Death In Paradise (2011) s08e08 Episode Script

Series 8, Episode 8

Ah! This is it, guys, the big adventure begins! Hi, Hannah.
Back in a sec.
- Hello.
- Hi.
You know, I do like her.
- Really, Jay? You surprise me.
- Yes, surprise, surprise.
Hey! How's it going? Hey.
All right? I hope you all got your beauty sleep last night before the big trek.
Well, I would have done if this one hadn't been on the phone to his wife at 4am.
David, I told you, there's no Wi-Fi for the next three days.
OK, gentlemen, are we ready to get this show on the road? Yee-haw! - Yee-haw! - Oh, God.
Come on.
CLICKS TONGUE Allez, allez! Allez, allez! Allez! You're looking good.
You're a natural! Er I'm not sure! So, David Yeah.
how are you feeling as we head on up into the rainforest? Well, mainly, a deep worry that I've only been on this horse for an hour and my backside is killing me.
LAUGHS Ah, well, that's Nathaniel.
He's 12.
And and that's Maisie, who's ten.
Oh, they're so cute! I love the name Maisie.
You're not jealous, are you, Jay? LAUGHS.
THUNDER CRASHES I reckon that storm is coming in.
I think that we should all hit the hay.
Um, are we going to be safe up here in just our tents, Hannah? I hope so.
Morning, Clarence.
Morning, Jack.
Got your work cut out, I see.
Fierce storm last night.
Madeleine! How are you? Good.
So, you survived the elements? Yes, my first tropical storm.
Horsing it down, it was.
I was almost nostalgic for the old homeland.
They say you know it's summer in Ireland when the rain gets warmer.
So what time is your flight? Early evening.
It will be nice to be back home in my own apartment and see my friends.
Well, we'll try and make your last day on the island as pleasant as possible.
Who is he? More to the point, how the hell did he get in here? but he still showed up at the christening, and Jamal was just GASPS Oh, my goodness! What happened? We haven't a clue.
The scene is exactly as we found it when we unlocked the station.
No wallet, no phone, nothing! We don't even know who he is yet.
You mean he's a John Doe? SIGHS Do we have a cause of death, sir? Abrasions on the neck suggest some sort of cloth was used to strangle him.
Plus, you'll see these scratches on his face and his hands, so probably a scuffle to begin with.
But If you're asking me how he got in here, I have no idea.
As far as I can tell, the doors were bolted, shutters locked.
All of which means the police station is now a crime scene, and as such, will have to remain sealed off until we've concluded the case.
Where are we going to work? My place.
Officer Hooper.
Officer Patterson.
The island search and rescue team have been contacted by a local resident who's taken some tourists trekking in the rainforest.
One of the group has gone missing.
They give you a description? Male.
Aged 50.
Dark hair.
Wearing beige combat trousers and a blue check shirt.
His name is Adam Renshaw, and apparently he has a wife and two children back in England.
Where are they now, the group? Still up in the rainforest? Yes.
I have the co-ordinates.
Fancy coming along? Extra pair of hands wouldn't go amiss.
Photograph and process the scene.
See if there's any indication of how our killer got that body into this police station, and him or herself out again, without touching any of the locks.
PHONE RINGS Answer that for me, would you, Madeleine? DI Mooney's phone.
It's someone called Siobhan.
Ah! That's my daughter.
Tell her I'm on a case and I'll call her back later.
Sorry, your father is working right now.
He will call you later.
She wants you to call her back when you can.
You're lost, aren't you? Er, just taking the scenic route, as my father would've said.
Must've changed the layout of the tracks since I was last up here.
Oh, well! OK On the police station floor? Are you serious? Yeah, and the evidence suggests Mr Renshaw had been asphyxiated.
What, you mean he was murdered? I'm afraid so, Miss Wilde.
Can any of you think why someone might do this to your friend? No! No, no, no.
Adam was a nice guy.
I mean, he never even got upset or angry with anyone.
I mean, we don't even know anyone here.
When did you arrive? Er, three days ago.
We were staying at the Sea Cove Hotel.
It's our joint 50ths, you see.
We always do something together for the big birthdays.
So, tell me, how do you gents know each other? Ah, we've been friends since university.
That's where we met.
And tell me, last night, when was the last time you saw Adam? Um, about 9.
The storm was coming in, so, well, we all went to bed.
And after that, anyone see him? Anyone leave their tent for for anything at any point? I went to see the horses at about But they were spooked out by the storm, so I gave them some food.
I didn't see Adam.
So, let me get this right.
Adam went to bed at 9.
30 last night.
And this morning, when you all woke up, he'd just vanished.
Adam's wallet and phone aren't here.
So whoever killed him must have taken them.
Must have.
Anything of interest? Yes.
Was by his sleeping bag.
Maybe he was drinking last night.
And this.
Video camera.
Now, that might give us some insight into what's been going on between Adam and his friends over the last few days.
You think one of them could be responsible for what happened? 30 years of history between these fellas.
Who knows what secrets and lies are tucked away in their past? Yeah, but even if there is a motive, why would one of them kill like that, leaving the body somehow in the middle of the station? I know.
I mean, was Adam killed here and his body transported there? SIGHS Whoever did this certainly had the means.
Or maybe the murder happened closer to the station.
But still, why would Adam and his killer leave the campsite in the middle of a storm? Well, whatever way you look at it makes no sense at all.
Morning, Commissioner.
You're here about the body we found? A rum business indeed.
I hear the victim was a visitor to the island? Over with friends, celebrating their 50th birthdays.
The discovery of that body on the station floor has created quite a stir amongst the community.
I therefore feel the sooner we can reach a conclusion in this investigation, the better.
Well, I understand your concern, sir.
To which end, I'm throwing everything we have at the case.
Including you, DS Dumas.
Hm? I've spoken to Paris, and they've agreed to make you available to us until we've caught our killer.
Of course.
I understand.
As time is of the essence, I'll leave you to get on with your work.
Thanks for sticking around.
Well, I will need to make a couple of calls to let people know, but but it's fine.
Great! Well, let's get started.
JP come see this.
Definitely wasn't there last night.
So, what? You think the killer left it? Perhaps it's meant as some sort of message.
You know how there's the death card in tarot, isn't there? Which portends to death.
So maybe And what exactly does the seven of diamonds portend? We must speak to a fortune-teller.
Let's wait for the Inspector to come back.
Until then, snap it, check it for prints and bag it up.
Who me? N-n-no, no.
No way am I touching that for anybody.
Why not? Hello?! JP, I mean, the killer left it.
I'm telling you, this thing is emitting some serious bad vibes.
Ruby, it's a playing card.
It's not going to hurt you.
OK, so, David.
How are you feeling now we're heading up into the rainforest? Well, mixed emotions, you know, anticipation Inspector, I'm ready when you are.
excitement You know, this place is far from being ideal.
The Wi-Fi is intermittent.
Your printer is out of date.
And this wood is very hard to stick drawing pins into.
So, what have we got? Our murder victim is called Adam Renshaw.
Turned 50 last month.
No job that I can see.
His wife, Kathie, appears to be the primary earner.
And we know someone throttled Adam to death some time after 9.
30 last night, then magically deposited his body inside our locked police station.
Suspect number one.
Gerald Baynes.
Teaches English at Grove Lane Middle School in Kent.
Married with two children.
And according to this, he was arrested for assault four years ago.
Do we have any details? Not yet.
But I requested them.
Then we have David Molyneux.
Married, no children.
Currently lives somewhere called Guilt Ford.
Guilt Ford.
No, it's Guildford.
Guilt Ford.
David Molyneux works as a manager for a carpet manufacturer.
Your initial check shows he's been on sabbatical for the last three months.
I'll try to find out why.
And finally, we've got Jay Carver.
Born and raised in California.
Settled in the UK after attending university there.
Owns two restaurants out in Oxfordshire - nice! Seems to be the only bachelor of the group.
Never been married.
Which leaves us with our last possible suspect - Hannah Wilde.
She's worked all around the world, always with animals.
She arrived in Saint Marie in 2011 and opened a ranch and riding centre.
Yeah, but it's unlikely Miss Wilde developed enough of a motive to kill Adam in just the 48 hours she's known him.
Although, we can't wholly discount her, either.
So let's see if there's any connection between the two of them.
You're right.
This wood is not at all welcoming to drawing pins.
Really? Now, Madeleine, might I suggest we start with the victim's video camera? Something I want to show you.
OK, this footage was shot three days ago, just after they arrived.
OK, this is the bit.
Ads, I'm just going to nip back to the room to phone the kids before they go to bed.
That's Gerald.
Didn't you speak to them this morning? And that's Adam.
You do know you're spoiling things for the rest of us, don't you? Sloping off and phoning your bloody family every five minutes.
You're such a joke.
You know that? You know what? I've just about had enough of this.
If you don't stop treating me like this, I'm going to What? What are you going to do? So have fun calling your kids! I thought they were friends? Except friends don't go round threatening each other, do they? He could be like that.
With me.
It wasn't all the time, but, um Yeah, Adam had this nasty side to him.
Were Jay and David aware of it? Only happened when Ads and I were alone.
He'd start criticising me and making jibes, digs.
And he's always been like this? Started a couple of years ago.
Same time that his business went into liquidation.
Kathie, his wife, went back to work, became the breadwinner.
While Adam stayed at home and looked after the kids.
I don't think he liked it.
I think it made him feel deficient as a husband.
And so Mr Renshaw started taking it out on you? HORSE WHINNIES You were threatening him in that video.
Said if he didn't stop, you'd, what, try and hurt him? No! I don't know, it was in the heat of the moment.
I didn't mean it.
Er, you do have previous, though.
Sorry? You were arrested for assault.
Not that long ago, either.
Was that in the heat of the moment as well? Gerald, I can imagine how Adam's behaviour towards you, over two years, might fester, bubble away inside, until one day, it just just somehow gets the better of you.
Look he got under my skin that day, I admit it, but not to the extent that I'd kill him! I swear.
I dusted the area surrounding the body and found no prints of any of our suspects, or even the victim.
And Ruby, she checked the bolts and locks.
It was as we left it last night.
And what about spare keys to the station? You have some, right? In the safe.
All accounted for.
So the only way someone could've got in here was to break in, which we know they didn't do, because there isn't a single sign of any disturbance anywhere.
Well, also, sir, we found this.
You found the seven of diamonds? On DS Cassell's old desk, slap bang in the centre.
We think maybe the killer left it.
Like in Batman, you mean? I beg your pardon? You know, with The Joker, he always leaves his calling card at the scene of a crime.
The Joker? The bad guy in Batman.
Do you have Batman in France? Of course, I know who Batman is.
I assume in France they call it something different.
L'homme de la What is the French for bat? It's chauve-souris, but maybe we should get back to the point now.
My apologies.
You were saying? I just think the more likely explanation is that this playing card ended up on the desk by accident.
It's just a piece of rubbish.
I'm not so sure, Madeleine.
Feels like too much of a coincidence to me.
Have you dusted it for prints? We got some partials, sir, but nothing we can use.
Well, at least, let's find out what shops on the island sell this brand of playing card.
Right, well, let's call it a day.
First thing tomorrow, JP, Ruby, I want you going door to door in Honore, see if anyone saw anything the night of the murder.
You got it, sir.
Yes, sir.
And Madeleine Yes? I reckon you and I should pay a visit to the hotel they were all staying at, the victim and the suspects, see if the staff picked up on any tensions before the trek.
Ah, Siobhan.
There you are.
Sorry I couldn't speak earlier.
It's just been one of those days.
Are you OK? You look tired.
Everything all right? Things aren't great, if I'm honest.
Why? What's the matter? What's happened? Me and Andy split up.
Oh, no.
Really? For good? I mean, no chance of patching things up? Yeah.
He's been seeing someone else.
Behind my back, he's been seeing another girl.
I am so sorry, Siobhan.
Three months, this Andy fella's been sneaking around, seeing the two of them at the same time.
That lad needs a good kick in the hole, if you ask me.
If a man ever went behind my back like that What would you do? It's probably better if I don't tell you.
I'm sorry for Siobhan, Jack.
It's just the trouble is I'm not good at this sort of thing.
It was always her mother who dealt with boyfriend issues.
It's not that myself and Siobhan aren't close.
We are.
It's just SIGHS I'm not sure I know the right things to say to her.
MUSIC PLAYS VOLUME UP THUDS Oh Stop it! You stupid thing, stop it! ELECTRIC CRACKLING What the hell is happening? So, I heard about Gerald Bayne's arrest.
And? It happened at his school.
The mother of one of his students was being hassled by her ex, who was drunk, Gerald intervened, ended up punching the guy.
So his one act of violence in life was to protect a defenceless woman? I know.
We can't hold that against him.
I'm sorry.
Not getting enough sleep there, Madeleine? Well, since I've been here, there is a cockerel outside of my bedroom window that wakes me up every morning at 4am.
CHUCKLES Ah, yeah.
There's a fair few of them about, all right, yeah.
I could see if there's a gun and bullets in the evidence store.
I'm more than happy to take the little bugger out for you if you like.
We're not there yet, but thank you.
Come on.
I'll speak to reception and housekeeping if you take kitchen and restaurant.
You're late, Ruby.
We're supposed to be doing door to door.
I know.
I'm sorry.
But it's all your fault I'm not on time, JP.
Not only has my washing machine leaked everywhere, but it's caused all my electrics to fuse, and I forgot my keys, so now I'm locked out.
So, why is it all my fault? Was it not you that made me touch that playing card? Come on, Ruby.
You don't seriously think that touching the playing card has brought you bad luck? How else would you explain this catastrophic morning? I've got the killer's curse, JP.
SIGHS It's going to be a long day.
Madeleine, I've got something.
Me too.
You first.
Thank you.
So, the morning of the trek, one of the maids saw David Molyneux pinning Adam Renshaw up against the wall outside one of the rooms.
It's just over here.
The pair of them were having a pretty big argument, apparently.
Could she hear what it was about? Yeah.
The only thing she picked up on was Adam saying, "It's been three months, you need to tell her.
" I've been telling you and telling you.
When are you going to tell her?! Three months, David! Enough! It's none of your business, OK? All right.
Just leave it.
"It's been three months.
" What was he referring to? I think I know what it is.
David Molyneux's employer just called me back.
About the sabbatical he's been taking from work? Absolutely.
Of course! That was three months, wasn't it? Yes.
But it wasn't his choice to take the time off.
No? No.
He was suspended and also advised to seek counselling.
For what? Anger issues.
They said he'd become prone to aggressive outbursts in the workplace.
David, when are you going to? It's none of your business.
All right.
Just leave it.
I've never really had anything like this happen to me before.
You know, problems up here.
So, when did it all start? Oh, about a year ago.
I just suddenly lost all my energy, had no drive, you know? And instead of talking to someone, I just got angry.
So my bosses told me to take some time off.
And get some help? Yeah, yeah.
Low testosterone, apparently.
That's That's why I'm feeling so down.
It's not uncommon in men our age, I'm told.
Who would have known, eh? So, this row you had with Adam Would I be right in thinking that you hadn't told your wife about being suspended from work, or the therapy? Yeah, well you know, I worry that she'll think less of me.
I imagine you wouldn't be too happy if Adam was threatening to tell her himself.
And that's why you got physical with him.
Yeah, but that was a one-off.
Yeah, the thing is, David, I've a witness, saw you pinning Adam Renshaw up against the wall.
Now, how do we know that didn't happen up in the jungle? Only that time, maybe you weren't able to hold yourself back.
Look, he was my friend, OK? We've known each other since we were I mean, you really can't think that I could've done this? I hate my life right now.
The owner of the bar heard we were doing door to door, so he came and tracked us down.
He found a mobile phone and wallet sitting on top of the rubbish in his bin.
I checked.
They both belong to Adam Renshaw.
Any money that was in the wallet has been taken.
Also, there's something else.
And there.
Horse's hoofprints.
But no horsey.
So maybe one of our suspects did ride into Honore with the body the night of the murder.
But why bring him all this way? And then, by some unknown means, gain entry into our police station and dump his body on the floor? Hey, you guys! I think I found something in here! Do you think you can reach it? I think so.
Guys, don't worry.
Nearly got it.
SCREAMS Did wonder if that might happen.
So, you still don't think I've got a curse hanging over me? Adam was definitely wearing this neckerchief the day of the trek.
It was on the camcorder footage.
OK, so, David, how are you feeling? Maybe this was used to strangle him? Oh, well, let's get it checked for prints and DNA.
The wallet and phone, too.
Well Looks like you may have found us our murder weapon, Ruby.
So it wasn't for nothing, you going into the bin.
Fair play to you.
Now, I need you both to follow the road back to the station.
See if you can find any more hoofprints between here and there.
Yes, Inspector Mooney.
Get it off me! All right, all right.
Argh! Ce bois! Well, I'll be jiggered.
You have something, Inspector? Postmortem's through, and the cause of death was not asphyxiation.
It was a stroke that killed him, brought on by him being strangled.
The medical file indicates that Mr Renshaw suffered from coronary artery disease.
The blood vessels in his neck were lined with hard plaques of cholesterol.
The strangulation caused one of these plaques to rupture, which went to his brain and induced a fatal stroke.
But they're still saying it's murder, right? Absolutely.
The pathologist said whoever strangled Mr Renshaw clearly meant to kill him.
Made you a brew.
This also confirms there were significant levels of alcohol in his blood.
You were right about him knocking back the booze we found up at the tent.
Any luck with the victim's phone? Yes.
The only call he received while he was on the island was at 8am on the morning of the trek.
The number is registered to a law firm in the UK.
Left a message for them to call me back.
Also, I've been through immigration files online, to see if there's any connection between Hannah Wilde and the victim.
There's nothing as far as I can tell.
Look, I'll show you.
Your lizard is in the way.
Give it a minute, he'll get bored and disappear.
Not one for the intricacies of a murder investigation, are you? This place is so frustrating! Sorry I can't do any better.
No It's me.
SIGHS I am just feeling very tired.
I'm sorry.
To cheer you up, I've made something of a breakthrough.
Really, what is it? There's only one shop on the island that sells this brand of playing card.
I'm going to ask Ruby to check it out.
Ah, there you are.
How'd you get on? Not a single hoofprint between the bar and the station, Inspector.
WHISPERS: Officer Patterson.
You smell.
I know! Tomorrow, we start to dig deeper.
Our three main suspects met at university in 1987.
30 years these chaps have known each other.
So, why did one of them feel the need to kill Adam Renshaw now? You sure it's OK, just dropping you here? Yeah.
I'll just have dinner, then straight to my room and get an early night.
You know, this island, it sort of plays by its own rules.
And the best thing to do, I've found, is just give in to it.
So, if that rooster wakes you again at some ungodly hour of the morning, just go down to the beach, sit on the sand, take a deep breath, and enjoy watching the sun come up.
Trust me, you'll feel a lot better for it.
Well, maybe I will try.
Thank you.
Just checking in on my little girl, see how she's bearing up.
I'm doing OK.
I guess.
I was thinking, if you want me to speak to some of my old chums in the Met, get 'em to pay this Andy fella a visit, put the wind up him, it'd only take a quick phone call.
You don't need to do that.
Things still aren't great, are they? I think I'm missing Mum.
I thought I'd got used to it, her not being around, but it's like it's crept up on me again.
And I I just really wish she was here.
And you're absolutely positive that none of these four people bought one of these decks of playing cards from you? I'm positive.
SIGHS ENGINE SPUTTERS Oh! ENGINE SPUTTERS Why are you doing this to me?! PHONE RINGS We've done some digging into our victim and suspects' time together at university.
This is the website for the alumni society.
And when we checked the pages for the year our suspects graduated, we came across this photo.
"Weren't they cute together?" "Kathie Hastings and Jay Carver.
" The same Kathie Adam married? Mm-hm.
So Jay and Kathie were an item before she hooked up with Adam.
And apparently, Jay has never managed to move on.
We've tracked one of the students from the year.
His name is Martin Lister.
He's a very active member in the alumni society.
I'll put him on speakerphone.
Mr Lister, DI Mooney here.
So, what's the story? You think Jay still has the hots for Kathie? Well, he as good as said as much to me.
Really? When? What did he say? There was a reunion dance six months ago.
We were both a bit drunk.
Jay was watching Adam and Kathie dancing, and he started bad-mouthing Adam.
But the thing I remember most, he said, "At least Adam won't be around much longer.
" "Then Kathie'll come to her senses.
You'll see.
" "Adam won't be around much longer.
You'll see.
" He didn't mean he was going to? Kill him? Look, I know how that might sound, especially in light of what happened, but what I meant was Adam and Kathie were getting divorced.
She told me a week before the reunion, and that's why I said what I said.
And do you know why they were going their separate ways? It was Kathie's decision.
She felt that Adam had changed last couple of years.
Since he lost his job, you mean? Yeah.
On the surface, Adam seemed like a nice, sorted, family guy.
But With a few insecurities underneath it all? From what Kathie tells me.
What about you? What about me? Well, you never settled down yourself, have you, Mr Carver? So? That is my life choice to make.
Yeah, but sometimes there's something else going on.
A subtext to making a decision like that.
Especially if the person making it believes they've already met the love of their life.
SCOFFS Oh! You still love Kathie, don't you? Yeah.
I guess there are some things in life you can't turn off.
Although, all that changes now.
You could still get the girl after all, Jay.
Quite a motive, unrequited love.
Except it isn't a motive.
Cos they were getting divorced, so I wouldn't need to kill Adam to be with Kathie.
She'd already left him.
Thanks for talking to me, Kathie.
I appreciate it.
What did she say? Jay's been telling the truth.
Adam had moved into a bedsit around the corner from the family home.
That phone call the morning of the trek, that was from Adam's solicitor, informing him that Kathie was applying for full custody of the kids.
And with him having no proper job to speak of, or even a proper home, well, she was likely to get it.
That's why he drank half the bottle of rum the night of the murder.
PHONE RINGS He was drowning his sorrows.
JP, what have you got? The lab have been in touch, and they've got something.
Go on.
Those scratches on the victim's arms.
They found residue of some sort of oil in the cuts.
It took a lot of testing, but now they know.
It's linseed oil.
Linseed oil.
I mean, I've heard of it.
What's it used for again? It's commonly used as a supplement for horses.
It adds fat to their diet.
I went to see the horses at about 11.
I gave them some food.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
HANNAH CLICKS TONGUE Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
This one's been jumpy ever since we got back from the trek.
I I think he knows something's not right.
You'll admit you haven't been entirely honest with us? That night in the rainforest I didn't lie to you when I said I went to settle the horses.
But what happened after When I got back to the tent, Adam was there.
He was drunk.
Hannah, Hannah Do you have any booze? I don't have any.
You must have some.
Adam, really! He, um The next thing I know, he's trying to force himself onto me.
He pushed me to the ground and I I tried to fight him off.
I screamed at him to leave me alone.
SCREAMS And then what? He just stopped.
I think Adam realised what he'd done.
He felt ashamed.
So I pulled myself back in the tent, I zipped it up, and that is the last time that I saw him.
Miss Wilde, why haven't you told us any of this before? Because I'd already chosen to lie about it.
I was scared of what you'd think, how it would look.
A man is killed the same night that he attacks me.
It gives you a hell of a reason to think I did it, doesn't it? Except I didn't.
Adam Renshaw was still alive when I closed my tent that night.
Thank you very much.
OK, bye-bye.
Sir, that was the lab.
The fibres on the victim match with the cloth we found in the bin.
So it was used to strangle Mr Renshaw.
But there's no DNA or fingerprints on the cloth itself.
BEEPING Well, what about the wallet and phone? Same.
What is that noise? BEEPING So, I guess I kind of broke the bike.
You're saying the bike broke down, not because of some mechanical fault, but because of something you did? Well, I'm saying it's because of this curse I've got that the killer gave me.
JP, for the love of God, can you explain to me what's going on here? Sir, Ruby thinks that because she handled the playing card the killer left, it's given her some kind of bad luck.
Well, it's true! I spoke to Mama Ezola, and she told me Wait! Mama Ezola? Who the bejesus is Mama Ezola? Well, Mama Ezola, the fortune-teller.
I went to see her.
She's just by the shop that sold those playing cards.
Anyway, she told me that it's very possible that this card has been tainted with the murderer's evil spirit.
And some of it has rubbed off on me.
Out of curiosity, Ruby, and just getting back to the point for a sec, did the owner remember selling any playing cards to one of our suspects? 'Fraid not, sir.
Just to recap briefly on what we still don't yet know.
We still have no idea what that playing card was doing on Florence's old desk.
Nor do we have any idea how or why the killer left the victim's body on our station floor, or why they even killed Adam Renshaw in the first place! One for you.
And one for me.
JP SIGHS Why have you got that? Because I think that you and Mama Ezola have got this whole thing wrong.
JP, don't! I'm telling you, it's cursed.
Well, if my partner has been given a curse, I'm going to be cursed with her, cos that's how we do things in the police - together.
Now we've both got it.
I can't do this.
Inspector? Not like you to be burning the midnight oil, sir.
I have a meeting tomorrow morning with the council to agree our annual budget, which they will no doubt try and cut.
Preparation is key.
And what brings you here at this late hour? I need to step away from the case, sir, go back to London.
Why do you need to go back? It's Siobhan, sir.
Her fella has messed her around.
And I know we all get our hearts broken at one time or another, but she's missing her mother as well.
All she has left is her dad, who's clueless when it comes to this sort of stuff.
Well, the thing is if I can't find the right words to say to her, the one thing I am good at is giving her a big hug.
But I can't do that if I'm here and she's there can I? If your daughter is in need of her father then you should go to her.
You don't mind? Occasionally, it is right that we put ourselves first.
Take as long as you need.
We'll just have to manage without you.
Thank you, sir.
I mean it.
Would it be at all inappropriate if I was to give you a little hug yourself? Please don't.
Goodnight, Inspector.
COCKEREL CROWS Until DI Mooney can return to Saint Marie and resume leading the investigation, DS Dumas will be keeping his seat warm for him.
Er, Uncle Selwyn? Will Inspector Mooney be OK? I'm sure, once he's back in London, reunited with his daughter, DI Mooney will be feeling much more himself.
And a short break from the case might be just what he needs.
HORN BLARES INTERCOM: Apologies for the short delay, ladies and gentlemen.
A slight engine problem.
But that's fixed, and we're on our way now.
Did he just say delay? I heard that right, didn't I? And the cause of death was not asphyxiation.
Whoever did this certainly had the means.
Any money that was in the wallet has been taken.
It's just a piece of rubbish.
Got your work cut out today, I reckon.
Fierce storm last night.
Of course! I need to get off this boat.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
Excuse me.
Sorry, sorry to interrupt, is there any way we could turn this boat around? No.
You don't understand.
It's an emergency! We can't.
As we've got nowhere with our current four suspects, maybe we should expand our search and include local criminals.
But if Inspector Mooney says it's one of those four suspects, well, he's usually right about these things.
That does seem to be the way, Sergeant, more often than not.
Well, then we're stuck in the mud.
Non? Not any more we're not.
- Inspector Mooney! - Sir? You're supposed to be on a boat.
I was.
I jumped ship.
You jumped off a ferry and swam here? Why on Earth would you do that? Because he's solved the case.
I think I know now what happened that night, but I need to speak to a doctor to make sure.
Phone the surgery in Honore.
Yes, sir.
What exactly are you looking for, sir? The ground plan of the campsite with whose tent is whose marked up.
This one.
All right.
And Hannah's.
Of course.
You know who did it, Inspector? And I think I know how.
And why.
It's the full monty, Commissioner.
I've got Dr Randolph on the phone for you.
If I'm right about this, Ruby.
Then you haven't caught some killer's curse off that playing card.
Really? Well, how do you know that? Well, it wasn't the killer who left the card on the desk, it was the victim.
Dr Randolph, it's DI Mooney here.
Quick question for you.
SQUELCHING Maybe I should just, erm Yeah.
You know, it's funny, but people always assume that reaching middle age, things start to settle down in your life.
You become more stable and secure.
You feel more at peace.
But from my experience, that couldn't be further from the truth.
Cos the fact is, whatever age you are, we're all still just as vulnerable to those unexpected surprises that life throws at us as we were when we were little kids.
Now, the key to solving this murder is an understanding that Adam had changed over the past few years.
He'd grown into someone very different to the man you knew as a reliable, kind, loving husband and father.
Bitterness had crept in.
A resentment.
You might even call it a mid-life crisis.
He was jobless, going through a messy divorce, living in a bedsit around the corner from his wife and kids, and he was about to enter a nasty custody battle, which he'd almost certainly lose.
All of which explains why he behaved so badly towards you the night he was killed.
Whether it was because he was desperate to feel loved or because he wanted to exert more control and power over his increasingly impotent life, we'll never know.
Now, because of all this, Hannah briefly was a strong suspect for the murder.
But I now know that she didn't do it.
One of you three did.
It was you, Gerald.
Me? It wasn't me.
Why would I kill Adam? Sorry, you've got this all wrong.
Oh, you see, you yourself admitted to me that Adam's bullying of you had started to take its toll.
It had, but I told you, I wouldn't kill someone over just that.
Not just that.
You see, in the same way that Adam's life was unraveling, what led to you strangle him was cumulative.
That night up in the rainforest, you were in your tent, the storm raging outside, when I think you heard Hannah screaming.
Now, your tent was closest to hers, which is why it had to be you.
You heard her, but the others didn't.
So, you went out to see what was going on.
SCREAMS And I assume you hurried to intervene.
But before you could, Adam had a moment of clarity.
He walked away from Hannah, leaving you standing outside her tent, alone.
And in that moment, I think you were filled with a rage.
You'd already started to feel that way towards Adam because of the way he'd been treating you over the last couple of years.
But seeing him assaulting a woman that you'd befriended over the last few days, I think it incensed you.
And you hated him for it.
Overwhelmed with emotion, you found yourself with your hands tightening the neckerchief around Adam's neck.
I know you're not naturally a violent man.
The only other time you acted in this way was trying to protect a defenceless woman.
But when your emotions get the better of you, the old red mist descends.
And before you knew it, Adam was lying dead on the ground.
But if this did happen, how did Adam's body end up on your station floor? Yeah, that's a very good question.
Now, the journey that Adam made to the station was in two parts.
Staring down at his body, you knew you had to do something if you weren't going to be caught, so you hoisted him up onto a horse and you led him down through the rainforest and into town, where you dumped his body around the back of a bar, beside some bins.
HORSE WHINNIES You took his phone and his wallet, and along with his neckerchief, dumped them in a bin.
So next morning, when Adam's body was found, it would be assumed he'd wandered into town of his own accord, looking for a drink, and that he was killed during a mugging.
But what you didn't take into account was that Adam, when you left him in that car park, on the ground, he wasn't actually dead.
GASPS The postmortem we received informed me that Adam died of a stroke.
Not asphyxiation, a stroke.
But it wasn't until I spoke to a doctor earlier today that I realised there could have been a delay between the strangulation and his death.
Gerald, when you moved Adam's body, you thought he was dead.
But he wasn't.
He was only unconscious.
So when he came to, he got up and he went in search of help.
But with the weather so bad, there was no-one around.
Everybody was inside, safe and sound.
So he headed for the one place that he thought he might find some shelter.
The police station.
The station was closed.
Feeling increasingly ill and tired, and scared, he knew the best thing he could do was to somehow get inside the police station, grab a phone and call an ambulance.
Now, we all know from watching the movies that a credit card is a very handy device for breaking into a place.
But with his wallet taken, Adam didn't have a credit card.
So he was forced to improvise.
Now, you'll remember, there was a lot of litter blowing around that night.
Adam found a playing card.
This playing card.
Not dissimilar to a credit card.
And he used it to push up the hook locks on our station shutters.
And once inside, closed the shutters, put the locks back on the latches and moved towards the desk in front of him.
Which had only one thing on it - a telephone.
And he placed the playing card, and he reached for the phone to call the ambulance when the cholesterol plaque that had been dislodged when Gerald was strangling him finally made its way to his brain, causing him to have a massive, fatal stroke.
Alone in the police station, storm still howling outside, Adam Renshaw fell to the floor and he died.
I didn't I just I don't know what I was doing.
I didn't mean to do it.
CUFFS CLICK Congratulations.
You did it, Inspector.
No, no, Madeleine.
We did it.
Well JP, remember last night when you said that you and I were partners? Well, did you mean that? Yes, of course I did.
Cos we are.
I mean Do you not think that? I don't know.
It's just The way I am in this job sometimes I guess I'm just waiting for you to realise that you can find someone better than me.
I think you are a good officer.
And if you keep on working as hard as you do, pretty soon you'll make a truly great officer.
So you need to start getting used to me calling you partner.
Cos that is what we are.
A team.
You got it? Oh, OK.
All right, all right, all right, OK.
Get your helmet on.
Now let's go.
VOICEMAIL: This is Siobhan's phone.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Hiya, love.
It's me.
So, apparently, no seats available for the next five days.
But they have me on standby if anything turns up in the meantime.
So I'll hopefully see you very soon.
Love you.
Can you just imagine him swimming all the way to shore? And here's the hero of the hour.
Hey! Stop it, stop it, you'll make me blush.
Did you manage to get another flight, sir? Well, I'm on a waiting list, so hopefully next day or so.
Well, I've got everything crossed for you, Inspector Mooney.
Inspector, you went well beyond the call of duty today.
You made a big sacrifice for this island.
Oh, just glad I was able to catch you your man, sir.
It's not often I get a chance to show my gratitude to you.
But on this occasion, I'd like to.
Oh, well, really, there's no need, Commissioner.
But if you're asking, a small rum wouldn't go amiss.
Oh! I think we can do a little better than that.
You didn't? I did.
Thank you, sir.
No, thank you, Inspector.
Oh, my God, it's so bloody good to see you! And how are you? Are you doing all right? Yeah, I'm doing all right.
I just can't believe it.
This island, it has a certain magic about it, Sergeant Dumas.
You know, I think I'm already starting to learn that.
Such a shame you won't get a chance to experience it a bit more.
This is Ruby.
She is a real person, I told you.
It's so good to meet you.
And, of course, JP you know.
And this is Madeleine, all the way from Paris.
Yeah! Nice to meet you.
And, of course, the Commissioner.
As this is now a celebration the drinks are on the house! Hey! - Hey! - Wine for you, Sarge.
All right.
Cheers! ALL: Cheers! This is incredible.
Were you all in on this?