Dead Lucky (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

There are so many good things about being here the sun, sky kissing the girl you love in the middle of the beach and nobody minds.
Detective Senior Sergeant Grace Gibbs.
I know who you are.
I know the boys blame her for Lincoln's death.
Oh, he's so sweet.
Looks like his Dad.
Every newbie gets a Senior Detective to pass or fail them.
You got me.
Corey Baxter is the worst kind of killer.
- Baxter didn't shoot Mani Dalir.
- Mani got lucky.
Someone sent my parents a video of us kissing.
You never told them about us, did you? Let me prove how much I love you.
Tomorrow morning I got a Zumba class and you're going to buy a gun.
- Just take it back.
- I'm not giving you a refund.
I think I did this.
You think? You two! Awesome! Sweet.
Don't blow yourself up.
Says the guy with the joint in his mouth.
- It's broken.
- Let's order a pizza.
Don't be such a spoilsport.
Just cos you got out for a duck.
Quack quack.
Quack quack.
Quack! Quack! - Duck off! - Okay, all fixed.
- Give me your lighter.
- Mm-mm.
- Trust me.
- What could go wrong? Hey, amigo.
Come and get home before Jess blows us up.
- Tell him we need onions.
- We need onions.
I only get one call.
What? Bo-Lin's not answering her phone.
Is she with you? No man, we thought she was with you.
Find Bo-Lin and tell her to talk to me before she talks to anyone else.
- Do you understand this? - Mani, what's going on? Promise me you'll find Bo-Lin.
I promise.
But what's happening? My boss has been killed.
I've been arrested.
I don't want a lawyer.
Your choice.
When we arrived at the store, you said "It was me.
I think I did this.
" - What did you mean? - I don't know.
- You don't know? - I can't remember.
- Did you shoot Tony Hodge? - I can't remember.
Your mobile phone records show you spoke to Mr Hodge minutes before he was shot.
What was the nature of this call? Tony Tony rang to apologise.
That's the last thing I remember until you came to the store.
I was there and he was dead.
What was he apologising for? He wanted me to use a gun.
Tony had a gun? Got one today, after last night's robbery.
They wanted me to use it next time we were robbed.
Not to shoot anyone, just to scare them off.
And that was the gun you used to shoot Tony.
I'm not sure.
Not sure if you shot Tony with that gun or if you shot Tony at all? Both.
- Where was this gun kept? - Under the counter.
It's not there now.
Do you have any idea where it might be? I don't know.
- Because you can't remember.
- Not a single thing.
- Charge him.
- Based on what? He confessed at the scene.
He said "I think I did this.
" - Exactly.
- That's not a confession.
He was robbed at gunpoint last night.
- He's clearly in shock.
- He's speaking nonsense.
He had a motive.
Didn't he say his boss was ripping him off? Tony was underpaying him, yes.
We don't have a murder weapon and Mani was speaking on the phone to Tony in Chippendale three minutes before witnesses heard a gunshot in Pyrmont.
- He might have got there by car.
- He doesn't have a car.
How did he say he got there? He doesn't remember.
Oh, that's convenient.
Got any better ideas on who it might be? Other than the person who confessed.
I will.
As long as you're not over-complicating things.
- Can you play bad cop? - What? Can you do it? - Yeah.
- Good.
We are so sorry for your loss.
Who did this to him? We're trying to find that out.
You're going somewhere? Oh, I packed some things.
I was going on a holiday before this happened.
A holiday? Yes.
With my son.
Just the two of you? - What are you doing? - How big's your son? That's my husband's.
I thought you said he wasn't invited on the holiday.
- We had an argument.
- He - He wanted to end it.
- Imagine Him, dumping me.
I came home and packed his bags.
So you were angry with your husband? I don't like your tone.
I don't like his tone.
I apologise for my colleague, Mrs Hodge.
He is new to the job.
Back off, Constable.
Tell us about the gun you keep at your store.
Gun? I don't know what you're talking about.
- I don't know anything about a gun.
- We've heard you do.
Well you heard a lie.
You have a lot of power over your employees, don't you? Sorry? You dob them in for breaching their student visas.
They get deported.
You could get them to do pretty much anything.
Like what? Well, like forget they saw something you didn't want them to.
A murder, for example.
I have just found out my husband is dead and you're accusing me of murder! - Did you? - We argued! That's all.
Married people argue.
That's what they do.
Tell him! - I'm sorry, Mrs Hodge.
- Constable! We'll leave you to your grief.
Do you have any friends or family for support? Not really.
They say animals can be good.
A dog to cuddle.
We don't have a dog.
My mistake.
Goodnight, Mrs Hodge.
- There was a dog bed.
- Sorry? At the convenience store, Tony had a dog bed.
But he doesn't have a dog.
And that's important because Because it makes no sense.
You haven't said how I went.
With what? Playing bad cop with Erica.
Oh God, you're not one of these needy millennial types, are you, that needs constant feedback? Pats on the back.
"Good job, Johnny.
" That kind of thing? I don't think so.
I'll tell you if you stuff up.
Emily! - Have you seen Bo-Lin? - Not since she owed me money.
- We can't find her.
- Maybe she went back home to Mummy.
- Why would she do that? - You must be worried.
Who's gonna do your dirty work now? Who was that? Don't know.
Did you check the study hub? - Yeah, she's not there.
- Or in the library.
And she's still not answering her phone.
She always answers her phone.
Where are you going? Ed! We can only hold him for three more hours.
Does he look like a killer to you? Got any more suspects? The wife.
She definitely knew about the gun.
So you've got four detectives out there chasing a dog bed? - We're retracing the victim's steps.
- Why? He doesn't have a dog.
That's a bit of a long shot, isn't it? Yeah, I like long shots.
FYI, Grace's team are up to a 14-hour shift.
We're already over on this month's budgeted overtime so So I should just go home? No one cares if there's a killer on the loose? Grace Penny's just doing her job and her skill set is as valuable as yours.
Sarge? I'm here to see Mani Dalir.
Well I'm sorry, you can't.
Yes, I can.
I'm his lawyer.
- Eduardo Torres.
- He's representing Mani.
- He's not a lawyer.
- What? I'm a second year law student.
So you're not a lawyer.
I'm allowed to be here if he wants me to be.
- I don't want you to be here.
- You need my help.
Sergeant, I've got something for you.
Talk some sense into him.
Charlie Have you found her? What's Bo-Lin got to do with this? Mani, I know you would never do something like this and I know she wouldn't.
So what the hell is going on? I did a search of the store name on the dog bed receipt.
The shop is listed under a business called Hoffie Holdings.
And the director of this company is this guy, Ivan Milski.
- He was at the store today.
- Right.
He's related to the victim's wife.
Erica? Yeah, they're first cousins.
- That's a mug shot.
- What's this form? Possession and supply of unlicensed and unregistered weapons.
Well, if this is a front, it's a convincing one.
Opens at 10 a.
Let's check out the back.
Great, this is much better access for the SWAT guys.
Use your knees! - You'll put your back out! - Righto.
It's Erica.
Evening, Erica.
I thought you'd be at home grieving.
I was.
What are you two up to? My cousin's closing up shop.
Yeah, not enough money in pets.
- I should get going.
- Yeah.
Before you go Detective Sergeant Gibbs.
You were at the store today, chatting with Tony.
Yeah, we're a close family.
Just visiting, weren't you? Yeah.
That's right.
Tony wanted to return his dog bed.
They were having a chat about it.
Unfortunately, I have a no returns policy.
Even though you're such close family? Why did Tony buy a dog bed? You don't have a dog, you said.
He was going to surprise my son.
- With a dog, or a dog bed? - Both.
But he changed his mind.
Tony died from a bullet wound we believe was fired from a gun he bought himself.
Know anything about that? It's not easy for a man like Tony to buy a gun without a licence.
I wouldn't know.
But you've done time for buying and selling weapons, haven't you, Ivan Milski? Long time ago.
So you didn't slip a little pistol into Tony's dog bed, then? Was he threatening to expose your little side business? Did you see the cops at the store and think he'd blabbed? Things did look pretty tense between you.
Sure you didn't go back and shut him up for good? This is bullshit.
Where were you both tonight, let's say, 7.
50? You'd just had a fight with your husband, Erica.
It wasn't us.
Okay, Ivan sold him the gun but we didn't shoot him.
I don't know what she's talking about.
- What's in the trunk? - Leashes, collars, you know.
Why the padlock? Some of them are very expensive.
Jewels and shit.
Oh, fancy dogs - You got a key? - I lost it.
It wouldn't be in your pocket? Nuh.
Mind if I check? I'm not having a woman frisk me.
That's assault.
Senior Constable Fung, would you do me the honours? Take your arms out.
Arms out.
That sounds like keys.
Mind if we try? All right, don't move.
Constable, you all right? Yeah.
Oh, you weren't lying about everything.
- Come on.
- I'm fine.
- No, you're not.
- All right, you do it then.
Operational safety rule number one Never leave your gun hanging out your jacket unclipped for a crook to steal.
The suit's different from the uniforms.
Not used to it.
- Do you wanna be a detective? - Yes.
Then get used to it.
Rule number two, don't turn your back on a crook, ever.
- Okay.
- Rule number three If there's capsicum spray around, don't stick your head in it.
Checked Ivan out.
He was having a punt on the dogs at the time of Tony's death.
What about her? Is her alibi solid? Yeah, she was at the gym.
- What's gonna happen to him? - 15 years for the weapons charge.
More for trying to steal an officer's gun.
I haven't decided what to charge you with yet.
Me? You arranged for the supply of an illegal weapon resulting in a homicide.
I never meant for anyone to use that gun.
It was to protect us.
That worked out well then, didn't it? I can't go to jail.
I have a son.
Have you explained to him how you talked his dad into buying the gun that killed him? Jaxon can never know.
That might be hard to explain when you've been arrested.
Tell me something.
How long have you been underpaying your employees? You see, if I was in your position, I'd be cooperating with me.
Couple of years.
Since the business started to tank.
That's the only reason we did it.
We're good, decent people.
So what, two years underpaying Mani Dalir How many other student visa holders trying to make their way in a new country? I don't know three or four.
Pay it back.
I can't afford that! You've got 24 hours then I'll decide whether to charge you or not.
- You two okay? - Fine.
I'm just trying to figure out why you approached an illegal weapons dealer without calling for back up? Yeah, we just stumbled across them.
There was no time.
- It was under control.
- But you had to use capsicum spray? Yes.
Why? Well, our suspect was pretty uncooperative and we had reason to believe he was armed.
Come on, Richard.
You got a result.
We made an arrest, found some weapons I'll do the paperwork.
- You can't do this.
- Shhh! This is crazy.
I remember everything now.
I'm ready to talk.
When Tony called me, he didn't call to apologise.
He called to fire me.
I was angry so I got a cab to the store.
- What kind of cab? - I wasn't looking.
I was focussed on what I was about to do.
Threaten Tony with his gun and demand he give me the money he owed me.
There was a struggle.
He tried to fight me off.
That's when the gun went off.
It was an accident.
Your hands tested negative for gunshot residue.
I washed them.
- Where's the gun? - I threw it away.
We didn't find a gun in any of the bins at the store or nearby.
I threw it in a rubbish truck passing by.
- A moving rubbish truck - It was moving slowly.
- What colour? - White.
Brown, maybe.
Mani, do you understand the consequences of what you have just told me? No, I don't think he does.
You will go to prison for the rest of your life.
I understand that.
I understand everything.
Thank you.
For tonight.
- What for? - The pet store.
The part where you probably saved my life and my career.
Don't be dramatic.
I shouldn't have left my gun unclipped.
Thank you for not telling Richard.
Don't do it again.
I agree with you, by the way.
Mani didn't do it.
You heard Richard.
We should both go home.
Our charge rate looks great to the Commissioner, Penny's overtime budget balances.
That's what it's all about, right? But Mani didn't do it.
I don't know if he's covering for someone or what.
Who would he be covering for? One of his housemates? Mm.
He has a girlfriend.
You've charged him, hmm? - Can't you leave us alone now? - No.
Where's Bo-Lin? Out.
- Do you have time for a cup of tea? - No.
You know what? Water's fine.
- Thank you.
- Pleasure.
I'll see you out.
So when did you all last see Bo-Lin? - This afternoon.
- Same.
- She had a lecture.
- Would she normally be home by now? - Oh Rarely, no.
- Sometimes.
She always leaves assignments till the last minute and then, you know, pulls these all-nighters at uni.
- So we might find her in the library? - Probably not.
She chooses really random spots to sit.
We often can't find her anywhere.
Well, she's probably pretty upset about Mani.
She doesn't know about him.
- How do you know? - Oh, I I don't.
I mean I just presume.
Have you tried calling her? She never answers her phone.
We left messages.
How long have you all be housemates? Eight months.
I met her at an audition.
I play the cello.
I didn't have anywhere to live and she said I could move in here.
I'm from Narromine.
- Do you guys know it? - No.
It's out west.
We have like, sheep and wheat mainly Do you always talk this much when you're nervous? What about you? When did you meet Bo-Lin? A year.
We met at a party for Chinese students.
I was too shy to talk to anyone but Bo-Lin wasn't.
That's Bo-Lin's computer, isn't it? You've just covered her name.
Oh yeah, it is.
I doubt she's studying without a laptop.
Does she have a car? - She walks or takes the bus.
- Walks, mostly.
So she must have an Opal card, then? Yeah, of course she would.
What are you doing? Password saved.
So she got on a bus at 6.
37, got off in the city for 15 minutes.
And she took the light rail and got off at John Street Square.
That's Pyrmont.
I know you didn't do this.
Bo-Lin caught the light rail to Pyrmont four minutes before Tony was killed.
You're covering for her.
- Come on, just tell us the truth.
- I am.
- Where's Bo-Lin? - I don't know.
You're not helping her.
Let's go.
Mum! Watch this! Did you see that one? Dana Listen, you didn't hear this from me but the convenience store owner who was shot last night? We've just arrested his killer, Mani Dalir.
M-A-N-I D-A-L-I-R.
Quick, quick! Come on.
- Yeah.
- We'd better hurry up.
- You're gonna miss your bus.
- Okay.
- What did you forget today? - Um - Sport.
- Oops.
She left her uniform at Matty's so I brought it over.
- It's on your bed.
- Thanks, Penny.
How did you get inside? I've got Matty's car so I've got a key.
It's my house, Penny.
I just brought the uniform over.
And technically, it's half Matty's house too.
He's still paying half the mortgage.
If you're running late, I can take Edie to school.
No, I'm not late, Penny.
You're early.
I'll wait in the car.
- You right, Edie Pie? - Yeah.
Actually, Charlie, remember how we said we were going to drop Edie off at school on the way? - No.
- Yeah, we did.
Edie? It's all right, darling.
We're going with Charlie.
Who's Charlie? So thanks, Penny.
We're sorted.
No sign of Bo-Lin overnight.
I've got the uniforms checking the university and doing a door knock where she got off the bus in the city.
What would Richard think of that? If you keep worrying about what Richard thinks, you're going to end up being as bad a cop as he is.
- Do you hate Richard too, Charlie? - Um No one hates Richard.
But you said he was a psychopath.
Sociopath, I said.
It's a very different thing.
A lot of very successful people are sociopaths.
The school's just up here.
Turn around and out.
Oh, what did you forget? Mm-hmm Love you! Bye Mum.
- Edie's a nice kid.
- I don't talk about my private life.
I'll try to remember that next time I do school drop off.
We got a lead.
George Street.
- Yeah, she was in here.
- What did she buy? One of these.
And Bo-Lin bought a balaclava exactly like the one that Corey Baxter wore when he was robbing the store.
So let me get this right.
You're now telling me that the killer is a female Chinese commerce student turned copycat armed robber? More of an opportunist.
Mani would have told Bo-Lin about Baxter wearing the balaclava and probably the CCTV cameras had been taken down too.
She knew there was a gun behind the counter and Baxter was still on the loose.
She saw it as an easy way to get her boyfriend's money back.
We think something went wrong.
We don't think that Bo-Lin actually meant to kill Tony.
How do you know? - Intuition.
- Do you have any evidence? Bo-Lin doesn't strike us as the murdering type.
So you don't have any evidence and you've gone and charged the wrong guy.
You seemed pretty keen for that to happen yesterday.
Someone leaked the arrest to the press.
Your mate Dana Morati published the story this morning.
You don't know anything about that, do you? No.
We're gonna look pretty incompetent charging the wrong guy.
In a way, it's a good thing it's in the media that Mani's been charged for murder.
If we're trying to bring Bo-Lin home, this might flush her out.
She's more likely to come out of hiding if she finds out her boyfriend's taken the fall.
Good point, Charlie.
I hear you had a big first shift.
Yeah, I was pretty heroic.
Got capsicum spray in my eyes.
I still feel really bad it's me who got the gig and not you.
Oh, don't! Anyway, it's you who has to suffer being partnered with her.
She's actually not as bad as we thought she was.
Really? - No, I didn't mean that.
- That was quick.
Grace? Charlie? You're wanted.
Forensics are in.
- Okay.
What have we got? - Sorry.
Of those footprints we found in the victim's blood, we got a print that's consistent with Bo-Lin's shoe size and type.
But there's another print.
It's just the edge of a heel, not enough to make out a size.
Could it be Mani's? Wrong shoe type.
Mani was wearing a sneaker.
This print is more like a work boot.
But there was definitely someone else at the crime scene.
- Do you have any other shoes? - No.
Search his room.
Also check the bins downstairs.
I don't know why you're searching our shoes.
We haven't had anything to do with this.
Given you've all been lying to us so far, I'm not going to take your word for that.
We haven't lied.
But you knew that Mani was covering for Bo-Lin.
Didn't you? As their lawyer, they don't have to answer that.
Wow, you're busy.
If I find out that any of you are colluding with Bo-Lin, I will arrest you.
Haven't you arrested enough innocent people already? Oh, does anyone know where Bo-Lin's passport is? Oh, yes.
It is downstairs.
Constable Jamieson, could you collect this please? Yes, Sergeant.
Passport's here and other documents are here.
Now where do you keep your shoes? This is crazy.
We were nowhere near the convenience store yesterday.
I was at Bible group.
Jess and me were at the supermarket.
- Which one? - Near Central.
- I have the receipt.
- We'll need it.
- Do you need anything else? - I'm sorry? Maybe you want to know what kind of tomatoes we got - or what kind of bread - Jess, stop.
No, we've done nothing wrong! We've got nothing to do with the murder.
All we wanted was to have a barbecue with our friends and we were playing cricket and the next minute We understand that you're all upset.
But if you want us to find Bo-Lin, you have to start cooperating with us.
Are they all your shoes? - Boots.
- So? Bag them.
Come on.
Jess didn't do this.
Then she's got nothing to worry about.
These all yours? And whatever you think, it wasn't Bo-Lin either.
She's my friend, right? We play music every day.
If you ever heard her play, you'd know she could never hurt anyone.
Where does she keep her things? She has the top two.
Does anyone know anything about this? - It's not hers.
- We found it in her drawer.
- Someone must have put it there.
- No one at the house knew about it.
She told your housemate she didn't have any money for rent.
She didn't.
That's why we were always trying to scrape it together.
That's why she She what? Confronted your boss? Put a gun to his head? Demanded your wages? That's why I confronted Tony.
We've reason to believe there was someone else at the store, apart from Tony, yourself and Bo-Lin.
I've told you, Bo-Lin wasn't there.
It's out in the media now that you're responsible for Tony's murder.
It's everywhere.
Bo-Lin would know you've taken the fall for her.
But she hasn't reached out to you or contacted any of her friends.
What if she can't? What if she's in danger? Needs help? Hmm? See, we found another footprint that night at the store.
A work boot, in the victim's blood.
We're concerned somebody interrupted Bo-Lin, or is controlling her somehow.
Made her hurt Tony.
Who? We don't know.
Maybe it's connected to the money.
Bo-Lin would never get involved in anything.
Mani! She had $10,000.
She's clearly involved in something.
And the longer you deny it, the more danger you put her in.
Because we can't help her.
I don't know anything about this money.
I swear.
So tell us what really happened yesterday.
Bo-Lin and I had a fight.
We made up.
But she told me she wanted to prove how much she loved me.
She was angry with Tony for making me use the gun and underpaying me.
She said she was going to fix it.
Get my money back.
She would never mean to harm Tony.
It looks like she did.
So what happened? I went out looking for work.
When my phone rang, it was Tony.
He was calling to apologise for how he treated me.
He'd just left his wife.
He sounded really happy.
But then Please, don't shoot! I ran as fast as I could.
And there he was on the floor, not moving.
And you saw Bo-Lin? No.
No one.
So you assumed Bo-Lin was involved and you took the fall.
Please find her.
If any of the others are in on it, we'll know soon enough.
How did you manage to get 24 hour surveillance on all of them? It's out in the media now.
Richard will want to be seen to be doing his job.
The country girl's been cleared.
Her boots don't match.
What if that boot belongs to him? What if Corey Baxter went back to that store? He has a habit of returning to his crime scenes.
Bottle-o in Sussex Street, petrol station in Concord.
He wouldn't have liked finding Bo-Lin holding her own robbery.
Or maybe she interrupted him.
He came back for seconds.
Work boots.
Can't even leave me alone to give birth.
Won't that suffocate it? Yeah.
Maybe leave it out of the crib for now.
Very sweet.
Now, you owe us some names.
You promised.
I don't remember promising you anything.
Yeah, it's probably the drugs.
Let me refresh your memory.
If you don't help us find your brother, I'm going to arrest you for aiding and abetting his criminal activities.
We have proof he was in your house.
Remember that? Not really.
We have reason to believe Corey may have returned to the store he robbed.
That he was involved with the disappearance of a female university student.
- Ring any bells? - Nuh.
Listen, Leah.
Tell us something.
Your brother's whereabouts, or his plans Or you can try raising this little fellow in prison.
Hmm? He had a mate.
- Someone Smith.
- First name? I don't remember.
Called him Smithy.
They did time down in Silverwater together, for nicking a car.
He said he might pay him a visit.
I'll make sure that you go home with protection.
I've gotta feed him now.
No one said how much that would hurt.
It won't for long.
Make sure you get the whole thing in his mouth, not just the nipple.
Oh come on, Charlie.
Nipple! It's not that confronting.
I don't know how you work with her.
She's a lunatic.
- Smithy? - It's John.
People call me John now.
When's the last time you saw Corey Baxter? Last week.
He wanted to borrow my caravan.
- I didn't let him.
- Was he going on a trip? I don't think so.
- What'd he need your caravan for? - Not sure.
Something about it didn't sit right with me.
What? You know, just stuff he was saying.
Listen, if you're worried about incriminating yourself, - this is completely off the record.
- It's not that.
I just feel uncomfortable talking about this kind of stuff in front of - a lady.
- Ohh.
I'm pretty sure she can handle it.
Thanks, Charlie.
All right.
He was bragging about the sick shit he got up to in Queensland, you know with women.
- It was a bit off.
- Off how? Kinky.
Kinky how? Clamps, whips, blood, piss, dog, cats, horses, what? He'd he'd meet girls.
If they didn't do what he wanted them to, he'd tie them up.
"Taught those bitches a lesson.
" That's what he said.
He kept some chick locked in a shed for three days.
You were worried he was going to use your caravan - for something like that? - Yeah.
Any idea where Corey might be now? No idea.
You're sure about that? Look, I haven't been perfect, but the kind of stuff he's into? I hope I never see that sick bastard again.
We'll look again in the morning, brother, okay? It's late.
You need to eat dinner.
I've come for my jacket.
I'm going back out.
Look, Mani, I'm sure she's okay.
I keep thinking Bo-Lin and I had an argument yesterday.
Bo-Lin was in trouble with her Mum.
Someone emailed a video of us kissing.
All I could do was just yell at her for keeping us a secret.
- Who sent the video? - I don't know.
Who would do that? She was trying to make it up for me.
That's why she left for the store.
- Hey, I'll come with you.
- It's okay.
- Gosh! - What have you done? Let's go.
You said Bo-Lin might run back home to Mummy.
Go away.
- Hey! - You sent the video to her parents.
She owed me.
I told her there would be consequences.
Do you know what's happened now? Because of that video, do you understand the mess she's in? Do I care? What are you doing? Fuck off, you fool! Seriously, if it's anyone's fault, it's yours.
I was just dropping off the keys in the letterbox.
Look, it's your place.
Penny shouldn't be using mine.
She didn't mean to encroach, Grace.
You know that.
She just She really cares about Edie, that's all.
You know the funny thing is, I used to feel sorry for Penny.
- Really? - She looked so lonely in the office.
I'd invite her over for the occasional meal.
You'd complain.
- That's not true.
- Yeah, it is.
You've just forgotten.
- Thank you for being nice.
- Oh, you were a lot nicer in the end.
Oh well, I could have probably handled that a bit better.
Yeah, three days Three days we were separated - and then you jump into bed.
- You asked me to leave! I was a mess.
Six months.
It'd been six months since Lincoln, Grace.
So what? I was just meant to get over it? No.
That's not what I'm saying.
Look, an officer died under your supervision.
I understand how hard that could be.
But "get over it".
You're still saying it.
I don't know why you asked me to leave our house Because you were a cop! A good cop.
And no matter how many times you tell me it's not my fault, I know you're thinking that boy would still be alive if you'd been in charge.
See? It was a long time ago, all right? - A lot's happened since then.
- Yeah.
It has.
And you know what? I am getting over it so - Just relax.
- Grace Me and Penny are taking Edie out for pizza tonight.
- Come with us.
- Oh, Matt.
No, you know, um I've got a few things on.
A couple of events I was invited to.
Should be fun so Ah See ya.
Detective Gibbs.
You said I could call anytime.
Mani? Bo-Lin and I come here often.
Tehran is surrounded by the mountains and pollution.
Here, there's so much sky.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm I'm glad you called.
Listen, I wanted to talk to you about the other footprint.
The one we found at the store.
You know who it is? One of the people that we're investigating is the man who robbed you that night.
It's him? The one who put the gun to my head? - The one who killed four people? - We don't know for sure.
But just think, Mani.
Is there any way he could have ever met Bo-Lin? - Knew her somehow? - No! She doesn't know a man like this.
She's just a student! Then how does she have $10,000? I don't know.
You will find him, right? Mani, this man has done so many things.
I will never stop looking.
I promise you.
Erica? Your wages.
There was some outstanding.
- I don't understand.
- Don't thank me.
It has nothing to do with me.
Where's your girlfriend? I don't know.
I'm worried someone might have her.
The cops said that they need her to help with their investigation.
Did she have something to do with this? What the hell is going on? This is your fault.
Tony and I were happy till you came along.
I'm sorry about your husband.
How can someone like you have any idea what I'm going through? I got my wages back.
Bo-Lin went to the store for me.
All of this For nothing.
Oi, shut up or you won't get your dinner.
What did I tell you about being a sook? Hey? Shhhh Good girl.
Bo-Lin didn't have money.
She found a way to make it.
I've got a missing 19-year old girl.
I have reason to believe that Corey interrupted her while she was robbing a store.
It stinks in here.
If the police won't find Bo-Lin, I'll do it myself.
You don't mess with these people.
There's a chance that Bo-Lin's been caught up in a money laundering scheme.
There are drug syndicates operating all over the city.
Why can't you ever see the big picture? Because this is the big picture, Matt.
She's someone's daughter.
What have I done?