Dead Lucky (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 They wanted me to use a gun.
What? At work.
They bought the gun for me to keep behind the counter for security.
Bo-Lin caught the light rail to Pyrmont four minutes before Tony was killed.
Mani would have told Bo-Lin about Baxter wearing a balaclava.
She knew that there was a gun behind the counter.
We think something went wrong.
We don't think she meant to kill Tony.
We're here for you.
We're mindful of your terrible loss.
George will never know his father.
Now might not be the best time for you to take on detective traineeship.
It's everything I've been working towards.
Have you seen Bo-Lin? She had 10,000 dollars.
She's clearly involved in something.
What if Corey Baxter went back to that store? He kept some chick locked in a shed for three days.
Please find her.
If it's anyone's fault, it's yours.
KNOCK AT DOOR We'd like to talk to Mary.
Could you confirm if this is you last night? Have you been following me? Who is she? Mani should hear this.
BOTH LAUGH - I know the person who filmed this.
- What? - Who? - Emily Tran.
She was the one who sent the video to Bo-Lin's parents.
Why would she do that? Emily knew they wouldn't approve.
She wanted to punish Bo-Lin.
- What for? - Bo-Lin owed Emily money.
For essays.
What kind of essays? Ones she bought for me.
Emily gets graduates to write essays.
Ones who got really high marks.
And then she sells them.
You handed in someone else's work? Why would you do something like that? I know it's wrong.
But my whole family have paid for me to study here, aunties, uncles, cousins But you're smart.
You'll do well anyway.
It's not enough for me to just pass.
I need a distinction at least.
So Bo-Lin bought the essays for you.
I didn't like Emily but Bo-Lin's not scared of anyone.
- But you paid for them? - No.
I don't have any money.
Bo-Lin didn't have money.
She found a way to make it.
How? She used to busk on Broadway.
Those winnings paid for my first essay.
Bo-Lin didn't gamble.
She would've told me.
She was hoping to surprise you.
But then she started to lose and it got out of control and she was too ashamed.
Did her luck improve? Could that explain the 10,000 dollars in her drawer? No.
She hadn't won in such a long time.
I should've told you.
But Bo-Lin said she'll sort it out.
She had a friend that was lending her money.
Who? A lady at the pokies.
Have you seen this girl in here? Don't think so.
She plays the violin.
She busks out the front.
No, I don't know her.
Any of your patrons had any big wins lately? - Define big? - 10,000? No, that doesn't happen.
Why? Are your machines rigged so no one ever wins? All right, Daz.
We don't tolerate bullying here.
We need your CCTV footage please.
Oh, hi.
That's Bo-Lin Tan's case.
She was into pokies? Apparently.
The uniforms have been talking, saying Corey Baxter's got her.
His boot matches the other footprint found at the crime scene.
It's not necessarily a match.
He wears boots and the print is of the edge of a boot heel.
That's all we know.
But I promise I'll keep you in the loop if Baxter's involved.
You deserve it.
You look tired.
Oh, George has been waking up.
I could babysit him tonight.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It'll be fun.
Um, you know, we'll catch up and hang out - Play with his latest favourite toy.
- Pink Sheep.
Oh, nice choice.
Grace We're taking surveillance off your students.
Why? It's too costly and there's no evidence it's them.
No evidence? Our best leads come from Mary.
That's just ridiculous.
How are your anger management sessions going? Great.
- Constable - I'll see you later.
- Any luck? - Yeah.
Bo-Lin's there every second or third day.
This woman has spoken to her a few times.
She speaks to a few other people but the weird thing is, she never gambles.
Send me a screenshot.
So did you get the photo? Yes, I got the photo.
- Do you know her? - Did I say that? Come on, Matt.
Look, bought you a sausage roll.
- So what? This is a bribe? - Mm-hmm.
Grace, I told you.
I can't say anything, all right? - We're in the middle of an operation.
- So are we.
And I've got a missing 19-year-old girl who's also a murder suspect and likely to be in serious danger.
Why is this always a competition with you? I don't have to be in the Drug Squad to figure this out.
Woman preys on vulnerable people at the pokies.
Starts by paying a few bills, favour bank, builds from there Am I warm? If I tell you this you have to promise, promise - not to act on this - I promise.
until our operation is over and I give you the nod.
Her name is Margaret Chen, right? She's low level.
She helps with a branch of this company, that's what they call themselves, to help move money around.
Drug money? She recruits people to collect cash from the dealers and drops it off to be laundered.
So I'm guessing the money in Bo-Lin's drawer was mid-transit.
This Margaret Chen's gonna be under all sorts of pressure to finish this transfer, complete the delivery.
- Can't say I feel sorry for her.
- Look, she's way down the ladder.
But she's connected enough to tip off the guys upstairs if she senses the cops are sniffing around.
You're sniffing because Because a shipment of GHBs arrived from China, all right? It's due out of quarantine.
We're going to intercept a delivery tomorrow.
How they bringing it in? Inside chicken fillets.
Not the real ones, the silicon ones that pad out your bra.
- You're kidding.
- No, I'm not kidding.
Listen, Grace.
God We've been monitoring these guys for a long time, so please Don't fuck it up.
Yeah, said that already.
Sometimes you need reminding, you know.
Oh, don't forget your bag.
You're going to your exam, right? Mani, you can't just keep wandering the streets looking for her.
This is your final exam.
- Bo-Lin would want you to do it.
- You don't speak for her.
I understand why you're angry with me.
But I said I'm sorry.
I don't know what else I can do.
Move out.
My wages.
Take whatever you need for a room somewhere else.
- You don't mean that.
- It's okay.
I don't want your money.
I'll be out as soon as I can.
Mani I don't understand.
You said that robber had her, Corey Baxter.
Then I find she's been gambling and there's some woman, the one Mary mentioned, what's she got to do with it? Come in.
There's a chance Bo-Lin's caught up in a money laundering scheme.
There are drug syndicates operating all over the city.
Money laundering? Drug syndicates? This cannot be Bo-Lin.
We're not saying she's involved in all that but these gangs recruit people to do other work for them.
The woman Mary was talking about, she would've come across like a mother.
That's how these gangs operate.
They find kind-looking women to hang out in places like pokies, then they target vulnerable students, usually not from around here, with no family ties.
First they offer to pick up a few bills.
Then the kids can't repay the debt.
Then they're asked to deliver a package.
The 10,000 dollars Bo-Lin would've had no idea what she was getting herself involved with.
Have you found this lady? - You found her? - We're moving as quickly as we can.
You don't look like it.
I'll keep you informed, Mani.
Inform me now.
I will find your girlfriend.
Tell me everything you know about this woman.
- What woman? - Bo-Lin's friend.
Or whatever she was.
Who paid our electricity bill.
You owe me that at least.
- I don't know anything else.
- Try and remember.
If the police won't find Bo-Lin, I'll do it myself.
We were doing the laundry once.
She really didn't want me to meet her.
Maybe that's the lady the police were talking about.
Where was she? She was sweeping outside a restaurant.
Which one? Do you have a different shirt? Yeah.
Margaret Hi.
- I'm William.
Will, for short.
- What do you want? You know my friend Bo-Lin? - We go to university together.
- Where is she? I was hoping you could tell me.
She's missing and we're worried.
How did you find me? I've been speaking to all her friends.
She mentioned you guys met here sometimes.
- For what? - She didn't say.
She just said she had something of yours.
You tell her I need to see her.
Where does she live? - I don't know.
- I thought you were her friend.
She lied to me about her address, she doesn't answer her phone and I see in the news she's wanted by the cops.
Is she mixed up in something? - I don't know.
- Are you in on this too? - Trying to rip me off? - No.
It's nothing like that.
You don't mess with these people.
They killed Jonny.
Sorry? The deceased What was his name? Jonny, my cat.
Tell that girl to finish what she started.
How did I go? Well, we found out that Bo-Lin's definitely involved in the money laundering, so that's useful.
I don't think those guys have anything to do with her going missing.
You said "deceased".
Sorry? About the cat.
You used the word "deceased".
Normal people don't go around saying "deceased" about people who die.
Or cats.
Made you sound like a cop.
Oh - Sorry.
- Mm It's probably fine.
Hope so.
How's it going, Tommy? I wouldn't call us best friends.
I don't need him here! Yeah, I can see why you don't want protection from your brother.
More I hear about him, the more that makes sense.
So we tracked down his mate, Smithy.
Told us that Corey likes to lock women up till they do what he wants.
Well, you lock people up all the time.
Listen, Leah, I've got a missing 19-year-old girl.
I have reason to believe that Corey interrupted her while she was robbing a store.
Well, maybe she should rob less stores.
- Who else has he locked up? - I don't know, okay? - I've told you, we're not close.
- Right.
- These you two? - I think so.
Oh - You look pretty close.
- Well, a lot changes in 15 years.
But you kept the photos.
It was my dad's house and I haven't bothered to take them down.
I want to understand your brother, how his mind works.
You're the only person who can tell me.
I don't know, okay? He's not even my real brother.
We're step.
And I don't give a shit about him or you.
BABY CRIES Good one.
It stinks in here.
If you let me back in the house I could have a shower.
And see him.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Of course you're his dad.
So why tell me my own flesh and blood isn't mine? Why would you do that to me? - I don't know.
- You don't know? He's got your eyes.
Did you see? Please let me in the house.
Pow! Oh, no! He's coming to.
Jump into the pirate ship, quick.
I'll make up the couch.
It's pretty comfy but I don't mind taking it.
- Why would anyone sleep on the couch? - Pow I was thinking I should probably call my mum cos If you'd just give me my phone back That's not gonna happen.
Well, just I think she'll be getting worried.
- And she might call the police.
- We'll call when we get there.
- Can I take my pirate ship? - No, mate, that's too big.
We'll take your cars, Toby.
- But it's my favourite.
- I know.
We'll take your cars.
I don't wanna go to Queensland! Toby! I'm not going.
It's stupid.
Come here, mate.
Here, listen to that.
You hear that? It's the ocean.
That's magic, eh? Me and my sister, we found this when we were kids.
But reckon it's yours now.
Good boy.
Now why don't you run along to bed? Me and your mum got a lot of catching up to do.
You know why I'm here? - Listen - Trumpet lesson's tomorrow.
Edie forgot to bring it with her.
Of course.
What doesn't she forget? - How's your missing girl? - Still missing.
Sorry I'm making you wait on this.
It's just this bust is gonna be big.
It shouldn't be too much longer.
- Oh, no - Promise.
It's fine.
You know what was fun? Talking shop.
- I miss that.
- Yeah Yeah.
And I miss you.
- Sorry.
- No, don't That just came out, I probably shouldn't have said that.
- Sorry.
- It's not very helpful.
Listen can we talk about the house? I can't keep paying a Sydney mortgage.
If I lived further from the beach, it'd be cheaper to rent somewhere.
You're not You're not moving from the beach.
The ocean is the only thing that keeps you sane, you know that.
Matt Who says I'm sane? Where is she? - Sorry? - Bo-Lin.
- Who are you? - Her friend.
Her best friend.
- What about the other guy? - What other guy? Never mind.
I have what you want from her.
You better come inside.
That's not 10,000 dollars.
It's a start.
I can get you the rest.
I need to see her first.
Follow me.
Where is she? You said you had her.
That's funny.
Sometimes people hear what they wanna hear.
He's got our money and he's refusing to hand it over.
What should we do, boys? Get him! (Grunts) Where's the rest? That's not your money.
The police have it.
Do you have her? - That was - Unexpected.
I was gonna say amazing.
- It can be both.
- Yeah.
Oh, what are we doing? Kissing.
What are we doing kissing? - Shh - No, Matt I gotta tell you something.
PHONE RINGS Hello, Penny.
No no.
We just I couldn't We couldn't find the trumpet.
No, I'll be home soon.
Okay, bye.
Hey You know I meant what I said about missing you.
I'm sorry.
I dunno how things got so fucked up.
Listen, I've gotta tell you something.
PHONE RINGS Yeah, hello.
Okay, bread.
Yeah, I got ya.
Wholemeal, okay.
Okay, bye.
Hey Yeah.
Don't forget the trumpet.
What's he doing here without his mother? We're hanging out for a little while.
We've done 18 minutes of peek-a-boo and three books.
Now you sleep.
That was the deal, right? I'm glad you're helping Anna out.
I feel for her.
But it would never work.
You two.
Why not? Charlie, what's wrong with a nice Chinese girl? - Why did you two come here? - What? I don't understand why you left Beijing when all you can say is "What's wrong with a nice Chinese girl?" We ran from the government.
We didn't run from being Chinese.
I understand that but I was born here.
You seem to forget.
After all your father and I have been through you're not proud of your heritage? I am proud but it's not all that makes me me.
You sound confused.
I'm not confused.
- I know exactly who I am, Mum.
- DOOR BELLS I'm just waiting for you to catch up.
- Has he been good? - Perfect.
We played a solid hour of peek-a-boo and he crashed.
George can stay the night if you want.
Really? Yeah.
I know the drill if he wakes.
I'll drop him off in the morning and you can have the night off.
That would be amazing.
You're amazing.
He can stay anytime.
Um maybe one day you can both stay.
I mean, not here.
- It's about time I moved out.
- Charlie No, I need to say this.
For so long now I've said nothing out of guilt over Lincoln, my parents I can't feel guilty any more.
If he saw how much I cared about you and George, Lincoln would be happy.
I get the sense you feel the same Maybe? Would you have dinner with me? Okay.
Mani! - Have you heard from Mani? - No.
I should've never let him go alone.
Where? He told me not to tell anyone.
But I should have stopped him.
Mani! Mani! - Are you okay? - I'm fine.
I can't believe you went alone.
What if It was worth it.
At least now I know they don't have Bo-Lin.
- Brother - Hey.
Maybe she's okay.
WOMAN HUMS I thought you were gone for the night.
Change of plans.
Are you sure you don't want anything else to eat? Got chocolate.
What are you writing? A letter.
To Mani.
Explaining everything.
Well trying to.
Were you playing your violin before? Yes.
I think you must miss it.
Got you these.
Do I look like her? A bit.
All Asians look the same, right? Joke.
Well, you do look more like Mary than Jess.
Or Eduardo, I hope.
I don't know if I can go through with this.
It's the best option we've got.
I'm gonna let you get some rest.
Big day tomorrow.
Good night.
Good night.
Stop! Police! No.
No You're not him.
I never wanted to hurt him! I just wanted money.
Are you really the police? You killed him.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Ooh, lollipop? Me? Yeah, you.
Who else would I be talking to? Um - You okay? - Yeah.
Why? I didn't know you shared your lollipops.
Of course I share my lollipops.
Jack, lollipop? Ooh, raspberry.
Did something happen? No.
Why? - You seem happy, I think.
- Well - Have you had a coffee? - Just had one.
I haven't.
I'm sorry about the trumpet.
I should've reminded Matty.
Oh, no I should've remembered.
See? This is how it should be between co-parents.
We're all adults here.
Yep, that's what we are.
We are all adults.
- Your students are downstairs.
- Right, thanks.
We all keep our passport in the same drawer but mine's not there.
It's missing.
- Okay, so when did you last see it? - I don't know.
I thought maybe you took it when you took Bo-Lin's.
What'd you do to your eye? Nothing.
He fell over.
Did you book a one-way flight to Shanghai yesterday? No.
Someone booked a ticket in her name, departing 8 p.
JESS: Who would do that? All right, have the feds intercept the plane.
You think it's Bo-Lin? If she's booked on a flight, then they don't have her and she must be alive.
Who's they? You weren't prepared to speak to that woman, so I did.
You spoke to Margaret Chen? Matt, it's Grace.
Can you call me, please, ASAP? It's important.
Anna Senior Sergeant When you seized Bo-Lin's passport from the student house, do you remember if Mary's was with it? Oh, um Apparently they were in a drawer together.
I don't remember.
There were a few passports but I don't know how many.
Bills, maybe Okay.
- What have we done? - It was an accident.
- It doesn't make it okay.
- I know that.
- You have to stay here for a while.
- How long? We need to get you on a plane before the police are onto you.
What about you? Nobody knows I was there.
You've left a trail of clues.
I can't leave Mani behind.
Hey! If you don't do what I say, you will go to prison.
We both could.
Once you're gone and the police have given up, I'll let Mani know where you are.
Why were you there? - Sorry? - At the store.
I was told at work today I don't have what it takes to be a detective.
And until I get over what happened to my husband, I never will.
So I went to the store to prove to myself I can move on from Corey Baxter and there you were.
I thought you were him.
I saw a gun and a balaclava and I really thought you were him.
I'm sorry about your husband.
Tell me your plan.
I'm listening.
All right, time to go.
- Okay, Toby, leave the pirate ship.
- No.
- Put your shoes on.
Come on, baby.
- I don't wanna go.
Come on.
Do you wanna hold onto your special shell? No.
I wanna go with my other dad.
Corey's your Dad, Toby.
I told you that.
- I like my other dad better.
- You don't have another dad, silly.
Okay? Come on, put your shoes on.
- What are you talking about, mate? - Nothing.
He's just talking nonsense.
You think I don't remember.
I do.
My other dad took me to Luna Park when I was three.
I went on the train.
I tried to tell you that he wasn't yours but you wouldn't listen.
POLICE SIREN Get down! CONFUSED SHOUTING Get down on the ground! Don't move! Right, open the back.
Come on, open the back.
Let's go.
Grab that box there.
Bring it down.
Open it up.
Where are the fucking There's no bra pads in here.
Where are the fillets? Fuck! I tried to call.
I just let 20 million dollars worth of GHB slip through my fingers.
Look, this kid Mani was freaking out about his missing girlfriend.
I just told him there was a chance she was caught up in this racket.
I didn't even give him a name.
I'd no idea he'd track her down.
- He tipped off Margaret Chen.
- I am so sorry.
What a waste! I already knew it was a dead end.
How? So you spoke to her as well? After all I asked? No, Matt.
I sent my trainee in.
It's okay.
He's Chinese.
Hang on He didn't blow it.
You risked the security of a major task force operation in the hands of a fucking trainee? I had to rule her out.
Why can't you ever see the big picture? Because this is the big picture, Matt.
She's someone's daughter.
She might not matter to you but to me she's important.
You knew.
You knew.
- When we were together last night - No, listen, I tried You knew you had done this! Penny called.
It was Matt I'm sorry.
It was a mistake.
Yeah, it was.
It was a huge mistake.
All of it.
Trusting you and falling for you again That's never gonna happen again.
(Sighs) Fuck, fuck, fuck! - Oh! - Shit.
I hope you understand why I've asked Inspector Marden to be present.
Safety reasons.
What? All right, you're overreacting.
You threw your badge at my head.
No, I threw my badge in the general direction of your head.
And it missed.
- So you were aiming at Imogen? - No! She wasn't even This is ridiculous.
It's a non-event.
You see, the fact that you frame the incident as a non-event is a problem for us.
Why did you throw the police badge? Anything you say is confidential.
We're here to help.
It doesn't feel like that.
It feels like a big fat conspiracy to get rid of me, which you, Richard, have been wanting to do for quite some time.
What are you writing down? Just what you said.
Why? It's confidential.
PHONE RINGS It's Tommy Mekky.
He's guarding Leah Baxter.
You can call him back.
Yep, Grace.
There's been a parcel delivered for Leah.
I heard the letterbox and ran out but whoever it was had gone.
All right, don't give it to her.
Nobody's to open it until I get there.
I've gotta go.
If you leave now, it'll be seen as a disciplinary breach and there will be consequences.
I can't wait.
- No return address, nothing.
- Too small to be a bomb.
No ticking.
- What are you doing here? - A package arrived.
Who from? That's what we're trying to figure out.
Expecting any deliveries? No.
Maybe it's a present for the baby.
From some random.
I don't want it.
- Don't wanna see what it is? - No.
Would you know who this might be from? Leah? I should check on Hunter.
Chuck it in the bin.
- Oh, God.
- How could I not see it? - Charlie - What? (SINGS) Rock-a-bye baby in the treetop When the wind blows The cradle will rock BABY GURGLES It's rude to creep up on people.
We were just looking at your beautician certificates.
Made quite a few trips to Queensland.
Must've been nice to see Corey nine months ago.
It's from him, isn't it? The shell.
You told me you didn't know who the baby's father was, that it was a one-night stand but It's him.
Isn't it, Leah? He's Corey's.
He's mine.
You haven't done anything wrong.
You're not related by blood.
I didn't choose this.
You don't understand.
I have to do what he says.
Try me.
He wasn't always bad.
Not at the start.
I didn't have a mum growing up, yeah? She pissed off.
So it was just me and my dad.
What a father he was, eh? He laid into me every time he was drunk, which was always.
When Corey and his mum moved in, Dad was still a pig.
But he shared it between the both of us.
Me and Corey.
How old were you when Corey came to live with you? Nine.
He was ten.
We found that at the beach.
He used to hold it up to my ear and say "Listen "It's the ocean.
"Everything's gonna be okay.
" I didn't want it.
I never wanted it.
Of course you didn't.
He always wanted to have a kid.
Be a family.
So that he would be the man of the house.
That's what his mum used to call him before my dad came along and took that away.
But I couldn't let him have this baby.
Told him it wasn't his.
But I needed to distract him.
He had a girlfriend seven years ago.
They split but she has a seven-year-old kid so the timing was perfect.
But he sent that.
He knows I've tricked him.
What've I done? She was a really cool chick.
What's her name, Leah? Where does she live? Tell us and we'll help her.
There's no one here.
GDs have done a doorknock.
Looks like the neighbours might've seen a car take off couple of hours ago but her car's still here.
It does look like someone's been locked in the shed for a while.
Anyone get a description of the vehicle? Silver station wagon.
Nice and generic.
Does this mean Baxter doesn't have Bo-Lin? Who knows what he's doing? Let's get inside.
Tonight's not looking good.
I'll call.
We missed him again.
Why would Corey take Toby and Claire when he knows they're not his real family? I dunno.
Highway Patrol have a description of the vehicle.
Let's get back to the office.
We'll go through the witness statements.
You'll have to postpone your date, I'm sorry.
How did you know about that? You're so easy to read, it's embarrassing.
You can't go.
The police told you to stay away.
A chance to see her.
You think I'm not going to take it? You're so not going to win this one.
I've got a hire car to move my things.
Let me drive you to the airport.
Thank you.
Don't move out.
Let's go.
I'm ready.
The letter for Mani.
What's wrong? You can't go.
The police know the plan.
They'll be waiting for you at the airport.
How? Mary noticed her passport was missing, told the police - So now what? - I don't know.
The detectives were distracted with Corey Baxter but I don't know how long that's gonna last.
And they know Margaret Chen doesn't have you.
You can't hide forever.
- What? - You have to confess.
They'll be more lenient if you turn yourself in.
What about you? They have evidence you were there.
They have nothing on me.
- So? - So You're already in trouble.
Won't change anything for you if I confess or not.
You are a policewoman.
They'll listen to you.
- You can explain it was an accident.
- No! Want me to take all the blame? I have a baby.
He's already lost his dad.
I won't leave him.
I will lose everything too! Mani, my friends my music.
I need you to explain.
- You made me pull the trigger.
- No, I didn't.
You panicked.
You can't blame me.
I am trying to help you.
- Where are you going? - I'm telling them the truth.
We both take the blame.
We can share the punishment.
That is not how it works.
- I won't let you do this.
- Get out of my way.
No, I won't.
This isn't fair! Bo-Lin! VOICEMAIL: Hi, you've called Anna.
Leave a message.
Hi, it's me obviously.
Sorry I couldn't do tonight.
I promise we'll do dinner soon.
I'll book one of those really, you know, posh places with white tablecloths and tiny portions.
Anyway, hope you're having a good night.
So she was pushed? This place has been wiped clean.
Whoever this was, they know how to cover their tracks.
I need to ask you something.
- You're on restricted duties.
- What? Where is Detective Gibbs? - Can I drive you home? - No, thank you.
I'll walk.
What are you doing? It's not your fault.
Keep telling yourself that! Just wanna talk to ya.
Police! Down! - Maybe you should have it.
- Stay close.
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