Deadly Class (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

The Clampdown

1 Previously on "Deadly Class" My old roommate has Chico's body.
If you don't find me in three days, this psycho's going to send me home with a note.
- There has to be a better way.
- There isn't.
Jimmy Jon, show this gimp a little hillbilly how-do.
[GRUNTING] - Oh! - Holy shit! You bring in a ringer.
You cheated.
- This how you usually do it? - I don't do this with anyone.
You act like you have no control.
Hello, brother.
The Guild will find her.
You have to figure out how to handle Maria.
That's not the reason why you're mad at me, is it? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [ARROW ZINGS] Kuroki wanted Chico out of business.
Yukio, he's got to go.
- [BLOOD TRICKLING] - [GASPS] [TENSE MUSIC] - Does Marcus know you took it? - No, ma'am.
How did you get it? I go through his stuff when he's not in the room.
[TENSE DRUMBEATS] Return it where you found it.
Track every move he makes.
So it makes sense that every post-apocalyptic future movie is full of punk rockers.
They're the ones that survive because they've been anticipating it the whole time.
[LAUGHS] It's kind of ironic.
The only ones who saw how shitty the world was are the ones stuck living in it.
Is that where you see yourself in the future? - Yes.
- It sounds sad.
Boardwalk with a hotel.
Pay me two grand, busta.
Fuckin' "Monopoly.
" This is proof that capitalism doesn't work, okay? Because whoever else gets property first, they get to screw with everyone else in the game.
Oy, oy! An absolute fan of the status quo, because it sure is smashing for the chaps up top.
[LAUGHS] Did you see that, Petra? I landed it.
Better than Lex's sketchy bomb drop.
My bomb drop's more impressive than your imminent middle-age boob drop.
I mean, they're fine now, but look at those pointy little puffers.
No elasticity.
Gravity's your enemy, my melancholy mime.
Don't start on me, Buttermilk.
We're on the same side.
Rap, punk Poor kids making music about their circumstances.
So you think it's about rich and poor? You ain't been in America long enough.
It's totally true.
I just wonder if things will ever get better.
Thinking about the future is a luxury for rich kids.
I just get through the day.
Yeah, we were all sort of expecting that from you, Morrissey.
[LAUGHS] Come on, Billy.
You got to have some goal.
Just one thing you want to be great at.
Can't make it to the top of the ladder unless you're a sociopath.
- Why's that? - Because the ladder's made of humans.
[LAUGHTER] Got a minute? What is it? Someone killed one of my crew last night.
It has to be Fuckface.
That's impossible.
How would he even know How does he know anything about any of us? It's the only thing that makes any sense.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt a quality moment with you and my boyfriend.
I was just giving him some archery tips.
Like "duck.
" [GRUNTS] I have to talk to you.
What's going on? Yukio was murdered last night.
Ah, what the fuck is going on around here? - You okay? - I'm fine.
- But when I find out who did it - Fine? You don't always got to keep the guard up, Saya.
Coming from you? When was the last time you said an honest thing to anyone? I killed Yukio.
What? El Diablo thinks his son's been avenged.
Be happy! I took care of our problem.
You killed someone! [THUNDER RUMBLES] Maria, use your head.
If if Diablo thinks a Kuroki murdered his son, you think he'll be satisfied with you killing a henchman? He'll want a person at the top.
He'll want Saya.
[TENSE MUSIC] Did I tell you about this Yukio situation? - That Guild lady is really ticked off.
- [BARKING] Hey, hey, did we get a new dog? Hello, Mom, Mom? Heard Yukio got himself diced up like a sushi.
Oh, I assumed that was your people.
Nope, but whoever done it, there's going to be trouble.
Everyone's saying it was the Vatos.
Bullshit, no way.
Maria's played you.
Open your eyes.
Yukio's death makes us vulnerable.
- Saya, hey.
- I'm late for class.
I have to talk to you.
You know what, Maria? It's all a bit much with you.
[EXHALES] You're going to be mad, but you have to listen to me.
- [GASPS] - [GRUNTING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You tried to distract me.
Saya, you know I would never Never what? You shot a fucking arrow at us, Maria, you bitch.
And what were you doing that night? Wait, stop! - Fight's over.
- Hey, god damn it! - Back to your rooms.
- My bag! - Move.
Move! Move! - Stop pushing! - Move, now.
- Dude! - To your rooms! - Hey, this isn't my room! - Get the fuck off me.
- Move! Saya! - I have to tell you something.
- Move! - It's not what you think! - [EXHALES] - To your room.
- No, no, no, no, no! [TENSE MUSIC] Move, move.
[GRUNTING] Another student is dead.
And I will find out who's responsible.
You're all on lockdown until I do.
[HEAVY BREATHING] Well, ain't this cozy? I don't speak Mexican, but "Saya" sounds the same in both languages.
I need to talk to Lin.
It's jammed from the outside.
Your gypsy street tricks will not work on lockdown, gutter boy.
I told Gabrielle I was on my way over.
Now, she's going to think I stood her up.
Why do you have flowers? Is girl dead? Did you over-correct her behavior? What? No, step off, Vlad.
[GROANS] Shabnam's bed is lumpy like him.
[CHUCKLES] Is old proverb.
To abuse one's horkum is to anger the Baba Yaga.
I got to send a message to Saya before her and Maria kill each other.
[ROCK MUSIC] [SNIFFS] Stupidity's spreading like a virus.
Rampant, unchecked idiocy.
Well, I'm sure society will course correct.
Maybe if we legalize model glue.
The system's rigged to prevent it.
[SNIFFS] Paint by numbers music, soulless cinema dumbing us down.
A bloody thespian has the nuclear codes! [SNIFFS] Oh, nitwits have taken over.
It's too easy to say everyone's stupid.
The world's full of great things.
A small percentage of useful people do cool shit, sure.
But the unwashed masses? It's We have so much in common.
- Why do we bicker? - You have a crush on me.
Ha! You've got me mixed up with Sad Sack Sammy here.
[SNIFFS] It's kind of nice being locked in together.
Eyes, dark, Grey lens, frightened of the sun We would have a fine time living in the night Left to blind destruction She's not bloody interested! Especially as she's seeing you next to a real charming bloke.
What do you say? Fancy a go? - [GRUNTS] - Pass.
Come on, love.
I'm smarmy, handsome, and abusive.
I'm every girl's dream.
You're the kind of dirt bag art school girls date for legitimacy.
Exactly, your type.
[SIGHS] [KNOB RATTLING] You didn't have my back with Juan.
How are the Kurokis supposed to protect you when you're always hanging out with those Rats? And Maria.
You two are practically attached at the hip.
Actually, I think they've been a little distant lately.
There must have been a falling out.
Yukio's murdered, and you do nothing.
You've gone soft.
Our entire clan looks weak.
[TENSE MUSIC] It's my family, it's my problem.
If you do not achieve valedictorian, we all suffer.
Perhaps I can offer my negotiating skills.
My parents assisted the Shah of Iran before the fall.
Thanks, but I'm no longer forming outside alliances.
I will deal with this.
Juan's a dead man.
It's a long, slow punishment.
Skin torn back, ribs bare.
Heart exposed.
How long can the human body withstand getting stripped away? It's not about the body - But the mind.
- But the mind.
Father was fond of that lesson.
And what of your mind, brother? [BLADE UNSHEATHES] That's my burden.
Your burdens do not belong to you alone.
Seeing Nahia made me realize I was wrong to be angry with you.
I know the weight of that choice.
But if you do not find out what happened to Yukio and to Chico, the Guild will descend on us.
I'll have to take your daughter.
To protect her.
Luckily, it will not come to that.
[TENSE MUSIC] [GLASS SHATTERS] [SNIFFING] I thought you were done huffing glue.
Oh, I'm not giving up on my recovery.
Just consciously slipping a bit.
Your parents must be so proud.
I can assure you, whatever pride my father had in me is long gone.
[GROANS] So the dockworker doesn't approve of Lin's curriculum? He doesn't know where I am.
And he's not just a dockworker.
He's a fucking hero.
Mum left me when I was just a lad, stranded my Dad with three lunatic boys.
He was the only honest man on the Tilbury docks.
You got the goods, Lexie.
Real heart.
Please don't be a wanker like your brothers.
I acted like a saint around him but like an animal around my brothers.
They were rotten, he was right.
But they were the only ones around.
They raised me.
All I wanted to do was impress them.
I used my dad's security card to get into the shipping containers.
Hawked the boosted goods out on the street.
We were immortal.
Until one night, shit went tits up.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [GROANS] I thought the hardest part was going to be dealing with the guilt.
But the old Bill found my dad's security card on the site.
- I'd dropped it.
- [KNOCKING] Thought you'd get away with it? [GROANING] My dad lied, probably the first time in his life.
He told the coppers he was the thief and the shooter.
Now, he's serving my time.
Ruined his life For me.
[SOFT MUSIC] [SNIFFS] I came to San Francisco to get as far away as possible.
Was living on the streets until Saya found me and brought me to King's.
What about your dad? We don't talk much.
Fuck! [GROANS] Got me blubbing like Tammy Faye Bakker.
[GRUNTS] [SNIFFS] [EXHALES] A sad tale, yeah.
[SNIFFS] Must get those maternal instincts going.
Care to let me suckle a teat? Don't you mean "pointy puffers?" A term of endearment.
I like pointy.
It's weird that she's not into the whole misogynistic pig routine.
Well, you're certainly the authority of what she's not into, mate.
Stop, stop! [HEAVY BREATHING] You're both in love with me, right? - Yes.
- Well, I didn't say "love," love.
Let me rephrase.
Both of you want to have sex with me.
Well, it's not about what you want.
It's about what I want.
I'm young, right? I'm I'm at my peak.
I mean, my future is I'm either dead or wrinkled up and old, and I want to try everything at least once before my pointy puffers sag.
So Let's check one off my list, big mouths.
[GROOVY MUSIC] You guys want to have a threesome? If we're going to be stuck in here, you don't get to dictate the music.
[MUSIC STOPS] Got to get with the times, Arguello.
"Get with the times?" Doesn't that mean just copy what some other people decided we should like recently? You hate the mainstream because everyone can enjoy it.
I guess that's how someone like you would boil it down.
Spoon fed art, film, and music by whatever corporate facility decided you should have it.
You are just desperate for people to think you are unique.
You're a vanilla person, okay? So you go ahead and enjoy whatever vanilla shit you're served and told to ingest.
- You're boring.
- Is Bon Jovi vanilla? Of course not.
You're a narcissist, yo.
Because I have an opinion about music? No, because nobody else gets to have one.
You're just mad about before, that I'm more worried about this gang war brewing up than you scuffling with your new girlfriend.
See, that's it, right there.
You take me to Vegas under false pretenses, got me involved in a dangerous situation, and then you lie about everything.
This isn't about you, man When is it about me, Marcus? Huh? [CHIP CRUNCHES] [TENSE MUSIC] [EXHALES] Hope I'm not speaking out of turn.
Your lips are moving, so one can assume.
[CHUCKLES] People who get close to you, Maria, well, it seems like nothing good's been happening to them.
- Chico, Saya - I had nothing to do with that.
Old Juan-y might have swung the blade, but you're his leader.
Saya's going to have to retaliate.
Second those doors open, you're target número uno.
- She's not like that.
- No? Because the Saya I know is reel keen on retaliating against anyone who tries to kill her.
White girl's right.
You got to do something before Saya does.
[TENSE MUSIC] I'm getting word out to the other Soto Vatos.
We are at war.
Y'all savages go on and kill each other.
Saves Dixie Mob a whole heap a effort.
[TENSE MUSIC] It's for Marcus.
Give me that.
It's life and death stakes, no? Oh, God! You say I have no taste, but note taste delicious.
God damn you! What'd it say? Who's it from? - That is for me to know.
- Oh, fuck you, Viktor.
And thanks for helping me.
Hey, man, you crazy? You go out in the hall during clampdown, and Lin will fuck you up, for real.
[TENSE MUSIC] [KNOCK AT DOOR] - Saya, I got to talk to you.
- Marcus? Listen to me, Maria [GROANS] What's so urgent? Why is it you are at the center of all of my problems? Damaged merchandise Yukio.
Who did it? [GROANS] - What happened to Chico? - [COUGHS] [GROANING] I offered you a home.
Offered you training, offered you purpose.
You repay my generosity with chaos.
I bet if you keep hitting me, it'll sort itself out.
Isn't that the solution to everything? Isn't that what you basically teach here? You've not been paying attention.
[CLICKS TONGUE] [PROJECTOR WHIRRS] [SOFT MUSIC] How? How did you get this? - Who killed Yukio? - I don't know.
- Why did Juan attack Saya? - I don't know.
- Are you dating Maria? - No.
- Who murdered Chico? - I don't know.
Did you kill the children at the orphanage? Yes.
[TENSE MUSIC] And there it is.
You have a tell.
You will eat in shifts.
Your groups will have five minutes to gather your food.
If you utter a word, I'll have your tongue.
If you so much as brush past another student, I'll take your hand.
We take out Juan and no one else.
What are you doing? Well, the most vulnerable parts of the human body are around the tummy, so [BOOKS THUMP] If I'm Saya, I'm going to try and jump you at the cafeteria.
[EXHALES] [TENSE MUSIC] You asking yourself how well you know her? She's your best friend, right? What's a best friend at King's? What happens to the trusting types? Atta girl.
I have found the poison coursing through King's.
I know it was you.
All of it.
Chico, Yukio.
You're lethal.
Normally, I'd commend you.
Perhaps offer you to the Green Temple.
Only you are not just lethal.
[TENSE MUSIC] You are a cancer, spreading rapidly.
Saya, Marcus.
- Everyone around you succumbs - [METAL RINGS] To the infection.
The only remedy for your type of malignancy Is to cut it out.
[EXHALES] [SNIFFS] A senseless tragedy, one with no closure, no justice.
You know the feeling of that purgatory, Marcus.
[TENSE MUSIC] Senseless tragedy.
What other kind is there? Necessary.
Was Jurgen necessary? He warned me about this place.
And no one's seen him since.
Jurgen left for greater opportunities.
You're searching for conspiracy because the truth is far more painful.
Look, everybody leaves you.
Confess, we'll navigate the consequences together.
Confession brings relief for yourself as well as your victims.
Confess what? You continue lying, you'll lose your home here.
Lose your friends, your dear love, Maria.
[TENSE MUSIC] You'll lose me.
The only person on this Earth willing to help you.
I don't know anything! One more lie, one more lie, and you'll be back there.
I'll usher you out of this school.
I will turn my back on you forever! No more friends, no more home.
I'm not the enemy.
Not all authority will disappoint you.
Not all parents leave.
But be very clear, this is your last chance.
[TENSE MUSIC] Your next words will define your future.
[WARPED TONES] We were we were in Vegas.
Chico followed us.
He caught me with Maria, so she Diablo would have killed her.
[EXHALES] You lied.
Blamed Chico's death on Yukio.
Yukio let the Kamigas and He got got Jaden killed.
[EXHALES] So Maria thought She Okay, so if I put my leg there And I jab a finger there You've got to be fucking kidding me.
Guys, come on.
I have done everything I can do by myself.
Are you chickens ready? [GROOVY MUSIC] I can't.
I don't want the first time I have sex with you to be ruined by seeing Lex grunting at me from the other side.
Look, this is the only way, so be it! But, so you know, and I don't love saying this.
I like you, too, a bit.
Of course I know you like me.
What, you think I'd fuck someone who's just a total asshole to me? I I like sex, but I'm not a masochist.
Like, why why can't we just have a good time and then, let whatever might happen in the future just take care of itself? Come on, if we do it like this, you'll only ever see my feet.
Yukio was a drug addict.
[TENSE MUSIC] He owed Chico a debt too steep to be repayed.
Chico attempted to collect, and Yukio murdered him.
You must have heard by now that Yukio was found with his throat cut.
He deserved much worse.
Him and his accomplices.
There's no evidence of a larger conspiracy.
[STAMMERS] If Chico hadn't been dealing drugs on school grounds, I I would have been able to prevent this.
My son is dead, and you're going to lecture me about your academy's guidelines? You can't understand my pain.
But you will.
Your threats They're unnecessary.
They earn you nothing.
I have nothing left to lose.
I, too, lost a child.
I know your agony.
Relentless desire for vengeance.
But Chico's killer is dead.
You could kill a dozen more, but no amount of blood would sate your grief.
Justice has been exacted.
Find peace in that.
[TENSE MUSIC] You have any old friends? People who know you inside and out? They're rare.
Yukio was my oldest friend.
[CRIES] We both know he didn't have shit to do with Chico.
But I think I know who did.
- [GRUNTS] - [GASPS] Walk away.
I don't listen to you.
Not anymore.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You picked the wrong side.
Yukio betrayed you.
Then why didn't you come to me? You don't trust me.
I was just trying to help you.
[TENSE MUSIC] Fine, I'm in.
Uh, I I don't know.
I mean, it's not exactly the version I dreamt of.
You're going to miss out over some gay panic? No no problem with gay, love.
It's just the idea of seeing Billy boy's undulating scrotum.
Okay, Lex is out.
It's just you and me and my undulating scrotum.
It's both of you or none of you.
I promise to avoid all eye contact.
You stick to your port, I'll stick to mine, yes? Think manly thoughts of lumberjacks and black coffee.
[GROOVY MUSIC] When you're old Like, 40, You are going to hate yourself for not having this experience.
I mean, seriously.
I wouldn't just ask anyone.
She floats like a swan Grace on the water Lips like sugar I want it to be with someone I trust.
Just when you think you've caught her She glides across the water She calls for you tonight To share this moonlight You'll flow down her river She'll ask and you'll give her Lips like sugar Sugar kisses [KNOCKING] - Lockdown is over.
- Oh, thank God.
I'm starving.
Too many feelings flying around anyways.
Is it because we have feelings that you're leaving us like this, or is it just that feelings disgust you? Yes.
[BOTH EXHALE] Maria doesn't have control over the Vatos, and El Diablo don't trust her.
Marcus, he is the king, center of all trouble.
And why bring this to me and not Master Lin? My pa always told me to bet on the winning horse, even if it means changing your bet mid-race.
Mm, you are the boss of the boss.
If I am to suck boot, I will suck the most prosperous one.
[TENSE MUSIC] Let's put that to the test.
[GRUNTS] [CALM ROCK MUSIC] - Are you - I'm fine.
I, uh tried to sneak out and find you.
But I got busted.
So chivalrous.
Well, I wonder Do you hear me when you sleep Hey.
I hoarsely cry She she did it to help us all.
She did it to help herself, but that's not a bad thing.
It's important not to forget that's the way people operate.
Less of a surprise later on.
Damn, the freakiest shit always be happening during lockdown.
Or in my case, nearly be happening.
[LAUGHS] What What are you dressed up for? I'ma go surprise my girl after her shift.
Taking your advice.
Working on being more honest.
This is the fierce last stand Of all I am - Gasping - Please Keep me in mind I got to talk to everyone about something.
It's important.
Secrets got us into this.
Holding onto bad feelings, not being honest, not trusting each other.
All this back-biting and shit-talking and drama.
You guys are the only family I've had since my my folks died.
And I can't lose you.
Come on, man.
Yeah, well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I want to tell you all the truth about me.
I didn't kill all those kids at the boy's home, but when I escaped, I let loose the guy who did.
I had this roommate, a psycho named Chester.
He followed us to Vegas and he found Chico's body.
- What? - That's not the worst of it.
He he has this deadline [DRAMATIC MUSIC] And we're running out of time.