Deadman Wonderland (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Death Row Inmate

1 An exciting world of thrills and chills A place where all your dreams come true! Kids and grown-ups alike can realize their dreams at Deadman Wonderland! Morning, Ganta! Hey, Mimi.
Eating breakfast in school again? Where's Yamakatsu? Dunno.
What're you looking at? Oh, I was just checking out this prison we're visiting for our school trip.
Oh I think it's gonna be fun.
That place is supposed to be like an amusement park, right? Deadman Wonderland with proactive philanthropy.
Making a better world Supposedly.
Deadman Wonderland Making a better world with proactive philanthropy.
Shouldn't we go overseas or something? with proactive philanthropy.
Making a better world Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland with proactive philanthropy.
Deadman Wonderland with proactive philanthropy.
with proactive philanthropy.
Making a better world Deadman Wonderland with proactive philanthropy.
Making a better world with proactive philanthropy.
Making a better world with proactive philanthropy.
Deadman Wonderland with proactive philanthropy.
Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland Tokyo might be a nice place to visit.
I don't even remember it.
I haven't lived there in ten years.
True that.
It's a completely different place now anyway.
Morning, Yamakatsu.
Don't freaking ditch me, Ganta.
You just wouldn't get your lazy ass up.
Yesterday, it was you.
How long are you two going to go on playing that game all night? That's cause he saved over my game! You hadn't even gotten that far.
I bet all kinds of people are going to Tokyo.
People who remember Aka Ana Too bad we can't all be like Ganta-kun, just forgetting things at will.
The hell? Look who's talking! Hmm True All I care about is that we have fun together before it's time to study for exams.
Where we go doesn't matter.
But that's the whole reason we have school trips! Last year we waited till the last minute to pick Nagano Piro Piro Park, but we all had a blast.
Huh? This song I've heard it before He's floating? But we're on the third floor! What the hell is that?! Ow What was that? What happened? Hey, Mimi You all ri- I'm gonna die Presented by SGKK & Ruri Subs #01 Dead Man Walking You're Igarashi Ganta-kun? Yes.
You're under arrest for the murder of twenty-nine students at Nagano Public Middle School #4.
Huh? Middle School Mass Murder Of the thirty children in the class, twenty-nine were brutally murdered.
There were no eyewitness accounts of the perpetrator.
Police have arrested the lone survivor, a fourteen-year-old boy, and are charging him with the murders.
I-I I'm the court-appointed attorney, Tamaki.
Nice to meet you.
Wait, uhm hold on It was the Red Man.
He's the one who killed everyone! Right He shot me, too.
There's no wound Poor thing I guess you're still in a shock.
Don't worry.
I didn't do anything! It's okay.
I promise to do everything I can to help you.
Though practically unprecedented, given the overwhelming evidence I am left with no choice.
The defendant, Igarashi Ganta is hereby sentenced to death! No You must be joking I didn't do it Why am I You goddamned lunatics! Why is this happening to me?! I told you I didn't do it- Mimi's father You're a goddamned lunatic! We have the footage now.
I didn't I'm obviously innocent.
How the hell could a lone middle schooler do all that? You're the lawyer.
You figure it out.
I'm a minor, for god's sake.
This should be easy! What is this? Couldn't I have gone after anyone? I just thought picking people I knew made things more interesting.
Especially with that chick Who knows what happened to her? Maybe I her filthy first.
That's pretty nasty, right? Anyway, eradicating an entire class or half-assing it Which do you think would be more fun? The weapon? Ah, I hid it, of course.
I'll tell you where it is, once you get me off the hook.
No one will be able to figure out where I hid it.
I thought of you and Katsuya as my own sons No.
I couldn't ever But, why? She was my only daughter! It wasn't me Let me go! Let me go! I'm sorry.
I kept trying to warn you.
Someone took a video with a hidden camera and leaked it to the press.
B-But that wasn't me I'm afraid the time for excuses is long past.
You'd have to just give up now.
Wait Tamaki-san! Tamaki-san! No way This can't be happening One mischievous little woodpecker Today, poking your holes, ruining the woods.
The angry old forest god turned your poor beak into a poison knife.
Poor little woodpecker, your nesting holes are all tainted Your food, rife with toxins.
If you touch your friends, they will all die.
Oh, sad little woodpecker.
Poisonous tears, shining brightly, as they stream down your cheeks.
Ganta? Deadman Wonderland.
Ten years ago, the former Tokyo was demolished by an anomalous gravitational collapse known as the "Dead Hole.
" This is a tourist attraction, built to aid in Tokyo's recovery.
And it is Japan's one and only privately owned prison.
I'm Makina, captain of the guards.
So you're Igarashi Ganta? I didn't expect you to look so obedient.
But it's too late to change your attitude now.
You're a dead man walking.
I didn't do it.
Most of you probably know this, but Deadman Wonderland is unique.
It is a privately owned business, operating under its own rules.
And essentially, it integrates a penitentiary and a detention house.
We make money off of shows and attractions starring you, the prisoners.
Any questions so far? Say How big are those titties? G-cups.
The bags you just received contain the bare necessities.
As for your collars They are equipped with RFID tags, tasers, GPS transmitters, and other safety measures.
Also Oh, sorry! Are you all right? I'm sorry.
I-It's okay You, the klutz.
Return what you stole, and I'll let it slide.
Umm I couldn't see where I was going.
If you won't fess up, you'll have to compensate.
That was too harsh, Captain Makina! Relief squad, we need help.
Sh-She's crazy It may be crazy to you But that's only because reality is absurd.
You see, you bastards can never escape reality.
Nor Deadman Wonderland.
Don't you think that was a bit much? It looked like the Wild West down there.
And you didn't even explain the death sentence.
Why bother? Today, Prisoner 5580, Igarashi Ganta, will die in an accident, well before his execution.
Assuming that's still the plan.
Well, he was the only one in today's group who's on death row.
I think it's absurd.
Just leave him alone, and he'll be dead before you know it, regardless.
Why the rush? Captain Makina, when someone gives you a present, what do you do? Open it immediately.
So do I.
I'm the type that loathes waiting.
I want my present.
Just die, dammit! I wanna die already Mimi! If you wanna die, I'd be happy to kill you! Why did you evade? Wh-What? What the hell are you do- I see! You were lying.
No, I wasn't! Were so.
Right here It's saying, "I don't want to die.
" How is it you can tell? I just can.
But you don't even know me I do so.
Ganta and Shiro are friends! How do you know my name? If you don't really want to die, then cheer up! What are you talking about? Besides, if we're really friends, you wouldn't have tried to kill me.
You wouldn't kill? No! I'd never kill my friends.
Ow! Well, look who it is Boy A from Nagano.
Hey, you'd better stop.
First you massacre a bunch of people, and now you slack off with a girl? But still, he doesn't look like much to me.
Nowadays, it's always the ones who don't look like killers.
Don't start acting like a big-shot, just because you went a little crazy.
So what's it like on death row? Did you have fun slaughtering all your little friends? I didn't do it Getting revenge on the bullies? Or because you weren't popular? I wanna know how it felt, ripping through a whole class of- Don't lie! Ganta says he'd never kill his friends! You little What the hell is she doing here? I thought women were in A-bunks? You bastard! Now you're gonna get it! "I saw a Red Man," he says.
So, you saw the Wretched Egg's Branch of Sin and lived to tell.
You lucked out Or maybe not? You have two paths before you, Igarashi Ganta-kun.
Suffer, then perish.
Or live, becoming my toy.
Dammit It hurts It hurts! No It's my chest! I really didn't want to die.
I want to prove my innocence.
And him I'm going to kill the Red Man! and get revenge For everyone For Yamakatsu and for Mimi! I want to live! A death row inmate has taken a hostage in ward D-4.
Security team, report at once.
Release the hostage! Shut up! I said I wanted candy Get me some candy! Captain Makina, what do we do? Have you checked his collar data? No Then make small talk for all I care.
He'll be dead in a few seconds.
Yes, ma'am! U-Um G-Gorgeous weather today, huh? Please I'm out of cast points I'm begging Candy That's the death sentence.
Thank you for visiting Deadman Wonderland! I'm alive? What on earth happened? Hey! Are you okay? Shiro can't eat anymore Shiro? Ganta? Is it snack time already? What are you talking about? Are you hurt? Hey, Ganta Let's eat our snack together next time, okay? Snacks always taste better when you eat it with a friend.
Really? Okay Sure.
Shiro and Ganta are friends! Welcome to Deadman Wonderland! Deadman Wonderland's death sentence kills anyone who doesn't eat one for three days.
The only way to get them is to participate in the deadly attractions.
#02 "Antidote (Candy)" And they must win.