Deadman Wonderland (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Original Sin (Wretched Egg)

1 I bought your favorite pudding yesterday.
It's on the secret shelf, like always.
I hate sweet stuff.
I'm not the one who likes it.
Ah, of course Well, shall we begin? Killing continuously and dying perpetually! YEAH YEAH Slit the throat of reason and reality Cut myself and scream for their insanity Wake up to this nightmare that will never end Main attraction of this twisted master plan YEAH YEAH I will be your Deadman with nothing but this blood on my hands Stuck in your Wonderland I wanna make you bleed just like me So make me your Deadman with only poison in my veins Stuck in your Wonderland Stagnated by the passivity I'm gonna make you bleed like me! Yoh-kun, are you okay? Yeah.
Ganta, you're not looking too good.
I'm fine.
I'm just a little worn out because I didn't eat much, and I used my blood to fight.
I'm sorry even though I knew that she was your sister I've felt that it was my responsibility to protect her, ever since our mom died.
Minatsuki! Minatsuki! Minatsuki Onii-chan Yoh-kun! Yoh-kun, are you alright? Y-Yeah it's nothing serious.
Hey, you kidding me? Friggin' lying bastard! Well, I'm your brother, after all.
Ow! Be a little more gentle, will ya? What weird siblings.
Something smells good.
The smell of primroses.
Don't worry, Minatsuki.
I I'll be the one I promise.
Like I can trust you.
Besides, I If you mean Dad, I'm just as responsible.
Back then, you were just making me bear with it.
Just because I didn't know about the Branch of Sin You didn't need to kill Shut up! Nothing will change the fact that I did it! What's this pain? Shiro That's Shiro That was Shiro.
I hear the lullaby again.
Did they activate the Mother Goose System again? How does the song continue? Continue? As if there ever could be a continuation Because, Shiro, you are the Wretched Egg, an abandoned egg.
Take the injured to the appropriate floor! Get the emergency lines connected.
Hurry up! Looks like this place got hit pretty bad, as well.
Prioritize maintenance over the wounded! Hey, you're in the way! 'Sup, Ganta? Senji-san! During your match, I was glued to the set.
Nice job knocking out that girl! What? I'm really sorry, Senji-san.
Because of me, you lost your right eye This is just an everyday event.
Don't sweat it.
B-But But even though you won, your fighting style still has a long way to go.
You lack diversity in your moves.
Moves? All you use is the Ganta Gun.
Ganta Gun That's your Branch of Sin's name.
I sssliced up a name myself! U-Um I appreciate that, but since you're naming it, it should be cooler.
I mean, uh Oh, something like the names of Ace Man's moves! Oh "The Viscoelastic Warrior: Ace Man"? That takes me back.
But I'm surprised you know it.
They reran it? No Ace Man Rentals, I think.
When I was little, my friends and I were always playing Ace Man, and I just remembered some of it.
It was fun.
And somehow one-sided Minatsuki, I was just worried about your injuries- Cram it, you sister-complex bastard! My injuries are not so bad that I can't shower alone! Get your ass to the doctor yourself! Stop looking! Senji-san Oh, yeah.
Now I remember! Ganta! That headbutt was one hell of a ssslice! Yoh-kun, what happened to Shiro? You were with her, right? We got separated after entering G-block.
Oh Ganta.
Hm? What is she? You mean Shiro? Well, I'd completely forgotten, but apparently, we were childhood friends.
At that time, my mom was still alive.
So it was over ten years ago.
Shiro! Shiro, let's have a snack together! I got pudding! I don't want any.
My arms and legs are all ouchy from the needles and examinations.
I don't want it anymore Shiro, didn't you know? When you get hurt or when bad stuff happens, you just gotta call Ace Man, and he'll come save you! Ace Man? He's just on the TV.
First name, "Ace.
" Last name, "Man.
" I'm the Viscoelastic Warrior! Shiro's pain, I'll blast you away! Whenever I'm on the scene, you're safe! Eat this! Justice's Ultra Chaos Endorphins! I don't care! It's your fault! I'll eat alone Stupid Shiro idiot! Mom? My pudding Help me, Ace Man! Ace Man! Ace Man! Shiro Ace Man is here.
When I think back, she was always like that.
I have to apologize for forgetting her.
But where does she usually go? Um, Ganta I want to see her again.
As per Promoter Tamaki's request, numerous locks have been put into place.
All detailed documentation concerning Deadman Wonderland will now be handled this way.
Accordingly, investigations regarding the Necro Macro unit's disappearance and the ward SR-4 guards' massacre will cease- That anomaly earlier was definitely not a natural disaster.
The special ward, Northeast Tokyo The area supporting Deadman Wonderland and the center of the gravitational anomaly that caused an unnaturally localized damage.
The Red Hole.
Ten years ago, this place was at the center.
It's only been six years since this prison was built, and something is clearly happening here.
If madness and chaos are the reality, then it's our job, as human beings, to correct it.
And if none of you will step up, I shall! If you're between me and my goal, I will cut you up! I'm going weasel hunting! Feels like something really bad's about to happen.
I can't get a hold of the research department either.
So, what did we learn from Ganta-kun's examination? Right The red crystal in his chest is actually a capsule of femtomachines.
It's an aggregation called the Nameless Worm.
We also ran another scan of the materials gathered directly after the Red Hole ten years ago.
I can confirm a match to dead Nameless Worm material, but with none of its original functionality.
However, we now know at least why only those from the Kanto region, where the anomaly occurred, became infected with Branch of Sin.
They became carriers once this substance worked its way into their bodies.
I see.
And what about producing more of our dear carriers? At this time, we don't have the technology that could generate Nameless Worm material because, unfortunately, I have no way of examining its source, the Wretched Egg.
But he's completely the director's toy He's not mine.
I've been here five years, and even I don't know what's beneath that mask.
The amount of security that is safeguarding his data would shock the Pentagon.
Still, apparently the director's condition is rapidly declining for unknown reasons.
Before long, this place will be my wonderland.
And I'll play by my own rules.
Yoh-kun! Looks like you want me to bust your ass, shitstain! I totally forgot! What? You have to do that punishment game, right? Isn't that the usual program? I'm not a virgin like you.
They've already taken a kidney and some stomach.
Can't we stop it? That's just so messed up! That's what my bro said before he ran outta here.
Something about recovering casts the guards stole from him.
That's it! Hey! What's with those two? They're messing with me.
If I can buy Minatsuki an early release with casts Wh-Who Oh my I'm sorry.
I thought you'd dodge that.
Why, long time no see.
Takami Yoh-kun.
What brings you here today? I'm observing Igarashi Ganta.
I see.
Well, do a good job.
A monk? Not just any monk, Bro I'm super monk.
Who's this freak? That's precisely why no amount of prayer can save death row inmates.
By the way, Yoh-kun, cast points work differently in G-block.
So do exercise caution.
Over here, inmates can't buy their way out.
What?! That reminds me, it's time for your sister's punishment game.
I can't save Minatsuki? Those are also popular with the audience, and cute girls always bring in big ratings.
All these years for what? What will the research department get today? Maybe they'll rip off a leg, or slice off her nose! You bastard! Don't trouble yourself with him, Genkaku-san.
He's not a Deadman.
Besides, they're getting a bit full of themselves.
I'll be in the lab.
Please take care of them for me.
I'm tired.
Well then, I'll go and play them a song.
Sorry about that.
Figured I'd try and test your strength.
But I guess I'm just too strong for you, ain't I? We cool? I'm Koshio Karako, a Scar Chain member.
Scar- You wanna join us? First you hit me, and now you need me? Why should I? Because I believe you'd understand us.
Igarashi Ganta-kun.
My apologies for my comrade's rough nature.
I'm the anti-management society Scar Chain's leader, Kengamine Nagi.
A mechanical voice? Anti-management? Our enemy is Deadman Wonderland itself.
Our goal is the utter destruction of this absurd birdcage, created by Director Hagire Rinichirou and Promoter Tamaki.
And right now, we will need as many allies as possible.
After watching yesterday's fight, I felt you'd understand us.
I said, "This guy would totally fit in!" Yes, it was refreshing.
They're the same! I'd thought everyone in this prison was twisted But there are people who think like me.
Oh, I'm sorry! But right now I'm in a big hurry.
Since I won yesterday, there's going to be another punishment game.
I have to stop it, no matter what.
Hold it I see.
You really do shoot straight.
This is Owl.
It's been a while, Minatsuki-chan? What have you brought me today? I hope that this time I won't need to bother with anesthetics.
You sick bitch.
Aw, what's the matter? That's not like you.
You're acting like a newborn baby bird.
Shut your face! Yeah, this isn't like me.
Goddamn it It's all their fault.
They got my hopes up! Nothing good comes from this place.
Don't think about it! Keep up the act.
Don't become distraught.
And when you open your eyes again, just laugh it all away! Stop! Onii-chan I happen to like girls with short hair.
But would it be wrong to do that? No way! That shouldn't even be an option! Thank God Now we just pray that the mad doctor doesn't try yanking it out by the roots or something.
D-Did you guys do that? We don't have much power.
But if you can trust us now, we'd love you, Igarashi-kun, to assist us in our plans.
Plans? This place stinks! It stinks of corruption.
You seem pretty well, Owl.
But if you get too well, you'll end up being punished.
Like him Yoh-kun! Genkaku! Hey.
what the hell are you doing? Karako! Why did you Who the hell are you?! A super monk.
I've come to read from the scriptures.
But you know, before I start reading, I'm gonna need you to die Go to hell! Igarashi-kun! You're a new face, kid.
Well, how about I play you one? The Branch of Sin didn't work Ganta run I'll start by saving your soul first Young man A resistance group composed of death row inmates.
If the establishment were to overlook their rise, it would mark the start of a great mind game.