Death In Paradise (2011) s08e07 Episode Script

Series 8, Episode 7

1 [REGGAE MUSIC] RADIO: You're listening to Radio Saint Marie.
It's just gone nine o'clock and the weather outside is hot.
Damned hot! So, kick off your shoes, sit back and join me, Dezzie Dixon, for the next two hours while I play the very best in reggae music.
We've a bootleg recording from before Bob Marley made it big a surprise from Marcia Griffiths and a classic track from The Pioneers's 1969 album Long Shot straight after these messages.
- [REGGAE MUSIC] - You went to adverts late.
Faith, honey, Dezzie Dixon doesn't rush his links.
You know that.
[DEZZIE CHUCKLES] Like you read my mind, Bunny.
- [HE CHUCKLES] - Yes! Mm, do you remember this? Found it tucked away in the racks cupboard.
- Mount Zion.
- Yeah, man! One of these days I'm gonna hear you say Come on, before it's too late.
Love that track! Got a new song to add to tonight's playlist.
Whatever you say.
Bunny, I'm going over to Raymond's.
- You hungry? - Mm.
All right, everybody, Dezzie Dixon here, taking you into the night with some classic reggae.
Hey, you know, officially, we aren't supposed to leave the broadcaster alone in the station.
Well, I won't tell management if you don't.
Now, before the news, you were listening to Money In My Pocket by Dennis Brown.
DEZZIE ON RADIO: If I could remember it better, but then they say, if you remember the '70s, you weren't really there.
Good evening, Raymond.
What's your special tonight? ON RADIO: Excuse me.
- What are you doing here? - [GUNSHOT] What the hell?! Faith, wait, wait, wait, wait! Be careful.
He's not there.
The fire escape's been opened.
Dad! Call the police.
OPERATOR: Emergency services.
I want the police, please.
There's been a shooting.
Dad? Dad! - The police are on their way.
- What the hell is going on, Bunny? Girl, I really don't know.
We've gone off air.
Oh, Lord! - Excuse me.
- Can you believe it, sir? Dezzie Dixon shot live on air.
I was listening at home when it happened.
They think an intruder got into the studio.
The only other people working at the station had just gone out to get some food.
I'll need to speak to his colleagues once I've taken a look at the crime scene.
[DOOR OPENS] Good evening, sir.
So, we have a single, fatal bullet to the head.
There's traces of powder round the entry wound, suggesting he was shot at close range.
8mm, maybe 9mm in calibre.
Mm, and there's blood splatters here and here, so I think that he was seated when it all happened.
I assume the door was the killer's point of entry, as this window's locked from the inside.
So, someone must have waited until they knew the building was empty and then came in and shot poor Dezzie.
- It's audacious, to say the least.
- How do you mean, sir? Well, the victim was broadcasting live on air when it happened, thousands of witnesses hearing the murder being committed.
I mean, most killers carry out their crimes unnoticed, but our guy or girl, they not only wanted everyone to know what they were doing, but when and where they were doing it.
OK, JP, let's wait for Ruby.
She's rounding up the people who found the body.
Erm, Ruby's behind you, sir.
[SHE MOUTHS SILENTLY] What's she saying, JP? I have no idea, sir.
[SHE MOUTHS SILENTLY] Oh! They're waiting for you in the staffroom, sir.
- Great, thanks.
- You know, for a moment there, I thought you were ignoring me.
I don't think there's any danger of that.
Thank you, sir.
I understand you'd nipped out to get some food when it happened.
Yeah, we were at the van across the street and we heard the gunshot on the radio.
[GUNSHOT] At first, we really didn't know what had happened.
Until we went in the studio and we saw Dad's body.
I see.
nd the fire door out the back I noticed it was open.
It was like that when we came in after hearing the gunshot.
I went to see if anyone was out there, but nothing.
So, that must be where the killer made their exit.
Any idea how they got in? We leave the door at the front open.
You see, Dezzie always liked this feeling that it was like an open house, you know.
In case anyone wanted to drop by and make a request.
- Or bring him a free drink.
- [SHE CHUCKLES] Can either of you think of a reason why someone might want to do this to Dezzie? Someone he fell out with? An ex-lover? That sort of thing? Dezzie never really got close to people, you know.
The only things he really cared about was the music and his radio show.
That's all.
I can't believe it! I'm sorry, sir.
You'll have to leave.
This is a crime scene.
Excuse me, Inspector, this is our station manager.
- Carlton Brown.
- DI Jack Mooney.
I was just asking your colleagues could they think of any reason why someone might want Dezzie dead? Any thoughts yourself? That man was a legend, you know? That he was indeed.
I, erm, was on the other side of the bay when it happened.
You know, Palm Tree Club.
Local band night.
Then my phone just started ringing off the hook, you know.
I see.
Well, it's good to know you have an alibi.
Oh, one last thing there was a table out there covered in old electronics.
Should there be a cassette machine? It's just there was a manual.
An old Marantz player.
Did anyone move it today? Is it worth anything? A couple of dollars.
Not even sure if it works.
Evening, Commissioner.
A sorry night for the people of Saint Marie.
Dezzie Dixon's death will be felt in all corners of this island.
I know.
And, please, let me reassure you, here and now, we will get to the bottom of it.
Though that's not why I'm here.
I've had the chief commissioner in Paris on the phone, and in light of what happened to DS Cassell, they're sending someone over from Internal Affairs.
If an officer is injured in a firearms incident, then the senior investigating officer involved has to go under formal review.
They think it's my fault that Florence got shot? They just need to be sure that it wasn't.
Maybe while the Internal Affairs officer is with us, it might be better if you, erm - If I? - Are a little less yourself.
But I am myself.
That's who I am.
I'm me.
- Am I not? - Mm.
Sir, if you're asking me to show this officer what a strong team we are, well, then I'll do my very best.
Thank you, Inspector.
Yes, Madeleine Dumas lands tomorrow.
She's on the 7am flight from Paris.
Sir should I be worried about this? I sincerely hope not.
[SHE SIGHS] RUBY: So, what exactly do Internal Affairs do? Well, they police the police, Ruby.
So, they could arrest Inspector Mooney? In theory, yes, but I don't think that's going to happen.
That reminds me of the time I was assistant hairdresser at my Auntie Gardenia's beauty salon.
- It does? - Yup.
Let's just say we made sure that woman at the income tax office was very well looked after.
She got the double deluxe manicure and the facial for free.
You see, JP people show kindness when you show kindness to them.
It's exactly how we should treat this Internal Affairs woman.
Er, no, we should not, Ruby.
That is totally inappropriate.
We've got to be nothing but professional.
But the more they like us, the more they'll write us a good report.
That's not how Internal Affairs works, Ruby.
Well, it would totally work if it were me.
Good morning.
How can I help? I am Detective Sergeant Madeleine Dumas, Internal Affairs.
You are? I thought you were on the 7am flight.
I was.
I landed at 7am.
Slight confusion there on my part.
I'm usually a very punctual man, I assure you.
- Please, accept my apologies.
- You've been shopping this morning? No.
We have a murder case in full swing.
I was just checking someone's alibi at a bar.
Got chatting to the owner, as you do, and he said he'd lend me some albums.
I've really gotten into the whole reggae scene since I - Could we go inside, please? - Of course.
- Here's a desk you can use.
- Thank you.
So, erm how does this work? First, I will need to look at all the files from the case when DS Cassell was injured.
- I see.
- I also spend some time with you and your team, observe and assess working practices and then I'll make my recommendations.
That all sounds very thorough.
Oh, I'm sure you and your team are extremely professional.
RUBY: I'm just a lonely boy Waiting for someone to lo So, team, this is Detective Sergeant Madeleine Dumas from Internal Affairs, and Police Officers JP Hooper, Ruby Patterson.
- Welcome to Saint Marie.
- Thank you.
Oh! It's the best island in the whole Caribbean.
Well, I look forward to getting to know it better.
- Thank you.
- Oh.
Please, don't let my presence stop you from work.
So, team, reports, please.
So Erm, Officer Patterson and I carried out door-to-door enquiries just as you suggested, sir, visiting a total of 37 private residences and businesses.
After extensive questioning, none of them reported any unusual activity in the vicinity of the radio station.
Although we did question Madame Touzard who lives in the street leading from the station, sir.
- Madame Touzard? - Yes.
She's my old headmistress.
She must be at least 150 years old by now.
Anyway, she reported seeing a suspicious vehicle parked in her street just before the murder.
It was a blue BMW with blacked-out windows.
Thank you, Ruby.
Both of you.
Very professional.
JP, run a search on all the cars on the island matching that description.
- Right away, sir.
- So, what's in the box, Ruby? The box? Oh, the box! You'll never guess what I found in a bin near the radio station, sir.
The tape player that was stolen from the murder scene! Someone must have realised it was worthless and just threw it away.
They didn't think it was worthless when they picked it up.
Well, let's get it checked for prints.
And well done.
Day one couple of solid leads already.
I'm just going to put this new information onto our investigation database.
Sir, the radio station e-mailed over the recording - of Dezzie's broadcast from last night.
- Great stuff.
Be good to hear it again, see if there's anything we missed.
Any little audio clues that might help us work out who fired the gun and killed Dezzie.
DEZZIE ON RECORDING: Or would, if I could remember it better, but then they say, if you remember the '70s, you weren't really there.
[HE CHUCKLES] Excuse me, wha - What are you doing here? - [GUNSHOT] Get it to the lab.
- See if they can enhance it in any way.
- Yes, sir.
Our victim the legendary DJ Dezzie Dixon, an incredibly well-known face, or rather voice, on the island.
No enemies or spurned ex-partners that we know about.
I suggest we start with his colleagues at the radio station.
Even though both Bunny and Faith were at the food truck when the shots were fired? Well, we have to start somewhere, Ruby.
OK, well, I haven't got everything back yet, sir, but regarding Mr Hicks he lives on his own, has never been in trouble with the law and has worked at the radio station for nearly 20 years.
As for Faith Butler, I've got next to nothing on her, sir.
Is she married? Her surname is different to her dad's.
That's what I mean, sir.
I can't find anything no registered address, no tax code.
All I've got is multiple cautions for shoplifting on Barbados when she was younger.
- Let's get the police file sent over.
- Already on it, sir.
And this chap Carlton Brown, station manager.
Mr Brown.
He's married.
He's got two kids, both at private school.
Was hired last year to take Radio Saint Marie in a new direction and attract younger listeners.
I just interviewed the owner of the Palm Tree Club this morning.
According to him, his alibi stands.
Excuse me, Inspector.
Can I interrupt you there? - Of course.
- If you have witnesses confirming that all these people have alibis at the time of the shooting, why are you not discounting them? Well, you see, as my Uncle Kenny used to say, never let the tail wag the dog.
I was at school with a fella called Charlie O'Brien.
This girl Maeve, she accused him of peeking at her while she was having a wee behind a tree in Ballyrafton Woods.
Now, the thing is there was 11 of us who could swear, on that day, Charlie was visiting his Auntie Bridget 37 miles away in Wexford Town Perfect alibi.
Until you learn that Charlie gave each of us a pound to provide him with that alibi, and the truth is he was guilty as hell.
Does that answer your question, Sergeant? I'm not sure.
JP, I think we should visit Dezzie's house, see what turns up there.
Yes, sir.
That is a damn fine collection of records, and all original vinyl recordings.
Sweet Jane! Would you look at this? It's Bob Marley and the Wailers the live album from 1975.
Signed by all the members of the band, including Marley himself.
Yeah, that's very good, sir, but don't you think that maybe you should leave the records alone for a bit? JP what do you notice about these photos? Erm that they're all work, not family.
More specifically, there's not a single one of Dezzie with his daughter Faith.
No pictures of Faith graduating, playing the clarinet, riding a pony.
I mean, what kind of dad has this many photos, but not a single one of his own daughter? OK.
No, no, that's great.
All right, thank you very much.
OK, bye-bye.
So, immigration files show that Faith Butler had never visited Saint Marie until four months ago.
As far as I can tell, sir, her and Dezzie were total strangers until then.
I think I know why she came here.
Found these in a desk drawer.
Faith's mum took her own life five months ago.
Her mother was an alcoholic, suffered from depression, and right until the very end, the poor woman blamed Dezzie for her problems.
I did media and communication studies at college.
Passed with distinction.
That's when Mum sat me down and told me I was Dezzie Dixon's daughter.
That's where I got it from the interest in TV and radio.
It was me who found her.
And a few weeks later, you came here to Saint Marie.
I just felt so alone after.
But I realised I had a dad, so I got in touch with Dezzie, told him who I was and what had happened.
How did you get on when you met? We were both nervous at first, but it was good.
It was better than good.
And did you spend much time together outside work? He didn't really spend much time with anyone.
He projected this image of being the great Dezzie Dixon, but I think he was quite sad.
You know, Faith, when I found out about your mum, I'll be honest with you, part of me wondered if you'd come to Saint Marie to confront your dad.
You think I killed my own father? Well, you have to admit, it's a fair question.
I was across the road buying food when it happened.
How can you even say that? I loved my dad.
I know I only knew him for a few months, but the connection we had was real.
Ask anyone.
I loved him and he loved me.
- JP, you're back.
- Yes.
Did you buy her that cake? I don't know what you're talking about.
Excuse me.
Where is your custody record? - It's in the custody desk by the cells.
- Thank you.
- We need to loosen her up a bit.
- You can't loosen her up.
- She's Internal Affairs! - Sure you can.
[REGGAE MUSIC] What are you doing? Trying to create a relaxed vibe.
- [MUSIC STOPS] - You can't do that.
It's evidence.
Oh, don't worry.
I've already finished processing it.
- [MUSIC STARTS, STOPS] - It's a police station.
You can't play music.
Oh, I know, JP, but it's a friendly police station.
[MUSIC STARTS] What is that music? Er It's, erm [HE CHUCKLES] - It's evidence, Sarge.
- I'll tell you what it is.
If I'm not greatly mistaken, it's Samfie Man by The Pioneers.
- It sure is, sir! - If you ask me, it's the bee's knees.
[MUSIC STOPS] Well, that's got the old ticker pumping.
Is that the the tape that was in the tape machine? Yes, sir.
I dusted for prints, but I haven't had a chance to upload on to the computer.
Well, let me know if you get a match.
Anything else? Ooh, yes, I know who owns the blue BMW Madame Touzard saw in her street - the night of the murder.
- Oh? Yes, I spoke with my friend who works at the vehicle licensing office, Enrique.
Him and I had a fling a few years back.
Needless to say, it wasn't exactly what you would call fireworks because And what did Enrique say about the blue BMW, Ruby? Oh, He said it was owned by the station manager, Carlton Brown.
Well, why would Carlton Brown be parked near the radio station when he told us he was at the Palm Tree Club? - Shall I give him a call, sir? - Yes.
Why don't you? Ah! This keeps happening.
There is something sticky on some of these pages.
Oh, yeah, sorry about that.
That's Harry.
He walked through some jam and then across my notes.
- Harry? - Yeah, we live together.
And to be honest with you, if he's not in the jam, he's in the sock drawer doing his business.
- He's a lizard.
- Excuse me? Harry he's a pet lizard.
He's a little beggar, that's what he is! JP: Right, thank you very much.
JP, what did Carlton have to say for himself? So, he says sometimes he parks near the station because that's where he can get space.
And he knew he'd be drinking so he left his car behind and walked to the club.
Fair enough.
That's very sensible.
All of which means that our mystery blue BMW not quite the mystery after all.
But what we're still left pondering is if you're going to kill Radio Saint Marie's long-serving DJ Dezzie Dixon, why would you do it in the middle of a broadcast, live on air? MADELEINE: No, it's fine.
Everybody's trying too hard, like they always do, and it's hotter than the sun, but I should be done in a day or two.
I wouldn't know.
I blocked his number.
Well, that way, I don't have to wonder if he's going to call or not.
- Night, Madeleine.
- Night, Inspector.
What was that? Oh, no.
An officer on Saint Marie was shot.
I need to assess whether her superior was negligent.
He's Scottish, I think.
Got a weird accent.
Yeah, even if he's partly responsible, we'll have to suspend him.
Probably send him back to the UK.
[REGGAE MUSIC] - JP: Sir? - In here, JP.
- Hey.
- Morning to the both of you.
Perfect timing.
Think I might have something of interest.
- And so do we, sir.
- Great! So, I was playing some of these albums that I borrowed.
I was reading the liner notes, as you do, when I noticed Bunny Hicks' name on one of them he was the producer.
These two, as well.
Pretty good they are, too.
So, I checked out the history of the record label that released these albums.
Island Bay Records, they're called.
Turns out Bunny Hicks was a pretty important figure in the reggae scene back in the day, which begs the question, "What went wrong?" To go from being the golden boy in a successful music production company to helping out at a local radio station quite a fall from grace, no? Ruby, perhaps you could do some Bunny digging.
And what about you two? You said you had something.
The unidentified fingerprints on the tape player a match came through and it belongs to someone called Stephane Leblanc.
Also known as Junior.
I'm sure you've seen him around, sir.
- Previous for theft.
- Ah, yes.
I think I know the fella.
OK, JP, you and me, let's go and talk to Junior.
And, Ruby, could you head to the police station? We mustn't forget about our friend in Internal Affairs.
[REGGAE MUSIC PLAYS ON RADIO] DEZZIE ON RADIO: You're going to enjoy this next track.
Well, Junior, listening to Dezzie there? They're playing all his old shows.
Would you mind turning it off for a moment? We just need to have a little chat.
- [MUSIC STOPS] - Good man.
Now, do you know why we're here, Junior? Well, the thing is we found your fingerprints on an old tape player that was taken from the radio station the night poor Dezzie Dixon was murdered.
It was dumped in a bin near the murder scene.
Now, we couldn't help wondering how your fingerprints got on it.
- I have no idea.
- OK, JP, cuff him.
Whoa! Whoa! Wait! Wait! You're not locking me up.
I ain't going back in that cell of yours again.
Smells funny.
In your own time, Junior.
I'd been hanging around the food van that night the one across from the station.
And? And I saw the old guy and the young pretty thing who work there was leaving to get some food.
So, I thought I'd go in and have a little look around.
Got to take your opportunities when you can, living like this.
And what happened when you went in there? Place was empty.
I saw all this stuff on a table.
Looked like it was ready to chuck in the bin.
So I grabbed the tape player and left.
I thought I could do it up and sell it.
I was on my way back here when I heard what happened, so I dumped the tape player, and fast.
That's all I know.
And in the time you were in the radio station, you're positive you didn't see anyone else there? No, man.
Like I said, the place was empty.
I swear I ain't lying to you.
All I did was take that tape machine and go right back out that fire door.
Sorry, back out the fire door? But didn't you come in through the front entrance? No, man.
Somebody left the fire door open round the side.
That's why I went in.
The fire door was already open? That's what I said, isn't it? If Junior is telling the truth and that fire door was already opened before Dezzie was shot, well, then that means someone working in the radio station must have opened it.
Why? To make it look like the killer made their escape that way.
Yeah, which means you were right, sir, about our killer being someone from within the radio station.
Can you play that recording again? Just before the gun is fired.
What are you doing here? There.
He said, "What are you doing here?" He wouldn't say that to someone he knows, someone that worked with him at the radio station.
It sounds more like he's talking to a stranger, an intruder, no? Well, yes, I mean Which would once again make it unlikely that it's one of those three people that all have alibis.
Again, a very valid point, Madeleine, but I still believe we're right to focus on the people closest to Dezzie.
Well, if that's what you think.
So what else have we got? Erm, yes.
So, sir, the financial checks are back, and it seems Carlton Brown is the only one with a healthy bank account.
- Oh? - Yeah, he earns a six-figure salary, whereas Faith Butler is servicing some serious debts her mother left her.
So, maybe Faith killed Dezzie for the money.
I doubt it.
I mean, he only had a couple of thousand in his savings.
Ruby, did you manage to dig up anything on Bunny Hicks? Actually, the sarge and I did some digging together, didn't we? We talked to one of the directors at Island Bay Records.
Where Bunny worked as a music producer.
And it turns out Dezzie also worked there many years ago and something went down between the both of them something bad but the guy we spoke to wouldn't say what.
All that we could get is that Bunny never recovered from it.
[MARKET SELLERS CALL FAINTLY IN DISTANCE] It's market day! Sorry, but what does the market have to do with this? Oh, Chiggy who runs the record stall, he's an encyclopaedia of reggae history.
[BOTTLES CLINK] However, his tongue might need a bit of loosening up first.
Won't be a tick.
Does he often drink alcohol with potential witnesses? No.
Well, not often.
OK, Sarge, sometimes, things just work like that on the island.
Even so, it's half past ten in the morning.
How did you get on, sir? You were right according to Chiggy, it's thanks to Dezzie that Bunny never worked as a music producer again.
- I'm going to go and speak to him.
- Can I come with you, Inspector? Of course.
You're keen to observe my interview technique, I imagine.
Oh, no, it's more that I don't think that you should be driving a police vehicle on public roads after consuming alcohol.
[REGGAE MUSIC PLAYS] Let me just turn this down a little bit.
Actually, leave it for a moment.
Lee "Scratch" Perry.
Am I right? [HE CHUCKLES] The man is good.
[MUSIC STOPS] This is a limited edition original pressing.
It's worth a pretty penny, you know.
Plenty times I think, when I am broke, when I am low on cash, I always have this to sell.
But something tells me, Inspector, that you're not just here to chat about music.
Well, we heard that you and Dezzie weren't the great friends that a lot of people thought you were.
Since what happened at Island Bay Records.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong.
When Dezzie was still making a name for himself, he got his hands on an album that you'd produced, and he thought he could do better, so he remixed it, but he made it worse.
Look, we had to delay the album launch.
Cost the company a fortune.
And they held you responsible.
It's still in there, isn't it, Bunny? It's still inside you the anger at what Dezzie did.
Look he apologised 100 times over.
Got me a job at the station to make up for it.
And I played along, like I put it behind me.
But there are some things that happen to you in life that you never come back from.
And was it you who shot him two nights ago at that radio station? Inspector, I dreamed of doing it plenty of times, but it wasn't me who pulled the trigger.
And as I told you already, there's a handful of people who can testify that I was across the street getting my dinner when Dezzie got shot.
All right? 12 minutes past nine, two nights ago, the residents of this fair isle played witness to the murder of Dezzie Dixon as it was transmitted live on Radio Saint Marie.
Our suspects number three.
So far, we've found motives for two of them.
- Faith Butler.
- And Bunny Hicks.
But both of them have irrefutable alibis.
Our third suspect is that man there.
Currently, he has no motive that we're aware of, but, of course, he, too, has a watertight alibi.
He was seen across town at the time of the murder at the Palm Tree Club.
But if it is one of them which one is it and why did they feel that murdering Dezzie Dixon in the middle of a Sunday-night broadcast was the best way to go about it? [HE SIGHS] Maybe we should call it a day, just approach it afresh in the morning.
Well, goodnight.
Goodnight, Sarge.
- Night.
- Goodnight, guys.
Sorry, Madeleine, before you go, do you have any plans for this evening? Oh, I'm just going back to my hotel.
I was just wondering if you fancied dinner chez Mooney.
If nothing else, the view from my place is to die for.
Well, why not? I'll go take a shower and meet you there in an hour.
- Is everything OK, sir? - Yeah.
Just couldn't help feeling that things aren't going spectacularly well with DS Dumas, so I've invited her for dinner.
Oh, thanks.
Saint Marie is very beautiful.
And this place [SHE EXHALES] you're lucky.
Not a bad life, I suppose.
Wake up to the sound of the waves.
- Swim before breakfast.
- Mm.
And fresh coconut on tap.
Oh, you know, I never had a fresh coconut from a tree.
Really? Well, we'll have to do something about that.
Well And what about you? All I know is you've given up smoking.
Well, I live in Paris.
I have a cat called Maurice.
I love to cook and paint and watch movies with a glass of red wine and the darkest chocolate bar I can find.
- Not married, no? - No.
I was in a relationship for eight months, but the boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago.
Sorry to hear that.
It's OK.
Don't be.
He was a peacock with the brain of a cheese sandwich.
- Not a great combination.
- No.
- WOMAN: Bonsoir, Jack.
- Ah, Catherine.
Good evening.
This is Detective Sergeant Madeleine Dumas from the Paris police.
It's lovely to meet you, Madeleine.
I would shake your hand, but Let me.
You probably guessed I'm not doing the cooking.
- Oh.
- Catherine she owns a lovely little bar around here.
And don't worry, it's all authentic Caribbean nosh.
Thanks, Catherine.
You're a star.
Just go and get this warmed up.
So you're working with Jack.
- Only for a few days.
- Oh.
It's a shame you won't have longer to get to know him.
Oh I think I've got to know him enough already.
- [SHE CHUCKLES] - You know him well? - Oh, very well.
He's always at my bar.
- Is that so? For Jack, work never finishes.
He and JP and Ruby use my place as a second office.
You mean he discusses his cases in a public bar? I've even helped him solve some of them.
You should put that in your report.
Oh, I will.
Now, excuse me.
I must get back to the bar.
- Bon appetit, Jack! - JACK: Thanks, Catherine! Bye.
- Now, Madeleine - [SHE GASPS] how about we go and get you that coconut? OK, that's the first one.
Are you positive this is safe? Oh, absolutely.
I've done this 100 times.
Probably more.
[MOSQUITOS BUZZ] Just usually in the morning I do it, when there's less mosquitos around.
Blasted things.
Get away! - Please be careful up there! - Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
[MOSQUITOS BUZZ] [SHE YELPS] Oh! - Night, fellas.
Thanks for the help.
- PARAMEDIC: Any time, Jack.
I really can't apologise enough, Madeleine.
It's fine.
Nothing is broken.
And there was me thinking I'd go up in your estimation tonight.
I'm sorry? Well, no, I just I'm aware that maybe I haven't made the greatest of impressions on you over the last couple of days.
Dropping a coconut on you that's not going to help, is it? Are you worried about my report? Why don't I tell you what I'm going to write? Then you won't have to wonder any more.
Well from the case notes even the ones covered in jam it is very clear that DS Cassell acted completely on her own behalf and it was those actions that led to her injury.
I doubt any blame could be attributed to you directly.
"Directly"? If you ran a tighter ship, DS Cassell may have not felt able to go off on her own.
And that's what you'll be writing in your report? Yes, it is.
I understand.
You have to write what you think.
[CAR HORN BEEPS] It's your taxi.
Thank you.
Goodnight, Inspector.
I'm sorry.
DEZZIE ON RADIO: You're listening to Radio Saint Marie.
It's just gone nine o'clock and the weather outside is hot.
Damned hot! So, kick off your shoes, sit back and join me, Dezzie Dixon, for the next two hours while I play the very best in reggae music.
- You hungry? - Mm.
All right, everybody, Dezzie Dixon here.
Well, I won't tell management if you won't.
JUNIOR: Somebody left the fire door open.
I was on the other side of the bay when it happened.
[GUNSHOT] Dad! [GUNSHOT] Oh! JP ON PHONE: Saint Marie Police.
JP, Carlton Brown has an assigned parking bay at the station.
And you're telling me that because? Well, how come he told us he finds it easier to park his BMW a few streets away? He's got a reserved spot right here in front of me.
- Mm, that is odd, sir.
- What's the name of the witness who saw his car the night of the murder? Erm Madame Touzard, 3 Rue du Castella.
- Right, meet me there.
- Yes, sir.
OK, Ruby, the inspector wants us over at your old headmistress's house.
- Great! - You coming, Sarge? Non, merci.
I'm busy.
It's back Carlton Brown's blue BMW.
Carlton Brown with it.
He let himself into that house about an hour ago.
It's not the first time Madame Touzard has seen his car since the night of the murder.
There's been three other occasions he's parked up on this street.
I wonder what he's up to, sir.
So, is DS Dumas done shadowing us now, sir? I believe so, yes.
Just got her report to write up and then she's out of here.
I thought it would take her longer than that.
Well I think she's made her decision, so no need to hang about, I guess.
Eyeballs on the suspect, sir.
Well, I think we now all know what's been going on in that house.
Naughty boy.
CARLTON: You have to promise you will never, ever tell my wife.
Well, it depends on how cooperative you are.
So, to start, why don't you tell us about your real movements on the night of the murder? OK.
So, I was at the Palm Tree Club at six I wasn't lying about that and at 12 minutes past nine when Dezzie was murdered.
- And in between? - I was with Jenna.
- That's the woman we just saw you with? - Mm.
And what time were you there on the night of the murder? From seven-ish till just before nine.
8:45, say.
- And she can corroborate that? - Yes.
I had nothing to do with Dezzie's death, I swear it.
Did Dezzie know about you and Miss Devaux? No.
You know, that first night we met, when you gave me your alibi even though I didn't ask you for one, you acted shifty.
And you just did it there again, which makes me think you're lying.
He caught me with Jenna a couple of times.
So what? He was going to tell your wife? Why? I mean Dezzie didn't strike me as the type of person to take the moral high ground.
I was trying to get rid of him.
Was hired last year to take Radio Saint Marie in a new direction and attract younger listeners.
As part of your remit to attract a younger audience to the station.
But you couldn't get rid of Mr Dixon because he knew about your affair.
B-But it doesn't mean it was me that killed him.
I was back at the club when Dezzie was shot.
There were witnesses that saw me take the call.
Yet another suspect who has motive, but throws back in our face the fact they have a rock-solid alibi.
I am just as baffled and bemused as I was at the start.
That was the lab, sir, and it's not good news.
- Go on.
- So, they've done their best enhancing the recording of Dezzie's shooting, but there's just nothing they can get from it.
[REGGAE MUSIC ON RADIO] DEZZIE ON RADIO: That was a classic from reggae great Jimmy Cliff.
Now The Pioneers with Long Shot Kick De Bucket.
[REGGAE MUSIC ON RADIO] Listening to poor old Dezzie there.
They're playing all his old shows.
- Sir? - That should be on, shouldn't it? Sorry, would you mind telling me why, when you're broadcasting Dezzie's old shows right now, why is the "on air" light off? Because it's never on when pre-recording's playing.
It's only when the studio mic is live that it comes on, you see.
Dezzie just carried on regardless.
- Bunny, you hungry? - Mm.
All right, everybody.
ON RADIO: What are you doing here? [GUNSHOT] Somebody left the fire door open round the side.
I went to see if anyone was out there, but Window's locked from the inside.
What's she saying, JP? I mean, he only had a couple of thousand in his savings.
When I'm low on cash, I always have this to sell.
- That's it.
- You've solved it, sir? Very nearly, Ruby.
Very nearly indeed.
I just need to pay a visit to our old friend Junior, ask him a quick question.
JP, come with me.
I need you to get a search warrant.
Ruby, I want you to gather everyone together.
Yes, sir.
Ruby, I need you to get everyone to the police station, not here.
Well why? Because I'm worried that DS Dumas is going to make the wrong decision about the inspector, so we need to prove to her how good he is, OK? All right.
If all of you can just wait here for a minute.
Thank you.
The inspector's solved the case and he's coming here to reveal who did it.
Erm, maybe you could stay and watch him explain, Sarge.
- Trust me, it's always the best bit.
- I need to finish this.
Erm, maybe before you finish the report, you could Sorry, this won't help.
RUBY: Well, come on! [SHE SIGHS] Right.
The question at the heart of this investigation was a real puzzler.
Why would someone choose to commit murder live on national radio murdering a man when half the island's listening in? Well, that appears to be what happened three nights ago.
An intruder walked in to the radio station unnoticed, pulled out a gun and shot poor Dezzie Dixon live on air and then left again, exiting through the fire door.
But that isn't actually what happened.
It was just staged to look like that.
Now, my instincts told me that our killer wasn't someone from outside the station, but from within, and I was right it was one of you three.
Carlton, you were at the Palm Tree Club at the time of the shooting.
Bunny and Faith, you had gone to the food truck outside the station to get your dinner.
You even heard the murder happening on the radio.
And therein lies the answer to our puzzle.
You see what I finally realised is that one of you, the killer wanted to make it look like someone was shot live on air, if, in doing so, it gave you a rock-solid alibi.
Isn't that right? Faith? What? I loved Dad.
Oh, come on, now.
Let's not play games.
I know it was you, Faith.
That gunshot was heard at 12 minutes past nine, but that isn't when Dezzie was shot.
No, it just sounded like that.
What myself and the people of Saint Marie actually heard was a recording being played, and the reality is, Dezzie was killed a few minutes later.
Let me explain exactly what happened.
When I spoke to Junior here two days ago, he was listening to re-runs of Dezzie's old shows on Radio Saint Marie.
Listening to poor old Dezzie there.
They're playing all his old shows.
And it got me thinking there must be hundreds of hours of Dezzie's old shows in the station's archives.
Am I right, Mr Brown? And Faith having passed her media and communications course with distinction I did media and communications studies at college.
and with her excellent audio editing skills, she would have no trouble splicing together bits of footage of Dezzie speaking taken from his old shows, so it would appear that Dezzie was broadcasting as normal.
And in this way, she cleverly put together some of Dezzie's words to form those two sentences, which we're now all so familiar with.
- What are you doing here? - [GUNSHOT] And then you added the sound effect of a gunshot and you were away in a hack.
A recording lasting only a few minutes that creates the perfect illusion of Dezzie being murdered live on air.
And then, just before you went for your dinner, you cued up the record I'm going over to Raymond's.
You hungry? having already secretly opened the fire door, so it would look like that's how the killer made their exit.
Yourself and Bunny went out to the food truck and when you heard that gunshot coming out of that little radio [GUNSHOT] you both hurried back inside to see what happened.
And you made sure you got to the studio door first.
You peered in and you claimed that Dezzie wasn't there He's not there.
but that was a lie.
He was there, and still very much alive at this stage, blissfully unaware that anything was amiss.
He carried on broadcasting, and you could see him.
When you asked Bunny to go and phone the police - Call the police.
- you pretended to head towards the fire door to look for your father.
But as soon as Bunny was out of sight, you doubled back and you went into the studio, where you retrieved the gun - Faith, no, no, no.
- Shut up! and you shot him.
Even though Bunny was just next door, he never heard the gunshot because, of course, the studio was sound-proofed.
And then you opened the window, climbed out, making sure it was closed behind you, and then you hid the gun somewhere on your way around to the fire door.
So, by the time Bunny came off the phone to the police, you were already outside.
Dad! And so the illusion was sold you were never in the studio.
Once the body was discovered, well, it would only take a moment for you to close the catch on the window.
What Faith didn't know, and certainly didn't expect, was that Junior here, he noticed the fire door was open.
And in his way, he decided to have a little shufty inside that night just moments before the real murder took place, and he confirmed what I suspected the "on air" light was off when Dezzie was killed.
It would only be on if Dezzie's mic was live in the studio.
It wasn't on when I was there.
You can't prove this.
Any of it.
No? Well, let's go back to the gun you hid.
As soon as we left for the night, you snuck back to the radio station to recover the gun from its hiding place, and you took it home, assuming that we would never search your place.
Why would we? You had an alibi.
One court warrant to enter your property, Miss Butler.
Ooh, and one handgun.
Same calibre as the bullet used to kill Dezzie.
But why? Why would she do this? Well, in the end, I don't think this was about revenge.
I think Faith reunited with her father because there was something else she was after money.
Whereas Faith Butler is servicing some serious debts her mother left her.
And as a one-time shoplifter, this was a woman who always wanted more than she had.
Multiple cautions for shoplifting on Barbados when she was younger.
And as it turns out, quite a lot of money in old reggae albums, isn't there, Bunny? It's worth a pretty penny, you know.
And Dezzie had hundreds of them.
That is a damn fine collection of records.
And all original vinyl recordings.
I imagine his estate is worth tens of thousands of dollars an amount very much worth killing over.
JP, Ruby, take her to the cells.
The rest of you, free to go.
- [PHONE RINGS] - Hello? Yes, I am finishing it off now.
Word has reached me you've solved the case.
I did, you'll be pleased to know.
Then well done, Inspector.
And what about that other business? I think you're going to have to start looking for a replacement.
Is this true, Sergeant Dumas? Your report will be advising the chief commissioner in Paris that DI Mooney should be replaced? It is what I have written, yes.
The only conclusion I can draw observing DI Mooney the last few days is that he is disorganised, often chaotic, incoherent, rambling Don't dress it up, Madeleine.
However what I just saw, what you just did up there you're good.
- Really good.
- You're just being kind.
No, no, I have no idea how you did it, but but you made sense of something that made literally no sense.
Honestly, you took my breath away.
Well? Well if you and the inspector can agree to keep working on the many, many flaws he has, then I can agree to highlight the value he brings to this island as a detective in my report.
Consider it done, Sergeant Dumas.
Then I shall go and amend it immediately.
- Keep it up, Inspector.
- Will do, Commissioner.
Will do.