Deadman Wonderland (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Antidote (Candy)

1 The unimaginable case of a Nagano middle schooler slaughtering his entire class punctuated by the boy being sentenced to death.
Robbed of the will to continue proclaiming his innocence, Deadman Wonderland Circus Show this broken, defeated young boy now finds himself incarcerated in an theme park and being exploited for profit.
The country's one and only privately owned prison Deadman Wonderland.
This light Was it his doing? In regards to the plan for carrying out Igarashi Ganta's death sentence via an "unfortunate accident," there will be no second attempt.
If the plan ends in failure, so be it.
That would be the real success.
Tamaki, you heartless bastard You call sacrificing three ordinary convicts a success? Death row inmate #5580, Igarashi Ganta.
What's so special about this kid? YEAH YEAH Strength and thrown off reason and reality cut myself and scream for their insanity Wake up to this nightmare that will never end Main attraction of this twisted master plan YEAH YEAH I will be your Deadman with nothing but this blood on my hands Stuck in your Wonderland I wanna make you bleed just like me So make me your Deadman with only poison in my veins Stuck in your Wonderland Stagnated by the passivity I'm gonna make you bleed like me! Ever since that day, when the Red Man killed my friends, everything has been getting crazier.
I don't get it I don't wanna die here.
Okay, hold still.
Ow! Must be nice being young.
You're a fast healer.
Thank you.
But you're on death row, aren't you? Yes.
Did you eat your candy? Candy? Your first dose should've been inside your bag.
Bag? Didn't they give it to you when you arrived, along with all of your essentials? Oh I don't think there was any candy inside, though.
You'd better eat it soon.
They may taste terrible, but if you don't eat them Um Maybe it fell out when I bumped into you.
You're I'm sorry.
Because of my carelessness, I've caused you trouble.
No problem, it's just a sweet.
Anyway, are you all right? Yeah, somehow I managed to pull through.
I can't believe she did that.
That was cruel There's no avoiding it this is that kind of place, anyway.
If you wanna survive this prison, you have to follow the rules, no matter how unfair they are.
Rules? Let's play, Ganta! M-Monster! I'm not a monster! Shiro is Ganta's friend.
R-Really? I haven't seen you around here before.
Well, I just met her yesterday.
Hey Ganta, let's join the race! There's a place with lotsa big toys! She must mean the afternoon Dog Race Show.
Dog Race? It's one of the shows the prisoners do in the theme park to support the prison.
That's right! This place is It's an athletic obstacle race.
And if I'm not mistaken, first place gets you 100,000 casts.
100,000 casts? What's a "cast"? You don't know? Didn't you read the rulebook? No, not yet.
Cast points.
It's the currency that Deadman Wonderland prisoners use.
Currency Without cast points, you can't even eat around here.
But if you're flush with casts, you can get clothes, smokes, even alcohol.
And if you really save up, you can buy years off your sentence.
"Ooh?" Are you new too? I see.
So I really need them You might still be able to enter if you hurry.
But there's no way I'm gonna win a race They give you sweet bean bread for entering.
I'm in! Sweet bean bread, sweet bean bread! Sweet bean bread, sweet bean bread! Sweet bean bread, sweet bean bread! Shut up.
And quit pushing! Everyone's staring.
Besides, you- Sweet bean bread! Where're you going? #5580, Igarashi Ganta.
Huh? Um to the Dog Race Show.
Entering? All right.
You've read Section 11 in the rulebook? The rules? Well, kinda Good.
Make sure you read them carefully.
This isn't your ordinary prison.
Tamaki-san? This is Takami Yoh.
Apparently the death row inmate Igarashi Ganta is entering today's Dog Race.
In a few moments, one of Deadman Wonderland's most popular attractions, the Dog Race Show, will begin! Guests who wish to witness the fun should find a seat in the stadium as quickly as possible! Racers Waiting Room How to use Cast Cards You can use your Cast Card at many places in the prison! Huh? I figured I'd enter too.
But you're injured.
I enjoy saving up.
O-Oh, okay.
I haven't introduced myself.
I'm Takami Yoh.
You can just call me Yoh.
Oh I'm Igarashi Ganta.
Pleased to meet you, Ganta-kun.
But I should tell you I'm on death- Oh yeah, take this.
Whoa, we got a lotta entrants today.
That's cause you get 100,000 casts if you win.
Stop bein' so greedy, ya bastards! Kouzuji Kazumasa He's entering too? I'm out! I don't wanna die! M-Me too! I feel like I've seen him before.
That's Kouzuji Kazumasa.
He's a former gold medalist in Tae Kwon Do and a two-time D-1 mixed martial arts champ.
The one they called "The Ultimate Warrior"? Yeah.
But he lost it all when he flipped out because some actress he met on a variety show wouldn't give him her e-mail.
Haven't seen you in here before.
You new? Y-Yes.
I'm Kouzuji.
Yes, I've seen you on TV- Ganta-kun! Whenever you see me, you get on your knees and smile! You clear me a path and smile.
You bow down and smile! You praise me and smile! You say one word and I kill you! You clam up and I kill you! You look at me and I kill you! You ignore me and I kill you! You're doing it wrong.
Yohkun Get out there and race, dimwits.
They'll cancel it if anyone else quits.
Then there won't be any 100,000 casts.
You all quit at random and bring me your bread! No one gets ahead of me! That's the rule for this race! Kouzuji-san makes the rules, losers! Make a path for Kozuji-san if you know what's good for ya! Move it! He's insane You say something, kid? I think you did.
Uh I Um "He's insanely interesting," maybe? This is fun, isn't it? So you should look happier! I don't wanna die yet I said, fucking laugh.
If I want to survive in this place, I'll have to follow the rules.
I'm scum Atta boy.
Sweet bread, sweet bread, Ganta! I got cookies! Let's eat them before the race! What's wrong, Ganta? Tummy ache? You little bitch! You look just like that whore actress right before I smashed her face in! Madam Warden? Too close, too close.
You again, #613? I just couldn't help myself.
I don't exactly dislike hungry curs like yourself.
You can come for my throat any time.
Just be prepared to die.
It's time! Put on your numbers and get to the starting gate! I'm gonna rape and kill you one of these days, you .
Let's eat together.
"Death row inmates are constantly fed a steady dose of slow-acting poison through their collars.
" "If they do not eat at least one piece of the candy-like antidote every three days, they are dead.
" "In other words, executed.
" You sure you don't want some, Ganta? Shiro will eat them all.
This is how execution works here.
Death row inmates are constantly fed a steady dose of slow-acting poison through their collars.
If they do not eat at least one piece of the candy-like antidote every three days, they are dead.
One antidote costs 100,000 casts "One antidote costs 100,000 casts" Three days? If I don't have one, that means I'll die? I have to win, no matter what.
There he is, just as Takami Yoh-kun said.
Promoter Tamaki, what can I do for you? Nothing, just letting you know I'm going to set the obstacles to their maximum danger level.
Get a cleanup crew ready.
We'll put on a little show for our guests and those human rights groups.
But we've got a school here on a field trip today Like I said, it's all a show, just a show! Make that clear! Our challengers have come to race for prizes and pride! 100,000 cast points await the winner! The rest walk away with a mere scrap of sweet bean bread! There can be only one winner! And they're off! Need 100,000 casts gotta get that candy First they must clear "Heads Chopper"! Who will dodge the deadly blades and advance? Are these actually- He's dead! Man, what a show! Lemme get a shot of this! This is kinda gross.
You dummy, that's the point! I love these crazy over-the-top special effects! Besides, they're all convicted felons anyway.
What the hell is this race? How can they enjoy this? Next they face the "Bungee Lottery!" The long rope's the wrong rope, and if someone picks it It's straight to the ground, as you can see! This can't be happening If I pick the wrong one, I'll end up like him? Wait, wait, no! Let's go together, Ganta! Damn it, Shiro! Noo~ The next obstacle is "Arrow Alley!" They must dodge a hail of arrows and cross the winding bridge to safety! Oh, #38 and #55 fall out of bounds! I smell something burning More deaths? Hey! You were wide open, Ganta.
I almost fell! Kouzuji-san? 100,000 ain't enough for dealing with this shit.
Kouzuji-san! I give up Ganta, just a little further till the bread.
I didn't do anything, and they threw me in a place like this I followed the rules, so I wouldn't get cut or beaten up Rules? Shiro's only supposed to eat one snack a day, but sometimes I eat two.
You don't have to follow the rules if you don't wanna.
That's just how it is Yeah I don't have a choice.
There's nothing I can do.
In order to survive, I have to follow the rules, even if I don't want to.
That's all I can do.
Follow the rules even if you don't wanna? Oh, okay.
I don't really get it, but that's your rule, right, Ganta? Sweet bean bread, sweet bean bread! Sweet bean bread, sweet bean bread! Sweet bean bread, sweet bean bread! Sweet bean bread! Is this what we would've seen if we'd have come here for our school trip? Now at long last, the final battle royale is about to commence! The rules are simple! Whoever holds on to the Deadman ball till the very end wins! That's easy! "Till the very end"? When's the end? The floor panels start dropping one by one! It ends when there is only one left! Whoever has the ball at that time wins it all! I'm surprised anyone managed to hang with me for this long.
But you're a tough kid, aren't you? That face I've seen you on TV too! The 14 year old mass murderer! Ganta! Over here! Just die already, damn it! What's the point of a death row inmate struggling to live? I didn't- Shut your damn pie hole, murderer.
Even if you win here, I'll kill you later.
Pass it here, Ganta! Death row inmates should just die.
Even if you're in middle school, you should at least understand that law.
I said that I didn't do it.
Bring it on, asshole! I'm fed up with wondering when I'm going to die! If you're gonna kill me, then kill me.
If you're gonna execute me, stop waiting.
Until then I live by my own rules! Nice pass! You little shit! Uh oh, #46 is going down! Shit! Ah! And there goes #93! Shiro! You were protecting me Ganta, catch! I If #7 can catch the ball, he wins! Ganta, the ball why didn't you We're gonna eat our bread together, right? Oh, right! There was no winner at the Dog Race that day.
I didn't win the grand prize, which meant that I couldn't buy an antidote candy.
Tomorrow, on the third day, the poison from my collar will kill me.
I'll be executed.
Seeking revenge for his fallen friends, he stumbles upon a forbidden area.
The true Deadman Wonderland.
The door to a den of superhumans will be thrown open.