with Detective Gibbs? Good.
I know the young uniform boys blame her for Lincoln's death.
Between you and I, she was very lucky to get through that investigation.
She should really stand down but she's the only one who can't see it.
She used to be a very good detective once.
You haven't noticed that she can be a bit unprofessional? Anger issues? You let me know if she has any inappropriate episodes.
That'll be enough to convince the boys upstairs it's time to let her go.
You've got a bright future here, Detective Fung.
Very bright.
Your parents must be very proud.
Your desk is there.
Please don't go bring in any pot plants or knickknacks in.
I don't like knickknacks.
I find them distracting.
Oh Forensics came back.
Island Gold, no prints.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Who's that? Heidi Banks.
She was walking her dog a couple of years ago when Corey Baxter, fresh from robbing a bottle-o, shot her twice.
Why? I don't know.
Maybe she got in his way.
Maybe she looked at him the wrong way, maybe it was just for fun.
Nice way to celebrate a robbery.
She'd be eighteen next week.
And that's the petrol station attendant? - The one he shot when Lincoln - Daniel Palmer.
His mother still calls me every week, wondering if we've caught him.
Corey Baxter is the worst kind of killer.
He murders indiscriminately, for his own amusement.
His victims are just ordinary people their murders quickly forgotten.
Except by their friends and family, whose lives he ruins.
Baxter didn't shoot Mani Dalir.
Mani got lucky.
Maybe Corey was enjoying tormenting him.
But he will get more brazen, the longer he's out.
That's his pattern.
He'll get bored and he'll get high.
Meanwhile, we're screwed.
Leah Baxter knows something.
But without a match of her brother's prints, we have nothing to get her to talk.
- They'll have a batch number.
- What? The cigarettes.
A batch number to trace the packet.
If it's the same as the ones in the store then - Just take it back.
- I'm not giving you a refund.
I don't want a refund.
I just want to get rid of it.
I don't want it here.
I don't want it anywhere near me.
I should never have Mr Hodge? Detective Grace Gibbs.
We met yesterday.
Oh, yeah, Detective.
Listen, we'd like to check the batch numbers on your cigarettes.
Absolutely, sure.
Go ahead.
We might have to take some in evidence.
- Okay.
- Thanks for your help, mate.
They probably have what I'm looking for at the store down the road.
Ivan, listen, listen, please.
Take it back.
Just wait outside till she's gone, okay? - You're setting me up? - No! I'm not taking that dog bed, you understand? Ever.
Not now they're sniffing about.
You say one word, you're finished.
- And? - It's a match.
Baxter got them here.
Bag them up.
We're done.
Cute Let's bring Leah in.
- Who's that? - Hmm? - We'll keep you informed.
- Okay.
If a job becomes available, will you please let me know? - Sure, I'll let you know.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Have a good evening.
(PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - Mani? Hi, it's Tony.
Listen, I'm glad I got you.
I just want you to know that I'm getting rid of it.
I'm sorry? The gun I'll throw it in the harbour on my way home.
I shouldn't have done that to you.
- No.
- You sound a bit angry, mate.
It hasn't been a great couple of days, Tony.
Yeah, I know.
I'm really sorry.
We should talk.
I I owe you some wages.
I know that.
Yeah? - A lot of wages.
- Yeah, I could pay you back.
Do you really mean that? Yeah, it might take a while, but I'm selling the store.
I've I've left Erica.
I'm sorry to hear that.
(LAUGHS) Well I'm not.
I finally get what I want to do.
Open a hardware.
Erica hated hardwares.
You could work for me.
I'd definitely treat you right this time.
This is the start of a new life for me.
A really good, honest life.
I'm Oh, please, please Don't shoot.
Tony? (PHONE BEEPS) Tony! Tony, are you okay? So Leah, we have evidence that your brother stole a packet of cigarettes from the store he robbed.
What's that got to do with me? Quite a lot, actually.
The pack of cigarettes found in your house had the same batch numbers as the ones in the store.
Proof you harboured a criminal.
Do you want to give birth in prison? Or do you want to help us out? We only want a few names.
Anyone that you think Corey might know in the city? Anyone he could be staying with? I know you're nervous but I will protect you this time.
Oh! Oh, there's something happening with the baby.
Faking childbirth is so not going to work with me.
Shit! - What is that? - Her waters broke.
- Your waters broke.
- Oh, you reckon? It's all right.
Relax, you're fine.
First child.
You've got hours.
Days, even.
Plenty of time to give me some names.
Are you fucking kidding me? - There's been a shooting.
- All right.
Get her to hospital.
Good luck.
(POLICE SIREN) Freeze! Mani.
It was me.
I think I did this.
You think? - Did you shoot Tony Hodge? - I can't remember.
I have just found out my husband is dead.
- And you're accusing me of murder? - Did you? You've done time for buying and selling weapons, haven't you, Ivan Milski? If it's anyone's fault, it's yours.
Come on, Jess didn't do this.
We've got nothing to do with the murder.
She doesn't know a man like this.
- She's just a student! - How does she have 10,000 dollars? What if Corey Baxter went back to that store? He was bragging to me about the sick shit he got up to with women.
Good girl.