Death Note (Anime Series) (2007) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Within the spreading darkness I pledged a vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it I'm going to change The future that the forbidden fruit foretells I'm going to change the dream into reality The ending that everybody wants.
Within the spreading darkness I pledged our vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it Someday I'll show you A bright and ideal world.
Regardless of how she came to her conclusion, she knows the truth.
If she gives this information to the police they'll figure out that I am Kira.
I have to finish her off.
Oh, nothing I've been going over what you just told me and I think that we should investigate that theory as soon as possible.
Really? Yes.
Have you told this to anyone else? No, you're the first.
You're lucky.
But how are you going to rub her out? Wouldn't it be bad if you did it here? I've already figured that out without you telling me.
Wow! So out in the open.
Could you tell me the date and time of the bus-jacking incident? It was on December 20, in front of Asagao Hill.
At 11:02.
Headed to Space Land.
December 20.
Headed to Space Land, right? Shoko Maki Suicide January 1, 2007 Shoko Maki Suicide January 1, 2007 Commits suicide in such a way that nobody will be inconvenienced and her body will not be discovered.
Dies by implementing this plan within 48 hours.
Now no one will find her body.
Even if they do find her, they'll assume that she killed herself because of her fiancé.
Ryuk, what's so funny? I'm very sorry for questioning all of you individually.
Kira is not one of us.
Ryuzaki, how can you definitely say that he's not among us? To be honest, I set some traps to check if you were Kira, but I didn't feel the need to set them off on any of you.
After he told us to turn off our cell phones! I got it.
I'm just about finished.
Enter with your own key.
Watari is coming.
I understand.
If it's all right, I'll report this incident.
No, I'd like to report it myself.
After talking to you, I've decided to do it as soon as possible.
I suppose you're right.
Just ten seconds until 1:15 I want to see how this woman dies, but I can't be caught following her.
Nowhurry to your death! Kira will definitely be caught, won't he? What's wrong? Time is already up.
That's odd.
Why isn't this woman leaving? Suicide My tests have proved that I can make people kill themselves by writing "suicide.
" The criminals I tested all hanged themselves at the times that I specified.
I've proved many times that I should be able to control her within these circumstances.
So why? Ryuk he was laughing oddly when I was writing in the Death Note That's not all.
The way he laughed when I asked for her name was also bizarre It occurred when it had to do with her name An alias! Thank you all for working so hard.
T-This person is Watari? Um, where are your usual clothes? If I had dressed as I usually do, it would be like telling everyone I'm Watari.
It would also give away Ryuzaki's location in this hotel.
I-I see.
Showing my face in front of you all means you've won Ryuzaki's trust.
I-I feel kind of honored Ryuzaki, I've brought what you've requested.
Please pass them out to everyone.
These are everyone's new police IDs.
New? An alias.
That's the only thing it could be! Ryuk can see her real name.
That's why he was laughing.
This woman was being careful from the start.
That's right.
She believes that Raye died because he showed his ID.
That's why she's acting without revealing her identity.
This isn't good.
It's even harder to ask the real name of someone who has already given an alias.
If I keep asking her persistently, she'll get suspicious.
More importantly, it's suspicious that I knew she was using an alias.
I should be getting back soon.
Someone might have come back.
Oh, yeah.
I suppose you're right.
Hopefully someone did.
Damn! It would also be unnatural to try to turn her back.
What should I do? At this rate Oh no If my father calls I promised her that I'd let her talk to him! It's all over if he calls! What do I do? W-What am I thinking about? I can just turn off my cell phone.
Calm down.
I just have to find out her name.
Her purse, her pocket, she's got to have a driver's license or some sort of personal ID on her somewhere.
She's a woman.
If things become desperate, I can use force That's stupid! I can't do anything that'll cause a stir in a place like this I've got to get her to somewhere isolated.
Where? What explanation can I offer her? She's too careful.
No, I've got to change my plan of attack I can do this.
I can get her name without setting any alarms off.
We can always do the eye deal.
It's no different from putting on contact lenses.
I'll be finished in a few seconds.
I won't have my remaining life halved by the likes of this woman.
No, I won't ever consider the deal! Don't bother me.
Shut up, Shinigami! Do you still have business at the police department? I'll be all right by myself.
I understand.
Our names and ranks are all fake.
Fake police IDs?! Kira requires a name and a face to kill.
We are challenging Kira with that premise in mind.
This is only natural.
B-But a police officer with a fake ID is No, if Kira needs a name to kill, an alias would go a long way in protecting our lives.
We should carry these around.
I think so, too.
When you have to give out your name to strangers, use the alias in your IDs.
Please be careful not to take them out within the police headquarters.
It could cause problems.
Well then I want everyone to wear these belts.
Belts? There is a tracking device in the buckle.
This way, Ryuzaki will know your whereabouts.
And when you press the buckle twice My cell phone will ring.
And I'll call you back immediately.
In the morning, you will go to work at the police department.
Later, using this method I shall confirm our hotel and room number.
Please use this for emergencies as well.
This is kind of cool.
It's like we're a special force chasing Kira! Matsuda! This isn't child's play.
Don't joke around.
Okay Thank you very much.
Thanks to you, I have gained confidence in my theory.
Not at all Since Ryuk started talking about the eye bargain There's no mistake.
She's using an alias.
At this rate, with her theory that Kira was on the bus and given the people Raye Penber was in charge of investigating, the police will immediately suspect me.
Hey, she's leaving.
Is that okay? It should be about five minutes until she reaches the police headquarters Think How can I get her name within five minutes? She's going to the police headquarters.
If someone from the task force has returned, I'm finished.
Somehow, I've got to find out her real name and finish her off Now there are only three minutes until she reaches the police headquarters.
All right.
What are you going to do? Excuse me.
Yes? There's something I haven't told you.
Okay It's impossible to contact anyone directly in headquarters.
Huh? I have to conduct this conversation naturally and connect it to something that she'll latch onto.
Within that time, I'll draw out her name.
I can do this.
What do you mean? Don't you think that it's odd that there's no one at headquarters? Y-Yes.
I thought it was strange, but The team investigating Kira is structured so no one knows who is involved.
If the public knows how the team is structured, a tragedy like the one involving your fiancé may happen again I understand.
That's why you were told that no one was at the headquarters.
In other words, you will never be allowed to talk directly to someone from headquarters.
That's pretty clever.
As expected of you, Light.
Why do you know so much? She's pretty sharp.
I guess I have no choice.
I shall tell you It's because I'm a detective from the task force.
You're a detective from the task force? Yes.
L is currently in charge of the task force.
I thought so.
L was troubled because there weren't enough detectives at headquarters.
Many quit because they're afraid of Kira.
I'm just a high school student, but I have helped the police solve two cases in the past.
So he was sold by that? I can enter the headquarters whenever I wish, and I'm allowed to investigate on my own.
In other words, the people who are currently at headquarters are the chosen few who can be trusted and whose abilities are reliable.
I understand.
But just in case, I think I'll visit the headquarters.
Thank you very much.
P-Please wait! I just told you that you can't talk to anyone.
I would like to talk directly to L.
Come to think of it, who's at headquarters now? No one is there now.
That's not good.
Have at least one person there at all times.
Aizawa, if you could stay there for today Okay.
I can get there quickly from here.
Maki, please wait.
It's impossible to meet L.
It's useless.
He mightallow me to meet him.
I only followed his orders from beyond a computer screen, but Two years ago in America I worked on a case under L.
You worked under L? Until three months ago, I was an FBI agent.
This is it I can use this.
Is that so? It's no wonder.
Your actions are not those of an amateur.
You move carefully and wisely as you get to the heart of the matter.
I'd like to learn from you.
It's amazing how you can line up all those lies like that.
I must approach this case in my own way.
I have to suspect the police and even the people within task force.
But I trust L.
I thought that if I went to headquarters and have them verify my name and face I'd be able to speak directly to L.
But why did you tell me that you wanted to talk to L? When I wasn't allowed to see someone from the task force, I was angry and then I ran into someone who claimed to be the son of the lead detective No, that's not it.
I'll tell you the truth.
You seemed like L.
I felt that you two are similar.
Shall we investigate the case together? Will you work as an agent in the task force? Of course, not just anybody is allowed.
But we need people like you! You could be doing more than gathering general information.
You were an FBI agent.
You're more talented than our current detectives.
Even L trusted you.
To join the task force, you need proper identification, a recommendation from a current detective on the team, and finally L's permission.
You want me to join the task force? It must be fate to meet you here! I'll recommend you! Oh, sorry.
I just became a little excited N-No, it's okay Even if you can cooperate with the investigation, I understand you have personal circumstances to attend to.
Especially since you live in America I was planning to continue living with my fiancé in America, he and I were to be married this spring.
But now that he's dead I have no idea what I'll do now Since I've come this far, I'll push a little But you're still very young and beautiful.
You shouldn't be involved in such a dangerous investigation No! I don't have anything to lose.
I want to catch Kira! It's all I want to do! Please let me investigate with you! Well, may I see something that may act as some form of personal ID? Yes? Actually, that name I gave you earlier was not my real name I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Amazing! Who would have thought you were being so careful? You're one step ahead of me.
That's even further proof that you're qualified.
Is a Japanese driver's license okay? I made it Excuse me, but why do you always pay such close attention to your watch? Ohthis? I'm Kira.
What's wrong? I have something I have to do.
My father's cell phone is on now.
Don't you want to talk to him? I have nothing I want to talk about.
Good bye, Miss Naomi Misora.
I dreamed a dream that no one could see, I threw away everything that I didn't need I'm holding these feelings that I can't give up in my heart Even if my feet fall victim to the shackles of sacrifice In between reality and my ideal I can't hold back the flooding impulses Because I have a strong desire to accomplish [deceit] [fear] [vanity] [melancholy] I'm not weak enough to believe any of these negative perceptions I'm a trickster who doesn't know solitude With Ryuk's information and my prior preparations, I can kill criminals currently being broadcast while masquerading as a regular high school student.
Just watch, L!