Deadly Class (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Rise Above

1 Previously on "Deadly Class" What happened to the whole keeping this thing a secret - so we all don't get killed? - Chico! Get out of here, Chico! Know that kid, Peter, I deal to? He said he saw Yukio open the door.
Kuroki wanted Chico out of business.
He's got to go.
If you weren't my brother, you would no longer have your school.
Daddy! What about you, boy? What do you hate? Just wait and see what I do to my old pal Marcus.
- How did you get this number? - Oh, I got an inside scoop.
What do you want, Chester? [MOCK SPANISH ACCENT] "It's me, Chico! If you don't find me in three days, this psycho's gonna send me home with a note about who did it.
" [MOODY INDIE ROCK] So tired from the climb, I can't enjoy the view.
Impossible to enjoy a quiet moment.
Some asshole in the back of my head keeps reminding me it's only temporary.
Constantly waiting for the next fucked-up thing to happen.
Sometimes remembering a moment in your life can physically hurt you as you relive everything that mattered to you then and realize how far gone it is now.
I used to sit back and think about my parents, focusing on every good memory I could harvest.
It used to make me cry, and I liked it.
It made me feel like I was still human.
That's gone now.
I twisted myself up into too many knots.
No time to cry over the past.
The bad trouble follows me.
What's so important we're playing the cloak-and-dagger routine? I'm in some trouble.
We all are.
I found out where Chico's body is.
What? When we were in Vegas, I-I thought it was the acid, but he was tracking me, and now my old roommate has Chico's body.
- Shit.
If he tells the cartel Maria has - You can't tell her, okay? - She's barely holding it together as is.
- Right.
Maria kills Chico and leaves us all royally fucked, but let's not upset her.
I shouldn't have come to you.
Oh, don't act like you had any other option.
My ass is on the line, too, you know? So Who is he? March of '86.
This is personal shit.
I trust you.
Your funeral.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] One way or another, I'm getting out.
The other kids have all just accepted that we're going to be working in this sweatshop, that there's no other option for us but this crooked orphanage and these perverts who run it.
Today I'll show them different, and they'll never see it coming.
Meet your quota, or you'll be sorry, Arguello.
The Lord rewards the industrious.
He punishes the indolent.
[GRUNTS LOUDLY] [CRACK] [GROANING] I'll show the world what they did here.
Today I'll have enough needles.
I might've had enough last week.
One more round of pinpricks in my cheek A small price.
[BULLHORN WAILING] I can't wait to see the look on their faces.
All right, you little shits, day's done! Hold up a second, Hank.
Needles missing from Marcus' station Whole shitload.
You know what that means we got to do, right? Visit Mistress Ranks Pure evil in a librarian's body.
We searched him, but we couldn't find the needles.
Let's see where this dirty Nicaraguan is hiding his contraband, and I suppose you won't tell me who did this to your eye? You filthy parasites do love to protect each other.
None of you people respect authority.
Come on, boy, let's get a look at your hidin' hole.
You deceitful, filthy people snuck into my country to live off the resources of my great nation.
I take care of you, I feed and clothe you, and you lie to me.
Watch how you look at me! Take the worm back to his room.
- Absolutely, you certainly - [LAUGHS] Some scene in the work hall today.
Made me nervous you might've gotten distracted and forgotten about me.
I didn't forget.
Sweet Sally marmalade, what the shit you waiting for? I got to cut the other side of your face? No, sorry.
Ham and cheese.
Got a letter from my aunt, still won't take me in.
Thinks I killed my pa.
You believe that shit, her own nephew.
Some people Oh! [COUGHING] This sandwich tastes like a hot pile of shit.
[GAGGING, COUGHING] What the hell did you feed me, ball bag? Maybe the cheese is bad? [COUGHING] [GRUNTING] Something the matter? I thought you loved ham and cheese.
[GAGGING] Oh, wait.
I forgot it was poisoned.
How could I be so stupid, Chester? You're going to lose control of your body now, you sadistic piece of shit.
But don't worry.
You'll be wide awake for what's coming next.
I wouldn't let you miss it, not for anything, not after all you've done.
So many memories All these years being tortured by you.
I found the instructions in your Anarchist Cookbook.
Took months to make, but I think it's going to be worth it.
Just you wait and see.
[MUFFLED SCREAMING] - Help! My roommate! Help! - [DOOR OPENS] [GROANING] You think that mattress is gonna keep me from you, boy? I'm not hiding from you.
[COUGHING, GAGGING] Holy sheep shit! [BOTH SCREAMING] I guess you know where the needles went, Hank.
[SCREAMING] It was amazing how perfect it was going.
All that was left was to kill Ranks, but when I looked in her eyes, I realized how much worse it would be to let her live.
- [CLICK] - Open the doors and let the boys out.
When the cops came, they'd hear about what she'd done.
Then she'd be the one in a cell.
I could hear the kids tearing apart the guards Small justice in a world gone mad.
Of course, I didn't know all what happened till the next day.
[WHEEZING] A massacre.
The newspaper said that everyone in the home had been killed.
The building burned down, and it all got pinned on me.
The Sunset Boys' Home deserved to be burned down, but the other kids were supposed to get out.
Ranks was supposed to live to see the world learn the truth about her.
I didn't know then, but instead, they all died, and though it wasn't by my hand, it might as well have been.
Chester's a serial killer now the Fuckface killer.
The psycho in the newspapers? I have to kill him.
[CLANGING] Oh! God, you're like a leprechaun gone and took the form of a Mexican's head.
You're brimming with good luck.
Ever since I got ya, a lot of stuff been going right.
Things going good for you, man? - Mm.
- 'Cause me I ain't got no damn body! Hey, now, life's all how you look at it.
Sure, you can see the downside, focus on being a decapitated head, or you could see that you're part of community, part of something bigger now.
- A crew of my distance relative types.
- [GOAT BLEATING] That makes us like brothers, see? Didn't think a guy like you, all smart Strong and shit, would need a family.
Who said anything about needing them? [SPITS] I'm trying to help with their upward mobility.
That's right! You get 'em! Don't you let that grease ball, tamale tosser talk to ya like that! [CHICKEN CLUCKING] If I was there, I'd hit him with a chair, too! Whoa, Gran-Gran, super uncool.
[SIZZLING] Aah! And get the hell out of my house, woman [GROANING] You can't keep [INDISTINCT CHATTER ON TV] That's fair.
I deserved it.
Totally my bad.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] You trust them? I don't trust shit.
They're all just here 'cause I promised they'd get rich from the fame.
[CHUCKLING] But it's a common goal, right? [LAUGHING] I just don't want you to get hurt again.
Come out here and keep me company while I dump.
Uh You're always gonna be by my side, like Simon and Simon.
Hey, hey, they didn't shit together, man.
I was thinking of Cagney and Lacey.
F-Face, sir, captain.
So I get there's, like, no rules for this, but it would be great if you could tell them not to stab me.
Shit, that's wrong.
But I can't help you.
That's my people.
I need them 100% behind me.
Wouldn't be right getting mad at people for just stabbing a captive.
Okay, well, thanks for hearing my complaint.
Sorry to interrupt your book.
- Boop-boop! - [GROANS] [LAUGHS] The deed is done, cousin.
Slicker was unloading two dogs.
We bled him out like a pig Uh-huh, you know, like you said.
Can't a man drop dirt biscuits without having 20 meetings? Just thought you'd want to know right away.
And his nose? Oh, we sawed that son of a bitch off.
Wasn't easy.
Nose is tough to get an angle on with a wood saw.
[LAUGHS] And the paint? Uh well Did you forget my paint signature? You're a stupid, stupid cock of a man, aren't you? C-come on, cousin Chester, I-I ain't never killed nobody before.
Cut me some slack.
You want to be famous for being a killer? You got to do things just right.
Every kill's got to be exactly the same then you start building a reputation.
You get famous, get TV and book deals.
You trying to fuck me out of my book deals, Jimmy Jon? [GRUNTS] [CLICKING TONGUE] Jimmy Jon proving himself useless to the organization, man.
- Don't look good.
- I'm handling it, head! [GASPING] You think management's easy? Got to deal with this HR bullshit when I should be focused on that son of a bitch Marcus - Hey.
- And how to hurt him Bad.
You can't hide from Fiery Jack and Captain Sensible, Maria.
Oh, come on, love, take your trouncing like a man! [SINGSONG] Yoo-hoo.
I see you.
Fuck! Get this crazy bitch off me! Stop, Maria! - Stop! - Calm yourself, Maria! - [SHOUTS] - Take note, class.
In sparring, adrenaline can be as consuming as real combat.
[PANTING] You go running after her, and everyone will know.
This Yukio shit has to get done.
[SIGHS] You gonna make me call Diablo? Tell him you're letting things slide 'cause of that Kuroki bitch you rolling with? What the fuck's the matter with you? This hijo de puta got Chico killed.
Why you making me ride you? It was some Canadian guy.
I read it in an article.
Then it's got to be true.
Canadian guy got a heart transplant.
Next day he starts loving classical music, eating sushi Shit he was never into but his donor was.
Yeah, well, ain't no transplant gonna have me munching on some raw-ass fish.
But it makes sense, though.
I mean, you get little bits and pieces of the other person.
A piece a their soul gets put into you.
You really believe a doctor can just drop your soul into somebody else? I don't know.
I believe we're more than this.
I don't think this is the real us.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
When my pops died, we had an open casket, and I remember looking at him, and I just thought "That's not him.
" How'd he go? Doesn't matter.
I just I remember wondering, "Who the fuck is that guy? 'Cause it sure as shit ain't my dad.
" Once whatever you call it moves on It's not us anymore.
Well, whatever death is I just hope my pops finally got right.
He was never really happy.
What'd he want to be? He sang.
Yeah, Bob Marley, stuff like that.
- [CHUCKLES] - He always had this guitar.
He was always playing it.
He would've been a singer.
Just never got the chance.
This how you usually do it? Act all vulnerable, hope I drop the panties? No.
No, I don't [SIGHS] I don't do this with anyone.
[WHISPERING] There has to be a better way.
[WHISPERING] There isn't.
Okay, we'll go to the crime scenes.
Do what, Batman? We're not detectives.
We don't know how to find criminals, let alone a serial killer.
Besides, we're running out of time.
[GRUNTS] We need an expert.
Well it's the self-righteous boy who hates bullies and me.
I am beside myself with anticipation.
We need help.
So you came to the tiny-dicked egotist? Yeah.
There's a serial killer.
He's a problem.
We need to find him.
"Need" Interesting.
So many connotations.
We were at the boys' home together.
We were roommates.
He used to hurt me.
Now he's killing people.
Calls himself Fuckface.
That is quite the name.
You ever consider looking where idiots gather? I thought you might have some insight into your own kind.
My kind? Me and this gentleman are not even the same species.
You're both psychopaths.
I am curious.
Okay, let's cruise, daddy-o.
What drives his insides? I mean, what was the thing that he couldn't help but talk about in that boys' home? - Dogs.
- [SCOFFS] Bored already.
No, he's really into dogs.
Oh, oh Yeah, well, that is horrendous Almost pre-human.
I'll help But not from in here.
You said "need" Poor word selection.
It gives away so much, because I have a need, too.
I need to sit in Pancho Villa's Taqueria and enjoy a carnitas burrito.
Oh, it's an unsettling offer, I know, but you wouldn't have come here if you weren't very, very desperate.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING, DOOR OPENS] [GRUNTS] Oh, wait, don't let the door shut! - [DOOR CLOSES] - Oh! - Billy, what is this? - It's the puzzle room, dude! [SIGHS] They randomly lock kids in, and you have to solve a riddle to get out.
One of these doors is the only unguarded exit out of King's.
Monks threw me in here this morning.
I'm not doing the riddle, though.
- Why? - Lions, fire "Behind one door, scorching fire, the other, three lions starved for months, the last holds deadly assassins.
Which is the path to safety?" Hey, guys, did you know that you're hanging with the Scorpio Slasher? We're getting burritos.
[DOOR CLOSES] [MARIA SIGHS] Please tell me you didn't come here because you have bad news.
No, Maria.
I have no news.
But how have you been holding up, mi'ja? Sometimes the pain in my chest is so much, I can't move.
I hear a sound, and I look for him.
And you haven't heard anything? No one who fought with him? No one wanted revenge on my Chico? No.
You were his protector, Maria.
- It is not enough.
- Protector? I was more than that.
I loved him.
He was my heart.
The reason you're alive I have been watching Maria and her pain.
She wears it, always.
She's never stopped in her pursuit of the truth.
Madame Gao has come to aid us in our search.
We take nothing more seriously than Chico's well-being.
We'll find him.
Thank you, Maria.
Do you have children, Master Lin? I had a daughter.
She's gone.
There is no greater pain.
My son [SIGHS] My heir I will never give up, and those responsible for my grief They will know my pain, and their families will know hell before I send them there.
He was in your care.
You ever see pigs eat a live man? Of course I have.
[LAUGHING] Shit, what does this Fuckhead guy want? Why didn't you tell us? You know, there's a lot Marcus doesn't say.
- You don't know dick.
- Oh, I know dick.
You and I are a lot more alike than that Dr.
Seuss character beside you.
It's a Mohawk.
I have nothing in common with a piece-of-shit bully who kills teenagers making out in cars.
Better to burn them in a boys' home? Ooh, the road not traveled.
Punks have nothing in common with Dr.
It's, like, totally different.
Seuss is a drunk and a philanderer.
Shit, really? He was screwing another woman while his wife was dying of cancer.
In a box with a pox.
That's not punk, that's just high-level dickish.
Dickish is subjective.
It depends on who is doing what to whom.
No! Wait! [CLICK] No! Lions! [DOOR CREAKS] Lions starved for months are also known as dead lions.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] I did miss the smell of dollar meats.
Did you think we were just gonna let you run around? Well, of course not.
Safety first.
This carnitas is heavenly.
Surprised you didn't order a human-flesh burrito.
So How did a little boy come to want to kill Reagan? Eh, teacher's lounge is a real gossip pit.
Zane talks more than a teenager chained to a water heater.
I'm not telling you shit about me.
You got the burrito.
Quit stalling.
Face is the product of pain.
He did not decide to become what he is.
It was imposed upon him.
Bullshit, he made his choice.
You chose to live in a boys' home? Neglected boys So many ways for disorders to bloom.
One of the most fun Obsessive love.
Starved of emotional security, they idealize someone or something to supply that love.
Now, in this case, a thing that won't talk or have complicated emotions and yet gives so much.
Chester needs love, but he's only capable of having a relationship with a - Woof.
- Okay, We get it.
Where do we go? Well, that's up to you.
Why Reagan? My parents were killed.
Well, not by me, I hope.
That would be awkward.
Shut up, prick.
The thing about me is that I get angry when you call me names, but I also kind of like it.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] They were killed by one of the people Reagan released from the mental hospitals, okay? Okay, so A to B.
I was hoping for C, but you probably don't know C yet, do you? - I did what you wanted.
- Ice cream.
Ice cream? [TRADITIONAL MUSIC CONTINUES] We're getting ice cream.
And then, I promise, I'll show you.
[CHUCKLES] All those years we learned to play the pipa I never pick it up.
Who has time? [PLUCKED NOTE RINGS] Well tuned Even in neglect.
A look I've seen many times.
Say what it is you wish to say.
I'm concerned.
Jurgen's escape Chico's disappearance And Maria.
You arrive at a difficult time.
There was a time you didn't accept excuses.
Some of them will not be up to the task.
You of all people know.
[CHAIR THUDS] The ways of The Guild I do.
[SIGHS] Why does it only affect me here, in Father's office? The Green Temple was not a place you could grieve.
If Nahia had lived Would you have sent her to us? It would have been very difficult But The Guild runs through our veins.
When she came of age, I would have been proud to see her follow in your footsteps.
- Was she strong enough? - She was.
- You could see that at two years old? - She was like you.
Even when you were very young, you were indomitable.
Stronger than me.
Now even more so.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] How can I save my brother from a grave he won't stop digging for himself? The errors you've made are indefensible.
Perhaps, since Ming's passing, you've grown calloused.
My son showed me the importance of what we do.
I wouldn't change his fate.
He died so others could become instruments of change.
His sacrifice made me what I am.
But it's not like that with you.
Somehow the death of your daughter has made you soft.
Everyone grieves differently.
Yes, of course.
It's too bad you can't enjoy this here bath, decapitated head.
It's nice.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] You'd just sink, though.
Call me Chico, man.
Okay, Chico.
I'm sorry you had to see me put Jimmy Jon's head in the shitter.
I guess I'm a bit on edge with all this Marcus business.
You could have been done with Marcus in Vegas a while ago.
I got to make a lot of noise with it.
Marcus is a wanted mass murderer, guarantee of media attention.
Get on "Donahue"? We was just doing boys' home stuff Horseplay.
He's the one that took it too far.
Now he's got to suffer some.
He didn't just ruin my face.
He ruined my life.
That boys' home was the first place I ever felt safe.
Those guards were mean, but it was nothing like my pa could be.
Ah, fathers can be hard, amigo.
My pa was an eccentric rule maker.
My aunt gave me a dog once.
It was a good dog.
I loved her.
But he didn't like how I loved her.
So Pa took me out behind the shed, and he made me [OMINOUS MUSIC] [CHUCKLING] That might've messed me up some.
I had a hard time with Pa after that.
It'll change a relationship.
So I dropped a Trans Am on him while he was changing the oil.
He died.
I'm I'm sorry that happened to you, Chester.
I got to get on TV.
That'll make it all better.
Fame heals your insides Dick Clark said that.
He's right.
Nothing's gonna get done laying in a bath crying and shit.
You got to get out there, ese.
Chase your dreams, mess some people up and tell the world.
God damn it, when you're right, you're right.
Yeah! Let's get the abandoners.
Yeah! - [LAUGHING] - Sue Ann! Jimmy Jon! Ever wonder what happened to your life? - How you ended up here? - No.
We're walking around the Mission with a serial killer on a leash.
You ever hear of the Red String? I've heard of red strings.
I-I've seen clothing.
Many Japanese believe our relationships are predestined by a red string the gods tie to the pinkie fingers of people who find each other.
It can never tangle or stretch, but it will break.
A lot of Americans believe in a sky god that helps them win football games.
- That's bullshit.
- Yep.
But myths come from somewhere.
Like some kind of core truth.
Deep down, we know we don't choose this.
I forgot about the almighty That's What.
Yummy as the bartering of bleeding teenage lovers.
We choose, and we don't, like the two of us.
Our brains can't make sense of death from randomness, of being the sole family survivor due to pure luck.
We overcome it by creating a purpose that allows us to avoid feeling pain.
Well, I mean, at least that's how it is for me and Marcus.
Will you stop with the comparison bullshit? Where we differ is that I try to destroy society while you seek justice to make sense of Mommy and Daddy being taken from you.
Don't bring my parents into this, freak.
Fixing the injustice of your parents' death That's what you're doing to keep from going crazy.
Yeah? Maybe I am crazy.
- Enough to kill Ronald Reagan? - Goddamn right.
But it's not just Reagan.
The wealthy backed him and set loose the chaos of the insane to save money.
Mommy and Daddy died so the rich people could save a couple of bucks on their taxes.
And they'll pay, too.
Look at us Psycho peas in a pod.
There he is.
What say we go find Mr.
Face? Give me a little slack, motherfucker.
I'm in the city.
Hey, you don't need to get all bundled up.
- I just saw the whole package.
- [CHUCKLES] It's different after.
[DOOR OPENS] [WATER RUNNING] Hey, yo, how's this black-and-white shit? That Ogami guy is a badass.
They send the best Samurai to kill him, and he whups them all with a baby under his arm.
- For real? - Uh-huh.
Your crew sending up the SOS? They can only cover for me being gone for so long.
[SIGHS] I can't do that, baby.
Moms is counting on me.
It's family shit.
You think I'm living here 'cause my family's cool with it? I got the hell out.
I didn't want to end up like them.
You don't get it.
- The situation that I'm in - You act like you have no control.
It's not what you want to do.
No hood rat gets to grow up and then write the big superheroes.
So? You're like your dad staring at the guitar.
Doesn't matter.
Maybe you'll be the first.
It's not in the cards.
This is gonna get weird.
[BLADES CLINK] [BLADES CLINK] Good evening, Maria.
You know when I come, I do not bring good news.
- [SOBS SOFTLY] - El Diablo He is - Disappointed.
- I have Shh.
Your tears did not match your heart.
When he looked into your eyes, he did not see truth.
You will give him results.
He has given you 24 hours.
Then I will return.
We've been walking around for hours.
He's just jerking us around.
Dog people are weird.
Dog people? You know you killed teenagers in cars just because they were super sexy, right? Everyone that I killed is going to paradise with me as a slave when I die.
I have an actual reason, unlike people who want a dirty animal living in their home.
San Francisco's only shelter that allows anyone to abandon a dog, no questions asked.
It's like an unwanted dog orphanage.
And if I had to guess, this is his ultimate hunting ground.
Wait here.
[WOMAN SCREAMING] I'll go around back! I'm fucking amazing.
What kind of turd person abandons a pup? I'm sorry.
He's all love and loyalty.
It's a hoedown in hell for folks who abandon a good pooch.
- [WHIMPERING] - Hey! Cock knocker! You found me quick! Let her go.
Try and make me.
Ah, you kids into some sexual mumbo jumbo? [LAUGHTER] What's your name, feller? You ain't being neighborly.
Jimmy Jon, why don't you show this gimp a little hillbilly how-do? Get in there, boy.
That's the good stuff.
Holy shit! Oh, homeboy got some skills! Whoo! They call me Scorpio Slasher, but I also do disembowelments.
Oh! It It's a damn honor to meet you, sir! I mean, they say never meet your heroes, but screw that! This is better than a-a car show with Adam West.
You goddamn bastard! You bring in a ringer, Marcus.
You cheated.
Don't let them get away! Hey, hey.
Can you untie me, lady? How was your lesson? Hello, brother.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] You were only a baby the last time we met.
You probably don't remember.
I'm your aunt.
I'm Nahia.
That's beautiful.
It's a family name.
Did you know that? That's what they called me.
Why put me in this position? - You of all people know why.
- You thought you could hide them? She'll never be out of danger.
That depends on who else knows they're alive.
You cast shame on our family.
- The Guild will find her.
- Only you could've figured this out.
Any parent who has lost a child could see through your false grieving.
"Our great-grandfather took the vow, our bloodline belongs to The Guild," your words.
- I was a teenager.
- And I was eight No older than this one.
I will see you soon, Nahia.
[FOOTSTEPS DEPARTING] [UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - Let's buy some more blow! - Hell, yeah.
[GRUNTS] I got to take a piss.
Then we go to my guy.
- Yukio must be taking a shit.
- [LAUGHTER] No? Yes? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [DOOR OPENS] - Someone killed Yukio! - Come on, go! Go! Go, go! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Shh.