Death Note (Anime Series) (2007) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

Within the spreading darkness I pledged a vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it I'm going to change The future that the forbidden fruit foretells I'm going to change the dream into reality The ending that everybody wants.
Within the spreading darkness I pledged our vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it Someday I'll show you A bright and ideal world.
Yagami Light, Ryuzaki says he wants you to help with the investigation.
If you're interested, come immediately.
Okay, Dad.
I was trying to find a way to get involved in the investigation.
I never thought L himself would ask me.
Now I can get inside information about the investigation and about the fake Kira.
I need to find out about Fake Kira before anyone else at task force headquarters does Thank you, Yagami.
Not at all.
Ryuga, we both want to catch Kira.
Please call me Ryuzaki here.
I'm Matsui.
I'm Aihara.
And I'm Asahi I see.
Well, would it be all right if I'm Light Asahi? Please do.
I will call you Light here.
Now to business.
Take a look at our current information on Kira.
I also want you to examine this video, which was sent to the television station but was never released to the public.
Taking any material from this room or taking notes is forbidden.
I understand.
We shall now begin.
Light The Previous Night We're going to hide the possibility that there is a second Kira, and ask Light Yagami to investigate with us.
B-But wouldn't that make it difficult for Light to help with the investigation? That's right.
Why do you want him to work with us anyway? We're only going to hide that from him until we have him watch this tape and ask him for his impression of it.
There's something amazing about Light's deductive skills.
When he sees this, he may even deduce that there is a second Kira.
But the only basis for a second Kira is your explanation that the victims of those killings had committed minor crimes that never would have been punished by Kira.
That's not all.
The Kira that we've presumed until now needed a face and a name to kill.
But judging from the fact that Mr.
Ukita was killed as soon as he arrived at the television station, and considering how Kira practically told me that he could kill me if I just appeared on TV means that the Second Kira can kill by just seeing someone's face.
So, I'll ask Light to look at the investigative facts and the video.
If he suggests that there may be a second Kira, then he's almost completely cleared.
Ryuzaki, what do you mean? If he's Kira, he'll want to kill me, the one in charge of the investigation.
At this rate, if I go along with the Second Kira's demands and appear three days later on TV, I will die.
I don't think that Kira would miss an easy chance to kill me.
So what you're saying is that if my son doesn't deduce that there is a second Kira, then you'll continue to suspect him? No.
In that case, it will remain below a five-percent chance.
And we'll tell him that we are investigating the possibility of a second Kira and have him assist us.
After seeing that, I trust you now believe that I am Kira.
- Could it be that the reason - On the given day and time why I feel so disgusted when I watch this is because I'm the real Kira? This is more than just about tarnishing Kira 's reputation.
So why isn't-? Anyone giving me any explanation about this video? That's a bit odd Well, whatever the case, I won't say anything careless about this video.
If I leave the situation alone, L will die.
Light, what do you think? Did you get something from it? Hmm? Damn him! There may be more than one person who has Kira's power.
Kira's power?! Light, what do you mean?! There is a good chance that this is not the Kira we've known up to now.
Up to now, Kira's never used suspects like these for his announced killings.
And if Kira needs a face and a name to kill isn't it strange that he was able to kill the detective and officers who happened to rush to the television-station building? It's the same.
It's exactly the same deduction as L, I mean Ryuzaki.
G-Good job, Light.
You should be cleared now That's right, Light.
I also think we are looking at a second Kira.
I thought so So you knew, Ryuga, I mean Ryuzaki? Did you test me, knowing that? I didn't test you.
It's not convincing if I'm the only one who argues that there is a second Kira.
With you coming to the same conclusion as I did, my theory becomes more believable.
You've been of great assistance to me, Light.
Thank you so much.
So, it's decided.
We first have to stop the second Kira.
He obviously sympathizes with Kira, and is not very bright.
I think he'll obey the real Kira.
So if we make a fake message from the real Kira, there is a good chance that we can stop him.
As I expected of you, Ryuzaki.
I also thought that would be the best idea.
Light I would like you to play the part of the real Kira.
M-Me? Yes.
With your genius, you should be able to do it.
At any rate, we don't have any time to waste.
Could you script a message from Kira to air on tonight's news? Damn him He planned from the beginning to bring me here to play this role.
Ryuzaki, is this all right? I think I've portrayed Kira convincingly.
I think this is very good, though if we don't remove the part which says, "You're free to kill L," I'll die.
Well, when pretending to be Kira, I thought that he would demand that you be killed.
It's just a bit of a joke.
You can change that to whatever you like.
Aihara, the script is ready.
I leave it to you.
All right.
And now a shocking development.
In response to the video that was sent and aired on Sakura TV a few days ago, another person claiming to be the real Kira has appeared.
He has ordered several television stations to air his message.
The police department has authorized us to broadcast this video.
Is this the real Kira? Is this another Kira? First, please take a look at the video.
I am Kira.
I did it! Kira responded! I am the true Kira.
The Kira who was shown on Sakura TV is not.
I'm being lenient to the impostor because I know he was only trying to help me.
But killing the innocent is against my beliefs.
If the impostor truly sympathizes with me and wants to help my cause I ask that he refrain from killing aimlessly, and accept my basic principles.
- If you ignore this warning - All right! The video, the video! - and continue to be reckless - What are you planning to do? I'm going to reply to him, of course.
Several days later Ryuzaki! It's a reply from the Second Kira.
- What?! - It's here! I will bring the entire envelope there, but I shall play a copy on the computer.
Kira, thank you for your reply.
I will do as you say.
Wow! We did it.
"l will do as you say," huh? I don't know if I can use him.
If he really knows Kira's feelings, he would force L to appear on TV and kill him.
Don't fall for something like this Damn it! I want to meet you.
I don't think you have the eyes, but I won't try to kill you.
Please don't worry.
Is he stupid? He talked about the Shinigami eyes on a tape the whole world will see? He just said that he didn't have "the eyes," didn't he? Please tell me how I can meet you without the police finding out.
When we meet, we can confirm our identities by showing our Shinigami to each other.
Shinigami?! He's no good.
I have to do something fast about this guy, or else Ryuzaki! Sh Shinigami?! Do I have to accept the existence of something like that?! Shinigami? Are we supposed to accept the existence of something like that? Impossible There's no such thing That's right, Ryuzaki.
Shinigami don't exist.
Kira had those criminals in prison write something about Shinigami So shouldn't we assume that this is the same Kira? It's the same person, so they say the same things.
That can't be, Dad.
If this is the same Kira from before, he wouldn't have replied to our video.
There is no way that the real Kira would go through the trouble of getting L to appear on TV, only to stop trying to kill him.
Then maybe the real Kira and the Second Kira already have established a connection.
And decided to use the word "Shinigami" to throw off the investigation.
That's not possible.
It's as Light says.
If the two Kiras were connected, I don't think that he would stop trying to kill me.
Second Kira is acting independent of the first.
He wants to meet the real Kira.
That's right.
He's acting out of interest in Kira.
"Shinigami" probably refers to their killing power.
"We can confirm our identities by showing our Shinigami to each other," probably means "We can confirm our identities by showing each other our killing power.
" That's right.
The word "Shinigami" is a word that has some meaning between Kira and Second Kira.
We should try to get him to tell us what it means.
So are you going to respond and force him to be more direct? If we don't ask him properly, he'll know that we're not Kira.
No, I shall leave the rest to Kira and Second Kira.
Leave it to them? The Second Kira has received a message from Kira and is satisfied.
He thinks that he's got Kira's attention.
And he also used a word that only the two of them would understand.
This reply will air today on Sakura TV's six o'clock news.
Of course, Kira should be watching the exchange between our made-up Kira and the Second Kira.
From Kira's viewpoint, he'll want to prevent the Second Kira from coming into direct contact with the police.
Maybe this time, the real Kira will feel pressured to respond.
But if Kira doesn't-? Yes I thought of what we could do with the Second Kira in that case, but If he reveals more information that Kira doesn't want the police to know, and makes Kira more nervous and furious, in order to pressure Kira into meeting him That would be interesting.
It would be more interesting if Kira gets scared and sends a reply in order to avoid that.
There's a chance we'll obtain some physical evidence from Kira himself.
In the meantime, let's focus on gathering all the information we can from the Second Kira's package.
That's good Just like that! That was great, just great, Misa.
That was wonderful! I'm worn out Modeling sure uses a lot of energy! Hey, Rem.
Can I ask you something? What is it? Shinigami always have to have a Death Note.
So to give one to a human to play with, the Shinigami needs to have two Death Notes That means that Ryuk, who gave the extra Death Note to Kira, was able to trick the Shinigami King, right? Right.
Then you too? No.
The Shinigami King isn't easy to fool.
Then how? I'll just say I'm one of the few in the Shinigami Realm who know how to kill a Shinigami.
Oh, then you killed a Shinigami and gave his notebook to me.
I didn't kill him.
I just happened to be around when a Shinigami died So, tell me how to kill a Shinigami.
Don't tell anyone, okay? The way to kill a Shinigami is to make them fall in love with a human.
What a beautiful way to kill.
There once was a Shinigami named Gelus who used to watch a certain girl from the Shinigami Realm.
Gelus was always looking at that girl from the Shinigami Realm.
It's today, isn't it? The end of her life.
She looks so healthy.
I wonder why today? Why today? I wanted to know how she was going to die too, and decided to watch with him.
The girl was walking alone at night on the street.
And then Suddenly from an alley, a man appeared and confessed his love for the girl.
I love you more than anyone else in the world! I'm always watching you! I want to protect you forever! It was a man she didn't know.
The girl turned him down, of course.
Then I'll kill you Then kill myself-! H-Hey.
Stop! Gelus did something that a Shinigami should never do.
Gelus used his Death Note to save the girl.
But that was not good.
Shinigami shorten human lives.
They only exist to take lives.
At that moment, Gelus became something which was neither sand nor rust, and died.
Only his Death Note was left.
Then Gelus' remaining life was transferred to the girl whose life he saved.
Does that mean that the Shinigami wouldn't have died if he hadn't fallen in love with that girl? That's right.
So It was a Shinigami named Gelus who saved me that day.
Gelus was in love with you.
So that notebook is yours.
I see.
In order to kill a Shinigami you need him to fall in love with a human and save that person.
What about you, Rem? Are you in love with me? Give it up.
You can't kill me.
Oh? You figured it out? But now I have something I can tell Kira.
I wonder if he knows? How to kill a Shinigami? I asked him on TV, "Please tell me how I can meet you," but he hasn't replied.
Maybe I'll go and tell him something again.
This isn't good I can't leave the Second Kira alone like this.
If the Second Kira makes a fatal slip-up and is caught by the police, there is a chance that the police will find out about the Death Note.
A strawberry sundae please.
So what should I do? How can I contact the Second Kira without L noticing? Thank you for waiting.
I want to meet Kira soon! But at any rate What kind of a person are you, Fake Kira-? What kind of a person are you, Kira? I dreamed a dream that no one could see, I threw away everything that I didn't need I'm holding these feelings that I can't give up in my heart Even if my feet fall victim to the shackles of sacrifice In between reality and my ideal I can't hold back the flooding impulses Because I have a strong desire to accomplish [deceit] [fear] [vanity] [melancholy] I'm not weak enough to believe any of these negative perceptions I'm a trickster who doesn't know solitude May 22nd, my friend and I showed off our notebooks in Aoyama.
If Fake Kira is caught, I'll have to get my hands on his notebook.
In the worst case scenario, I may have to kill everyone there.