Death and Other Details (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter Four: Hidden

on Death and Other Details
been murdered on this ship.
Killer is among us.
Interpol is here.
Agent Hilde Eriksen.
RUFUS: She is focused on the
missing security footage.
She believes the killer entered during
those seven minutes and 23 seconds.
So, it's a race.
We have to figure out who killed Danny
before she places me at the crime scene.
I will run a background check
on every member of the crew.
Llewellyn, where are you?
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
- IMOGENE: Wait, he's still missing?
Mr. Toussaint was supposed
to be on duty that night,
but never clocked in.
I fell ill.
search Mr. Toussaint's room.
Oh, fuck.
There are billions on
the line in the deal
between the Colliers and the Chuns.
Have to open the books for that,
expose their corporate secrets.
- And their connection to Viktor Sams.
- The man who killed my mom.
Mrs. Chun, please,
come back to the table.
You have 24 hours.
I thought we were meeting
with the whole family.
Nope, just me.
Hey, you with Leila?
IMOGENE: You can't find her?

- Shh.
[WHISPERS] You shouldn't have come here.

RUFUS: Here's the problem
with an eyewitness account:
usually, it's some form of bullshit.

Seagulls are a bit much.
Maybe lose those and pump up the
wake behind the boat by about 50%.
that speed, the wake wouldn't
Right, it's not a documentary, is it?
It's a sales tool. We sell
the feeling, not reality.
Who wants reality?
But otherwise, looking good.
SUNIL: No, Teddy, you're not hearing me.
They want the whole
ship, no other guests.
I mean, I know our capacity, but
if Lawrence Collier can pay
You still there?
Is that the new iPhone? Yeah.
My girl won't shut
up about it, you know?
Crazy expensive, though, innit?
- Yeah, inflation's a bitch.
- Hmm.
I'm gonna be takin' that.
Yeah. [SCOFFS]
You should keep walking mate.
Oh, yeah? Or what?

- Ooh!
JULES: Take the fucker to the hospital.
- THUG 2: Let's go!
- THUG 3: Get up, mate.
- THUG 1: I can't run.
- THUG 2: Yeah, come on, hurry.
Ey! Let me buy you a pint!
Took about three and a half years
to get her back into fightin' shape.
We sail again next month from Morocco.
Morocco, huh?
Never been.
You must have real security
to keep a ship like that safe.
funny you mention it, my, uh
head of security just up and quit.
- An incompetent? Or you're a cruel boss?
I mean, why can't it be both?
- The ship is my
- All you can think about.
You want everything so perfect.
And it's hard to find someone
to take work off your plate
without ruining your vision.
RUFUS: Most people believe
they are experts at bullshit.
At spotting it. At selling it.
You wouldn't happen to know anyone
looking for a gig, would you?
I could ask around.
RUFUS: They are wrong I should know.
I have made millions seeing
through your bullshit.
And I spent it all,
knowing there was more
where that came from.
In the end this too,
was bullshit.
He played me.
Classic gambit.
My guess? Those thugs
were hired players
in a drama cooked up
for a private audience.
How did we not find this
in the background check?
With enough technical prowess,
anyone can avoid those triggers.
This is the world now.
Jules can be whoever he wants to be,
half a dozen keystrokes
away from a new life.
Yes, is he a killer?
Some people project
their hidden thoughts
no matter how badly
they try to hide them.
Others, do not even bother
to hide their true selves.
A select few have perfect
control over their emotions.
Jules is that type.
I do not know what he is capable of.
Hm. He is on the run.
I would like to know precisely why.

AGENT ERIKSEN: Attention, everyone.
I know he was your boss,
and in some cases, a friend,
but Jules Toussaint, AKA Javier Deleone,
AKA, oh, I don't know,
there are a bunch of them.
He was not what he appeared to be.
He is wanted in three countries.
Robbery, assault, wire fraud,
a career criminal with a violent past.
I believe he destroyed
video evidence of his crime,
and is now on the run for murder.
Turn this ship inside out.
As in, right now!


You know what?
If your grandmother can't even
show up to reopen this negotiation,
then fuck that, I'm not
waiting around any longer.
- Tell her she can call me.
- Anna.
No one can leave their
rooms, Mrs. Collier.
- This isn't my room.
- Uh
You have to stay put.
It is a lockdown due
to a security concern.
- ANNA: This is ridiculous.
- Where's my grandmother?
She's in the dining hall.
Everyone must stay exactly where
they are until the threat is cleared.
I need to find my wife.
Please, she'll be frightened.
No, you cannot leave, not
until the killer is found.
Wait, y-you know who the killer is? Who?
[SIGHS] I cannot share that information.
Ey! Didn't I just tell
you it's a lockdown?
- GUEST: Yes.
- SIMON: You need to stay in your room, sir!
- GUEST: We heard you.
- SIMON: Thank you!
Let me be perfectly clear.
My husband is trapped in his
room, worried sick about me,
and I take no pleasure in reminding you
that we chartered
this floating calamity,
and I intend to walk
freely back to my room.

In matters of life and death,
it does not matter how much you have,
we are all at the mercy of nature.
In fact this is exactly
where money matters most.
Well, not today. Sit down.
Or stand, have a drink, or don't,
but you're not going anywhere.

A crew member has gone missing.
All guests will remain where they
are until the matter is resolved.
There is no cause for alarm.
You have no right.
My jurisdiction extends to
every rivet on this vessel.
Until our search is complete,
you are not to leave this deck.
If you must visit the
toilet, you will be escorted.
How chic.
I don't like boats much myself.
These help.
Gift shop.
Where I cannot go until your
people finish their search.
You're an excellent listener, Governor.
please leave a message.
- Llewellyn they're taking hostages.
I need you to care of this.
Where the hell are you?
Here you are, sir.
Hey, I love your accent.
What's your name again?
WINNIE: I haven't told you, sir.
Is it okay if I ask?
You can do anything you want.
- How did you find me?
- [SCOFFS] Narcissist.
Wasn't looking for you.
Where is she?
Leila Collier.
I followed her down here. You,
like, protecting her or something?
I don't know this woman.
You know, Rufus knows
exactly where I am.
- He'll be down here any minute.
And you're a skillful liar.
My mother would've liked you.
- ELEANOR: Sit have a drink.
Just because we're locked down,
doesn't mean we can't
do with a bit of style.
- They're hunting for a murderer.
- That's a good thing, isn't it?
We clear this up, we get
the deal back on track.
Who do you think it is?
- Kidding.
Honestly, I have no idea.
- Wait, do you?
- Me?
Anna, do you know something?
What aren't you telling me?
- Honey, honey. [PANTING]
There's been a murder.
They're gathering
everyone for questioning.
It's the man across the hall.
I am sorry for his family.
Of course, we all are.
I woke up last night, you were gone.
I went for a walk, I
can't breathe in this room.
You want to know where I walked?
You think I did it?
- I, I don't know what to think.
- The fact that you could even ask
I am not the only one asking.
Rufus Cotesworth is up there.
Interpol is next.
- We need to go.
I don't know any more than you do.
Could be anyone.
You don't have to tell me, but
do me the courtesy of not lying.
You know, you were right the first time.
What are we drinking?
I feel like a whiskey.
Lucky for you I'm the
world's most generous bartender.
I remember.
IMOGENE: Hey, you want the truth?
I'll tell you the truth.

I did steal your code, break
into your security room,
erase footage from the
night of the murder.
But you already knew that.
You knew it and you
didn't tell Interpol.
I wouldn't throw
suspicion onto someone else
just to draw them away from me.
I'm no coward.
So, they are onto you.
- I didn't kill that man.
- No, of course, you didn't.
You were in bed with
me all night, remember?
And the desk, as well.
You protected me.
Let me, like, return the favor.
Whatever trouble you're in, I can help.
I work alone.
And I work better not tied up.


They're stowaways?
No they're refugees from Ukraine.
You've been hiding them down here.
I promised these people I
would bring them to safety.
If they're found, Interpol
will send them back,
and that's no option for them.
- How long have you been doing this?
- Long enough.
No rich man came to save
me when my parents died.
I was on the streets.
I learned to survive.
I know what it's like to be desperate.
Well, we gotta get them outta here.
Don't worry, she's a friend.
You're the one he had
to carry out of ballroom.
Wait, he told you that?
- He likes you.
Her English is not very good.
I'm Imogene.

Jules, I need to question her.
What if she saw something?
She could be a witness.
She didn't see anything.
They haven't left this
room, not even once.
Did you see her knees, her
hands? She went up into that vent.
You don't know shit! Putain !
- See, I shouldn't have brought you here.
- Hey, Interpol is looking for you.
- I don't care.
- Yeah? Well, I do.
Now, if that girl can
help us solve this,
we can prove that you didn't do it.
And after that, I swear we
will get them off this boat.

You have 10 minutes.
About that I don't work alone.

AGENT ERIKSEN: Dominic, keep up.
- We must locate Mr. Mathers.
AGENT ERIKSEN: He is the only
guest we have not accounted for.

Mr. Mathers?
Mr. Mathers, I know you are in here.
This is Interpol Agent Hilde Eriksen.
I'm conducting a search of
each guest room on this ship.

I can explain.
AGENT ERIKSEN: You did not tie
those binds yourself. Who did?
I don't have to tell you that.
hindering a murder investigation.
And you are hindering
your lovely bone structure.
That haircut is all wrong.
Was it Jules Toussaint
who did this to you?
Please, help me understand.
- The thing is, I don't want to.
- Give me a name.
You're gonna have to lock me up.
- I'll have your badge, I swear to God.
- AGENT ERIKSEN: This is not a game.
Tell me what I need to know and you
are free to go back to your room.
Fuck that! You can't do this.
These are exigent circumstances.
At least here, Mr. Mathers
you are in no danger.
I do this to protect you.
Can I, uh, can I at least
get a a room service menu?
I would love a Reuben
and a glass of zin.
I really would.
TEDDY: What could you have
possibly missed in Jules's room?
Those cabins are tiny,
but perfectly appointed.
A great detective is never too prideful
- to check his work.
Drives me crazy.
Actually, I'll meet you down there.
I need to make a detour to my suite.
How'd I do? Better?
Well, I found a potential witness.
- We've interviewed everyone.
- Nope, not even close.
- Stowaways.
- Show-off.
- I made promises.
- To the stowaways?
- Mm-hmm.
- And their ferryman?
Mr. Toussaint, is it?
Now it's just unbearable.
We can deal with the
unticketed passengers.
I'm focused on mining the truth.
Where you should be focused as well.
This isn't a Masterclass, and
if it was, I'd unsubscribe.
- You gonna make me a liar or what?
You know, I was offered
a Masterclass once.

Dominic, the life boats?
We searched.
If he has a plan to get off this
boat, I don't know what it is.

It's a manhunt, not a county fair.
FATHER TOBY: My son is up there,
and they won't let me check on him.
He's 14.
I should've never
brought him on this trip.
I thought we'd have some
quality time together.
It's been so hard since
we lost his mother.
And since you began your affair.

Excuse me?
Oh don't embarrass yourself.
We looked into all of you.
You and Katherine are sleeping together.
Would you like to have some?
I'm vegan.
But then again, you know
that already, don't you?
What do you want?
- You would blackmail a priest?
RUFUS: May I confess something?
- Not really into confessionals.
- I'm a lifelong claustrophobe.
- What can he do?
- I can whistle Stravinsky in two octaves.
We need to talk to Yeva,
and then we can figure out
how to keep them safe.
- It's a trade.
- SUNIL: You!
- I think we were followed.
- He's the killer!
- No, he's not.
- Imogene, step aside!
- Don't talk to her like that!
- Two-faced bastard! [GRUNTS]
Are you okay?
Enough! Hey.
The night of the murder,
Jules was in my room,
all night.
Tell that to Interpol.
I will,
but first, we have something else to do.
TEDDY: I'm sorry, could someone just
What's going on down here?
They stay outside.
Rufus this is Yeva.
How do you do?
Hey, we're gonna ask you
a few questions, okay?
Me and my
Rufus Cotesworth
philosopher detective.
- Hm.
- Yes, him.
It must suck being down here.
I know I couldn't stay
locked up for a week.
But you like to go exploring, don't you?
You go up into the ship through there?
I can explore whole ship from there.
Like a spy.
Like Mission: Impossible! [CHUCKLES]
But I did not see nothing
I was too close to floor.
You heard something?
It was three nights ago.
The night of the murder.
Father forbid me from going
up there, from go into vents,
but I had to get out of this
room, even for just a few minutes.
So, I climbing up in there
and I hear a man scream,
and then a loud noise,
and then was quiet.
Man did not scream no more.
SUNIL: You used me.
Say it six more times,
it'll still be true.
SUNIL: He put us all in danger!
One routine stop, one
coast guard search,
and I, we, all of us lose everythin'!
I wouldn't have let that happen.
You have contingency
plans? For an emergency?
Mind sharing how you're going to
get these people off the ship now
with your men searching for you?
No, you have none.
You are seriously not
suggesting we help him.
You said it. Anyone finds out we've
harbored refugees and we're cooked.
And I like my job.

Can I ask you Can
can you close your eyes?
Yeah, yeah, just close
your eyes, okay, um,
can you tell me what
it felt like in there?
Was it cold? Did you smell anything?
I stopped moving when I hear scream.
IMOGENE: That's good. Man's scream.
YEVA: And then nothing.
[EXHALES] Okay, um,
that's great.
RUFUS: You're vamping.
I am thinking.

Just because the girl believes
she didn't see anything,
doesn't mean it's true.
Sometimes, a question must
be posed a different way.
IMOGENE: Yeah, she
couldn't have seen anything.
She was lying on the ground
looking through a vent.
Let us lead her back there.

Yeva what did you do
after you heard the scream?
I mean, you must've been
scared. Did you crawl away?
I froze.
And then, I hear
something drop to floor.
Now careful.
What did it sound like?
Sharp, like metal?
Tak. Yes.
It went "clank" when it fell.
Leading the witness.
You said metal, not her.
It is true, you did.
But it makes sense. The harpoon gun.
Make sense to you, but
your memory of events
cannot color your witness's.
But you told me to lead her there.
RUFUS: To prompt her.
But if you mold Yeva's memory,
then your memory becomes hers,
and the truth recedes into darkness.
So, how the fuck do I do the first thing
without doing the second thing?
You're impossible.
Those scrapes on your hands.
How'd you get those?
It must have been just
after screaming stop.
I was still, and then, I
scramble back to be hiding.
IMOGENE: You were still
and then you scrambled back?
What did you hear that scared you?
YEVA: Not what I heard.
I saw something.
I did Tak.
She stepped into view.
How did you know it was a woman?
YEVA: She was wearing ladies shoes.
I can see them now,
black with gold spikes.

RUFUS: Yeva,
well done.
Problem with your alibi.
IMOGENE: The night of the murder.
You would take the word of a child?
We need to speak, Ms. Goh,
Now, I've been lied to, manipulated,
and taken advantage of by my staff,
but Teddy is no killer.
Rufus'll get to the truth.
Look, I know I've been asking
you for a lot of favors.
I expect you want me to go easy on him.
It's not about him.
That family in there doesn't deserve
what'll happen if Interpol finds them.
I can do it on my own.
No offense, but you can't.
[SIGHS] I'll help.
Thank you.
I mean, you're sacked, obviously.
I'll help you get off the ship.

guess this is it.
You're going ashore.
It was nice knowing you, Jules.
I hope you find the
answers you're looking for.
[WHISPERS] And that's not my real name.

ANNA: Why'd you leave?
I was bored.
- Of me?
- No.
No, I,
I wanted to make history.
I wanted to paint in the desert.
Go someplace I didn't
speak the language.
I tried. None of it fit.
So, I moved home and
begged my family for a job,
and did drugs in hotels
with people I hate.
[SCOFFS] Oh, my God, Eleanor,
you're a rich kid cliché.
What about you?
You married the hottest
bitch you could find
and it turns out she's a loon.
See how you changed the mood there?
I don't wanna talk about Leila.
What did you paint in the desert?
I tried a thousand things,
but I wound up sketching you.
On the terrace,
in bed,
brushing your teeth.
They any good?
Never got your skin right.

RUFUS: Where were you?
3:00 a.m.? Three nights ago?
Nowhere near Trubitsky's suite.
If you weren't in Trubitsky's
room, where were you?
'Cause you were not in your room.
You can talk to me, you
can talk to Interpol.
Benefit of talking to me is
I don't care what you did,
unless you killed my friend.
I make many men scream,
but I haven't killed any of them.
The girl got the room wrong.
I wasn't with Trubitsky.
I was with a client.


You're a dominatrix.
Do you have any idea
how exhausting it is?
Catering to rich people.
Everyone needs something
all the time at any moment.
My days are filled with stress.
My nights?
I get to be someone entirely different.
I decide what they get
and when they get it.
It's a release for me as
much as it is for them.
So, if Trubitsky wasn't
your client, who was?
Wouldn't you like to know.
The lawyer.
Llewellyn Mathers.
You left your mark on his wrists.
Discretion is an important
facet in your community.
My guess? No one in your life
knows of your proclivities.
I don't broadcast it.
- Hm.
- Not even to your sister.
You were each other's alibi
the night of the murder.
Where were you between the
hours of midnight and 8:00 a.m.?
- With my sister.
- We share a cabin.
You lied 'cause you were wailing
on the world's creepiest creep?
I don't think so.
But here's the thing, your sister
doesn't know you're a domme,
so you wouldn't have
asked her to lie for you.
Which means
She asked you to lie for her.
So, this is how the sausage is made.
Shoddy guesswork.
- She flinched. Did you see that?
- I didn't flinch.
Yeah, a little cheek twitch.
RUFUS: Ms. Goh,
you are protective of
your family members.
You employ them, cover for them.
It's understandable.
The question remains,
where do you draw the line?
Are you willing to aid
and abet a murderer?
Or will you help us root out the truth?

TRIPP [CHUCKLES]: No, no, no.
The code's not on the blockchain.
Uh, well, it sort of is, but
that, that's, that's not the point.
See, the, the code isn't the point.
The point is the, uh [CLEARS THROAT]
Okay, so, the data th-that
describes all the transactions,
see, each, each of the
transactions that happens,
i-it's, uh, it's decentralized, okay?
Which means that
Okay, uh Hold on,
lemme, lemme go back.
- It's
- Maybe I'm too sober to understand it.
Ah! Let me buy you a drink then?
[SCOFFS] Against policy.
My family chartered
the whole boat, so
And if your father
wanted to buy me a drink,
I would have no choice but to say yes.
I'm just saying, you were angry
I couldn't jam that zoning deal through.
That cost the family real money.
So what?
Instead of coming to me, Lawrence
just sets me up for murder?
Keep your voice down.
If this investigation
bounces back on me,
I will not hesitate to
tell them what I know.
Katherine, I am not your puppet,
but I am your friend.
RUFUS: I appreciate
your patience, everyone.

You may all return to your
regularly scheduled activities.
- The manhunt is over.
ALEXANDRA: You caught the killer?
We did. Interpol is processing
Ms. Teddy Goh as we speak.
- ALEXANDRA: The maître d'?
- TRIPP: Crew member!
[CHUCKLES] Hell yeah,
I called that shit.

TEDDY: Were the handcuffs
really necessary?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
What we were up to was perfectly legal.
- DOMINIC: She's being held for murder.
- What is he doing in here?
What are you doing in here?
They found me in the closet.
[SIGHS] I used a Yuki knot, remember?
It's quick release. You
could've left at any time.
You told me to stay put.
I do what I'm told.
You didn't kill that guy.
I wonder what God and
Katherine will think
when they learn you like to be punished.
I'd appreciate it if you could
keep this close to the vest.
Why is the maître d' locked up?
What is happening? Where is Cotesworth?
He's on his way.
Oh, you're prettier
than the last assistant,
- though I feel not as sharp.
You spent all day hunting Jules
while we found the real killer.
[SCOFFS] What proof do
you have that she did it?
You think I'm dull.
Let her go. She didn't do it.
And how do you know this?
Because I did.
Ahh, the staged arrest.
- I can't believe it actually worked.
- It very nearly always does.
WINNIE: I did it.
I killed Keith Trubitsky.
You? You're six stone soaking wet.
Made it easier to hide in the bar cart.
Hm interesting.
This is how you gained
access to the victim's suite,
and then, how you made your escape.
If it is meat and potatoes,
it is a dry-aged ribeye
with a hearty gratin.

If your plan was so meticulous,
why erase seven minutes and
23 seconds of security footage?
Maybe she knows.
She broke in, stole his
cash, smashed his watch.
She even touched the speargun.
I saw it all from inside the cart.
Before I did what I did.
There's a question of why, Ms. Goh.
Why kill Trubitsky?
He was a dick.
You really want us to believe you
harpooned a dude for yelling at you?
He had it coming.
All of you.
You've gotten too comfortable
moving through life
with no risk of being
punched in the face.
Oh, I assure you,
this nose has been broken
more times than I can count.
And you learned
actions have consequences.

That fat fuck was never gonna learn.
Learn what?
They own their towers their ships,
hell, they even own the truth,
but they will never own us.

Works for me.
Mr. Cotesworth, you have made my day.
Now it'll just take me a few more,
stuck on this wretched vessel,
- to fill out the paperwork.
And there is the matter of
your role in all of this.
They found something
strange. Stowaways maybe.
We will deal with you.
We're gonna run outta jail cells.

Should I count it?
[SIGHS] You're welcome.
- They didn't see you?
- You really think me daft, don't you?
I see the way she looks at you.
Don't fuck it up.
Oh shit, they saw me.

Hey, we need to head to the wet dock.
Let's go.
- We're good.
- IMOGENE: Wait. Stop!
Stop, they're sending
men to the wet dock.
Interpol knows about
them. We need a new plan.
That's the only way off.
There is no new plan.
I draw them away.
They're after me, not you.
What, Jules? No.
I trust you.

No time like the present.
Okay, go. Go, go

AGENT ERIKSEN: Let's go. Hurry.

AGENT ERIKSEN: There he is!



Just come quietly, if
you've nothing to hide.

Hey, you good?
See? It is like Mission: Impossible.
[SIGHS] All right, time to go.
Okay, careful.
Okay, go.


Agent Eriksen?
Is that you?

You're hiding in there.
You're safe now.
The killer has been found.
Let me guess. Someone young, tech-savvy,
they move around a lot
and the motive doesn't add up.
RUFUS: So, that was it,
reader. We'd found the killer.
Too easy, you say.
Utter bullshit, you say.
Gold star for you.
But then, our story's almost half over.
Can't be all footnotes
from here on, huh?

You didn't catch the killer.
You only caught one of his followers,
which is the closest
you're ever going to get,
so pat yourself on the back.

Danny didn't tell you?
No, he wouldn't have had the chance.
Tell me what, Leila?

I do not like saying his name.
How much do you know about Viktor Sams?
Burnin' down my finger ♪
Gonna catch the kids dry ♪
Gonna walk on water ♪
Buyin' out the fight ♪
We're sweatin' in the winter ♪
Both thighs squeeze tight ♪
Choke, choke, choke, choke,
choke, choke, choke, choke ♪
Choke, choke, choke, choke
choke, choke, choke, choke ♪
Don't tell me to fix her ♪
Don't tell me to fix her ♪
Well, just take a bite ♪
Ah, ahh ♪

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