Deadman Wonderland (2011) s01e06 Episode Script


1 YEAH YEAH Slit the throat of reason and reality Cut myself and scream for their insanity Wake up to this nightmare that will never end Main attraction of this twisted master plan YEAH YEAH I will be your Deadman with nothing but this blood on my hands Stuck in your Wonderland I wanna make you bleed just like me So make me your Deadman with only poison in my veins Stuck in your Wonderland Stagnated by the passivity I'm gonna make you bleed like me! Man, I'm thirsty.
Corpse Carnival guard duty always stresses me out.
But, ya know, that new kid, Woodpecker, was something else, huh? I've become his fan.
Oh, yeah I'll use the card I picked up.
Picked up? More like ripped off.
That kid's gonna be pissed.
There's probably only enough for one drink anyway.
Ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand Ninety million casts? That's impossible! Why the hell does that kid have so much cash?! Damn it.
Where the hell is G-Block? Damn it! I didn't see anything, and I had nothing to do with it.
There is only one thing that I must do.
Minatsuki! This place is messed up.
I thought I understood that.
But because Shiro and Yoh-kun were around, I totally forgot about it.
I wonder if they're okay.
I'm sorry! Please don't! C-Come on.
Y-You can't, Masu-san! B-But I'm begging you please don't eat my flowers.
They're very important to me! But I'm so hungry I-I can't take it anymore! Um, you can have this.
R-Really? Thank you.
It's fine.
M-More I-I'm so So hungry! Wow is this your room? Yes.
I thought it was for the best that we run and hide.
Good thinking! Thank you so much for helping me, too.
Um Igarashi Ganta-san, right? Yeah.
So, you saw yesterday's Corpse Carnival.
My name is Minatsuki.
Please have a seat over there, if you'd like.
I'm so sorry.
You had to give up your food for me.
It's fine.
Since last night, I haven't had much of an appetite.
You must have seen that post-game show.
This place really is messed up.
It was so sick I think so too.
Just because we have powers that normal people don't, they make us hurt people that we don't hate.
And they hurt us too.
I just can't take this anymore! U-Um well S-Smells great Well the flowers I meant those flowers! I'm glad.
These are primroses.
They happen to be my favorite.
You're a very kind person, aren't you, Ganta-san? My father abused me.
When I was young, I lost my mother to the Red Hole, and my father started becoming violent after that.
I endured it as long as I could But that day, I felt my life was in danger.
And before I realized it, I was using my blood power.
My older brother didn't know about my ability and believed that I'd been falsely accused.
There's no way that a high school girl could kill her father so violently.
My brother was so kind.
He always did whatever he could in order to protect me.
So many people were hurt because of me It's not your fault.
I don't want to use this power.
I don't want to be in the Corpse Carnival! I don't want to hurt anyone! I-I'm sorry! Let's escape.
Let's run away together! Ganta-san In case of an emergency, we both have the Branch of Sin.
But I Right It's okay.
You don't have to use your power.
I'll protect you.
There's no chopsticks! Are you serious, you old hag? Are you all right? Ganta-san, I don't think I Ganta-san! I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's my fault for being clumsy! What are you doing? You're not allowed out of your cells! Huh? Oh, it's just Woodpecker and Hummingbird.
Save it for tomorrow's match.
Tomorrow? Hummingbird? You weren't told? Tomorrow's Corpse Carnival.
I'm Hummingbird and I'm fighting Woodpecker Against you, Ganta-san.
Another Corpse Carnival You haven't even figured out what happened regarding that incident yesterday.
This isn't your dreamland.
It's merely a birdcage that I built myself.
What are you talking about? You enjoyed the spectacle too, right? Show must go on.
Yes Even for the benefit of your ridiculous goals.
Today's match will be interesting too.
While I do like Ganta-kun, Hummingbird I love her for the same reason I love this puppet.
While she's adorable, she bares fangs.
Chomp Just kidding.
We're back again today, ladies and gentlemen! It's time for Deadman Wonderland's main attraction.
The gala of gore, the Corpse Carnival! Today's card features two combatants who, at first glance, appear to belong in school rather than on our stage.
The newbie who debuted yesterday, Woodpecker! And the girl who moves with godlike speed, Hummingbird! I'm sorry that things turned out this way They will face each other in a survival battle with no time limit.
Who will the hen of victory side with today?! But I won't- Ready Deadmen, fight! I will never hurt you.
So Ganta-san Branch of Sin Whip Wing! I'm so sorry but that whole virgin white knight bullshit is disgusting! Oh! Hummingbird strikes first! As usual, her whip can't be seen by the naked eye! That attack, plus the injury you sustained yesterday, means that you can't run around and dodge like you did with Senji.
You were acting I love it that face! You're gonna make me cum.
Hey what did you wanna do to me after we busted outta here? Was it all a lie? Obviously, dumbass! You stink.
Just die, you pig.
I'll kill you, chop you up, and add you to Masu's formalin.
You bitch! I'll Ganta! What are you doing to my sister?! Yoh-kun? Onii-chan! Oh? An acquaintance of the fighters has appeared! She's your sister? Minatsuki You were a Deadman too? Why are you here? I finally found you! I'll buy your freedom with my casts! Let's get out of here, Minatsuki! Proceeding to remove him.
The audience is giving a good reaction.
Sometimes, a bit of soap opera isn't all bad.
Yes, sir! The more they like it, the more they'll fund new toys, after all.
You mean, you came to this prison and saved up your money all for me? Incredible! My brother's the best! So, the brother you were talking about was Yoh-kun? You know him? We're cellmates.
I just never thought he'd be the type to hit a girl.
N-No, Yoh-kun! She tricked me! Whoa! Woodpecker has slipped! A-Are you all right, Ganta-san? Read the atmosphere before opening your mouth, you shithead numbnut! It isn't Ganta-san's fault, onii-chan.
I knew he was my opponent, but I still fell into his trap.
I'm so stupid! You're the one who tricked me! I'll beat the shit out of you! They're both idiots in the end! Now they're sitting ducks.
I'll whip them till I see bone! So this is how you killed Dad, as well? Back then, I was so upset.
I never realized what had actually happened.
I thought I did it.
But Dad never laid a hand on you.
What are you saying, onii-chan? But I never thought you could've done it until I saw for myself that people with powers like yours do exist.
You don't have to lie.
I don't understand what you're saying It doesn't matter what you really are.
From now on, no matter the cost I will protect you.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? You sister-complex freak you belong in a toilet, eating shit with the roaches! I can't take this anymore! I need to see depression and despair! How am I supposed to cum when I want?! This is the most kind of mood! Minatsuki Shut your pie-hole.
If you can't make me cum, you're useless! Yoh-kun! Yeah, it was all me.
So what? Everyone's just a bunch of lying assholes.
I'll whip everyone to shreds, before they can turn on me! I'll kill all the shithead liars, spouting their shithead lies, and I'll laugh while I kill them! Don't bullshit me like you understand me! You damned hypocrite! You're no better than that w.
You disgust me! Stop! Isn't he your brother?! You seem to think of him as a friend, but he's not the type for that.
He's my brother after all.
Has he ever "accidentally" bumped into you? Or taken something important of yours? Yeah, but what's wrong with that? Didn't he do it all for you? He believed you were innocent, and saved all his money! Yoh-kun saved my life! Ganta I helped him too, and that's enough! What a hardcore dimwit.
You're another damned hypocrite, who lived a good life before he came here.
The kind who runs away the second things turn ugly.
The worst kind of liar! Who're you calling a liar? You're the one Dumbass! Falling for a pretty face and believing every word she says is even worse! What a one-sided fight! Is Woodpecker already out of options? Do we have our winner? Damn, I can only shoot her, but she's using Yoh-kun as a shield.
I'll try it.
Oh! Woodpecker finally starts counterattacking! You gonna shoot right through your friend's gut? But he misses! The fool finally shows his true colors! Hummingbird unleashes a ferocious combo! Shit! I should've eaten my dinner.
I'm gonna turn you into a pile of mush! Just like that stinking w! Minatsuki I knew it the way Mom died Her? That wasn't a mother.
That woman ran off with her flowers, leaving me to die.
It's so damn funny! Minatsuki Shut up, you dumbass! If you won't show me your despairing face, then die! Where are you aim- Wow! The shot ricocheted! He's freed the human shield without hitting him! The Hummingbird locks Woodpecker down with her remaining whip! Now you can't use your hands or legs.
I'm gonna carve you like that.
You're the dumbass.
Just because you were betrayed once Just because you felt despair once You lied to everyone and hurt them.
What the hell would you know? Hey, back off! I don't know! But isn't that just making you more miserable?! A headbutt T-That was possible D-Down! Hummingbird collapses! What a finish! Woodpecker's headbutt ends the match! What is this crap? A schoolyard brawl?! Let's see some blood! An unexpected attack in the Corpse Carnival! We want more! Kill her! Kill her! Shut the hell up, you shits! Like I'd kill anyone, dipshits! I won.
You got a problem with that? Just end it already, you four-eyed scumbag! Oh, crap my character changed.
Well, let's see.
According to the rules, since Hummingbird can no longer fight, the winner is Woodpecker.
What an interesting boy maybe it's that Igarashi blood.
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