Death Parade (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Death: Seven Darts

Magical baby. Thank God.
What is this weird place?
I don't know.
My memory is a complete blank.
Strange. So is mine.
This doesn't make any sense.
Right this way, please. Welcome to
Quindecim. Please have a seat.
Seed is secure, Georgia Tech will set
you army. You gotta get.
Commandant of Yoma Taisto.
Toshogu, a time
capsule of Raigo got into main.
Everybody put your hands up.
Stop lying to.
We take either. Anybody who.
He led the central kitchen.
So you see,
you go on all the time.
A pleasure to meet you. My name
is Deckham and I will be
your bartender.
Yeah, okay. You will most likely
find this a strange question,
but I'm afraid
I do have to ask it.
Do you remember anything
prior to your arrival here?
Nothing. Neither of us seems to.
thinking about it, I'm pretty
sure we were on our honeymoon.
Yeah, you're right, I can
actually remember that much too.
Yes. Very good.
Thank you for indulging me.
Anyway, forget that. Tell
us about this place. One moment.
I will now explain some things
about your situation.
This is important.
Please pay close attention.
Number one,
I'm afraid I cannot provide
you with any information
regarding your current location.
Number two,
now that you are here,
we shall have you play a game.
I'm sorry. Play a game.
Number three.
As to game selection, that will
be decided upon by roulette.
Number four.
The stakes of the game
are very high.
Your lives in fact.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Number five. Don't worry.
This is the final point.
Until the game is completed,
you cannot leave. Huh?
I think we've heard enough.
Thanks. Let's go.
Uh, yeah.
Poor guy. He's obviously nuts.
Huh? That's strange. Nope.
This is the bathroom. Damn it!
All right, where's the exit?
As I have explained,
you cannot leave
the bar
until the game is finished.
And if I say we're not
playing your damn game.
I would sincerely
recommend against it.
Those look like. Are they?
What is
this place?
Why are their bodies?
As I outlined in both points
two and four,
we would like you to play a game
in which the stakes
are your lives.
I'm afraid I cannot
say more than that.
He's some kind of psycho.
Must be.
If I could have you press this
button, please.
The roulette will begin
and the game will be decided.
What do you.
Think? Let's just do
what he says for now.
Who knows what'll happen
if we don't?
The guy's clearly unbalanced.
Yeah. You're right.
The rules
of the game are simple.
You will take turns
throwing the darts
in front of you until
someone reaches zero points.
Alternatively, if you should run out
of darts before that happens,
whoever scores lower
will be named the winner.
You've each been given
seven darts. Please
throw them from
behind the line indicated.
The outer ring is worth
double and the inner triple.
A single bull is worth 25 points,
while a double is worth 50.
You'll notice various regions
of the body depicted.
Those are linked to your
respective nervous systems.
Wait. What did you say?
We're linked to the boards.
Yes. Where the dart hits you
will feel a corresponding pain.
Impossible. And naturally,
the higher the score is,
the greater your pain will be.
No, there's no way you're lying.
Calm down,
obviously this guy's full of it.
Let's just pretend to go
along with it for now, okay?
Are you sure? If things do get
ugly, I'll figure something out.
I trust you. Very well.
The game will now begin.
Linked to the boards,
huh? There's just
no way they could do that.
Machiko. No. It's impossible.
Maybe it's just in my head.
All I felt
was a little twinge of pain.
It doesn't even hurt anymore.
Don't worry.
I really think I'm okay.
I don't know, it's all right.
Just calm down.
Why don't I give it a try now?
Baby, does it really hurt?
It's true.
There is a link. How can
they be doing this? Uh uh.
Did something stick me?
No. There's nothing.
Takashi, wait over there.
Don't think you can
fool me,
you psycho! I'm a doctor.
There's no sign of any surgery.
What have
you done to us?
Nothing in particular.
Then how are you making us feel?
You can stop it.
As I told you before,
in this game,
your lives are at stake.
If you want
to avoid inflicting pain,
then all you have
to do is miss the targets.
Seriously, you.
Can mess with all six
remaining darts that will bring
the game to a swift conclusion.
Oh, yeah,
I didn't think about that.
Except, of course, that will ensure that
Machiko will be the victor.
I would lose. What is it? What
did he say? Can you hear me?
Oh, yeah. Apparently we have
to keep playing the game.
He did give me a really
good tip, though.
We can just keep throwing and missing.
It'll end quickly that way.
We can do that. Really? Yeah.
Except if we do.
Well, look at the score.
You would lose.
Let's not worry
about that for now.
That's right.
It doesn't matter if I lose.
As long as I still have Machiko.
Is something wrong?
It's your turn to throw.
I spaced out, sorry.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to. My hand
slipped. It's all right, baby.
I'm fine. It's not too bad.
Oh, my eyes are.
Oh my eyes! Oh, no.
I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
You had to hit the double ring.
I didn't do it on purpose.
You know that, right? Are.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry.
I swear I didn't mean to.
Please, baby. Don't.
Or if you have to, at least
try not to hit my belly.
It's your child.
What? Really? Yes.
That explains it. You haven't
been acting like yourself.
Yes. How many weeks are you?
About ten now.
Why didn't you say something?
I was going to. I wanted
to surprise you during our trip.
I haven't told anybody yet.
I wanted
you to be the first one to know.
I'm glad I was.
I'm so happy, honey.
Try to take it easy now, okay?
Right. I'll do my best.
I can't believe I'm
finally going to be a father.
How could you?
It wasn't on purpose.
Yeah, right.
What if something happens to
the baby? Huh? What? What is it?
I can't even look at you. How
could I have forgotten that?
Of all things.
What are you talking about?
Think, Machiko, think real hard.
That was a nice ceremony, huh?
You have to admit,
though, mochi really
does play to win.
Oh, yeah, she does mochi.
She's always been mochiko.
Mochi. You see
something she wants
and goes after it.
You're not kidding.
I hear her husband's a doctor.
I'm so jealous. A successful
husband and a hot boyfriend.
Your friend should be more
careful with what they say.
I heard every word
of their little conversation.
About what? Me?
It's almost funny finding
out that you're
having an affair on
the same day as our wedding.
What are you saying?
What affair?
And I still
went through with it.
I couldn't bring myself
to call it off.
I just kept trying to pretend
I hadn't heard them.
No. You're wrong. I've been
faithful. I loved you so much,
I would have done
anything for you.
I love you, too.
Whatever you've heard,
it's wrong. Don't you lie to me.
I'm not lying. It's the truth.
Oh, well, it's all over now.
Tell me, bartender, what.
Would you like to know?
Those rules of yours?
There's one you haven't told us,
What are you doing?
That one isn't yours.
So what if it isn't? You see,
when he explained the rules,
he never
actually specified the targets.
Isn't that right?
Your assumption is correct.
As long as the dart
hits a target,
points will be scored.
The game's predicated on us taking from
each other from the beginning.
Seven darts were never
going to be enough.
The dart in your hand
is the last to be thrown.
Meaning who's ever targeted hits
will be the winner of the game.
You still haven't told us
what happens to the loser.
Nor can I tell you at this time,
please accept my apology.
Rules are rules, eh?
Ah. Well, why
don't we give oh play to win
mochi a taste of defeat
and see how she likes it.
You're not used to losing,
are you?
Who's Muchee?
That's your nickname, isn't it?
Hold on.
Just think back for a second.
Remember me telling
you there was a friend
coming to our wedding I hadn't
seen in years? Uh, yeah.
Mochida Yuki,
a friend from school. She
really hated her name
when we were younger.
She said it was
too masculine for her.
Wait a second. Are you saying.
the reason we gave
her the nickname mochi?
She's mochi.
I remember hearing she got
married several years
ago to a doctor,
but she was having a hard time
breaking it off
with her old boyfriend.
No. You're joking. You think
I'm making this up too?
Yeah. You have to admit, though.
Mochi really does play to win.
You're not kidding. I hear
her husband's a doctor. No.
My God.
So that means the baby is mine.
I told you I wasn't lying,
but you wouldn't believe me.
I'm sorry, I admit I was wrong.
Wait, I didn't mean.
Get away from me!
I'll show you. Hold on.
The car.
You are the winner, Machiko.
And with that, the game
is officially at an end.
If you would both please
move over. This way.
Just a minute, please.
One more throw. Just one.
There's no point. What?
Stop! There's no point
to any of it.
What do you mean? Hey!
Bartender. We're already
dead now, aren't we? Huh?
I'm afraid you have both left
the land of the living
following their deaths.
People are either sent
to heaven or to hell.
That is why Quindecim exists
to decide who is sent where.
Only certain pairs
are invited to come here.
However, you must have died
at the same moment to qualify.
My apologies. I'm sorry for
not having told you earlier.
Are you gonna answer that? Huh?
I don't feel like
talking right now.
Give me that.
I'll answer for you. Geez!
What are you doing?
Stop it! What's the.
I remember now.
So far down. How could
something like this happen?
I just wanted to start a family.
That was all.
I wanted to be a father.
And instead,
I killed my own child.
How could this happen?
You got, aren't you?
There must be something
you can do.
I'm sorry. My role
is merely that of arbiter.
It's the dream, right?
It has to be
This crazy could be real.
Shut up! Just drop the innocent
act already. What act?
It's not my child. What? Whose
do you think it is, exactly?
Somebody else's. Please.
It has to be Ah Shi. Please.
You know,
you're actually right for once.
I'm in love with somebody else.
I mean, it's obvious,
isn't it? Did
you actually think somebody would ever
fall in love with you?
What are you, a complete idiot?
I didn't want anything.
But your money.
Wait, you mean you were lying?
You really were making
it all up?
Of course I was lying.
Moron! I mean your child.
Dirty bitch! I'll teach you.
What the hell is happening?
The game ended when
the final dart was thrown.
Do you think I care
about your damn game?
Let me out of this once more,
I am sorry.
You see, the ruling
has already been made.
I just want to hit her once.
Please. Just one time.
Very sorry. There are.
Well, then it's time we were
off. Come with me, please.
Thank you for playing.
Best of luck on your journey.
Be free. I could fall into.
Thomas realized that I am just.
I'm not gonna make.
Is that I was driving and.
Not a bad job there, Deckham.
Thank you. I did my best.
What did you think about it?
It was pretty awful.
You will get used to it. Huh?
So where did each of them
end up going then?
I'm guessing Takashi
Soul was sent for
reincarnation and Machiko's
was sent into the void. Yes.
Oh, I see. Um, maybe you can
clear something up for me.
Episode two Death. Reverse.
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