Death Note (Anime Series) (2007) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Within the spreading darkness I pledged a vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it I'm going to change The future that the forbidden fruit foretells I'm going to change the dream into reality The ending that everybody wants.
Within the spreading darkness I pledged our vow to the revolution I can't let anybody interrupt it Someday I'll show you A bright and ideal world.
Light, another message from the Second Kira was sent to Sakura TV.
This time it's a video and a diary.
I thought I'd tell you.
A diary? He's moving again.
That idiot.
Can't he just wait? Did he want the diary to be shown on TV? Yeah.
This is it.
Please take a look at the thirtieth.
at the home game at the Tokyo Dome better coming out than the PZ2, called PZX.
Check for Shinigami at the Tokyo Dome I'm pretty sure he's saying he wants to do that on May 30 If we air this, the public will find that that's what he plans to do.
Furthermore he can't see my Shinigami unless he touches my notebook, so how does he plan to do that-? off our notebooks in Aoyama Hey Rem.
Why can't I see my own lifespan even if I have the Shinigami eyes? Tell me again.
People who have Death Notes only need to know the lifespan of the people they kill.
Just like Shinigami can't see the lifespan of other Shinigami people who hold a Death Note can't see each other's lifespans.
May 22nd, My friend and I showed off our notebooks in Aoyama.
If "notebook" means "Death Note," then it would only be understood by me, Kira.
And the police will probably pay attention to the May 30 entry which says, "We confirmed our Shinigami at the home game the Tokyo Dome.
" I'm pretty certain that the "Aoyama" part of the message is the real message But if that's the case Light, what do you think? I shouldn't say anything carelessly.
I should watch how he approaches this Right now I can only say that he's an idiot.
He is, isn't he? It's obvious that he wants to meet Kira at the home game.
Doesn't he understand that if we air this there'll be a panic and the game will be canceled? To be honest, it's so stupid That I'm not sure how to deal with it If the diary is broadcast, then we'll have to announce that the game on the 30th is canceled.
But if we don't, the Second Kira won't make a move.
But if he gets angry that we canceled the game, there's no telling what he'll do That's all right.
The Second Kira seems to worship Kira.
He promised the Kira we created that he'd refrain from killing carelessly.
We can believe that.
Anyway, we'll air the diary and announce the cancellation of the game And also announce that we're going to close off and inspect all roads around the Tokyo Dome.
Furthermore, our "own" Kira will respond with, "Understood.
I'll meet you there.
" You don't really think that they would go there even if we're inspecting the roads around the dome, do you? I don't think that the real Kira will go, but I'm not sure about the Second Kira.
I can't tell how stupid he is.
Also Assuming that he isn't as stupid as we think he is I'll try to see if there might be another message within this diary.
If there is a code that only people who have the so-called Shinigami power can understand, I can't decode it.
But we should thoroughly check out the places listed in the diary.
The 22nd, he's meeting a friend in Aoyama.
The 24th, he's meeting a friend in Shibuya.
We have to prepare for the possibility that our efforts will be fruitless.
We also have to be wary of people waiting with notebooks in Aoyama and people lurking in clothing stores in Shibuya.
It's as I thought If the fake Kira is caught, I'll have to obtain his notebook.
In the worst case scenario, I may have to kill everyone there.
All we can do is place more surveillance cameras in Aoyama and Shibuya and station undercover officers on the stated dates.
Then I'll go to Aoyama and Shibuya since I'd fit right in.
Light It's all right, Dad.
I go to Aoyama and Shibuya occasionally.
And I'd be the one who'd look most natural hanging out with Mr.
And the only person the Second Kira is interested in is Kira.
So Mr.
Matsui, I'll talk to you tomorrow about going to Aoyama and Shibuya.
All right, Light.
Be careful.
This always happens as soon as I go out and turn on my phone Yes? This is Ryuzaki.
Please be sure to watch Light very carefully.
Please keep this a secret.
Y-Yes I understand As long as there's still a small percentage of doubt, we still have to suspect him, eh? I'm home.
Light, you're late today.
Yeah I'm supposed to keep the fact that I'm helping with the investigation a secret I have a girlfriend at the university.
Oh my.
What?! Light has a girlfriend? Wow! Hey, hey, I'm an 18-year-old college student Of course, I have one.
You should work on it too, Sayu.
Huh? I-I don't have to go for something like that.
Light, what about dinner? The room service took care of that.
What's this about a hotel?! What was that?! What was that?! A scandalous statement! Now then, Ryuk I have something to ask you.
Oh I thought so.
Answer me if you can.
Can Shinigami who come to the human world talk to each other? It's hard to say If I'm attached to someone, I think that's against the rules unless I have the permission of the person I'm attached to.
We don't have a code against that, so I guess another Shinigami might start talking to me.
So does that mean if Fake Kira's Shinigami sees you, there's a chance that he'll tell the Fake Kira that I'm Kira? That's usually not done, but it depends on his personality.
So I can just assume that you'll act how you usually do, right? Yeah.
Even if I see someone with a Shinigami, I won't tell you.
Well, I think what you're doing is right.
Hmm? So, Fake Kira Have you thought this out this far? What's wrong? Aoyama is pretty big.
I was searching for ways we could find each other, but On the 22nd, there is an event at a club called the Note Blue in Aoyama Ao means "Blue" And "note" That's pretty elaborate He might be smarter than I thought That means I need to be more careful, but right now, this Note Blue is worth checking out.
But you don't want him to know that you're Kira, right? Uh Light? What's going on? These are my friends from school.
P-Pleased to meet you This is my cousin Taro.
It's his first time in Tokyo and he said he wanted to go have some fun in Aoyama and Roppongi.
I'll be counting on you guys! He's also looking for a girlfriend.
Does anyone want to volunteer? Hey, Light I'm impressed, Light.
No one would ever suspect a detective within this group of kids.
Even if Ryuk is spotted, no one could tell who he's attached to if I'm with this many people.
It's also defense against L's surveillance cameras And it's not such a bad way to investigate.
I just have to watch the entrance of Note Blue when it opens Found him! Is it Tsuki [Moon] Yagami? He's the only one whose lifespan I can't see.
He's Kira! I never thought I would find him so easily.
All right, Rem.
Let's go home.
You just found him.
Is that good enough? I can't just greet him by saying, "Mr.
KiraI'm pleased to meet you," in a place with all these people.
I know his name.
I can easily look him up later.
After all, it's such a unique name.
Born: February 28, 1989 Height: 5 feet 10 ¾ inches Weight: 119 pounds Blood Type: A It's written as "moon," but read as "Light.
" That's kind of cool.
He sure is amazing, this Light Yagami.
He won the national tennis competition when he was in his second and third year of middle school.
He gave an address as the freshman representative at this year's entrance ceremony at To-oh University There's no picture of him, but there can't be anyone else with a name like this.
Who would have thought that Kira would be so young and cool! He's better than I ever imagined.
There are so many places that will just go and sell your personal records.
The world is so twisted, isn't it? I even know his address now! So in the end There isn't a trace of anything happening in Aoyama on the 22nd and Shibuya on the 24th.
The only place left is the Dome on the 30th I didn't see anyone who could be the Fake Kira at Note Blue.
Could he really be going to the Dome? Ryuzaki, Sakura TV just received another message from the Second Kira.
It's postmarked on the 23rd.
I have found Kira.
To all of the people at the television station and the police, thank you very much.
I-It can't be-! Where? In Aoyama? Did his Shinigami find Ryuk and tell him? No There's no way that he could tell who Ryuk was attached to.
I made sure that no one was following me If this is true, the only thing that corresponds to this tape being mailed on the 23rd is the 22nd in Aoyama Matsuda and Light Yagami are the only ones from this investigation who went to Aoyama.
Is Light really Kira-? But we don't have absolute proof this happened in Aoyama.
He found him? That's not good.
Yes It means that the Second Kira and Kira have teamed up We're still not sure if they've teamed up.
The Second Kira is only saying that he found him.
He may not have contacted him yet.
Since we've come to this point the police will have to send a message to the Second Kira Send a message? Yes.
The police will have to reach out to the Second Kira and offer him a deal in exchange for Kira's name.
Isn't this a really bad turn of events? This isn't good I don't know how the Fake Kira would react But I have no reason to stop this If Kira doesn't know who you are yet, there is still time.
Don't approach Kira out of curiosity.
Kira will kill you if you contact him.
He'll just use you.
What you can do is reconsider the value of human life, and atone for your crimes by giving us information on Kira, and save the people of the world from Kira's reign of terror.
Where are you going? I'm going to introduce myself.
Oh, this huh Oh, I wonder if it's your father.
Coming Welcome home Huh? Good evening.
My name is Misa Amane.
I came to give Light an important notebook he left at the university C-Could you wait for a second? Light-! Notebook-?! Could it be-? Pleased to meet you My name is Misa Amane.
I thought you might be worried if you were watching TV I just couldn't take it any more This notebook A Death Note A Shinigami-! She's the Fake Kira Come on in.
Huh? Is it all right-? I'm so happy.
Mom, she came all this way to return my notebook to me.
Could you make us some tea or something? I-I suppose I should.
She's the one I was telling you about.
Have a seat.
T-Thank you.
How did you find me? Ah I thought so.
You didn't do the eye deal, did you? When you have the Shinigami eyes, you can see a person's lifespan and age.
But you cannot see the lifespan of someone who has a Death Note.
Well I didn't know that detail Okay, I understand that, but What would happen if you were caught by the police and Kira's secret was discovered-? It's all right I wasn't caught and if I continue to do as you say, I won't be.
Right? And I will see L's name I will become your eyes So.
Please make me your girlfriend! Girlfriend-? Yes If I'm not careful with her, she might kill me But That's impossible.
There were three times the usual number of surveillance cameras.
Anyone in Aoyama would have been caught on camera.
Including me.
If we remained together after that Even being together here isn't good.
Try to understand.
This is a picture of me when I went to Aoyama.
I'm sure no one would recognize her like this.
So what about your fingerprints-? The tapes you sent to the television station all have the same fingerprints.
Those aren't my fingerprints.
I did put some thought into my actions.
A little while back I lived in the Kansai region.
I had a friend who was into the occult.
When I told her we should make fake ghost videos and send it to several TV shows, she agreed to help me.
I had her dub ten tapes and I made sure not to leave any fingerprints.
I took those video tapes and put the Kira picture on it and added sound.
And what is that friend doing now? If you want me to kill her, I'll kill her right now! If you really don't believe me You can hold on to my Death Note.
You're just holding on to it, so I'll still have ownership and I'll still have my eyes.
Isn't that right, Rem? Indeed.
Now there's no way I can kill you.
If I'm of no use, you can kill me.
Why would she go this far? But you might have removed several pages from the Death Note.
You could be hiding them somewhere.
Why are you so suspicious of me?! I don't mind if you just use me! Believe me.
How can you say that? Exactly one year ago, my parents were killed by a robber right before my eyes.
I couldn't forgive him the trial was drawn-out and some people started saying he was falsely accused That's when Kira punished him Kirameans everything to me.
I just I just wanted to meet you so badly! I wanted to thank you.
All these irrational methods just to meet Kira But at least she can get around surveillance cameras and keep her fingerprints off the evidence.
She's not as stupid as I thought She even says that she'll obey me I can't be your boyfriend, but I can act like I am Those eyes you gave up half of your life for, to meet me and to help me, will be a valuable weapon.
Thank you I'll try hard to make you love me.
I dreamed a dream that no one could see, I threw away everything that I didn't need I'm holding these feelings that I can't give up in my heart Even if my feet fall victim to the shackles of sacrifice In between reality and my ideal I can't hold back the flooding impulses Because I have a strong desire to accomplish [deceit] [fear] [vanity] [melancholy] I'm not weak enough to believe any of these negative perceptions I'm a trickster who doesn't know solitude Ryuzaki you're a friend I have much in common with.
I've been lonely since you've been taking breaks from school.
I'd like to play tennis with you again.