Death Note (Anime Series) (2007) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Within the spreading darkness I pledged a vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it I'm going to change The future that the forbidden fruit foretells I'm going to change the dream into reality The ending that everybody wants.
Within the spreading darkness I pledged our vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it Someday I'll show you A bright and ideal world.
That was footage that was coincidentally captured on surveillance cameras of the FBI agents who died in Japan.
Please show me only the scenes of Raye Penber passing the ticket gate, riding the train, and then dying.
Let's see It's right below that.
Oh, this? Raye Penber enters through the ticket gate of Shinjuku Station at 15:11.
At 15:13, he rides the Yamanote Line.
Even if he was following someone, it would be difficult to conclude anything from this blurry video.
And at 16:42 Oh, thank you very much.
And at 16:42, he gets off and dies at the Tokyo Station Platform.
It's strange, isn't it? Huh? L, what's strange? Did you notice something? Judging by this footage, from the time that Raye Penber got on the train until his death, he had been riding for an hour and a half.
The Yamanote Line only takes an hour.
That envelope is especially strange.
Envelope? He's holding that envelope as he enters the ticket gate and reaches the platform.
He's carrying it.
He's carrying it! But by the time he dies It's disappeared! Ryuzaki, it's amazing you noticed that! Envelope isn't on the list of articles he left behind.
Which means it was left in the train.
And this video of Penber's final moments It looks to me as if he's desperately trying to look inside the train.
If so, could there be a hint there? Wouldn't it be interesting if Kira was there? C-Couldn't be! I don't think so either.
There's no reason for Kira, who can control death from a distance, to come to the scene of the crime.
But despite that, he may have tried something bold.
Light, are you all right? You've been writing criminals' names in the Death Note for four days already without sleeping.
Why do you have to set up a death schedule for several months ahead? Quite simply Suppose I get hospitalized.
People will say that "As soon as Chief Yagami's son was hospitalized, "criminals have stopped dying, haven't they?" So that's why But are you sure any date before the end of their predestined life span is all right? Shinigami never use it that way, so I can't say for sure, but In theory, any time before their natural deaths should be all right.
I can't count on you, can l? Yes.
Yes, please wait one moment.
Ukita at the NPA has received a phone call he's concerned about.
Then have him give the telephone number of number five and have the informant call that number.
Matsuda, you can turn on your cell phone.
No, please turn it on.
Oh, yes.
Yes, this is Suzuki, head of the Public Information division.
Raye Penber's fiancée? Naomi Misora I've heard that name somewhere It's herfrom the Los Angeles BB murder case So that's it She worked under me on that case and now she's in Japan.
She's been missing since the death of her fiancé.
Anyone would be depressed over the death of a fiancé Could it be suicide? No, the Naomi Misora I knew was very strong-willed, an excellent FBI agent.
She would likely be thinking of catching Kira.
She was with Penber.
She might have found a clue If that's the case, did Kira get to her first? Everyone, from now on, we'll focus our investigation on the people Raye Penber was investigating while in Japan.
He was investigating two people in relation to the police and the people around them.
Who are they? Who are those two? Deputy Director General Kitamura and his family, and Detective Superintendent Yagami and his family.
Wha-?! I also wish to place wiretaps and surveillance cameras in both households.
I have to make sure this computer is clean enough if anyone examines it.
I just have to hide a clipping of the Death Note in here You sure are skillful with your hands.
You're popular with the girls, aren't you? That has nothing to do with skill.
It's more about looks than skill.
Ryuk, you aren't popular are you? Surveillance cameras? Ryuzaki! That's way out of the question! It would become a civil rights issue if this is discovered and we'll all be fired! Weren't you willing to risk more than your jobs? I thought we were putting our lives on the line.
Ryuzaki What is the possibility that Kira is among them?! Ten percent No, five percent.
No way! All that for only a five-percent possibility is a bit much.
Of the people we investigated so far there wasn't anyone who even seemed the least bit suspicious.
I think we should look into it even if there's only a one-percent chance of finding Kira.
Chief! I never thought that my family was under suspicion Fine.
Please place them! In return, install them in every part of the house! Even the bathroom! Don't miss a single corner! Thank you very much.
That's what I was planning to do.
Chief! What are you talking about?! That's right! You have a wife and daughter, don't you? I know! There's no point in doing this unless we're thorough! Just be quiet! Sorry No, it's okay I'm sorry Well, out of courtesy, only Yagami and l will conduct surveillance on his home.
Watari, how long will it take to set up the wiretaps and camera monitors? Starting tomorrow I can set them up at any time once we know when both families will be out.
See you later, Light.
Yeah, see you tomorrow.
What? No one's home yet? I'm home Hey Light, no one seems to be home.
Wanna play a game together? It's been awhile.
Hey Light, let's play a game.
Are you listening to me? Light? C-Couldn't be.
I never knew he went to those lengths! Could he have something in his room he doesn't want anyone to see? If you keep in mind that he's only seventeen, there's nothing suspicious about his behavior.
I also did that for no apparent reason.
Have you ever talked to him about the investigation? Of course not! I'd never tell him about anything top secret that hasn't been broadcast.
Lately I haven't been returning home regularly, and when I do, I'm too tired and just go to sleep.
I understand Light, where are you going? Hey, Light, you've been ignoring me! I'm getting mad.
- There don't seem to be - Hey, Light! any taps planted on these clothes.
Light Ryuk, there's a possibility that there are wiretaps or surveillance cameras, no, likely both, placed within the house.
Huh? But that piece of paper was still in your door, wasn't it? That piece of paper was a fake to make people think it was there to see whether anyone had entered the room while I was gone.
The real detector is, first of all, my door handle.
Door handle? When that door is closed, the door knob naturally rises to a horizontal position.
It won't rise any higher.
But whenever I close the door, I purposefully lower the door knob to five millimeters below its highest position.
In other words, when I open the door, if the knob is all the way up, chances are that someone was in my room.
But I can't rely on just that.
So I also put a mechanical pencil lead in place.
A pencil lead? On the hinge.
After I close the door, I place a mechanical pencil lead on the hinge at an angle so that it will break if the door is opened.
The lead is sure to break if the door is opened.
I've always taken it out myself when I entered, but today, it was broken.
Oh, that.
I remember you doing that.
The door handle and the pencil lead.
I have no doubt that someone went in.
Isn't it probably your parents? My parents and sister probably wouldn't notice the piece of paper.
It's suspicious that someone took the time to put it back.
Are you planning to buy a book to research wiretaps and surveillance? Ryuk, by the way, what'll happen to your apples? Oh! From the surveillance camera if I put the apple in my mouth no one can see it, but it'll look like it's floating if I'm just holding it.
I thought so Shinigami cannot die, so they won't starve either.
In other words, there's no problem if I don't give you any apples.
Whoa, wait just a minute, Light! Apples are to me W-Wellwhat cigarettes and liquor are to humans.
I have withdrawal symptoms if I don't have any for a while What kind of symptoms? My body twists around wildly, and I'll do handstands.
I don't want to see that Right? Ryuk, listen.
I've given L the hint that Shinigami love apples.
When did you If you really want to eat apples find out where all the cameras are.
There might be a place where you can eat apples without being seen.
All right, Ryuk, let's go! Yeah! Finding cameras.
This is also interesting! Oh right, I have to find cameras I can't believe my well-behaved son is looking at a magazine like that! It's normal for a 17-year-old.
But to me, it seems like he's making an excuse, as if to say, "l was checking to see if someone was in this room "because I have magazines like these.
" Ryuzaki, are you telling me that you suspect my son? I suspect him.
That's why I placed wiretaps and cameras in your house as well as the Deputy Director General's house.
I found a camera in the air conditioner.
So there were cameras That probably means there are also wire taps.
Even if this is for the Kira case, I can't believe the Japanese police would go this far.
This is L's doing If that's the case, how far has he narrowed it down to? It must be down to at least someone that Raye Penber was investigating or he would have never gone this far.
I was tricked by the cover again No, in this case, I should move as if I was the only one being suspected and being watched.
It'll be all right.
I've been preparing for something like this That's why I got these magazines.
Light It's time for dinner I love you.
Hideki Ryuga, you're so dreamy! There's nobody in my class like him! No one at all! Sayu Eat your dinner.
Aizawa, are the Kitamuras watching television now? Aside from the Deputy Director General, the four of them are watching television as they eat.
It's channel four.
Watari, order the various television companies to broadcast our banner.
NKK Newsflash Huh? What? "In response to the Kira murders, "the ICPO has decided to dispatch "from various developed countries to Japan.
" Wow! There should also be cameras in the living room.
Whether this news is real or not, it's being shown to me to get some kind of reaction L It's the same trick you used the first time.
The ICPO sure is stupid.
There's no point in making this announcement.
If they're going to send them in, they should let them come in and investigate in secret.
Even those FBI agents investigating in secret were killed.
The outcome will be the same.
This is just an overblown attempt to shock Kira into exposing himself.
But, it just might be completely obvious to Kira.
Your son is very smart.
Huh? Yeah, well I'm done No way! Are you eating potato chips after dinner? You look good right now do you wanna get fat? It's a late night snack for my exam studies.
L-Light I found all of the cameras I guess even Shinigami get tired when they try hard I'll explain now.
It's a bit complex, so pay attention.
I don't want to explain it again.
All right, time to study hard! There are so many cameras.
Whoever put them here must've expected you to find some.
There's 64 in all.
It's definitely L.
He had no qualms putting a death row inmate in his chair when he declared war with me.
He doesn't know any limits So where am I going to eat apples in this situation? Obviously that's impossible, Ryuk.
Oh, yeah you can't talk to me in this house, can you? Tomorrow, tell me when we go outside.
Okay, I got this one right.
Judging from the number of cameras, he's planning on making his decision in a short amount of time A normal person would probably give himself away, but you're messing with the wrong person, L this is as far as you'll get.
I've written down criminals in the Death Note.
So they will continue to die over the next three weeks, but Kira has already shown L that he can control the time of death.
So in this case Current criminals being broadcast on the news have to die while I'm not receiving any knowledge of them.
Oh no! My withdrawal symptoms! Just watch, L! With Ryuk's information and my prior preparations, I can kill criminals currently being broadcast while masquerading as a regular high school student.
I'll solve equations with my right hand and write names with my left.
Tayoshi Murao Suspect: Tayoshi Murao I'll take a potato chip And eat it! After dinner, your son has continued studying without turning on a television or computer, hasn't he? It's because the Entrance Exams are less than ten days away Now a criminal which I should have no knowledge about will die of a heart attack in forty seconds.
The witness to my alibi is L himself.
All right, just a little more! Ryuzaki.
Watari, what is it? Two people just broadcast on today's nine o'clock news, a bank clerk on suspicion of embezzlement during questioning And a purse snatcher in a detention center just died of heart attacks.
It's Kira! During that time in your home your wife and daughter were watching a drama.
As soon as that was finished, they turned off the television and didn't watch anything afterwards.
From just past 7:30 until now, the only thing your son has done is study.
Kira needs a face and a name to kill Those who did not watch the news, can't be Kira, huh? My family is cleared now, right? Kira killed people with minor crimes as soon as they were broadcast, didn't he? Even if it is the first day the cameras were installed, the Yagami household is interestingly in the clear.
Light, are you awake? Yes, I'm awake.
Today is trash day, so bring out any garbage if you have any.
What a pain! What are you talking about? I always say you should be doing this without me reminding you! Yeah yeah The weather today is nice.
Well I don't know if you'll do just about anything if it's for yourself or if you're just a big spender, but didn't that mini-LCD TV cost 39,800 yen? Good morning.
I dreamed a dream that no one could see, I threw away everything that I didn't need I'm holding these feelings that I can't give up in my heart Even if my feet fall victim to the shackles of sacrifice In between reality and my ideal I can't hold back the flooding impulses Because I have a strong desire to accomplish [deceit] [fear] [vanity] [melancholy] I'm not weak enough to believe any of these negative perceptions I'm a trickster who doesn't know solitude This is perfect.
There's nothing to worry about.
This proves that they don't have anything on me.
It's just a contest between L and me, a match of wits.