Death and Other Details (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter Five: Exquisite

on Death and Other Details
I did it. I killed Keith Trubitsky.
You're six stone soaking wet.
Jules Toussaint is
wanted in three countries.
Turn this ship inside out!
IMOGENE: They're stowaways?
JULES: Refugees from Ukraine.
And you need to get them off the
boat or Interpol will find them
'cause they're searching
the whole place.
I'll help you get off this ship.
We need a new plan.
Or I draw them away.
- There he is!
Just come quietly, if
you've nothing to hide.
- RUFUS: It's a bill of lading.
- Two tons of Captionem Blue?
A banned ultra-bright pigment.
Clothing manufacturers liked
it, 'cause it was cheap.
Except it causes cancer, dementia,
and all manner of knock-on ailments.
You wanted a smoking gun. Collier
Mills was using banned chemicals.
When's this receipt from?
Without a date on that
document, it is meaningless.
It has to be related.
I warned you, not to enter
this case with preconceptions.
You want it all to go back
to your mother's case.
How many clues have passed you by
because you've been focused on that?
You stopped paying attention.
- LEILA: I see you.
- Hm?
- Have you been following me?
- Hold on there.
Who are you working for?
Lady, I think maybe
you're a little mixed up.
RUFUS: Reader, I haven't
been entirely honest.

See, when Danny and I embarked on
this journey, we did so on a hunch.
A sloppy one, a last-ditch effort
to rescue my wounded pride.
We'd no idea we were so close.
I've never been made like that before.
So, you were following me.
[SIGHS] Danny Turner.
I'm an investigator.
The Chuns hired us to do due
diligence on your wife's family.
- It's nothing personal.
- You work with Cotesworth.
- And you're a reporter.
- I write clickbait.
Well, that's not what you
went to journalism school for.
You were workin' a real story
when you met your wife, right?
Yeah. She was a mark.
You used her as a wedge
to get dirt on her family.
No that's not true.
No? 'Cause I think ya found something
and then they tried to scare you.
Your accident? Your new
family ran you off the road.
It wasn't the Colliers.
The story that I was researching,
they weren't the targets.
- They were the victims.
- Victims?
- Of who?
- [QUIETLY] Stop asking questions.
He's always listening. You're
going to get us both killed.
Leila, who are you scared of?
Viktor Sams.
I warned your friend. He did not listen.
He was stubborn as all hell. [CHUCKLES]
You believe me?
I do I do believe you.
You said the Colliers were victims?
What do they have on them?
Was it Captionem Blue?
You don't know what that means.
And I don't want to.
He has confederates everywhere.
They will do anything
to protect his identity.
Are you in danger?
Is that why you're down here?
Or is there something else
you are trying to tell me?
You will not stop. [RUFUS CHUCKLES]
I can't.
My friend is dead.
I hope you do not join him.

Where's the Frenchman?
He couldn't make it,
but he told me to tell
you: Vive Zidane.
Of course, he did.
Here's your money.
50 grand.
Okay, this way.

You'll ride in there.
Will I see you again?
I don't think so.
Hey, I could've lied to you.
I'm glad you didn't.
You gave them a chance.
That's the best you could do.
I'm outta practice.
What? Saving refugees?
Giving a fuck.
Ya look exhausted.
Maybe it's 'cause I've been
trying to solve the murder of a guy
who was trying to solve my mom's murder,
not to mention lying to my best friend.
And for what?
Ya know, just so a waitress
could make up some story
about how she harpooned a guy
'cause he was fucking mean to her?
And then I have And
I have this fucking thing,
the shipping fucking receipt thing.
And I thought it was gonna lead me
back to the guy who killed my mom,
but apparently, it's worthless.
At least, according to the
world's greatest detective
who, by the way, I grew up
hating or maybe still hate.
I don't, I don't even know.
I'm sorry. I'm j
I am exhausted.
We should get back.
Well, that shipping fuckin' thing?
I know someone here in
Malta a forensic accountant.
I mean, she might be
able to put a date on it.
We'll have to stay the night?
I know a place.

Let me see what I can do.
[SHARP INHALE] Ooh, damn.
You didn't get Italian back.
- Sometimes I get Italian back.
- Mm, not tonight.
- Grazie.
- Prego.

Have a good sleep.
RUFUS: Ms. Goh.
I fear our conversation was cut short.
Went on long enough
The way you swallow your R's?
You're middle class,
playing at street-smart.
It's a put-on, isn't it?
We all do it more or less, but why?
Why run from who you are?
Why show the world
what we're ashamed of?
Makes us so vulnerable to manipulation.
You talk a lot.
Thank you.
You think you know me.
Don't I?
girl running from the shadow
cast by her older sister?
The rebel, trapped by society's grip.
You must've been so easy to recruit.
Viktor Sams.
What did he promise you?
Never heard that name before in my life.
TRIPP: I swear to God, this was not me.
I [SIGHS] I mean,
why would I leak these?
Look at this one, my
dick looks humiliated.
Your mother threatens me
yesterday, and now I get this.
Oh, so you think my mom sent ya these?
Listen to me.
You have no idea what
your family is capable of.
Look, I don't know who took these, okay?
I I guess you were followed
or or I was followed.
Who would follow you?!
That's a dig!
Of course, it's a dig!
These photos could ruin me!
But for you? I-I-It
is a blip on the radar!
"Ooh, remember that kid
who backed his Bronco
"into the front window of Andaluca?
"Yeah, his dick is on the internet.
They're talkin' about
a run for Senate, ooh."
Okay, so you're blaming me
for retrograde gender dynamics?
Oh, God, I wish I could.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'll look into it, okay?
important question, though.
Is it fucked up that I'm
totally turned on right now?

Don't go.
- This was fun, but
- You're married.
This never happened.

LEILA: Anna? Anna?
ANNA: Oh you're back. Thank God.
We need to get off the boat.
Uh, because?
We are all in danger.
Oh, no. Honey, didn't you hear?
They, they found the killer, we're safe.
You have said you would
do anything for me.
So, I am begging. Let's leave.
That's not possible.
I have a three-billion-dollar
investment to close
- I am trying to keep you safe!
- From what?
LEILA: This is a cassette tape.
I left my phone in the car.
I parked two blocks away.
I did exactly what you said.
It is important. I won't use your name.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy.
I was at NSA, 19 years.
I ran white-hat operations
that made it to the PDB.
And when did you start
looking into Viktor Sams?
Lady are you outta your fuckin' mind?
I'm tellin' you, he has ears everywhere.
You say his name, you
wind up on his list, too.
How did you get onto him?
We flag your regular payments.
Dark web transactions.
Crypto wallets these
billionaires think are anonymous.
The same name popped up over and over.
He must've been pullin'
hundreds of millions a month.
But as soon as I started askin'
questions, my boss shuts me down.
I should've stopped there.
They loaded my hard drive with porn.
I got canned, my wife left.
My kids won't talk to me.
I live in a rental. I don't know
how much longer I can make payments.
I went from decorated federal
employee, husband, dad,
to a sick freak with just
a few clicks of a mouse.
And do you think he did all of that?
I don't know if it was one guy
or 50 college kids in Ireland.
[ON RECORDING] Every time I'd
track him and his servers,
Argentina, Morocco, Hong Kong,
they'd pop up somewhere else.
Whoever he is, however he's
doin' it, he's untraceable.
It's like he's everywhere and nowhere.
GPS VOICE: In a half mile, turn right.
January 3rd my source,
ex-NSA contractor, Peter Meadows,
claims that one Viktor
Sams ruined his life.
- GPS VOICE: Rerouting.
- Como que, rerouting? There is one road.
GPS VOICE: In one quarter
mile, continue straight.
There is no straight!
Leila, from what?
You will not believe me.
Try me.
Even if the waitress did what she said,
she was following orders.
There is a man directing
these events, Anna.
I will not say his name.
I think we should call
Dr. Mark in the morning.

That's right, Thatties,
they found the killer.
Tiny little waitress,
but wait 'til you all find
out how they caught her.
Arrested her sister
and then she confessed
to get her sister out of jail.
Apparently, that shit works every time.
RUFUS: Diligent as ever.
Accurate paperwork requires thought.
At least three days' worth, I'd imagine.
Enough to enjoy the sun
deck 'til we dock in Palermo.
The murder is solved, no?
With a bow, this one.
Quite Friedrich is pleased.
No reason to deny these guests
the pleasures of the open sea.
I hope you find a way to enjoy
yourself, too, Cotesworth.
Senza vino.
Espresso, thank you.
She's Belvedere, rocks with a twist.
Be back around with
another in 12 minutes.
Parlor tricks. Your stock and trade.
Quite a party you're throwing.
- Ha!
- Or it would've been one.
You must love your husband very much,
to plot a soiree like this.
More tricks.
Why can't you ask plainly
what you want to know?
Would you answer me if I did?
Whatever the Chuns are
paying you, it's too much.
Huh I quit.
I'm a gentleman of leisure now.
You wouldn't be talking to me
unless you were working an angle.
Viktor Sams.
Can you not give up this goose chase?
He is real.
I am convinced.
If he was,
wouldn't you have caught him
by now, after 18 long years?
You claim you are at leisure,
but you are no gentleman.
Hardly a man at all.
CELIA: Eleanor
come on. We're safe now.
And my fans need content.
Let me do my thing.
Stay in my line of sight.
CELIA: He's a celebrity, your son?
FATHER TOBY: In a sense.
800,000 followers he'll
never meet in real life.
Sometimes, I'm sad for
him, but mostly I'm glad.
He doesn't feel lonely.
That's a blessing.
I see how important family is to you.
We have the same in common.
I got you what you wanted.
Leave my son out of it.
LLEWELLYN: We should've
anticipated this.
Anticipated a murder?
I brought the Chuns back to the table.
- You should be thanking me.
- Back to the table?
Have you read the new deal points?
It's a strawberry and
vanilla clusterfuck.
What was I supposed to do?
You went MIA for 36 hours!
The board's meeting today
to review the new terms.
In your father's room.
Dad doesn't need to be bothered.
You're not the new CEO yet, Princess.
I'll see ya up there.

Two arrests and you're lounging
about on the taxpayer's dime.
Nice to see you breathing
free air, Mr. Mathers.
Oh, that? The jail cell? I
kinda liked it down there.
You enjoy being punished?
Depends on who's punishing me.
I'm flirting here, by the way.
I have paperwork to attend to.
By all means.
- Coffee?
- Sure.
- Did you get in touch with your friend?
- I did, but she can't meet 'til five.
Do you really think she's gonna be able
to get us the story on that shipment?
Inés specializes in
international trade documentation.
If she can't, no one can.
[SIGHS] Okay.
5:00 p.m.
We could hang out here
SUNIL: Throughout history, this
island has been a refuge for
artists, dreamers, dissidents.
Uh, Caravaggio took residency here
when he was exiled from his homeland.
The world's greatest artist.
Well to one expert.
Hm, let me guess. You're the expert.
Might could be.
- Hey, how are you? Good to see you.
- Good to see you, Stephen. How are you?
- I'm good.
- This is Imogene.
Hello. Welcome to St. John's.
- Thank you.
- Come in, come in.

IMOGENE: The Beheading
of St. John the Baptist.
They were common people,
the models he painted.
He made sure they mattered.
He saw them, even if the world
tried to make them invisible.
He was stubborn.
And he didn't shy away from
how ugly and raw life really is.
And when he finished this
masterpiece, what was his reward?
The Church banished him
Well, he did try to kill a man again.
Maybe he thought that by bringing
something beautiful into the world,
he'd be absolved.
The Church didn't see it that way.
Hm, he was too modern for them.
Yeah a man out of time.
[SOFTLY] They made it to Malta.
You look different.
Good. Different, good.
I would've liked to
know this side of you.
Seems we've both been wearing masks.
You shouldn't be here.
Winnie you need to
tell them the truth.
I did. I killed him.
I mean about Viktor Sams.
How did he do it?
How did he brainwash
you into murdering a man?
Who is he?
You think I'm brainwashed?
Who made you think you were special?
Bought you that fancy
education to to what?
Clean up after them?
You think I like it?
Everything I've done is for this family.
You certainly play the part believably.
You want to go to
prison, then? [SNIFFLES]
You're only here because you
confessed to keep me out of danger.
You still care even
if you can't say it.
So, when you're ready to
talk I'm ready to listen.
- SIMON [MUFFLED]: They tricked her!
- TEDDY [MUFFLED]: She confessed.
- SIMON [MUFFLED]: And you let her!
- TEDDY [MUFFLED]: A man is dead.
There's no protecting
Winnie from what she did.
[MUFFLED] He was a pig.
I'm sure the judge
will bear that in mind.
She didn't act alone.
Somebody put her up to it.
Oh, you're an expert now?
She had help. She doesn't deny it.
And Cotesworth will
figure out who offered it.
[LAUGHS] That washed-up old man?
He couldn't finish a crossword.
People aren't always as they appear.
Are you one of them, Simon?
Viktor Sams.
I'm just trying to get ahead
of this thing to help you.
Like you helped Winnie.
Maybe you can bring it to her.
Does everyone hate me?

ANNA: Why are you still together?
It's not the money.
There's no prenup. You're set for life.
And it's not love.
You haven't loved Dad in years.
I made a promise
to protect this family.
- A promise to God.
- No.
No, you don't get to hide behind that.
I understand it's difficult for
you because you don't believe,
but the vow I made it matters to me.
Shower time says differently.
Nobody's perfect.
Nobody would blame you if you left him.
You make this vow to a person
in sickness and in health,
but at some point you look up
and you're shackled to a stranger.
building a life with someone is easy,
but taking it apart?
Oh, look at that,
here comes a little baby eagle.
Can you believe that?
Right outside my window.
Sorry Anna, you were saying?
I was saying [DEEP BREATH]
I'm I am sorry.
I should've realized how
triggering this murder was for you.
I didn't see things
from where you stand.
Your accident is still fresh and
I, I-I-I should've listened better.
DR. MARK: Leila, Anna is trying
to own her side of the street.
Could you please look at her?
You thought I was a killer.
DR. MARK: And what did
that bring up for you?
Let's try to reach deep here.
Okay. No, you're right. Fuck that.
It's just me now, talk to me.
Why? So, you can tell me how I am crazy?
I have never used that word.
I haven't.
All I ever wanted was for
people to take me seriously.
As a reporter as a person.
To just fucking listen to my words
instead of staring at my chest.
And then I met you, Anna.
You saw me as a writer
before I even did.
You saw me, you took me by your
side, and you opened up the world.
Until my accident.
- I still see you.
- But you believe them.
The police who say that I
fell asleep behind the wheel.
Dr. Mark, who thinks that
I have a wild imagination.
- They are experts.
- I want a divorce.
I want a divorce.
It's been a shit week.
We need to decompress. [PHONE BUZZING]
- You should go.
- No, I-I will postpone. I wanna fix this.
Anna go.
You don't wanna lose the deal, too.
TRIPP: Trubitsky was in for two million.
BRAD: 'Til he caught a
fish hook in the junk.
What? No, it was in his chest, dude.
He was impaled to a wall,
how would that even work?
- What am I, a physicist?
- Well, we're gettin' off topic.
Look, point is I'm short two sticks.
And the only reason I didn't
come to you to begin with
My dad's lawyers would rip
your face off on the terms?
Uh, no, 'cause we're friends, Brad.
I didn't wanna talk business,
but, you know, here we are.
Are we friends, Tripp?
Wh Oh, hey, come on. [LAUGHS]
Your sister came after me, dude.
- Plus, it was Uruguay and
- I'm just fuckin' with you.
Gillian just cannot behave
in a hot tub, we're cool.
Okay, cool. 'Cause, you know,
Collier Coin is gonna pop, dude.
I don't want you to miss out.
Euro-denominated crypto is kinda sexy.
I liked your prospectus,
but it's not easy for me
to get that kinda cash.
What? Thought ya had
full access to the trust.
Still gotta go through the family
office just like you, right?
I mean, how much you in for?
Me? Nah, it's all, it's
all sweat equity, bro.
Yeah, yeah, how about this?
You go in for a
million I'll match ya.
Yeah, okay. Uh, [CLEARS THROAT]
just gotta move
some shit around, but
You mean, ask your dad?
You're late. Board meeting's finished.
Board meeting?
Ah! Yeah, right. Yeah. How'd it go?
Your sister handled it.
Th-That's kind of, kind of
perfect 'cause I need to free up
a little money in the, in the trust.
The trust? I don't control the trust.
- Right, but Charlie answers to you, so
- Well, you have to talk to Charlie.
Charlie's the trustee.
I got a billion-dollar opportunity
that's circlin' the drain right now.
How much do you want?
- I want a million dollars.
- Hm.
- It's not your money, it's my money.
- It's not yours any more than it's mine.
That's family money. That's our legacy.
That you would call it yours
shows how little you understand.
I'll talk to Charlie.
You do that.
Dad, uh [LAUGHS] this is
gonna sound a little crazy,
but, uh,
we're not blackmailing the
governor of Washington, right?
'Cause what? She, she wouldn't
vote for your tax dodge or?
Get out.
- IMOGENE: So, is this your thing?
- SUNIL: My thing?
Mm you know, show off your Italian,
throw in a view of
the Mediterranean Sea?
Il mare Mediterraneo.
Some kids playing soccer?
Giocando a calcio.
Share some vino?
That's already in Italian.
Yeah, yeah.
No, don't get me wrong. It
is It's perfect, but
Just a bit rehearsed, isn't it?
It's what you want me to see.
I'm broke.
I sunk every pound I had, and
a few I didn't, into my dream.
You know, it turns out
there's not much profit in
restoring a 70-year-old ship.
[SIGHS] I just wanted to put one
authentic thing into the world.
Then it ruined me.
[SIGHS] God, it feels
good to say out loud.
Can I Venmo you for lunch?
That's very funny.
[LAUGHS] Sorry.
It is beautiful, what you built.
Even if you have to start
selling off all your watches.
Now you're being cruel.
Alright well, now it's your turn.
Yeah, what's your
deepest, darkest secret?
And don't worry. It
absolutely is a competition.
prefer hot pockets.

Hey, we should go.
Our friend will be waiting.
The board signed off on
the revised term sheet.
You mean, your cousins? How is Becky?
Saw her Insta, looks
like she's back on carbs.
She's pregnant.
There's just one more thing.
That's cute, but no, this
is your best and final offer,
and we just went to great
lengths to get it approved.
You refer to Cousin Becky.
It's simple.
We are prepared to fund a
three-billion-dollar capital infusion,
but we will be acquiring
51% of Collier Mills.
LLEWELLYN: Are you fucking insane?
This was always the plan.
- No, of course not.
- Please don't bother with her.
Obviously, we can't entertain this.
- Dad, come on.
- Don't tell me what to do.
Do you want me to beg?
Come on. We're walking.
She's your daughter. You
picked her, she's got this.
Nobody's got this.
We came here to close and you couldn't.
Well, I will.
- Lawrence.
- Dad.

We have a deal.
It's done.
So, we're not broke?
Nope. Just broken.
No one wants my advice!
Of course, I have cocaine.
TEDDY: That isn't one of ours.
I mean, sure we have security
cameras, but not inside the suites.
- We don't.
- Unlikely that a guest could've installed this.
- No.
- No.
It had to be someone who
knows how things work here.
- Your sister, perhaps?
- Impossible.
She arrived the same
day as the passengers.
- Hm.
- Visa problems.
Then at the minimum, Viktor Sams
has two confederates on this ship.
I need a list of everyone who
was on board before we set sail.
Right. This way.
INES: I love these.
Each one a puzzle.
Who needed what, when?
A story of something that
mattered so much to someone.
You have a problem. This
shipment has no date.
I know, I'm hoping you can find it.
I can find the name
of the man who sent it
and what he had for lunch that day.
I'll just need time.
IMOGENE: No. No, wait. You
can't take that with you.
It's alright.
It's, it's not alright.
That's literally the only clue I have
that can help me solve my mom's murder.
Could you just take a picture?
If you want answers,
I need the original.
Okay, you wouldn't authenticate
a Vermeer from an Instagram post.

Swear to God if she loses that
thing, I'm gonna sink your ship.
I don't know how, but I will
study it and I will do it.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
I don't like it here.
The guy in the white suit.
He was in the garden and in the church.
- Why didn't you say something?
- I've never been followed before.


TOUR GUIDE: This way.
- Oh!
- Oh, sorry! [LAUGHS]
I'm okay. [BOTH PANTING]
- Who the fuck was that guy?
- I don't know, let's get out and ask him.
Uh, to the docks, please. Grazie.

- We have to talk.
- Lady, not now.
You have people followin' me.
Takin' photos of me and Tripp.
- What the fuck do you want?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Y-You and Tripp?
No, I'm kidding. Obviously,
of course, I knew.
- So, you don't deny it?
- Tripp was on a bender.
We put a tail on him.
He's a fuckin' brat.
You think you can blackmail
me with those photos?
- Wait, what?
- You sent me the spy pics
after tryin' to set me up for murder!
Genuinely, I have no
idea what you're saying.
- Are you feeling okay?
- What do you want from me?!
Alexandra, you're rambling!
- Maybe you're dehydrated.
Don't forget, I know things.
Things that could
destroy the lot of you.
It's all I think about.
Are you lost, young lady?
I have another arrest to make.
Oh, my.
Now tell me,
why do you deserve to be punished?


IMOGENE: Hey, can you stop the boat?
Sorry, just, um,
I didn't mean to blow you off earlier.
It's just been a mindfuck,
the last couple days.
Working with Rufus.
I spent 18 years hating him.
'Cause he came into my life
when I was scared and alone,
he made me feel like everything
was gonna be okay somehow.
And then he left.
You wanted to know my deepest secret?
I cried harder that day
than the day my mom died.
That sounds fuckin' awful.
But I still win.
[CHUCKLES] No, you don't. You don't win.

Looks like two-thirds of the
crew fall into our window.
I'll check whose key cards
were used to access Deck Five.
- This. Where is this?
- TEDDY: Hm?
Um, C-Deck. Two floors below.
Where's the water line on this ship?
B-Deck. Why?

RUFUS: Can't be that obvious.
- Does he always do this?
- I don't know. I'm new here, too.
RUFUS: Argentina Hong Kong.
Your source said Viktor
Sams was everywhere and nowhere.
How does one keep an operation
as large as his so nimble?
Why are these walkways
suddenly so narrow?

There's no better place to hide
than in plain sight.
That is not surveillance equipment.
No, my dear.
It's his whole bloody operation.
I can't seem to face up to the facts ♪
I'm tense and nervous
and I can't relax ♪
I can't sleep 'cause
my bed's on fire ♪
Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire ♪
Psycho Killer, qu'est-ce que c'est? ♪
fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa, better ♪
Run, run, run, run,
run, run, run away ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
Psycho Killer, qu'est-ce que c'est? ♪
fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa, better ♪
Run, run, run, run,
run, run, run away ♪

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