Death In Paradise (2011) s12e90 Episode Script

Christmas Special 2023

Yeah. Well, it's a bit of
a work in progress
until we get the website
mock-ups, you know.
Of course. I can chase Jason,
see where he's at with that.
Is there anything else
you would like to cover?
No, I think that's everything.
OK. Then great.
I guess I should start
packing my suitcase, then.
You know, Debs, we're really excited
you can make it out for our
Christmas party.
It's going to be a blast.
No retreat! No surrender!
Ha-ha. Gotcha.
Did you get the suitcases out?
Huh? Er
No, I forgot.
I'll do it now.
What's the matter?
I don't feel so good, Deb.
What is this, Dave? What's going on?
I just
I don't think I should fly
under this condition.
You know, my stomach's
really acting up.
I knew you were going to do this.
Do what?
You never wanted to come, did you?
Ever since we got invited, you couldn't
have been less interested.
That's not true.
It's It's a massive schlep
for just, like, a couple of days.
Right? Especially at Christmas.
It's going to be bedlam
at the airport. You're not ill.
You just can't be bothered.
Do you know what, Dave? Fine.
There is a Christmas party
in the Caribbean
with my name on it, and I'm going.
MUSIC: Christmas Wrapping
by The Waitresses.
Bah Humbug, now that's too strong!
COs it is my favourite holiday
But all this year's
been a busy blur
Don't think I have the energy
To add to my already mad rush
just cos it's 'tis the season
The perfect gift fr me would be
Completions and connections ♪
Merry Christmas!
Left from last year, ski shop
Encounter most interesting
Had his number but never the time
Most of '81
passed along those lines
So deck those halls,
trim those trees
Raise up cups of Christmas cheer
I just need to catch my breath
Christmas by myself this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn't miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn't miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn't miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
Couldn't miss this one this year ♪
Hiya. You're Debbie, yeah?
I'm Riley.
I'm interning for Mr Stableforth,
which sounds well posh,
but it ain't, cos he's really
just Uncle Gerry to me.
And before you say it, I know
that makes me sound like one of them
nepo babies, but I'm so not.
It's lovely to meet you, Riley.
I'll show you to your room.
Oh, and you haven't got long to unpack,
cos we're having
lunch on the terrace at one.
How are you with fish?
Chef's making snapper. Ugh
There we go.
Let's get this party started.
What an absolute Christmas cracker.
May I say, Bel, how lively you look?
Ah, thank you.
I suppose it makes a change, doesn't it?
Instead of a normal Christmas tree.
Now, apparently,
there's a hotel in New York
spent $10,000 on one of these.
Shut up! Mm. You don't think
it's worth that? There she is.
Don't listen to me, darling. I don't
know what I'm talking about,
at least not when it's art.
My agent reckons I could
have squeezed double for that.
Well, if you ask me, ladies,
I think it's priceless.
Come here.
Thanks, Dad. Merry Christmas.
Can I get a phat of my two ladies?
No, up higher, baby.
It's a better angle.
Such a shame your fiance
couldn't make it out. Mm.
Poor guy, stuck at home.
Yeah, I'm really sorry about that.
Especially after you paid
for the flights and everything.
You made the right choice, though.
You don't want to be trapped
on a plane with him when it's
coming out both ends, do you?
Right, then. Introductions.
Mum, Dad. Come and meet Debbie.
This is our digital marketing guru.
Hello, darling. I'm Bella.
It's lovely to meet you, Bella.
Hello, Debs. Gerry, hi.
Marianna. We spoke briefly.
Mwah, mwah.
It's really nice to meet you in person.
Oh, this is just a little, um, yeah
Just home-made jam.
Oh. Ah.
Ain't that lively?
Get that dawn you, Debs.
Help with the jet lag.
Thanks, Gerry. I need it.
Sir, the food is ready.
Well, I think old A over there
says it's time fr red snappers and
Let's go eat!
Let's go do this!
Merry Christmas!
You made it, then?
I'm sorry about not coming.
Let's talk about this when I get back.
How do you mean, talk?
I'm just not sure
if I can do this any more, Dave.
Me and you.
We're on totally different pages.
It doesn't mean
we can't get ourselves realigned.
You know, if we try. I'm shattered,
I didn't sleep on the plane.
I just want an early night.
GERRY DISTANTLY: This is wrong!
Can't you see this is plain wrong?!
I'm disappointed!
You heard that too?
Is everything all right?
Hello? Where is everyone?
Is everyone all right?
This is ridiculous.
Where did it come from?
I don't know.
We both heard it, didn't we?
That scream.
Oh, God. Oh!
Oh, my goodness, no!
What is it?
Oh, God, no. It's Dad. Dad!
Dad! Um We need to call
for an ambulance.
What's happened? It's Gerry!
It-it looks like he's fallen.
There's no signal. I'll head back.
You two go and check on Dad.
Uncle Gerry! Oh, Gerry!
Oh, my goodness. Oh!
He's still alive.
Gerry, are you all right?
Can you can you hear us?
It's, uh
behind you.
I I don't
I don't understand.
Uncle Gerry.
Uncle Gerry?
Uncle Gerry!
I feel honoured to have been
entrusted by our mayor to turn on
the lights this year on the
Honore town Christmas tree.
I would like to thank the children
from the local primary school
OK, Mum, I don't No, no.
A wonderful job making the decorations.
Daloris, you've come to see
the lights turned on?
No, I'm just passing through.
I've got an appointment at the
hospital. At this time?
Are you sure about that, sweetheart?
Yes, of course.
Oh. I think you've made a mistake.
It's 9:30 in the morning.
It's tomorrow.
How did I manage that?
Join me in counting down from ten
OK, Mum.
Yeah, just text me if there's any
delay. Otherwise, I'll just see you
at the airport.
Hey! Get away from there!
Mum, I have to call you back.
CROWD: Three, two one!
The policeman unplugged! Look!
What are you doing? Uh
Well, actually, it wasn't
Plug it back in!
Yeah Sure.
I just want to point out that
it wasn't me that actually
Get on with it, Inspector!
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to say
congratulations, sir.
That was beautifully handled.
No, no, I
This is direct from the station.
I better take this. Uh
Well I
Thank you, Inspector, for ruining
what was supposed to be
one of the highlights of my year.
No, but, sir, I - I - I
I - I didn't
He was so looking forward to it.
Catherine, I - I didn't
The paramedics got an accident
and death up in the hills.
Oh, no.
Victim is Gerard Stableforth,
58 years old, CEO of a UK-based
clothing company.
Witnesses heard a scream,
came to investigate
and found him lying down there.
The family assume it was
an accident.
There's no suggestion of suicide?
No note was left.
And apparently he was in good
spirits at lunch.
The paramedics believe the
number of broken bones
is consistent with a fall
from that height.
The wife says that they had had
a long, boozy lunch
in the afternoon.
So maybe he just wasn't clear-headed.
If it was sunset
getting dark.
If we're looking at accidental death,
this is going to be one for the coroner.
Inspector, Commissioner.
There's something I think
you should hear.
Riley here is the victim's niece.
When she and another witness
found Mr Stableforth,
he was still alive.
Well, it's like I said to Marlon
Officer Pryce.
When we found Uncle Gerry,
he could hardly breathe.
He did manage a few words.
What did he say?
Looked straight at Debbie and says
It's, uh
behind you.
"It's behind you."
"It's behind you"?
And then what?
Well, it's like I said to Marlon
Officer Pryce.
We both looked behind us,
and there was nothing there.
When we turned back, he'd
passed on.
Any idea what he might have meant?
"It's behind you"?
But it felt like it really mattered,
if you know what I mean.
Like he needed to say it.
And this other witness, Debbie,
where is she?
Back at the villa, I guess.
Long night, eh, sir?
Inspector, Commissioner.
We've got a situation occurring.
One of the witnesses - Debbie Clumson
I can't seem to find her.
I've checked the house and the
grounds, but there's no sign.
Everything is still in her room.
Clothes, mobile phone, passport.
Maybe she went fr a walk.
Get some air. It's been a fraught
night, by all accounts.
Except it seems as if she's been
missing for quite a while.
This is getting mega-freaky now.
So, there are only two routes out of
the villa grounds,
both of which are covered
by security cameras.
This is the front of the house
from 8:00 last night.
That's when we arrived
up until a few minutes ago.
No sign of Miss Clumson leaving.
And the other camera?
At the top of the private track
leading down to the ravine.
Again, from last night up until
this morning,
no sign of our missing person.
All it shows is the paramedics.
But no Debbie Clumson.
No Debbie Clumson.
So, then, that must mean she's still
here at the villa somewhere.
I'll speak to Marlon and Darlene,
get them to do a fingertip search
of the villa and
surrounding grounds.
Something not right about this, sir.
Man falls to his death,
and the very last person he spoke to
disappears shortly after.
It can't just be a coincidence.
It makes me wonder if there's
more to Gerald's Stableforth's
death than we first thought.
Someone wanted him dead, you mean?
If it really was just an accident
and nothing more,
why has one of our key witnesses
gone missing?
So, currently, our last sighting
of Debbie Clumson is around
just after 8:00 last night,
when she left Riley and came here
to check on the ambulance.
I'll go and see what's happening.
Did anyone see her after that?
I haven't seen Debbie since
we finished lunch.
Mr Stableforth?
I believe Miss Clumson told
Riley that you and her
had headed dawn to the
ravine together.
We both heard a scream from our
bedrooms, just after 8:00.
You heard that, too?
We went down to the ravine.
Saw what had happened.
And, uh, I came back here to phone
for an ambulance.
Was there a reason fr Miss Clumson
to come here to Saint Marie?
To par-tay.
To party.
We were supposed to be having a bit
of a Christmas bash here tonight
for a few business associates.
Celebrate the launch of
a new product.
Oh, we're going to need to
phone around and cancel.
VOICE BREAKlNG: Let them know the news.
Oh, Mum. Hey, hey, sh.
Look, I know this is a difficult
time, but just to be clear
no-one has laid eyes on Debbie
Clumson since she left the ravine
over eight hours ago?
I I don't understand.
How do you mean, missing?
The last time your fiance was seen
was at approximately just
after 8:00 last night.
No-one knows where she is
or what's happened to her.
Mr Chadwick, are you aware
of anything in regard to.
Debbie's dealings with the
Stableforth family
that might explain what happened
to her?
STAMMERlNG: Oh Nothing. She
They were just her client, you know?
It was just a
It was just a gig, you know?
Well, if anything occurs,
please let us know,
and we'll be in touch as soon as
there are any developments.
Hold on, love.
I'm coming for you.
Yeah, the guy's still here.
Something tells me it won't be
for long.
Looks like he's headed your way.
All right. Thank you.
Yes, I appreciate you talking with me.
So, I think we're right to treat
Mr Stableforth's death
as a possible murder, sir.
There's a lot more going on the day
he died than the family told us.
Go on.
So, I charged the victim's phone
last night and saw there was
one number he called
13 times the same day.
His lawyer.
What were the calls about?
Gerald Stableforth's company,
Hitman Fashions,
has been in financial difficulty
for some time.
How bad?
$4 million in the red.
Yeah. The night he fell to his death,
Mr Stableforth had decided to
declare bankruptcy.
But according to his lawyer,
Benjamin Stableforth was very much
against it.
He attempted a corporate takeover
bid to stop it happening
get the company under his
own control - but it failed.
We need to talk to Benjamin
Stableforth ASAP.
Mr Chadwick! Mr Chadwick.
Dl Neville Parker.
Welcome to Saint Marie.
This is DS Naomi Thomas.
Thank you. Thank you for
coming to pick me up.
Any news on Deb?
No, sorry. No developments.
But I'll update you fully when
we get to the hotel.
Yeah, yeah. Let's get there.
Uh, well, actually, there is one
other person
we're waiting to pick up.
To do with the case?
No, not as such.
It's actually, uh
There he is!
My favourite son!
It's my mum.
Your mum? Yeah.
Well, she was due to fly in
for Christmas, so I
Come on, you.
You give your mother a big hug.
Yeah. Hi, Mum. Hello.
Oh, that feels good! Yeah
Oh! And this must be Naomi.
Am I right? Yep.
It's lovely to finally meet you,
Mrs Parker.
Oh, you too, sweetheart.
Neville didn't tell me how beautiful
you are.
Aw, that Oh.
Oh. We're hugging, as well
And who do we have here?
Oh. Uh, this is Dave Chadwick.
He's connected to the case.
My fiance's gone missing.
Oh, Dave.
You poor, poor thing.
You must be worried sick.
Not doing too well, actually.
Oh, you poor love.
I reckon you need a hug more
than anyone.
An extra big one.
Come on.
Thank you, Mrs Parker.
Melanie. Please.
OK. Come on, Mum.
Come on, Dave. Dave
So, we've leafleted the island with
these missing person flyers,
and we've even managed to get a copy
into the local newspaper,
so we're pulling out all the stops.
Right. And, uh, you know,
what can I do?
I no terms of what?
I no terms of getting stuck in
and looking for Deb.
You know, one more body's only
going to help, right?
Truthfully, Dave, the best thing
you can do is probably
just stay here and let us get on
with our job.
I promise we'll keep you updated
with any developments. Right?
Erm Dave Chadwick, checking in.
Erm Excuse me.
I'm going to need to do some
Quite a lot, actually.
OK just up there.
PANTlNG: So, this is your bed here.
I'm in the second bedroom
round the back.
This is the bathroom.
There is the, well, the beach.
Wi-Fi is intermittent, at best.
Oh, and there is a lizard
called Harry who may
or may not come and say hello.
I love it, Nev.
It's even better than the photos
you sent me. Yeah.
Hey, you not put your decks up yet?
Oh No, I've got to go and
interview this suspect, Mum. Oh.
I'll speak to you later.
PHONE BEEPS Yes, Marlon? Oh
I'm on my way.
Hello, love.
How are you coping living
with that one, then, eh?
Hi. Hello. Can I give you one of these?
Have you seen her at all?
There you are. Thank you.
Hi Hi.
Have you seen her at all?
Oh, hiya. Do you recognise her?
It was Darlene who found it, sir,
just on the ground over there.
The clasp's broken.
Like it maybe got ripped off
or something.
But also
There are some small specks
of blood on it.
OK. Let's get this over to the lab.
And check with Dave Chadwick
if this is definitely his
fiance's bracelet.
OK, sir.
Well, it's definitely hers.
Oh Man, not her again.
Sir, she has been following us
around all day.
Jabbering on.
You're sure it's hers, honey?
I noticed it at lunch.
I thought it looked nice.
We appreciate the help, Ms Biggs,
but this is a confidential
police investigation.
Oh, right. Sorry.
I'm just interested in this
kind of thing, you know.
I was saying to Marlon Officer
Pryce I'm a big crime buff.
Cop shows, that kind of thing.
I binge 'em nonstop.
That's great, Riley,
but you're going to have to keep
your distance from this
investigation, OK?
Catch you later, Marlon.
Why would she say that?
You want to take this to the lab?
At least she won't be able
to get to you there.
If that is Debbie Clumson's bracelet,
the fact there's blood on it,
that's not reassuring, is it?
And you haven't found anything else
that might explain what happened to her?
All I can tell you, Inspector,
is that she definitely is not here.
Then where the hell is she?
Have you seen this woman?
Hi. Excuse me. Have you seen her?
Do you recognise that face?
Thanks for your time.
Why have I never done this before,
All those Christmases
I've spent back in England,
and I've been missing all of this!
It's so good to finally meet you,
You, too.
Oh, and before I get too tiddly
and forget, I just
I just want to say thank you.
I know how much you've done
for Neville.
Keeping an eye on him.
Oh, you don't need to thank me.
He's become a good friend of us all.
How's he been
recently, you know, after
everything that's happened?
It still plays on his mind, I think.
I've noticed he's been a bit distant
on the phone sometimes.
He was never going to get
over it quickly.
Not something like that.
I know.
Look, I'm not going to waste
your time and pretend there
weren't hostilities between me
and Dad the day that he died.
Well, I think that's very wise,
Mr Stableforth,
because we know what you tried
to do.
I admit I thought Dad trying
to liquidate the company
was a catastrophic mistake.
I was doing everything in my power
to stop it from happening.
Because we would have
lost everything.
Our business properties, our homes,
they'd all have to be sold.
Not to mention the damage it would
do to our reputation.
But according to Mr Stableforth's
legal and accounting teams,
bankruptcy was inevitable.
Well, I respectfully disagree.
So, what was YOUR plan to deal
with the situation?
Over the last year, we've been
developing a new product line,
branching out from clothes
into this.
Attack Stain Remover.
An old contact of Dad developed
a new enzyme technology for us.
I've even brought you some samples
so you can see how good it is.
And this is why you didn't want
the company to fold?
I know if we could keep going
just a little longer,
we could get ourselves out of the red.
Look, it's all there.
Business plans, financial projections.
I'm just trying to be as transparent
as I can with you.
Well, we appreciate the cooperation,
Mr Stableforth.
But none of what you're telling us
actually changes the fact
that with your father dead,
you get everything you wanted.
Hitman Fashions is still
an active company.
And your new business venture
lives to fight another day.
You still think Dad was murdered?
It wasn't just a tragic accident?
We're very much not ruling it out.
Well, then let me assure you,
I would not kill my own father
just to take control of
the family business.
We'll need to see all
the company's accounts.
Tell me, what plans do you have
while you're on the island?
Oh, you know
paint the town red, Catherine.
And blue, and green!
Well, the Commissioner, Selwyn, is
having a Christmas Eve drinks party.
I will make sure you're on
the guest list.
And tomorrow we're having
a Christmas carnival parade
here in Honore.
I like the sound of that.
Hey, hang about.
There's that fella whose fiance's
gone missing.
Oh, goodness, he's caught the sun.
Hiya, Dave!
You all right? You look a bit
hot and bothered.
Yeah, I'm I'm fine, Melanie.
I've just
I've just been handing out these
flyers all day, in the heat.
It's just a bit
I'll get him a glass of water.
Come sit down a minute.
Thanks, Catherine.
Thank you.
No sign of her yet, then?
No, not yet.
But, you know, it's
It's early days still, right?
Looks like I've timed this just right.
You knocking off? Hi, Mum.
How's your day been?
I feel like I've abandoned you.
Oh, don't worry yourself.
Catherine's been looking
after me royally.
Are you tipsy?
Only the tiniest smidge.
The rum out here's very potent,
isn't it?
Hey, do you fancy driving us home?
I've got a surprise waiting for you.
Come on, then.
I just had a couple of tea punches.
Tea punches?
Yeah, they're tiny.
They're very strong, Mum.
What are they?
They're rum? It's rum?
They're rum, yes! Pure rum.
Mum, on a scale of one to ten,
how worried should I be?
Oh, at least a nine.
Just a couple of steps now.
And open your eyes.
When did you do all this?
This afternoon.
With a little help from Catherine.
That's amazing, Mum. Thank you.
Oh, and she left us some
Caribbean creme punch.
Can't let that go to waste.
Mum, I'm sorry I'm not going to see
much of you these next few days,
what with the case.
Don't be daft.
Duty calls.
Anyway, my diary's already fully booked.
Catherine's taking me to
the carnival tomorrow,
and she's organised us dates,
a couple of hunky Frenchmen.
Ooh la la!
Why am I not surprised?
Well, it should really be
you going out on dates,
not your old mother.
Yeah, I I don't really know
if I'm ready for that yet.
After everything.
Sophie? You've not really talked
about that much since it happened.
Well, there's not much to say, is there?
Isn't there?
Catherine reckons it still plays
on your mind.
Yeah, maybe a bit.
But, you know
Hey, come on, are we having this
punch or what? Of course.
Cheers, love. Cheers, Mum.
I've missed you so much.
I've missed you, too.
Is everything good?
Yeah, everything's good.
Inspector. Sir. Over here.
So, let's put the bar over there
By the fountain.
As you can see, I'm tied up making
preparations for my party,
but I, nonetheless, wanted
to check in on the case.
Of course, sir.
All looks like it's coming
together nicely.
I'm looking forward to attending.
You're still planning on coming, then?
I am, sir, yes.
You did invite me.
Try not to embarrass yourself.
There will be a number of
local dignitaries attending.
I don't want a repeat of
the Christmas tree fiasco.
I'll do my best, sir.
Actually, sir, I should just say,
that wasn't my fault.
There were these two young guys
Yes, yes, yes.
So, the postmortem is in and it
confirms what we suspected.
Victim died due to injuries
sustained during a fall.
Nothing to suggest foul play.
No bruising or fingermarks
indicating he was pushed?
No. But that doesn't mean
that he wasn't.
I still think in light of Debbie
Clumson's subsequent disappearance,
we can't rule out the possibility
that Gerald Stableforth was murdered.
What if the physical evidence
points solely to his death
being an accident?
You're going to have a hell
of a task proving it was murder.
It's Naomi, sir.
Naomi, what have you got?
Been here all night, then?
But don't worry.
I'm feeling wide awake and raring to go.
Plus, it was totally worth it.
OK. What have you got?
So, I saw this guy arrive last night.
He's Mariana Stableforth's fiancee.
They're recently engaged, but there
was just something off about him.
Alarm bells start ringing?
I found his name on Mariana's
social media.
Callen Shaw, originally from
but seems to have a presence on
the London art scene,
which I assume is how they both met.
What makes you say that?
Well, Mariana graduated from art
college two years ago,
but hasn't made much of a go of it.
Her father's been bankrolling her
ever since.
So what's the score with the boyfriend?
He has form, sir, with a capital F.
Embezzlement, theft, forgery.
All around the UK art underworld.
I put a call into the UK
Fraud Department to see
if there was any further intel.
And it turns out Gerry Stableforth
was feeding them information
about Callen and his criminal
He was informing on his own
daughter's boyfriend?
According to the detective I spoke
with, Gerry hated Callen
wanted him nowhere near Mariana,
so he'd hired a private investigator
to dig up whatever dirt he could.
Gerry was desperate to put Callen
Work. Oh!
MUSIC: I Want To Go Home
by Derrick Morgan.
I wanna go
I wanna go home ♪
Your photocopying.
Thank you.
Much obliged.
If you see my momma
My dear sister and brother, yay
Tell, Lord,
oh, I want to go ♪
Callen's not a bad man.
Not really.
He's done some quite bad things,
I don't know how much you know
about his past.
I know everything.
And I'm sure you'll judge me
for that, but I don't care.
I love him.
What else matters?
We've spoken with the private
investigator your father hired.
He said you've already contacted
him, AFTER Mr Stableforth's death.
Told us how you've already
paid him off.
It was precautionary, nothing more.
Timely, though, considering he was
about to deliver evidence
on your fiance, that would most
likely see him put in prison.
Your father would have made
sure of it.
But now that he's dead,
it's all gone away,
just like that.
Look, I admit I had an idea
of what Daddy was up to, but I swear
I didn't know how close
he and this PI had got to
To destroying your
and your fiance's lives?
So if you didn't know just how bad
things were about to get,
what about Callen? Did he know?
No, of course not. How could he?
Ah, Mr Shaw.
Dl Parker. DS Thomas.
You arrived back here at the villa
last night, I heard?
I did.
Do you mind if I ask where
you'd been?
I think you just did.
Flew in from London.
And what were you doing in London?
This and that.
We're just trying to establish
where you were at the time
of Gerry Stableforth's death.
I see.
Well, now you know.
By the way, I'm not sure if Mariana
mentioned, but you should know now,
if poor old Gerry WAS pushed
into that ravine,
which I personally doubt,
there's no way it could have been
Mariana that did it.
Why is that?
Cos she was on a video call
with me when it happened.
How was your day? Yeah, it was good.
We had a barbecue and Debbie arrived.
Did you hear that? What?
It was probably just an animal or
something, babe.
Don't worry about it.
See you around, DI Parker.
Well, he seems like a nice chap.
Let's check with both their service
they were on that video
call at the time of the murder,
and check with immigration that
he was definitely in the UK. Sir.
The lab have emailed.
The traces of blood on the bracelet
we found
have been confirmed as Miss
Dave, it's Dl Parker.
Where are you right now?
Thanks for running me home
to change, sir.
Neville! Neville!
Over 'ere!
Excuse me. Sorry.
We didn't think we'd see you here.
You've not come for the carnival,
have you?
I'll get you both cocktails. Oh,
sorry, Mrs Parker.
We're here for work. Oh.
You having fun, then? I'm having
the time of my life.
Don't wait up tonight.
Catherine and me are going
bachata dancing.
Yes. It's my favourite dancers.
Claude and Jean Paul.
Mum, are they dates?
Just behave yourself, will you?
I will do no such thing!
If you can't be naughty on your
holidays, then when can you?
Am I right, Catherine? Of course.
Now, come on, let's go party. Yeah.
I find their accents very alluring.
It renders me quite helpless.
Sorry about that.
Oh, no need to apologise, Inspector.
Your mum is cool.
I love the way she can just put
herself out there like that.
It's amazing.
You know, truthfully,
she's had more dates on this island
in 24 hours than I've had in
two years.
It's just all so effortless.
It's enviable, really.
Oh, there's Dave.
Dave! Dave!
Hey, let's go somewhere
and talk privately.
Dave, you really need to use some
suntan lotion.
That doesn't look healthy.
Come on.
If Deb's blood is on there
how do you think it got there?
Well, we don't know.
And while there may be a more
innocent explanation,
it does seem to suggest that
something happened to Debbie
the night she went missing.
Somebody hurt her, you mean?
Deb. We're sorry we didn't have
better news.
Look, we need to get back
to the investigation,
but why don't you just take a rest
and head back to the hotel?
We'll be in touch. OK?
Come on, Dave.
No retreat. No surrender.
Merci. Merci.
I know this woman.
I'm sure I do.
Two days ago, Debbie Clumson
seemingly vanished into thin air
not 20 minutes after
Gerald Stableforth had, I believe,
been pushed to his death.
There has to be a connection between
the two, Naomi. But what is it?
It must have something to do with
what the victim said
to Miss Clumson just before he
"It's behind you." Possibly.
There's nothing else to suggest
a link between the two,
other than a few work-based
video calls they shared.
But what could he have meant by it?
"It's behind you."
Saint Marie police,
Officer Price speaking.
Good afternoon, Mar
Officer Price.
You don't know me, and I wish
to remain anonymous.
It's you, isn't it, Riley?
Who? I don't know any Riley.
I recognise your voice, OK?
I've heard it so much the last
couple of days, how could I not?
Well, I didn't think you'd know it
was me
I put a piece of cloth over
the mouthpiece to disguise my voice.
That's not a real thing, all right?
They only do that in the movies.
I can't believe I've blown me own cover.
So? Come on, what do you want?
Well, I can't tell you now you know
it's me, can I? Why not?
Riley, are you calling to pass on
some information?
Something that might be of use
to the case?
But you have to promise
you won't tell anyone we spoke,
especially not Auntie Bella.
Is that who this is about?
Promise, Marlon?
I promise, OK?
The evening Uncle Gerry was killed,
in fact, not long before it happened,
I saw Bella angry with him.
Like, seriously angry.
Look, there are children, Gerry, and
you're going to ruin their lives.
I don't know what she was referring
but she loves those kids so much.
Too much.
She'd do anything for them.
So you think it was Bella who killed
Gerry to protect them?
It could be.
She looked so angry.
Look, the last thing I heard her say
that night was
I will do everything and anything
I can
to stop you from destroying them.
So that's why you've been hanging
around, bothering me?
I was scared of anyone finding out
if I spoke with you.
There's already been one murder.
I don't want to be murder victim
number two.
He was a good man, Marlon.
Uncle Gerry.
He did so much to help me.
That family
it was horrible to him.
The lot of them.
He didn't deserve to die.
This is Riley's doing, isn't it?
We're not at liberty to disclose
Silly girl.
She can't keep her beak out.
You don't deny it, then,
that you confronted your husband
the evening he fell to his death?
So you're still convinced
it's murder, I take it?
That one of us lot killed him?
Increasingly so.
Gerry and I were married
for over 30 years.
If I'd resorted to murder every time
we had a row,
he'd have been dead a long time ago.
So what were you referring to
when you said he was going to ruin
Benjamin and Mariana's lives?
Inspector, I know that you've spoken
to them both already.
You know what Gerry was planning.
Benjamin's business, you mean?
Trying to get Callen put in prison?
Everything that mattered to
those kids, he wanted to take away.
I mean, what sort of parent does that?
He should have just let them be.
Let them have their happiness.
And when you said you'd do everything
to stop him destroying them,
did you mean that?
The instinct we have as mothers
to protect our children
it can be overwhelming sometimes.
But it wasn't me that murdered him.
And I can prove it.
After we argued, I was upset.
I needed some air, so I went outside.
The chef that we'd hired, Andre,
was packing up.
He offered me a cigarette.
It was the exact same time when
Well, you know.
We'll need to get your chef's
contact details,
so we can confirm what you're
saying. Of course.
I really do think it's time you left
me and my family alone now,
don't you?
Not one of us is guilty of murder.
And you're sure of the time?
All right, Andre,
thanks for talking with me.
So all of our suspects have alibis.
Bella Stableforth was outside
the front of the house talking
to the chef.
Benjamin was inside the house
in his bedroom.
Mariana was on a video call
with her boyfriend, Callen,
who wasn't even in the country.
Have we had that verified yet?
Immigration confirmed that Callen
Shaw flew to London a week ago
and returned the day after
Gerald Stableforth's death.
So none of them could have done it.
one of them could.
Riley Biggs.
She claims she heard the scream
from inside the villa,
but no-one can vouch fr her.
Marlon, did you get any further
with her background check?
Left school at 16, worked a few
different jobs
until interning for her uncle.
Nothing close to a motive.
So to sum up
four of our suspects had strong
but were nowhere near the ravine at
the time
of Gerald Stableforth's death.
The only one person who could have
done it has no motive whatsoever.
None of which explains why
Debbie Clumson
disappeared shortly
after the murder took place,
nor, fr that matter, where she is now.
I mean, couldn't really get much
worse, could it?
Hi, Mum. Everything all right?
I don't believe it.
It were at the carnival. He just
suddenly keeled over, collapsed.
I reckon it's via heatstroke.
For the live of
Doctor said he just needs
and some corticosteroids
for the sunburn.
I told him to go back to the hotel.
I told him to let us get on with
the case.
He's an idiot. No, he's not.
He's just
in love. Well, more fool him.
Hey, you don't mean that, Nev.
DI Parker.
Is there any more news on Deb?
Er, no, Dave.
Not yet. Sorry.
I'd better get back to it.
I made a right hash of things.
No, Dave.
You couldn't have done more since
your Debbie went missing.
I kind of meant before all that.
Things haven't been going so well
with us lately, you know?
I think she was thinking of ending
it with me.
I could be a bit crap, you know, lazy.
Not thinking about what Deb wants.
I know I should try harder than I do.
And now because of me being
a useless lummox,
all this has happened. None of this
is your fault, Dave.
Yes, it is. If I'd just
come out here the way Deb
had wanted me to.
I would have been there that
you know, and she wouldn't have
where wherever the hell she
If you've been a bit crap,
you wouldn't be the first man.
Just don't let it happen again,
But you need to know, and I say this
to you without a shred of doubt
if there's one man in the world
who can find your Debbie
and bring her home safely
it's my son.
Er, can I help you, madam?
It's Darlene I've come to see.
Oh. This way.
Daloris, what are you doing here?
Is everything OK?
I know this person, Darlene.
Are you sure about that?
So how do you know Debbie Clumson?
I didn't know that was her name,
but Right. But you've met her?
I'm sure I have.
I know I have.
But I can't rightly recall where it
Daloris has been diagnosed
with dementia.
She sometimes has to work
a little harder to remember.
Daloris, this is our phone number
If you remember anything else,
please just call us straight away,
It's behind you.
I'm sorry?
It's behind you.
Er, why do you say that, Daloris?
I think that's what I heard her say.
I'm sure of it.
"It's behind you."
Yes. This is what I heard her keep
But nothing more than that?
Inspector, why don't I take
Daloris home,
where she can relax without us
staring at her?
See if she remembers any more?
Yeah. Good idea, Darlene.
Thanks, Daloris.
That can't be a coincidence.
Daloris and Debbie must have
interacted at some point.
Which means Debbie Clumson is still
definitely out there somewhere.
Wake up!
You know you work too hard?
My sister made some Christmas bonbons.
I reckon you need a bit of a sugar hit.
It's been two nights in a row
I haven't been to bed, Marlon.
I don't know if I can keep going.
Come on, Sarge.
If anybody's got it in them,
it's definitely you.
Oh, I'm shattered.
I've been at the hospital all night.
How is he?
Worried about his fiance.
Room for a little one?
That's the thing, when you love
someone, you can't help but worry.
You're nothing if not subtle,
are you, Mum?
Talk to me, Nev.
Why does everyone's live life seem
so easy
and it's always such a struggle
for me?
I don't think Dave's finding it easy
right now.
No. And I wouldn't wish what
he's going through on anyone.
But it's real, isn't it?
It's a real solid live that he's got.
Whenever I meet someone,
it always seems so fleeting.
Just like it's never really meant
to last.
I get it, Nev.
You've had a bad run these last
few years.
Things not working out with Florence
and then her, Sophie.
I mean, there's being unlucky in love,
but it just feels like I'm cursed.
And I know you mean well telling me
to go out there and find someone,
but maybe it's just not meant to happen.
Maybe I need to just accept that.
Don't say that, Nev.
Everybody deserves to be with
I really need to crack on with this.
Not writing a pantomime, are you?
What? "It's behind you."
I remember you and Izzy shouting
that out
at the Palace in Manchester
years ago now.
Mum, you're a genius.
Hey, guys.
It is strangely pertinent
for this time of year, isn't it?
What is, sir?
That phrase. "It's behind you."
How do you mean, Inspector?
Well, it's an old pantomime saying.
Does that have any bearing
of our case? I think maybe.
I think maybe that's how
Debbie Clumson was able to disappear
without being seen.
It was by hiding in plain sight.
Because the fact of the matter is,
there's only one way she could have
left that villa and,
and if that's what happened,
there's only one place she could
have gone.
Darlene, can you find out if Daloris
had a hospital visit recently?
I know she did.
A 9.30 appointment the morning after
Gerald Stableforth's death.
Of course.
Is there anything to suggest that
Debbie Clumson
was at Daloris's house?
Actually, sir, I was just
about to call you.
We were just talking and Daloris
seems to think that Debbie
might have been staying
here with her.
But there's no evidence
of that in the house.
She was here.
She's gone now.
She left.
If I'm right about this, then
Debbie Clumson
is about to rematerialize
any minute now.
And do you know where, sir?
Well, I'm taking an educated guess,
but since she hasn't turned up
here and we've had no word from
the hospital, suggests there's
really only one place she
could possibly be.
And where's that, Inspector?
Back where it all started.
M G.
She's just there, see?
Hi, Debbie.
I'm Dl Neville Parker.
DS Naomi Thomas.
I wondered if you'd turn up.
I know we haven't met before,
but please believe me when I say
it's really good to see you.
I'm so sorry if I caused a fuss.
Oh, no, you you haven't.
Everyone's just been a bit
worried, that's all.
Do you think you're up to telling us
what's gone on the last few days?
Where would you like me to start?
At the beginning, please.
The evening you found
Gerry Stableforth's body
at the bottom of the ravine.
The last person to see
you was Riley.
You left her to go and check
on the ambulance?
Yes, erm
I'll go and see what's happening,
I was heading back to the villa
when I noticed something
here on the bench.
It was a document folder.
The reason I was curious was
because I'd seen Gerry arguing
with someone and he was waving
something similar, but not long
before we found him.
Do you know who he was with?
So, I came over to have a look.
I picked it up, looked inside.
That's when I felt this hard,
sharp pain in my head.
But when I came around.
I couldn't remember anything.
How I'd got here, what my name was.
All I knew was that I felt scared
and that someone
had tried to hurt me.
So what did you do?
I saw blue flashing lights
in the distance.
I thought maybe it was a police car.
So I went over to go and see
and everyone was just
stood around and I knew that
someone there had hurt me.
I felt scared. I wasn't safe.
I knew I had to get away.
So you crept into the ambulance
and hid there.
And you stayed there while it drove
to the hospital.
And then you got out?
I didn't know what to do.
It was so busy.
There were so many people there.
And I just wanted a moment alone
to try and get my memory back
before I spoke to anyone.
I mean, I felt so stupid.
I couldn't even remember
my own name.
And that's where you met Daloris?
She'd had an appointment there, and
when she was leaving, she saw me.
And I guess she could see that
there was something up.
I was just sat there and I told
her, " I don't know who I am"
and, bless her, she said
she knew how I felt.
The same thing happened
to her sometimes.
So she offered to take you
to her home, to look after you
until your memory came back.
And you've stayed there since then?
Trying to remember?
Yeah. I slept mostly for the
first few days, I guess
because of the head injury.
And when I was awake, all I could
hear going around in my head
was this voice saying,
" It's behind you."
I didn't know what that meant.
And then yesterday evening,
I was in the bathroom, and the first
proper memory came back to me.
I was here.
I'd found the document folder,
and I remember the villa
and that I was here for work.
And I just thought if I could find
my way back here, then maybe
I would be able to remember
the rest.
So that's what you did.
You came back here.
And the folder that you found
on the bench,
what was inside it?
Papers, er, documents.
I only saw the top few.
And then there were all
these photographs.
Photographs of what?
Of me.
So, congratulations, all of you.
You found our missing person.
Yeah, but we still have a murder
case to solve.
Although at least we are now in
possession of some information
we didn't previously have.
As well as Gerald Stableforth
being pushed over the ravine
that evening, someone also
attacked Debbie Clumson.
Was it the same person?
We can only assume it has
something to do with the contents
of the folder Debbie found.
Somebody did not want her
to see what was in it.
It might explain why
Gerry Stableforth was murdered.
I mean, it's got to be a possibility.
Debbie said Gerry was arguing
with someone shortly
before he was killed.
And then she discovered
the very same folder
Gerry had been waving
around during the argument.
That folder must be the key
to solving this case.
If only we had it.
We should search the villa
one last time.
I know we're clutching at straws,
but it's all we've got.
Let's do it.
Are you done, Inspector?
Can we have our home back now?
Or is there somewhere else you
want to poke your nose?
Actually, Mrs Stableforth, there's
one place we haven't looked yet.
What are you doing?
Be careful, that's valuable!
"It's behind you."
It's behind
Behind you.
Immigration confirmed that
Callen Shaw flew to London
a week ago and returned the day
after Gerald Stableforth's death.
Well, Mariana graduated from art
college two years ago,
but hasn't made much of a go of it.
Her father's been
bankrolling her ever since.
Is this a joke or what?
I'd seen Gerry arguing with someone
and he was waving something similar.
Dad trying to liquidate the company
was a catastrophic mistake.
I was doing everything in my power
to stop that from happening.
$4 million in the red.
I will do everything and anything I
to stop you from destroying them.
Not one of us is guilty of murder.
It's behind you.
Marlon, Darlene, I need you
to collect all the suspects'
mobile phones. Contact the
lab and see if they
can get a technician
over here straight away.
Coming right up, sir.
Naomi, I need you to contact
the local sorting office and see
if they're expecting a parcel
delivery to this address.
I'm on my way. Commissioner, if you
would be so good,
we need to contact the
UK Constabulary in Woking.
Leave it with me.
You can definitely prove
Gerald Stableforth's murder?
You have the evidence?
I believe I do, sir.
Riley Biggs. Yes, sir?
How do you fancy helping me out?
What, seriously? Yeah.
I just need you to head dawn
to the ravine,
and when you get there,
just scream. Scream?
Scream your heart out.
Thank you all fr bearing with us.
I think we're about ready to start.
the truth of this case boils
down to one simple fact.
Gerald Stableforth died
that fateful day
because he uncovered a secret.
A criminal act taking place
right under his nose.
And it was his desire to do
the right thing to stop that
from continuing that led
to him being murdered.
What criminal act?
Theft, perpetrated on an
innocent victim
Debbie Clumson.
These screen grabs of Debbie taken
during a video call show her sitting
at home in her dining room.
But, as these enhanced photos
show, it was what was sitting
behind her that was more
interesting to whoever took them,
specifically this vase.
Now, according to other documents
in this folder, this isn't just some
cheap reproduction ornament.
This is a very, very rare,
very, very valuable.
Ming Dynasty original.
It's worth close to $6 million,
which is around about
the kind of money that this family
could do with to help them
out of the financial black hole
they find themselves in.
Mariana, you're the artist.
You spent three years studying
the subject, which is why I assume
it was you that first noticed
the valuable antique
in Debbie's video calls.
Then, after you'd done some
research, I think you and Benjamin
and Callen came up with a plan
to steal a $6 million vase
from an unwitting victim.
You invited Debbie and her fiance
out here to the Caribbean
fr your Christmas party,
thus ensuring that the house
would be empty,
so that Callen
could then travel to the UK at
the same time,
break into the property,
and steal the vase.
I've already liaised with the police
in Miss Clumson's home town
and they accessed the property.
There was no initial signs of
a break-in, but closer inspection
suggested that the back door
lock had been picked.
They emailed a photograph they took.
Showing the vase apparently
still in place
on the sideboard.
And yet the same object also
appeared to have made its way
here to Saint Marie.
Now, one of these two vases is
a forgery made by Mariana.
And I think it's safe to assume
that the one that was left back
in Woking is the fake.
And this one right here
is the original.
The UK Police dusted the house
for prints and took DNA samples,
which I'm sure we'll be able
to match with yours,
Mr Shaw.
And we'll be doing the same
with this vase
and the crate it travelled in.
Do what you want.
Which brings us to the evening
of Gerry Stableforth's death
and the sequence of events
that led to its occurrence.
This folder, the fact that Debbie
Clumson found this folder
after she'd seen Gerald waving it
around during an argument
suggests to me that he had
uncovered the intended scam.
I think he'd found this folder
earlier that day,
realised what his two children
were plotting,
and threatened to come
clean to Debbie.
We believe that's what the
argument was about.
He confronted Benjamin and Mariana
and told them what he'd uncovered
and his desire to be honest
with Debbie, not only risking
potentially both your arrests, but
also denying you the $6 million
you needed to restore your
family's wealth.
All through this case, we've assumed
that Gerald was only arguing
with one person, but why
couldn't it be two?
Because you were both there
with him during the argument
that evening, weren't you?
I'm disappointed!
And in that moment, with your hopes
of financial security dashed,
you decided that there was only one
way of salvaging the situation.
Couldn't have been us.
We were nowhere near the ravine
when it happened.
He's right. We have alibis.
Except it's not quite true,
though, is it?
Because the time when everyone here
at the villa heard Gerry scream
wasn't the time that he actually
fell to his death.
It can't be, because no-one
who was here at the villa
could have heard Gerry
scream during his fall.
It's not possible.
You know that Riley and I conducted
a little experiment earlier
where I sent a dawn to the ravine,
and she screamed her lungs out.
We all stayed here.
But I didn't hear anything.
So it begs the question, just how
did everyone at the villa
that evening manage to
hear Gerry scream?
Benjamin, this is your mobile phone.
Our lab technician has managed
to recover a deleted file recorded
at exactly 7:45 on the evening
of the murder.
Conveniently it's still connected
to the Bluetooth speakers
on the terrace.
Shall we have a listen?
That's Gerry! Please!
That is your father's scream.
Mariana, Benjamin recorded
as he fell to his death.
Because one of you pressed the
record button on this phone
All you have to do is press record.
While the other pushed him
into the ravine, didn't you?
It wasn't me that killed Dad.
I just did what Benjamin told me to do.
Shut up, Mariana. Just shut up.
So you just stood and watched,
holding a phone while your brother
murdered your own father.
You then both hurried back here
to the villa.
Made sure you could provide
yourselves with alibis.
You heard that too?
Why would you do this?
How could you?
Which leaves only one loose
end to tie up.
Which one of you was it that
attacked Debbie Clumson
the same evening?
Well, we assume, Mariana,
since it was you that made
the Christmas tree installation,
it was also you that hid
the folder inside it.
After Benjamin came back to
the house and told me and Mum
about Dad's fall, I was making my
way to the ravine when I saw
Debbie with that folder and
I just panicked.
When Benjamin saw what I'd done
The police are on their way.
You have to deal with that.
He When I said deal with it,
I meant destroy it,
Mariana, you utter fool.
This folder.
This folder and this phat.
I think it was playing on Gerry's mind
just before he was pushed to his death.
And then when Debbie approached
him and asked if he was all right.
He knew he only had a few
moments to live.
Those final words he said to her.
It's behind
Behind you.
"It's behind you."
He was trying to help her.
He was trying to save her from being
the victim of a $6 million robbery.
Let's make the first arrests.
Benjamin Stableforth,
I'm arresting you for the murder
of Gerald Stableforth.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
Mum, I'm sorry!
I'm coming with you. Wait!
You OK?
Well, just to say it was a privilege
working with you, partner.
You too, Officer Pryce.
Marlon's fine.
$6 million?
Flippin' 'eck!
There is some other news
that we have to mention.
Your fiance, Dave,
he's on the island. What?
He's here at this hospital, in fact.
Oh, he'll be fine. It was heatstroke.
Why is he here?
And what is he doing in the heat?
He hates the heat.
He was looking fr you, actually.
Walked every inch of the island,
as far as I can tell,
just trying to find you.
I'll leave you both to it.
Oh, it's OK. It's OK, it's OK.
It turns out you have been a bit
of a hero by all accounts.
I don't know about all that.
But I'd like to try and be
a bit more of one,
if you'll give me a chance.
I've really missed you, Dave.
I love you.
I love you, Debbie Clumson.
Come here.
Ah! Oh, I'm sorry.
Don't give up on it.
I know it's daunting, comes
ready-made with all sorts of
pain and heartache, but
it can be so worth it.
Promise me you'll keep trying.
I promise.
The vase that I inherited from
Great Aunt Sylvia,
it's worth $6 million.
Take it easy.
People laughing
Children shouting
Gifts start sharing
Parang music playing!
Parang! Parang! Parang!
We come out to have
a good time ♪
Thank you very much.
Well, I must say, Officer Curtis,
you're looking very nice this evening.
As are you, Officer Pryce.
Well, well
Oh, hey, team! You're here!
Oh, it's so good to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
Come, come, come, come.
Naomi's been enjoying the
cocktails, haven't you?
Ah, yes. You guys have got to try this.
It's called the Crotherin's Cricketer.
The Erm
I mean, it's
Catherine's Christmas Cracker.
Sarge, how many of those
have you had?
Only two, but it seems to be
going straight to her head.
I haven't slept in three days.
Right, then, I'm going to hit
the buffet.
You want me to get you something?
Mm. Mm!
Some pick and mix would be great,
Darlene, thank you.
I'll come to give you a hand.
I wonder where the Inspector's got to.
Good evening. Hey.
Oh, no!
I'm guessing you didn't read
the invitation properly, sir.
Maybe not all of it.
Everyone here's dressed to the nines.
Apart from you.
OK. I better go home and get changed
before the Commissioner sees me.
The Commissioner's seen me.
Oh, come on, Inspector.
Hi. Excuse me.
Nothing you can do about it now except
get a drink down you
and make the best of it.
OK. Thanks, Naomi.
I'm going to go and lurk in the
shadows, out of sight
and Commissioner's mind.
Good luck.
I wish I was more like her.
Who, the Inspector's mum?
I mean, nothing bothers her,
you know?
Does just as she pleases, kisses
who she wants when she wants.
I wish I was more like her, Marlon.
You don't need to be like anybody else.
You're cool just the way you are.
You think I'm cool just the way I am?
Yes, you are.
OK. What just happened?
Here where the sun is shining ♪
How's my ace detective son doing?
I've just seen Naomi kiss Marlon.
Well, good for them.
I guess.
And they're not the only ones,
are they, Mother?
You can't go to a Christmas
party and not have
a little kissy under the
mistletoe, Neville.
So, new year, new start, yeah?
I'm really glad you're here, Mum.
Oh, so am I.
I am so, so sorry fr the whole
dress code mix-up.
Especially after you specifically
asked me not
to ruin your evening again. Mm.
Tell me, Inspector
Yes, sir?
Did I see DS Thomas
kissing Officer Pryce?
I think maybe you did, sir.
I thought so.
Did I also see your mother
kissing someone herself?
That did also happen, sir.
Then I may have to find
some mistletoe myself.
Ha! Merry Christmas, sir.
And to you.
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