Death In Paradise (2011) s13e01 Episode Script

Series 13, Episode 1

Morning, Mrs Hudson.
Let me give you a hand.
All right.
There you go.
I'll come round and collect
my bag later, all right?
No, no!
I'm sorry I'm late.
It's 50 years now since Selwyn
Patterson first started work
as a police officer.
And in all that time, I can say,
without a doubt in my mind,
there wasn't one single day
he didn't give his all to the job.
..and the members
of this yacht club
..and indeed every single person
on the island
have so much to thank you for.
Because we are truly blessed
to have had a watchful eye
over us the last 50 years.
Let's raise our glasses
in a toast Commissioner Selwyn Patterson.
To Selwyn.
Put something in the diary
for Anthony, eh?
How's the man of the hour?
Enjoying yourself?
Shall I tell him what you said?
I merely observed it feels like
a big fuss over nothing.
How can you say that?
All these people are here for you.
Selwyn's always been too modest
for his own good.
Some would say that's a virtue.
That's why public service
suits this man so well.
He wouldn't last a day
out in the real world!
Oh, Lincoln!
- Ignore him, Selwyn!
Uh, sorry for the interruption,
I just wanted to check
you were happy
with how everything went.
Everything is tip-top, boy.
And do thank the chef for us.
I will.
Well done.
Collins is trying his best,
you know.
I'm all for second chances,
but Mr Collins has seen
the inside of our station cell
too many times
for me to believe
he's finally changed his ways.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I want to catch
a breath of fresh air.
I think I'll go join him.
I feel in a cigar kind of mood.
That you, Lincoln?
We need an ambulance, please.
Marlon, tell me
he's going to be all right.
They can't say for sure yet, sir.
Bullet's lodged in his back and he's
lost quite a lot of blood.
Those are the guys that got the
Commissioner out of the water.
They did chest compressions
till the paramedics arrived
and they managed to resuscitate him.
- One of us should go with him.
- I'll go.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
I can't believe this is happening.
I know.
This is Marlon Collins,
here at the yacht club.
Darlene, can you make a start
taking everyone's details?
And see if anyone saw
anything of note.
We'll need to see the crime scene.
Are you OK?
Trying to be.
I don't know
if you can hear me, sir
..but just hang in there.
People on this island,
they'd really like if you could
stick around a while longer.
You know?
And, um would I.
You know?
Apparently, the Commissioner was out
on his own having a drink
when it happened.
I assume the paramedics
removed his tie
when they attempted to resuscitate.
I don't understand.
Who would do this, sir?
Who would try
and kill the Commissioner?
Marlon, talk to me.
they're taking him
straight into surgery.
The doctors reckon
it's going to take a few hours.
OK, Marlon, stay there,
and let us know
as soon as there's any news, yeah?
Yeah, I can do that, sir.
I-I know it's been a tough day,
for all of us,
but we will need to discuss
the events of this afternoon.
Of course. We want to help.
You three were among the first
to arrive on the scene?
Selwyn went outside
to get some air.
I, er, I bought us both a couple of
when there was a sudden loud bang.
We weren't sure which direction
it had come from.
There! Over there!
And whoever did this
had gone by the time you got there?
When I had gone outside
to see what had happened
..I saw a man driving off
in a pick-up truck.
He was wearing,
er, grey overalls
..looked distracted,
- And the vehicle?
- Oh, it was a rusty old thing.
White, pouring out exhaust fumes.
I-I know that guy.
I saw him hanging around
just before the lunch.
Didn't happen to get
a registration number?
I'm sorry, I can't
Sorry, um, did you just say MR4?
I've just had a divert
from the station -
a woman reporting
a road traffic accident
not two miles from here.
The vehicle involved was
a white pick-up truck,
registration number MR4 AHY.
I think this could be our guy, sir.
Name's Alton Garvey.
He'd already crashed his truck
when the woman over there
was passing by.
When she came to check
to see if he was OK,
he panicked and ran off.
There's an empty bottle of rum
in the footwell,
so he may have been drunk,
but, more to the point,
that was on the passenger seat.
Well's quite small calibre.
Not much power.
It'll do the job, though.
Think we have ourselves
a prime suspect.
And what's all this stuff?
Uh, there's clothes, books,
all sorts.
We can go through it all
back at the station.
OK, well, let's get an officer
outside Alton Garvey's house
in case he turns up there.
We'll put out an all-ports warning.
Is there a mobile phone we can
He left his phone on the dashboard.
We can start going through
recent calls and texts.
It's a cufflink
with the Saint Marie Yacht Club
It's good to see you.
You've had us all very worried.
Uh, personally speaking,
I was pretty chill
about the whole thing, sir.
I knew you wasn't going anywhere.
Do you know who did it?
You don't need to be worrying
about that right now, sir.
- Let's just talk when
- Tell me who did it.
His name is Alton Garvey.
Do you recognise him, sir?
Maybe someone you arrested
back in the day,
looking for revenge?
I've never met this man my life.
All right, that's good to know.
Email us as soon as
the full results are through.
That was the lab, sir.
The bullet that was recovered
is the same calibre
as the gun that was found
in Alton Garvey's truck.
They're running tests now
to confirm it was fired
from that weapon.
We've also got a home address
for Mr Garvey,
but according to the neighbour,
he moved out two days ago.
Might explain
why his possessions were
in the back of his truck,
if he was moving house.
Sarge, I've just left a message
with the landlord
to call me first thing.
He might have a forwarding address
for our suspect.
His mobile phone is not
much use either.
No stored numbers, no texts.
Looks like he just has it
for emergencies.
SIGHS: And have we found out
anything about this dude yet?
Born and raised on the island,
no brothers or sisters,
lost his mother last year.
His father lives in the UK.
Also, the guy has no criminal
Prior to today, he hasn't once
crossed path with the police.
So what's the connection?
The Commissioner swears
he's never even heard
of Alton Garvey, let alone met him.
Then, why did he try to kill him?
It just doesn't make sense.
So, how are we going to
track him down, sir?
He has no phone, no address,
no friends or family
that we know of.
Well, when the press statement
is released
and people see his photo on the
hopefully someone will call in
with a sighting ASAP.
Look, it's been a hell of a day.
Let's all get some rest,
recharge our batteries.
We need to give this case our best.
It's the least he deserves.
Oh, and, guys
..thank you.
Considering what we had to deal with
you've all handled yourselves
I'm proud of you all.
Do you think maybe we should let
Catherine know what's happened?
She's over in Paris at the moment
with her daughter.
Yeah. Yeah, good idea.
I'll give her a call.
- Night, Inspector.
- Night, Darlene.
And are YOU feeling?
Yeah, of course,
I'm a very resilient young man,
if you hadn't noticed, DS Thomas.
I know you are,
..I also know how much
the Commissioner means to you.
That man changed my life, you know?
I guess you don't realise
how much you care about somebody
till you're about to lose them.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Sarge,
I don't think that's appropriate.
What? I was
I was going to give you a hug.
Felt like you were about to kiss me.
No, no, I-I wasn't.Well,
that's not what it looked like
from where I was standing.
I wasn't going to kiss you,
Marlon. Really?
Look, it's just like the Christmas
all over again, Sarge.
You can't help yourself.
I can totally help myself.
I mean, look, I get it.
I do have that effect
on women.Hmm.
I'm just irresistible, I guess.
All right, I see,
you're messing with me.
Very funny, Marlon. Ha-ha-ha!
Well, it's your loss.
Now you don't get a hug.
OK, no, no, no, no.
Sarge, I'm sorry.
I could really use a hug right
What have you got?
Nothing to suggest
a link to Alton Garvey,
as the Commissioner warned us,
..I found this in his study.
"I know your secret.
I know what you're up to.
"If you want me to keep quiet,
you need to pay me.
"Time is running out.
What's your decision?"
That's Jacqueline St Clair's
name at the top,
so it must be connected to her
in some way.
Why hasn't he mentioned this to us?
Mrs St Clair. This is unexpected.
Well, I was just passing,
so I thought
I'd check in on Selwyn.
Er, but I'd better get
out of your hair.
Actually, perhaps you should stay.
I think this might be relevant
to you.
I'm really not happy.
You've been snooping
around my home, Inspector.
Yes, sir, I can understand that,
and I'm very sorry,
but, with respect,
both of you should have
mentioned this to us
in light of what's happened.
Jacqueline came to see me
a couple of weeks ago,
told me she'd been receiving
threatening text messages.
I was reluctant
to go to the police officially,
so I asked Selwyn to do some digging.
May I ask what you were being
blackmailed over?
An affair.
SIGHS: Jacqueline
was having a relationship
with the yacht club manager,
a man called Romone Prince.
It was a stupid thing to do.
And did you manage to find
anything out
about who was doing this, sir?
The number was an
pay-as-you-go mobile.
I tried calling,
but the blackmailer never answered.
Mrs St Clair, would you mind
giving us a minute
and waiting for us outside?
Sir, could Alton Garvey be
the one behind this?
Was he the one blackmailing her?
And made an attempt on your life
because he thought you were
onto him?
But I wasn't onto him.
I had no idea
who the blackmailer was.
And how could Alton Garvey,
who has nothing
to do with the yacht club,
know what was going on
behind its closed doors?
How were things left
between you and Mrs St Clair?
We argued
at the lunch yesterday.
No! How dare you?!
Lincoln is a very dear friend of
I felt deeply unhappy
lying to him,
covering for Jacqueline's affair.
Sir, how long was this before
the attempt on your life?
But that has nothing to do
with what happened to me.
How can it?
Mrs St Clair.
Can I have a look at the messages
on your phone, please?
I want you to know
that I've never been unfaithful
before in my life.
We're not judging you, Mrs St Clair.
It's just that,
being married to someone
as successful as Lincoln,
you end up coming second to almost
everything else in his life.
It gets lonely.
What are you doing?
I'm replying to the blackmailer,
- telling them you'll pay the money.
- What?!
The only way we'll find out
who this person is
if we draw them out
into the open.
Let us know if you hear back.
We'll take it from there.
So could this all be connected
to the shooting?
There has to be a reason
this cufflink was found
near Alton Garvey's truck.
You think maybe someone else
was at the crash site?
I don't know, but we have a man who
attempted to take the Commissioner's
without the slightest hint of
motive. Whereas at the yacht club,
there's all sorts going on -
infidelity, betrayal, blackmail.
NEVILLE ON TV: The investigation is
in its early stages,
but we are working hard to bring it
to a swift conclusion.
That's why we're looking
to speak with this man
in connection with the shooting.
His name is Alton Garvey.
If you know his whereabouts
or see him,
please contact us immediately.
Please do not approach him.
He may be dangerous.
So, this yacht club manager
that Jacqueline St Clair was having
an affair with, Romone Prince,
let's get his side of the story.
Inspector, lab results are through.
The gun that we found
in Alton Garvey's truck
definitely belongs to him,
and the lab have confirmed
it is the same gun
that fired the bullet
the surgeons recovered.
Also, sir, I found this
in one of the bags
in Alton Garvey's truck.
In the personal ads,
there were a few
rental properties circled,
but at the front
"Yacht club celebrates
Police Commissioner."
Well, I guess that's how he knew
where the Commissioner
was going to be. But why?
Why head over there
to try and kill him
if there's no prior connection
between them?
we have a sighting
of Alton Garvey.
Near a convenience store
close to Turtle Beach.
- How long ago?
- About ten minutes ago.
OK, you and Marlon head
over there and scout the area.
it's him. It's Alton Garvey.
He wants to speak with you.
He must be using a public payphone.
Darlene, get a map.
Marlon, put him on speakerphone.
Mr Garvey,
this is Detective Inspector
Neville Parker.
You're wrong about me.
I-I'm not dangerous.
I'm sorry?
On the news -
I heard you myself,
saying I'm a dangerous man.
But you did shoot someone,
Mr Garvey.
I know what I did.
Let's Let's just talk this out.
I'm listening.
I'm here to help.
Tell me what happened.
I didn't mean to.
But you did drive
to the yacht club that day
with a gun, didn't you?
I w-wasn't thinking straight.
Why did you shoot
Commissioner Patterson?
I don't know why I shot him.
All right?
I-I-I don't know why.
I don't want to talk any more.
No, no, Alton! Wait!
So if even the guy
who shot the Commissioner
doesn't know why he did it,
how the heck are we going
to work it out?
Yeah, he was already long gone
by the time we got here, sir.
We're going to have a drive around,
see if we can get eyes on him,
he could have went
in any direction -
along the beach, up the hills.
If I'm right,
and the reason for the shooting
lies inside the yacht club,
could we be looking at a hit?
Could someone have hired a hit man
to shoot the Commissioner?
If that's the case,
they chose a pretty inept man
to do it.
The guy was drunk, got
witnessed leaving the scene,
then crashed his truck
and left the gun behind.
Yeah, I guess Alton Garvey
isn't exactly screaming
"professional killer", is he?
..turns out
Romone Prince has taken
a sabbatical.
That's why Mr Collins
is covering his position
- at the clubhouse.
- So where is he?
On a 12-month round-the-world
sailing trip.
Departed two weeks ago.
I've emailed and left a voicemail
for him to call me back.
Any luck?
OK, well, let's not lose faith.
We were close.
We'll catch him.
Er, if we're going to catch
visiting hours,
we should get going soon.
I'm sorry, sir,
but it is the elephant in the room,
so I have to ask, um,
what's with the bear?
My niece Ruby sent it to me.
It's, um, a get-well bear.
Maybe you could take it down
to the children's ward for me.
Hey, bear. All right.
So, um, how are you feeling,
Enough of this small talk.
I want to know
how the case is progressing.
Are we closer to arresting
the man who shot me?
Um, well,
we have managed to make
some contact with Alton Garvey,
in that he actually contacted us.
But we're no closer
to apprehending him,
I'm afraid, sir.
Oh, uh, it's Jacqueline St Clair.
The blackmailer's been in touch,
arranging a time and place
for the drop-off of the money.
And how will that get us closer
to finding and charging
Alton Garvey?
SIGHS: I don't
..uh, I mean might not, but it might lead
to us understanding
why he did what he did.
Even though there is nothing
to suggest any connection
between him and that yacht club?
Well, that's not actually true, sir.
I did find a cufflink.
A cufflink?!
Guys, could you give us a minute?
Sir, with the greatest respect,
I understand you're frustrated
being stuck in here.
I am more than frustrated,
A man tried to kill me.
We don't know where he is,
why he did it,
or whether or not he might try
and do it again.
I appreciate that, sir,
and I'm sorry for what happened.
I just want the man caught,
That's what I want too.
And we will catch him
..but you are going to have to
trust me to do my job you would
with any other case.
Drop-off has been made
and subject is on the move. Over.
NAOMI: Received.
Standing by, Inspector.
- Hmm
- I guess now we wait.
Right, then, breakfast time.
Mm, Smokey Abrahams'
big breakfast special.
Two things you need for
an operation like this, Sarge -
sustenance and patience -
cos we could be here all day.
awkward conversation alert.
Oh, goody. This sounds fun.
- Mm.
- Hmm.
The kiss.
Kiss, what kiss?
Right, that kiss.
Yeah, um, I remember.
Um, well,
I know you were making light
of it the other evening,
and obviously it doesn't really
or mean anything
..but we haven't actually talked
about it.
I just want to make sure
we're cool, you know?
Are we cool?
You overthink everything.
You know that, right?
You're not the first person
to say that.
I just want to make sure
I haven't ruined
a really good friendship.
You haven't. All right?
Truthfully, it would take
way more than a drunken kiss
to do that.
So, to answer your question,
yeah, we're totally cool.
Target has arrived. All vehicles,
go, go, go!
What? But my sandwich!
Mr Collins.
Get out of the vehicle, please.
You're under arrest.
Yeah, for ruining my breakfast.
We found this phone in your car.
All that's on it are
the messages sent
to Jacqueline St Clair,
threatening to reveal
the affair she was having.
I assume you don't deny
this is your phone.
All right, it's my phone.
And the messages?
I sent them.
I needed the money.
I had a run of bad luck
at the poker table.
You know how it is.
How did you find out
about the affair?
Well, I work so closely
with Romone
I'd have had to have been blind
not to see the two of them
carrying on.
So when Mrs St Clair approached
Commissioner Patterson
with the matter,
that must have had you worried.
I'm sorry, she what?
About two weeks ago,
she asked him to look into it,
try and find out
who the blackmailer was.
And when an attempt was made
on the Commissioner's life,
well, that makes you a suspect.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, hang on.
You're not suggesting I had
something to do with the shooting,
are you?
I don't know, Mr Collins.
You tell me.
You do have motive.
No, no, no, no, no.
Guys, I
..I had nothing to do with it.
I never even met the guy
that did it.
Although you did say
you saw him earlier.
So you think I would approach
a perfect stranger
and bung him some money
to kill a man?
I had nothing to do with this.
Well, if you're looking for a reason
as to why somebody might want
the Commissioner dead might want to look
at the husband.
Lincoln St Clair? Why?
Because he knew
his wife was having an affair.
But he didn't know
it was Romone. He
He thought it was somebody else.
Selwyn Patterson.
He thought it was the Commissioner
that was having a fling
with his wife.
It was Collins who told you this?
- That obsequious little
- So you don't deny it?
I was having a few drinks,
letting off some steam, man -
that's all.
So it is what you believed.
I suspected a couple of months ago
that Jacqueline was seeing
another man.
I tried to ignore it,
pretend it weren't happening
..but it was breaking
my heart, man.
Anyway, I follow her one morning
a couple of weeks ago.
She tell me she going to the
tennis club,
but it's his house
she was going to -
I would never normally reveal
of an ongoing investigation,
Mr St Clair
..but as it's my boss's reputation
that's being questioned here,
and as I know for a fact
that he is a noble
and honourable man
LINCOLN SUCKS HIS TEETH wasn't the Commissioner
your wife was having an affair with.
It was Romone Prince.
When you followed Jacqueline that day,
she went to the Commissioner's house
because she was being blackmailed
over the affair
- and she was seeking his advice.
- Ah, g!
Mr St Clair,
you were obviously very upset
that your childhood friend
had seemingly betrayed you.
Is that why he ended up
with a bullet in him that day?
Don't be so ridiculous, man!
Come on!
Sir, I've still got no word
from Romone Prince.
It's been over 24 hours
since I called.
Well, he is at sea.
Poor signal, maybe?
Let's get in touch
with Marine Traffic.
They'll be able to track his yacht.
Once we get an idea of where he is,
the local port authority
can make contact.
OK, so, I've been doing some
digging on our other suspects,
and I can't find a link
to Alton Garvey.
But it turns out
..Mr Collins has a criminal record.
He was a yacht thief
back in the day,
but has turned his hand to all sorts
in the past five years.
Looks like he was arrested
a few times
by the team out here in the past.
A DI Charlie Hulme
and a DS Lily Thomson.
Seems like a bit of a chancer.
Opportunist, you know?
- Hang on.
- And what sounds like
after a pretty rough time in prison,
his probation officer said
he's trying his best to go straight.
Looks like Camille's had a few
dealings with him too.
Well, maybe she can give us
a bit of intel.
I'm just giving her a call now.
Well, I think I should sit in on
that, don't you think, sir?
CAMILLE: What do you want?
Hey, DS Bordey!
Remember me?
Officer Pryce. Marlon.
Er, we worked together on the
Uh-uh-uh! Really not
a good time right now.
Sorry, we just wanted to ask you
about a guy you arrested back in the
Yeah, well,
my contractions are
two minutes apart,
so you'd better make it quick.
Oh, I-I see.
Er, that's happening, is it?
Er, ooh, how exciting.
No, no, not a word
I would use right now.
Oh, my God, it's coming again!
Hi, Neville! Marlon!
We're about to go
into the delivery room,
so I think maybe this should wait,
Yeah. Yeah, no, of course,
of course.
Unless you want Maman
to livestream it for you.
- Argh!
- No. No, no.
We're good, we're good.
Um, good luck with it.
- Bye.
Guess we're just going to
have to go off
what's there in Mr Collins's file.
Yeah, sure.
Pregnancy really suits her,
don't you think, sir? I mean,
she had this real glow
about her, and
I will get right on that for you,
I've got some more background
on Alton Garvey for you.
Now, until recently,
he worked as a cashier
part time at a gas station
up near Sainte-Victoire.
Now, I've just been speaking
to the owner,
and he said the reason
Alton could only take
part-time work
was because he had to take care
of his mum.
She had become housebound
after a stroke,
close to 50 years ago.
Didn't you say she'd passed away?
A year ago now.
That is when Alton quit his job,
moved to a new apartment,
and was going to start looking
for full-time employment.
He wanted to make a fresh start.
Guess it didn't go to plan, did it?
I mean, he got into debt,
struggled to find work,
been evicted.
Things spiralled out of control.
Yeah, I'm starting to see
why he might end up drunk,
feel angry at the world
and do something he'd regret.
But why take it out
on the Commissioner?
Why target him?
That's what I don't understand.
isn't it?
What are you going to do?
What I have to do.
I'm sorry.
MARLON: What happened?
You just fell asleep?!
You can't just fall asleep, man!
What were you thinking?
Sir, are you OK?
I'm fine. A bit shaken,
but nothing
a stiff rum wouldn't cure.
If they let me have one.
It's a divert. I'd better get this.
So what did he want?
He said he was going to do
what he had to do,
and he was sorry,
and then he gave me that.
SIGHS: So this is why he shot you?
we've got a sighting
of Alton Garvey,
heading up the clifftop
at Carrow Bay.
OK, let's get an ambulance on
and see if there's any chance
the fire brigade can make it
to that beach below.
Mr Garvey.
Uh, it's DI Parker.
I read the letter that you gave
to the Commissioner.
I understand why
you're so angry with your life,
why you wanted to take it out on
It was a long time ago now
..but I remember that day
so clearly.
There was only ever one place
for whoever passed that exam.
And I wanted it so badly.
I revised so hard for it.
And he turns up late.
It should have been ME
going to police college!
Alton, it wasn't
Commissioner Patterson's fault
that he passed that exam
and you didn't.
I know that.
But since that day,
my life went down a road
I didn't want it to go down,
a-and I could never
turn back again.
Tell me what happened when you went
to the yacht club.
I was so low.
No home,
no family,
just a lot of people demanding
money off me.
We found the newspaper
in your truck -
the article
about the Commissioner's lunch.
It made me feel angry.
And I was getting ideas in my head
about confronting him,
letting him know what happened
to ME.
I just wanted someone to know.
You just wanted someone to listen.
I never intended to shoot him.
Why did you take the gun?
So he'd hear what I was saying,
and not just walk away
and ignore me!
I had drunk so much.
It's just a haze.
I can remember him
standing there the end of that jetty.
TEARFULLY: I don't know
what came over me,
but something took hold.
A voice in my head,
"Just do it."
I felt my arm come up,
and I squeezed the trigger, and
I'm so sorry.
But I can't live
with the guilt of it.
Alton, wait, wait. Wait.
You can get over this.
You just need some time
to clear your head,
to talk to someone.
No more.
You're still wearing
the same clothes
..from the day it happened.
He was wearing, er, grey overalls.
It's a cufflink.
Do you think maybe someone else
was at the crash site?
He didn't do it.
Alton, wait, wait! You didn't do it!
You didn't shoot him.
I-I promise, you didn't do it.
You're wrong.
I'm not. I'm really, really not.
Just Just come with me
and I swear I will prove to you
you did not fire that gun.
Sir, if he didn't do it,
then who did?
I'm working on that, Marlon.
Come on.
Come on. Please. Come on.
Co Come on.
DARLENE: Are you all right?
I'm getting a bad feeling
about Romone Prince.
Marine Traffic said
the tracker on his yacht
turned off two weeks ago.
No activity since.
He left the marina
at the yacht club,
and then it died
only half a mile out.
I also checked with
his mobile phone service provider,
and it's the same story.
No activity in two weeks.
The only calls he received
were from myself
and apparently the Commissioner
the day of the lunch.
Wait, the
The Commissioner called
Romone Prince during the lunch?
We need to contact
the local dive team.
Send them out to the exact location
the signal from
Romone Prince's yacht was lost.
you called Romone Prince
during the lunch.
Did anyone else know about that
Thank you, sir.
I think you might have
just solved the case.
It's been an emotional time.
We almost lost someone
who is held very dearly
in our hearts.
We also came very close
to accusing the wrong man
of a crime he did not commit,
because whilst all the evidence
pointed to it being
Alton Garvey who fired a bullet
into Commissioner Patterson,
it wasn't actually him that did it.
It was in fact, Mr Collins.
You think I shot
Commissioner Patterson?
Do you want to maybe
explain how you came
to that conclusion?
You see, it all comes down
to this Saint Marie Yacht Club
It was found on the day of the
close to where
Mr Garvey crashed his truck.
Now, I could not fathom
what it was doing there.
But then I realised,
even though we found it
at the secondary crime scene,
its appearance there explains
what happened at the primary
crime scene.
When Alton Garvey arrived
at the yacht club
three days ago,
he was, by his own admission,
angry, bitter,
consumed way too much alcohol.
We now believe, Mr Collins,
that you witnessed his arrival.
You followed him down to the jetty,
rounded the corner,
and what you saw must have left you
somewhat taken aback.
But, ever the opportunist,
you could see that there was a way
you could turn the situation
to your advantage,
if you could just encourage it
to play out the way you wanted.
Because the truth is,
Alton Garvey had no intention
of actually shooting the
until you stepped in.
He told us that when he fired the
it was like something took
control of his body.
He heard a voice in his head
telling him to do it.
Do it.
Squeezing the trigger,
even though he didn't want to.
And that is because YOU
made him do it.
Now, of course, we have no
witnesses for this,
and Mr Garvey's memory
is far too hazy,
but we do have this cufflink.
You see, what you didn't notice -
when you were encouraging
Alton Garvey
to try and kill the Commissioner -
was that your cufflink was loose,
and when you placed your hand
over his,
I think it must have fallen out
and got caught in the turn-up of
his trousers
..where it remained
until it was dislodged
as he fled the crash site.
Um, but
So how could I have done
any of this
if I was in the clubhouse
when the shot was fired?
I have witnesses.
Hmm, yes, the shot being fired.
Yes, the gunshot. Well
Well, you see,
this is actually quite a small
calibre gun.
It probably wouldn't make
that loud of a bang.
And on the jetty, with the sea
breeze carrying the sound away from
the clubhouse
..I think it's possible
no-one heard the gunshot.
But we all heard it.
No, you didn't.
What you actually heard was the
of Alton Garvey's truck backfiring.
Mrs St Clair, you said it yourself -
an old rust bucket spewing fumes.
But why don't we let Alton
confirm it for us?
Happens when I start the engine.
And you, Mr Collins - you said
that you'd seen Alton Garvey
loitering earlier that morning.
So I think you already knew
that his truck backfires
when it starts.
So, after the Commissioner was shot,
you made sure Alton made it
back to his truck
..then you made your way
back inside the clubhouse
and waited for him
to start his engine,
creating a sound that everyone
would come to believe was a gunshot.
Thus providing yourself
with a watertight alibi.
Ah You can't prove any of this.
Well, actually, now that we know
who the cufflink belongs to,
we can test it for DNA.
And I'll also be asking the lab
to test this jacket you're wearing -
same one you had on
the day of the shooting -
because if you didn't fire the gun,
well, there won't be
any gunshot residue on it.
Will there?
But why? Why he do it?
Because he was covering up
for another crime.
A murder, to be precise.
The murder of his own boss,
Romone Prince.
Romone's dead?
He can't be.
DS Thomas has just confirmed
that they found the yacht
and the body.
Exact same location
where the yacht's tracker
was turned off two weeks ago.
It's Romone?
Well, we'll have to wait
for official confirmation,
but I think the body
will be positively identified
as Romone Prince.
What do you think, Mr Collins?
OK, all right, just
Just hear me out, OK?
Um, the night before he was going to
go travelling
..he he, um
..he kind of figured out
that I was the one
behind the blackmail messages,
and so he checked my phone.
we were on his yacht when
he confronted me about it
..and, um,
he said he was going to
go to the police.
So I-I just
I just tried to get the phone
off him,
and we just
We had a tussle and I pushed him,
just a little bit, and he slipped
and he hit his head.
It was an accident.
Maybe, but with you on probation,
it would still land you
back in prison.
So you tried to cover it up
by sailing his yacht
out to sea and scuttling it.
Listen, we all knew that he was
going away.
He was going to be gone for months.
I just thought it would give me
some time
to get the money together.
You know, I just thought if I kept
If I kept the pressure up on
..on the blackmail
with Mrs St Clair,
I thought eventually she would pay.
All I needed
was a little bit of time.
Which, in theory, you had.
12 months until Romone Prince
But then the Commissioner
approached you at the lunch
and asked for Romone's phone number.
Have you spoken to him
since he left?
It's important I make contact.
He wanted to speak
to him about the blackmail,
see what he had to say about it.
But you knew that
when Romone failed to respond
to the Commissioner's attempts
to contact him,
well, then he'd start to ask
some questions,
become suspicious.
He never trusted me,
even before
I started working there.
I'm all for second chances,
but Mr Collins has seen
the inside of our station cell
too many times.
Sooner rather than later,
he'd get to the bottom of it -
uncover the truth
about Romone Prince's death -
and that is why, when you saw
Alton Garvey standing there,
staring at the Commissioner,
gun in hand,
you decided to just give him
a little
It wasn't personal, man.
I thought you'd want to know.
We're just making the arrest now.
Thank you, Inspector.
And thank the team for me.
I couldn't have asked for more
from any of you.
I'll let them know.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
NEVILLE: Oh, she's beautiful,
I think so.
I bet Catherine's made up.
Oh, oui, but she's more tired than
SIGHS: This is going to be
quite an adventure, I think.
What about you?
What is going to be
your next adventure?
Don't know. Just waiting
for it to come along,
whatever it may be.
Yeah, or whoever SHE may be?
I see you've been talking
to Catherine.
Only because we care.
Well, whatever Saint Marie
holds in store for me,
I guarantee it won't be boring.
This island keeps me on my toes.
You should write a blog
about everything
that happens to you.
Oh, oh, er,
ooh, she wants feeding.
I think I should go.
- Right?
- Yeah.
- OK.
- Bye.
Oh! Hey, sir. Ready?
We thought we'd walk to the hospital.
It's a beautiful evening.
There is nothing like a newborn baby
to bring a bit of joy to your life.
It reminds us all what really
You're looking thoughtful, sir.
Oh, I was just pondering
whether to start writing
my own blog, actually.
What would it be about, Inspector?
My life on the island.
Inspector, and I mean this
with the utmost respect
..aren't you worried,
with you writing it,
that it might be a bit,
you know, boring?
No offence, sir.
There must be someone out there
who's interested in the life
of a British detective
in the Caribbean.
Maybe it's not such a bad idea.
Yeah, I still can't help but think
it might be a bit on the boring
side, sir.
Again, no offence.
None taken, Marlon.
67, stairway to heaven.
Bingo's not a game of chance -
not the way I play it.
NAOMI: There's been a murder
at the Paradise Bay care home.
This was a professional hit.
But there is a focused,
extremely capable murderer at large.
This is too dangerous.
We can't force him to step back.
He's the Commissioner.
- Oh, sir!
- Sir!
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