Deadly Class (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Kids of the Black Hole

1 Previously, on "Deadly Class" I didn't think it was gonna feel this way.
When you were trying to kiss me? Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt a quality moment - with you and my boyfriend.
Kill her! You can't hide from Fiery Jack and Captain Sensible, Maria! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Get this crazy bitch off me! My son is dead.
You can't understand my pain.
- But you will.
- I, too, lost a child.
If Nahia had lived, would you have sent her to us? I would have been proud to see her follow in your footsteps.
Hello, brother.
You thought you could hide them? She'll never be out of danger.
Marcus, he's the key.
And why bring this to me and not Master Lin? My pa always told me to bet on the winning horse.
Time to suck boot.
I will suck the most prosperous one.
Let's put that to the test.
All right, and one, two, one, two, three, four.
Oh, kallow, kalay, kalora A fella he came to me With legs so orange and hairy As big as a tree A big sweet Sasquatch With a yam-looking crotch He's got a stash of weed And a dream of being free His name was Shandy A Shandy, Shandy man I love him Oh, Shandy A Shandy, Shandy man Oh, kallow, kalay, kalora ALL: That Shandy Shandy man Cousin, that was - Beautiful.
- Yeah.
You have a real gift, sir.
God smiled on me.
You reek, Mr.
Shabnam! Guess it's time for some fresh newspaper.
Come on, come on.
There we go.
Thinking about switching you to diapers or maybe just tie a coffee can to your hind side.
It's a jailbreak! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
He's getting away! [SCREAMS, GRUNTS.]
It's over, Johnny.
Nothing is over.
Nothing! This is our First Blood, Gran Gran! My own, special John Rambo.
Oh, it worked so good! [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
An assassin must not love.
Must not marry.
Must discard friends and ideals.
Violation of these edicts is the most common downfall of our kind.
To achieve true commitment to the life, we must drown these frail needs.
Emotions are a chemical mirage that will betray you.
Leave you exposed.
To care for another human is to create your own greatest weakness.
If you love someone enough to die for them Then you surely will.
Some speech.
Really got me thinking.
If you're not fighting for an ideal, then you're just fighting for yourself.
If that's what you think, then that means everything you said when I came here was all garbage, wasn't it? That pre-rehearsed sermon? "Give the peasants the power to overthrow their corrupt masters.
Give my my rage a voice loud enough to be heard around the world.
" Jurgen was right.
Carrot on a stick.
You pretend that you empower the poor outcasts like me, but you don't care about that.
The boy who had nothing is offered the key to change the world.
Instead of trying, he killed the man who gave it to him.
Or another old man exploits the frustrations of the next generation to his own ends.
The young always tell themselves that when they get their chance they'll do things differently.
Burn it all down.
And yet, all these millennia later, the world remains the same.
Humans remain the same.
You either accept it, navigate it, or allow yourself to be suffocated by it.
From where I'm standing, you're the one who's suffocating.
I confessed.
I broke all your rules and I'm still alive.
You know what I think? I think once upon a time, you were on the other side of this conversation.
I think you let me live because I'm who you used to be.
I'm who you suffocated.
Is the boy leaving? No.
Everything I'm willing to die for is right here.
Is that Shabnam's dad? His mom could be in there as well.
All the more reason we have to do this now.
Shabnam's house is rigged with traps.
Chester has seven to eight people inside helping him.
You're sure he has Chico? It's no bluff, he knows everything.
He has to be getting information from someone inside of King's.
Shabnam's parents.
There's another problem.
El Diablo.
If this animal sends him Chico's head, if he finds out it was me We're gonna need some serious firepower.
Guns, explosives.
Y'all must be out your damn minds.
Hey! You know, I didn't mean to bring this into our lives, - but it's here, and we have - We ain't no damn SWAT team! No, we're better trained.
It's not just our asses, okay? Killing Chester? We'll be saving people, man.
"There are many causes I'd die for, There ain't a single cause I'd kill for.
" Oh, pacifism.
It's a nice idea, but if you don't help once I fight, - then you help the other side win.
- This hero shit.
It's just a mask you wear to justify the chaos.
You wanna know what I think? I think maybe you looking to get yourself killed.
Yeah, well, maybe pretending to be a hero is better than accepting that you're not one.
Gabby's right.
So used to living in toxic air, I can't even see straight anymore.
- What about your friends? - Shit.
Marcus, if this is what being your friend gets me Fuck.
Willie's out? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Okay, the backyard and all the doors are booby-trapped, the windows are reinforced, but if we get some C-4 Yeah, yeah, they sell that at Costco, right? Next to the big bags of popcorn.
There's only one person I know who can get it.
- Great, let's go.
- No, I said he can get it.
Whether he will is the real question.
Especially after what you did to him.
It's a pass.
A hard pass.
If we don't stop Chester and get Chico's head, the cartel The cartel will kill her and the serial killer will kill you.
Everyone will die.
We get it.
So why won't you help? Help the loony bird who almost castrated me? - The hillbillies? The cartel? - It's bloody Christmas break.
I've got a plane ticket and a pint with my name on it.
We need you.
- This is the guy who cut up Marcus? - No.
Stop letting this madness into your head, Petra.
Go ruin someone else's holiday.
- Shoo.
- All right.
Come on, Saya, let's go.
You were right.
He's all bark.
I thought he wanted to change the world with a bullet.
More a figure of speech, mate.
- Oh.
- Right, so it's all talk.
You talk a lot about the good that you want to do with what you've been taught here someday.
There is no one who deserves a bullet more than that monster we're about to face.
If you are as good as you say you are, put your money where your loud fucking mouth is.
Help us.
I know a bloke.
Gao knows.
How did she find out? I don't know.
What do you think she will do? Father always said she had shark's teeth.
- Would she - Mommy? What's wrong? Everything is fine.
Come here, I need your help with something.
And you think she's ready? She has been ready for centuries.
Our bloodline belongs to the Guild.
You are my firstborn son.
Your destiny is here.
Hers is not.
I understand, it's just If you understand, then you understand.
There is nothing more to say.
I think that China will be a great adventure for you.
It is my honor to have been chosen.
It belonged to your grandfather.
Thank you.
I will take very good care of it, and I promise I will not disappoint you.
Gao lost her only son to the temple So don't think for a second she'll allow Nahia to walk away.
She won't be satisfied until you've been punished for not defending her.
Has she reported us to the Guild? No, it would bring shame to her entire family.
Mostly on her.
So Gao is the only one who knows that Nahia and I are alive? Shu.
I'll do what must be done to protect our family.
Oh, hey.
Headed home for Christmas? Oh, right.
Homeless, no family, tragic backstory.
We don't really celebrate Christmas either, but we're really into Chinese takeout.
Hey, Shab, do you Do I what? Just, you you've been talking to your parents a lot recently.
Yeah, yeah.
Normally they're so preoccupied with whatever coup they're funding that they don't care that I got an "A" in Forgery It's just, um You haven't told them anything about me, right? - Pardon? - Get out.
Oh, so you're not even trying to keep this thing a secret anymore.
So what did Lex say? He'll help.
Petra, too.
I keep waiting for you to apologize.
Some sort of acknowledgment of this huge secret you kept.
I'm sorry, I just I thought - I I wasn't sure you could handle it.
- And Saya could? She knew about the Boys' Home already, so I [SIGHS.]
I don't care.
I trust you.
I can't add worrying about this to the list.
I just I don't want to be alone tonight.
Stay with me? It could be our last time.
Of course.
Alcoholics call it "doing a geographic.
" Doesn't matter how far you go.
Your problems will follow you.
My moms used to call me "Peter Pan.
" Said I'd never grow up.
She sent me here to change all that.
But if this is what growing up means, you can count me out.
But leaving now when we're in so much trouble? After what Marcus did for you? [DUFFEL BAG THUDS.]
Okay, yeah.
When he first hit that dude He saved my ass.
But that second hit He didn't kill that dude for me.
It's this place.
This place is changing him.
It's changing all of y'all.
We love you, Willie.
This is your home.
But if you leave now, you will regret it for the rest of your life.
But if I know one thing about Peter Pan He can't become a pirate.
Meeting Lex's contact at The Adolescents show tonight.
Bring whatever money you've got.
I, uh Look, have Lex store the explosives in the back of the comic shop.
I'll open the store tomorrow.
- No one else be there.
- You're not coming? - You're just leaving me to deal with it? - I I promised Maria.
She's upset.
Well, you know what, do whatever you gotta do to straighten her out, Romeo.
We need her in full form tomorrow.
Hey, listen, I never thanked you for all the help.
Don't flatter yourself.
No choice.
You're my pledge.
But if you get everyone killed tomorrow and you screw it up, I'm the one stuck paying the price.
Probably not all mall Santas are pedophiles, but, I mean, the percentages have gotta be high, right? Well, now I'm thinking on it, Christmas is that one night a year where a strange bearded man is allowed to sneak into the house.
Dashing through the snow In a one-horse open sleigh Over the fields we go Laughing all the way, ha [ENGINE RUMBLING.]
You are kidding me.
His master, the piety king of lecture town sent you solo? He's dealing with another mess.
- Why'd you pick the show? - I already had tickets and I was not gonna miss The Adolescents.
- Let's get this over with.
- Hey, wait up! [PANTING.]
Have an extra ticket? What made you change your mind? Just didn't feel right leaving it all on your shoulders.
West coast punk.
The yanks stole punk from us and ruined it.
You're high.
Punk started here.
The Stooges, the MC5 Home-scene pride is some thinly-laundered self-congratulation.
Right, there's plenty of great shit from both camps.
Who are we looking for? Oh, you'll know him when you see him.
All the colors of the punk costume rainbow.
Oi, Cactus Jack.
- Bit overdressed, aren't we? - You foreign grommet.
You couldn't meet in a seedy parking lot or a crack squat? Had to be at this freak show? You two must know each other really well.
Oh, meet Cactus Jack.
Uh, hard to tell by looking at him, but Jack runs an Army Navy surplus store and really likes blowing things up.
But I don't deal with people I don't know.
Strange people.
So, Jack's a little uptight.
Hard to believe.
Best give me the cash and I'll get the stuff.
What am I gonna do? Buy a bunch of drugs and booze.
Yeah, your suspicion is rightfully warranted.
Take it or leave it.
After you get everything, stash it in the comic shop.
Back loading area.
The rest of us, meet there tomorrow.
8:00 p.
Let's get closer.
You know my position on that notion.
I think I'll head back.
Gonna get some rest before we go commit suicide tomorrow.
Are you crazy? The goddamn Adolescents are playing.
I I'm not interested.
It might be your last night on Earth.
- Let's have some fun.
- We have to prep, I We've done everything that we can do.
The rest is out of our hands.
I mean, I just don't want to get beat up by strangers.
Slam dancing, it's not like that.
It's a pure expression of their enthusiasm and joy for music.
It looks violent but it's not.
It's play fighting.
Quit being so goddamn judgmental and you might actually enjoy yourself.
Contrary to what you seem to think.
Life is supposed to be enjoyed.
Go! Kids in a fast lane living for today No rules to abide by and no one to obey Sex, drugs, and fun is their only thought and care Another swig of brew another overnight affair House of the filthy, house not a home House of destruction where the lurkers roamed House that belonged to all the homeless kids House of destruction where the lurkers roamed House that belonged to all the homeless kids Kids of the black hole [LOCK CLICKS.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's going on? [SIGHS.]
I'm going.
I've gotta get out of here before I lose my mind.
I got a sister out in LA.
I figure I can sell my car when I get down there and it'd give me enough money to get started.
So When did you decide all of this? Thought about what you told me.
I can't keep I can't keep running with this crew.
Come with me.
- What? - Come with me.
- Just like that? - Just like that.
And, look, I know it's crazy quick but You're month-to-month.
You hate the fog.
- Yeah.
- It's a fresh start in LA.
That's the whole point.
Hey, hey.
We can be whoever we want down there.
Holy shit, that was fucking amazing! That was nothing like how I thought it was! You had contempt prior to investigation.
Oh, man, I got knocked down and the scariest guy in there, he picked me up, patted me on the back, and he he wrapped his arm around me and we started dancing around together.
Like I told you, camaraderie.
We got lucky there were no metalheads there.
They misunderstand the whole situation.
Show up, throw punches, start fights.
Same as the skinheads.
They start beating on the Mohawks.
I'm glad you went in.
I'm glad you got to experience it.
I had an amazing time.
Let me have one of those.
You know, you never tell me anything about you.
It's a real discrepancy in our relationship, considering that you know everything about me.
Aww, come on, dark and mysterious.
Give me Give me a little something about yourself.
Eyes open like sandpaper.
Ugh, how much did we drink last night? Head feels like it was fucked by a giant.
Everything hurts.
Her hair smells like snow.
Not Maria's hair.
Not Maria.
No! What did you do? Cheated on my girlfriend with a deadly Japanese assassin.
Something else gnawing.
The comic shop.
We were supposed to open two hours ago.
If I don't open, Blaine will, and if Blaine opens he'll find - Shit! - Huh? Where the hell are you going? Uh, late to open comics.
What? The store is full of explosives! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
So drunk.
Still drunk.
What did you do? Head pounding.
Throw myself under a bus.
Maria weeping in her room.
- You pile of shit.
You're the kind of guy you hate! Saya I never experience anything like her.
She her eyes burned me.
She seemed to really know.
Like she could fix everything.
Oh shit.
She could take on the chore of being with me.
She could be good enough.
She could make me whole.
Help me get free.
The feature film of last night flashes.
Sound catches up, gut twists.
Jesus Christ, tell me I didn't say it.
- Fuck! You idiot! You weak, needy, worthless piece of shit! How lame did I sound? Don't worry about how you sounded.
Worry if you meant what you said.
Maria once told me, "The difference between old friends and new friends is that new friends just haven't let you down yet.
" She told me that everyone has let her down Except for me.
And all I could think was, "Give me time.
" - What the fuck, man? - We've been here for hours! - All right, I'm sorry.
- You look like shit! - I know, I know.
- Let us in! Poser dick can't even open the shop! [ALL SHOUTING.]
Okay! Relax! - Fuck you! - Dude, just let us in already.
About time, asshole.
You owe me Spider-Man fighting Sabretooth! You promised! Lost Innocence Comics, this is Marcus.
Oh oh, hey, Blaine.
Fuck off, Mike.
Oh, yeah, no, everything's law.
I was just in the bathroom.
Yeah, I'll grade that new batch.
I don't care if you're hung over.
You promised me if I brought you a sandwich you'd draw a Sabretooth fighting Spider-Man! Oh, fuck off, Mike.
Come on! Can you just sketch it? Oh, God, please fuck off, Mike.
But he doesn't.
- You violated your curfew.
- Sorry, I I was just Don't embarrass yourself further by lying.
When your father died I made a promise to protect you as if you were my own daughter.
During your time here you've become one of the most fearsome warriors alive.
Well on your way to becoming valedictorian.
- Thank you, Master Lin.
- But my training comes with a price.
Your sword is in my service until the day you return to Tokyo.
Can I trust you to honor your obligations as I have? Yes, of course.
Tonight you will go to this address.
Guard it with your life.
- Tonight I have - That is not a request.
Yes, sir.
And where will you be? I've been called to the Guild.
Next to me all day, griping.
Hours creep.
Each one takes longer than the last.
Hangover gets worse, every move hurts.
And they yell, and they bicker over trivia.
Uh, this is clearly Very Fine.
Overstreet says it's worth no more than six dollars.
They haggle over pedantic nonsense.
They try and argue with me about who the best inker is, how little I really know about "Doom Patrol," how much better Paul Smith is than John Byrne.
Oh, that goddamn burrito.
Gas pains like a ball of spikes.
There's no way I'm gonna hide this fart.
You promised me you'd draw it.
This is going to bellow like a dying elephant.
Mike's face.
I can literally fart right into his mouth.
- Hey, Mike.
- What? Get a load of this.
There was no fart.
What the A broken Slurpee machine.
What the hell's the matter with you? A torrent of hot liquid.
Oh Marcus just shit himself on purpose! Aww, gross! Run the store, Mike.
Make sure no one steals anything! Or what, you'll shit at them too? [GASPS.]
This is fate.
This is what you get.
Soaked down to my shoes.
Cheated on your girlfriend.
Gallons of it.
- Oh! - Marcus? We catch you at a bad time, dude? - Store's closed.
Eat my balls! Go suck a dick, you munchkins! All right, Foul Frank, get dressed.
Where's Saya? Well, we figured you knew.
We lost track of you guys after the show.
One step beyond [DOGS BARKING.]
You seem surprised.
Or is that disappointment? [TENSE MUSIC.]
You knew they were coming.
But you expected to find a very different scene.
Brandy, what is it you told me when you came to me this morning? That Lin sent us to kill you.
Had us get real close so when the time was right [SHARP EXHALE.]
It's over.
You lost.
To your credit, they at least know when to change teams.
You're my older brother.
Some part of me has always had respect for you.
But to send students? I'm disappointed.
I'm telling you, Flaky Flix is the best cookie.
They got fudge, wafer, - corn flakes.
- Damn, you're so ill-informed.
Far superior.
- Keebler? - Keebler.
The shit that little white gnomes be making? [LAUGHS.]
Yeah, when you say it like that Hey.
Hey, mister.
Mister, I forgot my wallet.
Need to borrow a couple extra bucks.
Here you go, man.
Gas is real expensive.
Report it when we get to the nearest payphone.
- Okay? - [COUGHING.]
- Okay.
Just leave my family out of it! - All right.
- Okay? - All right.
- Just [GASPING.]
Hey, hey, hey! Just just [GASPING.]
Every great man has been hobbled by diarrhea.
Genghis Khan, JFK, Gary Coleman.
Time and diarrhea, man.
They're undefeated.
I guess Saya's not coming? Do you think we can do this without her? [DOOR OPENING.]
I doubt it.
Oh, thank God.
I thought you weren't coming.
So, are we ready to do this? [GRUNTING.]
Perhaps Gao will succumb to her injuries.
I'm sorry! I did as you instructed! She she moved! Maybe she saw something! She she was looking right at you, sir! [GASPING.]
Come and help me with this! [PANTING.]
- Lift! - [GRUNTING.]
- [GASPS.]
Son of a bitch.
You think we bet on the right horse? Nyet.
You're late for family dinner.
That's no good.
So My three boys, growing up They were animals at the table.
My wife couldn't control them.
They would fight, not eat their vegetables.
They would throw food.
And I remember Feeling so exhausted from a long day That I lacked the wherewithal to endure it.
And now [SIGHS.]
That one thing that I once couldn't endure? I prize its memory above all else.
You've been played.
- [SIGHS.]
- Madam Gao can't be trusted.
Killing your wife And daughter Will not bring my Chico back to me.
But that is not why we seek revenge, is it? No.
We merely want to ensure That those that wronged us Suffer As we do.
I didn't tell you about Maria because I believed it would only compound your grief.
Planned to deal with her myself.
Why make you kill a daughter to avenge a son? You didn't do it to protect me.
You did it to preserve your position.
Kill the girl! [ALL GRUNTING, SHOUTING.]
Kallow, kalay, kalora That Shandy Shandy man